The family relationship between the human doppelgänger Elena Gilbert, the human Jeremy Gilbert and the human-turned-vampire Jenna Sommers.

Jenna became Elena and Jeremy's legal guardian when Grayson and Miranda died. Jenna was closer to Elena while she had to continuously scold Jeremy for drug use. However, they became closer. Elena pushed Jenna away when she learned that she was adopted and Jeremy pushed Elena away when he learned that she had lied to him about Vicki's death. However, they were torn apart when Jenna was turned and killed by Klaus.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

While Jenna and Elena were good friends, Jenna had to play the scolding parent for Jeremy because of his delinquent behavior. Jenna and Elena would often team up on Jeremy to tease him, however, a distance appeared between them, too, when Elena discovered she was adopted and Jenna had known. Jeremy turned his back on Elena when he discovered she had asked Damon to compel him to forget Vicki's death. Jeremy and Jenna's relationship improved when he began dating Anna and Jenna supported the relationship. She remained oblivious to the fact that Anna was a vampire, however, Elena knew. Eventually, Elena and Jenna's relationship is repaired when Jenna helps Elena track down her birth mother but Jeremy remains cold to Elena despite her efforts to smooth things over, especially after he discovers she knew about vampires before he did. Jenna is outraged when she thinks she sees Elena kissing Damon, when it's really Katherine.

The relationships Jenna had with everyone were destroyed when she discovered they had all known about vampires and lied to her, especially when she discovered Isobel was alive. She eventually learned to adapt to the supernatural lifestyle, but Klaus soon abducted her to use in the sacrifice along with Elena, destroying Jeremy. Jeremy became determined to save them both, however, Bonnie stopped him by keeping him out of harm's way. Elena later witnesses Klaus kill Jenna, helpless to do anything. Damon later returns to Alaric and Jeremy with Elena's body and they both rush to her side. Damon tells them of Jenna's death, apologizing to Jeremy, and they leave in sadness, only to return when they discover Elena has awoken as a human. Elena later apologizes to Jeremy, telling him he's lost too many people, but he says he still has her. They both attend Jenna's funeral and lay roses on her grave, as well as John, Grayson and Miranda's.


Jenna"No, Elena. I was supposed to be the one protecting you. And Jeremy."


  • They are the first main characters introduced in the series.
  • They are the first family seen in the series.


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