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My vote, on behalf of the lower school, is to err on the side of inclusion. We exist to help kids like him.
Emma about Landon in Malivore

Emma Tig is a witch and the former guidance counselor at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. She appeared in the second episode of the first season of Legacies.

Early History[]

There isn't anything known about her early history except for the fact that she has a childhood fear of bugs, which has persisted throughout her adult life.

Prior to the opening of the Salvatore School, Emma was hired by Alaric as the school's guidance counselor. Her psychology evaluation of Hope Mikaelson initially led Alaric to believe they couldn’t open the school if that meant enrolling Hope. However, she petitioned that was the reason for the school, to help children like her. In her professional opinion, if they screwed up, the decision would likely haunt them for the rest of their lives, but far less than not trying. She reminded him of all the good that Hope is capable of doing under the right guidance.

Throughout Legacies Series[]


Emma talks with Hope

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Emma meets with Hope, the latter having been caught for using black magic. She begins the session by telling Emma that she knows there are guys with integrity, who lead with truth, she's just never met any of them. Despite her nihilism, she wants Hope to start from the beginning, why she decided to perform black magic on school grounds the previous night. Hope's reluctant to talk, wanting to table the discussion until she finds and catches Landon Kirby - she's worried that the longer that he's out there, the greater the chance he'll tell people about the school and the kind of people they have hidden behind its gates. Emma takes another approach. Hope is aware there is a beacon that alerts her when someone's using black magic and she knew she'd be caught. Hope retorts that she'd hope that it would have been after she found Landon, but the trail has went cold, she's being interrogated and the sense of urgency is lacking. Concerned, and knowing her history, Emma asks her if she used dark magic alone. Hope lies and says no, wanting to end the appointment hastily. Emma reminds Hope that she's a student and this isn't her fight. Hope disagrees, she believes she's responsible for Landon being within the walls of the school, had access to knife, and now they're all at risk of exposure. She could care less of what Emma's file will say resulting from the discussion, but she's adamant that she's going to help Alaric. With that Hope stands and walks out. As she does, Emma questions what she'll do when she finds Landon. Hope doesn't respond.


Emma checks in on Alaric.

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, Emma politely knocks on Alaric's office door. Alaric's busy and tells her that it's not a good time, but she ignores him and enters the office regardless. She reminds him that when she was brought on as the school's counselor, she was told that counseling was mandatory for everyone at school, by him. Alaric waves her off, telling her he has things to do, specifically research, and will have to rain-check therapy. She's not surprised at his actions but sticks around and notices the supernatural knife that Landon previously stole and what the dragon was chasing. Alaric's a bit surprised that she's aware of what previously happened, but she clues him in on the fact that Dorian never misses his appointments. Reluctantly, he fills her in on what he's found. He tells her that if his translations are correct, whoever wields it has the power to save the world, or end all life as we know it - fourth century Gaulish is tricky. Emma takes note that it's sitting in some clear liquid and quips that he should stop cleaning it and destroy it already. Alaric shows her that it's sitting in hydrochloric acid and he's tried explosives, an acetylene torch, a circular saw and even running over it with his truck. According to legend, it's indestructible. Circling back to his missed counseling appointment, Emma rhetorically adds, in addition to father, teacher and mentor, he's also a linguist, slayer of mythical creatures, and demolitions expert, which is a lot to take on all by himself. He tells her that he's fine, though Lizzie bursts into his office, angry and covered in a smoothie. Lizzie calls him a total jerk. Emma witnesses Lizzie's outburst, which culminates in the conclusion that it is all his fault. Not only are Hope and Josie sisters in solidarity, but if he had been at the game, instead of running around with Hope, then everything would've gone differently and on top of that, it wasn't fair that Hope gets to know secrets that his own daughters don't. Emma agrees with Lizzie's points. Alaric suggests that she go help the primary school students out in the garden. Lizzie silently agrees and looks to Emma, pointing out that at least now she knows why she's so screwed up. Alaric looks back to Emma and gives her a smile, which she kindly returns.

After Lizzie is attacked by a new creature, a gargoyle, Pedro finds and brings back Alaric. While he's talking to Dorian, Emma and the other students look over Lizzie, who's alive but in a catatonic state and three larges gashes on her stomach from a claw.


Emma watches over Lizzie

Alaric assembles the students and tells them they're on lockdown - no one in or out of the school with upperclassman on the buddy system to their rooms and the lower class with Emma to the Grand Hall. As she makes her way to Alaric, he wants her to take Lizzie with her and the kids and to keep an eye on her infection. He's going to attempt to draw the creature away from the school, but she's asks how he knows it will. Alaric believes that he has what the creature wants, the supernatural knife. As he leaves, she reassures the lower class that they'll be fine and they make their way to the Grand Hall.


Emma cloaks the students with her magic

As the gargoyle stalks the school, Emma and the kids are startled as the creature cries out. She knows it's in the hallway and informs the kids to stay very quiet. As she stands and walks towards the doors, she casts a cloaking spell over the students and herself in the Grand Hall. At the door, she comes face to face with the gargoyle, separated by glass and her spell hiding them. Despite the terrifying creature before her, she stands, unwavering in order to protect the students. As the gargoyle leaves, she backs away, her breathing shaky.


Emma tries to warn the others

With the gargoyle still stalking the halls of the school, Emma hears Alaric calling out to her. She quickly opens the doors of the Grand Hall but motions for them to be silent. Her efforts, however, are for not, as the gargoyle is on the upper landing and have found them. Emma closes the doors to the hall and lets Alaric, Hope and Josie handle the creature. With the creature destroyed, she and the students are spared and Lizzie recovers with the help of Josie.

