Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I never thought I could be happy again and then I met you. You changed everything for me. You... you quite literally saved my life. I love you so much.

Elena to Stefan in I'm Thinking Of You All The While

I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else.

Stefan about Elena in I'm Thinking Of You All The While

This is the complex, significant, yet notable relationship between the cured vampire/doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Stefan originally returned to town to get to know Elena after saving her from a car accident. They instantly fell in love and began a romantic relationship in season 1, which became strained when Damon fell in love with Elena and Katherine returned to win Stefan back. Though they continuously reassured each other and remained loyal throughout seasons 1 and 2. They fell out of contact at the end of season 2, when Stefan left to save his brothers life. Though they stayed faithful to each other, whilst Elena searched for him, until Damon kissed Elena. She admitted this to Stefan and at the end of season 3 rejected Damon, choosing to be with Stefan. Their relationship was rekindled and lasted into the beginning of season 4. Though they eventually broke up when Elena began to reciprocate Damon's love, and chose to be honest with Stefan about her feelings and intentions. He was determined to move on, before he came upon the discovery that Elena was sired to Damon. He stayed to help Elena in their search to cure her vampirism, throughout the sire bond. He admitted to still being in love with her, and even attempted to seduce her into finding her humanity again. But when the sire bond was broken and Elena chose Damon all the same, it became apparent that her affections for him were real, and Stefan was finally convinced to leave town.  When Stefan goes to dispose Silas's body, Silas suddenly appears as Stefan's doppelgänger and locks Stefan in a safe and throws him in the water. Stefan is trapped in the safe the whole summer, and thinks about Elena whenever he gets the urge to turn his humanity off. Throughout the summer, Elena feels that something is wrong with him and when it is finally discovered that Stefan is missing, Damon and Elena are able to find him with the help of Elena's dream. Elena and Stefan later learn that they are part of the Doppelgänger prophecy and are destined to be together. However, they learn that this prophecy is fake. Throughout Season Five, they both are able to form a close friendship post break up and move on from each other. In Season Six, Elena and Stefan fall out of contact again and both cope with Damon's death in different ways. Stefan originally comes back home after four months to seek revenge on Enzo, but is caught off guard when he runs into Elena at Whitmore College and they immediately renew their friendship. Elena also goes to Savannah with Stefan, where he teaches her about living a new life as well as how to "start over". Stefan and Elena later work together to try to get Caroline's humanity back and when Caroline forces Stefan into his humanity off, he tells Elena to "bring him back". Elena helps Damon bring back his mother and they are able to get Stefan and Caroline's humanity back. Elena later takes the cure, and soon falls under a sleeping spell, created by Kai, to link her life to Bonnie's. They share an emotional goodbye and assure each other that they will meet again soon.

They are known as "Stelena" by fans.

Early History

While visiting his nephew Zach Salvatore, Stefan hears a car crash near Wickery Bridge and sees a car submerged in the water. He dives in the water and goes after it and is able to get to the car. A man is still conscious and tells him to help his daughter, who is unconscious. Stefan does as he is asked, and saves Elena from drowning. When he sees her face, he is shocked to see she resembles an old flame of his, Katherine Pierce. He goes back to the car, but is too late to save her parents, Grayson and Miranda. Due to his curiosity about Elena, Stefan remains in Mystic Falls and keeps an eye on her from a distance. When school starts, he decides to become a student so that he can meet her and get to know her better. 

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Elena bumps into Stefan.

After the death of her parents, Elena Gilbert promises herself that she will be fine on the first day of school. She is with her best friend, Bonnie Bennett when she sees a new guy registering in the office. Bonnie remarks on the sexiness of his back. Elena gets distracted when she sees her brother, high on drugs and follows him into the men's room to scold him. As she exits, she accidentally bumps into the new guy, Stefan Salvatore and leaves awkwardly.

Elena and Stefan see each other at the cemetery.

At the Mystic Falls Cemetery, Elena is spooked by a sudden fog and a crow. She hurries away and gets injured. She runs into Stefan again; Stefan tells her he is visiting some of his deceased family. After seeing the blood from her injury, Stefan mysteriously disappears, but he comes back the following evening to return Elena's journal, which she had forgotten at the cemetery. She invites him to come join her at the Mystic Grill with her friends Bonnie, Caroline Forbes, and Matt Donovan. Caroline invites him to a back-to-school party which Stefan accepts, seeing as Elena is going as well.

Stefan and Elena at the Grill.

At the party, Stefan hears Bonnie and Elena talking about him from a distance and tries to make his way over, but is stopped by Caroline. By the time he gets to Elena, Bonnie has left. Elena is happy that he is there. As they talk, Stefan notes that she is sad. Elena admits that her parents died the previous spring, and only she survived. Stefan tells her that she won't be sad forever. Elena explains that she used to date Matt, but they broke up after her parents died. Elena then notices there is something wrong with Stefan's eyes and he hurries away to get himself and Elena a drink.

Stefan and Elena talk.

When Stefan comes back, Caroline tries again to get his full attention, but he kindly rejects her and goes to Elena, who sees her brother high again and has to go after him, leaving Stefan alone. She and Jeremy come back with Vicki Donovan, who has been attacked by an animal. Elena notices Stefan has mysteriously disappeared again. He comes by her house later that night to see whether she is alright. She tells him that that is all people wonder about her, but he should ask her the next day. She invites him in and he accepts.

The next morning, both Elena and Stefan feel better than they had before, knowing that they will see other again. While talking to Caroline and Bonnie, Elena decides to go to the Salvatore Boarding House to see Stefan, but runs into his older brother, Damon Salvatore. Damon "unintentionally" mentions Stefan's past love Katherine Pierce, driving Elena to believe Stefan is on the rebound. Stefan finds the two and Elena talking, and Elena leaves, seeing that Stefan doesn't seem very happy. Elena is disheartened after hearing about Katherine.

Stefan and Elena at the Comet festival.

They later meet at the Night of the Comet Festival, where Stefan apologizes for his attitude when she visited his house. Elena tells him about what Damon said to her about Katherine, and she tells him that when you lose someone, it stays with you and always reminds you how easy it is to get hurt. Stefan replies by telling her that it was a long time ago, meaning that he's over it. Before she leaves, Elena says that it isn't going to work, because it is too complicated.

Elena and Stefan share their first kiss.

After Elena and Jenna had a talk, Elena realizes that she is a little scared of starting a new relationship. She visits Stefan at his house, and says that she was going to do what she always does, and write in her diary, but she should be saying it to him. Stefan tells her what he would write, saying exactly what Elena had said earlier at the comet festival, and they share their first kiss.

Stefan and Elena in the school.

Wanting Bonnie to like Stefan, Elena arranges a dinner for the three of them, and as she hoped, Bonnie warms up to him. Stefan, who is against letting Damon inside the house when he arrives with Caroline, loses the argument. Elena has no problem with it. Wanting to protect Elena from Damon, Stefan gives her a necklace containing vervain so she won't fall victim to compulsion. Elena asks Stefan to be her escort to the Founder's Party to which he accepts, though reluctantly. While she and Bonnie are getting ready, Bonnie tells Elena what Caroline told her: Stefan tried to take Katherine from Damon.

Stefan and Elena holding hands

At the party, Elena asks Stefan to be open with her, but he keeps dodging her questions, leading her to believe what Bonnie had told her is true. But when she discovers Damon has been hurting Caroline, she begins to see that Stefan has been truthful on the subject all along.

Elena and Stefan at the car wash.

Stefan goes about his daily life after he imprisons Damon. While leaving the Mystic Grill, Stefan runs into an old man who is shocked to see that Stefan hadn't aged a day. Stefan denies knowing him, but it makes Elena curious, for this isn't the only strange thing that has happened since they began dating. Stefan and Elena go to the Sexy Suds Car Wash together. Elena sees and speaks to Tiki's Grandfather, who tells her he had seen Stefan in June 1953. With the help of Logan Fell, Elena investigates this, and sees Stefan's face for herself on an old film at the local television station. Still disbelieving, she goes to the Salvatore Boarding House and demands to know what Stefan is. She is shocked when he tells her he was a vampire. She runs to her car and goes home, but he gets to her room and tries to explain that Damon is behind the attacks in Mystic Falls. Elena, still frightened, asks him to leave. Stefan does as she asks, and leaves. The next day, Elena arranges a meeting between them, so Stefan can explain everything to her.

Elena is scared of the fact that Stefan is a vampire.

Elena admits she researched vampires on the Internet, but only got fiction. Stefan explains that holy water, garlic, and crucifixes are harmless to vampires, and that his ring protects him from the sunlight. He takes her to the ruins that were once his home, revealing he has 17 years old since 1864. It all goes back to Katherine, who is a vampire. She toyed with Stefan and Damon's hearts, and both brothers fell in love with her. He tells her the necklace he gave her has vervain, so she would be protected from vampires' compulsion. They then go home to find Jeremy and Matt with Vicki, who Stefan realizes was transitioning into a vampire. When she escapes, Stefan goes after her to help her, but fails in stopping her from drinking Logan Fell's blood. Elena understands what Stefan is, and promises to keep his secret, but she explains to him that she can't be with him in the process and broke up with him.

1x07-Haunted (34).jpg

Stefan and Damon keep Vicki in their house, but she escapes when Damon starts to teach her how to use her vampire powers. Stefan alerts Elena on the matter, and they find Vicki with Jeremy, whom Vicki was about to attack. Elena tries to stop her, but Vicki bites her and throws her aside. Seeing no other choice, Stefan takes a broken piece of wood and plunges it in Vicki's chest, killing her. This devastates Jeremy and Elena. Elena tells Stefan that she would give anything to forget what she knew about vampires, but she would never forgive Stefan if he took the memories away. For Jeremy's sake however, she asks him to erase the memories of Vicki. Stefan, however, can't do it properly because of how he feeds, so Damon volunteers to do it instead.

Sheriff Forbes questions Matt, Jeremy, Elena and Stefan on Vicki's disappearance and all have no clue what happened to her or where she went, although Stefan and Elena are forced to lie. Stefan wants Elena to talk to him about her concerns about Matt and Jeremy, but she tells him he has to stay away from her.

Later, deciding to talk to Stefan, Elena goes to his house. The door is answered by Lexi, who has just gotten out of the shower. When Elena asks where Stefan was, Lexi tells her that he is in the shower. Misunderstanding, Elena leaves.

Stefan comes to Elena's house that evening and realizes that Elena thought Lexi is his "rebound girl". Stefan explains that Lexi is a 350 year old vampire and Stefan's best friend, who came to Mystic Falls to celebrate Stefan's 162nd birthday. He asks Elena why she came by, but she tells him it was a mistake. Again, Stefan asks her to talk to him, and she says she can't because she needs to talk, but could only be with him and that was too hard. Before he leaves, Stefan asks Elena if she needs a ride to Caroline's party. Elena says she is not going, and tells Stefan having a great time with Lexi.

Stefan & Elena at the party.

After Stefan leaves, Elena changes her mind and goes to Caroline's party at the Grill. After small talk with Damon, Elena decides to leave. However, Lexi invites her to talk, unaware that Stefan is eavesdropping. Lexi gives Elena advice about Stefan before leaving, drinking Elena and Stefan's tequila before joining Stefan at the pool table.


After another attack, Sheriff Forbes injects Lexi with vervain because the witness was compelled by Damon to think Lexi was the attacker, and takes her away. Stefan sees what happened, and tries to leave, but the deputies refuse to let him go. He and Elena manage to get out of the Grill, and see Lexi fight off the deputies. She is then shot by wooden bullets by Forbes, and was staked by Damon, much to Stefan's horror. Stefan is grief-stricken by the death of his friend, and Elena tries to comfort him, but is too angered by what Damon has done, and says that he has to kill him. Elena tries to stop him from destroying his life, but Stefan says she is right to stay away, and leaves.


Damon soon reveals why he had returned to Mystic Falls: to get Katherine, who is trapped in a tomb under the ruins of Fell's Church. Emily Bennett, Katherine's handmaiden, was a witch who cast a spell over the vampires to protect them from being destroyed. however, she couldn't let Damon have what he wanted and possessed Bonnie, her descendant, to destroy the crystal that would help open the tomb. Enraged by Emily's actions, Damon attacked Bonnie. Elena was horrified by this but Stefan went over to Bonnie and fed her some of his blood which healed her wound. Elena took Bonnie home, but before leaving, she saw that being with Stefan was something she could handle after all and was willing to continue there relationship, but Stefan, seeing that he could put her in danger, refused, believing it best if he left Mystic Falls, breaking Elena's heart.

Elena touching Stefan's vampire face.

Tumblr m9zz8gSJIK1qda5oao1 500-1-.gif

Stefan and Elena make love.

Elena and Jenna spoke over the events of their ex-boyfriends, with Logan reappearing and Stefan leaving. however when another vampire started attacking in town, Stefan decided to stay a little longer and warned Elena about it. On Career Night, Stefan and Elena discussed Stefan never sticking to anything because he always had to leaving due to his immortal age. Elena didn't want to discuss her future because he wouldn't be in it. After finding out Logan Fell was the vampire, Stefan and Damon went after him. They rescued Caroline from him and Stefan took her home, leaving Damon to deal with Logan. At the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena told Stefan that she wanted him to stay, but he couldn't. Elena declared her love for him and they made love for the first time. Later, Stefan went for a drink of water and left Elena alone in his room. Their relationship hit a rocky patch when Elena came across his photo of Katherine and was shocked at how much she looked like her. Heartbroken and confused, Elena took off her necklace and left. Stefan came back and found Elena's necklace on Katherine's photo and realized what happened.

Stefan telling Elena that he loves her.

Stefan tried to contact Elena but didn't expect Damon to answer her phone. Damon brought Elena back to Mystic Falls and Stefan told Elena about how they had first met, how he had save her from the car with her parents. Elena wanted to know why she looked like Katherine, and Stefan said it was a possibility that she was adopted since Katherine was a "Pierce" and Elena was a "Gilbert", going over all the research he had done after seeing her for the first time. Elena was still shocked, but Stefan said it didn't matter to him, he loved her. They shared a kiss initiated by Elena and made up.

Stefan and Elena morning.

Stefan questioned Elena about the mysterious guy, but all she could remember was that he was hooded. Stefan gave her the compass so she would know when a vampire was around and a box with jewelry with vervain for her friends, Jenna and Jeremy. While getting ready for the 50's dance, Elena found the compass spinning in all directions and called Stefan out of panic but Damon answer, telling Elena that Stefan was coming over. Elena was relieved as she believed Stefan was one the one the compass was pointing to until she was attacked by Noah, who had posed as a pizza-delivery guy to get in the house. Damon suggested Elena become the bait for Noah, something Stefan was against, but Elena agreed to it.


Stefan and Elena at the Decades dance.

She and Stefan danced at the party until she saw a hooded man in the crowd. Stefan went after him, but he wasn't Noah. Noah threatened Elena with Jeremy's life and she left the dance and fled into the cafeteria. She managed to subdue Noah with pencils and broke a mop to stake him but Noah caught it before she could kill him. Stefan was able to save her in time, stabbing Noah with the broken handle of the mop. Stefan and Damon questioned Noah who told them about Emily's spell book but refused to spill anything else, so Stefan killed him. After taking Elena home, Stefan told her he promised to help Damon get Katherine back, but it was a lie. Elena promised to help him.


Damon was unaware of what the two had planned, but he suspected something was up. Because he couldn't believe what Stefan told him, he asked Elena whether Stefan was lying. She lied to him and Damon believed her. Elena and Stefan continued to try to find the grimoire themselves. They learned from Johnathan Gilbert's journals that he had given the book to Giuseppe Salvatore, Stefan and Damon's father. Stefan always heard his father say he would take secrets to the grave and realized where the grimoire was: buried with his father. He and Elena found Giuseppe's grave. They unearthed it and Stefan took the book away from his father's corpse. But then Damon arrived, knowing the Stefan would plan something like his. However, he admitted that Elena had him fooled, but he wanted the book. When Stefan denied handing it over, Damon did the one thing to make sure Stefan gave him the grimoire.

Damon grabbed Elena and forced blood into her mouth, threatening to turn her into a vampire if he didn't give him the book, and Stefan gave it up for Elena's safety. Stefan took her home and explained why Damon no longer trusted him: because he had broken the promise not to reveal what Katherine was to their father Giuseppe. Stefan went to get Elena medicine for her headache and heard from Jenna that Jeremy had brought a friend of his home: Anna. Stefan immediately knew that Elena was in danger and hurried to her room find her missing.

He went back home but Damon was unhelpful, saying sincerely that he hoped Elena died. Stefan went to Bonnie's grandmother Sheila Bennett who helped him find Elena and Bonnie held captive by Ben McKittrick who had been turned by Anna. For the sake of getting Damon out of town, the Bennetts agreed to open the tomb. Damon took Elena in with him so they wouldn't close the tomb with him inside. However, the witches hadn't broken Emily's spell and when Stefan went in to save Elena, he couldn't get out of the tomb. The Bennetts broke the spell to let him out. To Damon's disbelief, Katherine wasn't in the tomb at all and later learned from Anna's mother Pearl that Katherine had never been in the tomb and didn't care about Damon.


Stefan and Elena were both worried about Damon's behavior after finding out the Katherine never gave a damn. While researching her mother Isobel, it was revealed that she had been Alaric Saltzman's wife and that Damon had killed her. Elena was angry and confronted him. She and Stefan left the Mystic Grill to find a stranger who warned them to stop searching for Isobel, meaning she was alive—or at least, undead. He committed suicide after delivering the message.

Stefan gives Elena flowers for their double date.

Wanting her life to be normal without any vampires except Stefan and wanting to just have fun, she and Stefan accepted Caroline's invitation of a double date with herself and. At the Mystic Grill, Elena and Matt reminisced about their childhood memories, much to Stefan's amusement and Caroline's disappointment. While walking back from the bathroom, a man called her "Katherine" but said he mistook her for someone else when he heard Caroline call her "Elena". Elena told Stefan, but the man had already left. They all had fun until arriving at the Salvatore Boarding House to find Damon making out with Matt's mom Kelly Donovan. Elena left with Caroline and spoke to Stefan on the phone when she got home. He decided not to tell her he and Damon were attacked by two vampires after she left, one of them being the guy who called her Katherine.


Elena remained hostile towards Damon. While Stefan went out to feed on animals, he was attacked by the tomb vampires. Damon got worried and informed Elena who had no clue where he was. Damon went to Miss Gibbons' house and saw that the vampires were torturing Stefan in revenge for killing Bethanne, Frederick's girlfriend. Samantha Gibbons was compelled never to let Damon in and he had to watch helplessly as they took Stefan away. He went back to his car and told Elena had Stefan was their prisoner. Elena decided she was going in to get Stefan, but Damon believed it would be too risky. They went to Alaric who agreed to help because Damon had lied to him. Elena didn't want to remain in the car so she took a vervain dart and went to the house. She came across an angry Damon along the way and they found a tortured Stefan, who convinced Damon not to kill Harper, another vampire who had tried to stop the others from hurting him.


Elena took Stefan away from the house and to the car, but they were attacked by Fredrick who stuck a branch in Stefan, badly wounding him. Elena shot him with a vervain dart and removed the branch. Seeing that Stefan was severely weak, she forced him to drink her blood to get stronger. Stefan refused, but eventually gave in and ferociously killed Frederick. His behavior had frightened Elena, as she had never seen him like that before. He thanked her afterwards for saving him and said he never wanted her to see that side of him. Elena believed had gone back to normal but the memory was still unsettling. Unknown to her however, Stefan had grown a craving for human blood and Damon found him drinking out the blood he had taken from the blood bank.


Stefan kept his new secret away from Elena, but she noticed he started to act livelier than he had before. At the Founders' Day Kick-Off Party, Stefan persuaded the DJ to play better music than what was assigned and danced with Matt's mother, Kelly, and Elena. They accidentally bumped into Duke, who rudely spoke to Elena for what had happened. This angered Stefan and he compelled Duke to apologize twice since the first time was unsatisfactory. This started to worry Elena.

Elena and Stefan practice for the pageant.

Stefan was Elena's escort to the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, but his craving for blood led him to steal from the blood bank. This news was reported to Damon by Sheriff Forbes and he alerted Elena to the new situation. Stefan walked in on the conversation but his attempt to assure Elena that he would be fine failed. Frustrated, he broke the mirror in the bathroom and was interrupted by Amber Bradley, another contestant. Stefan compelled her to not be afraid and took her away from the event, leaving Damon to take his place as Elena's escort. Stefan remained confused and angry and eventually compelled Amber to be frightened and run, but caught up and fed on her. Elena and Damon arrived to see what Stefan had done and with Bonnie's help, Stefan fled the scene without Amber remembering what happened.

Elena convinces Stefan to not give up.

For Stefan's own good, Elena went to Alaric and asked for one of his vervain darts, which she injected into Stefan to weaken him. She and Damon locked Stefan in the basement until the effects of human blood left his system. However, Stefan was guilt-ridden about the recent events and wanted to die. He refused to drink the animal blood he was given and Damon explained to Elena how they had finally become vampires: Stefan had transformed first and persuaded Damon to do so afterwards. Stefan believed that he was responsible for making a monster of his brother and every bad thing that had happened was his fault. He tried to scare Elena, but was unsuccessful. She left his door open so when he was ready to talk, he could come upstairs. But Stefan left his ring behind and went to the quarry where he and Damon had been during transitioning and Elena arrived. Stefan felt guilt and pain for what he had done, but he also felt the constant craving for blood and worried that one day he may not be able to control it any longer and hurt her. Elena knew that would never happen and gave him his ring back with two choices: throw the ring away and wait for the sun to rise and die, or wear the ring and fight the cravings he had. Stefan chose the latter.

Stefan comforts Elena after Isobel leaves.

Not long afterwards, Isobel Flemming came to town with a mission: to get the device for Katherine. Stefan kept a watchful eye on Elena and Isobel at The Grill where Isobel told Elena to get the device from Damon. After renewing her friendship with Bonnie, Elena managed to get the device from Damon and had Bonnie remove the spell cast upon it. Bonnie of course, knew that Grams would never have done it, so she faked that she had and Elena gave the device to Katherine. Isobel told Elena that Damon loved her and as long as she had a Salvatore with her, she was doomed. After Isobel left, Elena embraced Stefan with relief as Damon watched on.

Stefan and Elena in Founder's Day.

Stefan was Elena's escort Founder's Day Parade. He told Elena what Damon had told him, and that it was a possibility that her uncle, John Gilbert, was her biological father, something Elena didn't want to believe. By the time night fell, Elena was still upset about her fight with Jeremy, but Damon arrived to tell them that the tomb vampires were in the crowd, wanting revenge on the founding families. Elena and Stefan went to find Jeremy when the device was set of by John. Stefan was also affected and Elena, with the help of Alaric, took him to safety. She was confused about how the device had worked and Stefan believed that Bonnie had never really removed the spell. The two went to rescue Damon from being burned to death with the help of Bonnie who was able to calm the fire long enough for Stefan to retrieve his brother. Stefan was worried that Elena may fall in love with Damon but she reassured him that he was the one she loved. Elena went back to school to get her things to find that they were missing and someone had taken them. Elena told Stefan this when she came home and entered the house to hear a noise coming from the kitchen.

Elena checking Stefan's wound.

After Katherine's attack at her house, Elena called Stefan, worried about Jeremy. He examined Jeremy to see whether he became a vampire or not, confirming he hadn't. Elena was upset about what Jeremy wanted and stopped Stefan when he handled Jeremy roughly. She left Jeremy in Stefan's care while she went to check up on Caroline. In her absences, Katherine returned to the house, but did not fool Stefan like she had Damon. Elena and Damon arrived just as Katherine escaped Stefan's wrath.

