Elijah: "I guess I'll see you in the next life."

Hayley: "If we're destined to meet each other in another life, just, know... I'll be waiting for another dance."

Elijah and Hayley in Til the Day I Die (flashback)

This is the relationship between the Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and the hybrid, Hayley Marshall-Kenner.

Elijah and Hayley meet in New Orleans after he discovers that she is being held hostage by witches. Once he is told that she is pregnant with his brother's child, he allows her to move into the Mikaelson Mansion with him, Klaus and later Rebekah. During the first few months of living under the same roof, their friendship grows to be very close and strong. Later on, Hayley tells Klaus that she relied on Elijah because he was nice to her.

They begin to trust and protect each other even more during their fights against witches and vampires and spend more time together despite Elijah's fear of upsetting Klaus and endangering Hayley. Elijah becomes very overprotective when it comes to the safety of Hayley. However on one occasion to save his sister, Elijah had to bite Hayley since the baby's blood was the only solution but did his best not to really hurt her.

When Hayley was about to die because of Mikael, Elijah was very afraid of losing her and decided to open up to her about what he felt for her. After many attempts for them to have their first kiss, Hayley decides to take the first step and kiss him on A Closer Walk With Thee.

Their relationship in the second season began with a distance between them due to Hayley's new status as a hybrid. Elijah tried to help her but she pushed him away because of her belief that Elijah sees her differently than before. Over time she reveals that she hates being a vampire because it has changed her, including the part of her that attracted Elijah, even going so far as to call herself a "monster." Instead of holding onto her humanity Hayley decides to devote herself to eradicating the witches as revenge for them trying to kill Hope. Klaus decided to help her do this after Elijah asked him to do so for Hayley's sake, although it's clear Elijah would rather be the one Hayley relies on moving forward.

After being apart for some time, in Hope's safe house, Hayley decides to tell Elijah about her plans for marriage to Jackson, after talking about her reasons for doing it, Elijah tells her that she has to do the best for Hope's safety, they end up kissing passionately and then make love for the first time on The Map of Moments.

They are referred to as "Haylijah " by the fans.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season Four

Elijah gives Hayley his jacket.

Elijah first meets Hayley when he went to New Orleans in order to find out why some witches in the city were conspiring against his brother, Klaus.

When he discovered that Hayley was pregnant with his brother's child, he immediately set out to convince his brother to stay in New Orleans, and agree to overthrow Marcel in exchange for the safety of Hayley and of his unborn nephew or niece. He seems to think Hayley and her baby will heal the scars that have plagued his family and is shown to be quite determined to keep both of them safe.

Throughout The Originals Series

"I will always protect you. You have my word on that."
Elijah to Hayley

Elijah and Hayley first meet.

In Always and Forever, after Sophie tells Elijah about Hayley and her pregnancy, she has her coven who are holding Hayley, they bring her out to Elijah. Elijah explains to Hayley his and his families back story, and how Klaus turned out to be the Hybrid. Later, after Elijah finds Klaus, and learns about the baby, Klaus still isn't agreeing to co-operate, so Sophie reveals more the the spell Jane-Anne had cast before Marcel killed her, was that Sophie's life was tied to Hayley's. Later after finally getting Klaus to agree to help Sophie, Elijah has Sophie and her coven to release Hayley to him by giving them Jane-Anne's body. After taking her to there old home, Elijah promises to always protect Hayley and the baby.

In House of the Rising Son, Hayley tells Rebekah that Elijah left them and escaped (according to Klaus' words). Upset Rebekah convinces her that Elijah is very honorable and always keeps faith. If he disappeared, it happened by Klaus.

In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley asks Klaus if he and Rebekah released Elijah. Klaus says "You hardly know him, and yet you miss him".

In Girl in New Orleans, Hayley smiles when Rebekah say that she talked with Elijah and he asked her to take care of Hayley.

Elijah and Hayley are reunited.

In Sinners and Saints, when Elijah returns home, he hugs Rebekah and looks at Hayley who smiles back coyly and walks out of the room. Elijah's gaze follows her. Rebekah jokingly asks him now that he's if his first plan is to kill Klaus. A distracted Elijah kisses his sister on the forehead as he excuses himself to follow Hayley outside. He walks outside near the poolside and slowly approaches Hayley, with a small smile on his lips. She turns to face him and smiles and says, "You're back", to which Elijah replies "I'm back". There is a pause with the pair gazing at each other intensely, before Hayley's coy smile vanishes and whips her hand across, slapping Elijah. She then goes on to say, "Don't make promises you can't keep. Welcome Home," and saunters off. Elijah watches her leave and slowly touches his face where she slapped him with a subtle smile.

Hayley, Elijah and Rebekah.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Elijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at. Elijah then sees Hayley and follows her to the kitchen, where she is making breakfast and tells her good morning. Hayley tells him and Rebekah if it would kill them to buy some milk in the house to which Elijah responds he hopes his siblings were hospitable towards Hayley in his absence. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. Elijah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk. She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked. Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. Elijah responds: "Probably no one. Alright, potentially everyone".

Elijah and Hayley.

After Elijah and Klaus found Sophie, they made her help Hayley and Elijah took Hayley to the pool to slow the temperature until the witch Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley. Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child. When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here. Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel.

Halijah hug.

In Bloodletting, Elijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle. Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel, If he did not hand over Hayley to him. When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings. Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood.

Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby. He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus. Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids. However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation.

Hayley and Elijah.

Enraged by what he saw as Elijah's betrayal and jealous that he would always be seen as being lesser since he was only Elijah's half-brother, he bit Elijah with his hybrid bite, leaving him and Hayley a parting gift. Later, Elijah told her that the bite wouldn't kill him and Elijah realized he may have been too quick to condemn his brother. Immediately afterwards, they found a bible left at the doorstep which included a family tree side with a list of names, including a name corresponding with Hayley's birth date; Andrea.

Hayley looking after Elijah.

In The River in Reverse, Hayley takes care of Elijah who was bitten by Klaus. She refused to leave him even then, when he begins to have hallucinations. During the hallucination he accidentally calls her by the name Céleste, which made Hayley jealous and looks at him with exasperation. Elijah quickly apologizes her for it.

When they arrive to home, she asks him what happened with Céleste. Despite the initial reluctance, Elijah shows to her Céleste death in his memories. Hayley tries to grab by Elijah's hand but he retracts it. One moment after, he gently puts his hand over hers.

When Elijah and Rebekah talk with Klaus, embittered Klaus says to Elijah: "She's adored you since she arrived, and now my child, my blood, will grow up to call you father."

Hayley thanks Elijah and they almost kiss.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Elijah is worried about Hayley's safety after Klaus forcefully takes Hayley to his place. Feeling responsible, Elijah goes to rescue Hayley. When Hayley tries to sneak out of The Abattoir backyard and gets caught by Diego, Elijah arrives on time to snap his neck. Elijah offers to bring Hayley to a safe place with him, but Hayley declines. Hayley explains that Klaus ordered a wolf hunt and asks that Elijah rescue her people instead. Elijah listens and later discovers that the werewolves are safe.

When Elijah returns home, he finds Hayley in the French Quarter balcony, and informs her that her family are safe. Hayley and Elijah hug. She tells him that she appreciates what he did and he tells her that she should cover up her birthmark. At this moment, Hayley stares at Elijah's lips and they almost kiss but Elijah composes himself and leaves.

Hayley and Elijah 1x10..jpg
In The Casket Girls, Hayley has difficulty trying to fasten the zipper on her costume. Elijah, who observed this from behind, appears and helps her fasten her zipper. He compliments her by saying she looks lovely and reminds her to cover up her birthmark. Elijah offers to take her to the festival but Hayley declines, knowing this will further strain Klaus and Elijah’s relationship. At Hayley's motion, Elijah unbuttons and unzips her dress and then leaves.

Elijah comes home and puts Davina's sketches together as Hayley watches with anxiety. They soon realize that the sketches form a larger image, which turns out to be Céleste Dubois, Elijah's former love. Hayley freaks out because she was the one who looked through Elijah's journals and told Sophie where to find Céleste. Full of nervousness and realizing her mistake, Hayley leaves the room and makes an anxious phone call to Sophie who doesn't pick up.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge

Elijah starts by narrating the history of the witches to Hayley. Elijah again, comments on the many sketches of Céleste which causes Hayley to tell Elijah he needs to know something. However because of the power in Davina, an earthquake occurs, causing them to get out of the house which interrupts Hayley from confessing her secret.

Afterwards, Elijah tells Klaus and Marcel that he needs to talk to a witch. On his way out, Hayley confirms with him if he's going to see Sophie. Elijah tells her she didn't have to eavesdrop and that he doesn't keep any secrets from her. Hayley tells him neither does she and finally comes clean about her plan with Sophie and how she went through his journals to find where he buried Céleste. Elijah who is disappointed, tells Hayley that Céleste made him promise to keep her elsewhere so that she could be at peace

Haylijah 1x11.gif
. Elijah is upset that Hayley had violated the promise he made to Céleste. Hayley is heartbroken at Elijah's words and says she believed they were just bones but Elijah questions her actions and rebukes that if she truly believed that, she should have just asked him and leaves.

At home, Hayley is stacking cans of ham to give to her werewolves in the bayou. Klaus catches her crying because of Elijah's new opinion of her and tells her to come with him. At the church, Klaus gives Hayley advice and how she should just apologize to Elijah, showing that he approves of them.

When the harvest ritual is over, Hayley asks Elijah if he is ready to forgive her but he says it's not that easy. She admits she was wrong for what she did. Confused, she questions why he can't forgive her.

Haylijah 1x11....gif
Elijah states that she should know since he showed her his mind when they were in the bayou. He asks if she had any idea what Céleste means not meant, to him and asserts that love is rare and that he had only found it twice. Hayley responds, "I know what a promise means to you, Elijah', but you made it 200 years ago. I live in the now. If I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it. I won't choose the dead over the living, so why are you? I'm sorry, Elijah". As Hayley is about to leave, Elijah grabs her arm and pulls Hayley very close to him and they almost kiss. However, he backs away and Hayley walks away bewildered.

Haylijah 1x12.,.,.,.gif

In Dance Back from the Grave, Elijah finds Hayley in Davina's room, and finds her looking through Davina's sketches of Céleste. Hayley states she's doing this out of boredom because of the vampire lock-down. Elijah assures her that he will deal with them in no time. Hayley notes that it took a supernatural threat for him to come close to her, which showed that he was keeping his distance from her prior to now. Elijah apologizes for neglecting her and explains their interactions agitates Klaus. Hayley points out that it's a bad deal they can't hang out because of Klaus.

