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When it's real, you can't walk away.

The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the vampire, Lexi Branson.

Elena and Lexi met for the first time in Season One, and since they were both mutual friends of Stefan Salvatore, they bonded over their shared affection for him. When Bonnie accidentally opened the door to the Other Side, Lexi came back to Mystic Falls to help Elena detox him of human blood after he was compelled by Klaus to turn off his humanity.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Elena and Lexi first met in 162 Candles, when Lexi came to town for Stefan's birthday. Elena went to the Salvatore Boarding House to talk to Stefan after their argument the previous episode, but instead ran into Lexi, who had just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a towel. At first, Lexi thought that Elena was Katherine, whom she both hated and believed to be dead. Elena initially assumed that Lexi and Stefan had romantic history, and referred to her as "towel girl" when she later spoke with Stefan about it. Stefan assured her that Lexi has been his best friend for decades, which eased her fears. Elena and Lexi later met again at the Mystic Grill, as they were all attending a party thrown by Caroline. Lexi bought Elena a shot of tequila to win her over, and gave Elena heartfelt advice about Elena's relationship with Stefan and her fears about him being a vampire. She also shared her own experience of being a vampire who fell in love with a human, who she ultimately also turned so they could be together forever. Shortly afterward, Lexi was killed by Damon, after he created a scheme to frame her for the people he had killed in Mystic Falls to get the Founder's Council off his trail.

In Season Two, while Lexi and Elena were unable to directly interact due to Lexi being on the Other Side and the Mystic Falls Gang having no way to contact with spirits there, Stefan told Elena stories of Lexi and how she helped him put his life back, comparing it to Elena's current situation with regards to Klaus Mikaelson and her role in the ritual to break the curse.

In Ghost World, Elena desperately needed help in trying to get Stefan to flip on his humanity switch again, and since Lexi had helped him on multiple occasions during his life when he had relapsed, she wanted to take advantage of Jeremy's ability to talk to ghosts on the Other Side to get advice from her. Instead, the ghosts in town were able to come back for a short amount of time, and since Elena had been thinking of Lexi, she was able to come to her and help. She and Elena took Stefan to the city jail's basement, where he was strapped to a chair while Lexi used her vampiric telepath ability to make him hallucinate and believe that he had gone months and years without human blood. However, since he didn't want to turn on his humanity again, the plan didn't work. The gang was unable to allow the ghosts to stay any longer, so Elena said her goodbyes to Lexi, thanked her for her help, and assured her that she knew what she needed to do to help Stefan.

Elena and Lexi briefly saw each other on the Other Side before Elena crossed back over to the land of the living. Lexi realized that Bonnie Bennett was becoming weaker as each person would pass through her to be resurrected. Refusing to pass through Bonnie if it meant killing her before Stefan got his brother back, she stayed on the Other Side and fought off Markos when he attempted to escape to the living world. Having "earned her stripes," she allowed herself to find peace and disappeared into the light.


Lexi: "Ah, the famous Elena."
Elena: "Towel girl."
Lexi: [shrugs] "I've been called worse."
- 162 Candles

Lexi: "Looks like today was a good day to be thinking about me, Elena."
Elena: "Lexi?"
Lexi: "Mm-hmm. Come with me."
Elena: "Where?"
Lexi: "Ripper Detox 101-- Crash course."
Elena: "I…"
Lexi: "I'm sorry, did you not just say how desperate you were for my help in saving Stefan's life?"
Elena: "Let’s go."
- Ghost World


  • Elena met Lexi in 162 Candles.
  • Lexi told Elena that the love of her life was a human who she eventually turned to be with him for eternity.
  • Both girls worked together to try to save Stefan from himself.
  • Both have strong relationships with Stefan.
  • They are friends.
  • Lexi supports both Team Stelena and Team Steroline.


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