End of Summer Party was an event held in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Season Five

Silas cuts Rudy's throat TVD 5x01

Silas kills Rudy Hopkins.

The event was hosted by the mayor Rudy Hopkins. Bonnie was also present in a form of a ghost. Silas interrupted mayor's speech and compelled him to let him talk and compelled all of the people in the square to keep quiet and do not move, in a test the limits of his power. After that command he sliced mayor's throat. Bonnie screamed, but nobody could hear her. Then he compelled all of the people to seek for Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like Elena Gilbert.


  • Rudy Hopkins is killed by Silas while Bonnie watches.
  • Silas shows that he can now compel a whole town square rather than one person at a time.
  • Silas' hunt for Katherine begins at this party.


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