The Anchor. It's the object I used to bind the spell when I created the Other Side. Destroy it — the spell is broken.
Qetsiyah explains the spell she bound to Amara in Handle with Care

Emily's Grimoire details the enchanted Gilbert Ring

Enchanted Objects are seemingly otherwise ordinary objects created by witches and imbued with magic to carry out a specific task. This is commonly done by binding an object, such as jewelry, stones and minerals, or in rare cases, living beings, with a spell for a particular function. They can be imbued with a variety of supernatural properties that can either be used to harm or help. Enchanted objects will contain that spell from the moment it is created and will persist until the object or spell has been destroyed or dispelled by a witch.

More specifically, enchanted objects spelled with dangerous and dark magic, such as with Kemiya, are referred to as dark objects. These too are ordinary objects imbued with magic by witches to possess harmful and destructive supernatural effects.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

A Daylight Ring

  • Daylight Amulets: various pieces of jewelry embedded with a lapis lazuli gemstone and enchanted by witches to protect vampires from the sunlight. This allows vampires to walk freely in the day without burning or dying from exposure to the sun. The first set of rings, the Mikaelson Family Rings were created by Esther Mikaelson to protect her children from the sun after she turned them into the first vampires. The witch who casts the enchantment can also temporarily or permanently undo the spell on the jewelry at their discretion. Typically, female vampires often wear bracelets, necklaces, or rings that possess a lapis lazuli gemstone, as opposed to male vampires, who usually just wear rings. The jewelry itself doesn't have to be worn as it was intended; as long as the vampire is touching or holding it in some way, they are protected from daylight.

The Gilbert Device

  • Gilbert Device: one of the three inventions created and used by Johnathan Gilbert in 1864. Although it resembled an ordinary automated music box, it was in fact, an enchanted object spelled to produce a supernatural frequency lasting five minutes that incapacitates anyone with supernatural hearing within a five block radius. Unbeknownst to Johnathan, it was enchanted by the witch, Emily Bennett, to make it work; most people believed that he was solely responsible for inventing it. The device came with a winding key that was kept separately in a pocket watch-like container. While Johnathan wrote about the device in his journals, the spell that imbued the device with magic is located in Emily's Grimoire.

The Gilbert Compass

  • Gilbert Compass: one of the three Inventions created and used by Johnathan Gilbert in 1864. Although it resembled a regular metallic compass with a large needle, it was in fact, an enchanted object spelled to detect and track down vampires within its vicinity. The compass, like the other objects, was spelled by Emily Bennett. With the compass component deactivated, it functions as a pocket watch. It has been passed down from generation to generation in the Gilbert Family by way of firstborn sons. While Johnathan wrote about the compass in his journals, the spell that imbued the compass with magic is located in Emily's Grimoire.

The Gilbert Ring

  • Gilbert Rings: the third invention created and used by Johnathan Gilbert in 1864. The two rings resemble ordinary heirloom rings affixed with a black stone and was enchanted by Emily Bennett, spelled to protect its non-supernatural wearers from death by supernatural means, allowing them to resurrect upon being killed. The ring was initially worn by Johnathan Gilbert and since passed down through each generation of Gilbert men, with the exception of Samantha, the only female to own a ring. There are only two known Gilbert rings in existence. Alaric and John's former ring was bound to the now destroyed Indestructible White Oak Stake and Jeremy's ring given to Matt.

Ayana's various talismans

  • Talismans: various ordinary objects, normally jewelry such as necklaces, which are created and imbued with magic by witches. Talismans can be created for various purposes, but typically allow a witch to draw on more power or to focus their own magic in order to cast more difficult spells that would otherwise be very taxing for any one witch. Talismans can also come in other forms such as personal items and spelled objects to grant magic to other witches, such as siphoners.

A White Oak Ash Dagger

  • White Oak Ash Daggers: weapons forged by witches as a means of subduing the Original vampires. By appearance, they resemble a simple thin silver dagger with an intricately designed hilt. If dipped in the ashes of the White Oak Tree and placed in the heart of an Original vampire, they almost instantly desiccate, neutralizing them where they remain "dead" for as long as the dagger remains in the Original's heart. The daggers must be used only by humans, because if it is wielded by non-Original vampires, the dagger will claim both lives. The daggers were originally owned by the first members of the Brotherhood of the Five, supernaturally enhanced vampire hunters created by a dying Bennett witch.

The 1994 Ascendant

  • Ascendants: mystical relics which were created and previously owned by the Parker Family and Gemini Coven. An Ascendant can be used to harness the power of a celestial event to create a portal to another dimension, the prison world, and allows a person to travel through it. The Gemini Coven first used one of these relics to create a Prison Worlds in order to trap the Heretics, a group of siphoner-vampire hybrids. There are four different, known ascendants to have existed alongside their respective prison worlds; one that could access the 1903, 1994, 2018, and 2028 Prison Worlds. All, except for the 2028 ascendants and associated prison world, have been destroyed.

