You and I have never had much in common besides our dashing good looks.

This is the relationship between two Original Vampire brothers, Elijah Mikaelson and Kol Mikaelson. Elijah revived Kol in Bringing Out The Dead, after he had spent more than a century being dead. They have a difficult relationship. Kol looked up to him and Elijah seems to hold him in distaste. In Ashes to Ashes, Davina said that Kol hates Elijah. Despite their possible, original feelings for hatred for each other, after Kol's resurrection, they become allies and grow closer as siblings for the first time in centuries.



Elijah and Kol were both born into the new world (North America), even if Elijah was conceived in Norway. Their whole family and them were humans during the Middle Ages, until the death of their younger brother Henrik, who was killed by werewolves. Then their mother Esther and their father Mikael spoke of turning their children into the first vampires in history. They drank wine which was laced with the blood of Tatia. Mikael then killed them and made them feed on human blood, making them The Original Vampires. After the death of their mother, both Kol and Finn fled, while Elijah promised his sister Rebekah and his half-brother Niklaus that they would stick together as one, always and forever.

1002, Southern France

While fleeing from Mikael, the siblings traveled together, feeding along the countryside. To keep their true nature secret to stay hidden from Mikael, Elijah stressed that they always kill whoever learned about them and also to make sure to hide the bodies of those they fed on. Kol was particularly annoyed by the latter rule, seeing it as an unnecessary bother. When the Originals discovered Lucien Castle, Kol and Elijah both voted to kill him; Kol wanted to feed on him and Elijah wanted to ensure their safety.

1114, Italy

During the 12th century, Elijah, Niklaus and Rebekah were in Italy; following the Normans as they conquered the South - turning and feeding off of people as they traveled. Kol was in the East at the time, making the family infamous by not being very discreet with his actions. Elijah acknowledged this and warned Niklaus that he and Kol were making the stories of the Original Vampires spread. When Kol reunited with his siblings again, they were all invited to Alexander 's house for a gathering. Later that night, Alexander found Rebekah in a vulnerable position to strike from revealing the cure and earning her trust. After daggering Rebekah, he then signaled the rest of The Five to dagger the remaining Mikaelsons with the other White Oak Daggers. However, Klaus - due to his werewolf lineage - killed the five hunters and resurrected all of his siblings, except for Finn due to him being too judgemental and a dullard.

1702, Spain

Elijah helps to dagger Kol

While living in Spain, Kol's violent and careless nature revealed the Original family's location to Mikael, who came after them, burning the country in his wake. Elijah and Klaus went looking for Kol and found him in a tavern, having been gluttonously feasting on all of the humans there. Elijah and Klaus warned him that Mikael was coming and that they needed to leave but Kol simply refused, reasoning that Mikael only really wanted to go after Klaus, not him. They persisted, telling him that Rebekah and Finn were already onboard a ship, ready to depart but Kol brushed them off, telling them that Rebekah did whatever Klaus wanted and Finn had no say in the matter since he was daggered. When Kol continued to resist, Elijah stopped him and held him at bay while Klaus daggered him, neutralizing him so they could bring him with them as they left Europe.

1821, New Orleans

Elijah discovers Kol's awakening

When Elijah began growing close to Klaus' young ward, Marcellus Gerard, Klaus grew jealous and bored, bringing him to excessive drinking and bloodlust. He voiced him complaints to Elijah, saying that all he needed was someone to have fun with and revealed that he had undaggered Kol. Elijah rushed to the coffins downstairs to find Kol out of his box and already feeding without remorse. Later, Elijah chastised his younger brothers for their slaughter of what was reported to be forty-six people in a building. Kol corrected him by telling him it was at least sixty, saying that they must have missed checking the attic. Klaus began arguing with Elijah about Elijah's growing role in Marcellus' life while Kol snidely remarked that the boy wasn't a member of their family. Elijah watched as Klaus scornfully told Kol that Marcellus was family.

Kol tries to convince Elijah to turn Marcellus

Sometime later, Elijah discovered that Kol was watching Marcellus and had compelled a group of people to put on Hamlet but actually committ the murders that took place in the play. Elijah tried to stop the disturbing performance as Kol snapped a performer's neck just for getting Hamlet's name wrong. Elijah asked Kol if there was any end to his disturbing imagination, looking down on him for his sadism. Kol tried to defend himself by telling Elijah that he was simply teaching Marcellus how to be a vampire since Kol knew that Klaus wanted him to be one someday. Kol showed that he even went so far as to feed Marcellus his blood, telling Elijah that all he needed was to kill the boy and he'd be a vampire. Elijah furiously grabbed Kol but was stopped by Klaus who demanded that Elijah let Kol go. When Elijah did, Kol thanked Klaus for intervening before Klaus stuck a dagger in him yet again.

