The purpose of my life, my unrelenting desire, has always been your redemption.
Elijah to Klaus

The relationship between the two half-brothers Elijah and Klaus has frequently changed between being best friends to enemies and back again, due to Klaus constantly daggering his half-siblings. Elijah and Klaus finally begin to repair their brotherly bonds during the third season of The Vampire Diaries. In The Originals, their relationship swings from partners in crime to enemies, usually based on Klaus' mood. Upon returning to New Orleans, Klaus saw his relationship with Elijah as a weakness that could be exploited by his enemies, and often took out his frustrations on Elijah as a result. However, Elijah, unlike Rebekah, is unwilling to give up on Klaus and insists that the only moment he will stop looking for his half-brother's redemption is when Elijah believes there is no chance left of his redemption to be found.

In the first season of The Originals, it was shown that while Klaus cared for his half-brother, he was willing to dagger him in order to regain his title of king of New Orleans, and even went so far as to bite him when Elijah and Hayley falsely accused him of planning to use his child to sire more hybrids.

In the second season of The Originals, Klaus and Elijah's relationship has improved greatly, as the strife they had dealt with involving the witches (led by Genevieve) and the Guerrera werewolves, in addition to being forced to send away Klaus' daughter Hope, had caused the half-brothers to start trusting each other more and generally treating each other better.

Unfortunately, in the end of the second season, their relationship becomes worse than ever, when Elijah daggered Klaus and allowed Hayley to try and take Hope away from him, in retaliation Klaus kills his half-brother's girlfriend Gia, and daggered Elijah with Papa Tunde's Blade, their relationship becomes estranged/broken after this, as they both want nothing to do with each other any more.

By the end of the third season, they reconcile. Early in the fifth season their relationship has become strained again due to Elijah's erased memories and Hayley's death, however, at the end of the Til the Day I Die; they reconcile again.


The Middle Ages

Elijah was the third eldest of seven children born to Mikael and Esther. Though Elijah and Klaus' oldest sister, Freya, was lost when she and Finn were very young, the remaining six children were very close when they were growing up. Elijah taught his younger brother Niklaus how to hunt with a bow and arrow. One day, they were hunting a doe but Niklaus missed his shot. Despite Elijah's assurance that his aim was improving with practice, Mikael arrived and berated his second eldest son for encouraging what he believed to be Klaus' failures. Belittling his middle son, Mikael began beating Niklaus in order to 'make him strong,' Elijah tried to intervene, but Mikael threatened to beat him as well if he interfered, leaving Elijah unable to do anything but watch as his brother is mercilessly beaten by his father. 

Elijah and Niklaus

Years later, Elijah and Klaus were once in love with a local girl named Tatia, even despite the fact that she had a child with her husband who died in battle. Both of them fought for her affections, but she couldn't decide which one she wanted to be with. She finally made up her mind and she chose to be with Elijah, a love triangle that paralleled the relationships that Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert each had with the Salvatore brothers. They later learned that Tatia was a Petrova doppelgänger, descended from Amara, and that her blood was used to both bind the curse that suppressed Klaus' werewolf side, as well as to bind the spell that made Mikael and his children into vampires.

One day, during the Middle Ages, while they were still human, the brothers were sword fighting each other, each of them very skilled, though Elijah appeared to be better at holding his ground. When their younger siblings, Rebekah and Henrik, ran over to watch them fight, Elijah joked that they were coming to watch him win, so the brothers continued sparring until Klaus finally overpowered Elijah and cut off his belt. Esther and Mikael, their parents, walked towards them as Klaus laughed in glee at his victory, although he was later scolded and humiliated by his father for "fighting for fun."

Elijah and Niklaus and Rebekah.

After their father, Elijah, Klaus, and the rest of their siblings were turned into Original vampires, their family burned the white oak tree that was used in the spell to the ground, as it was the only object on earth which could kill them.

After Esther's death, Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah made a pact that they would stick together for life, "always and forever."

Southern France, 1002

Klaus and Elijah with Lucien

After fleeing from Mikael, the siblings stuck together, feeding when they had to while trying to remain hidden from their father. Elijah took up a strong leadership role and stressed that they stick to their vows of remaining together always and forever. One day, after killing a caravan of nobles in fine clothing, they thought about taking the clothes and posing as their victims so they could finally stop running and settle in one place. When they discovered a servant of a nearby castle, Lucien, was hiding from them and had overheard their thoughts, he offered to help them with their ruse. Klaus put it to a vote to stop his siblings from senselessly bickering over what to do with him. While Elijah voted to kill him in order to protect their presence from Mikael, Klaus had the tie-breaking vote to let Lucien live.

Klaus and Elijah present Rebekah to the count

With Lucien's help, they infiltrated the castle and pretended to be nobles. Elijah and Klaus shared concerns in putting their faith in a stranger but Lucien proved to be of use when he introduced them to Count de Martel. Elijah and Klaus played to the count's personality; Elijah complimenting the count and saying how they could learn much from him while Klaus played on his love of hunting. After nearly being caught, the siblings were welcomed into the count's court.

Italy, 1114

Klaus and Elijah in Italy.

During their time in Italy, Elijah and Klaus watched a vampire hunter release a vampire from his cage in public in broad daylight in front of a sizable crowd. Once the vampire was released, he immediately burned up in the sunlight, while the hunter explained to the crowd about the danger of vampire-kind. Elijah seemed to believe that the hunter put on a good show, but Klaus was not impressed, and claimed that he was nothing and that he could kill him himself for sport. Elijah and Klaus grew more curious about the new vampire hunter when he started to become fond of Rebekah, their sister. They got to know him better over time, and learned that his name was Alexander. One night, Alexander was over for dinner, and Elijah, who had been watching him closely, said that he was curious to learn more about his order and their cause, Alexander revealed that he and some other members were initiated into their order by a dying witch to rid the world of vampires.

The three siblings had a dinner party for a hunter.

Klaus asked what they needed to do to succeed in that task, so Alexander explained that they had a secret weapon to destroy them. While the brothers were mildly concerned about how the word of vampires was spreading across the lands, they believed themselves to be safe from suspicion, thanks to their daylight rings. However, later that night, Alexander and his brothers made a move against the Originals by daggering them all with an enchanted silver dagger dipped in the ash of the burned down White Oak tree. Fortunately for them, the dagger didn't work on Klaus, because he is half werewolf, so he was left unharmed and able to kill the hunters before undaggering his siblings (except for Finn, whom he left daggered, because as Klaus believed Finn was judgmental and didn't like him.)


According to Elijah's journal entries, he had begun noticing Rebekah and Klaus losing their humanity more and more each day. However, Elijah hoped, as their eldest brother, that he could lead them down the right path to reclaiming their humanity and carry on their family legacy. But, he believed that, should he fail, their family legacy would fall in ruins.

England, 1492

Elijah and Klaus meet Katerina Petrova.

Over the centuries, Klaus was absolutely determined to unleash the werewolf side that laid dormant inside him. Elijah knew that Klaus breaking his hybrid curse would allow him to create his own hybrid race, which could endanger vampires as well as humans, but he loved his brother, and wanted to help him. One of Klaus' hobbies was recreating art and other cultural relics, so he and Elijah decided to create what looked like an old Aztec scroll that documented a made-up curse, called the Curse of the Sun and the Moon, which was supposedly cast by an Aztec shaman to both force werewolves to only change at the full moon, and to make vampires unable to walk in sunlight without being burned to death. The scroll described the ingredients needed to break the "curse", which were the same ingredients necessary to break Klaus' hybrid curse; the moonstone, a full moon, and the blood of a human Petrova Doppelgänger. Klaus and Elijah believed that if both vampires and werewolves thought there was a curse that, if broken, would make all their lives easier, that both species would all be looking for the moonstone and the doppelgänger. Once found, news would travel back to Klaus and Elijah, allowing them to step in and break Klaus' curse.

Elijah and Klaus discuss about the curse

Elijah and Klaus were noblemen in late 15th century England when they met Katherine Pierce, a guest of Trevor, who was a friend of Klaus and Elijah. Katerina was (presumably) the second Petrova doppelgänger, and was said to look exactly like Tatia. Klaus charmed Katerina, and knew that he needed to keep her close by to perform the ritual to break the curse. While waiting for the full moon, Elijah got to know Katerina better and though he claimed to not believe in love, he eventually fell for her. This love is what ultimately led Elijah to find a way to break the curse without permanently killing Katerina in the process. He found a witch who created an elixir which, if taken before the sacrifice, would resuscitate her afterwards, and tried to convince Klaus to let her take it before the ritual. Klaus viewed Elijah's love as a weakness, and stated simply that the sacrifice would go as planned, and that Katerina would die, because she was a human, and "human life means nothing." Unfortunately for Klaus, when Katerina learned that Klaus and Elijah were vampires, and wanted to kill her to break the curse, she ran away. Before she left, she took the moonstone that was to be used in the ritual, and fled from the castle with help from Trevor, who also had feelings for her. He led her to Rose's cottage, where she tricked Rose into turning her into a vampire so her blood would be useless for the ritual. As a result of Katerina's transformation, which went against the Mikaelson brothers, Katerina, Rose, and Trevor all were forced to run from Klaus and Elijah for 500 years. Klaus was furious when he found out that Katerina had run away, and blamed Elijah for telling her. Elijah promised to find her, but ultimately never did, and it is assumed that Klaus and Elijah were estranged for years afterward.


Having fled the Old World in order to escape Mikael's wrath, Elijah, along with Klaus and Rebekah, sailed back across the seas until the returned to the New World. They eventually made it to the Mississippi River and arrived in what had just become New Orleans. Upon arriving in the French Colony, they slaughtered all the men who boarded their ship, but leaving only one alive to question and carry their luggage, including the two coffins of their neutralized brothers, Kol and Finn. Elijah requested that man to find more help with the luggage and sarcastically added. "My sincere apologies".


In 1820, Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah were living in New Orleans at the Governor's mansion, and paid the Governor in gold to keep quiet about the existence of vampires. One day, the Governor threw a party for the Mikaelsons. Rebekah went upstairs with the Governor's son, Emil, who she was in love with and wanted to turn so they could be together. Elijah was seen kissing a Creole woman named Céleste, and was having fun with her when Rebekah came to him with Emil and asked Elijah if she could turn him, to which Elijah suggested it would be an unwise move to turn the Governor's only son into a vampire.

Klaus also rejected her request and told her that if she turned every boy with whom she fell in love, the human race would cease to exist. The boy then began to fight with Klaus for insulting Rebekah, so Klaus threw him down the stairs, despite Elijah and Rebekah's protests. While the siblings were attending Emil's burial, Klaus saw a young African-American boy being whipped by a slave master, who turned out to be the Governor's illegitimate son with one of his slaves. Klaus, who was reminded of his own abuse by his father, killed the man whipping the boy and came to the child's rescue. Klaus ultimately took him in and named him Marcellus, raising him in their family's compound. Elijah saw Klaus' kindness toward Marcellus and told his sister; "Perhaps there is hope for our brother after all'.


Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah all lived in New Orleans for centuries. Elijah mentioned that he and his siblings had many fun times in New Orleans and didn't want to leave. However, in the year 1919, after Mikael arrived, leaving countless bodies in his wake, they had no choice but to flee and hope they could evade him. Kol was daggered by Niklaus shortly after Elijah and his siblings fled New Orleans for reasons that have yet to be revealed. However, Elijah eventually broke apart from Klaus and Rebekah for unknown reasons.