That night, Alaric calls the students and faculty into another meeting and tells them what's happened over the last couple of days, that folklore and fairy tales are no longer just stories. They've won their fight, this time, but for whatever reason, these creatures consider them to be the enemy. He warms them all to look out for each other, to do what's best for one another, because they're a family.


Emma attends Alaric's assembly.

In Malivore, Emma attends Alaric's assembly of the student body. Some students have expressed concern that he's not allowing them to have a say in the decisions that affect their future. He believes if they're expected to abide by the school's policies, it's only fair that they have a voice in how those rules are made. With that he's forming an honor council - one vampire, one witch and one werewolf elected by their peers. The council will also comprise of Emma, whose vote will represent the younger students. With the assembly over, he leaves to go off-campus to question the newly detained creature, a dryad; Emma is left to supervise the school.


Emma checks in on Hope and Landon

As the day progresses, Emma finds and meets Hope out on the grounds of the school. She's conducting several tests to conclude if Landon's supernatural. She ask how's it's going as Hope sends Landon off to run sprints to the lake and back. Smirking, Emma asks what she's testing for, exactly. Hope, however, is amazed and tells her that she's testing for his ability to get away from her as quickly as possible. She wants to know if she's ran the lineage spell that she previously left for her. Hope performed the spell first thing and it concluded that he has zero magic in his bloodline. All Emma has to offer is a "hmm". She elaborates, however, and tells Hope that most humans have some trace of magical blood in their veins from a far-flung ancestor and to know more about Landon, they'll need to learn about his past. Taking her advice, Hope leaves to question Landon.


Emma collects the ballots.

With the day progressing onward, the students have conducted their bids for honor council representative and voting has come to a close, with Penelope casting the final vote. Emma gathers the students and reads aloud the chosen representatives for each of the three species; Rafael, for the werewolves, Kaleb, for the vampires, and Josie, for the witches. With the short assemble concluded, she thanks all the students for voting and offers her congratulations to the newly elected representatives.


Emma convenes the honor council.

That night, she and the honor council convene to discuss Landon's fate, though Hope arrives late. Considering she's a singular species, a tribrid, she ran unopposed and demanded a voice for herself from Alaric. With all members now present, they could now discuss whether Landon should be allowed to stay at the school. Emma begins the discussion by levitating a scale and bringing out tiles. She grabs a tile and casts her vote; her vote, on behalf of the lower school, is to err on the side of inclusion and supports Landon in staying. She tells them that they exist to help kids like him and iterates that is just what she's going to go do now. She already has a search party out looking for Jed and notes that violence leads to more violence. With her peace said, she excuses herself and allows the other representatives to talk freely.


Emma and Hope have a counseling session.

In Mombie Dearest, Hope meets with her for another scheduled counseling session. Hope is elated on her kiss with Landon, though she's still pessimistic, telling her that nothing will obviously come out of it. She's not even sure she'll see him again, and nobody wants a long distance relationship. She soon realizes she's rambling and stops herself, wondering just who she was now. Emma, quips that she's a normal teenager and, though she loves hearing her talk about something as simple as having a crush on a boy, she doesn't need a counselor; she needs a friend. With that, their session is over.


Emma warns Alaric about Josette.

With Josette Laughlin's apparent resurrection, or what Alaric believes as the 'new' monster in search of the supernatural knife, Emma places a basic boundary spell over Alaric's office. She questions that he's absolutely sure that she can't do magic. He reassures her, telling her that she couldn't before she died, so if she can now, he guesses they'll learn the hard way. Josette isn't keen on being talked about with her still in the room and motions to them that she's right here and she has a lot of questions. With her work done, Emma makes a final glance over at Josette and offers a warning to Alaric to be careful, leaving him to question Josette alone.


Emma, Alaric and Dorian discuss Josette's reanimation.

With Alaric getting no where with his questioning, he regroups with Emma and Dorian in the library. He confesses to them that he doesn't get it, she's not tried to escape, not a word about the knife, and she knows things only the real Josette knows - she's not like the other creatures. Emma offers another point of view; blunt force hasn't gotten the creatures the knife, now, they've moved on to psychological warfare. Tread lightly, she tells him, that if Jo is another monster, she can do more damage to him than any dragon. Dorian, however, has been digging in his research and something she said sticks out to him. He pulls forward a book. There's an eyewitness account of a group of World War I soldiers buried in France who came back to life and massacred a village. After, they didn't remember hurting anyone and they all said they had been "yanked" back into being, just like Jo. This new realization is even more disturbing, that someone or something can resurrect the dead and used them to attack without them even knowing it.

LGC106-098-Emma-Supernatural Knife

Emma and Dorian takes away the knife.

As the day moves into the night, Dorian and Emma fear that whatever is controlling Josette will soon make a play for the knife. As Alaric tends to Jo, they take the knife and leave the school. As she inspects the knife, Dorian receives a call from Alaric, who's in need of the knife, that Josie's life is at stake. Alaric demands that he brings it to him, now, but Dorian refuses. He tells him that "Hero 101", you don't give the bad guys what they want, especially if they don't know what it does, which could include spawning Armageddon. He repeats that it has Josie, but Dorian is adamant that they'll save her, but he, nor Emma are giving up the knife to the creature.