The Phoenix Sword and Stone

  • Phoenix Sword and Stone: a supernatural short-sword with a red, round-cut gemstone with several veins within that swirl when activated at its hilt. The stone acted as its conduit that trapped the spirits of vampires when stabbed. The sword and stone was created by shamans was used by Rayna Cruz, turned into the "Huntress", a vampire hunter similar to The Five. After the destruction of the Phoenix Stone, its vampires were released from the prison and the sword's primary purpose became obsolete.

The Mystic Falls Founders Bell

  • Mystic Falls Founders Bell: also known as The Maxwell Bell, was a supernatural church bell currently situated at the top of the Mystic Falls clock tower. It was created by Ethan Maxwell and enchanted by a coven of Bennett witches, giving it magical properties able to drive out monsters that were terrorizing the yet-to-be-named Mystic Falls. The magic of the bell was corrupted when combined with the Maxwell Heirloom and the Staff of Arcadius. Together, the staff and heirloom are combined to form the bell's striker.

Throughout The Originals

Klaus' Starling Necklace

  • Starling Necklace: a personal jewelry that once belonged to the Original vampire, Niklaus Mikaelson. The necklace had a silver starling pendant attached to a leather strap and was enchanted by Esther to weaken Klaus' untriggered werewolf strength and aggression so that he would never trigger his werewolf gene. The necklace, perhaps, also has a secondary function. Esther tells Klaus that if he was ever lost or scared or in need of her, all he'd need to do is just clasp the bird and she would come. However, it's creation was a result of Esther's desire to hide her affair from Mikael — to keep Klaus weak so he'd never trigger his curse. Klaus later gave the necklace to Marcel on his 11th birthday and he's held on to it since.

A Moonlight Ring

  • Moonlight Amulets: jewelry, typically rings, with a black kyanite gemstone enchanted by witches to allow werewolves to control their transformation, thus sparing them the need to turn every month on the full moon. Various spells exist to enchant black kyanite rings to yield moonlight rings. Genevieve's moonlight amulets were enchanted, using various spells from Esther's grimoires, on the night of a full moon that drew on Klaus' strength. Esther's iteration of the spell did not require this and she supervised the mass production of her own brand of the rings by the French Quarter Coven as she originally invented the spell for the stones for Ansel.

Freya's Dagger

  • Freya's Dagger: created in I Hear You Knocking, Freya sought to find a way to permanently kill Marcel as well as create a cure for his bite after his transformation into an Upgraded Original vampire. For the former, she enchanted a dagger and used Lucien's ashes, Esther's magic, Marcel's advanced venom and her own blood as ingredients in the creation of the dagger. After creating the dagger, Freya gave it to Klaus before he went to confront Marcel. Klaus finds Marcel at the abandoned house and tells him that he is no longer unkillable. However, despite the opportunity to use it, Klaus drops it and instead breaks Marcel's neck. After trapping Marcel in the underground prison of the Mikaelson Compound, Klaus is reluctant to let Freya have the dagger but is persuaded to give it to her by Elijah. Given it's capabilities, it has not been used since its creation.

Enchanted Bindings and Weapon

  • Enchanted Bindings and Weapon: created in Voodoo in My Blood, witches of a Native American tribe of witch to subdue the witch, the Hollow. The tribe elders managed to capture her using mystical bindings, but even with all that power, the Hollow was too strong and death seemed the only solution. Four of the strongest elders each imbued a part of their magic into a mighty ax and when the weapon was ready they relied on her mother, the one who gave her life, to be the one to take her life. The bindings and ax were lost to time.

Throughout Legacies

Hope's supernatural compass

  • Supernatural Compass: While the creation of this object remains unknown, it was given to Landon Kirby by Hope Mikaelson in Malivore. Hope's compass is linked to the bracelet that she gave to Landon. She explained that, while he was traveling to find answers about his birth mother, should he ever need her, he'd just have to press the gem on his bracelet, and her bracelet would lead her to him. She described the bracelet as a supernatural compass, acting as a locator spell. Hope's bracelet seems to be a metal work with a blue stone affixed to if's face, similar to that of a watch. When Landon pressed the linked gem on his bracelet in Maybe I Should Start From The End, Hope's bracelet glowed a bright blue and the gem moved like a compass.