Damon explained how he attempted to kiss Elena, angering Stefan, but Elena managed to calm him by reminding him it was Katherine. They went to the hospital together to see John, but he wasn't pleasant towards them and openly insulted vampires, wishing that Elena would kill Stefan. His rudeness offended Elena and she left, but Stefan remained behind and became hostile. He threatened John to leave, or otherwise, Stefan would turn him into a vampire himself. Elena was not fooled by what Stefan had done and was grateful for it. Stefan went to try and find Katherine, but when he angered her, she stabbed him. Elena cleaned his wound.

Stefan comforts a devastated Elena after Damon kills Jeremy out of a drunken rage.

He went back to the Gilberts' house and consoled Elena when Damon killed Jeremy out of rage because Elena denied his advances. When Jeremy came back to life, Stefan again confirmed that he was still human, much to Elena's great relief.

Tumblr m7wl95emRs1qknyg8o1 250-1-.gif

Stefan and Elena on the Ferris Wheel.

Elena wanted to have an ordinary day with Stefan at the carnival: no vampires, no Damon, with the exception of her boyfriend. This was unavoidable when Caroline was killed by Katherine and revealed a vampire. Stefan disagreed with Damon on killing her, but secretly knew it was right after what happened to Vicki Donovan. They protected Caroline from Damon who told them that the consequences were theirs.

Elena making out with Stefan in front of Damon.

Stefan and Elena discussed Elena's going to Duke University with Damon and Alaric. Stefan thought it was good for her to find out more about her heritage and admitted he hated that fact she was going. He saw her off, giving her a passionate goodbye kiss to make Damon uncomfortable.

Stefan hugs Elena after her confrontation with Katherine.

Katherine almost fooled Stefan as Elena, but he saw through her. He interrogated her for the rest of the day, but she got the upper hand and met Elena in the boarding house living room. Stefan rushed in and Katherine out, leaving the two alone. Stefan embraced Elena in relief and they went to the Mystic Grill where Caroline apologized for her behavior to Elena and eavesdropped on their conversation. Stefan and Elena argued about how Katherine was trying to get between them and after Stefan said she had, Elena responding by leaving. However, Stefan appeared at her house, revealing that the fight was an act to prove Caroline was working for Katherine. They decided to fake their break-up and force everyone to believe the lie.

Tumblr mduriqDGHt1rrxg1e-1-.gif

They continued their relationship facade until they openly 'broke up'. Mason spiked Damon's drink with vervain, so Stefan and Damon went after him, but were shot by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies, and injected with vervain. Caroline knew something was up and she and Elena went to find out. They found Liz torturing Damon with Stefan lying unconscious. Elena ran in and Caroline followed, killing the deputies. Elena held Stefan as he started to recover from his wounds. After he fed on animal blood, he and Elena got into an argument about Stefan drinking human blood, due to the fact that last time he had human blood, he'd ended up addicted to it.

Stefan & Elena kiss

Elena disapproved, but Damon told her that Stefan needed that blood, to be stronger. She went to speak to him again, and Stefan told her he had to try to control himself and learn to drink a little blood everyday. Elena agreed and cut herself, deciding that they were going to do this together, allowing Stefan to drink a some of her blood before kissing him passionately.

Elena in bed with Stefan.

Unbeknownst to Stefan, Elena was also searching for the moonstone with Bonnie and Caroline's assistance. She, worried about how Damon and Bonnie were doing and unable to be patient, repeatedly texted him and he later called her, saying that they were fine. Later on, she and Stefan figured out that the moonstone was hidden in a well, which turned out to be the one that Bonnie and Caroline used to play at when they were young. Stefan jumped in, but the water was contaminated with vervain. He screamed for Elena's help, and she went into the well to save her boyfriend. She wrapped the chains around Stefan and Caroline pulled him up while Elena retrieved the moonstone after encountering a snake that Mason had possibly planted there. She then fed her blood to a severely weakened Stefan, assuring him that everything was fine and that she had retrieved the moonstone.

Elena breaks up with Stefan.

After Katherine had compelled Jenna to stab herself, a traumatized Elena was terrified by the possibility that she could kill everyone she loved just because she and Stefan were together. She visited a tearful Stefan at the Boarding house, saying that she'd been selfish because of her love for him. She kissed him one last time and, feeling as if she had no other choice, ended their relationship before leaving in tears.

Elena tells Stefan that she can't be with him yet.

Due to Jenna's incident, Stefan decided it was time to kill Katherine and worked out a plan with Alaric, Jeremy, Damon, Caroline and Bonnie, without Elena's knowledge. When she finally discovered that they were setting their plan into motion, she was surprised and worried about their safety. She headed to the masquerade ball, but when Katherine was stabbed multiple times during her fight with Stefan and Damon, she began bleeding to due one of Lucy's spells. When the fight ended, Katherine was incapacitated by a spell that Lucy had put on the moonstone and placed into the tomb, with a seal that prevented her from escaping.

Stefan later assured Elena that Katherine was gone forever, clearly wanting to resume their relationship, but this did not change anything, even though she still loved him. She told him that she couldn't be with him until she knew for sure that her family was safe again, putting them before her love for him. Stefan was upset by this, but understood her reasons.

Elena embraces Stefan.

However, he was unaware that Elena had been kidnapped. He had Bonnie use a locating spell, using Jeremy's blood due to his relation to Elena, and discovered that she was 300 miles away from Mystic Falls. After Bonnie sent Elena a message that told her that Stefan and Damon were coming for her, she was relieved. Once they did so, Stefan gave her a vervain bomb, which she threw at Elijah in self-defense and Damon eventually "staked" him. She ran into Stefan's arms, grateful that she was safe again.

Stefan tries to comfort Elena.

Stefan was worried about Elena's safety when he couldn't find her anywhere, given the fact that she'd recently been kidnapped. He later discovered her in the tomb just after the end of her conversation with Katherine, and warned her not to believe anything she said. However, Elena and Katherine knew it was the truth. At her house, a hysterical Elena came to the realization that she put her loved ones in danger just because she was Katherine's doppelgänger and he consoled her as she cried.

When Jeremy attempted to retrieve the moonstone from Katherine, she attacked him and this forced Stefan to intervene. He tossed Jeremy out of Katherine's reach, trapping himself in the tomb. A devastated Elena tried to visit him, but Damon wouldn't allow it. After she departed, Stefan requested that she be kept away from the tomb, and he and Damon promised to protect Elena, despite her decision to turn herself in to Klaus.

Stefan and Elena reunite.


Elena negotiated with Elijah for the security plan, and she asked one favor from him: to free Stefan from the tomb. After he was released, Stefan went to Elena's bedroom and she was ecstatic to see him, and ran into his arms, initiating a passionate kiss and resuming their relationship.

After Stefan's return, he debated with Elena about whether he should contact Isobel, who could help them research more about Klaus, but Elena refused the idea. Stefan went ahead with it anyway and John reappeared in town.

Elena and Stefan go to the Lake House.

Elena and Stefan went on a romantic getaway at the Gilbert Lake House, where Elena discovered the existence of more Gilbert Journals. They recorded a few of Stefan's ripper days and Stefan explained to her that it was a time when Stefan wanted revenge on the Founding Families, but Lexi took him under her wing when she discovered him. During their stay there, they were tracked by the werewolves so they could capture the doppelgänger and break the curse in their favor. However, they failed and were killed. Elena read the journals and discovered the dagger with white ash wood can kill an Original. She was upset when she realized that Stefan and Damon planned to use the dagger to kill Elijah and argued with Stefan about the matter where he said her sacrifice would be tragic, not heroic.

Elena, Stefan and Damon.

Elena isn't pleased that Katherine's back.

Alaric stabbed the dagger into Elijah, killing him, but when he removed the dagger, Elijah came back to life. Elena fooled Elijah but stabbing herself and when he tried to heal her, she stabbed him with the dagger, revealing that Damon had gotten to the lake house in time. Stefan then used his blood to heal Elena. On their return back to town, the warlocks, Luka and Jonas Martin, try to bring Elijah back, resulting in Luka's death. Jonas went after Elena, but since Katherine was freed from the tomb due the Elijah's death, she was able to take Elena's place and eventually killed Jonas with Stefan's help.

Stefan and Elena kiss while getting ready for the dance.

Elena and Stefan attended the 60's dance together, not knowing that Bonnie and Damon have a plan to trick Klaus. Jonas returned Bonnie her powers before he died, and information that could help them against Klaus. Damon kept it a secret from Stefan, knowing he would tell Elena, which he did eventually. The plan was for Bonnie to "die", but, in reality, it was a spell to fake her death. Elena was horrified and heartbroken at first, but after learning the truth, she recovered quickly, happy that Bonnie was alright although furious with Damon.

Stefan and Elena at the 60's dance.

Elena released Elijah from his death, much to the outrage and shock of the brothers. When Elena returned home to comfort Jenna (who found out Stefan was a vampire), but Damon wouldn't let Elena return to Elijah. Stefan found it in himself to trust Elena and let her leave, but when she came back with Elijah, she found the brothers in a fight, caused by Stefan saying he had Elena's respect while Damon did not. Stefan apologized to Elijah for the death plan, for Elena, while Damon didn't, much to Elena's disappointment.

Damon didn't trust Elijah's plan to save Elena, and decided to force Elena to drink his blood so she would come back as a vampire. Stefan and Damon fought about this, Stefan being furious that Damon was taking away Elena's life. Stefan later took Elena on a hike to enjoy her last few hours of human life. By the end of the day, Elena broke down in tears, confessing that she had no desire to be a vampire at all.

Elena tells Stefan she doesn't want to be a vampire.

Stefan and Elena's goodbye.

Returning to the boarding house, Klaus was there waiting for her. Stefan reluctantly let Elena go with Klaus, but was worried for her safety, upset about what was happening. The Salvatores learn that Katherine tricked Jenna into leaving her house where she was kidnapped by Klaus and turned into a vampire for the sacrifice. Stefan tried to trade places with her, but failed. He and Elena were horrified when she was killed. Klaus wounded Stefan so he was unable to anything while he drained Elena of blood. Damon arrived and killed Klaus' witch, Greta Martin, and carried Elena's body away from the scene while Stefan and Bonnie waited for Elijah to kill Klaus. However, Elijah failed his end of the deal when he helped Klaus escape after discovering that their family's bodies weren't lost forever.

Elena comforts Stefan.

Damon told Stefan of his werewolf bite and asked him not to tell Elena. Stefan turned to Bonnie to see if she could find a cure, but he ended up having to go to Klaus. He made a deal to becomes Klaus's wingman so Klaus would give him the werewolf cure: his blood. Katherine delivered the cure to Damon who was being cared for by Elena. Stefan left town with Klaus, leaving Elena with Damon.

Stefan and Elena phone call.

In The Birthday, during some months until her birthday, Elena desperately tried searching for Stefan despite Caroline's efforts to get her to move on. On Elena's birthday, with a tired and sick expression, Stefan called her, but when she picked up he remained silent. Elena immediately realized who is on the phone and she told him that he would be okay, that she loved him and for him to hold on that and never let it go.

Stefan and Elena looking at each other for a long time.

In The End of the Affair, Elena finally found Stefan. She stayed at Stefan's old apartment and hid from Klaus and Stefan. Younger Salvatore noticed Elena in the storage and saved her life by taking wine and distracting Klaus. Later, Stefan and Elena had a conversation, they hugged and Elena tried to shoot him with a vervain dart. Stefan was faster and avoided her attack. He said to her, that he doesn't want to come back. He wanted to protect her in this way.

In Disturbing Behavior, In Chicago, Klaus uses Gloria the witch to find out why his hybrids aren't turning out the way he planned and Gloria discovers that Stefan is hiding the fact that the doppelgänger is still alive. She sees his memories and discovers that he is still in love with her.

Tumblr m24sxsptVk1qknyg8o2 r2 250-1-.gif
In The Reckoning, Klaus compelled Stefan to kill Elena if the clock reached 0. Stefan showed great strength when he fought the compulsion and told Elena to run. Unfortunately, Klaus then used compulsion one last time and ordered Stefan to turn his emotions off. Stefan was forced to attack Elena. He bit Elena and almost killed her. In the end of the episode, Stefan is shown back at the Salvatore boarding house, saying as Klaus left town, he's been ordered to keep Elena safe (for the reason that her blood is needed to create hybrids).

Stefan catches Elena.

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, Stefan goes back to school and has moved back to Salvatore Boarding House again, staying behind to keep an eye on Elena, and "guard" her for Klaus. When Elena distracts Stefan by falling off the bleachers, he saves her. Elena responds by saying "I knew you'd catch me", before Alaric shoots him with a vervain arrow. Elena, Damon, and Alaric then formulate a plan to lock Stefan up, to try and restore him to his normal self. The plan fails thanks to Vicki interfering and trying to kill Elena, but Elena does see a glimmer of hope for Stefan. Stefan later asks Elena why did she save him from the burning car and calls her pathetic when she says she still has hope.

In Ghost World, Stefan is knocked out by Lexi and dragged to the Lockwood's old jail cell where she attempts to "fix him" by giving him false visions of himself hungry and starving blood. He is under the illusion that he has had nothing to drink in years. This happens with Elena's hesitant support-eventually, she has to leave the room when the torture comes to be too much for her.

I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life.

Later that night, when Elena goes to leave the jail cell, Stefan remarks that he wondered when she was going to give up and that Lexi had given her a glimpse into her "tragic" future. She goes back over to him and says that she hasn't given up hope but that if he didn't get his back and fight, he would lose her forever. "I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life", she says to him, before leaving.

In Homecoming, Stefan makes a deal with Klaus to get his humanity back if he would deliver the body of Mikael to him. Unbeknownst to Klaus, Stefan, Elena and Damon had made a plan to kill Klaus and break the compulsion Stefan was under. However, before the plan was about to be executed, Katherine arrives and tells Stefan that if he wanted to go through with the plan, Klaus would have Damon killed. Stefan jumps on Damon knocking him off Klaus at the last second and takes off with Katherine. He says that he doesn't want to get his humanity back, that it was too painful. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon is furious that their plan had broken apart and that they would never get Stefan back. Elena tells Damon that they would have to let him go, then.

Elena angry at Stefan.

In Our Town, in an effort to get Klaus to back off and remove his hybrids from Mystic Falls, Stefan kidnaps Elena and feeds her his blood, telling Klaus that if he doesn't tell his hybrids to back off he would drive off Wickery Bridge so that Elena would die and turn into a vampire. Klaus tells him to stop the car, that he would call off the hybrids. Elena jumps out of the car and yells tearfully at Stefan, asking him how he could drive over that bridge, knowing that her parents had died and that she had almost died with them. Stefan tells her that destroying Klaus is all he has left. Elena tells him that 'he had her' and Stefan responds by saying that he lost her the minute he left town with Klaus, that she just hadn't admitted that to herself yet. She asks him if he was doing all this just so that he could make her hate him, Stefan responds by saying that he didn't really care what she thought of him anymore.

Stefan's reaction about Damon and Elena's kiss.

In The Ties That Bind, Elena reunites with Stefan at Bonnie's mother's place and Stefan expressed anger at her for coming here. Affronted by Stefan's hostile attitude, Elena tells him just how horrible he was becoming and Stefan simply said it had to be this way. Soon after, Stefan is shot by wood from a shotgun while Elena was tied up. Eventually breaking out of it, she rushed to help Stefan and was forced to remove the wood from his chest. Once she was done, Stefan noted that she had changed from the way she was before. Elena then takes the opportunity to tell him about kissing Damon since she felt guilty he was unaware of it. Clearly pained and stunned by this information, Stefan walked away for her and said nothing. Elena followed him and begged him to say something to her. Stefan finally speaks up and apologized for what he did to her on the bridge, admitting that he had went too far but he also scolded her for lying about going to see Abby as it was too dangerous for her to do so while Klaus was still around. Elena understands him concerns, and tells him that she never intended to kiss Damon. Stefan, still hurt, told her that she was better than both him and Damon before driving away in his car. He soon after sees his brother and punches him for kissing Elena, angry with him.

In Bringing Out The Dead, Stefan told Damon that he loved Elena and Damon said "so do I".

In Dangerous Liaisons, it is learned that Elena had been invited to the Mikaelson Family home for a ball and that the mother, Esther has requested an audience with her. Stefan and Elena agree that she should meet with Esther while Damon doesn't want her to go. They all end up showing up to the ball and Elena is escorted in by both brothers. Later, Stefan watches as Damon and Elena begin to dance but as the waltz shifts to a sequence that switches partners, Elena runs into Stefan.


Stefan and Elena dance.

They dance and while the energy is intense they share a light hearted chat about Stefan's usual lack of enthusiasm for dancing. The subject then switches to Damon and Stefan tells Elena that Damon needs to figure out that she can look out for herself. Elena tells Stefan she needs to talk to him and she asks for his help in getting her into the room with Esther alone. She mentions that he cares about killing Klaus more than anything and Stefan says she's not wrong, though he has a conflicted look in his expression.

Stefan and Elena on the porch.

Elena mentions her appreciation that he still at least lets her make her own decisions. Stefan helps Elena and later takes her home. They talk about Damon's self destructive behavior that night. Elena says she said something she didn't mean and Stefan admits that he did too. Stefan says goodbye and as he walks out Elena stops him and asks how he can't feel anything and tells him that feeling anything is better than acting like he doesn't care. Stefan reveals that he can't because he hates himself for what he did to her. He says "If I let myself care, all I feel is pain," and then leaves.

In All My Children, Stefan and Damon are given an ultimatum from Elijah that puts Elena in danger so they turn to Meredith and Alaric for help which ends up being a terrible choice.

Tumblr m24sxsptVk1qknyg8o8 r3 250-1-.gif
In 1912, Finally, Elena comes across Stefan drinking human blood (coaxed by Damon) and horrified, quickly leaves. While discussing her feelings for the Salvatore brothers with Matt, Elena confesses that she fell in love with Stefan because she felt safe and knew that he would never stop loving her. Never die either like her parents did but she also admits that Damon got under her skin and she couldn't shake him off, no matter what she did.

In Break On Through, When Damon informs Elena of Stefan's latest struggles, she reaches out to Stefan to help her save a friend in danger, in hopes that it will help bring Stefan even closer to his humanity.

Tumblr m24sxsptVk1qknyg8o3 r2 250-1-.gif
In The Murder of One, Elena and Stefan confront each other and Elena admits to him that she never once stopped loving him, despite all the things he's done. Stefan says he knows that, and everything that happened is his fault. Stefan confesses that he loves her and always will but to also tell him the truth about her feelings for Damon. Elena tells him she doesn't know what she feels for him. Unsatisfied with her answer, Stefan quickly leaves.

In Heart of Darkness, Stefan is convinced that Elena has some feelings for Damon. He suggests to Elena that he go to Colorado with Damon to find Jeremy. During the episode, Rose tells Jeremy that Stefan's love for Elena is pure.

Stefan and Elena slow dance.

In Do Not Go Gentle, Caroline convinces Elena to ask Stefan to go to the decade dance with her. During the dance Elena and Stefan slow dance for a little while until Damon tells them that Alaric has been taken over by The Darkness and wants to kill him. After Alaric is turned into a vampire and refuses to complete the transition, Elena is distraught.

Tumblr m24sxsptVk1qknyg8o6 r2 250-1-.gif
Elena starts to clean out Alaric's desk of all his vampire slayer weapons, but Stefan takes her to the gym hall. Elena tells Stefan how she doesn't have anybody anymore and he says, "You have me."

In Before Sunset, Stefan saves Elena from Klaus. Stefan makes a promise to Damon that if Elena chooses Damon then he will leave town.

In The Departed, Stefan comes back to Mystic Falls leaving Damon to drop Klaus' body somewhere after Elena has a minor concussion. Stefan says Elena should be able to make her own decisions after Matt questions Elena's decision to stay in Mystic Falls. Before Stefan leaves to take the stake from Alaric, he promises Elena to do everything he can to come back to her. After he makes the promise, he kisses Elena, and says, "In case there is no later." Matt then gets Elena in his car and are driving when they find out Klaus is dead.

Stefan kisses Elena.

Elena insists that they go back and Matt tells her that Damon isn't in Mystic Falls. When Elena calls Damon, she confesses that she loves Stefan. Elena has at that point in her life, chooses Stefan. Rebekah calls Stefan and tells him that she wants to kill Alaric and in order to do that she has to kill Elena. Rebekah stands in the middle of Wickery Bridge and Elena tells Matt to watch out. It is too late and Matt swerves off of the Wickery Bridge. Elena and Matt then are trapped in the car in the river beneath the Wickery Bridge and water starts to fill up the car. Elena starts to remember the first time Stefan saved her when she was with her parents. Then it flashes back to current day and Matt's car is completely immersed in water.

Stefan saves Matt for Elena's sake.

Stefan comes and tries to save Elena, but Elena tells Stefan to save Matt instead of her. Elena then drowns shortly after Stefan saves Matt. Damon then comes to the hospital and Meredith tells him that Elena came to the hospital she had a serious brain injury and that Meredith Fell gave her vampire blood to heal the wounds. However, the vampire blood was still in Elena's system when she died. Stefan is sitting next to Elena's dead body in tears when suddenly Elena awakens, taking her first breaths as a vampire in transition.

Tumblr mbrh9dftMx1qddhezo4 250-1-.gif
Tumblr mbrh9dftMx1qddhezo1 250-1-.gif
In Growing Pains, Elena becomes fully conscious and is horrified and distraught that she has indeed become a vampire and is in transition. As she deals with the painful, intense process of being in transition, Stefan is there for her. Admitting to Damon that he made a mistake in letting Elena die and would regret it the rest of his life, he apologizes to Elena that she has to go through this. Elena, however, disagrees, telling him that he saved Matt and was respecting her decisions like he always did. As Elena soon after starts to cry, Stefan holds her and promises that he and Bonnie will do all in the power to stop the process.

Soon after, Elena gets kidnapped by the people Alaric had rounded up to destroy vampires and puts her in a cell, believing her to be one as well. Stefan also gets taken and as Bonnie's efforts to bring her back fail, thanks to her grandmother, Elena admits to him that she is dying as she still didn't feed. Stefan is upset by this and tells her that Damon was right in saying that she should've feed earlier. She softly and tiredly says that he had hope and that's all she ever wanted him to have. Stefan tells her he loves her and in reply, Elena reveals to him that she was on Wickery Bridge because she choose Stefan over Damon, and that it was the best choice she ever made. Stefan is choked up by this.

Tumblr mbrh9dftMx1qddhezo2 250-1-.gif
In the end though, Elena goes through with her transition and later is seen on the roof with him. They contemplate what the future holds and the challenges that await them but as Stefan gives her a daylight ring, she is touched. Elena tells him that they'll get through this together and we'll be with each other forever, like they always wanted. They hold each other and take comfort in each other's presence.

Elena and Stefan make out.

Stefan and Elena celebrating.

In Memorial, Stefan decides to get Elena on animal blood like him, fearing that she'll go off the deep end like he did if she drinks human blood. He also hopes to spare her the intense guilt she'd feel if she killed a person, which might make her resort to shutting off her humanity. Damon and Stefan once again argue over what's best for her. Damon believes that she should just be a vampire and drink human blood from the vein. Elena goes with Stefan's plan, and great sexual tension shown between them in the woods as they practice darting wooden stakes. All is going well, and Elena feeds on a deer, only for her to cough up the blood right after. She does not tell Stefan this though, not wanting to ruin his uncharacteristic happy mood for their "success". So she instead contacts Damon, telling him her problems, and he manipulates her starvation by getting her to feed off him for the blood.