Elijah confesses to the daggered Kol

While Kol lay neutralized in his coffin once more, Elijah straightened up his outfit, apologizing for what had transpired. He even went so far as to apologize for being hypocritical and against the family by letting Kol be daggered but explained that it was for Klaus' own benefit. He said that Klaus needed to be Marcellus' mentor for his own sake and that Kol's presence in Klaus' life and Elijah's in Marcellus' were preventing that.

1914, New Orleans

Elijah holds down Kol

After being awakened in the early 20th century, Kol had plotted with the witches of New Orleans to create a dagger that would work on Klaus. When Rebekah discovered his plan, she told Klaus. When Klaus revealed that he knew about the plan during the family's Christmas party, Kol tried to flee but was stopped by Elijah, who held him down while Klaus daggered him.

Throughout The Vampires Diaries Series

Niklaus, Elijah, Finn and Kol

In Bringing Out The Dead, when Elijah and Niklaus fought, Klaus took the White Oak Ash Dagger from Kol's body to threaten Elijah. Elijah dared him to, telling Klaus that "You'll have Kol to deal with". Klaus backed off, and told Elijah that their father, Mikael, was dead. Elijah then asked his brother Klaus, why their family still remained in their coffin. A few minutes later he put the dagger back in Kol's body in front of a very torn Elijah. Later that day, Elijah double-crossed Klaus and resurrected Kol along with Rebekah and Finn.

The Originals.

The four siblings appeared one at a time and ganged up on Klaus, before telling him that they were planning on leaving and that they would be a family together without him. Esther then walked in and told them she wanted them all to become a family once again.

Three of the brothers together.

In Dangerous Liaisons, in the morning after their awakening, all of The Originals are preparing for the Ball that their mother is hosting. Kol banters with Rebekah and Klaus while Finn and Elijah watch in amusement, though there was no interaction between him and Elijah. Later on, Kol and his sibling - along with their mother - stand on the stairs together at Klaus' mansion. Elijah was the one who spoke to everyone while they were gathered in the Ball Room. Then, after Kol attempted to murder Matt Donovan, Elijah promised Esther that he would deal with Kol and Rebekah.

The 3 Original Brothers.

In All My Children, Elijah saw Rebekah come in and, hearing Kol's comments of where she had been and who she went with, hoped that it was not Matt. Then later after Elijah threathened the Salvatores with Elena's life, he was neutralized through Kol, who had been daggered by Alaric in the Mystic Grill. Shortly after that, Klaus undaggered Kol, and Elijah, needing only seconds to recover, arrived at the scene and shanghaied Klaus and Kol. They then went to seek out Esther together.

Niklaus. Elijah. Kol.

When they found her, she and Finn were almost ready to perform the ritual, and Kol comments on how pathetic Finn is for being so willing to please their mother. However, Esther defends him and tells the brothers how they are a curse on the earth. Then when she was about to kill them, Damon Salvatore broke the Bennett line, thus cutting her off from her powers. There was a small explosion, and when the smoke cleared, Esther and Finn were gone. That same night, Elijah and Kol both decided to leave Mystic Falls separately.

In Heart of Darkness, Kol protected Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah by making it impossible for the Salvatores to figure out which one of them it was that had sired their bloodline. He made sure to point out that they all had plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Elijah, Kol and Klaus against Esther and Finn

In The Departed, after his brother Klaus was entombed, he, along with Elijah and Rebekah, wanted his body back. Elijah appeared at the Gilbert house and made a deal with Elena for Klaus' body and assured everyone that neither Rebekah or Kol would hurt Elena if they got Klaus back. Elijah promised that he, Kol or Rebekah would not revive Klaus in her lifetime, nor in her future family's. When Klaus died, Rebekah and Elijah joined each other, and explained that neither Elijah nor Kol created the Mystic Falls vampire bloodline. Rebekah confirmed it to be Klaus.

Kol upset about the family

In Catch Me If You Can, during a tense confrontation between Kol and Rebekah, Rebekah threatened Kol with a dagger. Kol was infuriated by this, saying that the search for the cure was ripping their family apart and that Elijah was gone because he was disgusted by his family. Kol was visibly upset about his older brother's feelings toward them.

In American Gothic, Elijah heard about Kol's death and acknowledged that he knew what it was like to lose a brother, though his grief would mostly be directed towards Henrik, instead of either Finn or Kol as he was very forgiving and sympathetic towards Elena's own loss of her younger brother, despite the role she had in killing both Finn and Kol.

