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Elena and Vicki
"Let's get one thing straight, you perky little bitch. You had my brother whipped for fifteen years— fifteen years— and then you dumped him. When I look at you, that is all I see, just so you know."
Relationship Status: Enemies(Ended; Vicki is dead) · First Met: Childhood (Pre-Pilot) · Nickname: Vilena
1x07-Haunted (31).jpg

Initially, the two girls were acquaintances who didn't talk to each other much, nor did they hang out together at all, despite the fact that they each dated the other's sibling; they were very different: Elena was a popular junior who was well-liked by most at school, while Vicki was known for being a troubled senior from a lower-class family who did not belong to the elite group of Mystic Falls' Founding Families and was known for abusing drugs and hanging around with the stoner kids at school. Deep down, Vicki despised Elena for breaking up with her brother Matt earlier in their school career. When Vicki was later turned into a vampire, Elena feared that Vicki's romantic relationship with Jeremy would put him in danger, and attempted to keep her from seeing or spending time with her brother. However, Vicki did not listen to Elena, and when Elena pushed the issue, Vicki threatened her with her new-found vampiric abilities before seeking Jeremy out at the Halloween Party. Once there, Vicki lost control of her bloodlust and attacked Jeremy, and when Elena tried to intervene, Vicki attacked her as well, forcing Stefan to have to stake and kill her to save Elena's life. Still, Elena felt guilty about Vicki's death, and when Vicki's body was later found in the woods, Elena rushed over to the Donovan house to comfort Matt and Kelly over their loss.

Elena and Vicki did not interact again until Smells Like Teen Spirit, when a spell Matt cast (with the help of the witch Esther Mikaelson on the Other Side) gave Vicki's ghost a physical foothold in the living world. As a condition of Vicki's corporealization, Esther required Vicki to kill Elena in order to prevent her son Niklaus from using Elena's blood to sire more hybrids. Vicki was able to set fire to Alaric's car while Elena was inside, but thanks to Matt and Stefan's intervention, Elena was rescued from the fire with few injuries, and Bonnie magically reversed the spell that allowed Vicki to physically interact in the world of the living.

Elena and Rose
"You need to fight. I know you’re scared, but you have to do anyway."
Relationship Status: Former Enemies; Friends (Ended; Rose is dead) · First Met: March 25, 2010 (Rose-Marie)

Initially, the relationship between Elena and Rose was a hostile one. Rose kidnapped Elena in Rose-Marie, in exchange for herself and Trevor's freedom. Although Rose's plan ultimatley failed, she warned Stefan that, although Elijah was "dead", Elena would continue to be in danger as long as Klaus lived.

Later, in The Sacrifice, Elena sought Rose's help to meet with Slater, in return, Elena offered her help in obtaining a daylight ring from Bonnie.

In The Descent, having learned of Rose's werewolf bite, Elena offers to watch over her while Damon enquires about a cure from Jules. The two bond over their fondness of Damon. However, due to the hallucinations, Rose eventually attacks Elena, thinking her to be her late doppelganger, Katherine.

Elena and Rose did not encounter one another again (due to Rose's death), until Heart of Darkness, when Jeremy used his mediumship abilities to contact her. While not interacting directly, Rose told Jeremy that, although he could not see it, Elena and Damon made eachother better people.

Elena and Meredith
"You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer."
Relationship Status: Friends/Former Allies · First Met: September 12, 2010 (The New Deal)

The relationship between Elena and Meredith had always been an encouraging, friendly one. When Elena first met Meredith, she was accepting and encouraged the relationship between Alaric and the latter; hoping to help him move on from her aunt.

However, the relationship between the two became strained when Meredith accused Alaric of being responsible for the deaths in Mystic Falls. Elena did not believe that Alaric was the killer and tried to defend him. However, the relationship was ultimately strengthened when Elena and Stefan saved Meredith from Alaric — who tried to kill her under the influence of the Darkness. The relationship was too strained after the death of Jeremy Gilbert, as Meredith wanted to collect Jeremy's body for burial, however, Elena was in denial. Shortly after, Meredith leaves Mystic Falls, she and Elena do not keep in touch.

It should also be noted that Meredith was responsible for administering Elena with Damon Salvatore's vampire blood, which turned her into a vampire.

Elena and Esther
"You may draw comfort knowing that your aunt is not in the place that I was. She doesn`t know the torment of The Other Side."
Relationship Status: Enemies (Ended; Esther is dead) · First Met: October 22, 2010 (Dangerous Liaisons)

At first, the relationship between Elena and Esther was somewhat an allied one. Esther planned to use Elena in order to kill her children by linking them with Elena's doppelganger blood. Although Elena was party to the plan, she did not agree that Elijah should die but lied to him nevertheless.

Despite their status as allies originally, the relationship between the two changed drastically when Esther sought to turn Alaric Saltzman. Although Elena disagreed with the idea, stating that Esther would just be creating more evil, Esther forcefully used Elena's blood anyway to create an Enhanced Original Vampire.

Elena and Kol
"The way you couldn't see me standing in front of you, or feel my breath on your cheek as I whispered all the ways that I wished for you to suffer."
Relationship Status: Enemies · First Met: Dangerous Liaisons · Nickname: Kolena

Although Elena and Kol had interacted briefly before season four, their first sign of a relationship (albeit a negative one) was introduced in A View to a Kill when Elena decided that the most efficient way for Jeremy's hunters mark to grow was to kill Kol; and his entire sireline as a result.

In order to execute the plan, Elena had met with Kol and learned a little about his past. Initially, Kol had been offended by Elena, as she enquired about Kol's wrong doings leading up to his daggering. However, Kol did not act upon this offense and instead, proceeded to talk about Silas. Later, Elena helped Jeremy stake and kill Kol with the white oak stake.

Due to this death, the relationship between the two ceased until The Walking Dead, when the veil was lowered and Kol returned. Kol found Elena at her brothers grave, in which he explained that his time on the Other Side had given him a chance to plan how he was going to get revenge against Elena, ultimately beating her to the point that she begged for death. She was, however, saved by Jeremy and Stefan. Kol returned again in Graduation to finish his revenge, however, his plans were halted when Bonnie Bennett restored the veil.

Elena and Lexi
"When it's real, you can't walk away."
Relationship Status: Friends (Ended; Lexi is dead) · First Met: 162 Candles · Nickname: Elexi
Lexi and elena.jpg

The relationship between Elena and Lexi had always revolved around Stefan Salvatore, given Lexi was his best-friend whilst Elena was his girlfriend. When Stefan returned to his old ways — and with Bonnie accidentally opening the door to the Other Side — Lexi briefly returned in Ghost World to help with his detox. The two worked together to show Stefan that life was worth living, free from the anger and vengeance driving him to act ripper-like.

In Home, Lexi and Elena saw each other on the Other Side whilst Elena and Damon attempted to rescue Stefan, who had been killed previously. Lexi had an opportunity to return to the living world, however when she saw that each person passing through Bonnie made her weaker. She opted to stay on the Other Side, eventually finding Peace.

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