Haylijah scene 1x12 - 2.gif
In the compound, Elijah is worried and tells Hayley that Rebekah hasn't been picking up her phone. He believes it had something to do with Rebekah conspiring against Klaus. This leads him to confront Thierry who reluctantly confesses she was desiccated by the docks. Wanting to help, Hayley asserts that she's coming too and promises she won't leave Elijah's sight.
Haylijah 1x12.,..gif

At the docks, they find Rebekah's desiccated body within a circle. Because of the convoluted spell, Sophie tells them on the phone that they need a potent ingredient or mystical binding agent to break the spell. Elijah realizes they can use the blood of Hayley's child as an agent because it's a quarter witch. Hayley agrees and allows Elijah to bite her wrist to draw the blood onto the magic boundary line. Elijah then enters and holds Rebekah's body and Hayley's hand and then speed vamps them home.

In Crescent City, Elijah takes a tour with Sabine and soon confirms that she is actually Celeste. Celeste kisses Elijah who returns the kiss but then realizes it was poison. Céleste makes him choose between saving his family or Hayley. Elijah is faced with this dilemma and only has the time to save one of them.

Elijah saving Hayley

Meanwhile, Hayley is trapped in the burning plantation house with Jackson. She informs Elijah that the witches are up to something and tells him her location. Elijah comes and rescues Hayley and asks where Rebekah is. Hayley who doesn't know, asks Elijah to help Jackson. After Elijah pulls Jackson out of the fire, he immediately went out to look for Rebekah but it was too late. In a fit of rage, Elijah walks straight to Marcel and some of his guys and demands to know where Klaus is. Marcel tells him he doesn't know resulting in Elijah throwing Marcel's vampires against the walls. Hayley sees this and yells out his name in disappointment. Elijah stops but orders all the vampires to help him find Rebekah and Klaus.

In Long Way Back From Hell, Elijah goes looking for his missing siblings and approaches Monique who

Haylijah 1x14.gif
cryptically advises him to follow the path Céleste left behind. Suddenly, a tattoo of names appear printed over Elijah's body. Elijah heads back home and takes off his shirt. He then calls Hayley to make a list of the names on his body. Marcel informs them that this is a riddle can needs to be solved in order for the tattoo to disappear. Marcel and Elijah then recognizes one of the names on the list, Annie La Fleur and leaves to the village she used to live. In a phone conversation, Hayley tells Elijah to ask Marcel about Brynne Deveraux, a name on the list who was part of Sophie's bloodline that put the curse on her family. Hayley then apologizes for putting Elijah in his predicament after he chose to save her life. Elijah tells her there was no other choice and hangs up.

At the Abattoir, Elijah questions Marcel about Brynne who recalls that she cursed the werewolves for him. Marcel then confronts Elijah about why the Crescent werewolves were at the plantation with Hayley. This upsets Elijah who warns Ma

Hayley-Elijah 1x14.png
rcel not to touch Hayley or he will end his life. Elijah then discovers that every name on his body signifies a witch who killed herself with the exception of Clara Summerlin. The tattoos from Elijah's body finally disappear. Elijah returns back at the compound were Hayley is and reveals that she was right about Brynne. Hayley informs Elijah and Marcel that Clara was a nurse and shows them an old picture of her. Marcel then realizes that Rebekah and Klaus are at the sanatorium and confesses it's because of what Rebekah and him did to the witches. Elijah leaves to rescue his siblings while Hayley knocks Céleste out with a shovel.

In Le Grand Guignol, Hayley and Eve threatens Céleste , who they had tied up, with a shotgun. Hayley demands Céleste to

Haylijah hug 1x15..gif
undo the curse on her werewolf clan. Unexpectedly, Céleste agrees without hesitation and claims she likes Hayley. Céleste then makes a mystical green potion and gives it to Hayley, saying it will break the curse during the next full moon. At that moment, Elijah appears and tells Hayley not to trust Céleste. Hayley tells Elijah to help her or to move aside. Elijah takes no time to snatch the antidote from her and vamp-speeds away, taking Céleste with him.

Céleste points out to Elijah that if he prevents Hayley

from breaking the curse, Hayley will hate him for it, but if he allows it, there will be a good chance, she will leave him to be with her family. Céleste happily notes that either choice will ruin his relationship with Hayley. Knowing this, Elijah returns to where Hayley is and decides to give her the cure. Hayley hugs him for helping her and Elijah returns his affection by giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead. Elijah seems to silently acknowledge that Hayley would most likely choose her wolf pack over him and tells her, "I wonder if they have any idea how lucky they are to have you."

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah is in a meeting with a representative from each species (vampire, witch, and human) to sign a peace treaty, but he didn't include the werewolves. Hayley learns about this meeting and gets upset with Elijah for having excluded the werewolves.

Elijah and Hayley discussing

She arrives to the meeting and interrupts them. Elijah adjourns the meeting to be alone with Hayley. He tells her that if she had any idea what it took just to get those people in one room together. Hayley replies angrily that she doesn't because she didn't even know about the meeting until someone else told her. She ask Elijah if he left the werewolves out because of her, and Elijah tells her it was because they no longer reside in the French Quarter and that his immediate concern is to end the mounting conflict there is. He then assures her that once the treaty is solidified, it will expand to include her people. Elijah tries to persuade Hayley to return with them instead of staying in the bayou with werewolves. However, Hayley isn't happy about that and tells him that the wolves deserve a voice and that he know it's the right thing to do and leaves. Afterwards, Klaus and Elijah decide to throw a party and invited everyone, including the werewolves. When Hayley arrives to the party, Elijah looks surprised by her beauty.

Hayley and Elijah dancing

Later, Elijah asks Hayley to dance and extends his hand to her, Hayley takes his hand and they start dancing. Hayley tells Elijah that he outdid himself because he even got Klaus to come out and play, they talk about Klaus and Elijah tells her that he hopes her daughter inherits everything from her. They smile at each other and Hayley tells him it is weird being back. Elijah replies that he hopes it isn't unpleasant but Hayley says that not entirely looking at his eyes, apparently referring to him. Elijah ask her if she is entirely sure she shouldn't be with them, but that bothers Hayley and at that moment, Jackson arrives and ask Hayley to dance. Elijah disagrees but Hayley accepts the dance with Jackson and leaves Elijah unpleased. From a distance, Elijah listens to the conversation between Jackson and Hayley.

Sign peace treaty

Later in the party there is a confrontation between Oliver and Diego, Elijah stops Oliver and Jackson stops Diego and is holding a dagger pointing in Diego's heart. Hayley comes in the stairs and tells Elijah to kill Oliver, she gives a speech about how they have hurt each other, and that killing each other would put an end to war. Elijah understood her point and ends his attack on Oliver, Jackson does the same. Later, as each representative signs the treaty with their blood, Elijah and Hayley look at each other while doing so.

Elijah and Hayley

In The Big Uneasy, Hayley is in the bayou with the werewolves and Elijah arrives to invite them to the celebration in honor of the witches. Hayley is reluctant to accept the invitation because she sees the witches as their enemy. However, Jackson accepts Elijah's invitation and tells Elijah that they will send a representative with a gift for the witches. Hayley leaves annoyed but Elijah stops her with his vampire speed, saying that Jackson is suspicious for accept the invitation very easy. He tells her that she shouldn't trust Jackson or any of them and leaves.

Hayley and Elijah 1x18.png
Hayley arrives at the party as Elijah is welcoming the guests. He is surprised to see that Hayley has come to the party alone without her friends, the wolves. She tells him that they have sent to her as their representative so it's his decision if he wants to take her or leave her. Elijah smiles and offers his arm, Hayley takes it and they enter the party.

The guests are surprised by a band of instruments, Elijah approaches Hayley to see the show. Then the band says they have a message from Marcel. They then cut their wrists and the vampires at the party begin to show their fangs from the smell of blood. Elijah tries to calm the situation, however, there is a power outage and the vampires start attacking the humans.

Elijah helps Hayley

Elijah tries to find Hayley, screaming her name. When the light is turned back on, Hayley calls Elijah to help her. Elijah helps her up and they see a message in blood on the wall that says "There will be no peace."

Later, Hayley is in the bayou with Jackson and other wolves, she is smiling and seems to be happy, Elijah watches her from afar. Eve approaches him and tells him that everything will be fine, if not, she will call him, Eve invites him to hang out with the werewolves but Elijah tells her that the only thing that he wants is fort Hayley to be happy. He smiles and then tells Eve to not tell Hayley that he was there.

Hayley discusses with Elijah

In An Unblinking Death, Hayley is in the bayou with the other wolves, talking about the birth of her baby with Eve. Elijah arrives and Hayley seem to be annoyed. He says that he needs to talk with the conspirators of a supposed uprising, referring to her, Jackson and Oliver.

They meet in a cabin, and Elijah tries to convince them not to make a deal with Klaus since he is unreliable. Elijah reminds Hayley that she signed a pledge and Hayley replies the werewolves don't want to fight, they just want a better life. Elijah says that an alliance with Klaus will not give them that.

Elijah and Hayley after the bomb

At that moment, they heard a noise outside and they leave the cabin. A man arrives in a motorcycle and although Elijah tries to stop him, a bomb explodes. There are many wounded and Hayley tries to help a man on the ground. Elijah comes where she is, and she tells him she has to help him. Elijah helps the man, but he is clearly more worried about Hayley. Hayley tells him that she's fine and that they need his help and then leaves to find out who did this.

After that, Oliver tells her that the vampires didn't bomb the bayou. However, Hayley goes looking for Marcel. In her car, Hayley calls Elijah and tells him that she has to take care of something and will be back as soon as she can. Elijah asks her where she is but she tells him that she is fine and that he should just take care of the pack while she is gone. She then hangs up the phone.

Hayley and Elijah

Later, Hayley returns to the bayou and realizes that Elijah stayed. She approaches Elijah who is looking at Oliver encouraging the werewolves to arm a war against the vampires. Hayley asks him what happened, and he tells that when she left, there were more explosions. He adds that her friend Jackson will need her help as the werewolves will want vengeance. Hayley enters the cabin and realizes that Eve has died.

Hayley and Elijah

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Elijah and Klaus are in a bar where the people are celebrating the funeral of Father Kieran. Hayley arrives and sits with them. Elijah warns her about Klaus being grumpy and she shares her frustration about the whole situation with Oliver. Klaus suggests that Hayley return to their house but Hayley isn't too excited because she wants to prove to the

Hayley and Elijah funeral motorcade

that she can take care of herself. Klaus shares he has been having nightmares about Mikael and Elijah tells him he does as well. They think Genevieve is the one responsible.

Later, at the funeral motorcade, Hayley goes in company of Elijah and Klaus. She starts coughing and Elijah asks if she's okay. She replies that she's is very pregnant and pissed at the world. Elijah tells her that she looks lovely and they smile. Elijah tells Hayley that Klaus just wants to keep her and the baby safe. After talking, Hayley leaves.