In 1933, while in Rostock, Germany, Klaus reconnected with Elijah. They both met August Müller. Much like Klaus, August was an artist, but Klaus in particular criticized his art and philosophy. Elijah, however, had returned to Europe, bringing word to Klaus that rumors of Mikael were spreading all across Europe due to the ever growing werewolf massacres, which he came to look into. Klaus eventually learns that August was slaughtering the "beasts" as they were abominations that could kill vampires. Klaus's rage grew, has he too was part werewolf, unbeknownst to August, though Elijah quelled Klaus' rage before he could kill him. Klaus however, kills August but he spares the rest of his family, Greta, Antoinette, and Roman Sienna, ultimately shaming them.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Hello brother.

After some difficulties between Elena, Damon, Stefan and Elijah, Elijah eventually helped the Salvatore brothers form a plan to kill Klaus. Elijah learned from two witches, Jonas and Luka Martin, that a witch could channel the power of a site in Mystic Falls where over a hundred witches were murdered for practicing witchcraft to weaken or even kill Klaus. Bonnie Bennett was able to harness the power at a the witch burial ground, and was instructed by Elijah to use it to weaken Klaus to the brink of death, at which point he would step in and finish him off. This plan almost succeeded; Elijah appeared after Bonnie had weakened Klaus, surprising him, as Klaus thought that Elijah was still daggered at the Salvatore House.

Elijah and Klaus discuss meeting their family.

Elijah punched through Klaus' chest, grabbing his heart in his hand, and was about to rip it out when Klaus quickly revealed that he didn't bury their family at sea, as Elijah thought, and that if Elijah killed him, he would never find them. Desperate to see his siblings, Elijah decided at the last moment to save Klaus, grabbing him and fleeing at vampire speed before Bonnie could kill them both with her powers.

Klaus stabs Elijah.

In As I Lay Dying, Klaus woke up in the forest after his first transformation as a true hybrid, and was approached by Elijah, who informed him that he had been a wolf for two days, demonstrating that Klaus could indeed transform at will.

Elijah take his hand on Klaus neck before he is neutralized

Elijah then demanded to see their family, as part of their deal. Klaus taunted Elijah by saying that he did try to kill him, but that all was forgiven because now no one can kill him. They go to Alaric's apartment, where Klaus and his minions had been staying, where they find Katherine (Katerina) and Stefan. Stefan revealed to Klaus that he needed a cure for Damon, who was bitten by a werewolf. Stefan, knowing that Klaus had a reason to spare his life during the ritual, insisted that he was willing to do anything in return for the cure. Klaus tells them both that the

Klaus "reunites" Elijah with their family

would have to wait, as he first had to reunite Elijah with his family, as promised. But Klaus, still bitter from Elijah's attempt to kill him several days prior, daggered Elijah right in front of his guests. Elijah's body was later placed into a coffin and stored in a storage facility with the rest of his family, where Klaus muttered that Elijah has been reunited with his family, as promised.

In Our Town, Stefan, whose first move after Klaus gave him his freedom back was to steal all of the coffins containing Klaus' family members, ordered Klaus to remove his newly-turned hybrids from Mystic Falls. Klaus' hybrids were acting in part as bodyguards to protect Klaus, as well as doing his bidding out of loyalty to him, so naturally, Klaus refused. Stefan countered by threatening to throw Elijah's daggered body into the bottom of the ocean. Klaus believed that Stefan was bluffing, stating that he would be willing to lose a brother (when in reality he would be heartbroken), if Stefan was willing to lose his brother as well.

In The Ties That Bind, Klaus finally retrieved the coffins that contained his siblings from the witches' burial ground, where the spirits were hiding them. He returned home, but decided not wake them just yet due to unfinished business with the Salvatore brothers regarding the last remaining coffin that was still in the Salvatores' possession, Elijah suddenly appeared behind one of his hybrids, ripping the hybrid's heart out. As Elijah wiped his hands clean, he asked Klaus what he's missed.

Elijah and Klaus with Kol's coffin

In Bringing Out The Dead, Elijah noticed aloud that Klaus was surprised to see him, which suggested that Klaus wasn't the person who undaggered him. Elijah then proceeded to fight his brother in anger for being daggered in the first place. Klaus retaliated by taking the dagger from Kol's body and threatening to use it on Elijah, but Elijah merely states that if he did, he would have to deal with Kol, and encouraged him to feel free to do it if that is what he wanted. Klaus instead re-daggered Kol and admitted that he killed Mikael for good. Elijah was shocked, and asked why he still has not released his siblings from their coffins, now that they can finally live in peace, but Klaus insisted that they first need to kill Stefan Salvatore, before their family can be whole again.

Elijah surprises Klaus with dessert.

Later, Elijah and Klaus have a dinner party and invite the Salvatore brothers to come and make an agreement about Elena and the last remaining coffin. Elijah wonders how the doppelgänger (Elena) is doing, which then leads them to talk about Tatia, the first Petrova doppelgänger. Elijah explains that he and Klaus both loved her equally, despite the fact that she had a child by another man, and reveals that it was her blood that was used in their transformation into vampires and the spell that bound Klaus' werewolf aspect. When they tried to make a deal regarding Elena, Stefan declines Klaus' offer, and Klaus grabbed Stefan and holds his arm into the fireplace while Elijah took hold of Damon and kept him back. Klaus instructed Damon to go get Elena and the last coffin, and ordered Elijah to go with him to keep him honest. However, instead, Elijah went and undaggered their siblings, unbeknownst to Klaus, as he had made an earlier deal with Damon before they had their dinner.

Finn, Elijah, Rebekah and Kol.

When Elijah and Damon "returned," Elijah claimed he had brought dessert, and opened a tray to reveal a dagger laying inside. Just then, Klaus is attacked by Kol, Finn, and Rebekah, all of whom had just awoken from their dagger nap, and all of whom were wielding their daggers. Elijah told the Salvatore brothers to leave, as they had family business to attend to. Elijah then explained to Klaus that they would be a family again, but this time, it would be without him. It was then that Esther arrived, having just been released from her own enchanted coffin by Bonnie and Bonnie's mother, Abby. Klaus assumed that she came there to kill him, but she lied and claimed that she was there to forgive him and so they could be a family again.

The 3 Original brothers

In All My Children, Elijah found out about his mother's intention to use Elena's blood to link all of the Mikaelson siblings together, before then using a willing Finn to turn them all back into humans so they would all be killed when Esther killed Finn. When he learned the plan, he trapped Elena underground in a tomb with Rebekah watching over her while he went to warn Klaus and Kol, who were at the Grill. Unbeknownst to them, Alaric and Damon were also at the Grill, where they both had the intention of taking advantage of Esther's plan by having Alaric dagger Kol, which would neutralize all of the Mikaelson siblings except for Klaus. Since Klaus remained unharmed, he quickly realized what was happening. Klaus then undaggered Kol and they both left to find out where Esther and the Bennett witches were and what they were doing.

Elijah, Kol and Klaus against Esther and Finn

Elijah found the Salvatore brothers and forced them to tell him where the witches were by threatening to order his sister to kill Elena. Later Elijah, Klaus and Kol met up with their mother and brother Finn. They sneered that their brother Finn was a "sacrificial lamb," but Finn retorted that they were monsters, and he was happy to die if it meant killing them. Esther was channeling the entire Bennett line of witches' power through Bonnie and Abby, so they only way that she could be stopped was if the line was broken. Stefan assumed Damon planned to kill Abby, but he really intended (and succeeded) in turning her into a vampire, which resulted in Abby losing her powers and connection to nature, and Esther losing the power she was channeling through the now-broken Bennett line. Finn and Esther, realizing their plan had been foiled, ran away before Klaus, Kol, and Elijah could retaliate and went into hiding while they came up with a new plan. Kol and Elijah ended up leaving Mystic Falls, while Rebekah and Klaus stayed behind.

In The Departed, Bonnie was successful in desiccating Klaus, and he was put in his own coffin and taken by the Salvatore brothers to hide. Elijah went to the Gilbert house to make a deal for Klaus' body: he said that as long as he got his brother, the remaining Mikaelson siblings would do Elena and her friends/family no harm. He also promised that they would leave town, and would not resuscitate Klaus in Elena's lifetime, or even her children's lifetimes. and said as long as he gets his brother, him and his sister and his other brother won't harm Elena; since Klaus had daggered them all multiple times, they were okay with leaving him in a similar state for a long length of time. Elena was skeptical, but Elijah stated that he and Klaus are brothers and needed to remain together; adding that Klaus' time being desiccated would hopefully teach him some manners.

Alaric was turned into an Original vampire by Esther in a last ditch effort to kill her children once and for all, and the transformation, in conjunction with his vampire-hating alter-ego as a result of the Gilbert ring, caused him to to become a strong vampire hunter like Mikael was. He eventually found Klaus' coffin and staked him with the indestructible White Oak stake, not knowing that Bonnie had secretly done a body-swap spell on him that put Klaus' essence in Tyler's body, preventing him from dying. In another stroke of luck, Alaric closed the coffin while Klaus was still burning, and his body ended up being in good enough condition to return his spirit to his body later.

In American Gothic, Elijah and Klaus conversed for the first time since All My Children, over the phone. Elijah told Klaus he had the cure and he would be returning to Mystic Falls, which Klaus seemed thrilled about, as Klaus wanted to discuss this matter "like family."

The Original siblings.

In Pictures of You, Klaus and Rebekah each tried to convince Elijah that they, and not the other, were most deserving of the cure. Elijah rules with allowing Rebekah the cure for her shot at happiness, much to Klaus' annoyance. He demands to know if Elijah is joking since he was fating him to an "eternity of torture" at Silas' hands, to which Elijah responds he had made his decision. Klaus, angry, snarls in Rebekah's ear before walking out.

Later on, Elijah gives Niklaus the White Oak Stake, proving that he has nothing to fear from Silas, as only the stake can kill him. Klaus bitterly responds Silas will continue to torment him, to which Elijah said he has survived torment over the centuries and will shake this; if not, he will have to outrun him. Klaus laughed at him, and refused to spare Katherine's life without the cure. Elijah replied that, as his only living brother, Klaus should give him this opportunity to love, yet Klaus remained unmoved, retorting that, as Elijah's only living brother, he will make it so Elijah will never know a minute of happiness. The two stand in silence for a moment before Elijah pushes away the stake Klaus taps on his chest, and rests a hand on his face telling him "it's such a hollow little life you lead." before leaving.

Elijah and Klaus.

In The Originals, Elijah followed his brother to New Orleans after hearing of a plot by Jane-Anne Deveraux to take down Klaus. When he arrived, he learns that Klaus was to become a father, which shocks him. Elijah first met with Klaus upon the gallery, where he urged him to join him, as he had learned the truth about who was conspiring against him. Elijah took him to a mausoleum where Jane-Anne's sister Sophie Deveraux and several other witches are waiting for them. Sophie admits to Klaus her plot to end Marcel's rule over the supernatural population of New Orleans by infiltrating his army. Klaus was unconvinced of her scheme until she revealed to him why he will want to help her. She then brought out Hayley Marshall, a werewolf with whom he had a one-night-stand several weeks earlier, and revealed to him that she was pregnant with his child. Klaus was clearly in shock and disbelief until Elijah repeated that she was carrying his child and that the witches were telling the truth, and he urged Klaus to listen for her heartbeat.

Throughout The Originals Series

Klaus and Elijah meet in New Orleans.