Tumblr mcpar0dETM1r3qp6no4 r1 250-1-.gif
Tumblr mcpar0dETM1r3qp6no3 r1 250-1-.gif
Stefan soon finds out from Damon that Elena lied to him and was starving, unable to keep down any blood. He is visibly hurt and jealous, especially when told that she had fed off Damon. As Elena struggles even more and with a hunter on the loose in the Church during the funeral for the dead townspeople, Stefan nevertheless comforts her and allows her to feed off Matt a bit so she can survive. Despite this, he was still jealous and angry (even punching Damon in the face when feigning to help him up after fighting the hunter) and confronts Elena over this. She admits she lied but only because she believed Damon would understand more where she was coming from and that she didn't want to ruin Stefan's happiness. He, however, is wounded by this information, upset that she had thought he wouldn't understand and bluntly said he was suffering just as much because she was suffering. Elena apologizes and that she never wanted to hurt him, being brought to tears in the process.

Tumblr mc4d66C8JX1qe9gvo-1-.gif
She rants to him about how she feels like she is always crying since her parents died and that her life is a never-ending funeral as everyone around her dies. She confesses that what's heightened for her is that she feels everyone's grief and she can't ignore it. Stefan then takes her and the rest of their friends to light Japanese floating lanterns, a sign of letting got of the past, in an attempt to ease her pain.

In The Rager, While in class, Rebekah sees this as the perfect excuse to throw a housewarming/curfew-ditch party. She invites the entire student body of Mystic Falls High — including Elena and Stefan. But the sight of her gives Elena the full-on rage. The two vampires exchange words, then Elena throws a pencil at Rebekah. The Original catches it and tosses it back, staking Elena in the shoulder. "I hate her," Elena growls as she storms out of the room, with Stefan by her side. "I didn't think I was capable of hate. But. I. Hate. Her. ... And I hate that I hate her."

Elena and Stefan on the motorcycle.

Minutes after she arrives at Rebekah's bastion of under-aged drinking, Elena again gets the rage and obsesses over Klaus' sister. Rebekah knows this and plays it for laughs. Downstairs, Rebekah smoothly lifts Elena's day ring off her finger and throws it into the garbage disposal, leaving Elena awkwardly exposed. Elena's rage sharpens into a murderous point. Armed with the White Oak stake, she tells Stefan that she plans to kill Rebekah. Stefan responds by reminding her that taking out an Original isn't just murdering one vampire. It is killing every vampire that she sired.

After they leave the party, Stefan and Elena go on a motorcycle ride. Elena realizes something is wrong a few minutes after stopping. They are just about to take things to the next level, when instead of seeing her beloved Stefan, she sees her be-lusted, Damon. Elena pushes "Damon" off of her and Stefan is bewildered and confused, wondering what is wrong. After Stefan realizes that Elena has been poisoned with the werewolf venom Connor stole from Tyler, he calls and asks Klaus to save her. Klaus believes Elena might be worth something to him after all, and agrees.

Elena trains with Stefan as Elena tells Stefan about Whitmore College.

In The Five, Elena makes sure to inform Stefan of her trip with Damon and Bonnie to Whitmore College, where Bonnie's grandmother had taught, as she doesn't want him to suspect any foul play. While Bonnie is busy, Elena is encouraged by Damon to practice feeding from the vein. Though at first Elena is positive she can't go through with it, she chooses her victim in a college class. But after she sees a photo of the girl on her phone with her sister, Elena's compassion stops her. That night, Damon, Elena, and Bonnie attend a themed fraternity party, 'Murder House'. After a while, Elena starts to enjoy herself as she repeatedly chooses her victims, feed, and compels them to forget the incident. She doesn't realize how caught up she is in it, until Bonnie sees her. Bonnie gives Damon a reprimanding for letting Elena let loose like that, but Damon is anything but apologetic.

Stefan and Elena hug.

Later, Damon accompanies her home and she apologizes for letting things get out of hand at the party. She unintentionally hurts his feelings by saying she hates thinking that he's right about what a vampire is supposed to be. "Because you don't want to be like me," Damon finishes. Damon and Elena are interrupted when Stefan opens the door and greets the both of them. Damon leaves both Stefan and Elena on the porch. Stefan asks Elena how everything went. Elena tells Stefan that she learned how to feed without hurting anyone. However, she tells Stefan that she got caught up in the blood and in the feeding and almost lost control.

Stefan tries to reassure her that the feeding will get easier with time. Elena then slowly starts to break down as she confesses to Stefan that she is becoming something that she doesn't want to become; she is feeling things that she doesn't want to feel. Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't think that she is going to make it, and survive being a vampire. Stefan comforts her and tells her that she will get through it, and that she just as to hold on. Stefan holds onto her affectionately as Elena tries to calm down.

The Vampire Diaries 101 0885.jpg

Elena and Stefan writing in their diaries.

In The Killer, at home, Elena is narrating the first diary entry she's written since her change into a vampire. The side effects of being a new vampire include hopelessness, depression, anger, and fear. "Dear diary, I know it's been a while. A long while. I haven't needed... I haven't wanted to write this stuff down. But I don't want to say it out loud either. The thing is, I'm a vampire...and I hate it." she writes. Stefan is also writing in his diary about Elena's struggling condition. "She's been spiraling since her transition and at times I barely recognize her. But now, for the first time in a while, there's hope. Somewhere in the world, there's a cure for vampires. If I can get it, Elena can be human again. I can give her back her life" he writes. Damon comes to see Elena, hoping to find Stefan, because Stefan is dodging his calls. Elena still hasn't told Stefan about the party with Damon. Damon knows she's in a shame spiral filled with new vampire remorse, but Elena still won't admit it to anyone but her diary. When Stefan won't answer a call from Elena's cell, they realize something must be wrong.

Later, they go to the Lockwood mansion, and make up a plan to kill Connor. Stefan arrives and Elena goes to greet him with a hug. Stefan listens to Damon's plan and rejects it, and tells him that he is the one to fix this. Later on, with Stefan, Damon wonders why Stefan is making references to Klaus in his plan. He says he's going to make a move with or without Stefan, so Stefan vervains Damon with some of Alaric's stash.

Stefan and Elena kiss after Stefan asks Elena to trust him.

Stefan doesn't tell Elena the truth, being to sworn to secrecy by Klaus, he says he is worried that Damon would get Jeremy out and then go after Connor with no regard for Matt and April's lives. But in truth, he wants to prevent Damon from killing Klaus and thus ruining the chance to cure Elena of her vampirism. Elena wants to go with Stefan to rescue her brother and friends, but he tells her she won't be able to handle the guilt if she has to defend herself and kill Connor.

Later however, Elena, in a rage, finds Connor in the tunnels where Stefan left him. She bites his neck and warns, "Stay the hell away from my brother." Connor drops to his knees and calls Elena the biggest monster Jeremy will ever meet. He tries to stake her while he talks to her. "You missed," she says, and snaps his neck.

Elena, Stefan, Damon in the woods.

Stefan and Damon show up as Elena is burying Connor in the woods, sobbing, and angry at Stefan for lying to her. After taking a tortured shower, Elena writes in her journal some more about how the worst feeling isn't when you lose someone, it's when you lose yourself. She starts seeing drops of blood, then splotches that lead her into the bathroom. Blood is everywhere. Written on the mirror is "Killer". Elena tries to back away from the mirror, but slips on the floor because of all the blood. When Elena looks back down to the floor, she sees no blood, and she gets back to her feet. She then looks at the mirror to see the message, but all she sees was her own reflection. Thus begins the haunting that ensues when one kills one of the Five.

Stelan breaks up with Elena.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Elena and Stefan break up, after Elena tells Stefan that her feelings for Damon became magnified when she became a vampire. Stefan tells her that he understands why she feels this way for Damon when he himself was gone, but he doesn't understand why she still has these strong feelings for Damon.

Elena tells Stefan to let her go

In My Brother's Keeper, Stefan saves Elena from being killed by Jeremy, who is now one of the Five. The reason of that was Stefan's actions, he forced Jeremy to kill vampire to complete the tattoo, a map to the cure. After her conversation with Stefan, Elena got angry and told Stefan that he doesn't have to love her like this (as a vampire), and that's she's changed and he needs to let go. She tells him that the Elena he loves died on the bridge. At the end of the episode, Caroline and Stefan discover that Elena is sired to Damon.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Caroline admits to Stefan that Damon and Elena are together as a couple & already slept together - just one night after breakup . Stefan is angry & heartbroken.

Elena's confession.

In After School Special, when trapped in the school by Rebekah, she plays a little game of truth or dare, with Caroline, Elena and Stefan and compels them. She forces Elena in front of a heartbroken Stefan to confess that she didn't sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, but because she is in love with him. She admits that while she still loves Stefan, she is no longer in love with him, because she feels Stefan only sees her as a project, a thing that needs fixing. She says that if she is honest, when he looks at her, all he sees is a broken toy. This leaves Stefan heartbroken. After Rebekah calls Tyler to tell him that she has Caroline, he turns up at the school.

Heartbroken Stefan.

Once there, she forces him to turn, as Tyler begs Stefan, Elena and Caroline to leave before he hurts them. At this point Rebekah disappears with Kol to torture Shane about the whereabouts of the cure. Stefan and Elena find a room where they lock themselves in to get away from Tyler. Elena tells him they need to talk, but Stefan doesn't want to know, telling her there is nothing to talk about. He asks her how many more ways can she rip his heart out.

Stefan walks away from Elena.

Stefan wants to forget about Elena.

Elena tearfully says she's sorry for everything's she's done to hurt him, but Stefan says nothing. Rebekah turns up in the room and tells Elena that she can make Stefan forget everything about her, all his love for her and every kiss they shared. Stefan tells her to do it, which stuns Elena, and she begs him not to let Rebekah do it. Rebekah refuses to anyway, as it would be too easy. She tells him she wants him to live with the pain, like she has for last 900 years. Rebekah tells them they can leave and walks away. Stefan looks at Elena one last time and then leaves, she goes after him, but he just walks on.

In Catch Me If You Can, when Damon is compelled by Kol to kill Jeremy, Elena calls Stefan for help, but Rebekah answers. Elena tells Stefan that even though he may not care about her anymore, he should at least care what happens to Jeremy. Stefan doesn't answer this, and Elena hangs up.

Stefan to Elena.

Stefan to Elena after saving Damon.

However, when Damon does try to kill Jeremy, Stefan speeds in to stop him. In order to stop Damon, he locks him in the cellar and drains him of blood to weaken him. There, he tells Damon that once the cure is found he and Elena can do as they please, and that he no longer cares. As he walks out, Elena is there and asks if she can see Damon, but Stefan tells her no, as he will only ask her to let him out—which she will—because the sire bond. Elena asks him what he is doing with Rebekah and that his acting like he doesn't care and that isn't him, to which he replies, "That's because you've never seen me when I'm not in love with you." Elena appears to be upset by this and leaves. When Stefan returns to where Rebekah is staying, she tells him to not care, no strings attached, and they end up kissing passionately and having sex.

In A View to a Kill, Elena learns from Damon that Stefan slept with Rebekah, and looks very upset about it. In addition to this, Stefan gets closer to Rebekah after spending the whole day together.

In Into the Wild, Rebekah gave Elena the evil eye, and Elena tried to stake her. In the morning, the group had to split up: Elena had to go with Stefan and Rebekah. Rebekah and Elena continued bickering as they walked with Stefan, and the only thing that shut them up was when Elena tripped a wire and almost got herself staked. At the camp, Rebekah freaked out thinking Elena and/or Stefan had taken the headstone or was working with Shane. That makes no sense, which they were able to convince her off. Stefan said that he want the cure for himself, because being a vampire is nothing but suffering for him. Elena heard that & she offered Rebekah the white oak stake as a peace-offering. Elena said the three of them have to work together now.

Stefan and Elena as friends.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Elena and Stefan talked about the fact that he'd never told her he's always wanted to be human again, even before he met her. But Stefan referred to Elena as a friend, which made Elena happy and Rebekah concerned. Rebekah had sent Elena jumping first off a cliff so she could tell Stefan there was only one dose of the cure. She knew even if she gave it to him, he'd just give it to Elena.

Tumblr mi9pqpp40w1qmx8nto6 250-1-.gif
She couldn't handle two against one, so she snapped his neck which Elena saw. Elena had made her way back to the top of the cliff to sit beside Stefan. As he drank from a blood bag, he told Elena about there only be one cure, and she said she couldn't't take it above everyone else who deserved it just as much as her. She said maybe it was for the best: Even if she could be human again, she'd never be the same girl she was before Matt's truck went off the Wickery bridge. She would have to learn to embrace the new her and live her life. Sired to Damon, Stefan said. She'd deal with that when they got home. They realized Bonnie's spell holding Klaus would soon wear off, and after what they did to Kol, Klaus would kill them all. They had to get the cure and ram it down his throat. Stefan and Elena caught up, and Vaughn fled through the passage. Stefan sent Elena on, and he stayed behind to try to help Damon. Later, Stefan finally caught up to bleeding Elena, who confirmed that Katherine was there.

Stefan, Elena and Damon leaving the Gilbert's House.

In Stand By Me, Stefan and Elena arrived home with Jeremy's body. Upstairs, Elena covered Jeremy in his bed, held his hand, and waited. In the kitchen, Stefan and Caroline turned on the faucet so Elena wouldn't hear them discuss how her denial was the only thing keeping her sane until they could get Damon back there to sire bond her through this. Later, Elena went upstairs and now smelled what everyone else had. Damon came in, and she wouldn't listen to him. She wanted to burn the house down with Jeremy it. It was a good cover story. Plus, she didn't want the memories of everyone she's lost. She lit a match and dropped it when it started to burn her fingers. Luckily, Damon caught it. Elena collapsed to the floor and wailed. The pain hurt too much. She just wanted it to stop. Stefan told Damon to help her, and here's what made this whole episode worth it: Damon told her to turn it off. And then did it. After talking, the brothers went back inside to find Elena with another lit match. Stefan tried to tell her that maybe one day she'll want to come home, but she said she wouldn't. She dropped the match, and they walk out as the flames built. Elena and Damon don't look back. As she lets go of her memories and past.

Stefan & Elena in the school.

Stefan and Elena talking.

In Bring It On, Stefan came back to school, so he could have eyes on humanity-less Elena. He followed her after letting Caroline drop to the ground, and he figured out she'd joined the squad so she could feed on the vervain-free victims who'd come in from out-of-town for the competition. Elena said they all want her to be okay so badly, they'll hear whatever she wants them to. He had a trick up his sleeve though: He made her think he wanted to take her to a dive bar where she could have fun with few witnesses, but when she caught the helmet he tossed her, he shot her up with vervain.

Elena after wake up

When Elena woke up, Stefan compared Elena to Katherine when Elena changed out of her cheerleading uniform in front of him at Salvatore Mansion. Like Katherine, he said, Elena is now manipulating people with sex. Elena said she's nothing like Katherine, who's been on the run so long that she's afraid of her own shadow. Elena's afraid of nothing now, she's shut everything off including her feelings for Stefan. He looked a little hurt, so she clarified: She looks at him and can see he's hot: "I remember our sex, and it was good sex. I just don't feel anything about it anymore." She asked Stefan why he still cared about her, and he said because he brought this all into her life. She told him his whole world revolves around her—so maybe he needs to turn it off, too. Stefan asked who she was texting. The answer: Everyone. If he wouldn't let her go to a party, she'd bring the party to her. She told Caroline to take him out for a spin. Then things took a turn. Liz showed up, no doubt having received complaints about the noise. Elena threatened her. Caroline separated them, then Stefan held Caroline back from going after Elena. Elena bolted. Stefan said Elena had thrown that party to distract them so she could leave. Stefan texted Damon that Elena was AWOL and he needed help. The brothers arrived just in time to save Elena from staking Caroline after a pretty intense fight sequence in the woods.

Tumblr mlhnxuGRJW1rp4duqo1 250-1-.gif
In Pictures of You, Stefan and Damon are trying to bring Elena's humanity back. They want to take her to the prom. Later, at the night Elena is leaving Rebekah's house and Stefan gets out of a limousine carrying flowers. Elena says that doesn't need a babysitter and Stefan said that the last time he saw her she snapped the waitress' spine. Elena says it got him to stop searching for the cure and Damon shows up behind her and says that they are here to make sure she holds up her end of the deal. Damon tells her not to eat the prom queen, Damon asks if he may put the corsage on Elena she refuses and he forcefully puts it on her and compliments her on the dress. Elena thanks him and says that she stole it and gets inside the limo.

Tumblr mli2gokMDn1qaho1po3 250-1-.gif
Tumblr mli2gokMDn1qaho1po1 250-1-.gif
Stefan and Damon escorting Elena. Stefan shows Elena a photo of her and Matt in first day of freshman year, it switches to a photo of her and Jeremy and says that she's going to get a seizure by looking at these photos. Later Stefan finds Elena and makes her dance with him. Stefan reminds her that he's the one that hates to dance, Elena says that she finally sees why. Stefan asks Elena, that she's only here to help Rebekah get the cure and that happens to be the most sentimental night in high school. Elena asks him, if he thinks that this is her cry for help and that she'll be happy to show him what a real cry for help sounds like. Stefan asks her does she feel anything about them - she says that feels nothing. Stefan says that he doesn't believe her and she says that she doesn't care, Stefan start to dance slowly with her and asks her that she doesn't remember what it used to feel like when they danced and when his hands would touch her waist as Stefan slowly puts his hands on Elena's waist - Elena says no and Stefan holds her hand asks how does she feel their fingers would touch - Elena says she feels nothing. Then Stefan lays her down and asks her "if her heart refuses to remember?", Elena asks "what heart?" and leaves. 

In She's Come Undone, Stefan and Damon are at the house with Elena locked in the safe and Damon playing mind games with her for over an hour and still no emotional response from Elena, later brothers are in a room with Elena tied up to chair and they took her daylight ring and they plan on using sunlight to torture her and as Stefan slowly opens the curtain Elena asks if she's supposed to feel scared and Stefan said that she will be and to focus on that fear because its the key to getting her humanity back and she says that they are not gonna burn her and adds that if they get her humanity back she'll remember that they tortured her and she'll hate them for it, Damon says to work risk and Stefan opens the curtain and Elena's skin is burning and Damon extinguishes the fire.

Damon extinguishes the flames and asks for any emotion so they can stop it and Elena says that she's going to kill them, Stefan says that they don't want to torture her and she can stop it and its her choice, Elena is provoking Stefan for being the one to pull back the curtain and a part of him enjoys it considering that she dumped Stefan, Damon believes that they are breaking through the tough shell and getting to the center of her humanity and asks Stefan to shed some light into the situation, Stefan is ready to reopen the curtain and Elena says its going to hurt Stefan more than it hurts her Stefan says he knows what she's going through and that she's afraid to face the guilt she feels if she turns her emotions back on and the only way to help is to make the alternative hurt even worse and Stefan opens the curtain and Elena is in pain, later Elena is still in pain from exposure to sunlight Stefan closes the curtain and Damon says she'll thank him someday and after she gets her humanity she'll know that life without emotions blew and she provokes Damon by telling him that the sire bond also blew and going everyday believing that she was in love with him blew too. She also states that he was so afraid that it wasn't real and then says that it wasn't. Elena tells Damon and Stefan to keep torturing her, and that maybe her and Stefan might give their relationship another go. She escapes from the chair and exposes herself to sunlight. She almost burns to her death until Stefan and Damon save her.

Tumblr mm7zd83KcH1rfz7obo4 250-1-.gif
Tumblr mm7zd83KcH1rfz7obo3 r1 250-1-.gif
Later in the episode Stefan stops Elena for feeding on Matt. Damon says, that he has had enough and he's done playing nice and tells her to turn her humanity switch or he'll kill Matt, Elena calls his bluff and he breaks Matt's neck. Elena is crying and she's sad about what happened to Matt. Later it is revealed, that he's wearing the Gilbert ring and he will come back to life. Elena get her humanity back, Damon says that she's going to be okay. She remembers what she has done and Stefan stops her and says, that he knows the stage - the emotions are overwhelming her and that she has to focus on one thing. Elena says she can't - Stefan tells her to find the thing that makes her strong and to latch on to it and channel everything she's feeling into one emotion and to let it in. Stefan is comforting Elena, she does what he asks her to. Stefan tells her to breathe it in and blow everything else out, she's screaming in pain and Damon asks her if she's okay, she says "no" but she'll get better.

Tumblr mmkxunfSxW1rfz7obo6 250-1-.gif
In The Walking Dead, Stefan is letting Elena beat up cinder blocks and telling her to focus on letting it go. Elena only wants to find and kill Katherine and she asks Stefan to tell her where she is. Stefan says he doesn't know & he won't tell her even he did. Elena said, that he told to channel all of her emotions into one single feeling and he said, that he figured that it would be love or hope or compassion not the "unwavering" hate for a vampire that's 500 years older than her. Elena reminded him, that he wanted to kill Klaus after he got his humanity back. Stefan says that he couldn't and says that he thinks that she doesn't want to kill Katherine. Elena thinks otherwise.

Tumblr mmk83yXDum1rypsblo1 250-1-.gif
Tumblr mmk83yXDum1rypsblo4 250-1-.gif
Later, Stefan stops Elena from killing Katherine and threatens her to leave before he kills her. Elena is angry at Stefan and asks him, why did he save Katherine and he said that she was linked to Bonnie, so if she would die, Bonnie would die as well. Elena didn't believe him & asks Stefan if he still has feelings for Katherine. He said it wasn't about her; it was about Jeremy and he also explains that killing Katherine won't take the pain away. Its a distraction just like beating up cinder-blocks and turning off her humanity and that loss is a part of the deal of being a vampire and the he was alive for a 163 years and he lost more loved ones than he can count and it keeps hurting every single time - Elena needs to face her grieve and he says he can help her. She refused, punched him in the face and said it was like the cinder-block nothing. Later Elena is at the cemetery and Kol finds her and attacks her. Jeremy shoots him and Kol, Stefan arrives and breaks his neck. Then Stefan welcomes Elena back.

Goodbye scene.

In Graduation, in conversation between Lexi and Stefan, he reveals that Elena is love of his life & if she would like come back to him - he would take her in a heartbeat. Later on, Elena thanks Stefan for always being there for her. Elena gives him The Cure by telling him that he's worse at being vampire that her, but Stefan gives it back to her. It's because he wanted to give her a choice to live normal life & it depends on her what she will choose. At the end of episode Stefan eavesdrops on Elena's confession to Damon about being in love with him, which causes Stefan to be heartbroken and shed tears. Later that night, Stefan reveals to Lexi that he is still in love with Elena and asks if Elena was the one and Lexi states that she was his epic love & always will be.

IMG 3331.jpg

Stefan's hallucination.

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Stefan was hallucinating while he was trapped in the safe. The vision of Damon was trying to convince him to turn off his emotions. Stefan didn't want shut off his humanity again, he knew it will just cause more damage like last time, where it was one of the reasons why Elena fall for Damon, which caused inevitable break up with her. After some time, when Stefan became weaker, he started to reconsider this idea, until the vision of Elena interfered and convinced him to keep on fighting for her, which he did.

In this episode Elena started to have weird dreams about Stefan and feel strange. She wanted to call him as she felt some pit in the stomach, until Caroline stopped her and said it would not be the best idea, considering she's with his brother now and it would cause more heartbreak for Stefan. At the same time, Caroline tried to convince Elena to reconsider her decision about her relationship with Damon and push her towards Stefan again, who in her opinion would take her back.

Stefan hallucinates Elena.

