My vote, on behalf of the lower school, is to err on the side of inclusion. We exist to help kids like him.
Emma about Landon in Malivore

Emma Tig is a witch and guidance counselor at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted made her debut in the second episode of the first season of Legacies.

Early History

There isn't anything known about her early history.

Throughout Legacies Series

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, Hope is sent to see her for a session after being found using dark magic. Emma is quite concerned for Hope knowing her history and asks if she used dark magic alone. Hope lies and says no then then her appointment is over. Emma tries to talk to Alaric about therapy for himself saying it's weird, all of the staff and students have to do it, but not him. However he waves her off using his research into a mysterious knife as an excuse. 

In We're Being Punked, Pedro, Emma is talking to Alaric when Lizzie bursts into his office covered a smoothie thrown on her by Mystic Falls High Students, while she cleaned graffiti. Emma witnesses Lizzie's outburst about Alaric being more of a father to Hope. He suggests she goes and helps the elementary students. However Lizzie is struck down by a gargoyle causing Emma to take all the younger students presented in the school, and cloaked them in the grand dinning hall saving their lives until the danger has passed.

In Malivore, while Alaric is away to get answers from the dryad, Emma is left to supervise the school. She walks across the yard to see how the tests for Landon is going. She thinks for a moment when Hope tells her that Landon has zero magic in his bloodline and she tells Hope that most humans have some trace of magical blood in their veins from a distant ancestor, and suggests that they need to dig into Landon's past. She then announces the names of the honor council and later on they gather to vote on whether or not Landon stays, with Emma representing the younger students. She votes "yes" as she knows the school exists to help kids like him and places her vote on the scale, and leaves as she has a search party looking for Jed.

In Mombie Dearest, she is in her office talking to Hope and she notices that he's happy about talking about Landon. She tells Hope that she doesn't need a counselor, but a friend. Later, she talks to Alaric about Jo and to ask her questions about what she remembers. She also talks with them about a group of World War I soldiers massacring a village in France and not remembering what they did afterwards, similar to what's happening to Jo now. She later leaves the school in a car with Dorian and has the supernatural knife with her, as they don't want the creature do get what it wants.

In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, she and Alaric decide to play hooky while the school throws its annual talent show. At a bar, she and Alaric do shots and start becoming intoxicated, telling truths about each other along the way. She reveals she is in a relationship with a man, and wonders why it took Alaric so long to tell her about his feelings. After singing karaoke and receiving a call from Dorian, they test out the electrocution to see if either of them have slugs, with Emma having been infected. They then head to the school and she reunites with Dorian, giving him a quick hug and kiss. She then performs a electrocution spell that witches from the Roman Empire had used and they successfully frees those infected by the slugs.

In There's a Mummy on Main Street,

In The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do,

In I'll Tell You a Story,


Emma is described as being a good person who provides others with "moral support and shoulder to cry on for all the students at the Salvatore School" and it is assumed she does this for others outside the school. She also is shown to care about others, specifically her patients. Emma has also been shown to care for those not directly in her charge. During the Honor Council meeting that would ultimately decide if Landon could remain at the school, she was of the opinion that the Salvatore Boarding School exists to ”help kids like him” and he should be allowed to remain.

Physical Appearance

She is an attractive woman with medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears casual but neat light colored clothing. She is sometimes seen wearing a necklace with a round circle at the front, with little mini circles on each side.


Alaric Saltzman


Alaric is currently Emma's friend and headmaster/boss. They have shared a platonic relationship for most of Legacies with a romantic undertone, but after, We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, their relationship takes an awkward turn. Under the influence of a hallucinogenic slug, Emma spontaneously kisses Alaric while they are out blowing off some steam by hanging out outside of the boarding school. However, this proves to be a mistake on Emma's part because Alaric later witnesses Emma kiss Dorian, which she knew that complicated things between them all whether Dorian realized it or not.

Dorian Williams


Dorian is Emma's current boyfriend. It is unknown how close the two were to each other prior to, We're Gonna Need A Spotlight. However, when Emma reunited with Dorian while she witnesses the Salvatore School descending into chaos thanks to hallucinogenic slugs, she gives him a quick hug and kiss. This reveals the two have been seeing each other and are currently in a romantic relationship.

Other Relationships

  • Emma and Hope (Guidance Councilor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Landon (Guidance Councilor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Rafael (Guidance Councilor/Student Relationship/Allies)
  • Emma and Salvatore Boarding School Students (Guidance Councilor/Student Relationships/All are Allies)

Powers and Abilities

Emma possesses the standard powers and abilities of a witch.


Emma has the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


Season One


  • Emma is a feminine given name derived from the Germanic ermen "meaning whole" or "universal".[1]
  • Tig comes from an unknown origin. It is a unisex name or nickname.


  • Emma is described as "a beautiful witch-turned-guidance counselor, she is the moral support and shoulder to cry on for all the students at the Salvatore School, even if the person who needs her therapy the most (the headmaster) remains an elusive patient."[2]



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