Alaric finally attends Emma's counseling session.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Alaric finally meets with Emma for his counseling session. He's faced terrifying danger including vampires, werewolves and dragons, but there's only one day in his calendar marked with a black "X", a day he fears above all others - the annual talent show. He even offers to throw himself to the newest monster, a unicorn. Emma laughs at Alaric's despair and asks him to play hooky with her. This immediately catches his attention, prompting him to set upright on the small sofa, though he's confused at her remark. She tells him that the latest monster is harmless, his daughters are playing nice, and no one is paying attention to the school; he should give himself the day off. Alaric agrees and they leave.


Emma and Alaric play a drinking game.

Throughout the course of the day, he and Emma have been to three previous bars, and now find themselves at a new one. Emma, however, doesn't want him to change the subject again - she wants to talk about him and to do so suggests a drinking game called, "Truth or Shot". She questions if she need me to explain the rules, though he quips that he has a doctorate in history and drinking games. She laughs and begins her line of questions, starting with what was his most embarrassing childhood memory. He pauses, but immediately takes a shot, prompting her to ask if it's that bad. Alaric however just needed a drink and tells her that peed himself in right field during a Little League game. For his turn, he asks who was her first kiss. She refuses to answer and takes a shot as well, stating that warmup is over. A little more serious she asks him why he's always so hard on himself. He answers this question, it's because he feels like he can't afford to make mistakes, that if he messes up, it affects hundreds of people. Mostly kids, including his own, and they always need him to have the answer. She prompts another question, "what do you need?" Alaric doesn't answer and takes another shot but quickly asks if she's like to get dinner with him. Of all the time, now, he asks. She informs him that she's only just started seeing someone, a good man.


Emma and Alaric learn they're 'infected' with a slug.

As they continue to drink, they move on to singing karaoke. The singing is cut short by a phone call from Dorian. He tells them that there's mind-controlling slugs loose at the school making people act crazy. Electricity is the only way to de-slug them, so they've got to find a way to shock everybody. He tells him that they're one their way and hangs up. Alaric believes they're totally infected, which would explain their wild behavior - drinking on a school day. Emma suggests that they could just take off, grab the ugly urn and throw it in a river, to get rid of it. Alaric, however, decides they probably shouldn't do anything drastic while they're infected. Ignoring Alaric, she grabs him by the shirt and embraces him in a deep kiss, he reciprocates. She justifies the action by telling him that she wanted to do it while they both still had an excuse. Emma then decides to shock herself first. When she does, the mind-controlling slug falls from her nose. She's horrified and disgusted and Alaric steps on it, killing it. He then shocks himself, though to both of their surprise, nothing happens.


Emma saves the students.

Arriving back at the school in time to save Dorian, Emma casts a spell to seal the room with mind-controlled students. He's happy to see Emma and they embrace in a kiss. Emma also has a solution to their slug problem. Aximander Dust. She tells them that it was favored by the witches of the Roman Empire because it conducts electricity through anything it touches. She equates it to chain lightning. They have Landon crawl through the duct work to spread the dust to the room containing the student. With everything in place, and a line of the dust leading to the room, she casts another spell to send a spark through the dust that chains through and shocks the students, sending the slugs flying from their noses and ears, successfully freeing the infected students.

Later that night, as she leaves with Dorian, she also sees Alaric. Her smile fades, having kissed him while seeing Dorian.


Emma and Dorian have a picnic.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street, Emma and Dorian treat themselves to a nice picnic. Dorian makes a toast, "To you", he tells her and to a week off from monster-related business. She smiles and accepts the toast, but her attention is immediately taken to a bug that had crawled on the arm of Dorian's chair and she nearly jumps out of her seat - she detests "creepy crawlies". Dorian recalls her having a mind controlling parasite in her brain, but a simple beetle is what freaks her out, but she admits it's due to a childhood fear. He goes on to ask if she's made a decision about coming with him to the mountains for spring break. She teases him, asking if she looked like a women that knows how to pitch a tent. He tells her no, that she doesn't, even going so far to point out and call her Miss "High Heels at a Picnic." However, he's booked them an inn. As Emma leans in for a kiss, more beetles have covered their picnic and a one crawls up onto her had from Dorian's shirt. She screams in terror and he takes her away.


Road trip to Maple Hollow.

After Alaric find where the missing urn could be located, Dorian cancels their mountain getaway but instead invites her along with Alaric, the twins, Hope and Kaleb to fight evil. Together, they head for Maple Hollow, a six hour drive to South Carolina. They arrive upstream from the dam, Dorian noting that the river bends and slows and makes deposits - he'll find the urn. Alaric and Emma decide to head into town, split up and look for clues. Dorian agrees and informs him to watch after his girl and gives her a kiss on the cheek.


They arrive in Maple Hollow.

In town, Emma sets off with Alaric and Kaleb while the girls, Josie, Lizzie and Hope, head to the fountain area. Kaleb's upset he's stuck on the senior citizens' half of the tour. He also comments that they needed him as a third wheel to diffuse the awkward tension. Emma denies this and so does Alaric. While walking down the street, Kaleb begins to hear something. Alaric chastises him for using his vampire hearing, but the noise is faint. The sound is humming and they sound learn it's a swarm of hornets. Alaric tells them to run and they take cover in the minivan. While the hornets swarm the and encase the van, Alaric identifies them, that they're indigenous to Africa, or Southwest Asia and shouldn't even be on this continent. Emma shields her eyes, terrified of the creepy crawlies and begins to lose it, telling them that she can't do it. Kaleb notices that the hornets begin to die off and he tells her to open her eyes. When she finally does, a Hazmat Guy knocks on the side door, panicking her into screaming. He ushers them out of the van as he and other men guide the people of Maple Hollow to a FEMA Recovery Center.


