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This article is about Emily Bennett, a character from The Vampire Diaries. You may be looking for Emily Bennett, a character from the Digital Comics.

Nature ensures a balance to everything.
Emily to Stefan in As I Lay Dying

Emily Bennett was "one of the most powerful witches"[2] of the Bennett family who lived during the 19th century. Notably, she was a handmaiden to Katherine Pierce and, at Damon Salvatore's request, saved twenty seven vampires under Fell's Church. After Katherine let it slip to the Founders' Council that she was a witch, they burned her at the stake.

Emily was a member of the Bennett Family.

Early History

Emily Bennett was born during the early 19th century, along with the Bay Colony of New England, presumably Massachusetts. At some point in her life, she became the handmaiden of a vampire named Katherine Pierce. According to Emily, she and Katherine became close friends after Katherine saved her life in an event that was not elaborated upon.

In 1864, Emily arrived with Katherine in Mystic falls heading to the Lockwood Plantation. That was the moment where they first met Stefan Salvatore.[3] Emily would stay with Katherine through her time in Mystic Falls. As their time passed, she and her brother recovered Stefan and Damon's bodies after they died attempting to save Katherine after the townsfolk began rounding up vampires. She already created daylight rings for them but did not wish for Katherine's curse to be passed on.[4][5] Making a deal with Damon, she would protect Katherine and the other vampires, including Pearl, from burning at Fell's Church, sealing them beneath in a tomb. Knowing the town would come for her as well and be condemned to burn at the stake, she feared the fate of her children. In exchange for the deal, Damon was to protect her lineage.[6] True to Katherine, Emily was a loose end and she was betrayed. The town learned she was a witch and they burned her at the stake. Johnathan Gilbert's recorded the event in his journal, stating that "Emily Bennett was taken by the Council today. They kidnapped her from her home and took her to the same location her ancestors were burned a hundred years ago."[7]

Before her death, she worked on a resuscitative spell, a spell she recorded within her grimoire. The spell had bound the mother's life to her dying child. Upon the child's death, the mother's life force flowed into the child, restoring her child to life.[5] After her death, her grimoire was buried with Giuseppe Salvatore.[4]

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

Season One

In Haunted, Emily's family lineage is taught to Bonnie by Sheila after Bonnie had an encounter with Damon Salvatore. Something came from her necklace. Sheila asks her where she got it, but Bonnie claims it's apart of her costume, a piece of junk. Sheila explains that the "piece of junk" as Bonnie called it belonged to one of the most powerful witches of their family. Sheila shows Bonnie a photograph of Emily Bennett, Bonnie's great-great-great-great-grandmother. In the photograph, Sheila points to the necklace.


In 162 Candles, Bonnie is still fighting her instincts about Emily's necklace. Sheila tells her that it was Emily's, her ancestor's, and now it's her. Bonnie wants Sheila to wear it, but she tells her that it didn't find her and it protected Bonnie. A witch's talisman is a powerful tool. Sheila instructs her not to give it back to anybody and Bonnie places it back around her neck.

Later that night, Bonnie, still wearing Emily's talisman, dreams. She's running through the woods and trips and falls over a tree branch. Emily stands in the distance. When Bonnie stands to run, she appears before her descendant. All she says is "it's coming" before Bonnie wakes up.

In History Repeating, Emily continues to appear to Bonnie in her dreams. Bonnie's fallen asleep in her math class, but Bonnie doesn't realize she's dreaming. Emily walks past the classroom door, gaining Bonnie's attention. Bonnie follows her out into the hallway as Emily stalks the shadows. Bonnie calls out to Emily, who's hiding next to the lockers. She looks up at Bonnie, acknowledging her, but doesn't speak. Instead, she walks out through a door and Bonnie follows. They're back in the woods, near the older portion of Mystic Falls Cemetery. Emily sees Bonnie and continues to lead her through the woods to the ruins of Fell's Church. She calls out to Bonnie, pleading for help. Bonnie asks who she is and she replies that she's Emily, Bonnie already knows that. She smiles and tells her that they're family. Bonnie asks where she's at, but again, Emily tells her that this is where it started. This is where it has to end. Bonnie's scared, this isn't real and she turns to run. Emily, however, appears before her, blocking her path. Bonnie turns to run in the opposite direction, but Emily's there, too. "Help me" she states again, though more demanding. Bonnie wakes from her dream and she's back in class. However, when she turns to face the other startled students, Emily appears before her again. Bonnie screams and she wakes herself from her dream, this time waking up in the wooded ruins of Fell's Church.