Lizzie's shock bracelet

  • Shock Bracelet: Created prior to We're Gonna Need A Spotlight, Lizzie spelled her bracelet to zap or shock her, rather the wearer, in her attempt to turn over a new leaf and be nicer to people. The enchanted object worked so that whenever she said something mean, it would shock her and would get progressively stronger in voltage with each statement, resulting in greater pain for the wearer. The enchantment seems to be engraved upon the bracelet.

A Reverse Kyanite ring

  • Reverse Kyanite Ring: Essentially an altered moonlight ring, a Reverse Kyanite is an enchanted piece of jewelry with a Black Kyanite gemstone that allows a werewolf to transform into their wolf form without the need of a full moon. However, once the ring is worn, the werewolf will not be able to turn back without the assistance of Hope Mikaelson. The ring was created and gifted to Hope from an unidentified family friend. Hope then gifted the ring to Rafael in I'll Tell You a Story and he used the ring in There's Always a Loophole, while still suffering from lunar psychosis. This is the only known ring with the opposite effects of a moonlight ring.

Ryan Clarke's enchanted illusion ring

  • Illusion Ring: A "freakishly large" gold ring with an equally large, embedded black gem that grants the wearer the ability to produce realistic illusions. It remains unknown who first created the ring, or how it came into Ryan Clarke's possession. In This Year Will Be Different, Professor Rupert Vardemus, brandishing the ring, was introduced as the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted's new Headmaster. In truth, however, it was Ryan, magically disguised by this ring. Though not a witch, Ryan could use the ring for his own nefarious plans - infiltrating the school, teaching Josie black magic and creating a dark object, all culminating in his hopes to transfer his consciousness into Hope Mikaelson in order to challenge his father, Malivore. The ring could create illusions that persisted for as long as Ryan wished the illusion to last. It could also cloak him, making him invisible to those around him, and change his appearance. Only when Josie siphoned him, in It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough, did the ring's magic wane and his identity was revealed to her. The magic in the ring wasn't completely absorbed and he used it to get to a weakened Hope. Hope stole the ring when Ryan confronted her, and used it to make her escape. In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Lizzie used the ring to disguise herself as Hope when they planned to move forward with her apparent death and funeral.

Labyrinthine Bracelet

  • Labyrinthine Bracelet: An ornate bracelet with a powerful enchantment placed on it to act as a sorts of a prison, called "the Game". The Labyrinth was an intricately crafted dimension of indeterminate, yet finite, size. The bracelet, and by extension the dimension, was built by a sorcerer an untold number of centuries prior to the current Keeper and used as a means to punish a beautiful maiden that refused his affections with the intention of punishment being forever. The bracelet activates the dimension and what trapped each Keeper within the prison. As long as the bracelet persisted, the Keeper would be safe from the minotaur that traveled with the Keeper. The bracelet however was destroyed by Lizzie, though the dimension persisted.

Magic Mirror

  • Magic Mirror: An otherwise ordinary looking, silver mirror is enchanted so that it allows two people to supernaturally communicate through it. When activated, it makes a small chime-like noise and the person appears in the glass. It remains unknown who created or enchanted this mirror or who the other on the other end is able to communicate with them. Seemingly, it would suggest that there is at least one other mirror that participates in the two-way communication, but a second mirror hasn't been seen. In Screw Endgame, MG first used it to talk to Kym and show her around the Salvatore School. He retains possession of the mirror as of To Whom It May Concern as Alyssa attempts to talk to him, but he throws the mirror down on his bed, not wanting to talk. MG uses the mirror again in Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right to talk to Alyssa. She's removed the illusion spell she performed for him and doesn't do favors for exes. She bids him goodbye, forever, and her reflection in the mirror disappears.

The Golden Arrow

  • The Golden Arrow: As the name describes it is a golden arrow with unknown, enchanted properties. It was first mentioned by the unnamed sphinx in his prophecy — a new hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow in It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough. It was later found by Chad after he and the Necromancer broke into and stole from the Salvatore School's weapons armory in What Cupid Problem?. For his services to the Necromancer, Pothos requested that the Golden Arrow be his payment, though he was inadvertently defeated by Landon. While the exact mystical properties of the Golden Arrow remains unexplored, it is generally believed to be the one weapon that can kill a phoenix. This was first attempted in You Can't Save Them All. Although the arrow struck Dorian, he was mystically unaffected and only suffered physical wounds from the attack. Controlled by the Necromancer, Rafael used the arrow and stabbed Landon with it in Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself. After being stabbed, Landon was unable to resurrect himself and for all intents and purposes, dead. In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, the efficacy of the object was revealed. The golden arrow felled the phoenix, just as the sphinx's prophecy said. Landon was now human and mortal, and the phoenix part of him died.