In the Caravan, Hayley starts coughing and faints, Elijah carries Hayley to the Mikaelson house. Genevieve goes with them to help but Elijah fears that she might hurt Hayley. He tries to stop her but Klaus agrees to receive her help.

Elijah carrying Hayley

Elijah is very worried about her because she isn't waking up and he is horrified to see that she is not breathing, Klaus in an attempt to save the baby tries to get the baby out of Hayley but Elijah stops him as this would cause her death. Klaus tells him that he doesn't want to lose the baby but Elijah tells him that he doesn't want to lose that women, referring to Hayley. Then Klaus feeds Hayley his blood but it doesn't work. Elijah is in despair throwing a chair against the wall. Genevieve helps Hayley and finally she awakens. Hayley tells them that she saw Mikael while she was unconscious and that he tried to kill her. Later, Elijah tries to make a deal with Genevieve and asks her to make a moonlight ring for Hayley.

Haylijah kiss 1x20.gif
Hayley is looking out the window, watching the celebrations for Father Kieran's funeral, Elijah arrives and she tells him that if she dies and they make a feast for that, she'll be very pissed. Elijah approaches her and tells her that she almost did and that in a thousand years, he can't recall a time when he felt so afraid. Hayley says nothing and as Elijah is about to leave, Hayley says his name and he turns to her. Hayley then approaches him and kisses him passionately. After finishing the kiss, they remain with their eyes closed. Elijah disappears and Hayley opens her eyes and smiles, apparently happy for that kiss.

Hayley and Elijah

In The Battle of New Orleans, Elijah is with Hayley in his house, he calls Klaus to the phone asking about the disappearance two werewolves, Jackson and Oliver, Klaus tells them that he is already on the job to find them and that's why he had not said anything to them. He suspect that was Marcel who kidnapping them, Hayley say that he will kill them but Klaus has a plan for find Marcel before.

Elijah and Klaus find to Jackson, Elijah receives a call from Hayley, she asks him what is happening as she is concerned about them, Elijah tells her that Jackson is fine and that he will call her later, Klaus sniggers at Elijah's joke, and flips open another crate. Inside are another handful of bombs, with a folded slip of paper on top. Klaus frowns, just as the red blinking light on the bombs turn green, Hayley asks again what is happening but then the bomb explodes and Elijah takes Jackson and they escape, Hayley has heard the explosion over the phone, and is terrified.

Elijah looking Hayley and Jackson hug

Hayley is pacing around in the study when Elijah, Klaus, and Jackson, all looking very disheveled and covered in ash, return home, Jackson hugs Hayley, Elijah nods at her and watches as Hayley and Jackson sit down to tend to his wounds. Hayley asks him for the stones that will be used in the spell but Elijah replied that he imagined scattered across the bed of the Mississippi, they keep talking about Marcel and the stone, Klaus says them that he always has a backup plan.

Downstairs, Francesca walks into the compound with five other men, all of whom are wearing suits, and one of whom has brought a briefcase. Klaus, Elijah and Hayley go down to greet her, Klaus has made a pact with her and she gives them the stones, Elijah joins them a little upset because he knew nothing of the plan.

Elijah and Hayley talking

Upstairs, Hayley is patching Jackson up, they are talking Jackson tells her that Elijah really cares about her, she says that it's complicated. When Jackson is leaving Elijah approaches them. Jackson thanks to Elijah and Elijah nods in acknowledgement of his thanks. Hayley and Elijah stare at each other, Elijah tells her that he understand that Jackson risked his life to save his friend and that he's a good man, Hayley agrees. She stay in silent for a moment and then she says him that there's something that she need to tell him. She tells him that because of her family, she was supposed to be betrothed to Jackson. Elijah is shocked, she continued saying that she wanted to tell him sooner but she just didn't know how. Elijah interrupts to her telling that she don't have to explain it and that he understand the need to make sacrifices for one's family.

Haylijah second kiss 1x21.gif
Hayley waits for him to continue, but he stays silent, she is annoyed by Elijah's reaction and she tells him that for once in his immortal life, can he just not be so noble, Elijah is confused by that, he ask her what would she want him to do, she says him that she just told him that she is betrothed, according to some backwater arrangement by people that she never knew, she want him to tell her that he think that betrothals are stupid and that she have a choice, she will continue talking but Elijah stops her and kisses her passionately. The two kiss for a long moment before he pulls away, they stare at each other and Elijah tells her that she will always have a choice.

Hayley tells Elijah to leave

Genevieve continues to cast the moonlight ring spell in the Mikaelson compound, while Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah watch carefully, Francesca arrives telling them that her people say Marcel is on the move, and he's bringing friends. Klaus tells Elijah to get Hayley to safety and he leaves. Elijah walks over to Hayley and grabs her arm telling her that come with him, but Hayley tells him that someone needs to watch Genevieve, Francesca tells him that she will to stay with Hayley, Elijah doesn't want to leave Hayley but she tells to him that he has to go, she walks over to him and looks him in the eyes, she tells him that he don't hold back, Elijah reluctantly agrees and leaves to help Klaus.

After the battle with the wolves Elijah returns in search of Hayley, Marcel and Camille are in his home, Camille tells him that Marcel doesn't have to Hayley and that was Genevieve and Francesca, it's mean that Hayley has been kidnapped.

Elijah finds to Hayley dead

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Elijah bursts into the church looking for Hayley and screaming her name, he stops dead in his tracks, panting and out of breath as a result of the werewolf bites, and struggles to focus his vision. Eventually, he sees that Klaus is sitting at the sacristy, with Hayley's head resting in his lap, Elijah approaches them, he can't believe what he is seeing, he falls to his knees next to Hayley and realizes that she's dead and Klaus tells to him that she is gone, Elijah starts to cry, which causes Klaus to start to cry, too.

Elijah lays Hayley's body back on the table at the sacristy while Klaus sits nearby, he asks Klaus about Hayley's death and Klaus tells to him that he was bested, Elijah becomes furious with Klaus but he tells to Elijah that they witches have to the baby and that they can save her.

Elijah crying for Hayley's death

Klaus and Elijah are in the cemetery, still trying to find the baby, they are walking through the maze illusion in the cemetery, using a stone like a piece of chalk in order to mark the tombs that they pass. Klaus says that what they need is focus and Elijah tells him that his only focus right now is the baby and her safety, he got furious again with Klaus and tells him that all is the world that he created, Klaus tries to speak but Elijah interrupts him, Elijah tells him that all of his scheming, the enemies that he have made every single day, Elijah asks to Klaus what did he expect, that the mother would be alive to know her daughter, that they could live and thrive as some sort of family, Klaus tells that that was Elijah's fantasy, not of him. Elijah enraged tells him that the baby and Hayley was their hope, that was their family's hope, trying to catch his breath and continue speaking he says that she is gone, referring to Hayley, with tears in his eyes he tells Klaus that he let her in, trying to hold back tears, he says that he don't let people in that he knew that and that he took her from him, he also says that he needed her and that Klaus broken him, Elijah sits down on the stoop of one of the tombs and puts his head in his hands, Klaus quietly sits down next to him and grips his arm in comfort. Klaus tells Elijah that he can tell to his niece how much he cared for her mother when they save her.

Hayley with Elijah after her return to the life

Klaus and Elijah are breaking their way through the illusion by destroying the tombs. When they reach a room full of candles, they stop and catch their breath, they realize that they had already gone through the same side twice in that moment Hayley arrives , telling them that need to be smarter, Elijah and Klaus freeze when they heard her and they turn to see her. Hayley stands in the doorway, dazed and exhausted-looking, Elijah and Klaus are shocked to see that she is alive, Elijah rushes over to touch her face to make sure she isn't an illusion, Elijah asks to her how are she there and she numb and dazed tells to them that when she woke up in the church, she felt hunger and that knew what she needed. She says that she can feel her baby, Elijah looks confused, but Klaus realizes what has happened, Hayley died with the baby's blood still in her system and she's in transition and she need baby's blood to become in a hybrid. Hayley tells that she don't care about herself and that she will gonna go find their daughter, she leaves, and Elijah and Klaus rush after her.

Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus looking for the baby

Later, Hayley, Elijah, and Klaus are still searching through the cemetery for the baby, they turns a corner and see Genevieve holding a knife above the baby's head, Hayley scream in panic and Elijah picks up an urn and lobs it at the witches, which slams against Genevieve's hand and knocks the athame onto the ground. The three run toward them, so Monique and Abigail hold each other's hands and channel the ancestors' power to throw them backwards while Genevieve goes to find the knife. As the witches continue to use magic against them, Elijah and Klaus can see that hundreds and hundreds of the dead witches have come together to protect them as they complete their sacrifice. Klaus and Hayley each run in opposite directions, while Elijah continues to rush straight towards them, in hopes of overpowering them, Hayley finds Genevieve picking up the athame, and starts to fist-fight her to keep her from using it against the baby. She once again knocks the knife out of her hand and into the ground, Klaus gets cornered by the spirits of Papa Tunde's twin sons, who telekinetically throw Klaus into a tomb, shattering it. Hayley knocks Genevieve down and runs toward the baby, but Genevieve casts a pain infliction spell on Hayley, which makes her fall onto her knees. Meanwhile, Monique and Abigail are still using their powers combined powers to channel the full strength of the ancestors, Elijah fights to get close enough to them to get the baby. Klaus pulls himself out of the tomb and angrily rushes toward the action. Klaus sees a wrought iron fence, and breaks off one of the spikes. He throws it forcefully toward Abigail, which impales her through the stomach and kills her, breaking the connection that she and Monique had to the ancestors, Monique quickly runs to grab the athame to finish the sacrifice herself. Klaus and Elijah vamp-speed toward her, but she uses her magic to block them using a wall of fire.

Genevieve-Elijah-Hayley 1x22...png
Genevieve continues the pain infliction spell to prevent Hayley's interference. Just as Monique is about to sacrifice the baby, she's hit with the Devil's Star, which embeds itself in her stomach. Her body becomes covered in cuts, and she coughs up blood before falling to the ground. Klaus and Elijah turn around to see that Marcel was the one who saved the baby. Before they can say anything, Marcel vamp-speeds to the baby, and then vamp-speeds away with it, Klaus follows after him.Later, Elijah and Hayley are shackling Genevieve in one of the tombs to get information from her, Genevieve then tells them that Esther is behind the plan to kill the baby, Hayley and Elijah just glare at her, Genevieve begins to bleed from her eye, she starts to choke up blood. Hayley watches her for a moment before sighing and stabbing her in the stomach, Hayley walks out of the tomb, as Elijah follows her with his look.