Emma and Alaric pretend to be a couple.

At the recovery center, Emma, Alaric and the others are forced to relinquish their cellphones and fill out paperwork. Hope tells them that the locals hadn't seen anything unusual and that the first sign of trouble just happened. Emma questions how these men got here before the bugs. Alaric doesn't know, but he reasons that they're way too prepared, organized, and well-equipped to be responding to a random insect attack. To make a quick cover for themselves, Alaric tells the Officious Guard that they're married, and the girls are from his first marriage.


Emma leaves to search for Dorian.

They're detained at the recovery center when they learn that the mummy has the urn. Ryan tells Alaric that Triad Industries is a cleanup organization and isn't equipped to deal with it. Alaric regroups with Emma and recalls where Ryan told him where the mummy obtained the urn. He tells her if the mummy's objective is like all the other monsters, it will be to take the artifact to Malivore and will take Route 21, which cuts through town towards the interstate. She wonders if they can't just let him have the urn and make it someone else's problem though being responsible for two-thirds of the monster apocalypse holds a high accountability. With Dorian still not having returned, Emma tells Alaric that she needs to go see if she can find him. Alaric understands and offers that he would go with her, but she declines, telling him that his girls needed him. However, she gave them a crash course in offensive magic, and with a mummy running loose, he may need them more. Alaric remarks that it's some spring break. She tells him to be safe and walks off to begin her search for Dorian.


During the course of the evening, she and Dorian are taken hostage by Triad. After Alaric retrieves the urn, Ryan offers a trade - her and Dorian for the urn. Ryan tells him that his team found his "wife" looking for Dorian and that they'd provide some nice leverage. Alaric tells him to let them go and hands him the urn. As they drive back to Mystic Falls, Emma sleeps on Dorian's shoulder.


Emma and Dorian reunite.

After arriving back at the school, Emma expresses her sadness about having almost lost Dorian. He tells her that he's fine. She apologizes for holding back her feelings about how she felt about him, but she knows now. Dorian leans in close and tells her that he's always known how he felt about her, and closes to kiss her but she stops him. There's more, she tells him. She confesses that she didn't know because she was confused and she kissed Alaric. It was days ago when the magical slug was in her, but that's no excuse. Dorian questions if she would have kissed him without it, but she tells him that she doesn't want to anymore. He asks if she's sure, though she's positive. Dorian questions if Alaric has a slug in him to and she tells him the truth, which leads to Dorian punching Alaric and quitting his job.


Emma helps Rafael in his confused state.

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do, Emma and Alaric are faced with missing students - MG is missing on the night of a full moon, and Rafael and Landon can't be found either. Alaric and Hope search the woods and returns to her with Rafael in a confused state, unable to remember what had happened to him of the others. Alaric reveals that he's suffering from lunar psychosis. Rafael begins to spiral and his rage take hold and lunges at them but Emma is quicker. She steps forward, protecting Alaric and Hope, and casts a spell - Tardus pulsatio - and he immediately stops. Hope's concerned and asks her what she did. She informs Hope that she's slowing down his heart, that it will calm him. Rafael regains some composure, though he's still orientated and questions what's happening, that he's losing time. She explains that he's experiencing; lunar psychosis means his mind is in flux, trapped between his wolf and human states. Due to this, it's harder to bridge the gap and access his memories like he normally would. She indicates that it's very rare and only happens after a premature reversion. Hope surmises that something bad happened to cause his body to shift back before the full moon was over. Emma asks Hope to give them a minute, that she can go check on the other wolves in the transformation cells. She's reluctant, but does as Emma asks. Alaric asks her about the danger of him turning into a werewolf again, as this wing of the school is filled with sleeping vampires. She reassures Alaric that she'll keep him sealed within the room. What his mind needs now is to be surrounded by all the things that are familiar to him, things that connect him to his humanity and not his lycanthropy. She casts another spell, one to help is breathing and to keep him calm. With Rafael in a calmer state, Alaric asks for him to tell them exactly what happened. Rafael begins to tell them what happened, starting with taking MG home to his parents, Veronica and Terrance Greasley. After hearing what they did, Alaric's upset, but Emma curbs his anger. She tells him that discipline can come after everyone is healthy and safe and he apologizes to Rafael for his outburst. Hope returns as Alaric leaves, he has a big mess to clean up with the Greasleys, and asks Hope to stay with Emma.


Emma sedates Rafael.

With Alaric leaving, she pulls out a case of syringes. Hope questions her methods, but sedatives and safety are a priority. She also tells Hope why she couldn't track them earlier. Penelope aided them with a cloaking spell before she left for break, had said it was a gift for dumping Lizzie on her birthday. Hope continues to push Rafael for more details but begins to lose it. She asks Hope for the syringe but she refuses, wanting him to tell them more about what happened to Landon. Emma rebuffs her, telling her that if he stays in this state any longer, it will be that much harder to pull him out. With Hope refusing to aid her, Emma rushes over to the bed and checks the syringe. With it working appropriately, she plunges the needle into his neck and sedates him.


Emma and Hope discuss Rafael.

