Elena, Caroline and Bonnie's Dorm Room is a location at Whitmore College. Originally they had intended to share with Bonnie, but they were surprised by the appearance of another roommate named Megan. Later when Bonnie became The Anchor to The Other Side she joined in this room with Elena and Caroline, until Elena went to slumber as a result of Kai's spell. Caroline moved out when she left for Texas with Alaric Saltzman, and Bonnie moved out some time between 2014 and 2016.


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  • Elena and Caroline were unaware Megan would be their roommate; they were assuming their third roommate would eventually be Bonnie.
  • ​Caroline searches through Megan's belongings, apparently left behind in the dorm, for clues about her ties to Elena's father.
  • Elena tried to torture and kill Damon in the dorm room, compelled by Silas to feel the urge to kill him, using her anger about all the horrible things Damon had done in general. But Damon spat the vervained water in her face, snapping her out of it. She then restrained herself and snapped completely out of the 'compulsion' after Elena talks to Damon about her bad feeling about Stefan.
  • Katherine moves into the dorm room in Handle with Care until a spot opened up for Bonnie. Katherine also poses as Elena so the secret society wouldn't suspect Elena is a vampire.
  • When Damon returned from the Prison World he came to the dorm to meet Elena.
  • Tripp and his hunters find Damon in this room and capture him.
  • As of Days of Future Past, there are no known characters live in this dorm room.



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