Elijah, Hayley and Hope

Later on their house, Elijah and Klaus are talking about Hope's security and Hayley intervenes, Hayley takes the decision to send they baby away from them to protect her, she says that they must first make New Orleands a safe place for the baby, Elijah disagree but comes to accept when Klaus tells him that they will make the baby pass for dead. Later, in the nursery, Hayley packs up the baby's bag with the letter she wrote to her. Elijah helps her lift the baby out of her cradle and into her arms. Hayley looks away as Elijah gently sticks the baby's finger with a pin to release a large drop of blood. Reluctantly, Hayley kisses the blood off of her finger to complete her transition.

Hayley and Elijah are seen together at an altar made ​​for the people killed by the war and they try to make that the people think that the baby was among the dead, when Hayley approaches to the baby's space, she begins to mourn and Elijah reaches his hand to her.

"Don't. Don't say it. You know, ever since the first day that I met you, I have felt everything for you. And all this time, you were never able to say how you feel about me."
Hayley to Elijah

Elijah and Hayley

In Rebirth, Elijah is packing up Hope's nursery when Hayley finally returns home, she enters the room surprised and mad for what Elijah is doing, she ask him, what he is doing, Elijah says to her "welcome back", because apparently now she doesn't return too much to her home, Hayley upset, says to him that she doesn't need a caretaker because Hybrids are invincible and again, she ask to him what he is doing, Elijah says that as they have discussed, their illusion needs to be flawless and that months have passed so it's the appropriate time to clean, Hayley even more mad said that she and Klaus hold their heads up high and say that they are ready to try again, Elijah tries to talk but she interrupts him, she is mad that Francesca Correa is still alive, as Francesca was the one who tried to kill Hope, Elijah promised to her that she will have her vengeance, then Hayley looks at him and she takes the things that Elijah have in his hands and says that until then, Hope's nursery is her room, and she will tell him when it's appropriate to clean it out. Hayley, upset, moves out of the way so Elijah can leave the room, then he looks at her and leaves the room.

Later, they are reunited with Klaus, talking about their plan to kill Francesca and her clan.

Hayley feels bad for killing Francesca

After killing Francesca, Hayley has just returned home and is frantically destroying Hope's nursery, completely overwhelmed by her various emotions. Elijah hears the commotion and runs up to see what is going on, Elijah tries to grab her arms to settle her down, but Hayley backs away from him, Elijah looks at her worried. She says to him that she killed Francesca and that after that, she doesn't feel better and that she doesn't feel anything. Elijah looks at her and says that it's perfectly natural given what she is experiencing but Hayley desperately screams that nothing about her is natural.

Elijah tries to calm her down, by saying that as a hybrid, she will begin to experience feelings with a greater intensity and that it will take time to master control. She shakes her head and starts to cry, she says that she doesn't want to live like this and that she hates it, she start to talk about when she was living with the Crescents in the Bayou, she finally understood the purity of being a wolf, the nobility and now that she killed eight wolves and Francesca who was her own people she doesn't feel noble and that she acted no better than a, she makes a pause and then Elijah is saddened by finished what she will say, a vampire.

Tumblr nbwqwhJDWd1qcju3uo2 250.gif

She starts to talk in whisper, she says that everything has changed and not just for her, she walks towards him, and says that she saw the way he looked at her before and, she see the way he look at her now, that she was a mother and now she is a monster. Elijah looks at her with sympathy and continue in silence, she says that things are different now and that he can't tell her that they're not. She waits for him to say something, but he remains silent. She leaves the room, Elijah tries to stop her but she doesn't stop or turn back. Elijah stands in the nursery alone and thinks about what has happened.

Haylijah gif 2x02.gif
In Alive and Kicking, Elijah returns home to find a puddle of blood on the floor of the courtyard. When he examines the puddle, he sees a trail of paw prints that eventually turn into human footprints that lead to a dead woman's body, propped up against the fountain. More footprints lead Elijah to the bathroom, where Hayley is taking a bubble bath. Another body is propped up against the wall next to the tub, Elijah arrives and stops at the bathroom door, Hayley ask if he come to check up on her, and Elijah says that she had an eventful evening.

Hayley tells him that she was having a crappy day, so Klaus took her out to the Cauldron and that they ran into some witches. Elijah steps over the body and enters to the bathroom, Hayley rolls her eyes before standing up in the tub, naked and covered in bubbles.

Hayley leaving the bathroom

Elijah, unamused, reaches for a towel and hands it to Hayley, though he doesn't avert his eyes on her body, Hayley says to him that what she did is no worse than anything Klaus has ever done and Elijah tells to her that he would hope that she would hold herself to a higher standard than Niklaus, Hayley mad says that now that she is a hybrid she has a werewolf temper to go with her new appetite. And, the witches who tried to kill her baby are worth nothing more than food, Hayley puts aside Elijah and returns to her room to change, Elijah just looks at her leaving the bathroom.

Elijah and Hayley talking

Later, Elijah is looking in the balcony at Hayley and Klaus talking, he seems to be sad for their situation. Then, when Klaus leaves, Hayley is talking to two people and Elijah comes down the stairs about to leave his home, he says to her that they both, referring to her and Klaus, have their hands full. Hayley turns to him and ask him if he were just leaving, he says to her that to be perfectly honest with her, the presence of all of them here, it's a little much. Hayley remains in silents looking at him, and then he says that perhaps it's for the best and that she should be with her kind, he leaves, and Hayley stay looking at him dismayed.

Klaus-Hayley-Elijah 2x03.png
In Every Mother's Son, in the courtyard, Hayley is munching on an array of fruit and other breakfast food when Klaus comes down the stairs to join her, Hayley thinks it was Klaus who did it but he denies it, then she says that they have Elijah to thank. Elijah joins them in the courtyard and he says that it wasn't his doing, when Hayley ask, where did this all come from, the silver lid on the platter starts to rattle, startling Hayley and Elijah. Klaus looks uneasy when he lifts the platter, which releases two starlings that fly up toward the ceiling. They all look puzzled and nervous, Klaus reaches for the invitation and opens it. It reads, "Dinner, Your Home, 8PM", Klaus realizes that it is a invitation from their mother.

Klaus is talking about Esther with Hayley in his room, Hayley says to Klaus about her intentions to kill Esther and Elijah enters the room, Elijah tells her that she will do no such thing because Esther's a master in the art of possession and that they must decipher her intentions before she finds a new host. Klaus and Elijah agree to attend the dinner with their mother, then Elijah leaves. Hayley rolls her eyes, Klaus mocks the tension between Elijah and Hayley and then he leaves too.

Hayley discusses with Elijah

Later, Hayley meets with Elijah and Klaus at their home and tells them, that Lenore is being held captive in the Quarter and that Oliver is with her, she says that she will go and get her to do the spell but she needs Klaus' necklace. Elijah is concerned about her and tries to say that he doesn't like her plan but she interrupts him and tells him that he doesn't get to ignore her for days and then suddenly act like he is concerned for her, she says that just for once, he will trust her that she'll do something and it will get done. Elijah looks as though he's about to speak, but shuts his mouth at the last moment. Klaus sighs and pulls the necklace out of his pocket and hands it to her. She takes it, Hayley gets ready to leave, but Elijah stops her, she will start discussing because she thinks that Elijah is still disagree but he cuts her off, telling that is something else, he tells her that a disciple of Marcel's was instructed to fetch another ingredient and that she should ask for Gia, Hayley just says "Okay" and then she leaves, once she's gone, Klaus walks towards Elijah and finally ask him what's going on with them both, Elijah says that nothing and that she's stronger, that's all that matters.

When Esther takes possession of the body of Lenore, she offers Hayley a better life with a new body, after Elijah and Klaus arrive to see if Hayley is fine, Elijah throws a threat to Esther if you dare to hurt Hayley but Esther tells him Hayley is free to go, then by order of Klaus, Hayley goes.

Hayley is mad with Elijah for ignoring her

Later at the Mikaelson's home, Elijah, Klaus, and Hayley are in the courtyard, processing all that they've learned this evening. Elijah ask Hayley besides the offer of rebirth, what else did Esther say to her, Hayley says that she doesn't know that she blamed the two of you for what happened to Hope and her. Klaus stops pacing and stares at her, he ask if she was thinking of taking her offer, Hayley can't meet Klaus or Elijah's eyes, Klaus gets mad and Hayley says that she lost her daughter and when his mother offered to her a wipe the slate clean, it is normal that she was tempted. Then she turns to Elijah and thanks him for his help, in a bad tone, she says that she's sorry because it takes her being in danger for him to even talk to her, Hayley leaves very upset, Elijah looks as though he's about to stop her, but Klaus calls out to him, and ask Elijah to stay with him.

Hayley and Elijah talking

In Live and Let Die, the Crescent wolves staying at the compound are congregated in the courtyard when Elijah enters, screaming Klaus name, Hayley marches into the room upset and tells him that everyone in that house has supernatural hearing, he ignore her advise and ask her for Klaus, she sarcastically tells him that she isn't his wife, so. Elijah annoyed tells her that the city is under siege by an army of beasts following his deranged mother's every command and that considering it was her people who just declared war on his kind, now's not the best time for her particular brand of sass. Hayley tells him that Klaus left and that she can't help him to find him, she is is about to leave but stops and turns to him, she tells him that those "beasts" that he is referring, they may be under Esther's control and that they're her people. So, if he hurt them, his bitch mother will be the least of his problems. Then she turns to leave, Elijah stands and stares as she walks away, looking unhappy.

Haylijah gif 2x04.gif
Elijah is trained with Gia, and have a very close encounter, they stare each other for a long moment and then Hayley enters saying Elijah's name, she seems to be jealous about the scene that she saw, she tells him that they need to talk, and then Aiden enters who has come for his help. Later, Elijah, Gia, Hayley, and Aiden have been joined by Oliver, Josh, and Marcel. The werewolves explain their dilemma, they all agree on a plan to rescue the teen wolves. Then, the wolves have been rescued, Gia is worried because they abandoned Elijah, Hayley says she worries about many things that are about Elijah, but she knows that he can take good care of himself.

Haylijah dream 6x05.gif
In Red Door, Elijah is captured by Esther, she is forcing him to have dreams. In his dream, a girl with long, wavy brown hair and wearing a long, white dress frantically runs for safety toward a red door at the end of a hall. Elijah, shirtless and covered in blood from head to toe, slowly stalks her as she whimpers in fear and desperately tries to open the door. When the girl turns around, it is revealed that she is Hayley, who looks back at Elijah in sheer terror and continues pounding on the door to no avail. Elijah finally grabs her by the arm and turns her toward him, but it's no longer Hayley, it's Tatia. He grabs her by the hair and turns her neck toward him before vamping-out and feeding on her as she cries in protest. After Elijah awakens, she offers him to have a human body to also have a better future with Hayley, she tells him that they could have a child like the one that Hayley lost, Elijah doesn't want to hear, and she says it's about time that Hayley will become one of his victims as his others lovers Céleste and Tatia.