In Always and Forever, Elijah went to New Orleans to find out who was plotting against Klaus, with the plan to then, in his own words, "either help them or stop them, depending on (his) mood". Elijah was in a bar talking to the bartender, Camille, about his brother and his behavior, before asking where he could find the people plotting against his brother. Elijah learned from a witch named Sophie Deveraux that a werewolf named Hayley was pregnant with Klaus' child. Elijah tried to get Hayley to understand Klaus more, so he showed her some of his memories of Klaus and their early life in the Middle Ages through his vampire mind-control abilities. Elijah then found Klaus and brought him Lafayette Cemetery where Sophie was waiting with several members of her coven. Elijah and Sophie explained everything to Klaus after he was reintroduced to Hayley in the cemetery and learned about his baby. Klaus at first did not want anything to do with Hayley or the baby.

Klaus and Elijah argue about Hayley and his child.

Elijah promised Hayley and the witches that he will fix this situation, so he talked with Klaus and tried to convince him that Hayley and his child could be what they need to rebuild their family and home together. However, Klaus still rejected Elijah's pleas and walked away. Elijah later appeared and Klaus becomes angry that Elijah continued his attempt to save Hayley and his child. It then takes a physical fight between Klaus and Elijah to make Klaus accept Hayley and the baby. Klaus brings up the fact that he hadn't cared for anything for centuries and asks him why he does, Elijah responded with, "Because I failed you. The moment our father laid a hand on you, I should have struck him dead, and I made a promise to you always and forever family above all". Klaus retorted that Elijah was a "sentimental fool", but Elijah then replied to him, "Who's the fool? The one who tries to make our family whole, or the coward who only sees the world through his own fears?".

Elijah and Klaus planning to take down Marcel.

Elijah and Klaus later meet at a bench downtown and discuss the potential power in the city and his child. Klaus then reluctantly agreed to make the deal with Sophie, hoping that they could make New Orleans their home again. Elijah then brought Hayley to the new Mikaelson Mansion, where he informed her that she is now their family, and promises to always protect her. Klaus then interrupted them, and requested that he and Elijah and Klaus go somewhere private to discuss how to destroy Marcel's empire. Once there, Klaus then suddenly daggered Elijah and whispers, "Forgive me, my brother. There is no power in love. Mercy makes you weak. Family makes you weak. If I'm going to do this, I have to do this alone". Klaus then bartered Elijah's daggered body to Marcel to get him to trust Klaus again, since Marcel and his vampires were feeling threatened by the presence of two Original vampires in town.

Klaus and Elijah.

In Sinners and Saints, Elijah, now awake from his dagger nap of several months, interrupted a fight between Marcel and Klaus, knocking Marcel to the ground just as he had launched himself at Klaus. He advised Marcel that if anyone was going to teach his brother a lesson, it would be himself. They both returned to the Mikaelson Mansion, where Elijah receives a warm welcome from his sister, who joked about Elijah killing Klaus. Elijah later called everyone for a meeting, where he then admitted the truth he had learned about the witches and why the Originals were brought to New Orleans, a story which he learned from Davina. "Everything that brought us here to New Orleans was a lie. This story that Sophie Deveraux fabricated, this struggle for control of the French Quarter, this war between vampires and witches, wasn't over territory at all. This was over Davina." Elijah then explained to them that eight months prior to their arrival, Sophie and her sister lost Jane-Anne's daughter in the Harvest, and then, four months later, when Hayley appeared in New Orleans, all hope was restored in the form of a werewolf pregnant with Klaus' child. Elijah informed his siblings and Hayley that Sophie's intention was to get the Originals on their team, so they could take out Marcel while the witches quietly worked on finishing the Harvest. He also reminded them that Sophie would be willing to do anything to resurrect her niece and save her coven from losing their magical powers back by killing Davina to finish the Harvest, which that made her more dangerous than anyone.

Klaus and Elijah.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Klaus continued to get Elijah to forgive him for daggering him, but Elijah refused to forgive him until he showed some personal growth. They later worked together to find Sophie, in order to find out what the witches had done to Hayley. After the link between Hayley and Sophie was broken, Elijah went to find Klaus, who was interrogating Agnes with Father Kieran. Just as Klaus was about to kill Agnes, Elijah interrupted and told Klaus if he wanted him to forgive him, then he would let Agnes go. Klaus reluctantly agreed, and let Agnes live. Elijah then killed Agnes and the three witches who helped her, since he promised Sophie that Agnes would not die by his brother's hands, but said nothing about his own. This seemed to genuinely please Klaus, and the relationship between the brothers seemed, for a time, mended. In protecting Hayley and the at the time unknown Hope, the two brothers adopted each others' traits, seemingly balancing them out better. Klaus adopted Elijah's restraint, becoming less violent and Elijah adopted Klaus' ruthlessness, stopping at nothing, including exploiting loopholes to protect his family, including killing. When Elijah arrived home later on, he searched around for Hayley. Unable to find her, he called Rebekah, who was on her way out of town, and asked if she was with her. Klaus then appeared behind him, demanding to know where Hayley was, and realizing that Marcel was there at the plantation house.

In Bloodletting, Klaus and Elijah arrived at The Abattoir's courtyard, where they witnessed Marcel's vampires fighting each other in order to obtain a daylight ring. They quickly made their presence known when Klaus snapped the neck of a vampire named Felicia. Marcel demands to know what they thought they were doing by invading his home, but Elijah responded by reminding him that it was their home, once, and threatening to kill them all if they don't give him information about Hayley's whereabouts.

Elijah, Klaus and Sabine trying to find Hayley.

The brothers moved outside the courtyard to wait until Marcel approached them. He told Elijah he preferred him inside his coffin before leading Sabine to them. Marcel then stated that he was granting them one locator spell from Sabine to find Hayley as a show of good faith that he had nothing to do with her disappearance. When Sabine cast her locator spell, she revealed that Hayley was taken to the Bayou, Klaus quipped that Elijah must be afraid of ruining his fancy shoes in the swamp, but Elijah simply retorts that the country air would likely do him well after his months of being cooped up in a coffin. They then set off towards the Bayou to search for Hayley. Klaus began to question Elijah about Hayley, and references how much Elijah seemed to admire her, before an annoyed Elijah suggested that Klaus wait in the car so they could avoid such conversations.

Elijah and Klaus argue.

Klaus made a comment to Elijah about how he seemed to touch a nerve before he stops suddenly. Elijah asked him if he caught Hayley's scent, but Klaus growled in response that it was actually the scent of someone he thought he was rid of - Tyler Lockwood, his first successful hybrid. Elijah immediately questioned why Tyler would come all the way to New Orleans, forcing Klaus to admit his history with Tyler: he turned Tyler into a hybrid, and when the pack of hybrids conspired against him to break their sire bonds to Klaus, he killed all of Tyler's pack mates and his mother. Elijah is frustrated by Klaus' actions and became angry when he pointed out that Klaus' actions could result in Tyler taking out his hate on Hayley and the baby. Klaus and Elijah then began to argue over Hayley, and a jealous Klaus told Elijah to "save her", before adding that he had already "sampled what she has to offer". Elijah became even more angry at Klaus' attitude, but before they can argue further, Klaus insisted that he would kill Tyler himself and left to find him.

After Elijah found Hayley, he brought her back to the shack deep into the Bayou where they met back up with Klaus. Klaus shoved the body of the dead hybrid that Tyler created with Hayley/the baby's blood off of the porch and demanded an explanation from Hayley, as the body appeared to be a hybrid, but not one that Klaus sired, which should be impossible. Hayley, angry and believing that Klaus knew the baby would be able to make hybrids all along, lunged toward Klaus and yelled, "As if you didn't know", but Elijah jumped in front of her to keep her back, while still protecting her from Klaus. Elijah then stepped in and explained what he learned, having heard it from Hayley earlier in the woods - that Tyler brought Hayley here to prove a theory, that the baby's blood could be used to sire more hybrids, and that Tyler believed it was Klaus' intention to create a hybrid army.

Klaus violently bites Elijah.

Klaus was clearly hurt and angry at the accusation, especially considering Elijah within reason chose to believe Hayley and Tyler over his own half-brother. Klaus began to pick up on Elijah's romantic feelings for Hayley, and yells, "How quickly you believe the worst, especially when it comes from her". However, Elijah was quick to defend them, reminding Klaus that he had not demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or the baby up until this point, aside from his own selfish desires, Elijah then mocks Klaus by impersonating him as he says Klaus' own words, "Every king needs an heir", Klaus retorted that he wasn't surprised that Elijah doubted his intentions, because standing next to the noble Elijah, he will always be "a liar, a manipulator, a bastard", in comparison. Elijah visibly begins to feel bad for how hard he was being on Klaus, but Klaus continued on, bringing up the fact that everyone, including Rebekah and Hayley, hangs onto his every word, and he has no doubt that his child will too. Elijah attempted to backtrack, but Klaus interrupted him and insisted that he would play the role he's been assigned, and turns to leave, confusing Hayley and Elijah for a moment. However, he suddenly turned back towards his half-brother and viciously bites him on the neck, before adding that the weakness, fever, and hallucinations from the hybrid bite is his parting gift for them, and deserting them both out in the Bayou.

Elijah and Hayley decided to stay inside Dwayne's now-abandoned shack while Elijah slowly heals from his hybrid bite. While there, Elijah admitted to Hayley that he was too quick to condemn Klaus, as they have all committed numerous terrible acts over the centuries.

In The River in Reverse, Elijah and Hayley were still in the shack, where Elijah was suffering from Klaus' bite. In the meantime, Klaus was still upset that Elijah accused him of using his unborn baby for his own gain.

Elijah was laying in the bed in the shack, with Hayley waiting at his bedside, when he began to hallucinate about his relationship with Celeste in the 1820s. In a flashback, Elijah comes into the bathroom while Celeste was taking a bath, and they bantered for a few moments before Celeste warned Elijah that Klaus was up to something, and that Elijah needed to do something about it, since Klaus only listens to him. When Elijah's hallucination briefly ended, he told Hayley that there are consequences for those who care for him, referencing Klaus' numerous instances of interference in Elijah's relationships throughout the centuries.

In the following flashback, Klaus was having duels with some of the men of New Orleans for sport, which angered Elijah, as Klaus' immortality and healing meant that the men who were Klaus' dueling partners would always lose and die. Elijah tried to intervene by reminding Klaus that the large amount of bodies piling up will cause suspicion, and eventually, word will travel over the seas to Mikael, who will ultimately return for them. Klaus urged Elijah to relax, and confessed that he had spread a rumor that the deaths were actually a result of the witches, who were seeking victims for their blood sacrifices to gain more power. Elijah became furious, as Celeste was one of those witches who were now in danger because of Klaus' rumor, but Klaus then mocked Elijah by asking him who Celeste is. This comment broke Elijah's patience, and he angrily grabbed the gun and shot Klaus in the chest with it. Klaus, still amused, then informed his eldest brother that he could see Elijah cares for Celeste, which was unfortunate for him, since the witches were being round up as they spoke.

Klaus tells Elijah about the rumor he spread.