As the night turns into morning, Hope's trying to make sense of Rafael's words. Triad has the urn and there shouldn't be any monsters, let alone in Maryland. Emma attempts to reassure her and that he's just confused. Hope wants to wake him up, but she refuses. Sleep is the safest thing for Rafael right now and once he's out of this lunar cycle, they'll be able to recalibrate his brain more easily. Hope continues argue with her, that he's the only one who knows where Landon and MG are, plus there's a supposed monster. She tells Hope that she's the closest thing this school has to a psychiatrist and her responsibility is to him, as well as her. She recalls their previous conversations about triggers rooted in trauma, but Hope doesn't need a "therapist" right now; she needs answers. She reassures Hope that she will get them when she does, all the while causing the least amount of harm to Rafael as possible.


Rafael sedates Emma.

While she continues to watch over Rafael, Hope returns with an elixir that's been in her family. She's spoken to Alaric behind her back and refuses her attempt to use the elixir - she nor Alaric is a medical doctor, and neither is Hope. She tells Hope that the division between the two sides of Rafael's mind, as with all werewolves, exists for a reason, to protect his sanity. Hope continues to plead with her, that something terrible happened and Landon and MG are out there somewhere. She's concerned for them as well, but her priority is to Rafael's safety in that moment and strongly tells her no - her decision is final and she's not going to let her go through with it. Rafael, however has woken from his sedative and attacks Emma from behind, stabbing her in the neck with a syringe with the same sedative. While she collapses into his arms, he apologizes to her, but wants to go through with Hope's plan of using the elixir.


Emma discusses Rafael's worsening condition.

In I'll Tell You a Story, Emma gathers with Alaric and Hope. Landon's left the school, but has left a voicemail for his sudden departure. After listening to it, Hope doesn't think it makes sense and wants to go after him, but Alaric doesn't. They kept a secret about his mother from him and he believes he just needs time to process it. Emma doesn't offer her opinion and Hope leaves. Alaric knows her look and asks what's wrong. She tells him that all the kids have been through so much lately and she's done all she can to help Rafael, but the side effects of Hope's elixir are getting worse. Rafael's losing more time and having flashes of aggression. She believes he's still sliding between his wolf mind and his human mind. Alaric reassures her that he'll keep an eye on him, but that's not enough for her, considering he's been just on fumes for weeks. She offers that he bring Dorian back, that he could, maybe even assist in researching Rafael's condition. Alaric believes that he's too proud to come back, but Emma begs to differ; despite her respect for Alaric, his pride isn't the problem.

As Rafael's condition worsens, a fight nearly breaks out between the werewolf and vampire students; Emma arrives with other faculty members just after the tension is defused by Jed and Roman. She finds Alaric, however, on the floor, having been thrown by Rafael. She tells the other students to go back to their class, speechless at Alaric.


Emma decides to go on sabbatical.

She takes Alaric back to his office and brings him an ice bag, telling him that it could have gotten out of hand. It didn't, Alaric tells her, and Rafael apologized. Emma acknowledges that he's a good man but he's also human. She wonders just how long it will be until these kids figure out that the control he has over this school is an illusion or before there's a fight he can't stop. She's come to a realization today on just how she can help him. She informs him that she's taking a sabbatical. Alaric's confused at this notation and wonders how that's actually supposed to help. She hopes it will be a wake-up call, that the mission of the school has grown and she doesn't want to be around when it gets bad enough for him to finally admit that. It's a hard truth, but Alaric remains silent. Emma, however, leaves, having said her peace.


Emma returns for Coven day.

In This is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies, Emma returns to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. Alaric explains the situation of the mora miserium to her, though she wasn't even aware that they still existed, let alone how to repair one. As they talk, they bump into Dorian. Dorian's surprised to see her and Alaric leaves them to catch up with one another. Emma tells him that Alaric has asked her to run Coven Day; however, Dorian doesn't by it. "You flew from Japan for Coven Day?" he asks her, but she brushes it off. Of course she would.


Emma addresses the witches.

As the witch students assemble in the school's gymnasium — each coven making booths to celebrate their individual covens — Emma addresses the crowd. For years, witches have been persecuted for being different, and even dangerous. Here at the boarding school, Coven Day is meant to celebrate and to take pride in being just that — a witch — and to learn about their fellow covens that make up their magical community. Despite Alyssa Chang's rude entrance, Emma wants them all to enjoy the day. What they get out of coven day is what they put into it. Unbeknownst to them all, however, a qareen has been unleashed upon the school and has already begun to sow discord amongst the witches, beginning with Alyssa.


During Wade's Coven Day presentation, Alyssa rudely mocks him. She even jokes that he should be eaten by Malivore so they could all forget his presentation and stating that he's a waste of fairy space. Shocked at the abrupt and cold comments, Emma gives her detention. Alyssa challenges her authority, asking if she even works here given that she left on sabbatical. Today, however, she does. Emma continues to be shocked at the apparent outburst, the next one even coming from Hope.

LGC210-065-Witch Students-Hope-Emma~Alyssa

With unrest growing among the witches, Emma coordinates a meditative exercise to calm everyone's nerves. Hope pipes up. Some hurt feelings, and this is what they're subjected to. This leads her to believe that this is the reason why she has to do everything herself. Emma believes this exercise will be especially helpful for some of the witches, Hope included. Emma instructs the witches to close their eyes, to focus on their breathing, and embrace the silence. Lizzie bursts through the doors, needing Emma's help, however, they're in the middle of something. Lizzie's thing however doesn't involve a Kum-Bah-Yah circle, but Emma instructs her to sit. Lizzie does so, though in the most loudest and annoying manner.