When Damon confronts Bonnie again, he wants the necklace and it's her last chance. Bonnie tells him that he can't have it. Damon can't take it either, but he explains that he's only trying to help her and means her no harm. He wants to help her get Emily off of her back. He knows that Emily is using the crystal to creep inside of her. Damon, however, explains that he can wait, even for when Emily will give it to him herself. That the next time she appears to Bonnie, he wants her to tell Emily that a deal is a deal.

Later that night Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline perform a séance. Bonnie calls out to Emily. She knows that Emily has a message and she's here to listen. The candles flames intensely flare before them. Emily's been summoned. The wind picks up and the candles grow more intense. Caroline asks her if she's there with them to show them a sign. They wait a moment and the window seals burst open. Bonnie throws off the necklace and the candles go out. Bonnie screams to get the lights and the necklace is gone. It's now in the bathroom doorway. Bonnie goes to retrieve it and the door closes on her as she picks it up. Bonnie screams for them to open the door, but the can't. The lights continue to flicker as Bonnie screams until she grows silent and the doors open by itself. Elena asks if she's okay and Bonnie is completely calm. She tells them she's fine, but Caroline is upset that she was faking. Bonnie reassures Elena that everything is fine. In the reflection of the mirror, Emily stands before Elena, now possessing Bonnie. Elena asks again if she's okay, but Emily tells them that she must go. She thanks Elena for having her and explains that she'll take it from here on out. That confuses Elena and she asks where she's going, again. Emily tells her, back to where it all began. Elena calls out to Bonnie but she doesn't listen. Elena understands now and calls out, this time to Emily. This time, Emily turns and faces Elena and Caroline. She tells them that she won't let him have it. It must be destroyed. Emily leaves the house and forces the door shut on Elena.

Back in the woods, Emily's confronted by Damon. He tells her that she looks different, as she's possessing Bonnie. She tells Damon that she won't let him free the vampires sealed within the tomb under Fell's Church. Damon, however, recalls they had a deal. It doesn't matter. Things are different now and she needs to protect her family. Damon doesn't see it that way. He's protected her family and now she owes him. Emily knows that but still refuses. If Damon has his way, Emily will be a lot more than sorry. Damon rushes to attack her, but Emily uses her magic and telekinetically throws him into a tree, a branch impaling him in his side.


By Fell's Church, Emily stands inscribing something on the ground when she's approached by Stefan. She informs him that these people don't deserve this. They should never know such evil. Damon swears that he'll make her regret her decision. Emily's adamant in her decision. She won't let Damon unleash them into the world. Damon's failed to explain the whole story to Stefan. To save her, she had to save them all. With one, comes all. Damon's out for revenge but Stefan sides with Emily, they can't free 27 vampires. This town, it's people, they're innocent. Damon doesn't see it that way. If they get the chance, they burn Emily's grand-witch next to them when they find out what they are. Emily doesn't believe that. Things are different now, but she can't free them. She won't. Standing before them with the pentagram finished, she calls out Incendia!. The pentagram comes to life with intense flames that rise with her hands. Damon yells for Emily to stop but she doesn't. Emily takes off the talisman, with Damon helpless to stop her, and throws it up into the air and it explodes. Her talisman now destroyed, Emily leaves Bonnie's body and the fires extinguished. Bonnie's back, but confused. Damon attacks her, but Stefan saves her.