Once Elijah had recovered from his hybrid bite, he and Hayley drove back to Mikaelson Mansion from the Bayou. They sat in the car for a moment before going inside, and Hayley eventually asked Elijah if he would show her how the story ended. Elijah puts his hand to Hayley's temple and gives her a vision of the last flashback; Elijah had just returned to the house, where he found Celeste drowned in her bathtub where he left her. Elijah begins to break down over Celeste's lifeless body and is overwhelmed with rage and grief. In the present, Hayley insisted that Celeste's death was Klaus' fault, not Elijah's, but Elijah argued that it was his fault, because he abandoned Klaus by letting Celeste consume his every moment. He put his happiness first and Celeste paid the price for that choice. Hayley didn't understand why Elijah was so intent to fix his family when it's so clear that a part of was is broken, but Elijah replied that if something is broken, that means it can be fixed. He then insisted that his one goal is Klaus' salvation before he left the car to return to the house, leaving Hayley to sit on the porch while the Mikaelson siblings talk.

Once inside, he walked into the foyer to find Klaus threatening Rebekah with a dagger, forcing him to intervene to protect Rebekah. Klaus pointed out that maybe he should dagger Elijah instead, because Klaus believed that he was trying to steal his unborn baby's affection with every moment he shared with Hayley. Klaus became upset and angrily admitted that he was sure that his child would grow up to call Elijah father instead of Klaus. Rebekah argued that Klaus should know by now, after all of these centuries, that his half-siblings have never abandoned him - they've just been driven away by him and his behavior. Klaus then asked her what he had done lately to do that, aside from cooperating with them while trying to regain control over New Orleans. He conceded that he couldn't make excuses for his past sins, but for this one moment, when, for once, Klaus was telling the truth about what he was accused of doing, they could have chosen to stand by his side and to believe his intentions towards his child were pure. Instead, they assumed the worst of him and decided to side with his enemies. He then informed them that he was going back to their home, and stated that they could both stay at the plantation and rot. Before he left, he handed the remaining dagger to Elijah, leaving him and Rebekah confused and sad.

In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Hayley asked Elijah and Rebekah to help protect her family in the Bayou after Klaus decided to try to win his new vampire army over by giving the vampires permission to hunt and kill the werewolves, in hopes that they would trust he had no plans to make hybrids. Elijah and Rebekah reluctantly agreed to help her, since Klaus had her under house arrest at the compound, and while they were out in the Bayou, they met a werewolf named Cary. Elijah noticed that Cary was wearing a ring on a necklace around his neck that once belonged to their mother, Esther.

Klaus tells Elijah he has had enough of family.

When Rebekah and Elijah returned to the plantation house, they found Klaus waiting for them there, clearly angry because they interfered with his plan to kill all the werewolves. Elijah showed Klaus the ring he found Cary wearing and reminded him that it was a ring their mother used to wear long ago. He continued on to tell Klaus that Cary had told Elijah about a legend about their werewolf clan, where long ago, a chief of theirs had fathered a son with a very powerful witch.

Their legend stated that this son was something they had never before seen, as he had been turned in to something both werewolf and vampire. Klaus, realizing that the ring used to be his biological father, and that some of the werewolves who had come to the Bayou to see Hayley and the baby were actually his biological relatives, broke into a little smile. However, he quickly covered it up when Elijah asked Klaus to come home, and coldly asked him what home he means. Klaus then angrily called Elijah a pathetic excuse for family, which clearly hurt Elijah.

Klaus coldly brushed off his Elijah's attempt to make amends with him and refused to forgive him, believing that Elijah was not truly sorry for believing Tyler's lies over his half-brother and for falsely accusing him of only caring about his unborn child as far as his plan to use her to sire more hybrids. Klaus then reminded him that he took back the entire city and their original Mikaelson Compound is now his home again. Elijah couldn't understand how Klaus could say that while he was holding the mother of his child as a prisoner, which only angered Klaus more. Klaus retorted that, once again, it all comes down to the pretty little wolf and added that even if the ring is what Elijah claimed, that he's had enough of family to last him a lifetime, before he left.

Back at the compound, Elijah apologized to Klaus for falsely accusing him of using his unborn child for his own gain, though he did add that Klaus doesn't make it easy for people to love him. Klaus, secretly thrilled to reconcile with his half-brother, pointed out that, even so, Elijah still wanted to try, and admitted that if Elijah and Rebekah were ready, they are both welcome to join him in their family home. They both smiled, and Klaus finally forgave Elijah.

In The Casket Girls, Hayley stated that Elijah and Klaus had just barely made up after their last fight, and, despite her obvious feelings for Elijah, she suggested that the two of them should avoid doing anything that might set Klaus off again.

Later, Elijah and Klaus disagreed on how to deal with Davina's escape from the compound. Elijah did not want her to be harmed under any circumstances, both because he was fond of her and because she was just a child who was scared. However, Klaus, on the other hand, was angry that she would turn on them, and decided that if she wouldn't fight on their side, she needed to be killed, arguing that because she was such a powerful witch, she was a danger to their family. Elijah didn't trust Klaus not to kill Davina, so he and Marcel came up with a plan of their own; Marcel returned to the church and found Sabine, who had illegally done magic to cast a protection spell on herself before she went after Davina so the witches could finish the Harvest. Marcel gave her a choice: she could be punished by death for breaking his rule against practicing witchcraft, or she could cast a protection spell over Davina. Sabine chose the latter, which ultimately saved Davina from being killed from the water she drank that was poisoned by Klaus.

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Davina's powerful magical abilities began going out of control as it grew closer and closer to when the Reaping was supposed to be completed. Klaus and Elijah worked together with Rebekah, Hayley, and Sophie to complete the Harvest before Davina's out of control magic (which manifested as earthquakes, severe wind storms, flooding, and wildfires) destroyed New Orleans. When their original plan to consecrate Celeste's bones so that Sophie could channel her magic to become an Elder failed, Elijah came up with a back-up plan-- Sophie would consecrate Esther's remains on property owned by Hayley (acting as a proxy for the baby, who had yet to be born), which would make Esther a New Orleans witch, and would also allow Sophie to become an Elder, as Elders were the only witches who could complete the Harvest ritual. Klaus compliments Elijah on his genius plan, and all of the Mikaelsons, including Hayley, were present to consecrate Esther's remains in the backyard of the plantation house. They all then moved to Lafayette Cemetery, where Sophie completed the Harvest ritual. However, though the ritual was successful, the four Harvest girls (Davina, Monique Deveraux, Cassie, and Abigail) didn't wake up from their peaceful limbo, and both Elijah and Klaus seemed visibly saddened by this unforeseen turn of events.

In Dance Back from the Grave, in a flashback, Elijah and Klaus demonstrated how they worked together when they were running New Orleans in 1919; they both met with a mob family of werewolves known as the Guerrera werewolf clan. They made a deal where the Guerreras would be the public face of the docks in New Orleans, while Elijah and Klaus were secretly in charge behind the scenes; in return for the Guerreras being the public leaders so that Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah could avoid arousing Mikael's attention, the Mikaelsons would allow the Guerreras to smuggle alcohol into the city, which had recently just made Prohibition into law. However, their meeting was interrupted by a powerful witch named Papa Tunde, who had just arrived in town recently and assumed leadership of the French Quarter witch coven.

In the present day, unbeknownst to the Mikaelsons and their allies, Sabine (possessed by the spirit of Celeste) had hijacked the Harvest ritual's magic power and used it to resurrect three previously deceased witches: Papa Tunde, Genevieve, and Bastianna Natale. Papa Tunde then began his plan to gain power by sacrificing multiple vampires, including Rebekah; though, as an Original, she wasn't killed-- she was simply neutralized and acted as an endless power source for Papa Tunde's magic. At home, Hayley voiced her disappointment that it took a great supernatural crisis for Elijah to talk to her, as he was still angry from going behind his back to help Sophie find Celeste's remains. He stated that even the smallest interaction between them seemed to agitate Klaus, so he thought it best to keep his distance. However, when Rebekah was revealed to be in trouble, Hayley accompanied Elijah on his rescue mission anyway. Later that night, after Rebekah was rescued, Elijah saw Hayley while at a meeting at the compound. She seemed to be looking for him, but he resisted his urge to go after her in an effort not to start another fight with Klaus.

Elijah takes charge of the vampires.

In Crescent City, Celeste began her plan to enact vengeance on the Mikaelsons by forcing Elijah to choose between the people he loves; he could either save Klaus, Rebekah or Hayley. Knowing that the witches possessed nothing that could kill an Original vampire or hybrid, he ultimately decided to save Hayley, as she was the most vulnerable and also pregnant. Unfortunately, this decision resulted in Klaus being stabbed with Papa Tunde's blade, which caused him unspeakable pain, while Rebekah was attacked by a pack of werewolves and taken hostage by Genevieve and Celeste. Later, when Elijah returned to the Mikaelson compound, he took charge of the vampires in Klaus' absence and ordered Marcel and all of the vampires to help him track down Klaus and Rebekah, vowing to kill all of the witches who dared to hurt his family.

Elijah stabs Klaus with Papa Tunde's blade.

In Long Way Back From Hell, Elijah continued to try to track down where his slblings were being held. He eventually went to Lafayette Cemetery to find Sophie, only to find that the witches were holding a funeral for her. Monique scolded him for crashing their ceremony for her aunt (though she did not mention that she was the one who killed her) and, when Elijah asked her where Klaus and Rebekah are, Monique cast a spell on him that covered his body in tattoos of the names of female witches over the centuries. Before Monique asked him to leave, she said, "To find what you are looking for, follow the path she left behind." He then returned to the compound to enlist Hayley and Marcel's help in figuring out where Klaus and Rebekah were. Marcel explained that the tattoos were a spell called a Devinette, which is like a riddle-- once you figure out the answer, the tattoos disappear. Later on, when the puzzle is nearly solved, Marcel realized where Klaus and Rebekah were taken, and was forced to confess to Elijah that he and Rebekah betrayed Klaus in 1919 by bringing Mikael to town. This infuriated Elijah, as New Orleans was the only place their family could call home, and Mikael's return not only shattered that, but traumatized Klaus so severely that he lost any shred of humanity he had left.

Fearing what Klaus would do to Rebekah once he learned the truth, he and Marcel rushed to the sanatorium to rescue them before Klaus could figure it out. However, they arrived too late; Klaus had been shown everything through Genevieve's spell, which allowed him to see Rebekah's memories of betraying Klaus, and was about to stab Rebekah with Papa Tunde's blade. Elijah was able to intervene, but was forced to stab Klaus with the blade again instead, in order to give Rebekah and Marcel the opportunity to get a head start before Klaus could find them.

In Le Grand Guignol, Elijah called Cami to come over to the compound, where she watched as Elijah removed the cursed blade from Klaus' chest. He had business to attend to with regards to dealing with Celeste, so he asked Cami to watch over Klaus and allow him to drink from her, as she ingested vervain, which would help keep Klaus weakened enough that he wouldn't be able to go after Rebekah right away. Klaus promises to make Elijah pay, though Elijah remained fazed from the threat.

In Farewell to Storyville, Klaus was furious that Elijah was protecting Rebekah, given that she betrayed both of them by summoning Mikael to their home. Elijah agreed with him that Rebekah had done wrong by setting Mikael after them, but admitted that he could understand why she would feel so desperate that she needed to call the one person who could actually pose a threat to him. Elijah tried to protect Rebekah, and at one point managed to gain possession of both the white oak stake and Papa Tunde's blade, but he was eventually overpowered by Klaus and stabbed in the abdomen with the blade. Klaus later violently removed the dagger and told Elijah they were even.