In True Lies, Stefan continued to hallucinate. He and Elena were laying with one another next to the quarry talking about how it is just another hallucination. They were kissing until Elena started coughing and water came out of her mouth. It was the moment, when Stefan woke up in the safe again. Meanwhile Elena met Silas (who pretends to be Stefan), she hugged him and said she was worried about his absence. Silas tried to make her feel guilty for leaving Stefan for Damon.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg
Later, under Silas' compulsion, Elena tried to kill Damon. The only thing that stopped her of killing herself and Damon were Elena's feelings for Stefan, the visions of him dying in the safe, his pain and fear. The next day, Elena decided to leave Whitmore for a few days in order to find Stefan. At the end of the episode, Sheriff Forbes took Damon and Elena to the safe that Stefan was locked in. When they opened it however, they found a dead man. It was evident that vampire fed on him; Elena & older Salvatore realized that Stefan's bloodlust will be harder to control than ever.

Elena rushes to Stefan.

In Original Sin, Elena woke up in bed after having another nightmare, after Damon asks what's wrong, she admits that it was a dream about Stefan again, but Damon says he doesn't want to know what happened. He eventually relents and she tells him that Stefan was at a bar but doesn't know where, Katherine then makes her presence revealing that she had the same dream that Stefan is in danger and desperately needs their help; they convinced Damon to help them find him.

Elena puts a ring on Stefan.

On the road, Damon is driving with Elena and Katherine. Miss Pierce begins to taunt Elena about how all summer she has been having dreams of Stefan and yet was so interested in her relationship with Damon. At the same time Stefan discovered from Qetsiyah that he and Elena are both doppelgängers of Silas and Amara, Qetsiyah's hand-maiden who was Silas' true love. After stripping Silas of his mind control, Qetsiyah mentioned to Damon, how every version of Stefan and Elena found each other and fell in love. Later on Elena arrived in the cabin and went straight to help Stefan not even noticing Damon. After that, Damon & Elena brought Stefan back to the Salvatore Boarding House, where Elena put Stefan's ring back on him. Stefan woke up only to reveal that he has no knowledge of who they are.


Elena and Stefan at the high school.

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Stefan after losing his memories & spending time with his brother Damon, who was determined to help him recover his memory, they went to the Mystic Falls cemetery for the traditional Remembrance Day to honor the dead. As Damon had to go and left Elena and Stefan alone, they started talking about their family tragedies. Stefan asked her how they met and Elena took him to school to relive the moment.

When they were in school remembering the first time they met, a student was bleeding and passed near Stefan, Elena realized this and took him outside of school. They spend time enjoying each other's company, Elena taught him some of her vampire skills. Stefan guessed that they were dating before - that's why he came back to high school. He started asking her, why they brokeup - Elena said the reason was her becoming vampire, which changed her. Stefan wanted to know how Elena became vampire.

Almost Kiss

Later, she took him to the Wickery Bridge to remember time, when he saved her from dying. He told her, that when he is with her, the blood thirst disappears and he feels better. They were about to kiss but Elena told him that she's with Damon now. That made Stefan angry, he was feeling betrayed and his bloodlust returned, he disappeared leaving Elena alone. Later, in the Salvatore's mansion he was burning his diaries, when Elena and Damon arrived. Stefan said that he doesn't want to live with them in one house & be the "old" Stefan. Before he left, he promised to them that he won't become the Ripper again and that Caroline will be checking up on him.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Jealous Elena.

In Handle with Care, Stefan was located in the cabin of Qetsiyah(Tessa). After the call with Tessa, Elena was concerned about why Stefan would be fraternizing with Tessa. When she phoned Damon and Silas made sure Damon told her about how he snapped Stefan's neck a couple of times, Elena was furious.

She had gone to Tessa's cabin to talk sense into Stefan, whom she assumed had slept with Tessa. Once jealous Elena was informed that Stefan wasn't sleeping with Tessa, she tried to leave the cabin, but realized that she's trapped with both of them. At the cabin, Tessa and Stefan were discussing pizza toppings when Elena explained why she was so upset: Damon's never put anyone's life before hers, so there's no way he'll spare Silas. Stefan looks hurt & starts flirting with Tessa.


Elena thanks Stefan for protecting her.

After some time, Elena couldn't hold it in any longer. She couldn't stand to see Stefan and Tessa flirting while he cooked for her. Elena told Stefan that even if he can't remember it, she does: Tessa isn't the kind of person he'd like. When Tessa gave them some distance, Stefan whispered so only Elena would hear him. He told her he's got this. "I know you think that I hate you, but I don't," he said. "I won't let her hurt you, I promise." At sundown, Stefan knifed Tessa and told Elena to run. Then he followed her. Back at home, Elena was very grateful to Stefan for protection & thanked him for being him, the man whose instincts were always to protect her. They become friends again & Stefan comes back to his room at the Salvatore Boarding house.

Elena happy at the return of Stefan's memories.

In Death and the Maiden, Stefan woke up from a nightmare about how Silas stabbed him and put him in the safe. Elena was waiting by his bedside with coffee. Elena told him how she lost a friend when he lost his memory, so she wanted to start over. But that didn't exactly work for Stefan, considering he could suddenly remember everything. He told her that before Silas stabbed him, he had planned to drive to Portland. Elena was confused and asked him, how does he remember this. He explained, that Qetsiyah was in his room last night and brought back his memories as an act of revenge for his betrayal. Elena hugs Stefan and is rejoiced at the return of his memories.

Later, Damon, Elena and Stefan discussed their current situation and Elena said, that they need to hide Amara and keep her alive so that they can use that again Silas. Stefan, however was pessimistic and said that Silas isn't going to bring Bonnie back. Elena told him, that he got his memories back and he knows her better than anything and she's not going to give up on her plan. Stefan responded, that he indeed knows her best - she puts her hope in all the wrong places and sometimes in the wrong people. He added, that Silas needs to die to put them all out of their misery. Stefan was angry and said, that Silas needs to die and he needs to be the one who kills him.

After learning Stefan's plan, Elena was worried that Stefan would get himself killed by going after Silas. But if Stefan didn't get to kill him, Silas would win. Stefan told her about moments of stillness in the safe, in the time that he was dead and just before he would come back to life, when he thought about things that made him happy, things that gave him hope and kept him from switching off his humanity switch. He explained how, eventually, the pain took away even those moments. Every time he closed his eyes now, he relived those three months, and if he didn't kill Silas and make it stop, he'd lose his mind or flip his switch... or both.

Stefan's heartbreaking confession.

At the end of episode, Elena found Stefan digging Silas' grave in the woods. She felt the need to continue to be naive and ask if killing Silas fixed him. She was feeling guilty. She needed to know that he was going to be okay, because while he was suffering for the past three months, she was finally getting her summer of happiness. She needed to know that killing Silas would take away his pain. All he could say was that he had wanted it to be her ... when that safe finally opened and somebody found him. "I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be both of you," he said as Damon appeared.

In The Cell, Stefan was trapped in the safe with Katherine as a form of therapy of his PTSD, he was feeling like he was dying. She told him she thinks he still loves Elena, and though he wants to leave town, he finds reasons to stay. He grabbed Katherine by the neck and started to strangle her. She wanted to show him that the safe isn't the problem: The death he felt in the safe wasn't just dying physically again and again, it was the emotional heartbreak of Elena leaving him. At the end of episode Stefan said, that Katherine was right about him and he needs to move on from Elena.


Stefan resuces Elena from Dr. Wes.

In Fifty Shades of Grayson, while Stefan was changing his clothes, Damon came into his room telling him that Elena was gone and they have to go to her rescue. Later, Stefan accompanied Aaron to his room for clues to find Elena - he found documents, which helped find Elena. When Elena woke up in the lab, Wes was ready to inject her with the thing that would make her Vampire Ripper. Just as Wes stabbed her, Stefan showed up. Elena head-butted Wes, and Stefan helped her out of there.

Elena and Stefan with Nadia.

Elena reaction to Stefan and Katherine sex.

In, 500 Years of Solitude, Damon told everyone that Stefan had sex with Katherine. Elena was shocked and jealous by this. Later, Nadia popped in to tell everyone she needed help to save Katherine. No one would volunteer, which is why she'd buried Matt in the safe Stefan had spent the summer in, somewhere on the grounds.

She correctly guessed that Elena and Stefan would rise to the occasion. Nadia said a Traveler could teach Katherine how to take a ride in a new body -hers. Nadia deliver the doppelgängers to the Traveler, Mia, who was going to help her save Katherine. Nadia bolted the house, and Elena and Stefan realized their day rings no longer worked. A pack of chanting Travelers trapped them in a corner, where they wouldn't burn.

Stuck with the Travelers.

Stefan and Elena remained calm enough to quip about their predicament being awkward and them having chosen the wrong day to be in a fight. Elena apologized for her earlier judgment about him having slept with Katherine and admitted it wasn't her place. Then, one guy slit their wrists and they bled into buckets. They weren't healing. Still bleeding, Stefan made a joke about it being a good thing that he's not claustrophobic anymore. Elena realized that Katherine had helped him through that. Still, she wanted to hate her anyway. Fine, but Stefan said he couldn't. He can't stop rooting for her to find peace. And Damon, too. He told Elena to not give up on Damon like she hadn't given up on him. He told her to not let Damon give up on her either. The Travelers took the blood they needed and then Elena and Stefan were free to go.

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Katherine (who pretended to be Elena) had a conversation with Stefan at the end of the episode. Katherine wondered why he wasn't honest with her to begin with. She asked him to be honest with her. Stefan replied that ever since he'd noticed Elena falling for Damon, he'd been waiting for Damon to screw up so badly that she'd turn on him. But when it didn't happen, he stopped waiting for Damon to fail because he liked the person he had become, and he doesn't want to lose that person.

In Gone Girl, Stefan killed Katherine to let Elena to take control over her body. Later he waited for Elena to wake up.

Stefan showing Elena her ripper tendencies.

In While You Were Sleeping, Elena woke up in her dorm room having a bad dream. She went downstairs, and Stefan told her Whitmore had cleared out for spring break and she'd been in and out since she first came to. Turns out, they had Bonnie's new witch friend Liv seal Elena in the building because she has a lot to catch up on, including an appetite that she can't control.

Later Stefan showed up with a new cell phone for her, along with four ounces of his blood in water bottle. She wanted more. Badly. Caroline called Stefan and told him about the Ripper virus now having werewolf venom added. She told him there was good news, but to get it, he had to meet her at a location that the Travelers don't want any witches to know about. Before Stefan left, Elena asked why Katherine had stayed in Mystic Falls and guessed it had been for him. He told her they had kissed and he'd pulled away.

Elena hallucinates Stefan.

Later on, Elena left Aaron a message asking him to call her, and then she discovered that Katherine had been writing in her journal. She read about Katherine trying to seduce Stefan in the hotel room and hallucinated her own hot version of it, which ended with her pushing Stefan away and just like in the opening dream, asking why he didn't recognize that it wasn't her sooner. When Hallucination Elena went to leave the hotel room, Damon was at the door and started a verbal tiff with Stefan. Elena stopped them by saying even when she's dead, Katherine is still getting what she wants: a wedge driven between them. She goes to Stefan after her hallucination, and he hints that there was something bad Damon wasn't telling her. Her nose starts bleeding.

First Meeting.

In Resident Evil, episode opened with Elena journaling at a table outside the Grill. A page blew away, and Stefan stopped it before it went too far. After they had flirty banter over the quality of her writing, she introduced herself and then a car horn snapped them both out of the vision. In real life, Stefan was standing in the street, and Elena woke up in bed.

First Kiss.

Later Elena had a vision of Stefan walking her home after a movie. It'd been their first date, and they wanted to see each other again. At the moment they kissed in front of Elena's house, someone interrupted this perfect moment. Elena said that it was her father who'd turned on the porch lights to put an end to their first kiss.

Caroline's voice snapped Elena out of the vision, and then Miss Forbes used said voice to tell Elena that she was probably just fantasizing about Stefan because she'd broken up with Damon. But then Stefan called Caroline to tell her about his vision, and they realized something was really going on.

Anniversary and Proposal.

In another Elena's vision Stefan was cooking her dinner for their anniversary. She was looking for a bottle opener in a drawer when she found the little black box he didn't want her to see. She didn't even open it, she just said yes. Both of them looked very happy, they kissed & confessed love for each other. After that, they started makeout session - dream Elena knocked some mail off the counter, and real Elena broke the glass she was holding.

Happily married with kids.


Facing Reality.

In the last vision, Stefan and Elena had two kids, and they were still in love enough to playfully suggest they'd bite each other. When the vision abruptly ended, the real Stefan was home at Salvatore Mansion with Elena. He'd felt it, too. Such happiness, and then it was ripped away from them. Elena had tears in her eyes. Was it over? It's over, he said.

Conversation in front of the fireplace.

They sat in front of the fire and came to terms with it: Just because the fantasy was gone doesn't mean the memory of their real relationship had been stripped from them. That had been beautiful and real with its ups and downs. He said he'd always love her, and she said she'd always love him. Then she asked if Stefan thought she and Damon would ever be able to talk like this, like friends. "I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them. I don't think you can be both," he said.


Stefan and Elena study together.

In Man on Fire, the episode opens up with Elena studying with her tutor, Stefan. She needs a distraction to forget that Damon declared her dead to him. Bonnie showed up to cram because she was in denial of the threat of her impending death. As the anchor to the Other Side, she only exists as long as it does. Even as someone who's been okay with the show putting Bonnie out of her nothing-to-do-here misery for a season (or two), I felt a little sad. Then again, Elena pointed out that Alaric, Grams, and other supernatural characters, who died would be gone as well if the Other Side disintegrated.

Later Enzo crashed Elena's study party and told her and Stefan about Maggie. Sloan had given Enzo a crime scene photo of a decapitated Maggie in Mystic Falls, dated 1960. Stefan said he wasn't a Ripper then, so it wasn't him. Enzo had enlisted Liv's help to brain-torture Elena and Stefan so he'd talk. Enzo had Stefan and Elena's hands bound with vervain-soaked restraints so he could read from the diary found with Maggie's body. Bonnie tried to text Damon, so Enzo called him and told him, in a round about way, that he was going to kill Elena or Stefan -- eye for an eye.

Enzo tortures Stefan and Elena.

Enzo threatened Bonnie, so Stefan said fine, he Killed Maggie (which wasn't true). Bonnie got escorted upstairs and told Liv that she knew she was hoping Enzo would kill Stefan or Elena because then, the Travelers couldn't use their doppelgänger blood and the witches win. Enzo threw a stake at Stefan's stomach. Damon made his entrance to interrupt Enzo torturing Stefan. Soon enough, he told Enzo he didn't know it was Maggie when he'd killed her. Stefan was annoyed because Damon had clearly staged it to look like the Ripper had done it. He'd been pissed that Stefan hadn't noticed him gone for five years. Damon apologized to Enzo but said he'd flipped his switch, so he was doing all kinds of horrible things back then. Damon wanted him to hate him and to take out his rage on him.

Stefan and Elena hug.

Enzo drank from Liv, stabbed Damon in the neck when he charged him, and threw vervain on Stefan, who went all Matrix on him. Enzo ultimately bolted with Elena, who Stefan knew Enzo would want to kill to hurt Damon. Stefan had to feed Liv his blood before he could follow Damon. Elena tried to take care of herself and kick Enzo's ass, but he snapped her neck. Stefan arrived first & started fight with Enzo. Later, Stefan came to check on Elena in her dorm room and told her he'd killed Enzo but they're going to lie to Damon and say he went away. Elena was reluctant but agreed.

Stefan and Elena at the cabin.

In What Lies Beneath, Stefan and Elena go to Caroline's dad's log cabin with Caroline and Damon to escape the Travelers. While unpacking the supplies from the car, Elena tells Stefan that it's a bad idea to hide Enzo's death from Damon. Stefan tells her that he doesn't think Damon will be able to handle Enzo's death very well.

Stefan and Elena joking.

Elena tells Stefan about Damon not wanting to see her ever again. Stefan tells her that it was Damon who saved her last night. Stefan jokes around with Elena to cheer her up.

Outside the shed, Elena tells Stefan that she lied to Damon about Enzo and that she feels guilty. Stefan tells her to think of all the time Damon's lied to her but covered it up. He tells her that eventually Damon will move on and they both leave.

Stefan and Elena win charades.

Later in the episode, Elena and Stefan play charades with Caroline and Damon. Elena and Stefan are on the same team. Elena acts out "Skull and Bones" while Stefan tries to guess. Stefan guesses correctly, and they beat Caroline and Damon 5-0. After charades, everyone decides to play "Never Have I Ever." Stefan and Elena take shots and joke as they both say that they've never been impersonated by their evil doppelgänger. Suddenly, Caroline accuses them of hooking up. Stefan and Elena glance at each other. Elena excuses herself and goes to take a shower. After almost being drowned, Elena tells Damon about Enzo's death and that she and Stefan were planning on keeping it a secret from him.

Stefan saves Elena.

In Promised Land, Markos kidnaps Stefan and Elena. They are both in separate room and the travelers continue to draw more blood from them. Stefan escapes his room, and finds and Elena and rescues her. They escape the travelers' camp and walk along a deserted road. Elena jokingly tells Stefan to do the "vamp thing". Stefan uses his vampire speed to run but it only lasts a few feet. They are also on the lookout for any animals to feed on to regain their strength. Elena asks Stefan how he's so good at controlling his thirst. Stefan tells her he has to have self-control, otherwise he will be worse.

Stefan and Elena walking.

Elena then talks about how their blood situation is dangerous to get Damon involved in. Stefan then tells Elena that her and Damon seem miserable without each other and that if she wants to be with him she should. He tells her that vampires get to have a pass for complicated relationships. Elena smiles and they continue to walk.

Elena stopping an incoming car.

Stefan and Elena are still walking. Elena decides to get some attention from an incoming car so that her and Stefan can get a ride home. She fixes her hair and shows some cleavage. Stefan watches as she approaches the pulled over car. Stefan follows her and compels the lady to give them a ride. The lady is revealed to be a traveler, Maria. She reveals that she's the one who helped them escape last night. They get in the car and drive off.

Elena and Stefan in Maria's car.

Maria tells them that she wants to save her husband, who is possessing Tyler's body, before Markos realizes her betrayal. They are suddenly stopped by Liv, who uses her magic to make the gas pedal of the car speed uncontrollably, leading it to crash. Stefan eventually gets out of the car, but is smashed against the car by Luke. Elena comes to his side, but gets her leg broken by Liv. Liv apologizes, but states that they need one doppelgänger dead to stop the travelers from casting their spell. Stefan suddenly escapes Luke's grip and Elena twists Liv's arm.

Stefan and Elena reminiscing their human deaths.

Liv reveals that the spell has started. Elena and Stefan's daylight rings stop working and they start to burn. They use their vampire speed to escape.

Elena and Stefan go to the Mystic Grill to ask Matt for help. He leads them down a tunnel below the Grill and Elena and Stefan begin to have glimpses of their death as humans. Elena begins to choke on water and Stefan's abdomen begins to gush with blood. They realize that the spell is stripping them of their magic. At the end of the episode, Stefan is killed by Julian.

In Home, Elena and Damon volunteer to go on a suicide mission to bring Stefan back. At the end of the episode, Stefan, Elena, Tyler, and Alaric are resurrected. They are both severely devastated by Damon's sudden death.

Stefan tells Elena to say goodbye.

In I'll Remember, Elena begins to use witch-type drugs to hallucinate Damon. Caroline and Luke tell Elena that it's best for her to move on from Damon. In order to have hope for finding Damon, Elena calls Stefan to give her hope. Stefan tells Elena that he's lost hope for finding Damon and that she should say goodbye too. Elena sadly agrees and at the end of the episode, she asks Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon.

In Yellow Ledbetter, Elena mentions to Jeremy that Stefan is "on board" with her plan to erase her love for Damon.

Elena is happy to see Stefan.

Stefan comes to Whitmore College in Welcome to Paradise. He sees Elena and they greet each other with a hug. Elena tells him that four months without seeing him is way too long. Stefan notices that Elena looks happier with her memories of Damon erased. Elena also talks to Stefan about his messy dinner with Caroline, Enzo, and Ivy. Elena tells Stefan that she's so happy to see him again, and that the past couple of months have been really hard for her, since losing Bonnie.

Elena with Liam and Stefan

She then invites him to come to the pool party at Whitmore. Stefan is reluctant at first, but then agrees when he learns that Enzo will be there as well. Stefan meets Liam, who admits that Stefan and Elena seem quite functional despite their breakup two years ago.

Elena convinces Stefan to let her come with him.

In Black Hole Sun, Stefan is talking on the phone with Elena and asks her about the whereabouts of the "runaway girl". Elena states that she hasn't spotted her since the pool part. She warns Stefan that this is bad and that Sarah could do anything now that she knows about vampires. Stefan assures her that she is probably still in Mystic Falls. Stefan tells Elena that he'll talk to her later and hangs up. He prepares to go back to Savannah on his motorcycle, but Elena stops him and and asks where he's going. He tells her that he's going back home, but Elena tells him that Mystic Falls is his home, not Savannah, and that Savannah is an escape. Stefan tells Elena that she doesn't need to worry about him because he has a system. Elena then tells Stefan to try the system on her, and that if she sees he's fine living a new life, she'll let him go. Stefan agrees and they both leave on his motorcycle.

Stefan and Elena at the mechanic shop.

Elena and Stefan go to the Car Mechanic shop where Stefan works. Elena sees a picture of Ivy and comments that she's cute to which Stefan replies that "she was." Elena apologizes, but Stefan says "what's done is done". Stefan tells her that after Social Security, taxes, and health insurance, he has $206.03 to spend for the weekend. Elena questions Stefan on health insurance, and he tells her that the point of starting over is to be as human as possible. He further tells her that the best part about starting over is deciding what you wanna do for the next thirty years. Stefan gives her a list of careers that she could be and asks her to challenge him, and he'll show her how it's done. Elena accepts his offer and they go to the bar.

Stefan asks if she's ready to see the system in action and she says yes. Stefan tells Elena to hand her daylight ring over. Without further question, she does and Stefan kneels down holding the ring in front of him.

Stefan "proposes" to Elena.

Stefan "proposes" to Elena and states, " we've known each other for a very long time now. And, you've always been my best friend. I have always loved you. And, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.". Before he continues, Elena interrupts him and asks if he's only proposing to her because she's pregnant. Stefan assures her that he's proposing to her because she is his "rock". He further states, "you have stood by my side through the multiple rehabs, the jail time, the bull-fighting injury? I mean, you have brought me back from the edge! And, sweetheart, this baby is the best thing that ever happened to us." Stefan asks Elena if she'll mary him and she says yes. He slides the ring on her finger, and they hug with the crowd in the bar clapping for them. They sit back down and Stefan tells Elena that it's so easy to start over with a new identity as he just demonstrated earlier. Elena asks Stefan why he came back to Mystic Falls after 15 years, and he states that it's because he met her.

Stefan and Elena start over.

He then tells Elena that since 1864, he's been a carpenter, an ambulance driver, a migrant worker, high school student, and so on. She asks him why he chose to be an auto mechanic who only gets paid $200 per week, but he claims that there's no reason. They make a toast to change, and drink beer together. Before leaving the bar, Elena asks Stefan if she should greet him if they ever meet again in town.

Elena hugs Stefan.

Stefan then states that he wants to forget about Mystic Falls, not her. He assures her that she can visit him and that he'll fix her car if it ever gets damaged at any cost. Elena hugs him and leaves.

Stefan then sits down next to man and criticizes him for not applauding at the news of his engagement. Stefan and the man begin to fight and Stefan lets the man beat him up until Elena comes back and intervenes.

Stefan tells Elena the truth about her compulsion.

She compels the man to go home and forget everything that happened at the bar. Elena asks Stefan why he's doing this and tells him to find a better way to move on from Damon's death. Stefan then reveals to Elena that Alaric compelled her to forget how much she loved Damon and all the good things he did. He tells her that she found a way to deal with his death and he found his. Elena doesn't believe him at first, but at the end of the episode Alaric shows her a journal of all the memories she had with Damon. After reading a letter she wrote to herself, Elena decides to not have her memories of Damon back and to start over with a happy life.