LGC210-074-Lizzie-Hope-Witch Students~Alyssa-Emma

Emma tries a meditation exercise.

Emma summons a giant green, free floating sphere. She explains that it represents their collective thoughts and emotions. Their goal is to keep it a calm green which represents serenity and peace of mind. The qareen, however, continues to cause discord among the witches, whispers insecurities. The witches lash out at one another, causing them to argue. Emma tells them that the sphere has begun to change colors, that their negative thoughts are polluting it. She demands the witches to focus but the qareen has grown in power and causes more discord. Hope, Lizzie and Alyssa are the tipping point. Lizzie calls Alyssa an orphan, which elicited a magical fire attack in response. The other witches stand and argue aloud until Emma calls off the exercise,. "That's enough!" she tells the witches. With a snap of her finger, the sphere disperses in a flash of light, changing into magical butterflies and fluttering off. She commands that witches to go to their rooms and cool off.


After the failed exercise with the witches, Emma is confronted by Dorian. He's asked her a "simple" question, and believes that everything has to be a secret with her. Emma snaps back. Unlike her, Dorian's never emotionally available. He points out that she took another job — in Japan. However, for Emma, he never told her how that made him feel. As the students watch from a distance, the qareen finally has gained enough strength to materialize, garnering the attention from everyone around them.

LGC210-142-Josie-Lizzie-Alyssa-Hope-Witch Students~Emma

Emma leads the various witches in creating a new prison world for the mora miserium.

With the qareen defeated, thanks to Wade who was actually a fairy and not a witch, the witches gather under on the lawn under the meteor shower. The convene to assist their fellow witches, Lizzie and Josie. Emma points out this is what Coven Day is all about. Working together. Only when witches are alone, are they truly ever in danger. Together, witches are strong and can cast spells that no single witch would be able to do themselves. With all the pieces collected on the alter, Emma instructs the to focus on assembling the pieces into a new ascendant — this leads to the creation of a new prison world. The spell is successful and Emma congratulates them. One spell down, one to go. Emma instructs them again that they must now pull together and channel their energy as one to banish the sandclock before it breaks. Chanting as one around Lizzie and Josie, they cast their spell. Again, together, they're successful and the sandclock is, seemingly, banished to the newly created prison world.


Later that night, Dorian confronts Emma. He's here to apologize for his actions earlier that day. Emma wants to chalk it up to the qareen, but Dorian is referring to before that. He tells her that it's none of his business why she in town. Emma appreciate the sentiment and realizes, given the days events, that she should be more honest with him. She reveals that she's not just in town for Coven Day. Alaric personally asked for her help with another student — someone who was giving him trouble. Dorian asks what she's done. She reveals that they have done what they've done in the past. Before they can continue, Alyssa interrupts them. She's here for detention, though Dorian elects to leave.


Emma meets with Alyssa.

Emma knows she ordered her here earlier, but it's now clear the qareen was influencing them all. Alyssa explains that the instant before was not what she wanted to chat about. Alyssa here to confess. Emma asks what she's done. In truth, it's not about what she did. It's what she knows about what she did. Alyssa explains that Josie recently did a purge spell to return everyone's memories about Hope, but Hope's not the only thing she remembered. She's remembered other things, like what she did to me and what Alaric did to those other kids. Emma attempts to clam Alyssa and wants to explain, but with Alaric. Alyssa tells her that it won't be possible to get Dr. Saltzman. She's sent them away — just like she sent the others. Poetic justice. Emma knows it's not possible. She would need the ascendant and Bennett blood. Alyssa's found a loophole. She's just needed to use a linking spell and she's been waiting for an opportunity for weeks. She's been watching the Saltzmans as they complained about their lives, worried only about themselves. When everyone else was basking in Coven Day bliss, she took her opportunity and linked the two ascendants. When Lizzie and Josie sent the Sandclock, they were also sending themselves and Alaric. For added bonus, she explains, she added a time delay spell so no one would realize what happened until it was too late. Emma shocked at what Alyssa's told her. She demands that they're bringing them back, but Alyssa points out that the meteor shower's over. As Emma looks out the window, Alyssa casts a memory spell on her, causing her to fall unconscious to the floor.

LGC211-018-Dorian-Emma-Love Arrow

Emma and Dorian are struck by one of Pothos' arrows.

In What Cupid Problem?, Emma's recovered from the previous night — none the wiser to what Alyssa had done to her. In the headmaster's office, Dorian pleads with her to cancel her flight. He can't run the school on his own with Alaric's disappearance. Emma, however, is needed elsewhere, specifically Caroline. Dorian doesn't want her to go. Caroline can call Bonnie, he needs her more. Emma admits that them together in the same place is not a good idea. Dorian wants to keep it strictly professional. He wants her brain — help with the sphinx's prophecy. He thinks he's cracked another portion of the prophecy, something referring to the prison world that the Saltzmans were transported to. Emma's not so sure. Prophecies are like horoscopes. They're purposely vague so they can be applied to almost anything. Dorian's adamant that portions of the prophecy are rather specific, but Emma insists on leaving. Unbeknownst to them both, Pothos, lurking outside, strikes them both with love arrows and they embrace one another, kissing multiple times.

LGC211-081-Emma-City Hall Official-Dorian

Emma and Dorian marry under magical influence.