Klaus and Elijah talk about the future of New Orleans.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah was not happy with Klaus' relationship with Genevieve, as he blamed her for Rebekah being forced to leave New Orleans. He wanted Klaus to stop his ridiculous behavior (sleeping around with Genevieve and spending all day painting in his bedroom) and channel it into some action by actually leading the town over which he wanted to rule so badly. Klaus, still upset about his fight with Rebekah and Elijah, had no interest in doing so, so Elijah wondered aloud what would become of Klaus' daughter if it was so easy for Klaus to neglect his home. Klaus, offended, argued that he didn't want to help Elijah make the city whole again because it was too broken to mend.

Klaus and Elijah at the party.

Elijah, annoyed by his brother's petulant behavior, decided to take matters into his own hands and organized a summit with the for four of the five factions of New Orleans; the Originals, the vampires, the witches, and the humans. However, they struggle to come to an agreement that satisfied everyone, especially after the werewolves learn that they were excluded and send Hayley to negotiate. Elijah updates Klaus on the newest developments, and he suggests to Elijah that he should throw a party to unite the factions. Despite Klaus' disinterest in the peace treaty, he did attend the party. Later that evening, it was revealed that Klaus had a plan to undermine Elijah's peace treaty which involved making a deal with Jackson (on behalf of the Crescent werewolves) to create "moonlight rings," the werewolf equivalent of a daylight ring for vampires, which he believed his mother created a spell to make. Meanwhile, Elijah eventually succeeded in making a peace treaty with all the factions after Hayley gave an inspiring speech to the attendees of the party; however, Klaus had no doubt that the treaty would eventually fail, though he did ultimately sign the treaty with his brother.

In The Big Uneasy, Klaus and Elijah had an argument downstairs in the courtyard of the compound when Klaus learns that Elijah has elected to have renovations done, citing the fact that Marcel and his vampires had let it fall into disrepair. Klaus tried to talk Elijah down, but Genevieve surprisingly took Elijah's side and said that the house could use some updating, though she quickly added that she had a request to make of the brothers-- she was told that the witches had to stop celebrating feast days when Marcel banned the use of magic, and now that Marcel was no longer in control, and a new peace treaty had been put in place, she wanted the Mikaelsons to host La Fête de Bênédictions, or the Feast of Blessings, for the witch faction. After a discussion between Klaus and Elijah, the brothers decided that it would be the only way to prove to the witches that they intend to uphold the treaty, and reluctantly agree to host the party. Elijah met with the leaders of the vampires, the werewolves, and the humans to get them to agree to attend the party in solidarity to the treaty, while Klaus worked behind Elijah's back with the werewolves to continue their plan to create moonlight rings.

Unbeknownst to both Klaus and Elijah, Genevieve was plotting to steal Esther's grimoire from the compound while the Mikaelsons were gone, knowing that the coven and the Ancestors would be calling for her to sacrifice herself to allow the coven access to the full power of the Harvest if she didn't provide the coven with something in exchange for her life. However, Klaus knew she would be trying to steal it, and caught the witch she sent to take it before he could even touch it. The party was ultimately ruined by Marcel and Thierry's plan, which involved compelling a drum band to crash the party and slit their wrists, which stirred up the vampires' bloodlust so much that they were unable to resist feeding on all the drummers, as well as many of the human and witch attendees. Klaus and Elijah were so furious that Marcel would so blatantly disregard their rules that Elijah rushed over to Marcel's hide-out and ripped Thierry's heart out, knowing that Klaus would never forgive him if he killed Marcel, and also knowing killing Thierry would ultimately be more painful for Marcel.

At the end of the night, Klaus and Elijah had a discussion in the study about Klaus' secret side deal with the werewolves, which ultimately turned into a fight; Elijah felt betrayed that Klaus would go behind his back after he had worked so hard to unite the supernatural community, and was hurt that Klaus would so casually disavow their 1,000+ years of brotherhood. Klaus, on the other hand, believed that the werewolves were just as much his family as Elijah was, and thought Elijah would appreciate what he was doing, since helping his father's pack also meant helping the Crescents, and, by proxy, Hayley and the baby. Elijah became furious when Klaus questioned his loyalty to Hayley and the child, and insisted that while he has always put Klaus' happiness first, he would no longer deny the feelings he had for Hayley, nor would he allow anything to get in the way of what he wanted.

Klaus and Elijah disagree on empowering the werewolves.

In An Unblinking Death, Klaus was searching in the study for Esther's grimoire, and when he couldn't find it, he suspected that Elijah hid it from him. Elijah then admitted that he did indeed hide the grimoire from him, once he suspected that Klaus' sudden interest in the spellbook had something to do with his business with the Crescent Wolf Clan. Klaus responded that he thought Elijah would understand that he is simply trying to help the wolves, to which Elijah sarcastically replied that his efforts were very noble of him. Klaus asked Elijah if he had ever considered the possibility that Klaus wanted to keep Hayley safe just as much as Elijah, and reminded him that if the werewolves are empowered, they are capable of protecting her. Elijah pointed out that while that could be true, if the wolves then try to seek retribution against the vampires for their exile, then Hayley and the baby will find themselves in the middle of an uprising. He insisted that he refused to allow Klaus to turn New Orleans in a war zone, but Klaus argues that the drums of war were there long before they came back to town and suggested that Elijah talk a bit less and listen more.

Klaus and Elijah toast to their victory.

At the end of the episode, Klaus asked Elijah if he was willing to give up his doomed treaty, since first, Marcel started a massacre at the feast, and then the werewolves' encampment in the Bayou had been bombed so severely that many werewolves died, and even more were severely injured. Knowing in his heart that the treaty wasn't working, Elijah gave Klaus their mother's grimoire, and admitted he'll need it if he really wants to help the wolves. Klaus guessed that he has Hayley to thank for Elijah's change of heart, but Elijah conceded that the rifts between the factions of the city run deeper than he originally thought. Elijah then added that if he must choose a side, that it will always be with his family. Elijah then toasts with Klaus on their victory, as the brothers once again reconnect to fight as a team.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus and Elijah both revealed that they had been dreaming of their father the past few days. They later discovered this was due to the destruction of the Other Side as a result of the events happening in Mystic Falls. Klaus and Elijah began to worry about Hayley and the baby when Hayley falls unconscious during Father Kieran's funeral procession due to the hex Monique cast on her to kill the baby, believing she was acting on the Ancestors' orders. Klaus wanted to deliver the baby as quickly as possible, as he didn't want to lose the baby in case Hayley couldn't be revived, but Elijah insisted that they couldn't lose Hayley or the baby. Hayley finally awakened when Genevieve managed to reverse the spell that Monique had cast on her, much to Klaus and Elijah's relief. Later that night, Klaus showed Hayley a nursery that he had set up for the baby, and he assured Hayley that he and Elijah would like her to live with them, so that the baby could grow up in a home surrounded by her family.

In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus and Elijah battled Marcel and his vampires in the compound's courtyard, before eventually splitting up. Klaus went after Marcel downtown, where they fought in the streets, but Klaus eventually succumbed to Genevieve's spell and became weakened, allowing Marcel, who had just been bitten by Klaus, to run away and return to the compound to check on the rest of the vampires. Elijah fought off the rest of Marcel's vampires, killing some with stakes they had brought to neutralize him, and disabling others temporarily by snapping their necks. After Elijah successfully fought off all of them, Francesca turned up with her brothers and revealed that they weren't actually the humans they claimed to be, but instead, newly-triggered Guerrera werewolves who had been hiding their true species for generations. Empowered with the moonlight stones that Genevieve had just created with Klaus' blood, they attacked and bit Elijah to keep him from interfering before they began attacking all of Marcel's vampires. It wasn't until later that both Klaus and Elijah learned that Francesca had given the witches Hayley in exchange for the moonlight stones that were meant from the Crescent wolves.

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Hayley and Klaus' daughter was born after Hayley had a placental abruption as a result of struggling against her witch captors. Klaus, still weakened from the moonlight rings that drained his power on the full moon, was overpowered by the witches when he came to rescue her, and was forced to watch as Monique slit Hayley's throat right after the birth. Elijah, still delirious from his werewolf bites, found Klaus in the church afterward, with Hayley's dead body cradled in Klaus' lap. Both half-brothers were devastated over Hayley's death, and Elijah angrily blamed Klaus and his greed for all of the events that have unfolded over the past few days. Klaus, hurting just as much as his brother, insisted to Elijah that they could still save the baby before the witches sacrificed her. In their search for the baby, Elijah expressed his heartbreak over Hayley's death. Later on in their journey through the witches' illusions in the cemetery, Klaus and Elijah were shocked when Hayley ultimately up at the cemetery in transition; she had died with the baby's blood still in her system and now she was transitioning into a hybrid. Desperate to save the baby, and knowing that Hayley would die if she didn't drink the baby's blood to complete the transition, Elijah, Klaus and Hayley battled the witches in order to save Hope. Right before Monique was about to sacrifice the baby, Marcel arrived at killed Monique with the Devil's Star. After the last battle, Klaus and Hayley ultimately made the decision to send Hope away for her safety, though Elijah initially disagreed, as he believed she would be hunted. They eventually came up with a plan to fake Hope's death in order to keep her safe. Elijah asked Klaus who could protect Hope better than themselves, and Klaus responded that there was one person who could. Klaus instructed Elijah and Hayley to take their mourning public to keep up the ruse while he left to smuggle Hope out of town. Klaus then met Rebekah in an isolated area, where he gave Hope to her to raise until they knew it was safe to be reunited with her parents.