In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Elena reveals that she's attracted to the "hero" type, revealing why she was so attracted to Stefan and Damon.

Elena talking on the phone with Stefan.

In The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, Elena escapes out her window dorm in order to avoid Damon. After talking to Alaric about Jo, she decides to go to the Hospital to investigate. While waiting for Jo, Elena calls Stefan and tells him about her plan to avoid Damon. She states that she's started over and is happy that way. Stefan tells Elena that he just wants to talk to her, but then Elena reveals that she kissed Liam.

Stefan, Elena, and Caroline.

Stefan sounds disgusted by this and tells Elena not to tell Damon. Elena tells Stefan that she fears that Damon will kill Liam, just like he killed her brother. Before Stefan can reply, Elena spots Jo and tells him she has to go. Meanwhile, Damon is in Elena's room and he notices a picture of Stefan's arm around her with Caroline on the side of the photo.

Later in the episode, Stefan is on the phone with Elena again, when suddenly Tripp's car comes towards him and he uses his vampire speed to get out of the way. Tripp's car crashes across the Mystic Falls border with Damon and Enzo inside. Alaric is also inside the border of Mystic Falls. Elena asks Stefan if everything's okay, and he tells her that Alaric crossed the border and hangs up.

Tumblr nfebtychL11sdf0uto5 400.gif
In Fade Into You, Stefan goes on a road trip to Portland, Oregon, in search of the Gemini Coven, with Damon and Alaric. Alaric calls Elena and tells her that there may be a way to bring Bonnie back. Before she is able to ask more questions, Alaric tells Elena that Stefan sends his love.

Later in the episode while Alaric is talking to Jo about her father, Elena and Stefan are talking on the phone. Stefan talks to her about not being invited to "Friendsgving" to which Elena states that she has to side with her best friend, Caroline, in that matter. Elena then asks Stefan how he was able to trust her with his vampire secret. Stefan tells Elena that he was in love with her and wanted her to know everything about him. Elena's face seems to light up when he says this. Stefan then states that she owes him dinner and hangs up.

In Christmas Through Your Eyes, Elena and Stefan are both at the hospital due to Sheriff Forbes's recent health. Stefan reveals to Elena that the Sheriff has glioblastoma, a type of cancer which is spreading to her brain. Elena and Stefan are both worried about how they will break the news to Caroline. Stefan tells Elena that he should be the one to tell Caroline the news about her mother's condition, since he's been such a terrible friend to her lately.

Stefan and Elena arguing about Caroline.

In Prayer For the Dying, Stefan brings vampire-in-transition Colin to Whitmore Medical Center, and seeks the help of Jo and Elena regarding his condition. They learn that Caroline's blood only worsened his cancer, causing him to die at a faster pace and wake up in transition. Later in the episode, Elena is seen waiting outside the hospital, and catches Stefan coming towards her. She asks if there's any news about Liz's condition. Elena then tells Stefan that he should have stopped Caroline from giving her blood to Liz. Stefan defends the action, stating that Caroline was doing whatever she could to save her, and that he gave her the hope she needed. Still Elena argues that Stefan should have done something to avoid the problem, leading Stefan to bring up her decision about erasing Damon from her life.

In The Day I Tried To Live, Kai mentions that somehow Elena went from dating the good vampire (Stefan) to dating the "bad" vampire (Damon). Elena seems a bit startled and confused. Elena later asks Damon what Kai really meant and he tells her to brush it off. Elena then asks Damon if she would still be with him if she was human. Damon says they wouldn't. He tells her that human Elena was coming back home for Stefan and that she died on the bridge before she could reach him.

Stefan finds Elena unconscious at Caroline's house.

Elena reaction to Stefan and Caroline kiss.

In Let Her Go, Elena is shocked when Caroline tells her that she kissed Stefan. Towards the end of the episode, Stefan finds an unconscious Elena on the floor of Caroline's house with Caroline nowhere to be seen.

In The Downward Spiral, Elena is on the phone with Stefan and questions him about Caroline's whereabouts. Stefan tells her that Caroline has emptied her whole house with the exception of the doors. He tells her he'll call her when he finds something. Later in the episode, Elena and Stefan meet at Caroline's party.

Stefan and Elena at Caroline's party.

Elena suggests to Stefan that they should agree to Caroline's offer and give her a year to have her humanity off. Stefan refuses, stating that she's going to snap when she comes back to reality and that the whole situation is his fault. Elena then asks him about his plan.

Stefan and Elena confront Caroline.

Towards the end of the episode, Elena and Stefan meet Caroline at The Mystic Grill, and Caroline reveals her plan to kill Sarah, unless Stefan turns his humanity off. Stefan refuses and gets Liam to tell him about his location. Elena rushes to go save her. Elena searches for Sarah everywhere at Whitmore Medical Center, but is unable to find her. She calls Stefan, claiming that she can't find Sarah.


Stefan tells Elena to bring him back. Elena is confused. Stefan then tells her, "Just remember to bring me back." Elena pleads for Stefan to stop, but he hangs up and turns his humanity off to save Sarah. She repeatedly calls Stefan, but he won't pick up. Finally, she tries again and he picks up. Elena is relieved to hear his voice and tells him that Sarah's gonna be okay. Stefan replies with "Oh really?".

Elena relieved to hear Stefan's voice.

Elena is surprised at his sarcastic tone, and asks him if he's okay. Elena then screams for Stefan to tell her that he didn't shut his humanity off. Stefan says he won't and gives the phone to Caroline, who reveals that Stefan turned his humanity off.

Elena finds a picture of Baby Stefan.

In A Bird in a Gilded Cage, Elena tells Damon that they have to find a way to get Stefan's humanity back. She convinces Damon to save his mother, Lily Salvatore, so that they can trigger Stefan's humanity. Elena, Damon, Kai, and Bonnie travel to the 1903 Prison World to rescue Lily. While at the Salvatore Boarding house in 1903, she sees a picture of Stefan and comments on how cute he was.

Elena finds out about Stefan and Caroline sex.

In Because, Elena, Stefan and Damon devise a plan to get Caroline to turn her humanity back on. Stefan decides to go under disguise as "ripper Stefan" and help Damon and Elena drain Caroline of blood and torture her into turning her humanity back on. Elena questions whether Caroline will want to see Stefan again. Damon smirks and says that Caroline will definitely want to see Stefan again. Elena is confused, then asks Stefan if he and Caroline slept together. Damon yells 'Yup!' Elena is extremely shocked, but comes to the realization that both of their humanities are off. Stefan states that he can't change anything that's happened so the three decide to focus on their plan. Elena tells Stefan that Caroline's mom left her a letter before she died, and that it may trigger her humanity. Stefan says that the plan might work and leaves.

Stefan sadly watches Caroline burn the letter as Elena screams.

Later in the episode, Elena comes by Caroline and Stefan's imprisoned room to talk Caroline into reading the letter her mother left for her.

Elena distraught by the burnt letter.

Elena gives Stefan the letter and he asks Caroline if she wants to read it. Caroline tells Stefan to burn the letter. Elena pleads Stefan to not let Caroline burn the letter, but Stefan sadly watches her do it anyways. He tells Elena that she needs to try harder if she wants "their" humanities back.

In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Elena calls Stefan after escaping from Lily's wrath. She assures him that she's safe for now.

In I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime, Elena sends Stefan on a mission to help Damon reconsider taking the cure. She tells Stefan that she's certain that Damon hasn't thought the whole idea through.

Elena and Stefan at the wedding.

After trying to convince Damon to reconsider his life as a human, Stefan goes to attend Jo and Alaric's wedding. Elena catches sight of Stefan and comments on how good he looks in a tuxedo. They joke for a bit, and then Elena asks Stefan how he feels about Damon's decision. Stefan tells her that he doesn't want to lose his brother, but that the choice will be Damon's, no matter what him or Elena think. Stefan tells Elena that Damon found his true personality as a vampire and that he loves being a vampire too much to be human again.

Stefan sees an unconscious Elena.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Damon can't wake Elena up after Kai crashes Alaric and Jo's wedding. Damon calls for Stefan, and tells her that Elena's not waking up. Stefan hesitates when he sees Elena unconscious. He tells Damon to rush her to the hospital right away.

Later, Stefan and Elena are in a vision together, hiking up the mountains. Elena tells Stefan to wait up for her, sitting on a large rock to take a breath. Stefan tells her that it was her idea to go on a 5 mile hike to say goodbye to him. Elena assures him that this isn't goodbye.

Stefan and Elena hiking.

She reminds him that they once went on the same hike (The Last Day) in the mountains when she told him she didn't want to be a vampire. Elena continues to tell Stefan that he always knew that she didn't want to be a vampire and that he wanted her to say it out loud. Elena points out that Stefan has always known her better than anyone, which makes it difficult for her to say goodbye to him. Stefan stops Elena.

Stefan tells Elena he can't say goodbye to her yet.

He says that he can't say goodbye, not now, and not ever. The vision flashes forward to Stefan and Caroline at the hospital in Elena's room, discussing her condition. Caroline asks Stefan if he'll be okay and comments that they were soulmates. Stefan admits that he's loved Elena more than anyone, and that she helped repair his relationship with Damon.

Stefan gives Elena one more vision.

Towards the end of the episode, Stefan, with tears in his eyes, walks up to Elena's coffin, takes her hand, and gives her one last vision of them together. Stefan and Elena are in the woods again.

Elena and Stefan talk one last time.

Elena thanks Stefan for bumping into her that first day in school of junior year. She tells him that she never thought she would be happy again, but then she met him. Elena further states that he changed everything for her and quite literally saved her life.

Final goodbye.

Elena tells Stefan that she loves him so much, and can't wait to see what he's doing with his life in 60 or 70 years. Stefan jokes that he sure won't be in high school. Elena laughs and tells him to be happy, and that she'll see him real soon. Stefan replies, "I'll see you, Elena."

About Their Relationship


"For the pilot and TV series to work, the relationship between Elena and Stefan had to be magic. I said to myself, 'This is phenomenal.' Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev have real chemistry." [1]

-- Bob Levy

"One of the important things Julie and I wanted to do this season is cement the love between Stefan and Elena. It's that love story that will be the anchor of this entire show. We have to earn that."

-- Kevin Williamson

"This is a story about Stefan and Elena's love story. I think it's fun to watch the twists and turns we take. Because you know what? She doesn't know." [2]

-- Kevin Williamson

"Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she's still standing there with Stefan." [3]

-- Kevin Williamson

"This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They're soulmates."

-- Kevin Williamson

"I can only say that it's a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that's our show."

-- Julie Plec

"The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle." [4]

-- Julie Plec

"It is the most romantic moment of the series [about Stefan and Elena in 3x05]. It's a guy trying so hard to hold on to his humanity through his love for this one girl and then watching as this get ripped out from him... And so we went back in and said you know what, take out all the tension music and make it epic, make it sad and beautiful, use the love cue that Stefan and Elena have, use that cue, not the scary cue..." [5]

-- Julie Plec

"The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever. But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons." [6]

-- Julie Plec

"Stefan is good. Stefan's knee-jerk reaction is to do the heroic thing. He can influence her in the right ways...Stefan is a person that she's going to lean on for advice and wisdom. She trusts him fully." [7]

-- Caroline Dries

"I just want [Stefan] in the end to find his love, that's all he cares about. Of course I want him to end up with Elena. Cause I have to, that's all I can hope for. Elena is his true love."

-- Paul Wesley

"I'm telling you, all it takes is one shift in writing. All it takes is one intelligently shifted moment or new storyline to sort of diverge and — boom! — we're back on the Stefan and Elena train." [8]

-- Paul Wesley

"I love The Notebook, and I know an epic love story when I see one, and I felt like Elena and Stefan had an epic love. You know [how] your first love in high school, or whatever it may be for each person, feels like it? It's almost an infectious look that you see in people's eyes. I've felt it and I'd been in love before, so I wanted to make sure it was epic … just like it was in The Notebook."

-- Nina Dobrev

"What makes her happy is Stefan and she still has hope that Stefan can be saved." [9]

-- Nina Dobrev

"I think that deep down she's in love with the person that Stefan is. She loves warm-hearted people who are loving." [10]

-- Nina Dobrev

"With Stefan, whenever he's around, it's almost like she melts into his arms and she feels somewhat relieved." [11]

--Nina Dobrev

"And then she meets Stefan and there is something about him that makes her feel comfortable like he understands." [12]

-- Nina Dobrev

"Stefan is sort of a hopeless romantic and Elena, she is the love of his life." [13]

-- Paul Wesley

"When Elena touched Stefan's face for the first time and he showed her his veins and it was this beautiful moment." [14]

-- Paul Wesley

"Elena made a decision last season [season three] to be with Stefan because she loves him." [15]

-- Nina Dobrev

Since the beginning of the show, Stefan and Elena had this instant connection. After her parents' death, Elena felt completely lost and dead inside. This is until Stefan arrives and makes her feel glad to be alive. Elena and Stefan have constantly risked their lives for each other. Elena helped Stefan control his heavy blood addiction by giving him her blood a little each day in order for him to gain strength. In Season Two, they face a huge obstacle when Katherine comes back to town to win Stefan back. Despite this problem, the love between Stefan and Elena prevailed.

In Season Three, their love story takes a huge turn when Stefan leaves town with Klaus to save Damon from dying. Elena constantly searches for Stefan all summer and teams up with Damon and Alaric to bring him back. When Stefan comes back to town, Klaus immediately makes him turn his humanity off when he learns that Elena is still alive. Elena desperately does everything to get Stefan to turn his humanity back on and vows that she won't give up. During this process, Damon and Elena begin to grow close and Damon kisses her, which makes her question who she should be with. At the end of the season, Elena calls Damon and tells him that she's coming back for Stefan. Even though she had strong feelings for Damon, she was still deeply in love with Stefan. Elena claimed that no matter what happens he's "the best choice she's ever made."

Throughout Season Four, Elena struggles with her transition into a vampire. Stefan assures her that everything will be okay, but their relationship becomes strained. They eventually break up when Elena admits that being a vampire has heightened her feelings for Damon which she can no longer control. When it's discovered that Elena is sired to Damon, Stefan does everything to try to find a way to break the bond. Stefan, Elena, Damon, Alaric, Jeremy, Rebekah, Bonnie, Katherine, and Klaus race against each other to find the vampire cure. Stefan and Damon attempt to find the cure before the others in order to break Elena's sire bond. Shortly after the journey, Elena turns her humanity off in reaction to Jeremy's death. Stefan discovers that this also broke the sire bond. He does everything he can to turn her humanity back on. At the end of the season, Elena reveals that her feelings for Damon are real and she chooses to be with him, leaving Stefan heartbroken.

A lot of characters admired Elena and Stefan's romantic relationship including: Caroline, Rebekah, Klaus, and Lexi. Caroline often mentioned throughout the show that Stefan is Elena's epic soulmate. After their break up, Caroline told Elena that breaking up with Stefan was a huge mistake. The powerful Original Hybrid Klaus admits that he has never seen a love as strong as Stefan and Elena's, emphasizing how influential their love story is. Even a vampire like Rebekah envied the love Stefan and Elena had for each other. When Elena chose to be with Damon at the end of Season four, Lexi assured Stefan that Elena was and always will be his epic love.

Throughout Season Five and Season Six, Stefan and Elena are able to accomplish a close friendship and are comfortable enough to ask each other for relationship advice. In the beginning of Season 6, Julie Plec stated that the friendship between Stefan and Elena is very strong, and that it could turn into romance soon.[16] In a recent interview, Paul Wesley states that possibilities of Stelena's romantic relationship is "not out of the question" and to not rule anything out.[17]

Many fans hold on to the hope that this epic couple will reunite again. As said by Klaus, "Crazy or not that kind of love never dies."

Significant Moments and Symbolism

Throughout the show, there have been a various amount of objects, heartfelt embraces, and emotional moments that have played an enormous role in the representation of Elena and Stefan's relationship. These symbols also continue to frequently reappear throughout the course of the show. Famous symbols and memorable moments of their relationship include:

  • The Graveyard Scene
    • Stefan and Elena at the graveyard.

      In Pilot, Elena is sitting in the cemetery while writing in her diary. A crow then appears on her parents gravestone, and she tries to shoo it away. Fogs starts to surround her, and she sees a man standing behind a tombstone. Elena gets scared and trips and falls while running away, injuring herself. When she gets up, she encounters Stefan. He asks her if she's okay. Confused, Elena asks Stefan if he was following her the whole time. Stefan, taken off guard, tells Elena that he just saw her fall, and that he was visiting some family too. Elena is taken back and apologizes, saying that she was being tactless. Elena smiles and introduces herself, "I'm Elena". Stefan smiles and introduces himself, "I'm Stefan". Elena replies, "I know. We have History together". This is a significant scene because it shows Stefan and Elena's bond and connection with each other, even when they only just met.
  • Stefan and Elena's Love Scene
    • Tumblr m9zz8gSJIK1qda5oao1 500-1-.gif

      Stefan & Elena make love.

      In The Turning Point, Stefan and Elena make love for the first time. It was also a pivotal moment in their relationship because Elena had finally confessed her love for Stefan. Stefan and Elena go to the Salvatore Boarding House, where Elena talks about Stefan's decision to leave town again. Stefan says that it might be hard for Elena to understand, but the reason he's leaving is for her. He gets out of the car, and Elena runs after him, and says that he doesn't get to make that decision for her, because she knows what she wants. Elena tells Stefan that she loves him. Stefan still has his back towards Elena. Elena waits for a moment, tears sparkling in her eyes. Stefan finally turns around with tears in his eyes, and quickly walks over to Elena and kisses her passionately. The two continue to kiss as they make their way into the Salvatore house. Suddenly, Stefan pulls away and turns around so Elena cannot see his vampire face. Elena tells Stefan to not hide from her and he turns to face her, revealing his vampire face. Elena touches the veins underneath his eyes, and kisses him. The two then make love.
  • Blood Sharing
    • Stefan feeds from Elena.

      Blood sharing is a very intimate moment for vampires. The first time that Stefan feeds from Elena is in Let The Right One In, after Elena rescues Stefan, he ends up getting seriously wounded when stabbed with a piece of branch. Although initially reluctant at hurting her, Stefan decides to listen to Elena and he bites her wrist, drinking her blood for the first time. The second time that Stefan feeds from Elena is in Kill or Be Killed. Stefan is sitting in the library at the Salvatore house, and Elena joins him. She asks him if he believes that he can control himself on human blood. Stefan says he's unsure, but if he doesn't try to, then he'll never know. Elena picks a needle off the table in her room and pricks her finger with it. Stefan seems confused, but Elena states, "it's you and me, Stefan. Always." Elena takes her finger, and drinks her blood, and his face starts to vamp out. Elena kisses him and his face becomes normal again. In Plan B, Elena saves Stefan from a vervain-filled well. She feeds him his blood, demonstrating another blood sharing moment. These scenes are significant because blood sharing is a very intimate moment for vampires and also indicated intimate moments for Stefan and Elena's relationship.
  • Ferris Wheel Scene
    • Stefan & Elena on the Ferris Wheel.

      The Ferris wheel scene, which took place at the carnival in Brave New World, is a popular scene for Stelena and the fans of the relationship. Elena originally wanted to go on the Ferris wheel with Stefan and kiss him at the very top, but they were unable to do so due to supernatural events. At dawn time, Stefan comes by Elena's house and tells her to come with him. They go to the carnival together, and Elena warns Stefan that they could get caught. He tells her that he compelled the guard to go on a break so that they can kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. Stefan tells Elena that they have to take these small moments to forget about their problems and spend time together. He reminds Elena that he came back to town to know her, and that despite facing Katherine, Damon, and other supernatural circumstances, they have to set aside time and live life. Elena holds Stefan tight as he uses his flying abilities to fly them to the very top of the Ferris wheel. They both sit down on a seat of the Ferris wheel. Elena laughs and smiles, and Stefan tells Elena that it's so nice to see her laugh. They stare into each other's eyes for a while, before leaning in to kiss.
  • Mouthing Silent "I Love You's"
    • The first time this is seen is in Isobel, when

      Stefan and Elena mouthing "I love you".

      Stefan goes to the Mystic Grill to support Elena's first meeting with her biological mother Isobel. Elena is sitting alone at a table while Stefan is standing at a pool table. Elena asks Stefan if he can hear her, and he nods. Elena thanks Stefan for coming with her and that she is nervous about meeting Isobel. Stefan smiles at her comfortingly, letting her know that he is there for her. Elena tells Stefan that she is happy that he's here, and says, "I love you" to Stefan. Stefan smiles and silently tells Elena while moving his lips "I love you". The second time this is seen is in Daddy Issues. Stefan arrives at Caroline's house to bring some "back up", meaning Elena and Bonnie. Elena tells Caroline that they are going to sleep over and slumber it. Caroline hugs both Elena and Bonnie. The girls hug, and Elena looks onto Stefan. She silently mouths "I love you", and he mouths "I love you" back.
  • Stefan Saving Elena in Car Accidents
    • Stefan saves Elena for the first time.

      The first time that Stefan had saved Elena from a car accident was at Wickery Bridge on the day that Elena's parents', Grayson and Miranda's car went off the bride on May 23, 2009. This also marked the day when Stefan and Elena first met, unofficially. Stefan had heard the accident and attempted to save Grayson, who was still conscious underwater. Grayson begged Stefan to save Elena over him. When he first saw her, he was both shocked and confused by the strong physical resemblance between Elena and his former lover, Katherine Pierce. Stefan saves Elena's life, but sadly, was unable to save her parents in time, resulting in their deaths. It was saving her life that inspired Stefan to want to get to know Elena and who she is before leaving Mystic Falls again.
    • The second time that Stefan tries to save Elena from a car accident was in in The Departed. This accident mirrored the first accident that happened over a year ago with Elena, Grayson and Miranda. Elena chose to return home to Stefan, so Matt was driving over Wickery Bridge. Rebekah, in an attempt at defeating Alaric through Elena's death, runs the truck off the bridge. Stefan comes to the rescue once again to save both Elena and Matt. Stefan attempts to save Elena first, but Elena begs Stefan to save Matt first. Stefan, out of respect for Elena's wishes, saves Matt before Elena. Unfortunately, Elena ends up drowning to death, with vampire blood in her system. Arguably, this is when things took a very tragic turn for Stefan and Elena's relationship. The first time that Stefan had saved Elena was the beginning of their love story and the second time he saved her turned out to be the "bump in the road" of their love story.
  • Serendipitously Bumping Into Each Other Outside of Restrooms
    • Elena bumps into Stefan.

      The first time that Stefan and Elena officially encounter each other is outside the men's restroom at Mystic Falls High School in Pilot. Elena goes into the men's restroom when she sees her brother, Jeremy taking drugs. She gives him a lecture, and leaves the restroom and unexpectedly bumps into Stefan. When Stefan and Elena first bump into each other, the two are instantly drawn to each other, showcasing the strong and profound connection between the two of them. Stefan asks Elena if this was the men's room that she had just come out of. Elena stumbles and has a hard time explaining why she came out of the men's room. Stefan and Elena end up doing a little "dance" with each other when Stefan and Elena try to get past each other. This occurs when Stefan goes left, Elena goes in the same direction as him and vice versa. This little dance between the two of them happens to be one of their signatures or trademarks when bumping into each other. The second time that Stefan and Elena bump into each other outside of a restroom is in Smells Like Teen Spirit. Stefan has his humanity off and is assigned by Klaus to look after and protect Elena. Elena comes out of the men's room after having a discussion with Tyler and Caroline. Unlike the first time when they bumped into each other outside of the men's room, Stefan and Elena's interactions were shown to be cold and distant in nature, due to a no humanity Stefan. The third time that Stefan and Elena bump into each other outside of the men's room is in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Elena tries to get an amnesia Stefan to remember his very first encounter with her. Like the first time, Stefan and Elena also engage in their signature "dance" with each other.
  • The Cell Scene
    • Stefan and Elena at the cell.

