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This article is about Ethan from Legacies. You may be looking for Ethan Crane, a character from the novel, or Ethan Maxwell, a character from The Vampire Diaries.

Ethan's a good kid, so I'm sure he was sticking up for someone smaller.

Ethan Machado[1] was a former recurring character in the second season of Legacies, making his debut in the second episode. He has since been promoted to main as of the third season. He was a human who attended Mystic Falls High School and brother of Maya. After being taken over by Malivore, he was turned into a supernatural being and has since enrolled at the Salvatore Boarding School.

Early History[]

Nothing is known of Ethan's early history prior to moving to Mystic Falls.

Throughout Legacies Series[]

In This Year Will Be Different, Ethan bumps into Hope while she is trying to track down a new creature that escaped from Malivore. He points her in the right direction for finding the Principal of Mystic Falls High School, which shocks Hope when she finds out it is Alaric. He bumps into her again in the changing rooms and jokes that she is stalking him, however she brushes this off.

In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know, Ethan, Dennis and a few other football teammates continue with their tradition of vandalism against the Salvatore Boarding School just prior to their annual charity football game. Ethan decides to forsake the tradition in lieu of going home. The other two students follow him, as it's a nice night for a walk and leaves Dennis to his own devices.

The next morning, Sheriff Machado drops him and his sister, Maya, off at Mystic Falls High School. They find Hope standing next to vandalized property, though they clear her of any wrong-doing and Sheriff Mac leaves to met with Alaric.

As the day progresses, he and his fellow students arrive at the Salvatore Boarding School to play in their charity football game. After Hope seemly twists her ankle he steps in as quarterback which helps the team get neck and neck with their supernatural rivals. However, determined to win Josie uses a spell given to her by Professor Vardemus that ends up injuring Ethan's arm as he's about to make a pass. Soon thereafter, he's transported off the field and to the hospital. Maya later reveals that he has lost the scholarship he has been working his entire life for.

In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Ethan and Hope are participating in the set-up for Commonwealth Day. Ethan must run, however as he is late for practice, but tells Hope to ask him out if she wishes to spend more time with him. At the end of Commonwealth Day, he is seen jogging through the cemetery, and is almost attacked by the zombie jogger.

In Hold on Tight, Josie interviews him for a "A Day in the Life of a Timberwolf" at the Salvatore Scroll. Ethan admits that his daily life is pretty generic, even for a jock like him, but if he was behind on his journalism assignment, then it's sufficient. Josie thanks him for his help. Fun fact, however, he's been trying to pitch "A Day in the Life of a Stallion" to the school paper all year, but her dad never calls him back. Josie brushes it off, telling him that if this assignment goes well then it might open some doors. Ethan hopes it does as he needs all the good PR he can get. Turns out all those fancy colleges stopped calling after he busted his throwing arm. Josie apologizes about what happened, unaware of her involvement, and tells her that it wasn't her fault. He wants her to tell her dad for ghosting them. Their new principal is a hard case, unlike Alaric. She admits that he'll probably see him first, since their parents have gotten close. Given the disturbing direction of the conversation, Ethan tells her to take care and leaves for class.

As the students escape the high school, Ethan leads other students down the stairs through the boiler room. There, he passes Hope, telling her that this is the way that Landon instructed them to escape. Hope's surprised that he saw and questions where he's at. Ethan explains that he saw Landon heading towards the football field.

In This is What It Takes, Ethan is greeted by Josie at Mystic Falls High School. He assumes they should know each other better by now, given their parents were dating and his sister had a crush on her. Although not a big enough one for Josie to notice. Josie dismisses it. In fact she heard that his family had left Mystic Falls, but Ethan explains that the town they moved too already had a QB. Josie's surprised that he's the quarterback here, but Ethan corrects her. He plans to be once he beats out the guy that the coach thinks is going to start. As Finch exits the school for Josie's tour, Ethan tells her that he has to go and leaves.

In To Whom It May Concern, Ethan finds Josie eating alone on the floor of the hallway. He approaches her and jokes, wondering if she couldn't figure out the cafeteria's labyrinthine social order. He takes a seat on the floor with her. Josie tells him that she prefers to eat alone and asks him why he's not in there with the football team. He explains that it doesn't feel right until he's earned his spot back. Besides, he saw someone who could use a friend. Given his own experiences, he tells her that it gets easier not having a sibling around when they've been your best friend most of your life. Even when it's hard, he knows that Maya would kick his butt if he stopped trying. Josie questions if he ever feels guilty about staying behind when they left. He did, for a while, but he remembers what they want most for him is to be happy. So that is what he's trying to do.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, Ethan notices Josie during their break. He tells her that if she's going to cut class, coming to school kind of defeats the whole point. She asks him if he's seen Finch. He explains that everyone has. She stormed out of the cafeteria earlier and she seemed really upset. That's her fault, but tells him that she needs to see her. He informs her that Finch works at the grill most nights. He offers her a ride and gives her some advice, like he used to give to Maya. He warns her to be careful with her, that something is different with her.

In Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight?, he joins Josie and MG at their lunch table. He remembers MG from their flag football game, and wonders if he's transferred to Mystic Falls High. MG has and, in fact, been thinking about trying out for football here. MG asks for some pointers, but he doesn't have any. Instead, he suggests that he should study hard. He just got cut.

As the day progresses, Ethan, Josie, and MG are in gym class and Alaric is substitute teaching. He and Blake get into an argument. Blake rubs it in that he's the new QB and that he got cut. He attempts to walk away, but Blake tells him to go ahead and bail, just like he did with his family. Heated, turns and shoves Blake, but before it can go any further, Alaric breaks the fight up. Alaric orders the other students to run laps. Frustrated, he kicks a ball. Alaric has him to retrieve it but it rolls out into the road. He doesn't notice the truck barreling down the road. MG appears behind him and rushes them to the other side of the road, just missing the truck. He's shocked about MG's speed.

He's taken into the office with Alaric, Josie, and MG. Alaric wants MG to erase his memories in order to keep their secret safe. He wants a vote, but Alaric won't give him the chance, even though he thinks MG having superpowers is cool. Without them, he'd be dead. He offers to keep the secret himself. Alaric can't risk it. He promised his mother that he's look after him and keep him safe. MG attempts to compel his memories, but they quickly learn that Sheriff Mac has instructed Ethan to take vervain, he's been taking it as a supplement for his arm. Alaric leaves it to MG to handle the compulsion when the vervain wears off. In the meantime, he's curious about MG's origins story, like comic book superheroes.

He and MG immediately hit it off and discuss comics. He learns that MG is a vampire, something cooler than something from a comic book. It comes with super strength, speed. The blood is a bummer. Ethan concludes that the worst part was his parents not accepting him. His story is the opposite. His mom has done everything to support him, even letting him stay here in Mystic Falls to let him make the most of what he's got. That's why getting cut hurts so much, because he doesn't know how to tell her. In reality, he doesn't know who he is without football. He wonders if MG can compel that into them. MG would rather help him figure it out on the other side, but Ethan wants to know his next move. Like in the comics, with great power comes great responsibility and wants to know how he's going to use those powers for good.

As time passes, the vervain should be out of his system; MG should be able to compel him now. He asks MG for a favor first. He doesn't want everything taken away. The part where they met today. MG questions why, but Ethan believes they're friends now and he could really use one.

That night, he and MG toss a football to one another. MG decided not to take his memories away. It will be their secret.

In All's Well That Ends Well, Ethan and MG team up. MG is basically a superhero and he's his sidekick. At a local convenience store, two men attempt to rob a clerk at gunpoint, though they're no match for MG's speed or his compulsion. After having the men turn themselves in, he and MG sit on the curb, drinking slushies.

The next day, he approaches MG in class, not so subtly referring to their adventure. He wants to know what they're doing next. He gives MG a mask, like a superhero so he can keep his identity a secret and not have to compel everyone. MG brushes it off as luck. Mystic Falls barely has any crime. He wants to be MG's sidekick and the least he can do is help him find their next case and pulls out one of his mom's old police scanners. He asks MG if he wants to skip P.E. and take down petty criminals. MG agrees.

Later, he and MG sit in their truck. The police scanner is quiet and he believes all the good stuff happens at night. MG digs the enthusiasm, but believes they can hang out without it having to be a mission. Ethan can't accept that, not now knowing superhuman vampires exist. He admits that it's pretty hard going back to normal life. He wonders if there's a superpowered bag guy, MG's opposite, that's waiting in the wind. MG wants to head back to class, but he decides to stay in his truck, listening to the scanner. Given the year he's had, it's nice to care about something. MG decides to stick it out and stay.

Later that night, a 10-33 comes over the scanner. An alarm has been sounded at Mystic Falls High school. The police officer states it's probably a false alarm as it happens about once a month. MG believes it to be a false alarm too, but he doesn't. Ethan thinks it could be another creature. Their town, the school, has a weird history of unexplained events. He's seen his mom's files. With the full moon overhead, MG decides he'll check it out without him and runs off.

Not listening to him, Ethan follows behind MG and eventually arrives at the school. A large creature, a wolf is about to attack MG, but he intervenes and knocks the creature out with a pipe.