In Children of the Damned, Emily, in a flashback knocks at Katherine's door. Pearl has stopped by to speak with her. Downstairs, Katherine meets with Pearl. She wants to speak, perhaps outside. Katherine asks Emily to tell Mr. Salvatore that she's stepped out. Coyly, she asks which one. Katherine smiles and tells her to tell them both.

Anna reads through Johnathan Gilbert's journals looking for the location of Emily's Grimoire. In another flashback, Emily's with Anna in Pearl's Apothecary smelling various fragrance jars as Pearl speaks with Katherine. Mr. Gilbert walks in and he and Pearl talk outside. Emily's happy that Anna's mother has an admirer. Thanks to Emily, both Katherine and Pearl are respectable ladies of Mystic Falls that walk around in daylight. No one would suspect them as vampires.

As tension rises in Mystic Falls about vampires, Emily gives Katherine a gift. A way out of the tomb. When the townsfolk began rounding up the vampires, Emily was called upon by Pearl through Anna. Pearl was going to get them out of Mystic Falls, but Jonathan learned that she too was a vampire. Anna attempted to rush to her side, but Emily stopped her when she called out. Emily consoled Anna, telling her it would be all right. She would see her mother again. She will protect them.

In Blood Brothers, Stefan, detoxing from blood, recalls what happened after the townspeople began to round up the vampires. He and Damon are shot by their father trying to save Katherine. Emily and her brother had taken their bodies to Steven's Quarry after finding them dead in the woods. Stefan is already wearing a daylight ring. Emily explains that Katherine had her make it for him weeks ago. Stefan believes he's a vampire, but Emily corrects him. They've woken up in transition because they've had Katherine's blood in their system when they died. Stefan doesn't remember, but Emily knows the truth. She's been compelling him to drink from her for weeks; Damon, however, was willing enough on his own. Emily also explains to Stefan that everything they're feeling, it's apart of the transition. It's their bodies pushing them to feed. That night, Emily confronts Stefan and seems shocked that they've gone through and completed their transition. Stefan questions if she would have rather found them dead. Emily explains that Katherine saved her life and she owed her. This, however, doesn't mean she'd wish her curse on anyone else. At the moment, however, Stefan believes it to be a gift. Emily explains that will change. Even in death, his heart is pure. She senses that about him and that will be his curse.

Season Two

In Know Thy Enemy, Damon takes Bonnie and Jeremy to the massacre site. When Damon entered the premises, he was bewitched to prevent him from moving and his daylight ring to cease protecting him from the sun. Bonnie was able to release him and told him that, as a vampire, she didn't think he was welcomed. As he leaves, the front door is telekinetically slammed shut. Damon responds with "screw you too, Emily," implying it was her that disliked Damon's presence in the "witch house".

In As I Lay Dying, Stefan begs Bonnie to perform a séance. She's done one before, to contact Emily Bennett. He thinks maybe one of the witches might know how to help Damon and cure his werewolf bite. Bonnie casts a spell and the candle flames intensify around her. Stefan, concerned for her, calls out her name, repeatedly. Emily, however, speaks through possessing her once again. Stefan pleads with her, asking for a spell to heal Damon, though she tells him that Nature ensures a balance, though he was not convinced due to her history with Damon. Emily then tells Stefan it is perhaps his time to die, in which Stefan counters by saying that is punishment and not a balance. Angered, Emily tells him that she will not give him what he seeks, implying that there is an answer to be given. At that point, Emily's spirit leaves her descendant, and the witches punish her believing that she is abusing their power. Bonnie, while under Emily's possession, heard the witches say a name. It was Klaus.

Later after Jeremy is shot and died, Bonnie takes him back to the Witch Burial Ground, channeling the witches' power and attempted to resurrect him. Her spell was failing and she called out to her ancestor, "Emily! I know you're there. Please help me. I love him." The surrounding candle flames cease and Bonnie believed that the spirits left her, though Emily did resurrect Jeremy. Still, the witches did cut her off from their power after that final act of "abuse".


