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This article is about Emily, a character from the Digital Comics. You may be looking for Emily Bennett, a character from The Vampire Diaries.

I did what I thought was right.
Emily in Laces Part Three

Emily Bennett was a witch that appeared in The Vampire Diaries digital comics. She was handmaiden to Katherine and friend to Sarah and Carissa.

Emily was a member of the Bennett Family.

Early History

In early-to-mid 19th century, Emily became Katherine's handmaiden. When Damon returns to the Jefferson Plantation, she works in secret to help recover Confederate documents. However, Katherine attacks and kills Annabelle over red laces. Working with Mary, she spells the laces to constrict and harm Katherine in an attempt to scare her. However, when Mary tried to get the Confederate papers to an ally, Katherine confronts her. To prevent Katherine from finding out the truth and unable to help Mary any longer, she tells Katherine that she saw Mary take the papers. Ultimately, this lead to Mary's death, to which Katherine instructs her to get rid of the body. In a shallow grave, Emily apologies to Mary, and while she loved her and Katherine, she cares about who wins this war. She thought what she was doing was right, but ultimately her actions failed her. At the grave, she commends Mary. She died a valiant soldier.

At some point in the mid 19th century, her friend Sarah was accused of witchcraft and rounded up by the townspeople of Mystic Falls. Emily tried to get Sarah to tell them she's not a witch, but she couldn't lie, nor would they listen to her. Emily was conflicted. If she helped her friend, they'll know she was a witch and they would burn her, too. As they burn Sarah at the stake, she believed herself a coward and apologized to her friend.

Throughout the Digital Comic Series

In Mind Games, Emily sits with Sheila and Bonnie on the Other Side in a garden for tea. Three generations, together. Beyond the veil, their magic can create this beautiful reunion. Bonnie expresses that they should enjoy it while they can, for she doesn't know for how long they can sustain it. Bonnie muses that it must be fun for Emily as she's both the youngest and oldest at the same time. Emily, however, doesn't respond to Bonnie or Sheila's comments. She's dazed and lost in her own memories, even calling out for Sarah to run. Sarah means no harm and for some unseen people to leave her alone. Emily drops her tea and the garden-scape fades as Bonnie and Sheila rush to her side. She's taken to a bedroom as she lies unconscious. Bonnie asks Sheila what's wrong with her because she keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Sheila believes that Emily is reliving the same terrifying memory in a constant loop and they have to help her. Sheila explains that she isn't a strong enough witch to force herself out of it, but Bonnie is. Bonnie must enter Emily's memory and move her past the traumatic event, and instructs her not to alter it. Sheila explains that changing Emily's memory, she'll change the past. When the warning is given, Bonnie and Sheila cast a spell and Bonnie's spirit is sent into Emily's memory - her past.

Bonnie is taken into Emily's past and learns of Emily's friend, Sarah. Sarah learns that something has changed with Emily, but uses this imposter to teach her to control her magic. In an attempt to get revenge at Emily's killer, Emily asks Bonnie to give her back possession of her body. In a burst of magic, Mystic Falls is flash frozen - the flames that are burning buildings are extinguished. Sarah is shocked to realize it's actually Emily before her. She questions Sarah about her actions. Sarah, explains that another witch took over her body and the townspeople were going to kill her. Saddened, Emily explains that she was so desperate for her to live, she cast a spell to take her back, to change her destiny. However, something went wrong and Bonnie attempted to save her in Emily's stead. However, it didn't work. Sarah realizes all too late that she's overexerted herself with her own magic. Emily embraces her as she as her nose bleeds and she begins to die. Sarah tells her friend it's okay. This death is the death she's chosen for herself. Not in fire and fear, but with her only true friend by her side. She can rest in peace. Emily awakens as Bonnie returns by her and Sheila's side. Sarah is now free, and so is Emily.


Physical Appearance

Emily was a beautiful woman who had brown eyes and medium length black hair that made into a bun. She had a somewhat short stature and a slim build. As a handmaiden, she wore plain dresses that reflected her socioeconomic status.


The Vampire Diaries: Digital Comic

Powers and Abilities

Emily possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Emily had the typical weaknesses of a witch.


  • Emily is from the Latin "Aemilius", meaning "rival". Emily also means "flatterer" in Latin" and "industrious" in German.[1]
  • Bennett is an uncommon unisex name, which could be Latin or Hebrew in origin. The meaning of the name is "blessed".[2]


  • Both Sheila and Sarah comment on Emily's prowess as a witch. Sheila compares her to Bonnie, stating that she isn't a strong enough witch to force her out of the Destiny spell she cast. Bonnie called Sarah a very powerful witch and doubted that Emily could even stop her, despite Bonnie being unable to do so. This is the opposite of what is stated in the television series, where in Haunted, Sheila comments that Emily was "one of the most powerful witches of [their] family."


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