In Pictures of You, when Elijah wanted to hear his siblings' reasons for wanting the cure, Klaus mentioned that he wanted to give it to Silas so Silas would stop tormenting him. He explained that Silas wanted to destroy The Other Side, which would bring all supernatural creatures back from the dead. He specifically mentioned to Elijah, knowing how much Elijah loved family, that Finn and Kol would be brought back and reunited with them but despite this, Elijah still refused to help Klaus.

Throughout The Originals Series

In Rebirth, Kol returned from the Other Side with the help of his mother, being put into the body of a witch named Kaleb. Elijah remained unaware that his brother was alive through the episode. In Alive and Kicking, Kol took Davina Claire on a date to learn information from her but they were attacked

Elijah talking to Kol without knowing who he was

by a group of werewolves. After Kol had been tossed aside with ease due to his new body not being strong, he watched as Davina summoned Mikael, who she had revived herself. His father slaughtered the werewolves before Elijah showed up. Elijah shared Kol's surprise at seeing their father alive. Once Mikael had fled, Elijah noticed Kol but didn't recognize him in his new body.

Elijah remained unaware that his brother was alive until Every Mother's Son, when Finn revealed that Esther had also brought Kol back to life, and that her plan for her children was so justified that it had caused even the wildest of the siblings to see the errors of his vampire ways. He still didn't know that he'd already met Kol in his new body.

Giphy (6).gif
In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Kol was taken captive by Marcel and brought to the compound. Elijah and Klaus arrived and saw that he was a prisoner, along with Finn.

Giphy (7)-0.gif
In The Brothers That Care Forgot, Elijah and Klaus tried to turn Finn and Kol to their side. Though Elijah had to leave in the middle of the interrogations, Kol eventually joined them against Esther.

In Brotherhood of the Damned, both Elijah and Kol were brought, along with Klaus, to Finn's magical astral

Giphy (8).gif
plane. While there, they talked about Kol's recent actions of putting Rebekah's spirit into an unknown body and keeping her from reuniting with her family. Elijah hypocritically displayed a great amount of resentment toward Kol for his action against Rebekah and actually seemed satisfied when Finn made Kol experience pain.

In I Love You, Goodbye, after Kol's condition worsened and Rebekah informed Elijah and Klaus that Kol wouldn't make it through the night, they together rushed to their dying brother.

Dying Kol on Elijah's hands

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah with dying Kol

They brought Kol back into their "always and forever" saying once again (Kol not having been included since becoming a Vampire) and stood with him in his final moments, mourning him. Kol told them that all he ever wanted was for them to care about him just before he died in Rebekah's arms.

In Ashes to Ashes, Elijah emotionlessly sabotaged Davina's plan to resurrect Kol so he could use her to resurrect Esther instead. Sacrificing Kol in the process.

Giphy (9).gif
In An Old Friend Calls, Elijah reunited with Kol, commenting that he hadn't aged a day. Later while Kol was helping his family with the letters, Elijah jokingly asked him if he missed being dead yet. Kol also agreed with Elijah about a statement he had made earlier, much to Elijah's amusement while Klaus remarked they both had no taste. In Alone with Everybody, Elijah tries many times to calm down Kol. However, they get into an argument on what they should do about Finn Mikaelson's (their eldest brother) return as an Original Vampire. After Elijah's numerous attempts to calm Kol down, something unexpected happens. Kol confesses to Elijah that he is feeling the heightened emotions of rage more so than ever before. Elijah gives Kol advice on how to handle Kol's bloodlust, rage, and his heightened longing for revenge against Finn, for Kol and for Davina's sake.

Elijah and Kol in the Chambre de Chasse

In The Bloody Crown, Elijah and Kol ally together when Marcel threatens Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family. After fighting with Klaus' former sireline, both Elijah and Kol are bitten by Marcel and are suffering from the Beast bite. They bond together as well as suffer together as Hayley assists Freya in finding the cure to the Beast bite. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to find the cure and Klaus sacrifices himself to preserve all of their lives. Currently, Kol and Elijah are slumbering until Hayley finds a cure for them all.

In Gather Up the Killers, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah are awoken by Hayley and Freya. Elijah tells Hayley that Kol and Rebekah couldn't control their hunger like he could.

The Mikaelson Family reunites.