Haylijah kiss2x05.gif
Later, Elijah is still weakly hanging by his wrists in the crypt, kneeling on the floor, getting ever weaker as Lenore/Esther continues to taunt him, suddenly, Hayley vamp-speeds into the crypt, biting her neck and viciously feeding on her before she falls to the floor. Hayley looks up at Elijah, blood smeared across her face, she tells him that she would have ripped her heart out, but she would have just body jumped. She walks toward Elijah, who slumps over weakly in relief as she attempts to break his chains. However, Esther's spell prevents the chains from being broken. She ask him how do she get these off, and he says that the doll, up there, break it and that she's using it to bind him. Hayley reaches up and rips down the doll before tearing it in half.

She then breaks the chains binding Elijah's wrists and kneels before him to check on him, She tells him that he need to feed but he turns away from her, telling that he can't, she tells him that he is weak and she bites her wrist and offers it to him.

Haylijah kiss gif 2x05.gif
Elijah anxious tell him that he can't because he crave her and that his hunger, could overwhelm him. He gasps, trying to control himself, and looks at Hayley's bloody wrist with longing, she caresses his face and tells him that she isn't afraid. They stare at each other for a moment before Hayley leans forward and begins to kiss him. They start making out, both still kneeling on the floor. After a moment, Elijah begins to have trouble resisting her blood. Hayley notices his discomfort and leans back, moving her hair to the side so she can expose her neck to him. His vampire face comes out involuntarily when he sees her pulsing carotid artery, and immediately bites on her to feed.

Then it is revealed that it was all a dream, that Esther is allowing him to have. Back to the dream, Elijah's lip begins to twitch as we return to his dream. He has just stopped feeding on Hayley, and looks at her for a moment. Hayley pants in pleasure, but Elijah is still hungry, and his eye veins darken as he begins to feed on her again. Hayley holds onto him tightly, letting him continue. Esther watches Elijah dream, while Finn looks over at her, concerned.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel, after freeing Elijah, Klaus takes him to their home, leaving Elijah in Hayley's bed, then she enters to her room looking at Elijah worried for his state.

Elijah-Kla-Hayley 2x07.png
In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Elijah is still unconscious in Hayley's room, Klaus is trying to get into his mind but Hayley interrupts him and asks what is he doing, he tells her that he is trying to enter Elijah's thoughts to wake him. He gestures to Elijah, who is still sleeping fitfully and that Esther's locked him out. Hayley walks over to Elijah, noticing a flower petal-shaped wound on his neck.

Klaus knows what that is and tells her that he will go to in looking for a cure, and that she should stay there with her wolves and mind the fort.
Haylijah gif 2x07-2.gif
Hayley says that she will rather rip her mother's head off but Klaus serious tells him that Esther already got to her once and that, what would happen if Elijah were to wake and find her a victim of her madness? Hayley remains in silent and then she promise that she won't go after her. Then Klaus leaves and Hayley turns back toward Elijah and approaches the bed to talk to him, she tells him that she has learned a few things from her mother and that she won't go after her, that she will go after everything that she loves.

After finally waking Elijah is talking with Klaus, suddenly, Hayley and Marcel appear in the doorway, Elijah look at her in a sweet way, she smiles and tells him that is good to see him vertical, and tells to him and Klaus that she and Marcel left a gift for them in the ballroom, Hayley and Elijah look at each other and then leave the room, the gift is Kol and Finn captured.

In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Camille and Hayley are talking about Jackson and then Camille says that Jackson knows about Elijah, referring to his relationship with Hayley, Hayley says that since she is a hybrid, she and Elijah barely spoken, she will keep talking but then remains in silent, Camille knows what she would say and ends the sentence for her, saying that he is still under her skin, Hayley looks at her knowingly and seems to agree with her.

Hayley calling Elijah

Later, Hayley is standing on a street corner near the compound and holds her phone in her hand, unsure of what to do. After a moment, she dials Elijah's number, Elijah is sitting alone in a booth and pulls his phone out of his jacket pocket when he hears it ring. When he sees that it's Hayley, he smiles to himself. He then notices a man sitting at the bar, staring at him as his phone continues to ring. Unnerved, Elijah ultimately ignores the call. Hayley sighs and rolls her eyes when the call goes to voice mail, and she hangs up without leaving a message, looking disappointed.

Elijah, Hope and Hayley

In The Map of Moments, Elijah is sitting on the porch with Hope, who is sitting in a baby seat. In the yard, Rebekah is setting up firewood, they are talking about the bonfire tradition, suddenly, Klaus and Hayley's black SUV speeds down the driveway, and Klaus barely has time to park before Hayley rushes out of the car and sprints toward Rebekah, Elijah and her daughter.

She stops in her tracks as soon as she sees her, as though she can't believe her eyes. Rebekah and Elijah both smile at her as Klaus catches up with them, and Elijah handing Hope to Hayley, he just smiles to her. Hayley hugs Hope, behind her, Klaus is too overwhelmed to move. Hayley, unable to meet Elijah's eye, turns so Klaus can see his daughter as well.

After the break, the Mikaelsons discuss the newest revelations they've just learned while they continue to build the bonfire, they all are talking about Dahlia, but also have fun and make fun of Klaus because he is not very excited about the bonfire. Rebekah says they have to write wishes for each other to burn for luck on the bonfire, Hayley rushes inside of the house for paper. Rebekah, pleased, turns to her brothers and smiles smugly.

Klaus-Rebekah-Hayley and Elijah 2x09-.png

Later, Elijah, Hayley, and Klaus are outside with Hope, where Klaus has just lit a match to light the bonfire. Rebekah rushes outside to join them, she holds up a Polaroid camera, Hayley smile to Elijah after he make fun of Klaus, Klaus take a selfie of all and Elijah stands in Hayley side. Then, for the safety of Hope, Klaus says that the photo has to be burned, Hayley and Elijah look at each other, both visibly sad, and Hayley takes a good, long look at the photo before reluctantly throwing it into the bonfire.

Hayley talking to Elijah

Later in the night, Hayley walks into the living room, where Elijah is sitting by the fireplace, and stops in the doorway, she says that Hope is sleeping and that is a quiet now that Rebekah and Klaus are gone. She pauses, and star to talk, she says that they didn't get to say their wishes. She ask to Elijah if she can tell him her wishes, Elijah looks at her quizzically. She says, that it's a hope and that hope is that he'll understand what she have to tell him, Elijah looks confused and ask what is that, Hayley starts talking about how she figured out a way to release the wolves from the witches and that they could control their turning without the rings, and bring peace to their home so that Hope could return to them. Then, she say that there's a catch and that she have to marry Jackson. Elijah is completely stunned speechless, she explains to him about the ceremony, Elijah turns toward the window, and Hayley walks closer to him, she says to him that she know that them haven't been close recently but that he have to know that the marriage isn't about Jackson, that doesn't love Jackson but at the same time she couldn't marry him and still be involved with Elijah.
Haylijah gif 2x09.gif
Hayley looks overwhelmed and then she turns to leave, but Elijah rushes after her and grabs her by the arm to turn her toward him. He reaches around her waist and pulls her toward him so he can kiss her passionately, a kiss which Hayley returns.

After a moment, he pulls away and says to her "Marry him" Hayley is surprised about what Elijah says, he brushes a lock of hair off of Hayley's face and take her face in his hands then he starts to talk, he says to her that the only way that the city will be safe for Hope's return is if she have unified her people, and if he have unified his own, he says that she need to do whatever is and bring her daughter to home again, that is his wish for her.

Normal TheOriginals209-1702ElijahHayley.jpeg
Hayley slowly reaches up and caresses Elijah's face with her hand. They stare at each other for a long moment before they both lunge for each other and start kissing even more passionately. Elijah picks her up and wraps her legs around his waist before vamp-speeding them against the bookshelf, where he pulls off Hayley's jacket. Hayley unknots his tie and rips his shirt open as he pulls down the straps of her dress, and eventually moves them over to the coffee table, where he lays Hayley so they can make love.

Haylijah gif 2x10.gif
In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, still in the safe house, Elijah's cooking and Hayley approaches him with Hope in her arms, they share an intense look for a long moment, then Elijah kisses Hope's head and Hayley leaves with Hope without mentioning word.

Later, Hayley is viewed with Klaus in the balcony of Mikaelson's house, he make fun of her about her relationship with Elijah, he says to her that they both had a certain glow about them all morning, referring to their passion night, Klaus shows that he is okay about Elijah and Hayley's relationship.

Later, Hayley is talking with Jackson and she confesses that the last days she was with Elijah, adding that she also had sex with him, Jackson gets upset and asks her if she is in love with Elijah, she remains in silent but he takes it as positive, he says that he already knew about it, Hayley tries to explain but then he leaves upset.

Elijah-Hope-Hayley and Jackson 2x14-.png
In I Love You, Goodbye, Elijah and Camille arrive to the compound with Hope, Klaus get Hayley and Jackson to see them, Elijah nods at Hayley encouragingly and they smile then she goes and takes Hope out of Cami's arms, and Hope immediately begins cooing and babbling happily when she finally gets to see her mother. Hayley walks toward and presented him with Hope, Jackson smiles when he sees her, and Hope stares at him in wonder. When Jackson holds out his hand, Hope clutches his fingers tightly and coos at him. Hayley and Jackson can't help but smile at her, while Elijah watches them from afar, looking sad. In a conversation, Klaus tells Elijah that everyone knows that he is in love with Hayley.

Haylijah 2x14 gif.gif
Later, Hayley is getting dressed in her bedroom in preparation for the wedding, she is happy because Hope is with her. After a moment, Elijah appears in the doorway and watches them silently for a moment before knocking on the door to get her attention. When Hayley sees him, she smiles, and he watches her as she stands to her feet. He is entranced by her beauty and tells her that she is perfect, then he hesitates for a moment and says that he understand that the arrangement is important for her cause, and he will do nothing to dissuade her from it but he would be remiss if he didn't tell her, at least once, then she quietly cuts him off and tells him to don't say it.

Hayley and Elijah talking

She starts to talk telling him that she knows, ever since the first day that she met him, she have felt everything for him and that all the time, he was never able to say how he feels about her and that she understand it but unlike him, that can't say how he feels, Jackson does and she thinks that she can be happy with him. Elijah looks at her with tears in his eyes, and silently starts to cry, she also has tears in her eyes, she says that she just wanna be happy, so, whatever he are going to say to her, she don't want him to say it. Elijah looks devastated, but nods in understanding before leaving the room without another word. Hayley looks sad and guilty.