Love is a serious commitment. A powerful bond. A declaration of souls uniting. Still under the influence of Pothos' arrow, Emma and Dorian find themselves at City Hall, standing before each other and a City Hall official being united in matrimony. As the official asks if there is anyone present that knows of any reason why the couple should not be wedded, Jed bursts through the doors. Objecting to the union, Jed professes his love you to Emma. No one has ever understood him like Emma has and pleads with her to not marry Dorian. A turn of events, Jed gets on one knee and asks her to marry him instead. Emma's at a loss for words.


They question if they're really married.

As the day comes to a close, Emma and Dorian arrive back at the Salvatore School. As Dorian gets the door for Emma, she caresses his check, his eye dark and swollen — a black-eye. Emma mentions that she should probably schedule a session with Jed so that they could talk about the events that transpired. Taking her hand, Dorian looks at the ring on her finger, asking if they're actually married or not. Emma doesn't answer but Dorian's always thought Alaric would be his best man. Emma reassures him that they're going to get him back. The "Cupid" thing just got everyone distracted. Wade comes running from the school, he tells Emma and Dorian that while they were gone, as the student security supervisor, he was notified of a breach in the protection spell surrounding the school. Someone had broken into the weapons armory, stealing a horde of items.


Emma prepares the simulation.

In There's A Place Where The Lost Things Go, Emma holds a special group session for a select few students — Lizzie, Josie, MG, Rafael, Hope. It's a therapy session, at its core. As supernaturals, each of them carry a burden. Their eyes are open to evil, and recently, they've had to face it. The discusses the topic of trauma and how people deal with it. Some process these traumas by suppressing what happened, whereas for others, it's easier to bury it deep inside and pretend like nothing's happened at all. Still, others may take a different route. Hope interrupts her speech, providing her own thoughts of pushing people away, an attempt to self-isolate. That's her therapy, but she doesn't dismiss Hope and her want to leave. This is the point she's trying to make; each of them can all do better at processing the traumas they've been through. Though MG's confused about the reason he's present at the session, Emma explains that each of them will all have an important role to play in the simulation. They aren't thrilled, but she ensures them that it will be fun and uncovers a device created by the real Professor Rupert Vardemus. It's his variation on a Chambre de Chasse. Emma explains that, when started, all of their psychological concerns will be transferred inside to form a shared narrative. A world they create together that can be anything. Regardless what that world will look like, it will be designed specifically to help them. Once inside the world, their bodies will be unconscious and they'll have no awareness that they're inside the simulation. To get out, they must each reach the end of their story and be given an escape word. Say it aloud and they'll become self-aware again, and they'll wake up. She hopes that going through the simulation, they will be able to discover something valuable in the process. With Emma's explanation finished, Jade enters the gymnasium late. Emma welcomes her and reassures them all that it is just a simulation. She will be in it as well, self-aware the whole, to keep a careful eye on them all. With that, Emma opens the device and they're engulfed in a bright, white light.


Emma sings in the noir.

Emma and the students are transported inside a noir-style world. Emma is the lounge-singer at "Landon's". MG is a detective. Lizzie, and actress, and Josie, her publicist, sit at a table watch, while Rafael, a photographer, watches Lizzie. Hope works the venue as the bartender. With the song complete, Emma announces to the crowd that she'll be taking a break, but not to worry. She'll be here all night should anyone need her help. Back in her dressing room, she's "murdered" — a broken wine glass shattered next to her body. With her death in the simulation, Emma reawakens in the real world. She's confused and doesn't understand how this could be possible.


Emma finds Rupert.

Emma frantically searches a grimoire for answers. This doesn't make any sense to her and at least one of them should have been awoken by now. Loud banging on a locker startles her and she goes to investigate. Using a spell, she magically unlocks a lock and remove it from the locker. None other than Professor Vardemus topples out of the locker. Another mystery. Rupert explains that Ryan Clarke locked his body in the locker after he locked his mind away in his own device — the same device that her students are now in. He explains he was murdered by one of her students just like she was. With this new, yet disturbing new, Emma grabs the grimoire, deciding that she'll end the simulation. Before she can proceed further, Rupert stops her, explaining that she'd be doing them more harm than good. While what they're experiencing is merely a manifestation of their minds, a narrative involving murder is still a serious matter and it points to someone inside the game being on the verge of a psychological break. Should she terminate the session now, it could very well cement that fracture. Emma asks him what they're supposed to do. Rupert tells her that they must trust them to resolve the issue without their aid.


Emma checks on Jade.

Emma asks if he knows who killed him, but doesn't say. As they're on the outside, another death occurs inside the simulation. The next person is Jade. Rupert reasons if Jade has been ejected from the simulation prematurely, then it means that the rules of the simulation have changed. Someone is rewriting the rules from inside the simulation itself. Emma questions how they could do it, and more importantly, who. Rupert doesn't seem to remember, but it's someone with access to very powerful magic, someone who needs everyone out of the way so they can get whatever it is they want. In short, it must be the person who killed them.


The other students eventually wake.

MG is the next to leave the simulation, though before he was killed, he got his escape word. He tells Emma that both Lizzie and Josie got their escape words. Lizzie's still stuck inside the simulation and he watched Josie 'die'. Rafael, like MG before him, is expelled from the simulation next. Emma tells him that it's okay and questions what happened. She wonders if he had a breakthrough or if the killer got to him too. Rafael's confused and doesn't know. Lizzie and Hope leave next. Emma's relived. She even began to believe that she'd need therapy herself. Josie, however, doesn't wake.


Emma says her goodbye to Alaric and to the Salvatore School.

