You look so much like Elizabeth. It startled me when you came into the room.
— James Campbell to Elena

Elizabeth Gilbert (formerly known as Elizabeth Morrow) was a character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. She was a Guardian and member of the The Celestial Court who defected in the late 15th century, and engaged in a romantic relationship with Baron von Swartzschild, resulting in a daughter, Katerina. Elizabeth decided to leave so that Katherine might fulfill her destiny, and staged her death, though the Guardians did not plan on recruiting her due to her sickness and short life-expectancy.

In the 1990s, Elizabeth met and fell in love with Thomas Gilbert. The two married and had a daughter named Elena, who the Guardians also wanted to recruit. Elizabeth and Thomas enlisted James Campbell help, but to no avail. They had a second daughter named Margaret, but died in a car accident caused by the Guardians that was intended to kill Elena.[1]


  • Elizabeth is Greek and comes from the Hebrew Elisheba, meaning "oath of God" or "God is satisfaction".
  • Morrow is an Irish and Scotch-Irish name. It comes from "Murchadh" (muir and cath), meaning "Sea Battle" or "Sea Warrior".
  • Gilbert is a surname of Germanic origin. The English-language surname is derived from Giselbert, a medieval personal name composed of the following Germanic elements gisil ("pledge", "hostage", "noble youth") and berht ("bright", "famous").

The Vampire Diaries

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In the television adaption, Elena Gilbert's "mother" (in reality her aunt) was a member of the Historical Society named Miranda Gilbert, who died in 2009. Her biological mother was Isobel Flemming.


  1. In The Hunters: Destiny Rising, it is learnt that Elena was twelve when her parents died. Elena turned twelve in August 2008, and Margaret was born a year later in the summer of 2009. As such, Elizabeth and Thomas must have died between Margaret's birth in the summer of 2009 and Elena's thirteenth birthday.

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