Elena's 18th birthday party was an event that happened in The Birthday, which is the first episode and event of Season 3.

The Party

Caroline throws Elena a huge part even though she doesn't really want one and if she has one she wants it to be small. Elena enters the party with Damon and is greeted by several people. Damon immediately takes a bottle alcohol away from some random girl for himself. Damon goes to hang out and drink with Alaric who feels super awkward at a high school party as a history teacher. Damon leaves to go pick up Andie from work. Elena hangs out with Caroline and walks in on her brother and Matt smoking. Elena tells Alaric to go talk to him. Elena later finds out that Damon has been looking for Stefan all along and she ends up fighting with Damon about it, unaware that Damon's "Fake Compelled Girlfriend" has just been killed by Stefan. Damon tells Elena to give up on Stefan.

During the episode

  • Stefan is traveling around with Klaus, killing people, looking for werewolves. Klaus wants to build an army of werewolf/vampire hybrid's and tracks down his first werewolf, Ray Sutton.
  • Damon tells Elena to let go of the murderous Stefan.
  • Stefan calls Elena at the end of the episode and says nothing, but lets us know part of him is still good inside.
  • Jeremy is being haunted by his dead girlfriends, Anna and Vicki.
  • Matt and Jeremy are close friends now and will soon be his partner in crime.
  • Caroline is really jealous of Tyler's date Sofie, and she compels her to leave. When Tyler confronts her about it she kisses him and they leave.
  • Caroline and Tyler sleep together. Then his mom, Carol, shoots her with some sort of tranquilizer with vervain.
  • Alaric is a bit of a lost soul at the moment.
  • Stefan compels Damon's 'fake' girlfriend, Andie Star to kill herself.

Participants date

  • Sofie (Tyler's date).
  • Andie Star (Damon's fake date).
  • Damon Salvatore (Elena's date).
  • Elena Gilbert (Damon's real date).


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