Little is known about Emily's personality based on the number of flashbacks she appeared in as she performed minimal roles in them, however, based on her appearances and deeds in the present, the things she was said to do in the past and her notable spells, one could conclude that she was a loyal person to all that she loved or considered friends and seemed to do whatever it would take to protect them, much like her descendant; Bonnie.

In life, she was said to enchant the Gilbert device, compass, and ring, to aid Johnathan Gilbert in his Vampire hunting ambition, and was believed to have done so because she had romantic feelings towards him.

Afraid for the safety of her children, she made a desperate deal with Damon, a vampire, to ensure their protection and in exchange cast a spell to protect his vampire-lover, Katherine, and also the daughter of her friend, Pearl, who were both vampires, from the founding families, despite witches and vampires being enemies.

In death, she seemed to be strong-willed and unrelenting; for example, she did not stop until she destroyed her talisman, even possessing Bonnie to accomplish the task. She also showed her loyalty and compassion to her descendant, Bonnie, by resurrecting Jeremy Gilbert, despite his death being of no supernatural consequence. She did so simply because Bonnie loved him and, seemingly, without any regard to the Spirits or the Natural order.

Physical Appearance

Emily was a beautiful woman who had medium length black hair and brown eyes. She had short stature and a slim build.

Given that she was a handmaiden (to Katherine), she was always depicted in dresses and attire of the time (mid-19th century) that reflected her socioeconomic status.

Powers and Abilities

TVD 1x09 Emily (Possessing Bonnie) Uses Pyrokinesis and Talisman Destruction Spell.gif

According to Sheila, Emily was one of the most powerful witches of the Bennett bloodline. Emily is known for various spells, such as enchanting protection spells upon jewelry that enables its human wearer to return to life after being killed by a supernatural creature. Similarly, she enchanted multiple devices that could help the townspeople of Mystic Falls to rid the city of "demons and monsters". While one of her enchantments included a compass with the ability to detect vampires, while another had the power to incapacitate every vampire, and subsequently werewolves, within a five-block radius.

Another impressive feat was Emily's ability to use healing spells. Even among witches, the ability to use magic to heal wounds is difficult. Damon claimed to Bonnie that it had taken her years to learn, even for a skilled witch like herself. This eventually culminated in her working on a resuscitative spell, a spell that linked the life force of a mother to that of her dying child. As the child died, the mother's life force flowed into and restored the child's life. The mother sacrificed her life to save her child's life.

Among her many achievements, Emily was most notably known for imprisoning over two dozen vampires underneath the ruins of Fell's Church. Upon doing so, Emily channeled the energy of an over-passing comet to empower herself with enough energy and strength to trap the vampires inside of the tomb, a spell that lasted for over 145 years.

Following her death, she resided on the Other Side, where she spoke to her descendant, Bonnie, through her dreams. Due to the young witch's ignorance in magic, this culminated in Emily being able to possess Bonnie following a séance. While possessed, she demonstrated her abilities in both telekinesis and pyrokinesis. The former, by telekinetically throwing Damon into a tree branch that pinned him to the tree and the latter by generating a pentagram of fire around her while she destroyed her talisman, the key to freeing the tomb vampires.

Later, when Bonnie contacted the witch spirits of the Witch Burial Ground to resurrect Jeremy Gilbert; they denied her their power as they believed she was abusing it. Desperate, she called out to Emily, telling her that she loved Jeremy. Emily, however, answered her descendant's plea and he was resurrected, though not without consequences.


Emily had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


Season One

Season Two

Season Five


  • Emily is from the Latin "Aemilius", meaning "rival". Emily also means "flatterer" in Latin" and "industrious" in German.[8]
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".[9]


  • Emily Bennett was the first ghost shown in the series.
  • Emily Bennett was the first witch shown to cast a resurrection spell.
  • Before being called Emily, her original name was Birdie Mae. That was changed and there was a casting change as well.



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