He's shocked to learn about werewolves, though he did call it. It's no supervillain, but still rather scary. He understands why MG wanted him to stay behind, but MG thanks him. If it wasn't for him, he would be dead. MG tells him he's not really sidekick material. He's a superhero and will need a mask of his own. They're partners, now. But first things first, they have to decide what to do about Finch.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, he and MG contemplate what to do with Finch. He believes that superheroes aren't meant to kidnap people, they're supposed to save them. MG believes he should get Dr. Saltzman, though given the situation, he'll ask why she's being held in the barn of the family he's staying with. He questions why MG hasn't told Alaric yet, but MG was afraid their team up would be over. MG tells him to go to school and act normal while he deals with Finch. Ethan agrees and does as he's asked.

Later at school, Ethan sits in his truck, listening to his police scanner. There's a report of a brawl at Lou's Bar. Ethan decides to go and handle it without MG.

Ethan makes his way back to the barn. Beaten and bruised, nearly dead, he collapses waiting for MG to return.

In I Was Made To Love You, Ethan awakens and is fully healed of his injuries from the previous night. MG is there and he likens it to Batman, though this was a random guy with a pool cue. However, he knows he shouldn't feel this good, at least not this fast. He remembers he was all but dead. MG decides to come clean and explains to him that his blood, vampire blood, healed him. This isn't all, though. MG goes on to explain there used to be more of them in his old class back at the Salvatore School. Things are making sense to him now and it explains why Dr. Saltzman wanted MG to wipe his memory. MG doesn't want to lie anymore and decides to elaborate on everything supernatural.

Ethan takes all the information in. It's a big truth bomb and wonders why MG just didn't tell him from the start. MG explains that he was trying to protect his friends, but he became one too. He didn't think that they would be but he's cool. MG doesn't consider himself cool, but Ethan thinks otherwise. He's a vampire, a superhero in training. Ethan gets it. He lied because his friends are supernatural, something that he can't understand because he's human. But he can become a vampire, too, and asks MG to turn him.

MG believes telling him everything was a bad idea, but he doesn't. He wanted them to be partners, and turning him would be the only way to make it work. MG wants to come clean to Alaric. He'll agree to what MG wants but only after he turns him into a vampire. MG reminds him that he would have to die to become one. Ethan rationalizes the thought. He'll jump off the falls or something else, quick and painless. He knows the school is having enrollment problems and he could definitely help the football team. With MG's expression, he knows he'll never convenience him. MG can't turn him, he would feel terrible if he loses anything because of him. He thanks him, nonetheless, and shakes his hand. Like MG explained before, he still has vampire blood in his system, so he'll turn himself. Stepping out of the barn and into the sunlight, MG realizes he no longer has his daylight ring.

Ethan rushes to his truck and drives to the Falls. At the edge, he looks down at the water below. He's made his decision. Out in the distance, a figure emerges from the trees, on fire, and runs across the water and up the falls. It's MG. MG shoves him back from the edge of the falls, burning alive without his ring. He rushes by MG's side and pulls the burning hoodie from him and drags him into the shade from his truck. He gives MG his ring back and immediately begins to heal.

Sitting in the truck, he finally realizes he would have died if it wasn't for MG. He's really screwed things up. MG believes he's done the same and should have listened to Alaric. Like MG, he really needed a friend. Ethan asks if they can just call it even and forget that today ever happened. For now on, he'll just stick to being the sidekick. MG doesn't believe that will work and compels him to forget - to forget their friends, knowing about vampires, the supernatural world, all of it. He's just a human being having a hard time. MG compels him to go to sleep and when he wakes all he'll remember is driving up to the Falls to think about life. In the morning, he'll feel good and he'll move on and never try harming himself again. With the compulsion complete, Ethan falls asleep.

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, he's confronted by Dorian about MG's whereabouts. Dorian's noticed that they've gotten close at school. They have History and Gym together, but they're not specifically friends. He apologizes that he can't help any further but lets him know that if he sees MG, he'll let him know. He leaves him and Alaric to head back to class.

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, he stops at the Lakeshore Stop 'n' Shop gas station and finds Lizzie and Josie. Stranded, he offers them a lift back to the Salvatore School.

Later that night, they arrived back at the school. Lizzie can't stop going on and on about Hope and how wonderful she is. He's picked up on it, since she's talked about her for the entire ride. He comments on how fancy the school is and understands why Josie would want to return . Lizzie offers to give him a tour, though Josie believes that to be a bad idea. Despite her protests, Lizzie begins the tour, while she continues to hype up Hope. However, Ethan believes that Lizzie's is awesome, rather the canon of an arm she has and wonders if the school has a field. She comments that it does and he asks if she likes to toss the ball around. He even offers that she can continue to talk about Hope. Lizzie accepts the deal.