As night approaches, Emma packs and meets Alaric on her way out. He thanks her for everything — they wouldn't have known what they're were up against, if it wasn't for her. Emma apologizes for taking Dorian away. She fears if they don't go now, they'll never have that chance again. Alaric initially believe it was "see you soon" and not a "goodbye". She admits that the simulation was supposed to be a safe space. She was in charge of it, and yet she still died. She confesses that the Salvatore School is the most amazing place she has ever been, and yet, it is the most dangerous. She no longer believes that she can tell her students to prioritize their health, mental and otherwise, when she and Dorian aren't doing that for themselves. Dorian almost died, for real, and even though he's fine, she believes there will always be another monster. Another threat and what Josie is wrestling with is very dangerous. She hates that she feels like they're abandoning him, but it's for the best. Alaric attempts to lift her spirits. The point of the simulation was to get out. That rouses a laugh from her. He believes that she won, but tells her that it's okay. They embrace in a tender hug and she bids him goodbye.

In A New Hope, Emma returns from Shanghai to find Dorian in the hospital and Alaric by his side. She's furious at Alaric from dragging him into another supernatural-related incident.

In the hall, she confronts Alaric. He tells her that he's not the villain and things just got a little out of hand. Unaware of the truth, Emma berates him for letting another dangerous student into the world and for roping Dorian in to cover it up. This is his pattern and she knows he's drawn to high-risk situations and his gravity, unfortunately, pulls in other people. Alaric isn't in the mood for a therapy session and finds it a bit reductive. Ignoring this, she continues. She believes that the people around him continually put themselves in danger in order to feel close to him, including his daughters, for example. However, Alaric takes a stance to not include his daughters in this talk and lets it slip that Dorian volunteered to help him fight. Alaric let's her believe they were after Wendy, the pyromaniac witch. However, when Dorian's wounds reopen and things become critical, a trauma team enters his room. Alaric comes clean and tells her that Dorian was attacked by a wendigo and if his wound isn't healing, it can only mean that the wendigo isn't dead.

After Dorian becomes stable again, Emma and Alaric continue their talk. Alaric confirms that all wounds have been healed, literally and metaphorically. She's relieved. Continuing with the sentiment, he wants to heal their relationship. He tells her that everything that she told him was true about him and admits that he does place people in dangerous situations. However, the problem is that his daughters are supernatural and to be in their lives, then it's unavoidable, but they're doing it together. However, he makes a comprism with her. If she wants him to keep Dorian out of it, then he'll back off. Emma takes Alaric's words to heart. She'll always be a witch and Dorian will always exist in the supernatural world because of her. For now on, she'll let him decide for himself how deep he wishes to go, but will make sure that he doesn't lie to her about it in the process. She tells him that he's a hard man to quit and leaves him to return to Dorian.


Emma is described as being a good person who provides others with "moral support and shoulder to cry on for all the students at the Salvatore School" and it is assumed she does this for others outside the school. She also is shown to care about others, specifically her patients. Emma has also been shown to care for those not directly in her charge. During the Honor Council meeting that would ultimately decide if Landon could remain at the school, she was of the opinion that the Salvatore Boarding School exists to "help kids like him" and he should be allowed to remain.

Physical Appearance[]

She is an attractive woman with medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears casual but neat light colored clothing. She is sometimes seen wearing a necklace with a round circle at the front, with little mini circles on each side.


Alaric Saltzman[]


Alaric is currently Emma's friend and former headmaster/boss. They have shared a platonic relationship with a romantic undertone, but after, We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, their relationship takes an awkward turn. Under the influence of a hallucinogenic slug, Emma spontaneously kisses Alaric while they are out blowing off some steam by hanging out outside of the boarding school. However, this proves to be a mistake on Emma's part because Alaric later witnesses Emma kiss Dorian, which complicated things between them all whether Dorian realized it or not. Their good friendship eventually returned and they no longer possess any romantic feelings for each other.

Dorian Williams[]


Dorian was Emma's boyfriend though is was unknown how close the two were to each other prior to We're Gonna Need A Spotlight. However, when Emma reunited with Dorian while she witnesses the Salvatore School descending into chaos, thanks to hallucinogenic slugs, she gives him a quick hug and kiss, revealing that the two been seeing each other. Since she went on sabbatical, she and Dorian have parted ways and broke up. Upon her return for Coven Day, she and Dorian argue over her departure and his unwillingness to express his feelings. With Alaric and Saltzmans transported to the 2018 Prison World, she elects to stay at the school to help bring them back. In doing so, she and Dorian were affected by Pothos' love arrow, and under the arrow's magical influence, they married each other in What Cupid Problem?. After Dorian's near-death experience from Kai's compulsion that inadvertently had him shot with the golden arrow, he and Emma decided to leave the school. Emma believed that if they didn't leave, they would never have that chance again. The two have since remained married.

Other Relationships[]

  • Emma and Hope (Former Guidance Counselor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Landon (Former Guidance Counselor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Rafael (Former Guidance Counselor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Salvatore Boarding School Students (Former Guidance Counselor/Student Relationships/All are Allies)

Powers and Abilities[]

Emma possesses the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Emma has the typical weaknesses of a witch.


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  • Emma is a feminine given name derived from the Germanic ermen "meaning whole" or "universal".[1]
  • Tig comes from an unknown origin. It is a unisex name or nickname.


  • Emma is described as "a beautiful witch-turned-guidance counselor, she is the moral support and shoulder to cry on for all the students at the Salvatore School, even if the person who needs her therapy the most (the headmaster) remains an elusive patient."[2]


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