In Rebirth, it is revealed that they have been living in the dark for months after the battles that took place in New Orleans. Elijah is worried for Klaus due to his greatly diminished strength. To help, he had spent the last several months finding the location of the moonlight rings, to destory the cause that kept Klaus weak on the full moons. With the rings destoryed, Klaus laments how his greed and desire for power lead to the situation being as bad as it was. In Alive and Kicking, they discuss what to do with Hayley. In Every Mother's Son, Klaus and Elijah discover that their mother, Esther, is possessing the body of the Harvest Girl, Cassie. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Esther makes Klaus see Elijah as a vision. Klaus gets Elijah from the cemetery, and takes him home to his bed. In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Elijah is still suffering from his visions since Esther started torturing him, Klaus finds a cure to help him. Elijah finally wakes up. Klaus tells Elijah he met his father and he had to kill him. Elijah says he's been having nightmares since Esther's torture. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Elijah and Klaus have brunch with Kol and Finn at the Mikaelson Compound. As they all talk about Esther and Rebekah. Finn threatens Rebekah. Elijah loses his temper and attacks Finn before feeding on him. Klaus saves Finn by grabbing Elijah. As Elijah and Klaus talk about Rebekah and Hope. Elijah gets a phone call from a panicked Rebekah. She tells Elijah that Esther found her and Hope and they are on the run. Klaus overhearing the phone call tells Rebekah where to go. Although Klaus wants to see his daughter. Elijah leaves to help Rebekah and Hope. While Klaus deals with Kol and Finn. In The Map of Moments, In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, After Camille arrives at the safe house. Klaus tells Camille that Elijah has been dealing with some side effects since Esther's torture. Elijah feels uncomfortable as Klaus tells Camille this. Sometime later Elijah calls Klaus and tells him Rebekah isn't in the body she chose. Klaus tells him to stay at the safe house and he will take care of it. Later that night Elijah and Klaus talk again over the phone. Klaus tells him he is doing what he can to help find Rebekah. And he tells Elijah to stay and protect Hope at the safe house. In Brotherhood of the Damned, While on an astral plane. Elijah realizes if he can prove he's not 'The Noble Stag'. So Finn is not suspicious of their real secret which is Hope being alive. Elijah tells Klaus he was the one who killed Tatia (albeit by accident), not Esther, Klaus though very angry forgives Elijah for this, after this they return to their bodies. In Sanctuary, They had no interaction, they talk over the phone about Hayley and Jackson's wedding. Elijah asks Klaus if they can trust Jackson. On keeping Hope safe. In The Devil is Damned, They had no interaction, but Klaus calls Elijah to warn him that Finn is on his way to the safe house. In I Love You, Goodbye, They attend Hayley and Jackson's wedding. After the wedding Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah go to Lafayette Cemetery. To comfort and say goodbye to Kol who is dying from being hexed. Davina tries to use her magic to save him. It doesn't work. Kol dies on Rebekah's lap. In They All Asked For You, They meet their long lost older sister Freya. She shows them a flashback of Dahlia taking her away from their mother as a child. In Save My Soul, In Exquisite Corpse, They both become the anchors to a spell to get Rebekah's soul back from deep inside of Eva. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, They fight against Dahlia. Elijah allows Klaus to feed from him. In When the Levee Breaks, Elijah and Klaus try to work together with Freya to protect Hope. Unfortunately they have different ideas to protect Hope. After Klaus was accused of killing Aiden, Elijah tells Hayley and Jackson to leave with Hope. When Klaus finds this out from Elijah, they fight. Klaus restrains Elijah, commenting on how his hybrid status makes him undefeatable to him, Elijah catches him off-guard and uses the golden dagger. After Klaus is neutralized, Elijah starts to cry. In City Beneath The Sea, They had no interaction, but Elijah refused to un-dagger Klaus, even after finding out that Klaus is innocent from Camille, that he did not kill Aiden, unknown to Elijah, Dahlia used her magic to un-dagger Klaus, he turns against Elijah, because he daggered him, as well as the fact that he allowed Hayley to try to take Hope away from Klaus. In Fire with Fire, Elijah discovers that Klaus has been un-daggered and despite his composure, internally, he panics. As Elijah and Rebekah struggle to figure out how Klaus had managed to release himself from the gold dagger - Freya explains that it was Dahlia's doing and that it was part of her plan; that she had killed Aiden, hoping that the blame would fall on Klaus and cause the family to divide so as to win his loyalty and willingness to support her cause. Elijah refuses to believe this allegiance - even after Freya coldly points out that it was Hayley who was trying to take their daughter away from him this time - not Dahlia - Elijah claims Dahlia to be the true enemy. Elijah finds out the hard way that Freya had been right. This revelation comes about when he tries to kill Dahlia with a weapon with the ability to mortally wound her, however, Klaus comes out of nowhere and stops him, throwing him to the balcony. Elijah believes Dahlia is controlling Klaus and begs him to fight her control, however, Klaus corrects him, stating that Dahlia only used her magic to pull out the dagger he stuck in his heart. The half-brothers then engage in a violent battle. At first, Elijah has the advantage, however, Klaus soon gets the upper-hand and overpowers Elijah, he grabs Elijah by the throat and Elijah pleads with him to see that Dahlia will take everything away from them. Klaus counters by reminding him that he is the one who tried to take everything when he broke his vow. Klaus then ventures to take something valuable from Elijah - in doing so he forces Elijah to the balcony railing, Klaus wanted his revenge for daggering him and for allowing Hayley to try to take Hope away from him - where he sees his girlfriend Gia, he realizes that Klaus has compelled her. Klaus orders Gia to take off her daylight ring and Elijah screams in horror as he tries to save his girlfriend, but Klaus has immobilized him long enough to watch as his lover burns to death. Following this horrific event, Elijah is enraged and devastated by Gia's death. Klaus mocks him, by saying, "You seem vexed, brother. Wait until you see what I've got in store for Hayley". Elijah then attacks Klaus, causing the two of them to fall down the stairs. Klaus quickly recovers, and Elijah displays his vampire face, Klaus then go his half-brother into attacking by saying, "Is that a hint of the fabled beast behind the red door? Come on, brother. Let him out to play". then Elijah attacks him and Klaus stabs him with Papa Tunde's Blade, reminding Elijah that he should know better that to attack him in anger, claiming "for my anger is unending". A few hours later Camille stabs Elijah to get it out. She tells him that Klaus got inside her head and that this was all a trick. Elijah thinks Camille has lost her mind and that Klaus has lost his. She tells him that Klaus needs to make his behavior seem convincing so as to gain Dahlia's trust in order for him to use the knowledge he had recently gained to end her. In Ashes to Ashes, Elijah is furious when Klaus ruins his plan to take down Dahlia once and for all. According to Camille (based on what she had learned from Klaus), however, his plan was destined to fail anyway, as he had procured the wrong ingredients to kill Dahlia. Elijah is even more enraged when he learns from Marcel, that his half-brother had the Crescent Curse reactivated, condemning Hayley to the body of a beast (a wolf). Elijah later learns (off-screen) from Camille that the witch Dahlia loves the most, is not Freya, but her sister Esther, their mother, and although he is greatly reluctant to help Klaus, he realizes he has no choice but to do so in the hope of defeating their heinous aunt. When Klaus comes face-to-face with Elijah tensions rise and Klaus calls his half-brother out on his hypocritical nature - falsely stating that if Elijah had listened to him, he would not have had to force his half-brother to be a pawn in his plans. Ignoring the fact that Klaus's original plan would not have worked, cause he didn't know they needed Esther's blood until after he got daggered. He further states the following; "We're no strangers to disagreements on the battlefield, but we also have a very long history of doing whatever it takes to win the war" to which Elijah highlighting what Klaus did to Gia and Hayley. While Klaus states that they were collateral damage - much to Elijah's fury. At this point it is already clear that their relationship is estranged and neither considers the other an ally or friend. After Dahlia is defeated once and for all, Klaus celebrates his victory over his late aunt with Rebekah - Elijah arrives at a later time but from their brief acknowledgement and limited interaction with one another in the face of their recent triumph - it is evident that neither Elijah nor Klaus feels any inclination to mend the fragments of their torn relationship; well Elijah wants nothing to do with Klaus anymore, for constantly driving his family away. Klaus feels no guilt or remorse what he did to Elijah do to his role; daggered Klaus and he allowed Hayley to try to take Hope away from him.

In For the Next Millennium, six months have passed, however, the half-brothers still have not forgiven each other for there actions, Elijah refuses to speak to Klaus, Klaus on the other hand only speaks to Elijah to antagonize him. In You Hung the Moon, Elijah falsely accuses Klaus of having something to do with Hayley's disappearance, he responds by being sarcastic, Elijah, ask him again, what does he know about Hayley's disappearance, Klaus tells him in about the vision Lucien showd him about their family's downfall, he becomes concerned, he tells Jackson stay at the Abattoir with Hope, as he and Klaus, will deal with Lucien, however, Klaus refuses to leave his daughter with Jackson, he also refuses to help Elijah find out the whereabouts of Hayley, Klaus threatens Jackson, telling him if he finds out this is another scheme with Hayley, he will kill him without hesitation, Elijah shocked that what happened to Hayley doesn't frighten him, he than states that one day Hope will know the kind of person you are and no one will take you daughter away from you, she will be you of our own free will. Elijah becomes horrified when he sees Klaus is in a confrontation with Hayley, when Klaus refuses to allow Hope the live with Hayley and Jackson in apartment across the road from Klaus, since the flat is under Jackson's name, that Klaus won't be allowed in, Elijah states he created the problem and this might be the solution, Klaus gives Elijah a cold look. In I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans, In A Walk on the Wild Side, In The Axeman's Letter, Klaus learns from Aurora that Elijah (accidentally) compelled her, as she unwillingly told him the truth about Klaus killing there mother, and he told her to stay away from Klaus, Elijah realized about the compulsion but he did not undo it, as it was his way of getting revenge on Klaus for Esther's death, Klaus becomes enraged by this he confronts Elijah and gets in a violent confrontation with him, Klaus partly blames his half-brother for what he became later in life, Elijah tries to justify what he did to Klaus and Aurora to as to protect his half-brother and there family, to no success, after this, they end their alliance. In Beautiful Mistake, In Out of the Easy, In The Other Girl in New Orleans, In Savior, In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, In Wild at Heart, In Dead Angels, In Heart Shaped Box, In A Streetcar Named Desire, In An Old Friend Calls, In Alone with Everybody, In Behind the Black Horizon, In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, In Where Nothing Stays Buried, In Give 'Em Hell Kid, In The Bloody Crown,

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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In No Quarter, despite the fact that Freya has not yet made enough anti-venoms for the Upgraded Original Vampire's venom, Elijah decides to rescue Klaus from Marcel, as he suffered enough on behalf of their family, Elijah faces off against his former adopted nephew, distracting him long enough for Freya to free Klaus, just as Marcel is getting ready to bite Elijah and affect him with his venom again, Klaus, after being freed, stabs Marcel with Papa Tunde's blade, saving Elijah's life, after being five years apart, the half-brothers are happy to be see each other again. In Haunter of Ruins, In Keepers of the House, In I Hear You Knocking, In Bag of Cobras, In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, In Voodoo in My Blood, In Queen Death, In Phantomesque, In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, In Voodoo Child, In The Feast of All Sinners, Rebekah tells Elijah that without him Klaus will go mad. Later, Klaus traps the followers of The Hollow in St. Anne's Church with a dark object, and Elijah burns them alive while his brother is watching him. Then, before the ritual begins, Klaus talks to Elijah in private. Klaus tells Elijah that he has always been the keeper of their bond and because of that, he will be the one to suffer the most from their separation. Klaus also begs Elijah to leave him to his fate because if Elijah comes to his rescue it will only serve to aid their enemies, endangering Hope in the process. Elijah gives his word to Klaus. Then they hug. After the ritual Elijah asks Marcel to make him forget his family, and then he goes to Manosque, in France. Klaus meets him again in a pub, where he finds Elijah playing the piano. Klaus puts a hundred dollar bill in Elijah's tipping cup, they briefly look at each other and then Klaus leaves.

"I would write... Dear Diary"

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The Vampire Diaries

Elijah: Katerina is from Bulgaria.
Klaus: Do you mind, brother? I would like to have a moment alone with her.
Elijah: No, not at all. Happy birthday, brother.

Elijah: Oh, look. A roman parchment.
Klaus: I remember etching this scroll. I was quite blistered from drink.
Elijah: Your finest work remains your Aztec drawings.
Klaus: Not the African carvings? Because I was quite proud of those.
Elijah: The Aztec. Who can resist a shaman?
Klaus: Ha-ha-ha. Oh, yes.

Klaus: The full moon is tomorrow, brother. After all these centuries, it is finally time.
Elijah: I have been to see the witches. They believe they may found a way to spare the doppelgänger.
Klaus: What does it matter if she lives or not? She is a means to an end. That is all.
Elijah: What, she should die for your gain?
Klaus: She is human. Her life means nothing.
Elijah: I beg you to consider this.
Klaus: Are you so foolish as to care for her?
Elijah: Of course not.
Klaus: Love is a vampire's greatest weakness. And we are not weak, Elijah. We do not feel and we do not care.
Elijah: We did once.
Klaus: Too many lifetimes ago to matter. Tell the witches not to bother- The sacrifice will happen as planned.
-- Klaus

Klaus: What have you done?
Elijah: I don't understand.
Klaus: Katerina is gone. She has fled.
Elijah: No.
Klaus: What did you tell her?
Elijah: I told her nothing.
Klaus: (Klaus punches Elijah to the wall) Do not lie to me.
Elijah: I will find her. You have my word.
Klaus: If you do not, I give you my word. You will be dead.
-- Klaus

Klaus: You did try to kill me.
Elijah: I could have. But I didn't.
-- As I Lay Dying:

Elijah: "So, Niklaus.."
Klaus: "Elijah."
Elijah: "What did I miss?"
-- The Ties That Bind.