      This moment happens in Growing Pains. Elena is struggling with her transition as a vampire. On top of this, Stefan, Elena and Rebekah are captured and imprisoned in different cells. Elena becomes so weak because she yet has to feed on human blood to complete her transition as a vampire. Stefan and Elena's cells are next to each other, but they are separated by a wall and cannot see each other. Stefan apologizes to Elena for not letting her feed earlier on human blood. She tells Stefan that he does not need to apologize because he had hope that they would find a way out this. Stefan tells Elena that he loves her so much, and tells him that the reason she was on the bridge in the first place was because she was coming back for him. Elena states that she had to choose between him and Damon, and she picked him because she loves him. Elena continues by telling Stefan that no matter what happens, it was the best choice she has ever made. She further states that it sucks that she cannot see him. Stefan is crying on the other side of the cell and tells Elena that he's smiling. Elena says that she's smiling too. In this scene, Rebekah is looking on, and suddenly has a change of heart after seeing Stefan and Elena declare their love for each other. She helps Stefan kill the guard to help save Elena's life. Some fans feel that this scene was the real, pure human Elena who chose Stefan before fully becoming a vampire. 
  • Fighting/Resisting/Breaking Compulsion
    • Stefan and Elena are known to have either resisted or broken compulsion for each other. The first time that Stefan broke his compulsion for Elena is in The Reckoning. Stefan was compelled by the Original vampire, Klaus, to feed on Elena once the the timer on the gym clock went off. Stefan fears for Elena and tells her that he won't be able to stop his bloodlust because he is a ripper and rippers don't know how to stop or control themselves around human blood. Elena tells Stefan that she doesn't believe that, and that he has the capability of fighting compulsion, that he just has to want it bad enough. She then tells Stefan that it is because he loves her that he will fight because after everything that they have been through, he owes her that. Stefan agrees, claiming that she was the reason why he didn't give up or turn it off, but also states that he can't help who he is. As time ticks down, Stefan tells Elena to run, but she tells him that he can find another way to fight compulsion. Suddenly, the buzzer makes a sound and Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and won't give up on him. Stefan yells at Elena to run and to go, and she runs through the school, while Stefan tries stop himself from running after Elena by holding onto everything that he can. However, Elena ends up running into Klaus, who brings her to the cafeteria where Stefan is. Klaus tells Stefan that he is fascinated; the only thing stronger than Stefan's craving for human blood is his love for Elena. This shows that despite Klaus's powerful compulsion, Stefan was able to fight and resist his compulsion because of his strong love for Elena.

      Stefan fighting compulsion for Elena.

    • The second time that breaking compulsion is seen is in True Lies. Elena is compelled by Silas, the most powerful supernatural being on earth, to kill Damon at any costs. Damon tells Elena that she is going to have to think of something significantly stronger than her strong urge and desire to kill him at all costs or she will end up killing the both of them. Damon then tells her to think about Stefan. He tells her to describe her feelings to him. Elena hesitates at first, but starts to calm down as she tells Damon that it's like a chill she feeling she can't explain. She starts to visualize Stefan in her head suffering underwater and drowning repeatedly. She describes it like she can feel Stefan, and that he's trying to reach out to her but that she doesn't know where he is or what he's trying to tell her. Elena feels his loneliness and fear, and that he is in a lot of pain. Elena cries as she tells Damon that they have to find him. Damon swears to Elena that they will find him. Elena, completely calm, tells Damon that the rage is gone, emphasizing that by thinking of Stefan, she broke Silas's mind control and compulsion. This shows that despite Elena's relationship with Damon, she still has a very strong connection with Stefan, and quite likely some unresolved feelings for him.
  • Memorable Dances
    • Stefan and Elena dance at the Mikaelson ball.

      The first memorable dance between Stefan and Elena was in Dangerous Liaisons. Stefan had just turned on his humanity, and Esther had invited Elena to the ball so that she could meet and talk with her. Stefan and Elena share a dance after she danced with Damon. When Stefan catches Elena, fans can see the strong chemistry between the two. The song that was played during this dance is "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran. The lyrics of this song (i.e. "It's been a while but I still feel the same") highlights the fact that Stefan and Elena still have strong and undeniable feelings for each other, despite everything that they had gone through.
    • Stefan and Elena at the Decade dance.

      The second significant dance between Stefan and Elena was in Do Not Go Gentle. Elena asks Stefan to go to the 20s Decade Dance with her, at the request of Caroline. They dance for a while, and then slow dance together, but get interrupted by Alaric's situation. Later, Elena is upset because with Alaric gone, her and Jeremy don't have anyone to take care of them anymore, and they have just lost another friend. After insisting her to come with him, Elena takes his hand and follows him into the school gym. He tells Elena about how after he bit her, he never wanted to feel anything again. He then says that someone told him that it was okay to feel, and that emotions are what makes vampires human, good or bad, and to not lose hope. Elena smiles and asks him who gave him that horrible advice. Stefan smiles and says, "Just some girl I used to date" (quoting Elena from earlier in the episode). Elena starts sobbing and states that she doesn't have anyone anymore. Stefan touches her cheek, and states, You have me". Elena hugs him, crying on his shoulder. This scene is a popular scene between Stefan and Elena, since Stefan comforts Elena and gives her hope, just like she tried giving him hope throughout the season.
    • Stefan and Elena at Prom.

      The third significant dance between Stefan and Elena is in Pictures of You, which happened to also be senior prom. Elena had her humanity off, and Stefan decided to dance with her to get her to feel something again. While dancing, Stefan asks Elena if she really feels nothing, and she assures him that she doesn't feel anything. He tells Elena that he doesn't believe her, and tries to get her to remember what it felt like when they used to dance together, when his hand would always touch her waist. Stefan rests his hand on her waist, but Elena's expression doesn't change, and entwines his fingers with Elena's and reminds her about how their fingers used to touch while they danced. Elena's facial expression starts to change as they continue to dance together. Stefan dips Elena and holds her there for a moment and asks her if her heart really refuses to remember what they shared. They pull back and she whispers to Stefan, "What heart?" The song being played while Stefan and Elena danced was "Stay" by Rihanna. The lyrics matched Stefan and Elena's situation at the time: "Not really sure how I feel about it, something in the way you move. Makes me feel like I can't live with you and it takes me all the way. I want you to stay." This is significant because fans can still see glimpses of Elena's humanity seeping through, even though it was brief, meaning that she did feel something while she was dancing with Stefan, although she did not want to admit it.
  • Elena Takes Stefan Down Memory Lane
    • Stefan & Elena almost Kiss

      These series of events between Stefan and Elena happen in For Whom the Bell Tolls. Stefan lost his memories and began suffering amnesia after Qetsiyah conducts a spell on Stefan. Elena takes Stefan back to the high school to try to trigger his memories. She mirrors their official first meeting by coming out of the men's room and bumping into Stefan. They share a deep moment with each, before deciding to go to the woods. Stefan then questions if he was there both times on Wickery Bridge, why didn't he save her both times. She tells Stefan that the second time, he chose to save her best friend, Matt, because she asked him to. Stefan says that he must have been an idiot, but Elena insists that Stefan was the perfect boyfriend because he always respected her choices and valued what she wanted even if it wasn't what he agreed with. They walk towards the bridge, and Stefan tells Elena that being around her ceases his urges to feed on blood and that he is not as hungry around her. He further states that whatever monster he was capable of being, he could understand why he was different around her. Elena tells Stefan that he was a never a monster, and that he never scared her. She tells him that the first time she saw who he really was, she touched his face and told him not to hide from her. Elena gently touches both sides of his face. She starts to remove her hands from his face, but Stefan stops her by grabbing her wrist. He gently places her hand back on his face, and looks deeply into her eyes. They slowly lean in to kiss... but Elena stops herself, by saying that she's with Damon. Stefan looks a little confused and saddened by Elena's confession, and becomes upset because he felt that he should have been told that Elena was dating his brother. Elena apologizes, and Stefan tells her that his hunger has returned. The trip down memory lane may have not brought back Stefan's memories, but it's quite clear that Stefan still has strong feelings for Elena, despite his memory loss.
  • Elena's Vervain Necklace
    • Stefan gave Elena this necklace in Friday Night Bites.

      Stefan giving Elena her vervain necklace.

      He gave her this necklace to prevent him from getting the urge to ever compel her, and to protect her from the charming, Damon. During the first three seasons, this necklace has symbolized the strength of their love. When Stefan went missing during Season Three, the necklace gave Elena hope that she will one day be united with Stefan again. In Ghost World, Bonnie and her Grams had done spell to try to burn the necklace but it turns out that the necklace was indestructible, implying that Stefan and Elena's love and bond was unbreakable.
  • The Comet
    • The comet.

      The comet seems to be a significant symbol for Stefan and Elena's relationship, as it was during the night of the comet's arrival that the two had shared their first kiss together and confessed how they felt about each other. The arrival of this comet officially started their epic romance. In the The Night of the Comet, Stefan and Elena met up at the candlelight celebration. Together, they stargazed and viewed the comet together, and Stefan opens up a bit about his past with Damon. Stefan tells Elena that the comet has been traveling across space for thousands of years. Elena comments that Bonnie told her that the comet was a harbinger of evil. Stefan tells her that the comet is just a ball of snow and ice, trapped on a path that it cannot escape, and once every 145 years, it gets to come home. Going by that interpretation, many people see Stefan as the comet, since he recently came back to Mystic Falls after being away for many years. Stefan could also be referring to the fact that he had returned home to be with Elena, referencing her as "his home". At the end of the episode, Elena goes to the Salvatore mansion to see Stefan. Elena tells Stefan that she wants to view the comet with him outside. It is then when they confess their feelings for each other and when they kiss for the very first time, sparking the beginning of their epic romance and embarking on a romantic journey together.
  • Forehead Kisses
    • S4.png
      Soft moments like forehead kisses have played a big part in Elena and Stefan's relationship. These delicate gestures are what keeps their relationship so heartwarming. These small moments help to eliminate the heavy tensions portrayed in certain scenes.In The Turning Point, Elena is lying with Stefan in bed, and starts to talk to him about his previous memories. Stefan softens the scene by kissing Elena on the forehead as they continue their conversation. In Children of the Damned, Stefan feels that Damon's behavior is his fault. Elena assures Stefan that everything that happened between him and Damon in 1864 wasn't his fault. Stefan then tells Elena that he'll get her an aspirin for her headache and kisses her on the forehead before leaving. In The House Guest, Elena is struggling with the Katherine-Klaus situation. Stefan tells Elena he can come over later, but she says that her, Caroline, and Bonnie are having a "girl's night out". Joking, Elena states that Katherine can join them and Stefan laughs and lightly kisses her forehead as they head to school. When Elena attacks Meredith, after learning of Jeremy's death in Stand By Me, Stefan softly kisses her on the head as he attempts to comfort her.
  • Rings
    • Stefan gives Elena her daylight ring.

      Elena and Stefan have this special thing with rings. Their first notable ring scene was introduced in Blood Brothers, when Elena puts Stefan's daylight ring in his hand and encourages him to fight his blood lust. After Elena's transition into a vampire, Stefan shows Elena the daylight ring that Bonnie made her. He slides it onto her ring finger. Elena tells him that she'll be with him forever and that they're going to get through everything. This shows how much faith she had in their relationship. They kiss and snuggle together on top of the roof, looking into the sky. In Original Sin, Elena and Damon find Stefan, and they lay him on the couch at the Salvatore Boarding house. Elena sits next to him and holds his hand while sliding his daylight ring onto his finger. In Resident Evil, during Elena and Stefan's hallucinations, Elena sees a vision of her human-self coming into her kitchen and opening a drawer. Inside the drawer is a ring box, and Elena automatically says "Yes." She holds onto the ring box while passionately kissing Stefan in the kitchen. In Black Hole Sun, Elena gives Stefan her daylight ring. Stefan kneels down and "proposes" to Elena with her daylight ring. After Elena says "Yes", he slides the ring onto her finger and they hug.
  • The Word "Epic"
    • Caroline tells Elena that Stefan is her epic love.

      The word epic has often been used to describe Stelena's relationship. This word is often used by other characters in the show to describe the love between them. The first time that "epic" is used was by Stefan in The Night of the Comet. When Elena goes over to the Salvatore mansion to talk to Stefan about her feelings and what she would write in her diary, Stefan mirror what Elena said and says, "I met a girl, we talked, it was epic. Well this is reality, right here." The second time the word "epic" is used is in As I Lay Dying, when Elena sees Stefan and tells him "Look who couldn't resist an epic romance". The next time the word "epic" is used was in Do Not Go Gentle. Caroline tries to convince Elena to go to the 1920s Decade Dance with Stefan. She tells Elena that Stefan is "her epic love" and that she is not going down without a fight. Caroline also used the word "epic" in My Brother's Keeper to tell Stefan that him and Elena are "epic" together. Caroline was always a major Stelena shipper and has often referred to their relationship as epic. Rebekah also referred to Elena as being Stefan's epic love in After School Special, knowing that Stefan and Elena share a very strong love for each other, since she witnessed it herself. Lexi also refers to Elena as being an epic love for Stefan and that she will always be an epic love for him.
  • Stelena Hugs
    • Stefan & Elena hug

      Throughout the show, Elena and Stefan have meaningful and powerful hugs that makes their relationship epic. Whether in a romantic relationship or not, they always find comfort in each other's embrace when it comes to reuniting again or from saving each other from danger. Some of their most memorable hugs include:
      • Their hug in Bloodlines, when Stefan tells Elena that she's the woman he loves, establishing their relationship.
      • Their hug in Unpleasantville, when Elena runs into Stefan's arm after being attacked by Noah.
      • Their hug in Children of the Damned, when Elena was almost killed by Damon.
      • Their hug in Under Control, when Elena tells Stefan that she loves him and isn't afraid of him.
      • Their reunion-hug in By the Light of the Moon, when Stefan reunites with Elena, after being trapped in a tomb with Katherine.
      • Their hug in Isobel, when Stefan comforts Elena after a conversation with Isobel.
      • Their reunion-hug in By the Light of the Moon, when Stefan reunites with Elena, after being trapped in a tomb with Katherine.
      • Their hug in Rose, when Elena embraces Stefan after being captured by Elijah.
      • Their hug in Daddy Issues, when Stefan comforts Elena after a conversation with John Gilbert.
      • Their hug in Crying Wolf, when Stefan whispers to Elena that he loves her.
      • Their hug in As I Lay Dying, when Elena comforts Stefan about Damon's condition.
      • Their hug in Do Not Go Gentle, after Elena informs Stefan that she has no one, to which Stefan replies, "you have me".
      • Their hug in Growing Pains, when Elena is dealing with her struggling transition.
      • Their hug in Memorial, when Elena tries to fight her bloodthirst.
      • Their hug in Handle with Care, when Elena discovers that Stefan's memories have returned.
      • Their hug in Man on Fire, when Stefan goes to Elena's dorm to see if she's okay.
      • Their hug in Welcome to Paradise, when Elena sees Stefan for the first time in four months.
      • Their hug in Black Hole Sun, after Stefan "proposes" to Elena.
  • The Diaries
Stefan: I wouldn't want anyone to read mine.
Elena: You keep a journal?
Stefan: Yeah if I don't write it down, I forget it. Memories are too important.
    • Elena reading Stefan's diary.

      The Diaries' represents the similarity between Elena and Stefan and eventually plays an important role in their relationship. When Elena discovers that Stefan keeps a diary, she becomes amazed by the writing hobby they share. This also helps Elena to become more drawn to Stefan. After reading Stefan's diary, Elena becomes more aware of his past life, establishing a strong understanding between her and Stefan. In Season 3, Elena is able to use Stefan's diary to help her find a way to get Stefan's humanity back. Throughout the show, Elena and Stefan both write about their true feelings and the situations they are dealing with in their diaries. In the books, the Diaries' are also an important part of their relationship.
  • Stelena Phone Calls
    • Throughout the show, Elena and Stefan have had meaningful phone conversations which draws many viewers to their relationship. Their most iconic phone conversation was in The Birthday, when Stefan called Elena and she declared, "I love you Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go."

      Stefan & Elena phonecall.

      The strong emotions and tensions between the two characters are expressed on their faces during this magnificent scene. When asked about this phone call, Julie Plec stated:
"Kevin, in his infinite brilliance, just said, 'No, she should get home. It's the end of the night. We think that all hope is lost. And then the phone should ring. And she should almost miss the call. And then when she picks up, he's there, but he doesn't say anything because he just needs to hear her voice, because it's the one thing keeping him from completely falling apart.' And I started to cry. I think that our most successful emotional moments of the show, they're all very human, real moments. It's a guy who just needs to hear the voice of his touchstone, of the love of his life, to let him have a better day." [18]
Other notable phone calls between Elena and Stefan include: There Goes the Neighborhood, Founder's Day, Crying Wolf, Fade Into You, and The Downward Spiral. Elena has also confessed her love for Stefan when she called Damon in The Departed, claiming, "No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him." Elena and Stefan's phone conversations have also kept the two characters maintaining a strong, bonding relationship with each other.
  • Motorcycle Scenes
    • Elena & Stefan on the motorcycle.

      Shortly after Elena's transition into a vampire, Stefan takes her on a ride on his motorcycle to show her the fun parts in being a vampire. As Stefan drives the motorcycle, Elena sits behind him and later on stands up while slowly spreading her arms out. She enjoys the free feeling and her and Stefan smile while they ride together. As Stefan prepares to go back to Savannah, Elena stops him and takes his keys away. Elena tells Stefan that she wants him to show her how to live life with a new identity. Stefan agrees and Elena hands Stefan his keys and hops on his motorcycle as they prepare to leave together. It should also be noted that Elena and Stefan are the only two main characters on the show to ride on a motorcycle. Also, whenever Stefan rides his motorcycle, Elena is always with him.


Elena: Okay, so he's a little pretty.
Bonnie: He has a romance-novel stare.
Elena: I'm Elena.
Stefan: I'm Stefan.
Elena: I know, we have history together.
[About Elena's diary]
Stefan: I wouldn't want anyone to read mine.
Elena: You keep a journal?
Stefan: Yeah if I don't write it down, I forget it. (pauses) Memories are too important.
Stefan: You're upset about something?
Elena: No, it's just Bonnie, she' know what? Never mind, you're here.
Stefan: I'm here
(They both smile)
Elena: Last Spring, my parents car drove off of a bridge and into the lake, and I was in the backseat and I survived, but they didn't. (Elena shrugs) So that's my story.
(Elena walks farther and turns around to face Stefan)
Stefan: You won't be sad forever, Elena.
Stefan: I needed to know that you're okay.
Elena: You know for months that's all anyone's wondered about me. (pause) That I'll be okay.
Stefan: What do you tell them?
Elena: That I'll be fine.
Stefan: Do you ever mean it?
Elena: Ask me tomorrow. It's warmer in the house. We can talk. (Elena opens the door wider) Would you like to come in?
Stefan: (smiling) Yes.
[Elena invites her vampire in]

Elena: Dear Diary, this morning is different. There is change. I can sense it. I can feel it.
Stefan: I'm awake. For the first time in a long time, I feel completely and undeniably wide awake.
Elena: For once, I don't regret the day before it begins.
Stefan: I welcome the day.
(Both): Because I know...
Stefan: I will see her again.
Elena: I will see him again. For the first time in a long time, I feel good.
Stefan: What would you write?
Elena: I would write: Dear Diary, today I convinced myself it was okay to give up. Don't take risks. Stick with the status quo. No drama, now is just not the time. But my reasons aren't reasons, they're excuses. All I'm doing is hiding from the truth and the truth is that... I'm scared, Stefan. I'm scared that if I let myself be happy for even one moment that... the world's just gonna come crashing down... and I don't know if I can survive that.
Stefan: Do you wanna know what I would write? I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality... right here.
(Elena and Stefan share their first kiss)
-- The Night of the Comet

Elena: I feel good. It's been a hard year, and I'm starting to kind of feel like things are getting back to normal again. And you know what? Stefan is a big part of that.
Elena: Ooh. Look at you. You look hot in your jersey.
Stefan: I wanted you to have this.
(Elena opens the box, and takes out a silver necklace)
Elena: Oh my God, it's beautiful.
Stefan: It's something that I've had forever and I never wanted to give it to anyone...until now. I'd very much like it if you wear it for me. (pause) For good luck.
Elena: Is that rose that I smell?
Stefan: No, no it's an herb. It's nice, huh?
Elena: (laughs) I love it.
(Elena hands Stefan the necklace and turns around as he puts it around her neck)
Elena: Hey, come on, there's more to me than just gloomy graveyard girl. There's a whole another Elena you have yet to meet. She was into everything, very busy.
Stefan: Well, I look forward to meeting her, and when will that be?
Elena: Soon. She's working on it.
Damon: You make Stefan smile which is something I haven't seen in a very long time.
--Friday Night Bites

Stefan: I would be honored to accompany you, Miss Gilbert.
Elena: (smiling) The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Salvatore.
Caroline Forbes: (looks at Stefan and Elena) They look so cute together.
--Family Ties

[Stefan and Elena are in the kitchen]
Stefan: I'm an avid reader, a huge Fitzgerald fan, "The Great Gatsby", his masterpiece. But I'm no snob. I love some good Grisham. I think Seinfeld is the best American television show for the past 50 years, but I love Lucy is all-time. "The loving cup" episode was the best, I think. Huge Scorsese fan. I can watch Taxi Driver over and over again.
Elena: Here, let me. (Elena takes up the chopping of the garlic)
Stefan: As far as music, it's pretty much across the board. Um, Dylan, Hendrix, Patsy, Willie. A little Kanye. You know what? I even like that one Miley song.
(Elena smirks)
Stefan: Easy.
Elena: I didn't say anything. Hey, this is for the garlic bread, right? Because I'm not eating garlic unless you agree to.
Stefan: Are you kidding? I love garlic.
--You're Undead to Me

Elena: What are you?
(They stare at each other for a brief time)
Stefan: I'm a vampire
[Stefan and Elena are sitting at a Coffee shop]
Elena: You said you would explain everything. That's why I asked you to meet me here. When you Google "vampire," you get a world of fiction. What's the reality?
Stefan: I can tell you whatever you wanna know.
Elena: I know you eat garlic.
Stefan: Yes.
Elena: And somehow, sunlight's not an issue.
Stefan: We have rings that protect us.
Elena: Crucifixes?
Stefan: Decorative.
Elena: Holy water?
Stefan: Drinkable.
Elena: Mirrors?
Stefan: Myth.
Elena: You said you don't kill to survive.
Stefan: Animal blood keeps me alive, but not as strong as Damon. He can be very powerful.
[Elena and Stefan get out of Elena's car.]
Stefan: I want to show you something.
Elena: In the middle of nowhere?
Stefan: This... Didn't used to be nowhere. Used to be my home.
Elena: It looks so...
Stefan: Old? It's because they are.
Elena: Wait. How long have you...
Stefan: I've been 17 years old since 1864.
Elena: Oh, my god.
Stefan: You said you wanted to know. I'm not gonna hold anything back.
Elena: The mind control... You said Katherine used. Do you ever do that to me?
Stefan: No. That necklace, it contains an herb called vervain. It protects you from being compelled. I wanted to protect you from Damon's influence. But I also wanted to... Protect you from me. Elena, you should never take that necklace off... Because no matter what happens after today, no matter how you feel about me... You'll know that you were free to make your own choice.
Elena: I gave you today just like you asked. And I understand that you would never do anything to hurt me, and I promise I will keep your secret, but... I can't be with you, Stefan. I'm sorry. I... I just can't...
(Elena walks into the house, falls to the floor and cries)
--Lost Girls

Elena: Part of me wants to forget, too. Forget meeting you, finding out what you are, and everything that happened since.
Stefan: If that's what you want.
Elena: Yes, it is. Because I don't want it to be like this. I don't want to feel like this. But I can't. With everything that's happened... I can't lose the way I feel about you.