The Twin Moths

  • The Twin Moths: Similar to Hope's supernatural compass, the Salvatore Boarding School has in their possession the Twin Moths, which unlike most other enchanted objects, comes with instructions. As the name suggests, the Twin Moths are shaped like moths; the heads, thorax, fore- and hind-wings are gold, though the abdomens are a clear crystal. MG, reading from a book that details the Twin Moths, states that the ornate object will glow when it gets close to the other identical moth. Essentially "magical Lojack", the crystal shines bright blue when close too or pointed towards the direction of the second moth. One of the two moths were stolen in Kai Parker Screwed Us by the Necromancer and Chad. In You Can't Save Them All, MG, Kaleb, and Jed used the second moth to track it, in the hope to find the stolen artifacts from the boarding school, but instead they found Rafael.

Rupert Vardermus' Chambre de Chasse Device

  • Chambre de Chasse Device: Also referred to as the Therapy Box, it is an enchanted device created by Professor Rupert Vardemus on his variation of a Chambre de Chasse used for mystical therapeutic purposes. Once the device is enacted, all of the user's psychological concerns will be transferred inside the device to form a shared narrative. The shared world that is created can be anything, from pirates on the high seas to spies in the Cold War. No matter what it ends up looking like, it will be designed specifically to help those using it. Outside the narrative, their bodies will be unconscious. Inside the narrative, the users will have no awareness that they're in a simulation. To end the simulation, one must simply reach the end of their story, at which time, they'll be given an escape word. Say it aloud and they'll become self-aware again and wake up. Emma, conducting the simulation via the device, entered the narrative as well, but unlike the others was self-aware the whole time. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Professor Vardemus, using the communication Crystal, explained to Alaric, that a prescribed order of the symbols atop the box will increase the device's difficulty to its utmost level. For Alaric's use against Josie, he would merely open the box toward his subject and they will be sent into the "game". Vardemus also noted that this particular order must be an extreme case. In This is What It Takes, Alaric learns from Professor Vardemus that the box also has a single user setting that works similarly to the shared narrative. Hope attempts to use this as a means to finding Landon, however, it was to help her understand and let go. Despite learning from the box, she could refuse to say the release word and remain in the box, although Alaric essentially pulled the plug and she was forced to return regardless.

The Plat en Argent

  • The Plat en Argent: A large, silver dish with unknown origins. It is an enchanted object that, when one places a drop of blood upon it, the face of the person to whom that blood belongs will appear. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Landon used the communication Crystal and tricked Professor Vardemus into explaining it's use under the guise of homework assignment; however, in truth it was to help Rafael. Due to some memory loss and flashes or broken memories, Rafael believed he killed someone and finding a large pool of blood. Using the enchanted object, Rafael learn the blood belonged to him and that he was killed by the Necromancer through Chad and was reanimated to be his puppet.


  • Excalibur: A large silver sword with an intricate hilt, it is the enchanted blade of kings. It was enchanted at an unknown point in time, but eventually came into Nimue, the Lady of the Lake's possession; she is the protector of Excalibur and is bound by duty to find someone who is worthy to wield the sword. It's powers remain, largely, in mystery but, in We're Not Worthy, Nimue claims that its power is what corrupted and decayed the Green Knight's body and soul, turning him into a true monster. Yet, last when he wielded the sword, Camelot fell and ushered in the Dark Ages and his thirst for power made him a scourge upon mankind. The sword, seemingly, also acts on its own accord as when the Green Knight approached, a challenge had begun and it forced itself from MG's hand and into a stone to remain in place until it was pulled out by a worthy champion.

Unidentified Artifact

  • Artifact: Largely unknown, the unnamed artifact is described to "grant your heart's most impossible desire." The artifact came into Pinky's possession but he knew not of its capabilities nor how to open it. In This is What It Takes, Alaric learned of the artifact from his research and Kaleb tracked its location to Pinky and Sons Pawn Shop. After Alaric "negotiated" the artifact from Pinky, he gave it to Hope which immediately reacted to her and she made her wish. The artifact didn't immediately respond to the wish, but sometime later began to glow as it opened. In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, Alaric, seeking additional insight into the artifact, dropped it off with Dorian. Though he was unable to discern what the artifact was, he connects it with powerful figures in history, such as Albert Einstein, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Grigori Rasputin. In You Can't Run From Who You Are, Alaric returned to Triad Industries and eventually found blueprints of the artifact drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. The Triad file also had a name: Project Pandora. He and Dorian assume it's in regard to the mythical box that contains all the world's ills - Pandora's box.


  • Other enchanted objects, specifically stones and crystals include the Truth Sphere, a Prism to speak with one's subconscious, a Crystal to speak over undetermined distances, and a Crystal Ball to induce empathic trances to read someone's innermost feelings.

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