Elijah: "You looked surprised to see me, so it wasn't you that removed the dagger from my chest."
Klaus: "You look like you could do with a drink. And we have a lot to discuss, so shall we?"
Elijah: (Elijah attacks him; Klaus flies through a window)
Klaus: "Easy. I just finished renovating. You know you have every right to be mad at me. But I kept my word, I reunited you with our family."
Elijah: (Elijah attacks him again, Klaus undaggers Kol and threatens Elijah with the dagger)
Klaus: "Don`t make me do this to you again Elijah!"
Elijah: "Go on. Use it. I dare you. Then you'll have Kol to deal with."
Klaus: "Mikael is dead."
Elijah: "What did you say?"
Klaus: "I killed him. With his own weapon. He's gone Elijah. Forever."
Elijah: "Then why do our family remains in these coffins, Finn for 900 hundreds years, Kol for over a century."
Klaus: "Because of Stefan Salvatore. He holds the one thing keeping me from freeing them. There are things that you do not know about our past, Elijah. Our mother's death. Things I never wanted you to know but I`m ready to tell you now. I only ask that you remember the oath of loyalty you once swore to me."
Elijah: "What are you doing?" (Klaus daggers Kol again)
Klaus: "Always and forever. I need you to stand by my side. Be my brother. Help me destroy Stefan and I promise you our family will be whole again." (Klaus closes Kol's coffin lid)
-- Bringing Out The Dead.

Klaus : It's just the allure of the Petrova Doppelgänger, still so strong. What do you say, brother? Should we tell them about Tatia?
Elijah : Why should we discuss matters long since resolved?
Klaus : Well, given their shared affection for both Elena and Katerina, I think our guests might be curious to learn about the originator of the Petrova line.
Elijah : When our family first settled here, there was a girl named Tatia, she was an exquisite beauty. Every boy of age desired to be her suitor, even though she'd had a child by another man. And none loved her more than Niklaus.
Klaus : I'd say there was one who loved her at least as much.
Elijah : Our mother was a very powerful witch. She sought to end our feud over Tatia and so she took her. Klaus and I would later learn that it was Tatia's blood that we consumed in the wine on the night where our mother performed the spell which turned us into vampires. Tatia wouldn't make a decision between the two of us, so for a time Niklaus and I... grew estranged. Harsh words were traded, we even came to blows, didn't we, brother?
Klaus : But in the end, we realized the sacred bond of family.
Elijah : Family above all.
Klaus : Family above all.
-- Bringing Out The Dead.

Elijah : Where are your manners, brother? We forgot dessert.
Klaus : What have you done?
Elijah : What have you done? See I've learned not to trust your vulgar promises, Klaus. We're doing this on my terms now.
-- Bringing Out The Dead.

Klaus : I wanted it to be for all of us. A place we could all call home. A place we could all be a family. None of us would ever have to be alone again.
Elijah : Well you're right, none of us will be.
Klaus : If you run, I will hunt all of you down.
Elijah : Then you'll become everything you hate. Our father.
Klaus : I'm the hybrid ! I can't be killed ! I have nothing to fear from any of you.
Elijah : You will when we have that coffin.
-- Bringing Out The Dead.

Elijah : Leave them! We still need them, Niklaus.
Klaus : What did mother do? What did she do, Elijah?
-- All My Children.

Elijah : He's my brother. We remain together.
-- The Departed.

Elijah: (About Alexander) He's putting on quite a show.
Klaus: He's nothing. I could eat him for sport.
Elijah: Still, you should heed the warning. With you here and Kol in the east, you have not been discreet. Stories of the Original vampires are spreading.
Klaus: I welcome search in for me. But, if you're worried about discretion. Perhaps, you should wrangle our sister.
-- The Five

Elijah: Complication speaking.
Klaus: [smiling] Big brother. At last you join the fray.
Elijah: Somebody had to take charge. And now that I have. I've got the cure and I'm bringing it back to Mystic Falls.
Klaus: With a long list of demands, I assume.
Elijah: Not that long.
Klaus: Come home, brother. We'll settle this like family.
-- American Gothic

Klaus: Elijah, please.
Elijah: Your personal discomfort might not be sufficient reason for putting the entire world in jeopardy, Klaus. I think our sister deserves a shot at happiness.
Klaus: Tell me you're joking. Tell me you're not fating me to an eternity of torture.
Elijah: I made my decision.
Klaus: Yes, it's that simple. Without the cure, what makes you think I'll spare your beloved Katerina? Or have you figured out you're simply another fly in her web?
Elijah: You will spare her because I am asking you to spare her. As your family, as your only living brother, I would ask that you provide me with this opportunity to feel, to care. To love.
Klaus: I gave you that opportunity. And you sided against me. So if I run, it'll be to chase her. And as your only living brother, I will make it my cause that you never know a moment of happiness.
Elijah: It is such a hollow little life that you lead, Niklaus.
-- Pictures of You

Klaus : Evening, Elijah.
Elijah : Niklaus.
Klaus : What an entirely unwelcomed surprise.
Elijah : And what an entirely unsurprising welcome. Come with me.
Klaus : I'm not going anywhere. Not 'till I find out who's conspiring against me.
Elijah : I believe I just found that out for you.
Klaus : What are we doing here?
Elijah : You wanna know what the witches have in store for you? Follow me.
Klaus : This is why you brought me here?
Elijah : Hear her out.
Klaus : I don't need to hear her out. I assure you, love, there is not a thing on this earth that would matter enough for me to waste even thirty more seconds of my time. Elijah what madness is this?
Elijah : Niklaus... the girl is carrying your child.
Klaus : No. It's impossible. Vampires cannot procreate.
Klaus : I will not hear anymore lies!
Elijah : Niklaus. Listen.
Elijah: Niklaus
Klaus : it's a trick, Elijah.
Elijah : No, brother. It's a gift. it's your chance. It's our chance.
Klaus : To what?
Elijah : To start over. Take back everything we lost. Everything that was taken from us. Niklaus, our own parents came to despise us. Our family was ruined, we were ruined. And since then all that you have ever wanted - all that we have ever wanted - was a family.
Klaus : I will not be manipulated.
Elijah : So they're manipulating you. So what? With them - this girl and her child, your child... live.
Klaus : I'm gonna kill every last one of them.
Elijah : And then what? Then you return back to Mystic Falls to resume your life as the hated one, as the evil hybrid? Is is so important to you that people quake with fear at the sound of your name?
Klaus : People quake with fear because I have the power to make them afraid. What will this child offer me? Will it guarantee me power?
Elijah : Family is power, Niklaus. Love, loyalty-- that's power. This is what we swore to one another a thousand years ago, before life tore away what little humanity you had left, before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me someone I can barely even recognize as my own brother. This is us, the Original family, and we remain together, always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you and I will stand by you. I will be your brother. We will build a home here together. So save this girl. Save your child.
Klaus: No.
Klaus : Here to give me another pep talk on the joys of fatherhood?
Elijah : I've said all I needed to say.
Klaus : I forgot how much I like this town.
Elijah : "I didn't forget. All the centuries we've spent together, and yet I can count on one hand the number of times that our family has been truly happy. I hated leaving here."
Klaus : As did I.
Elijah : What is on your mind brother?
Klaus : For a thousand years, I lived in fear. Any time I settled anywhere, our father would hunt me down and... chase me off. He made me feel powerless, and I hated it. This town was my home once, and in my absence, Marcel has gotten everything that I ever wanted. Power, loyalty, family. I made him in my image and he has bettered me. I want what he has. I want to be king.
Elijah : And what of Hayley and the baby?
Klaus : "Every king needs an heir."

The Originals

Elijah: "Elijah: To start over. Take back everything we lost, everything that was taken from us. Niklaus, our own parents came to despise us. Our family was ruined – we were ruined. And since then, all that you have ever wanted – all that we have ever wanted was a family."
Klaus: "I will not be manipulated."
Elijah:: "So they're manipulating you. So what? With them, this girl and her child – your child – live."
Klaus: "I'm gonna kill every last one of them."
Elijah:: "And then what? Then you return to mystic falls to resume your life as the hated one, as the evil hybrid? Is it so important to you that people quake with fear at the sound of your name?"
Klaus: "People quake with fear because I have the power to make them afraid. What will this child offer me? Will it guarantee me power?"
Elijah: "Elijah: Family is power, Niklaus. Love, loyalty, that's power. This is what we swore to one another a thousand years ago before life tore away what little humanity you had left, before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me someone I can barely even recognize as my own brother. This is us, the Original family...and we remain together always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you and I will stand by you. I will be your brother. We will build a home here together. So save this girl. Save your child."
Elijah: "Klaus: (shouting) Why must you keep harping on about the baby? That child will never be born. In fact, Hayley is probably dead already."
(Elijah vampire-speeds up to Klaus, holding his hand around his brother's throat.)
Elijah: (threatening) "You will not walk away from this!"
Klaus: (angry) "Let. Me. Go."
Elijah: (angry too, shouting) "I WILL NOT!"
(Elijah throws Klaus against the floor, then heaves him up again, not letting off of him.)
Klaus: "Don't make me say it again."
Elijah: "I will not let go. I will never let go."
(Klaus grabs Elijah and hurls him against an iron rod fence. Elijah stands up fast and takes one of the iron rods. Then he walks towards Klaus, holding the rod in his hand.)
Elijah: "Even if I have to spend eternity saving you from your own stubborn, petulant, vile self..."
(Elijah vampire-speeds up and hits Klaus with the iron rod)
Elijah: "If I have to beat you as father used to beat you, to remind you of your own humanity – (Elijah hits Klaus again) – to care about anything..."
Klaus: "You're beyond pathetic, Elijah."
Elijah: "Well who is more pathetic? The one who sees hope to make his family whole, or the coward who only see the world through his own fear?"
Klaus: "I haven't cared about anything for centuries. Why on earth do you?"
Elijah: "Because I failed you. Because the first time our father laid a hand on you, I should have struck him dead. I made a promise to you: always, forever, family above all."
(Klaus starts laughing. Then he reaches his hand to his brother. Elijah takes Klaus's hand and stands up.)
Klaus: "You are a sentimental fool."
Elijah: "Perhaps. But I've lasted this long in spite of it, haven't I?"
Klaus: "I hope she stays far away. Because in my desire to reclaim this town, to steal from Marcel that which he holds most dear, I have realized one massive vulnerability. One weakness that Marcel could exploit."
Elijah: "And what is that?"
Klaus: "You."
(Klaus daggers Elijah with the silver dagger. Elijah groans.)
Klaus: "Forgive me, my brother. There is no power in love. Mercy makes you weak. Family makes you weak. If I am going to win this war, I have to do it alone."
- Always and Forever

Elijah: (In a flashback to Rebekah) "Perhaps there is hope for our brother after all."
- House of the Rising Son