Stefan: Elena is... Elena's warm. And she's... she's kind and she's caring and she's selfless... and it's real. And... honestly, when I'm around her... I completely forget what I am.
Lexi: Oh my God! You're in love with her.
Stefan: Yeah, I am.
Lexi: When it's real, you can't walk away.
-- 162 Candles

Elena: You saved her life. I'm sorry, Stefan. I thought that ... I couldn't be with you, but I can. You don't have to push me away. I can do this.
Stefan: I can't. I have to leave. Too many people have died. Too much has happened.
Elena: What? No. I know you think you're protecting me but...
Stefan: I have to. Coming home was a mistake. I can't be a part of your life anymore.
Elena: Don't go Stefan. Please... you don't have to. This is your home. Please don't go.
Stefan: Good-bye, Elena. (Stefan kisses her hand)
Elena: You're just gonna walk away? Don't walk away. Stefan!
--History Repeating

[Elena catches up to Stefan]
Elena: If you walk away, it's for you because I know what I want. Stefan, I love you!
(Stefan turns around and kisses her)
[Elena and Stefan kiss passionately, but then Stefan turns around]
Elena: Don't
Stefan: (whispering) Elena, I can't.
Elena: Yes you can. (She touches his chin) Don't hide from me.
(Stefan slowly turns around, revealing his vampire face. Elena touches the veins under his eyes and kisses him. They walk to Stefan's room, hand-in-hand, and begin to take their clothes off)
--The Turning Point

Stefan: First day of school, when we met... it wasn't for the first time, Elena.
Elena: Then when was it?
Stefan: May 23, 2009.
Elena: But that was...
Stefan: That was the day your parents' car when off the bridge.
Elena: You were there?
Stefan: Every couple of years, I come back here to see Zach and see my home. And last spring, I was out in the woods, by Old Wickery Bridge, and I heard the accident. All of it. I was fast getting there, but not fast enough. The car was already submerged. Your dad, he was still conscious... I was able to get to him, but he wouldn't let me help him...until I helped you.
Stefan: I spent months making sure you weren't hurt. I watched you, I... I learned everything I could about you, and I saw that you were nothing like Katherine. And I wanted to leave town, but Elena I couldn't...I couldn't leave without knowing you.
Stefan: You are the woman that I love. I love you.
(Elena kisses Stefan and embraces him)

[The music speeds up and Elena starts dancing]
Elena: Show me how it's done in the 50's.
Stefan: Uh... no.
Elena: Come on one move?
(Stefan shakes his head. Elena sighs and turns around, but Stefan spins her around, lifts her up in the air, and swings her side-to-side. He puts her down and kisses her)
Stefan: Now you're gonna remember that, because it's never gonna happen again. (Elena giggles and kisses Stefan)

Stefan: (pleading) It's Elena, Damon. If you know something, tell me.
Elena: You went in there not knowing if you could come back out?
Stefan: I heard you scream.
--Fool Me Once

Elena: It would just be nice to get through one day without having to deal with any of it. No vampire mother or brother...
Stefan: No vampires at all?
[Elena smiles]
Elena: No vampires but you.
Stefan: That's exactly why we're going to do it. We're going to go out, have some fun and try to remember that we don't have to be so serious. Listen, when I decided to stay here and to get to know you, it so that I could do things like this. Bring my girlfriend flowers, take her out on a date, and try to be normal.
--There Goes the Neighborhood

Elena: And it's my fault; I made you...
Stefan: What? No, no, no, you didn't make me do anything. You were saving my life. (pause) And I was saving yours. (Stefan strokes Elena's cheek) Hey...everything's gonna be okay.
--Let the Right One In

Stefan: I don't want you to see me like this. I don't want you to know that this side of me exists.
Elena: Stefan, you're gonna get through this. I'm gonna help you pull through. It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay!
Stefan: No, no, no, no, no. (He walks towards the door) I'm sorry. I can't, I... I'm afraid of what I could do to you.
Elena: I'm not. (She walks towards Stefan) Stefan, I'm not. (Elena kisses him) I'm not, okay?
[They hug]
Stefan: I love you so much.
Elena: I love you too.
--Under Control

Stefan: You don't understand, Elena.
Elena: Then tell me.
Stefan: It hurts me. It hurts me, knowing what I've done, and that pain...That pain is with me all the time. And every day, I think that if I just...If I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy, and every day, I fight that. And I am so terrified that one day, I'm not gonna want to fight that anymore, Elena. And the next time I hurt somebody...It could be you.
Elena: There will be no next time.
Stefan: You don't know that.
Elena: Maybe I don't. But what I do know. Is that you can take this, throw it in the quarry, and let the sun rise. Or you could take this ring and put it on and keep fighting.
(Elena gives him his ring and she kisses him)
Elena: It's your choice.
(Elena starts to walk away.)
Stefan: Elena!
(Stefan puts on his ring and runs to Elena and kisses her passionately)
--Blood Brothers

[Stefan stands near the poor table across the table from Elena]
Elena: Can you hear me? (Stefan nods) Thanks for coming. I'm nervous... but I'm happy that you're here. (Elena looks at him) I love you.
(Stefan mouths I love you)

Elena: I love you, Stefan. You!
-Founder's Day

Elena: Hey, I just have to swing by home to pick up Jenna and Jeremy so we can go to the Lockwoods'. How did you leave him there, John?
Stefan: I ... I asked him to leave town.
(They stop walking and look at each other)
Elena: Asked? You threatened him.
Stefan: Yeah, I threatened him.
Elena: Good. I want him gone, Stefan. I know that I shouldn't feel that way but I don't want someone like that in my life. Or Jeremy's life.
Elena: (to Damon) I love Stefan! It's always gonna be Stefan!
--The Return

Elena: We're going to be boring high school students who live in a world where the "v" word is not uttered.
Stefan: Got it!
Elena: Then later you're going to take me to the Ferris wheel, we're gonna ride to the very top and then you're gonna kiss me and my heart will flutter like a normal high school girl.
[Stefan and Elena arrive at the empty carnival]
Elena: Stefan what are we doing here? We could get caught.
Stefan: I compelled the guard to on break so I could kiss my girlfriend at the top of the Ferris wheel.
Elena: Stefan...
Stefan: We have to take these moments, Elena. What Katherine did to Caroline could just be the beginning and there are things with Tyler's family that we don't even understand yet and there's always the "D" word but I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can't forget to live it.
Elena: But Stefan, how are we gonna get to the top?
Stefan: I guess you'll just have to hold on tight.
(Elena holds on and Stefan jumps to the top of the Ferris wheel and sits down. She laughs, then stops, looking at Stefan with confusion.)
Elena: What?
Stefan: It's just so nice to see you laugh.
(They kiss)
Elena: It's not going to get any easier, is it?
Stefan: No, it's not.
--Brave New World

Stefan: I know we've only known each other for a short while, and I know I'm in competition for your affections, but uh … I've never met a woman quite like you. I look at you and I see … an angel. I touch your skin, and my entire body ignites. I kiss you, and I know that I'm … I'm falling in love.
[Elena goes in her bedroom. She turns around and Stefan is there]
Stefan: Are you okay?
(She smiles and embraces him)
Elena: I hated that fight.
Stefan: I know me too. It felt too real.
(She kisses him)
--Memory Lane

Stefan: Okay how about this. Today when we're fighting, if I say "I can`t do this anymore Elena," what I really mean is that I love you.
Elena: And when I say "Fine, Stefan, whatever," well that means I love you too.
Stefan: (smiling) Deal.
(They kiss)
[Elena is standing outside the Salvatore's Library]
Stefan: You can come in.
Elena: Do you really think that you can control it?
Stefan: I don't know but if I don't try…
Elena: So a little bit every day?
Stefan: Yeah, just a few drops of blood in my system. I think it's worth trying.
Elena: So do I, but I don't want you to do it alone.
(She takes a paper-knife)
Stefan: What are you doing?
(She cuts her hand)
Elena: It's you and me, Stefan. Always.
(He drinks her blood. His face changes. She kisses him. His face becomes normal again. They kiss again.)
-- Kill or Be Killed

Stefan: You're staring.
Elena: I'm gazing.
Stefan: It's creepy.
Elena: It's romantic. (They kiss)
Elena: This is bad of us.
Stefan: Yes, it is.
Elena: If Katherine finds out..
Stefan: Katherine who? (They kiss)
Elena: Wait uh, okay I have to be in the shower.
Stefan: Love it, let's go.
Elena: (laughs) No just me...I'm late, I'm decorating at the Lockwood Charity Fair.
Stefan: Well what do you know, so am I.
Stefan: You know, Elena and I, we're kind of taking a - a pause.
Jenna: Really?
Stefan: Yeah.
Jenna: Because that's not what it sounded like this morning.
(Stefan tries to muster a face of confusion, but fails to fool her.)
Jenna: Light sleeper. You know what? I heard nothing.
(She smiles and leaves)
Stefan: I'm so, so sorry.
Elena: We were stupid, sneaking around, thinking we weren't gonna get caught.
Stefan: I know.
Elena: We did this, Stefan. Jenna's in the hospital and Jeremy could be next. All because we didn't...we didn't listen to her, because... because we're together. Stefan...
Stefan: I know what you're gonna say.
Elena: Then let me say it. I've been so selfish because I love you so much and you know how much you love me...but it's over. Stefan it has to be.
Stefan: Elena, I don't...
Elena: No has to be. (She kisses him)
-- Plan B

Elena: Stefan... I...
Stefan: Katherine being gone doesn't change anything for you, does it?
Elena: I want to be with you, Stefan. You know that but first, I need to wake up and know that the people that I love are safe. I need to feel safe. Do you understand?
Stefan: Yeah. Yeah, I- I understand.

[About saving Elena]
Stefan: I don't really care.
Damon: It's a bad idea, Stefan.
Stefan: It's Elena.
Stefan: [On saving Elena] I can't think of a better reason to die.
-- Rose

Stefan: Elena.
Elena: I can't talk about it, Stefan.
Stefan: You have to. Don't shut me out. Elena, please.
(She's crying)
Elena: I wanted to know the truth and I got it. It's not just me that's in danger. It's Caroline and it's Tyler and it's Bonnie. They're all part of breaking the curse. I can't blame anyone else anymore because it's not because you came into town or because you and I fell in love. That's not why everyone that I love is in danger. It's because of me, everything is because of me.
(He embraces her. She's crying. He kisses her on the top of her head)

[Elena enters Stefan's bedroom]
Elena: Stefan? Stefan? You're standing right behind me, aren't you?
Stefan: Yep.
(She turns around and kisses him)
Stefan: Good morning.
Elena: I don't want us to be apart anymore. Ever.
Stefan: Me neither, but…
Elena: Don't ruin the moment.
(They kiss again but Stefan stops)
Elena: You're about to ruin the moment, aren't you?
Stefan: I'm totally ruining the moment. Look, I can't just pretend like everything is okay.
Elena: Katherine's locked away in the tomb.
Stefan: I know but we still have this pressing little issue of you being Klaus' human sacrifice.
(She opens one of Stefan's drawer and takes a vial of vervain and opens it)
Elena: Yes but Elijah promised to keep me and everyone else safe as long as we play by his rules.
Stefan: Right. As long as you play by his rules.
(She puts the vervain in a glass)
Elena: Please don't go after Isobel.
Stefan: Katherine said Isobel could have some answers and I just have a couple questions, that's all.
(She pours water in the glass with the vervain in it. She drinks)
Elena: Stefan, I made a deal with Elijah.
Stefan: Right, you made a deal with him. I didn't make one. You should keep your deal.
Elena: Stefan, I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
Stefan: When have I ever wanted somebody to get hurt?
(She shows him the glass)
Elena: Vervain. I made it light but are you sure? Just because Katherine built up a tolerance…
Stefan: Yes, bottoms up.
(He takes the glass and drinks but he coughs)
Elena: Are you okay?
Stefan: Yeah.
Elena: How can Elijah compel another vampire?
Stefan: He's an original. I don't really know what that means. I don't think anybody really knows what that means. Well, except maybe Isobel. Maybe we should ask her.
(He kisses her and leaves)
--The Descent

Stefan: How was the slumber party?
Elena: Good and much needed. [flirtatiously] When can you and I have one?
Stefan: Mmm. That can be arranged.
Elena: Okay. Now. Today. Take me far, far away.
Stefan: Even with everything that's going on?
Elena: Because of everything that's going on.
Stefan: And you're sure this has nothing to do with dodging your father who just got into town?
Elena: Uh, this has everything to do with that.
Stefan: Well, in that case, where would you like to go?
(Elena smiles)
[Stefan is standing outside the Lakehouse door]
Elena: You don't have to wait out there. I'm all good.
Stefan: Oh, that's great because I'm, uh... I'm stuck.
Elena: Oh, my god. You can't get in.
Stefan: Not gonna be a very romantic weekend unless you, uh, invite me inside.
Elena: Stefan, I can't.
Stefan: What?
Elena: My parent's left this place to John Gilbert. He's the only one who can invite you in. I'm sorry. I--I completely forgot.
Stefan: You're kidding me, right?
(Elena looks at him seriously for a moment, but finally cracks a smile)
Elena: Stefan Salvatore, I hereby invite you into this home.
Stefan: You are such a liar.
(Stefan enters the house and picks Elena up. Elena giggles)
Stefan: I look hot in your dead great grand-dad's jacket?
Elena: Beyond hot.
[Stefan stands behind Elena, wrapping his arms around her]
Stefan: You know, this is a future memory. It's where your boyfriend whispered to you that he loved you. I love you. (Elena smiles)
-- Crying Wolf

Stefan: Lexi showed me that there was another way. And from that day forward, I started fighting for it. For my own survival. (Stefan places his hand on Elena's cheek.) That's all I want you to do. I just want you to fight for it.
Elijah: [to Elena] Stefan won't let you die.
--The Dinner Party

[Elena rushes inside Stefan's room]
Elena: Stefan, we're late for school.
Stefan: Let's be later.
Elena: Stefan, it's school. Remember that thing that we keep forgetting about? (Stefan turns her towards him and kisses her) Hey...
Stefan: What's school? Doesn't ring a bell.
(Elena laughs and Stefan picks her up and walks to the bed)
Elena: Stefan! Okay five minutes, only five minutes!
(Stefan lays her on the bed and they makeout)
Stefan: Five minutes?!
(Elena and Stefan kiss passionately)
--The House Guest

Stefan: (To Elijah) I'm sorry for the part that I played in your death. I was protecting Elena. I will always protect Elena.
-- Klaus

Elena: What's the best part about being a vampire?
Stefan: Ahh. You feel like you could do anything. Be anyone. Beautiful things are more beautiful. Everything's heightened, you just live more intensely, love more powerfully.
Elena: And the worst?
Stefan: Ah, you know the worst.
Elena: Aside from the blood?
(He stops and looks at her)
Stefan: Anger becomes rage. When you're sad, you're in despair. Grief. Loss. It can cripple you. That's why so many of us turn our emotions off. It just becomes... Too overwhelming. You know, for a while, for me, the good just wasn't worth the bad.
Stefan: If it was my choice, I'd want to be with you forever.
Elena: Stefan, hey, hey, it's fine, it's fine. I'll go. No one needs to get hurt. There's no reason for you to get hurt.
(She kisses him)
Elena: I love you.
Stefan: I love you.
(They kiss again)
Elena: Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
(He closes his eyes. She lets go of his hand. When he opens he eyes, she's gone)
-- The Last Day

Elena: Hey! Look who couldn't resist an epic romance.
Stefan: Will you come take a walk with me?
(She gets up and leaves with him)
Elena: I'm breaking the rules, you know. Movie night's supposed to be a distraction. Tomorrow we can return to our regularly scheduled drama.
Stefan: I know. I wish this could wait, but it can't. Listen, um, the other night when Damon was helping Tyler, something happened. Tyler was starting to transform, and Damon was bitten.
Elena: What? Is it... is he gonna...
Stefan: Yeah.
Elena: Oh, my God. And he came to the house this morning and... and tried to apologize. I practically slammed the door in his face.
Stefan: He told me not to tell you, but I figured if you wanted to talk to him, I... I wouldn't wait.
Elena: Stefan…
Stefan: It's not over. There might be a cure, but I have to find Klaus to get it.
Elena: No. He's gonna kill you.
Stefan: No, he had the chance to kill me, but he didn't. Whatever Damon's done, whatever has led him here, I'm the one that made him become a vampire in the first place, so if there's a chance for a cure, I owe it to him to find it.
(They embrace each other)
--As I Lay Dying

Elena: I'm not gonna give up on finding Stefan, Caroline.
Elena: You want me to make a wish? I just wanna know if he's alive. That's it! That's my wish.
[On the phone]
Elena: Stefan, if this is you, you'll be okay. I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.
-- The Birthday

Elena: You gave up on him [Stefan] Damon.
Damon: I didn't give up on him, Elena. I faced reality. Now get out of the water.
Elena: No!
Damon: What's your big plan, Elena? Huh? You gonna walk through a campsite full of werewolves, roast a marshmallow, and wait for Stefan to stop by?
Elena: My plan is to find him and help him. Damon, this is the closest that we've been to him since he left. I'm not going home.
Damon: Klaus thinks you died when he broke the curse. That makes you safe. This, this is not safe.
Elena: I'm not leaving before we find him.
Damon Salvatore: She's not gonna give up on you.
--The Hybrid

Stefan: You shouldn't be here.
Elena: Where else would I be?
Elena: I can't give up on you, Stefan.
--The End of the Affair

Gloria: There's the girl with the necklace. You love her. You'd do anything for her.
Rebekah: Do you think you'll ever love anyone like you loved that girl [Elena]?
Stefan: One day, maybe.
Rebekah: I can always tell when you're lying, Stefan.
--Disturbing Behavior

Stefan: [to Klaus] Let her go! I'll do whatever you want, you have my word!
Elena: You can fight it! You just have to want it bad enough.
Stefan: Why, because I love you?
Elena: Yeah. That's right, Stefan. Because you love me. You'll fight, because after everything we've been through, you owe me that.
Stefan: You know what? You're right. You're right. I owe you everything, because through all of this, you were the only thing that has kept me from giving up. From turning it all off.
Elena: Stefan... I love you. Fight, Stefan. Don't give up.
Klaus: Now this is fascinating, I've never seen this before. The only thing stronger than your craving for blood, is your love for this one girl.
-- The Reckoning

Elena: I used to know every constellation. How did I forget them all?
Stefan: You're drunk. You need to go home.
Elena: Fine. Let me find my car.
Stefan: You're joking, right?
Elena: Uh-oh. It's the fun police. I thought that Ripper Stefan was supposed to be the life of the party.
Stefan: Well, all right, I'm driving you home. Come on. (She spans the ramp) What are you, five? Get down.
Elena: Why? Are you afraid that I'm going to... (she almost falls) Oh. Ha. That was close. Klaus would not be happy with you.
Stefan: You're hilarious.
Elena: Look, Stefan, no hands. (She removes her hands but almost falls. She laughs but finally falls. Stefan catches her) I knew you'd catch me.
Stefan: [To Alaric] Yeah. You know, you can hate it all you want, but Elena needs me. I'll always protect her. I think you're both better off having me around.
Stefan: Why didn't you let me die?
Elena: Because I still have hope, I know who you really are. Better than anyone, Stefan. I'm not giving up.
Stefan: Elena. Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?
Elena: No Stefan, it makes me stronger.
-- Smells Like Teen Spirit

Lexi: [About Ripper Stefan] He's still in there, Elena. You just have to break through.
Elena: I haven't given up, Stefan. I still have hope. But there's nothing that I can do until you get yours back. (She touches his face) Hey. You can break through this. Fight for it. Feel something. Anything, Stefan.
--Ghost World

Rebekah: Honestly, I don't get you two as a couple.
Elena: Why would you? You don't know anything about who he really is.
--Ordinary People

Stefan: He did, Elena! He backed down! He has a weakness. If I know his weakness, I can destroy him.
Elena: And after everything, that's what matters? Destroying Klaus?
Stefan: Destroying Klaus is all I have left.
Elena: You had me!
Stefan: I lost you the minute I left town with him. You just haven't let yourself admit that yet.
Elena: Is that what you're doing? Trying to make me hate you?
Stefan: I don't really care what you think about me anymore, Elena.
Klaus: Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.
-- Our Town

Stefan: You've changed. Something is different about you. You're stronger. Tougher.
Elena: You're not the only one, who changed, Stefan.
--The Ties That Bind

Stefan: I love her, Damon.
--Bringing Out The Dead

Elena: He dances, and I didn't even have to beg.
Elena: When we were together you used to let me make my own decisions. You trusted me. After all this at least that hasn't changed.
Elena: Did you really not feel anything?
Stefan: When?
Elena: How do you do that? Act like you don't care, like you don't feel anything? Because I can't do that. I... I feel. I feel everything.
Stefan: Elena, stop.
Elena: I'm not going to stop, Stefan, because I don't believe that you feel nothing.
Stefan: What? You think I want to be this person? I hurt you, Elena. I bit you. I hate myself for what I did to you.
(Elena grabs Stefan's face in her hands.)
Elena: Then show it! Do something, Stefan, anything is better than trying to convince me that you don't care.
Stefan: I can't.
Elena: Stefan.
(Stefan grabs Elena's wrists and removes her hands from his face)
Stefan: If I let myself care, all I feel is pain.
--Dangerous Liaisons

Elena: I know it doesn't make sense, but at the beginning, after my parents died, there was something about being with Stefan that just felt safe.