In No Quarter, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah are feeding on prisoners and prison officers in order to regain their strength to save Klaus. Kol doesn't want to return to New Orleans right away because he doesn't want to die a third time. But Elijah makes the final decision that they will free Klaus that day, which Kol visibly disagrees with. Later, Elijah and Kol are seen with Freya and Hayley, forcing Josh to give them access to the tunnels. Elijah compliments Marcel for being a genius while also being sadistic, to which Kol immediately responds for Elijah to save his compliments until Marcel comes to kill them as they might please him, which Elijah found amusing. When Josh returns Elijah and Kol both agree that they need to do something about Josh. Kol recommends that they kill him, but Elijah says that he is important to Marcel so he asks Kol to watch Josh and Kol agrees. Kol later threatens Josh, after Josh received a coded message from Marcel, that if anything happens to his family, including Elijah, that he will burn the city to the ground. Kol is later seen with Rebekah waiting for Elijah and the rest of their family outside of a drainage pipe. When Elijah arrives with Klaus, Kol and Elijah slightly embrace and they begin to leave but Marcel gets in their way. Klaus makes a deal with Marcel to leave and never return and Elijah and Kol leave with the rest of their family.

In The Kindness of Strangers, it was revealed that Kol never tried to keep tabs with the amnesiac Elijah, as they never had much in common, when Elijah asked him about it, and it was shown that Kol still had not fully forgiven his brother for having sacrificed Davina, although compared to the last time he was angry at his brother, he acknowledged that Elijah's apology mattered when Elijah asked if he had apologized. Nevertheless, he looked sympathetic towards Elijah as he regained his memories. In Til the Day I Die, In When The Saints Go Marching In, as Elijah is about to die along with Klaus, Kol was visibly saddened by the fact that he would lose not only Klaus but also Elijah as well. Elijah asked Kol to take care of Hope or else he would haunt him, which Kol agreed to do.


Kol to Rebekah: "Look at what this family has become. I mean, Elijah won't even show his face; he's so disgusted by our bickering."
- Catch Me If You Can

Elijah to Kol : "Is there no limit to your violent imagination brother ?"
Elijah to Kol (as Kaleb): "Something to say ?"
Kol "Not me, mate. Not a bloody thing."
- Alive and Kicking

Kol to Elijah: "Oh bother Elijah, is all this truly necessary ?"
- For the Next Millennium

Kol :"Hello, Elijah".
Elijah :"You haven't aged a day."
-An Old Friend Calls

Elijah : Whatever it is your planning...? Don't.
Kol : He cursed me to die , Elijah . Slowly . In front of her. If nothing else , i owe him for that.
Elijah : Perhaps . And perhaps the best revenge is simply to expel him from our lives altogether?
Kol : No. He doesn't get to live happily ever after.
Elijah : I haven't made my decision , i only ask that you stay your hand.
Kol : That's not your decision to make!
Elijah : Control yourself!.... Unless you can't.
Kol : Its worse than i remember . The rage ... the hunger . Id like to blame my anger on Finn , but its been growing worse since i came back . I never did learn to keep it in check . I never really cared to.
Elijah : But now you do.
Kol : I couldn't live with myself if i hurt Davina . But , hurting the ones we love , whether we mean to or not , That's just what we do . Isn't it?
Elijah : It is who we are.
- Alone with Everybody



  • Interestingly, though they had scenes together, the two brothers were never shown to speak directly to each other on-screen during the course of being on The Vampire Diaries. However, in The Originals, they first spoke directly to each other in flashbacks during Alive and Kicking.
  • Many fans think that Daniel Gillies (Elijah) and Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol) actually bare quite a resemblance and could even be mistaken for being related.
  • According to Kol, all the siblings (except Finn who was still neutralized) had lived together in New Orleans.
  • When Elijah returned in American Gothic, it wasn't clear if he was aware of Kol's death as he didn't bring it up when talking with Elena or Katherine and didn't show any reaction to it. He mentioned knowing what if felt like to lose a brother but could have been talking about Finn and Henrik.
  • Even though Elijah seemed to hold him in some distaste, Kol seemed to look up to Elijah, following his lead during Esther's attempt to kill them and looking particularly hurt by Elijah's disappointment at the state of their family.
  • During the first on-screen interaction between Elijah and Kol in the present-day, Elijah is unaware that he is speaking to his younger brother (who is possessing the body of a witch).
  • Elijah participated in at least three of Kol's daggerings.
  • Despite Davina previously stating that Kol hates Elijah, the pair seemed to be on good terms when the two were reunited.
  • Kol is often referred to by fans as mini-Elijah, referring to the fact that they strongly resemble each other.
  • Even though their relationship is strained; they seem to agree with each other from time to time as seen in An Old Friend Calls.
  • The two both have similar relationships in which they killed the women they loved.
  • Elijah betrayed Kol by letting their sister Freya Mikaelson use Davina Claire in a spell.

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