Elijah Mikaelson
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Original Vampire






Muscular body

Hair color


Eye color

Hazel brown

Skin color


I'm an Original, show some respect.


Elijah is a very captivating and handsome man, 5'11" in height, and has a lanky, yet muscular body. He has short brown hair which appeared to have darkened slightly in the fourth season, with mezmerising, hazel brown eyes. His facial features are divine and angelic - high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and a straight nose. Despite being centuries old, he appears to be in his early to mid twenties, around 23-24. He is older than his half brother Niklaus, but is younger than his brother Finn, making him the second oldest sibling of the family. Elijah is similar to his younger brother Kol, in facial features, but resembles all of his siblings in a more general way.

Elijah in the present day is very much well-dressed. His boy-next-door esque wardrobe typically consists of a dress jacket, dress shoes, dress pants, shirt and sometimes a tie. This continues his trend of dressing well throughout the centuries. As a human, he wore more simplistic clothing, along with the other males in his family. But after a 100 years it seems he upgraded his attire to clothing indicative of a nobleman. Elijah has also worn different hairstyles in keeping with the times. As a human he wore it long, but by the 12th century he wore it shorter and also wore some facial hair. His hair does not appear to have changed much in style by the 15th century, only a bit shorter. As a 21st-century man, Elijah maintains a much shorter style for a cleaner look, suggesting along with his attire a man of refined tastes.



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