Elijah: (In a voiceover) "He continues to hide his loneliness with cruelty. Still, I cling to the hope that I, as their eldest brother, can lead them down the correct path, a path charged with the power of a family united. For if I fail, our family's legacy will end in darkness."
Niklaus: "Okay. Well, firstly, Marcel is not my mortal enemy—he's my friend, albeit one who is unaware that I'm trying to sabotage his hold over the supernatural community of the French Quarter, but a friend nonetheless. And secondly, I daggered Elijah in order to gain Marcel's trust. If I had known he would place my brother in the hands of a particularly nasty teenager witch, I certainly would have weighed my options a bit differently."
- Tangled Up In Blue

Elijah: "Do forgive me, Marcel. If anyone is to teach my brother a lesson... it's me."
- Sinners and Saints

Rebekah: (gesturing to a body on the table) "And what's this business?"
Elijah: "This is a...peace offering."
Klaus: "I presumed, after so much time desiccating in a coffin, that my big brother might be a bit peckish."
Elijah: "And I explained to my little brother, that forgiveness cannot be bought. I'd simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition, and personal growth."
Elijah: "Niklaus, I need you to come with me. I need five minutes alone with Davina, you need to make certain that I am not interrupted. (To Rebekah) You stay here and watch Hayley."
Rebekah: "How did I get elected super-nanny?"
Klaus: "More importantly, who put him in charge?"
Klaus: (To Sabine) "Allow me to entertain you with today's list of priorities. One, unlink your friend Sophie so she no longer controls the fate of the woman carrying my child. Two, convince my brother to accept my heartfelt apologies for some recently dodgy behavior. Three...there is no three."
Elijah: (To Klaus about Agnes) "Leave her, I gave my word."
Klaus: "You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother. We've been doing things your way all day. Come on! Just one little snap and it's "Toodle-loo, Agnes." She deserves it!"
Elijah: "Niklaus, don't make another move. You have asked for my forgiveness. I will grant you that forgiveness, but do not make me break my word."
Klaus: (Letting Agnes go) "My noble brother, how was that for personal growth, eh? Still, it is just like you to spoil all of my fun."
Elijah: "Oh, not exactly."
(Elijah zooms forwards and rips out the hearts of two men who helped Agnes, turning back to Klaus who smiles proudly)
Elijah: "Now, I swore you would not die by my brother's hand. I said nothing of my own. Nobody hurts my family and lives. (Kills Agnes) No one."
- Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Elijah: (About Marcel's vampires) "Not the most attractive community, are they?"
Klaus: "You do realize they can hear you?"
Elijah: You do realize I don't care?"
Elijah: (About the location of Hayley in the Bayou) "I don't suppose you could be more precise?"
Klaus: "What's the matter, Elijah? You're worried a bit of splashing about in the bog might ruin your expensive shoes?"
Elijah: "As a matter of fact, after my recent confinement, I could use a decent stroll through the countryside."
Klaus: "Ah, so I've touched a nerve? You've begun to admire this girl. Perhaps that's why you've been barking orders since your return, hoping to impress Hayley by assuming the role of family patriarch."
Elijah: "If you're going to insist on treating her like a walking incubator, then that's your mistake!"
Elijah: And why would your little hybrid-sidekick from Mystic Falls have any interest in Hayley?"
Klaus: "He wants revenge because I went after his girl."
Elijah: "Why do I suspect this is the least of your offenses?"
Klaus: "Back when I had the means to sire hybrids, he was my first, Although, I didn't give him much choice in the matter. He was loyal in the beginning, but he grew insubordinate, turned my other hybrids against me. I couldn't have that, so I massacred the lot of them. Tyler ran like a coward before I could finish him off."
Elijah: "Anything else that you would like to share?"
Klaus: "Well, there was this business with his mum."
Elijah: "You killed his mother. Wonderful."
Klaus: "He needed to be taught a lesson!"
Elijah: "And what lesson will you be taught, Niklaus, if he retaliates by harming Hayley?"
Klaus: "So you do care about her. Well, go on, then. Have at it, brother. Save her. Claim what spoils you can. I've sampled what she has to offer and let me tell you, she is exquisite--"
Elijah: "Niklaus, so help me..."
Klaus: "Enough. I'll kill Tyler Lockwood myself."
Elijah: (To Hayley) "Look, regardless of my brother's intentions, mine remain the same. I said that I would protect you, even, if need be, from Klaus himself."
Elijah: "Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory. [Klaus nods at him to continue] That the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims that you knew that. Furthermore, that you intended to use this knowledge to build an army."
Klaus: "And, of course, you assume it's true. I mean, why else would I show interest in my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me, and my own brother falls in line, eager to believe it! How quickly you believe the worst, especially when it comes from her."
Elijah: Oh, spare me your indignation. When have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child, beyond your own selfish pursuits? And what was it you once said to me? [does Klaus impersonation] "Every king needs an heir!"
Klaus: "My big brother, so, you doubt my intentions? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, standing next to the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard. That's all I am to you, isn't it? And Rebekah. And, judging by the way Hayley hangs on your every word, it's clear she feels the same way! No doubt my child will as well."
Elijah: "Brother, if--"
Klaus: "You've said all that needs to be said, Brother. [steps back a few steps and holds his arms out in defeat] I'll play the role I've been given."
Klaus: [Klaus runs over to Elijah and savagely bites him, then wipes his mouth with his hand] "You two enjoy each other's company. You'll have much to bond over, once the hallucinations and dementia set in. Consider that bite to be my parting gift to you both."
Elijah: "The bite won't kill me. Like Niklaus himself, it's more than a nuisance than anything."
Hayley: "Good, 'cause I'm eventually going to need a ride home. And thanks, by the way, for staying out here. You didn't have to."
Elijah: "I know. But, you said the people of this village are the only family you have left. I can relate."
Hayley: "You're thinking about Klaus."
Elijah: "Perhaps I was too willing to condemn him. In the thousand years that we have been together, my brother has committed numerous unspeakable acts. But, then again, so has Rebekah. So have I."
Hayley: "So did I, the last time I was in Cabo. [Elijah stares at her, confused] We've all done bad things. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing. But, don't for a second compare yourself to Klaus."
Rebekah: "We both know this family can barely function without me. Where are Elijah and Hayley?"
Niklaus: "I left them in the bayou."
Rebekah: "Why?
Niklaus: "Elijah and I had a bit of a row. Haha, Hayley's conspired to turn him against me. You know our brother was never one to resist a pretty face! So, one thing led to another, and I bit him, left them both stranded in the swamp."
Rebekah: "Daggering, biting, deserting. Does your wickedness ever end?"
Niklaus: "My "wickedness" is self-preservation! And I wouldn't have to go to such lengths were I not presented on all sides with ignorance and treachery! Now that Elijah's abandoned me, I'll be needing you in my plot against Marcel."
- Bloodletting

Elijah: "You've been at this for hours, to what end? Niklaus, I know you, and I grew up fighting you. I can't be beaten nor can I be persuaded. You cannot get past me."
Niklaus: "I could get past you, although it might have to be over your dead body. You did stab me with that blade, forcing me to endure hours of unspeakable pain. Perhaps I should direct my rage toward you."
Elijah: "You should see yourself—the murderous expression, the self-righteous posturing. You look like father."
Niklaus: "I'm not him. Rebekah's betrayel justifies my anger. His was that of a madman. You were never the recipient of his cruelty. None of you were—not Kol, not Finn, none of you! I think you've forgotten what he was truely like."
Elijah: "No. I have not forgotten."
- Farewell to Storyville



Klaus: "Elijah. You were always the keeper of our bond, and because of that, you will feel this pain the most. When the inevitable happens, and I, devoid of family influence, relapse into a spiral of mayhem and bloodshed...I need you to leave me to my fate. If you come to my rescue as you have done so many times before, it will only serve to aid our enemy, allowing it one step closer to my daughter, and I cannot allow that. So, my brother...when the time comes, I beg you, let me go."
Elijah: "You have my word."
- The Feast of All Sinners


The Vampire Diaries

The Originals



  • Initially in the series, Elijah and Klaus were not supposed to be half-brothers.
  • Elijah and Klaus are the second closest half-siblings, after Klaus and Rebekah.
  • Just like Elijah and Klaus fought over a Petrova doppelgänger named Tatia, the Salvatore brothers fought over the two doppelgängers who succeeded her, Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert.
  • Elijah genuinely loved Katerina, while Klaus only wanted her for the sacrifice to break the curse his mother placed on him and become a true hybrid.
  • Klaus has stated that even through their bad spats, over the centuries, they have always made it through them.
  • Both half-brothers have had special relationship with all three of the known Petrova doppelgängers descended from Amara.
  • Like Klaus, Elijah didn't want Rebekah to take the cure.
  • Elijah told Rebekah that he won't stop searching for Klaus' redemption until he believes that there is none left to be found.
  • Elijah wanted Klaus to keep his child and raise her as a family. At first Klaus disagreed, but later he agreed, although they ultimately had to decide to send her away for her own safety.
  • Elijah saw how Stefan and Damon fought with each other and found the relationship similar to the time he and Klaus clashed over Katherine and Tatia. Coincidentally, both Salvatore and Originals brothers have feuded multiple times in the past, due to their mutual love and attraction to Petrova doppelgängers.
  • Both half-brothers have always sworn family above all.
  • In Klaus eyes, he believes that Elijah is trying to take over his role as being a father to his child.
  • In terms of strength and speed, Klaus and Elijah are almost on par with each other. Elijah is older than Klaus, but Klaus is a Hybrid. While fighting each other, there's no huge difference between their powers; however when Klaus combines his original vampire and werewolf powers, he becomes stronger, faster and more powerful then Elijah.
  • In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Elijah was able to convince all the factions sign his peace treaty, while Klaus made his own deal with the werewolves behind Elijah's back.
  • In An Unblinking Death, the half-brothers once again were on the same team, and chose to side with the werewolves in order to help Hayley and the baby.
  • In Wheel Inside the Wheel, Klaus saved Elijah from Esther, and brought him home.
  • They have both slept with Hayley.
  • Elijah allowed Klaus to feed from him in Night Has A Thousand Eyes.
  • According to Finn, Elijah is Klaus' favorite brother.
  • They know each other better than anyone else.
  • Despite the fact that they have a close relationship, Elijah and Klaus do not always get along, they are sometimes hostile towards each other and argue, sometimes violently.
  • Out of all his maternal half-siblings, Elijah is the one that Klaus respects the most; however that may have changed, after Elijah daggered him and allowed Hayley to tried to take Hope away from him, this is proven to be true, as Klaus is far more openly cold and hostile towards Elijah, to the point of being disrespectful.
  • Although Elijah can fight Klaus on almost even terms, however, it is not enough to defeat him.
  • In Fire with Fire, it is shown that Klaus can defeat Elijah more easily, when the latter attacks him in anger.
  • Klaus has killed two of Elijah's lovers; Céleste was indirectly/accidentally killed by Klaus, when he spread rumors that the dead bodies of humans are a result of the witches seeking blood sacrifice for their rituals, and Gia was intentionally/indirectly killed by Klaus partly as revenge for Elijah daggering him, for allowing Hayley to try to take Hope away from him and mainly to gain Dahlia's trust to take her down.
  • As of Ashes to Ashes, their relationship is estranged/broken; Elijah daggering Klaus, and allowing Hayley to tried to take Hope away from him. Klaus cursed Hayley, killed Gia and went against his plans.
  • Klaus hypocritically claims Elijah broke the always and forever vow, ignoring the fact that he himself has broken that vow many times before.
  • In Season 3 of The Originals, Elijah and Klaus are openly cold and hostile towards each other. 
  • By the end of Season 3 they have reconciled their relationship.

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