Elena: I never stopped loving you.
Stefan: I know that. I know you didn't. Even though I did everything possible to push you away.
Stefan: Hey. I love you. I will always love you.
--The Murder of One

Rose: Stefan is different, his love is pure, he'll always be good for her.
--Heart of Darkness

Caroline: I'm sorry, but Stefan is your epic love. And I'm not going down without a fight.
[On the phone]
Elena: Hey... do you, do you have a second?
Stefan: Yeah, everything alright?
Elena: Yeah. Yeah, I just, um... I wanted to, uh... Caroline and I were talking about going to the dance and, um... Okay look, I know where we're at, you and I, and I know it would be stupid to even think that we could go back to the way things were, but I'm going to the dance and I'd like to go with you.
Stefan: Um, I'd love that.
Elena: Okay, great. Bye.
[Stefan arrives at the Gilbert House]
Elena: Wow, you look very dapper.
Stefan: You look um- very beautiful. Here, I got something for you.
(Stefan pins a white rose to Elena's dress)
Elena: Thank you.
Stefan: So, given our dangerous dance karma, sure you're up for this?
Elena: Getting out of bed is dangerous these days. But we have to live our lives.
Stefan: Hmm. Who gave you that horrible advice?
Elena: Some guy I used to date said it once or twice.
Stefan: Right.
Elena: Shall we?
Elena: How can you be so fair about this?
Stefan: Because after everything I've put you through, I'm just honored to be your date tonight.
Stefan: We were in this gym the night Klaus compelled me to turn my feelings off. I thought I hit rock bottom in the 20s, but after I bit you, I never wanted to feel anything again. But someone, kept telling me it was okay to feel, no matter how much it hurt, that our emotions are what make us human, good or bad. And to never lose hope.
Elena: Who gave you that horrible advice?
Stefan: (smiling) Some girl I used to date.
Elena: (sobbing) I don't have anyone anymore.
Stefan: (stroking her cheek) You have me.
(Elena hugs him while crying)
-- Do Not Go Gentle

Klaus: Okay, how about Damon sneaks in and distracts Alaric, while Stefan grabs Elena and carries her to safety?
Stefan: I'd turn my back on everything here to make sure Elena's safe.
Klaus: And that is what makes you her better option. It's a shame it's not easier for Elena to see that, I mean, personally, I think she's wasting her time with Damon.
--Before Sunset

Elena: Stefan.
(Stefan halts and turns back towards Elena.]
Elena: [hesitantly] Forget it. Um—we—we can talk later.
(Stefan turns to leave the room again, but hesitates in the doorway. Finally, he turns towards Elena, walks over to her, grabs her face in his hands and kisses her passionately. He pulls away and they look at each other)
Stefan: That's just in case there is no later.
Elena: After the accident, I kind of felt like I didn't know how to live anymore, like I didn't want to, but then being with Stefan… it just… somehow I figured it out. And that's what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive.
[On the phone]
Elena: I love him, Damon. He came into my life when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly. No matter what I feel for you, I..I never unfell for him.
Damon: Yeah I get it. Stefan. It's always gonna be Stefan.
-- The Departed

Elena: Stefan?
Stefan: Hey. I'm right here.
Elena: Stefan, listen to me. You did the right thing. You did what you always do; you respected my choice.
Elena: [About Stefan] He would never hurt me. You have no idea what you're talking about.
Stefan: Damon was right, you should have fed this morning. I'm so sorry.
Elena: Don't be. You had hope. That's all I ever wanted you to have and you had it.
Stefan: I love you so much.
Elena: Do you wanna know why I was even on that bridge? I was coming back for you Stefan. I had to choose... I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, it's the best choice I ever made. God, sucks that I can't see you right now.
Stefan: I'm smiling.
Elena: Me too.
[Stefan and Elena are sitting on the rooftop]
Elena: You don't have to convince me that everything is gonna be okay.
Stefan: I know. Wish I could though. Wish I could just tell you that you'll never feel pain, that you'll never crave blood. But you will. It'll be the worst thing that you've ever lived through.
Elena: But I'll get to live. (She puts her arm on Stefan's shoulder) I'll be a sister and a friend and I'll be with you. Forever, if I want.
(They kiss.)
Elena: I'm gonna get through this. Just like we get through everything; one day at a time. We should get inside before sunrise.
Stefan: Bonnie made this for you yesterday.
(Stefan pulls out a daylight ring and shows it to Elena)
Stefan: Just in case.
Elena: Daylight ring?
(Stefan puts the ring on her finger)
Stefan: One day at a time, right?
(He smiles. Elena nods and smiles too. Elena kisses him and places her forehead against his. She rests her head on his shoulder and they watch the sun begin to rise.)
-- Growing Pains

[Stefan is standing behind Elena. He is trying to teach her how to use her super speed.]
Elena: [Giggles] I can't do it.
Stefan: Alright, it's like the starting line of a race, right? So you just push off with every ounce of strength that you have.
Elena: Yeah, but I was a cheerleader. I sucked at track.
Stefan: Just concentrate, okay? You can do it.
(Elena crouches into a running position and breathes out. Stefan places his hands around her waist)
Elena: I can't. All I can think about is your hands on my body.
Stefan: Oh, okay. (Stefan takes his hands off from around her waist. She grabs his hands and puts them back around her)
Elena: No, no, no. I - I didn't say to take them off. It feels good.
Stefan: Yeah? What does it feel like?
Elena: It feels like you're touching every nerve on my body.
Stefan: (He runs his hand up and down Elena's arm and waist)
Stefan: Everything is heightened. Taste, smell, sight, touch.
Elena: You were just so happy that things were going well and – and…
Stefan: You think I'm happy?
Elena: I just didn't want to ruin it for you.
Stefan: You're in hell which means that I'm in hell.
-- Memorial

Elena: Listen to me. You are the one who's getting me through this, no matter who teaches me how to feed.
Elena: I should be here with Stefan. I shouldn't be here with him [Damon]. I should be going through all this with Stefan.
Rebekah: I envy that. You and Elena. I envy the love you have.
Stefan: [to Rebekah] I never did answer your question. If it meant that I got to be with her, have children, grow old with her... If it meant that we'd die together, be buried together...then yes, I'd take the cure.
Elena: I learned how to feed without hurting someone. It was awful. You were right. I got caught up in it.
Stefan: Ah, it'll get easier.
Elena: But I don't want it to get easier. I can't live like this. Stefan, I'm feeling things that I don't – I don't want to feel and I'm becoming someone that I don't – I don't want to be. I don't think I'm gonna survive this.
Stefan: Hey, yes you will. I promise.
Elena: No.
Stefan: Yes. Hey.
(Elena starts to cry. Stefan embraces her and gently caresses her hair)
Stefan: You just have to hold on.
(Elena closes her eyes as they stay wrapped in each other's arms)
-- The Five

[Stefan grabs Elena's face in his hands]
Stefan: I'll get Jeremy out, okay? I promise you.
Elena: No.
Stefan: Elena, listen to me, listen to me. (Elena calms down.) This is the most important thing that I have ever asked you to do. I just need you to trust me. Please.
(Elena nods. Stefan kisses her. When Elena opens her eyes after their lips part, Stefan has gone)
--The Killer

Damon:Because I know that you think Stefan's been lying to you. Which, yeah, he has, but this rough patch that you two have been going through is not what you think. Everything that he's been doing, he's been doing for you. To help you.
Elena: You've been so strong for me. Helping me, fighting for that girl that chose you, the girl that I was when I died on the bridge, and I love you so much for wanting to find this cure. Because I'd like nothing more than to get her back, because the – the girl that she's become, that – that I've become is different, somehow. Darker. Who I am, what I want…
Stefan: I can't do this, Elena. Not anymore
Elena: I know.
(Elena sits in silent on the porch, fighting back tears)
-- We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Caroline: Stefan is your soul mate.
Stefan: Elena's right. I just - I need to let go.
Caroline: No, you're right, Stefan. It's not pretty and it's not easy, but you can't give up on her.
Caroline: Okay, you and her, epic. Her and Damon, ugh, God.
-- My Brother's Keeper

Rebekah: So, you just gave up? I thought you would do anything to save Elena? Even if it meant taking the cure yourself, so you could grow old and die with her?
Rebekah: I thought Elena was your epic love, Stefan?
--After School Special

Klaus: [to Damon] I remember when I compelled him [Stefan] to feed on Elena. He fought so hard he actually managed to resist. Now, that's love. 
Klaus: [to Damon] All I see is Stefan and Elena. I think you see the same thing.
-- A View to a Kill

[Stefan's hallucination]
Elena: Wait, stay with me Stefan.
Stefan: What are you doing here?
Elena: I know this is torture, but stay with me. Your humanity is the one thing that makes you who you are. Don't let go. Please Stefan. For me.
-- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Stefan: But if I was there both times, then why didn't I save you both times?
Elena: Because the second time you saved my best friend, Matt... because I asked you too.
Stefan: Oh... got it... so I'm an idiot.
Elena: No, you were the perfect boyfriend. You valued what I wanted, even if it wasn't what you agreed with.
Stefan: Whatever monster I was capable of being, I could see why I was different around you.
Elena: You were never a monster.
-- For Whom the Bell Tolls

Stefan: [To Elena] I wanted it to be you. (pause) When that safe finally opened ...I wanted it to be you.
-- Death and the Maiden

Stefan: You don't know what it's like being in love with you. You know, when you and I were together, every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing, that we were a perfect fit. And that kind of love, it can change your whole life. And then when somebody who made you feel that way suddenly stops, the vacuum is just...
-- No Exit

[Stefan and Elena's hallucination of their first meeting]

Stefan: Lose something?
Elena: Uh, yes. It's a particularly mortifying page from my journal.
Stefan: Oh, you censor your journal? Pretty sure that's against journal rules.
Elena: (laughing) And I'm pretty sure, you're not the journal police. Trust me, it's really bad.
Stefan: I'm officially intrigued.
Elena: (smiles, and walks towards Stefan) And I'm officially not kidding. [Elena holds her hand out, and Stefan gives her the paper. Their hands touch and their eyes slowly meet.] Thank you. [Elena looks at him and smiles] I'm Elena.
Stefan: I'm Stefan.
[Elena opens the drawer and sees a ring box.]
Elena: (gasps) Yes!
Stefan: You didn't even open it.
Elena: I don't have to.
[Elena passionately kisses him]
[Elena and Stefan in the kitchen]
Elena: You know that she bit him this morning?
Stefan: Really? Nice.
Elena: Stefan, don't encourage that.
Stefan: (laughs) What? Everyone loves a biter!
Elena: (laughing) Oh yeah, I'll bite you.
Stefan: (smiling) Good. I'll bite you right back.

[Stefan and Elena sitting by the fire.]

Stefan: You know the life that we had...I mean, that was amazing too. It wasn't a spell or a prophecy, it was real. We fell in love on our own. We had ups and downs, we fought.
Elena: I died.
Stefan: Yeah. (pause) We changed, both of us. We grew apart, but that is real. I mean, that's life. (sigh)
Elena: You couldn't cook.
Stefan: And you could, again a fantasy.
[Elena laughs]
Stefan: I'll always love you, Elena.
Elena: I will always love you too.
--Resident Evil

[On the phone]
Elena: I need you to give me hope. (sobbing) Because I don't think I can live forever without him.
Stefan: I can't. I gave up.
Elena: You just said you were looking for him.
Stefan: I did, and then I realized it was pointless and that I needed to move on with my life. So I stopped.
Elena: What do you mean you stopped?
Stefan: I mean I said goodbye, Elena. I moved on. Damon is gone. It's time for you to say goodbye too.
--I'll Remember

[Elena sees Stefan at Whitmore College]
Elena: Stefan? Wha--hey! (She hugs him and then pulls away) Wha--for the record, four months is far too long for me to go without seeing you.
Stefan: I know. That's why I'm here. I wanted to stop by and say hi.
(Elena giggles wildly)
Stefan: No I've been working on the healing thing too. I guess. Hey, by the way, have you heard from Caroline? She's not returning any of my calls and i..i really wanna apologize for the way i acted.
Elena: Ohh she'll be there at the swimming hole today. You should come.
Stefan: I'm not sure i'm ready to dive back into all that. No pun intended. (Elena smiles)
Elena: Stefan they're your friends too. C'mon. I know that we can't hang out at the Grill anymore. But that doesn't mean we can't all spend time together. C'mon please. If not for that then at least to convince Caroline that Enzo is not new best friend replacement material.
Stefan: Will Enzo be there?
Elena: Yeah..but i can easily uninvite him. I'd rather you come. (Stefan cuts in)
Stefan: No.No. Don't worry about it. (Thinks for a moment) Yeah. Maybe i'll stop by.
Elena: Great.
(Elena looks happy)
Liam: [To Stefan and Elena] So how long have you two been together? Was that recent? Because you two seem weirdly functional.
--Welcome to Paradise

Elena: Where do you think you're going?
Stefan: (chuckles) Uh, I'm going home.
Elena: Savannah is not your home, Stefan. It's an escape, a hiding place. This(Elena points to the Mystic Falls sign) is your home.
Stefan: No, it was my home. But, I can no longer enter its borders, therefore I have a new home.
Elena: (raises her eyebrows) So, you're just going to throw in the towel and go back to your fake new life?
Stefan: Look, my fake new life ended when Enzo decided to kill my not-so-fake girlfriend, Ivy. So, I am going to go home, pack up and start over. Again.
Elena: By pretending like your life here never existed?
Stefan: You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget the past, Elena.
Elena: But I'm not buying it. You lost your brother. There's no way that you're fine.
(Stefan sighs, reaching down for the keys, but Elena holds them up, smiling.)
Stefan: You don't have to worry about me. It's not like I haven't done this before, I have a system.
Elena: Show me. Prove to me that your system works. If I believe that you actually are happy, then I'll let you go. But if I don't buy it, which I probably won't, I will keep harassing you until you come home. (she scrunches up her nose) And, I'm talking about, like, Enzo-sized harassment.
(They share a look, and Elena jiggles the keys.)
Elena: Deal?
(Stefan holds his hand out for the keys.)
Stefan: Sure.
(Elena drops them into his hand.)
[Stefan and Elena are inside the mechanic shop]
Stefan: So, after taxes, and Social Security, and health insurance, I'm left with 206 dollars and three cents to spend for the week. Do you wanna get drunk? (He holds up his paycheck)
Elena: Stefan? Health insurance?
Stefan: Yeah. Point is to start over. Pretend to be as human as possible.
Elena: Ah, okay. So, no vampire privileges, no baggage, nothing from our old lives whatsoever, huh? (She points at Stefan's car and clears her throat dramatically) What's this?
Stefan: You got me there. Damon isn't around calling it granny-mobile, so...
Elena: Yeah, your brother really did love to torture people with nicknames. And just plain torture people...
Stefan: (confused by Elena's tone) ...That's one way to put it.
Elena: So, your system for moving on requires both burning bridges and a dead-end job.
Stefan: We haven't even gone for the fun part.
Elena: Paying your utilities?
Stefan: No. Deciding who you wanna be for the next thirty years. You wanna be an astronaut? You wanna be an Olympic athlete? You wanna skip med school? Boom, you're a doctor! Go ahead, challenge me. I'll show you how it's done.
Elena: Alright, Let see what you got.
Stefan: Okay.
[Stefan and Elena's fake proposal]
Stefan: Elena Williams.
Elena: Stefan Cooper, what are you doing?
Stefan: We've known each other for a long time now, and you've always been my best friend. I've always loved you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you...
Elena: Wait! You're not just proposing to me because I'm pregnant, are you?
Stefan: No. No, I..I am proposing to you because you are my rock, ok? You have stood by my side through the multiple rehabs, the jail time, the bull-fighting injury. I mean you brought me back from the edge, and sweetheart, this baby is the best thing that's ever happened to us. Will you marry me?
Elena: (nodding) Yes!
[Stefan slides Elena's ring onto her finger and they hug]
Elena: But when I first met you, you said you've been away from Mystic Falls for 15 years. What made you come back ahead of schedule?
Stefan: Uh, you said it yourself. I met you.
--Black Hole Sun

[On the phone]
Elena: How did you know that you could trust me?
Stefan: Trust you with what?
Elena: When you were honest with me, about what you were? How did you know that you could trust me with such a huge secret?
Stefan: It's easy. I was in love with you. I wanted you to know everything.
[Elena smiles]
--Fade Into You

Kai: [About Elena] You know, she was human, pure, dating the good Salvatore. Then she became an undead blood vacuum, stopped caring about right and wrong, and started dating the bad one.
Damon: You had a choice. You chose Stefan. Human you was on your way home to him.
--The Day I Tried To Live

[On the phone]
Stefan: Bring me back.
Elena: What? Stefan what do you mean? Bring you back from where?
Stefan: Just remember to bring me back.
Elena: No. No! No no no no. Stefan! No! Stefan no!
[Stefan hangs up and turns his humanity off]
Elena: (gasps) Stefan!
--The Downward Spiral

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

Second Relationship:

  • Start Up: The Turning Point (1x10)
  • Break Up: Plan B (2x06)
    • Reason: Katherine wanted Elena and Stefan to break up and to prove it she attacks Jenna. So for the sake of anyone she loves getting be killed, Elena does what Katherine wants, and tearfully breaks up with Stefan, despite how much she doesn't want to.

Third Relationship:

  • Start Up: Rose-Marie (2x08)
  • Break Up: The End of the Affair (3x03)
    • Reason: Elena and Damon go in Chicago to save Stefan. But by the time she was there to save Stefan, Stefan rejects Elena and said that he doesn't want be saved; he lies and says he doesn't want her anymore.

Fourth Relationship:

  • Start Up: Growing Pains (4x01)
  • Break Up: We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes (4x06)
    • Reason: Elena admitted to Stefan that since she became a vampire, her feelings for Damon had intensified and that she wasn't the same girl that chose him on the Wickery Bridge. Stefan consequently broke up with Elena.

The Novels

Elena Gilbert is a popular teenager in her senior year, mostly referred to as the Queen of the school, but somehow felt lost in her world, wanting to fit in somewhere else. She is confident and bold and always got what she wanted, until a new student came to school, a gorgeous Italian named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan was a centuries old vampire, who still felt guilt over the lost of Katherine von Swartzschild, a young lady that he had loved very much. At first, he felt Elena's powerful personality, but had no clue who she was, and Elena was shocked that he never even noticed her, as did the other guys. During European History Class, Stefan was shocked when he saw Elena and how her appearance was exactly like Katherine's. He then purposely tried to keep away from her, and left immediately when the class was over. Elena, hurt by his behavior towards her, vowed that she'd have him. She broke up her current boyfriend Matt Honeycutt, as she felt that their relationship wasn't what she wanted. Matt was hurt, but remained her friend. After another attempt to talk to Stefan failed, she created a rumor to make it seem that she wasn't upset. She explained the matter to Matt and got him to get Stefan to the Homecoming Dance, but was shocked that Stefan had come with her ex-friend, Caroline Forbes. Truly upset, she left the dance with Tyler Smallwood, his friend Dick, and Dick's girlfriend, Vickie Bennett. Her friends Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt went to look for her. Stefan left as well. He went to the cemetery and saved Elena from being assaulted by Tyler. He took Elena back to the boarding house and took to her room to get her a cloak to wear over her torn clothes. Finally, Elena angrily spilled out how she felt about him and asked him why he hated her, but was surprised when he said she reminded her of a friend he lost years ago. Stefan succumbed to his feelings and kissed Elena passionately and she realized that he didn't hate at all. She felt safe with Stefan, and knew where she belonged now. Stefan took her home afterwards, where Matt, Bonnie, Meredith, Aunt Judith, Uncle Robert, and several policemen told her Vickie had been attacked. Stefan left not long afterwards, suspecting the attack was caused by a vampire, and even suspected himself, though he couldn't remember it.

Elena and Stefan are improving in their relationship, until Damon appear in the village and started havoc on Stefan's image in society. Caroline and Tyler begin to cause rumors among students, these rumors were saying that since the arrival of Stefan to the town, the attacks have occurred. During the celebration of Halloween, Damon kills Tanner, but it is believed that Stefan was the cause. Elena, along with Meredith, Bonnie and Matt manage to find Stefan in a water well, after the incident Tanner. Everyone thinks it was Damon, but Stefan says I can not have been because it's not his style. During the coronation celebration, Caroline and Tyler try to reveal the nature of Stefan but Damon involved avoiding the disclosure of the truth. Shortly after that, Elena and her family have strong discussion caused by Damon. Elena out of school but during her journey, she is attacked by a great power causing her death.

Elena becomes a vampire while Stefan and Damon try to help. Elena begins to feel something for Damon and Stefan says he just wants to be happy. A large number of incidents start happening in town. Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Alaric investigate who is causing all this. Eventually, Elena, Stefan and Damon discover that Katherine is the cause and she just wanted to Stefan and Damon were happy. Elena manages to defeat Katherine, but she dies. Before her death, Elena asks Stefan and Damon to take care each other.

Elena comes back from the dead and starts acting in a strange way with Stefan and all his friends.


  • In the novels, Stefan and Elena are soulmates.
  • Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, the actors who play Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore respectively, are very close friends in real life.
  • Stefan and Elena were both born in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
  • Stefan is a Scorpio (November 1) and Elena is a Cancer (June 22), meaning that astrologically, they are very compatible.
  • Stefan and Elena both keep a diary.
  • In the novels, when Stefan realizes how Elena looks exactly like Katherine, he tries to avoid her, but in the series, Stefan wants to know Elena and be with her.
  • In What Lies Beneath, Caroline mentions Elena and Stefan's ship name, "Stelena", which marks the first time a ship name has been mentioned by a character in the series.
  • Stefan and Elena both have a passion for writing and for literature.
  • Stefan and Elena both want(ed) to be doctors career wise.
  • They have both lost a parent(s).
  • Stefan and Elena have both been abandoned by their mothers.
  • Stefan and Elena both have brown hair, but in the novels Stefan has jet black hair and Elena has light blonde hair.
  • Stefan was the first to tell the difference between Elena and Katherine.
    • He was also the first to discover that Katherine had inhabited Elena's body.
  • Both the novel version and the television series version of Stefan wants to protect Elena from the charming Damon Salvatore.
  • Both Stefan and Elena were turned by the blood of a love interest.
    • Stefan by Katherine's blood.
    • Elena by Damon's blood.
  • Stefan and Elena were both turned into vampires against their will.
    • Stefan was compelled to drink Katherine's blood.
    • Elena was administered Damon's blood by Dr. Meredith Fell in the hospital in attempts to heal a cerebral haemorrhage.
  • Stefan and Elena have both had their humanity shut off against their will.
  • Both Stefan and Elena felt feelings of revenge after they turned their humanity back on.
    • Stefan wanted to get revenge against Klaus.
    • Elena wanted to get revenge against Katherine.
  • Both Stefan and Elena had a hard time adjusting to vampirism.
  • Both Stefan and Elena desire a regular human life and to "be normal".
  • Both Stefan and Elena hate being vampires.
  • Stefan and Elena both had their first taste of human blood in a very similar manner while they were completing their transitions, with both of them tasting human blood for the first time with their finger tips.
  • Stefan and Elena both wear their daylight rings on their right hand.
  • Stefan and Elena have both fought compulsion by thinking about each other:
    • Stefan attempted to fight Klaus's compulsion by thinking about his love for Elena in The Reckoning.
    • Elena fought Silas's compulsion of attacking Damon by thinking about Stefan's terrible condition in True Lies.
  • Stefan has always respected Elena's decisions.
  • Stefan has never compelled Elena.
  • Both their birthday's have been celebrated.
  • Many characters on the show have been open in their support of Stelena. Such characters include Klaus, Caroline, Lexi, Silas, Jeremy, Rebekah and Matt.
  • Elena chose Stefan over Damon as a human and told Stefan that "No matter what happens, it's the best choice I've ever made." However, they break up after her transition into a vampire.
  • Bob Levy was shocked by how much chemistry Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev have.
  • Julie Plec has stated, "Bottom line is Stefan and Elena are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle."
  • Kevin Williamson said that Stefan and Elena are "soulmates".
  • They are both doppelgängers from different bloodlines.
    • Elena is a doppelgänger from Amara, the world's first immortal woman.
    • Stefan is a doppelgänger from Silas, the world's first immortal being or man.
  • Qetsiyah said they are destined to be together according to the Doppelgänger Prophecy.
    • However this was later revealed to be a fake "spell" created by Markos in order to have doppelgänger blood.
  • Damon believes that Elena would still be with Stefan if she was human.
  • A lot of celebrities and cast members have showed their support for Team Stelena:
  • According to Seventeen Magazine, "It was always Stefan from the beginning. #TeamStelena". [27]
  • Stefan and Elena were on the list of '21 Couples Who Really Need to Couple Again'.[28]
  • Stefan and Elena are in Wikipedia's list of fictional supercouples.[29]
  • According to Paul Wesley, Stelena isn't over.[30][31]
  • In Resident Evil, Stefan and Elena admitted that they'll always love each other.
  • Elena and Stefan know each other better than anyone else.
  • Stefan asked Elena to bring his humanity back at the end of The Downward Spiral.
  • About Nina Dobrev's departure from The Vampire Diaries, Hollywood Life claims that it's "unbearable to think about a world where Elena and Stefan no longer exist together." [32]
  • I'm Thinking Of You All The While, marks the last interaction for Stefan and Elena, as Nina Dobrev is leaving the show.