In the wedding, Hayley is getting married with Jackson, and Elijah appears on the balcony in front of them, Hayley looks at him a bit sad and quickly look away to focus on Jackson, then on the end of the ritual, Jackson stares at her for a long moment before he cups her face in his hand and kiss to her. Elijah looks away sad, and Klaus looks at him sympathetically and sighs. Later, still on the wedding Elijah is looking to Hayley and Jackson dancing from the balcony.

Hayley and Elijah

Later, Elijah is walking down the hall upstairs when Hayley approaches him from behind. Elijah, sensing her presence, stops, but doesn't turn around, he tells her that it was a lovely ceremony, she thanks to him for being there. Elijah then says that with the wolves unified, Hope is safe, and everything is exactly as she intended. Hayley looks uncomfortable, and Elijah sighs, he continues talking, he says that with the interest of maintaining the peace, he have decided to join Marcel in Algiers. Hayley surprised says that here it's his home. He smiles sadly, says that in his long life, he called many places home. Hayley tells him that she didn't know that Klaus would ask to Jackson and her to live there,and that doesn't mean that he have to leave. Hayley and Elijah's conversation is interrupted by Rebekah, who rushes over to them.

In Exquisite Corpse,

Elijah and Hayley

Elijah and Gia, who are dressed up in cocktail attire again, are standing in Josephine's living room with Hayley. She seems to sense the budding relationship between Elijah and Gia, and keeps clearing her throat awkwardly, which does not go unnoticed by either of them. After an uncomfortable silence, Gia finally speaks up, she says that she is going to find Josephine, Hayley smiles falsely as Gia leaves, and once she's gone, she clears her throat again and gives Elijah a significant look. He can't help but smile bashfully in response as they wait for their hostess. Hayley sarcastically says that now she knows why he didn't answer her calls. She pauses a beat and sits in a chair, she asks if Gia have to come with them, Elijah sits next to her, telling that Josephine LaRue can be rather recalcitrant and that she is enamored with Gia's musical prowess and cavalier spirit.

Elijah, Hayley and Gia

Hayley making fun of it and obviously jealous says that the Baby-Vamp is now the Witch-Whisperer, Elijah smiles and sighs, Hayley sarcastically says that she is just glad that he found someone so multi-talented to spend his time with. Elijah rolls his eyes and asks what exactly do she want from him, Hayley looks at him but remains silent. Before she can answer, Josephine and Gia join them in the living room, and Elijah stands to his feet to greet her. Elijah gently kisses her on each cheek in greeting before she settles down in an armchair to talk with them, Josephine notices Hayley scowling in the doorway and looks at Elijah in amusement, she asks who is that one, Elijah smiles and says that that one is family, Hayley smiles tightly at Josephine and stays silent, Elijah then says that they have come to ask for a favor, Josephine looks at him curiously.

Elijah and Hayley

They start to talk about Eva Sinclair and they discover why she went after Hope, Elijah is trying to saves Rebekah who is in Eva's body but Josephine wants to go after her. After arguing about Rebekah life, Hayley gets angry because Josephine don't wants to listen them, Elijah angry is about to leave and Hayley and Gia are about to follow him when Josephine, who is angry now, stops them, Josephine turns to find Hayley standing right behind her, and she roughly grasps Hayley's wrists as she suddenly has some kind of premonition about her, she says that there is a blackness that should terrify her Hayley gulps nervously as Josephine continues to stare at her.

Hayley-Marcel-Elijah 2x17.png
Hayley, Elijah, Marcel and Gia are at the compound, where they are discussing what to do next. Hayley has Hope in her arms, and she gently bounces her on her hip as she paces around anxiously. After discuss about Eva who is now in control of her body, Hayley says that if she comes after Hope, Rebekah or no Rebekah, she will put her down for good. Elijah says that they need to capture her, Hayley incredulous asks "capture?", Elijah get annoyed for that and scream to her that he will not abandon his sister, Hayley looks embarrassed and guilty for her words, but remains silent as she squeezes Hope protectively, Elijah makes a plan to capture Eva and then save his sister.

Gia, Elijah and Hayley

Later still in the compound, Hayley is pacing around the courtyard and Elijah and Gia are standing around, they are waiting for Eva to come after Hope, but she doesn't appear. Suddenly, Marcel returns to the compound and joins them in the courtyard, he says that Eva took Josephine so now she doesn't need Hope. After received a call of Vincent they now know where to find Eva. Later, Hayley and Gia are in the nursery, where Hayley is rocking a screaming and crying Hope in a rocking chair while Gia organizes Hope's toys, Gia says that the place smells like werewolf. Hayley mildly annoyed says that she can go, that she don't have to stay. Gia walks toward them with Hope's music box in her hand and tells her that Elijah said that she and her kid have more than one enemy and that if someone manages to make it through that dog-show outside, she (Hayley) and the baby can run as she stays and stall them. Hayley confused asks if she don't even know her, why would she put herself in harm's way for them, Gia says that is because she knows Elijah, and she knows what she (Hayley) and the baby mean to him, Hayley looks uncomfortable] And what this baby means to him. Hayley awkwardly asks if he talks about her with her (Gia), Gia laughs nervously and answers that not, she says that she is not blind and that it's pretty obvious that she had Elijah all bent out of shape. Gia talks Hayley about her and Elijah, and says that Elijah just just needs to live his life for himself, for once. Hayley looks up at Gia and smiles a small smile.

In Night Has A Thousand Eyes,

Hayley and Elijah arguing.

Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah, Klaus, and Freya are convening in the dining room to discuss what has just occurred about Dahlia possessed Jackson and other persons, Freya is doing a te for all that they will use for prevent to Dahlia from using any of them. Elijah sits down at the table, and he and Hayley each grab a cup as well, they then talk about a plan to find to Dahlia.

Later, Elijah has finally arrived home after helping Josephine and Marcel create the new safe house, and he is very unhappy to find out from Hayley and Rebekah that Freya has left. Elijah is mad for that and starts to discuss with Hayley because she sees to Freya as a risk, Rebekah intervenes to try to calm them. Elijah decides to find Freya and try to get her in their side again, he leaves the room and Rebekah looks over at Hayley, who is frowning unhappily.

Hayley and Elijah

In When the Levee Breaks, Elijah has just made it to the safe house, where Hayley is updating him on what happened in her encounter with Dahlia. She said to him that she tried to call him but she couldn't, he asks about the wolves and Klaus arrives, Klaus and Hayley start to discuss and Elijah intervenes.

Later, Elijah, Hayley and Klaus are still arguing and Jackson enters with Aiden's body in his shoulder, Klaus take the blame for Aiden's dead, even when it wasn't him, Jackson lunges for Klaus and punches him in the face, he pushes Jackson backward into the other wolves who have come to defend their Alphas, Hayley speeds over to Klaus to get between them, Klaus punches Hayley in the stomach so hard she's thrown to the side.

Haylijah gif 2x19-.gif
When Elijah sees Klaus strike Hayley, he jumps into the fray and lunges between Klaus and Jackson, pushing each of them backwards with an arm. Elijah asks Jackson if he wish to die and then Hayley furious speeds to her feet and shoves Elijah away from him, she asks to Elijah if he wants to her dead too and Elijah just looks at her surprised and hurt, he says to Hayley and the others that if they come for Klaus they will come for him too, he says to Klaus to leave while he will stay with Hayley and Hope and not letting them to go anywhere, Klaus leaves and Hayley looks at Elijah hurt.

Elijah and Hayley

Still in the safe house, Hayley walks over to Elijah, looking furious, she is mad with him because he defended Klaus after killing Aiden, he says that he was defending Hope, Hayley thinks that Klaus is not able to save them, Elijah tries to defend Klaus telling her that Klaus loves Hope as he does, Hayley lowers her voice to a whisper says to him that if he loves Hope he must let them leave. he says that if them go to the bayou he will no be able to protect them from Dahlia and Klaus, Hayley talks to Elijah about her plan to protect Hope in the bayou, she says to him that the only thing in her way is he, Elijah asks to her what is she asking to him to do, Hayley grabs Elijah's hand and squeezes it, she says to him that they can't run from Dahlia and hide from Klaus at the same time and asks him to buy them some time. Hayley turns and walks back over to see Jackson, leaving Elijah to consider his options.

Elijah and Hayley

In City Beneath The Sea, in the bayou Elijah is looking up for Hayley and Hope, he is attacked for Jackson and the wolves, when he is about to attack Jackson, Jackson says to him that he can't kill him because Hayley will hate him and then he will lose her forever. Elijah glares at him until he senses Hayley approaching them with Hope, Hayley says to him that he shouldn't be there, he says to her that they have a new plan to protect Hope, Elijah, who has been glaring at Jackson this entire time, finally turns so he can face Hayley, then he says that he only needs a vial of Hope's blood. Hayley looks back at Jackson, who doesn't seem to like this plan, but after a moment, Hayley turns back to Elijah and nods again, she agrees in give to him Hope's blood and say that she is trusting him, Elijah says that when they know Hope is safe, she can return to where she belongs, with her family. Jackson becomes even more unhappy upon hearing this statement, and continues to glare at Elijah. Later Hayley leaves a voice message to Elijah telling him goodbye because she is leaving with Hope and she decide to abandon the Mikaelson family for their safety, Elijah is clearly hurt for her decision.

In Ashes to Ashes,

Hayley and Elijah

It's full moon and Elijah is waiting outside in Hayley's old shack in the Bayou when after a moment, Hayley, naked and slightly dirty in her human form, comes to join him. He hands her a robe, and she puts it on before giving Elijah a big hug. She stares him and asks him how is Hope, he says that she's safe and well, according to Freya. He hesitates for a moment, he touch her face and hair with his hand and promises to her that by whatever means necessary, he will release her from the curse. Hayley looks at him and tells him that she want to him to make her another promise, she says that she can't let Klaus be the only thing that Hope knows and that she need him to be there for her, because Hope needs him. Elijah seems conflicted, but Hayley looks so sad and determined that his face softens.

"I thought only of you. Every day, I fought for your return, and searching for a way. You were not forgotten."
Elijah to Hayley

Elijah, Hope and Hayley

In For the Next Millennium, in the bayou, where night has fallen and the full moon is bright in the sky. The cursed Crescent wolves transform into their human forms, allowing Hayley to meet up with Elijah and Hope, Elijah gives Hope to Hayley and she immediately pulls Hope into her arms and embraces her, happy to see her daughter. Elijah is still mad with Klaus for what he did to Hayley, they discuss and Elijah says that he will not forgive to him for that.

Elijah is worried for Hayley after her discover that hunters are hunting wolf where Hayley is, he starts to looking up for her but she doesn't appear. Later it's showed that Hayley is trapped with a spell done by Davina who need her help.

In You Hung the Moon, Elijah is still looking for Hayley, after finding Jackson alive, both of them start to look for her.

Elijah-Jackson-Hayley and Hope 3x2.png

Later, Elijah finds Hayley fighting with Klaus in his house, he tries to stop the fight but they continue it, then when Hope appears, they finally stop the fight.After the fight ends, Elijah offers to Hayley a apartment for her, Hope and Jackson near to the Mikaelson house, she accepts and decides not to invite Klaus.

Hayley and Elijah

Later, Hayley is in her room packing her things, Elijah arrives, he gently knocks on the door as he stands in the threshold. He seems to sense that she's in trouble and looks at her with concern, he asks to her if she is okay, she says that she is fine and invites him to come in. Elijah walks into the room, and Hayley returns to packing turning her back to him, they start to talk and Elijah holds out his hand, which has a set of keys on a key ring hanging from his index finger, telling her that they will be very comfortable. Hayley turns to him, and her eyes widen in appreciation when she sees that he got her and Jackson a new apartment, she gives thanks to him for that. She paused for a moment, and they stand awkwardly until Hayley continues, she remembers the day when she was in the bonfire, she say that in that moment she thought that everything will be okay with Hope and the family, and that for the first time she was happy, she says that she hates klaus for taking that away from her.

TO302 2600Elijah-Hayley.jpg
Elijah, not knowing what to say, pulls out a red velvet jewelry box and hands it to Hayley, he says that those belong to her, he recovered them after her turned, that box contains her wedding rings with Jackson. Elijah turns and walks toward the door, but before he leaves, he stops, though he's too self-conscious to face her, he emotionally says to her that he thought only of her, that every day, he fought for her return, searching for a way. He loses his nerve, and heads for the door, making only one last statement before he leaves, he says that she were not forgotten. Once Elijah is gone, Hayley pauses for a moment, visibly affected by his words.

Elijah and Hayley

In A Walk on the Wild Side, Elijah is in the middle of his own workout at the new gym Marcel has set up at St. Anne's church, when he turns around, he sees that Hayley has entered the room with a small card in her hands. She addresses him with a mocking tone, she ask to him if need to talk about something because he seems to be mad, Elijah pulls out a towel and uses it to blot the sweat from his face. When he doesn't respond, Hayley reads the black invitation in her hands aloud to him, it's a invitation by Tristan. She waves the invitation in the air and gives Elijah a look as he walks over to pluck the invite out of her hands to read it for himself, Elijah continues to skim the invitation, which reads in full "You are cordially invited to an evening of exquisite excess. The Davilla Estate, 7041 St. Charles Avenue. Midnight," along with Tristan's personal note at the end that Hayley read aloud, Elijah says to her that it isn't of her concern, Elijah starts to walk past Hayley, but she grabs him by the arm and stops him, Hayley says that it is, Hayley then vamp-speeds them both over to the cage, where she pins him to the chain-link wall by the throat, she says that he need to cut the protective macho crap and tell her what's going on because she is part of the family too, Elijah, who looks surprised by her tenacity, spins them so he is now pinning Hayley against the wall by her wrists and ask her what do she want to know.

Normal TO304 0422ElijahHayleyFreya.jpg
Later, Freya and Klaus are talking in the compound when an annoyed Hayley and an amused Elijah walk into the room to join them, they start to talk about the prophecy, Hayley says that she wants to meet the witch who told them about the prophecy at that night, she is going to attend with Elijah to the Tristan's invitation.

Hayley and Elijah

Hayley is in Rebekah's old room at the compound, where she's searching through a stack of clothes she's laid out on her bed for an outfit for The Strix's party and muttering to herself under her breath. Hayley is searching a Rebekah's dress, Just then, Elijah enters the room from behind her and smiles. He's already dressed in his tuxedo, though his bow-tie is still hanging loose and untied around his neck, he says "May I?", he searches through the pile of dresses until he finds a bright red taffeta gown with open shoulders and hands it to Hayley, who smiles sheepishly as she ducks into the attached bathroom to change into it, Elijah tries to avert his eyes while she gets dressed until she finally comes out in the dress, which fits her perfectly, he sees her with admiration, he says that he take it that her husband is fine with tonight's little adventure, Hayley looks uncomfortable as she smooths out the skirt of her dress, she says to him that Jackson's cool because he knows that she can handle herself. Elijah gives her a significant look because he is not talking about that, she says that she knows about what he means. Both of them look awkward for a long moment until Hayley changes the subject, she asks what exactly she is walking into tonight and Elijah mocking says, that only the most dangerous and influential congregation of vampires the world has ever known.

Normal TO304 0969ElijahHayley.jpg
Hayley and Elijah arrive to the party and stop in the doorway as they take in the environment. Their arrival seems to have generated a lot of attention, as many of the guests are staring at Elijah curiously, which unnerves Hayley. She asks why are they all staring at him and he says that is because he is kind of a big deal around there. Hayley's eyes widen in realization as they head toward the bar across the room. She asks to him if all them are part of his sireline, Elijah tells her that most of them and tells her a bit of their story.

Elijah and Hayley 3x14.gif
Hayley and Elijah are dancing together in the middle of the ballroom while they talk, Hayley asks where is Tristan, Elijah gets distracted by the sight of Marcel with Aya across the ballroom before he can reply. Hayley, seeing the concerned look on his face, frowns. She asks what is wrong, Marcel turns his head and realizes that not only are Elijah and Hayley there, but Elijah is staring at him. Marcel looks over at Aya with a tense expression, Hayley asks to Elijah, what is Marcel doing there and he says that it's not a party but an initiation. Just then, a row of caterers with trays of champagne flutes walk into the room and tap their glasses with butter knives to get the attention of the party as Tristan, dressed in a fine suit, makes his arrival to the gathering known, the initiation for Marcel had started, Marcel looks down at his hand and realizes that his daylight ring has vanished from his right middle finger. He frowns worriedly, not knowing what to expect. While Hayley suddenly turns to Elijah and say quietly in his ear, Hayley looks shocked and worried at this sudden turn of events. But Elijah hold back her arm in a comforting manner while keeping his eyes on Tristan, as if telling her to wait and see what happens next.

Hayley, Elijah and Tristan

After the break, Elijah and Hayley are once again standing at the bar and discussing these newest developments. She says that those vampires are ancient and asks to Elijah how is Marcel supposed to beat one of them. Just then, Tristan appears behind them to join their conversation, he turns to address Hayley personally. Tristan takes her had and kisses it gently, but Hayley not impressed, jerks her hand away after a moment, though it doesn't seem to faze him. Tristan turns to address Elijah next, they start to talk about Marcel, then, Tristan holds out his hand in an invitation to dance, and both Hayley and Elijah look wary about it, which Tristan notices, Tristan says that it's just a dance, Tristan looks at Elijah pointedly, Hayley and Elijah look at each other for a long moment before Hayley sighs and drinks the rest of her champagne before setting her glass on the bar, rolling her eyes while her back is turned to Tristan. Elijah smiles with fake politeness at Tristan, Elijah gives his permission, Hayley reluctantly takes Tristan's offered hand and allows him to lead her onto the dance floor, where they begin to dance together, Elijah looks concerned. Later in the initiation of Marcel, Hayley and Elijah are present, Hayley helps to Marcel to win.

Elijah, Alexis and Hayley

Later in the compound, Lucien, Freya, Klaus, Elijah and Hayley are with Alexis, the seer, she want to show to Elijah and Hayley the prophecy, Alexis holds her wrist out to Hayley, who sits down next to her on the couch.Lucien stands to his feet and allows Elijah to take his seat next to Alexis so he can see the vision as well, and she holds out her other wrist to him. Hayley and Elijah look at each other warily before they each bite into Alexis' offered wrists and begin to feed, then lexis' nose has begun to bleed, and Hayley quickly stops feeding on her, looking at the blood on her hands in fright. Suddenly, Elijah throws up all the blood he had just drunk onto the floor, and Hayley looks sick as well as she tries to keep herself from throwing up as well, Hayley says that something is wrong, Elijah looks up at the others with terror in his eyes, Alexis had been poisoned.

Hayley and Elijah talking

In the morning, Elijah has just returned home and is standing on the balcony outside his bedroom, which looks across the street to the Kenner apartment. After a moment, Hayley walks out onto her own balcony which faces him. Like Elijah, Hayley is still in her gown from the party, and both look exhausted as they begin to speak to each other. Though they're talking at normal volume, their vampire hearing allows them to hear each other perfectly. She says that she finally got Hope to sleep, she also says that she will have to explain that family to Hope someday and that she will not lie to her, Hayley says that she will start her story with "Always and forever", Elijah smiles at her for those words. They start to talk about Tristan and his relationship with Aurora, his sister, Elijah says that his devotion to her is absolutely pathological and that it's dangerous, Hayley says that loyalty doesn't make people dangerous, Elijah gulps nervously and watches as Hayley turns and walks back into her apartment.

In Beautiful Mistake, due to Rebekah being in danger, Elijah and Hayley are racing against the clock to handle the Strix. While Elijah takes care of business elsewhere, Hayley and Marcel are tasked with torturing one of the Strix's oldest vampires, Shen Min. Without any luck, Hayley is forced to call Elijah for help. Elijah gladly comes to their aid and the three are still unsuccessful in torturing and interrogating the ancient warrior. After hours of questioning the Strix's needs for Rebekah's body, Shen Min refuses to be at the mercy of Elijah, Marcel, and Hayley any longer and he commits suicide by taking off his daylight ringing and burning in the sun.

In Out of the Easy, Elijah and Hayley spend Thanksgiving together. However, the entire gathering goes south after a violent argument between the de Martel family and the Mikaelson family. This all happens after an agreement between the de Martel's and the Mikaelson's fall flat. This happens when Aurora spitefully mentions that she is holding Rebekah's body at the bottom of the ocean. Hayley assists the Mikaelson family by helping Freya and Klaus capture Tristan de Martel as leverage against Aurora.

In The Other Girl in New Orleans, at Hayley's insistence, she helps Elijah and Freya interrogate Tristan to try and find information out about the Strix's secrets and plans for the Mikaelson family. Especially since the sirelines are in danger, Elijah is more than curious to try and pry the information out of Tristan, no matter what the consequences of what happens to Tristan. Elijah even allows Hayley to bite Tristan and try to torture the information out of Tristan, but this doesn't work and Tristan escapes when Marcel, Aya and the Strix bust him out of the Mikaelson Compound. Later, Marcel promises to give Elijah any future information regarding the Strix's plans and secrets now that Marcel was in the upper hierarchy of the Strix's details.

Hayley later comes home to her husband and Hope Mikaelson celebrating Thanksgiving with Mary Dumas. Jackson begins to question her about her loyalties, which Hayley argues back saying that their safety was her number one concern that night. Jackson however argues that Hayley seems to be devoted to the Mikaelsons when ever they need help, which upsets Jackson being he is her husband. Jackson later leaves Hayley and a hope due to Hayley's decisions to continue to assist the Mikaelsons, especially when Elijah is concerned.

In Savior, to make it up to Jackson, Hayley attempts to spend Christmas with her immediate family (Jackson, Hope, and Mary Dumas). However, Jackson's organizes a Christmas with the Mikaelson family as well and surprises Hayley. While Hayley is entering the Mikaelson Compound, she shares a long look with Elijah and she silently smiles at him in appreciation. Elijah smiles back and the two begin to mingle within their families. They both enjoy Christmas together as a family.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, when Hayley is left to suffer the consequences of Tristan's revenge plan, Elijah retaliates against the de Martel's, along with Freya, in a risky, but successful plan. When Tristan brutally kills Jackson in front of Hayley, Hayley is left devastated and feeling hopeless. Elijah continues to comfort her as she remains silent about her husband's death for the sake of the rest of the Mikaelsons to execute their plans against Tristan and the Strix. Meanwhile, a newly-in-transition-Camille O'Connell assists the Mikaelsons by playing as Aurora to lure Tristan into a magical trap. When Tristan is trapped in a shipping container, he is forced to say last goodbyes to Hayley before he is to suffer an eternity of drowning as a vampire. Elijah stands protectively behind Hayley as she walks up to the entrance of the shipping container. Elijah stays silent with pity for her as Hayley bitterly tells Tristan that she hopes that he remembers her face for all time as he drowns alone for eternity. Tristan glares at them before Elijah lets Hayley shut the container door on Tristan. Elijah continues to watch over her as the rest of the Mikaelsons make sure that Tristan is taken care of.

In Wild at Heart, Elijah and Klaus discuss and argue about what they are to do with Cami's new status as a vampire and her unpredictably new personality. Hayley surprises the brothers by emerging from a room. Elijah notices how tired and depressed she looks, due to mourning over Jackson, and shows pity for her. Hayley tells them that she was the last person who saw Cami before she left the Mikaelson Compound with Klaus' toy from centuries ago (which holds White Oak Ash that could kill the Originals). Elijah and Klaus are slightly pleased when she updates them on Cami's whereabouts. Hayley then asks them if she could stay with Hope in the Mikaelson Compound for a few days. Hayley explains that the apartment reminds her too much of Jackson before his death and Elijah gladly welcomes her back to the Compound.

In Dead Angels, Hayley enters a room where Elijah is in and they begin to discuss Cami's whereabouts. Elijah tells Hayley to let Klaus worry about Cami and that they should focus on the problems dealing with the Strix. Elijah then mentions Aya and Hayley immediately suggests they kill her. Elijah argues against that offer and Hayley wonders why, but Hayley immediately figures out that Elijah and Aya had "a thing" centuries ago. Hayley reacts disgusted and jealously to this information and Elijah begins to tell her about his past with Aya, which is shown as a flashback. Elijah also admits that he was forced to abandon her and the newly-formed Strix being Mikael, his father, was chasing him and the Mikaelsons down at the time. After Elijah tells Hayley his story with Aya, Hayley grumpily asks him what he plans to do in order to distract Aya. Though not immediately revealed, Elijah distracted Aya by trying to reclaim his right as leader to the Strix, which Aya was his opponent against.

In A Streetcar Named Desire, due to a plan by the Strix's witches that leave Elijah and Klaus trapped, Freya enlists the help of Hayley (and Stefan Salvatore). In order to save Elijah and Klaus, Hayley allies herself with Stefan in order to fetch Aurora de Martel's body for a spell. Hayley and Stefan fight off whoever is protecting Aurora and they successfully capture who is needed for Freya to conduct a spell to save Elijah and Klaus from being trapped in another realm of reality with the de Martel siblings. Freya later successfully brings Elijah and Klaus out of a mind-trapped world, also known as Representational Magic.

In An Old Friend Calls, Marcel confronts Elijah about members of the Strix going missing and Elijah claims that he has no idea what is happening to them. Later, Elijah discovers that Hayley is the one killing dozens of Strix members. Hayley explains that killing certain members of the Strix (also only the members who organized Jackson's death) was from her and that was her way of coping with Jackson's death. She also explained to Elijah that she felt like she owed Jackson to find the ones responsible for his death. Shortly afterwards, Marcel confronts them both and Elijah lies to Marcel about not finding out who was killing the Strix members yet. Although unsaid, Hayley was grateful to Elijah for covering for her and they later burn the completed hitlist in the Mikaelson Compound's fireplace. This was Hayley's way of burning out the last of her plots for vengeance against those responsible for Jackson's death. During this moment, Hayley admits her love to Elijah, but she promises not to pursue him in respect for Jackson. Elijah says nothing while she finally confesses her love for him, but visually, Elijah is distraught and heartbroken as Hayley leaves the room to pack Hope's things.

Later, Hayley is seen in a car with Klaus and their baby, Hope. Hayley mentions that she has nothing left in New Orleans, which most likely references to Elijah and Hayley's relationship and Jackson's death. Klaus, also recently rejected by Cami, explains that they have more things in common than they realize, which may reference to their very complicated love lives. Elijah watches Hayley leave with Klaus and Hope and Freya remarks that the Compound is going to be silent for awhile. Elijah gruffly agrees as he walks back inside the Compound after Hayley's car is out of sight.

In Alone with Everybody, Elijah and Hayley do not interact in this episode. However, Klaus teases Hayley by asking her why she was so willing to run away with him and Hope. Hayley becomes annoyed when Klaus teases her by asking her if she couldn't take giving Elijah anymore "doe-eyed looks," as Klaus put in. Hayley just reacts in an annoyed manner at Klaus bringing up her complicated relationship with Elijah.

In Behind the Black Horizon, Elijah and Hayley reunite when they were in the middle of trying to save Finn Mikaelson's life from dying from a lethal Beast bite. Hayley is forced to watch silently as Elijah tearfully shares a goodbye with Finn, along with the rest of the Mikaelson siblings.

In No More Heartbreaks, Elijah and Hayley decide to band together in order to find an antidote to Cami's infection. Cami was dying from a Beast bite from Lucien Castle's new lethal bite, as an Upgraded Original Vampire. The two share a tense moment due to their complicated relationship status as they try to find Cami an antidote. Hayley is upset that people keep dying on her, she mentions Jackson among those people she lost. However, Elijah comforts her and reassures her that they are doing whatever they can to fight those who oppose them and the rest of the Mikaelson family. However, this is unsuccessful and they are forced to wait until Cami dies.

In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Klaus attempts to convince Hayley to go after Elijah. Hayley refuses to acknowledge her feelings for him in honor of Jackson still. Klaus however argues that Jackson was a part of Hayley's life, but is now gone and she should move on. At the end of this episode, Hayley comforts Elijah after they both survive the ordeal with killing Lucien Castle.

In Give 'Em Hell Kid, Elijah comes back to the Mikaelson Compound completely distraught. When Hayley questions what is wrong, Elijah falls to his knees and begs Hayley to forgive him in tears before even telling her what happened. After pushing him to tell her what is wrong, Elijah admits to killing Marcel Gerard and says that there was no other way to save him. Hayley says nothing as Elijah cries in Hayley's arms. Hayley finally comforts him and even shares a kiss with him at the end of their scene.

In The Bloody Crown, Elijah and Hayley finally decide to be together. They are seen waking up together in bed after a night of passion after they decide to be together. Not shortly after this, Marcel storms the Mikaelson Compound with all of Klaus' sires seeking revenge against the Mikaelson family. Elijah and Kol get caught in the crossfire and both are dying of Marcel's Beast-blood. Hayley sticks with Hope in another apartment as she comforts Elijah and helps Freya take care of Kol as Freya works tirelessly to find cures for Elijah and Kol. When all hope fails, Freya conducts a spell that sends the Mikaelson family into a slumber, connected to Klaus' life force. Elijah will stay in a coffin while his mind is stuck in a peaceful world with his siblings. Hayley is tasked with taking care of the Mikaelson siblings' bodies and Hope as she drives them all away from New Orleans to search for cures for them all.

In Gather Up the Killers,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In No Quarter,

In Haunter of Ruins,

In Keepers of the House,

In I Hear You Knocking,

In Bag of Cobras,

In Voodoo in My Blood,

In Queen Death,

In Phantomesque,

In Voodoo Child,

In The Feast of All Sinners, Rebekah makes Elijah notice that if Kol doesn't show up in time for the ritual, Hayley will have to take his place, which means that Elijah will have to part ways with her as well. Elijah refuses to let this happen not because of his relationship with Hayley, which he is willing to sacrifice for Hope, but because Klaus, Hayley and Hope must remain together. Later, Elijah tries to apologize to Hayley for what happened inside Freya's pendant. He tells her that even if he can't stop being who he is, he also can't stop loving her, and he asks her what she wants him to do. Hayley replies that she needs him to bring Hope home. After Hope has been successfully brought back in the Abattoir, Hayley decides to talk to Elijah before it's too late. She tells him that what happened in the pendant doesn't take away what they had but Elijah interrupts her saying that he knows that their love story is over. He also tells her that they were doomed and that the best thing he can do for her is disappear. Then they kiss. After the ritual, they briefly look at each other and then Elijah leaves, knowing that he will never see her again.

In What, Will, I, Have, Left, Elijah and Hayley have a brief reunion just outside New Orleans. With his memories gone, Elijah was positive he needed to protect Antoinette Sienna’s adoptive brother from Klaus and the rest of his former family, which included Hayley. When Elijah showed up to the house that Hayley’s werewolf side was binded in, he briefly glanced at her before rushing to save an incapacitated Roman. Hayley, while being held at the throat by Greta Sienna, whispered Elijah’s name in hopes he would help her and Hope get away from the Sienna’s. However, she shortly realized that Elijah did not remember Hayley and was not going to help her out. Hayley decided her sacrifice herself to save Hope and Klaus, and killed Greta in the process, by vamp-speeding into the sunlight, which burnt Hayley and Greta to death. Elijah watched, with Klaus watching too and nearly in tears, as Hayley’s body burned in the sunlight. Although Elijah does not regret saving Roman for his new fiancée and losing Hayley in the process, he still looked perplexed as Hayley’s body burned. In The Kindness of Strangers, Elijah finally regained all his memories and was very shocked, guilt-ridden and devastated upon remembering Hayley's death, falling to his knees and crying uncontrollably. He later visited Hayley's grave during sunrise and was visibly saddened. In Til the Day I Die,