On the field, they toss the football back at one another. Jokingly, he tells her to take it easy on him, and she brings up last year's football game. She apologizes for bringing up the incident that cost him his arm and football chance, but he believes that maybe things happen for a reason. Besides, she's not to blame and everything is good. She reminds him that they're supposed to be talking about Hope. They've covered a lot of ground, but she wonders if he has any questions for her. He wonders if she always spends this much time worrying about other people's romantic lives. She explains only recently because it beats talking about her own relationships. Long story short, she's still single. He assures her that someone will come along. To her surprise, he asks her out as opposed to Hope and she accepts.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, Ethan and Lizzie continue to help with preparation for Movie in the Square. They bond over common interests, and Lizzie even suggests a potential second date, doing something they both enjoy. Ethan help her pick up popcorn and continue to flirt with one another.

Later that night, he and Lizzie enjoy the movie, but Lizzie gets up to grab a milkshake. With Lizzie gone longer than expected, he goes to search for her and finds her with a misshapen bully. He steps up to fight the monster off, but the dybbuk possessing Ryan easily swats him away, knocking him unconscious.

Ethan is out cold, but eventually wakes up at the Salvatore School, hearing someone calling out for help. Ethan goes in search of the cries and finds Landon in a cage. Unfortunately for Ethan, it's not Landon, but Malivore and is taken hostage. Alaric and MG find Ethan, but Malivore threatens to kill him and demands to be released. Alaric is forced to do as Malivore demands.

On the road, Ethan pleads with Malivore to let him go, but he is more interested in hitching a ride. Ethan tells him he can take the truck, but Malivore has other plans. Grabbing him by the mouth, Malivore forces mud into his body, his eyes turning black in the process.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, Ethan, newly enthralled, approaches Blake, who is shocked to see him throw a football with his busted arm. He explains that he's found someone who's hooked him up. Ethan rhetorically asks about the number of games they've lost in a row and how their future games are dwindling. He brings him to Malivore, though Blake mistakes him for Landon. Malivore explains that he transforms people and Blake unknowingly accepts the offer, believing it's about performance enhancing drugs. Malivore is glad to transform him. In fact, he's been obsessed for centuries with consuming everything he could, but he's had it all backwards. Ethan grabs Blake from behind as Malivore prepares to transform him.

Later, Ethan brings Kaleb to Malivore, who questions how he found him. Kaleb explains that the magic candle he has eliminates sounds and smells. All he had to do was listen for a place that was too quiet. Malivore admits he was clever, but Kaleb woke up from his broken neck and admits he had time to think. Kaleb isn't here to fight and instead makes him an offer.

In See You On The Other Side, somewhere in Mystic Falls, Kaleb and Ethan, controlled by Malivore, goes from house to house enthralling townies with black goo.

Eventually, Ethan makes his way to Mystic Falls High School and has already enthralled a group of students. They find MG, but he commands the students to get to the train depot while he'll handle MG. MG doesn't want to fight, but Ethan tells him that he doesn't have a choice. He's confused as to how Ethan remembers the supernatural world, but he explains that he's not really Ethan exactly. It's Malivore. MG wanted to be a superhero so bad, now he has a super villain to fight. Malivore has even given Ethan powers that he can use to fight back. MG is curious about the powers and Ethan turns invisible.

Malivore puppetting Ethan throws MG through the school door, the latter still not wanting to fight Ethan. MG attempts to get through to Ethan, but Malivore's control is too strong. He's determined to get MG to fight him and breaks a flag pole, weaponizing it as a stake. Ethan disappears again and appears behind him, stabbing him in the side. MG believes of all the powers Malivore could have given Ethan, Malivore picked a real cowardly one. Despite his sentiments, the power is effective. He disappears again, the next time aims for his heart. MG defends himself and pulls off a locker door, using it as a shield, but Malivore is stronger. Malivore attempts to stake him, but Lizzie appears behind him and grabs Ethan's head, siphoning. Ethan falls over on the floor but MG quickly learns that he's no longer breathing.

Lizzie and MG perform chest compression on Ethan. Lizzie is upset that she's killed the one boy in the world that likes her. MG reassures her that he's not going to die and reminds her that he likes her too. She's shocked, but that gives him an idea. He wants her to use her magic to give his heart a shock to resuscitate him. He believes in her and Lizzie siphons him in time and casts the spell. Ethan gasps awake.

That night Ethan appears before Lizzie and MG talking on the hood of her car. He has beers in his hand that were stashed in his locker room. He's happy, by all accounts. They both saved his life and that makes them even. He bets that Alaric has booze at the Salvatore School and suggests they head back over. He's considering enrolling at the school, now that he's supernatural.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, MG gets him situated in his new room, In Landon and Rafael's old room. He questions about bad luck coming in threes. Ethan is concerned because the last two guys that shared the room are dead, for all intents and purposes. MG mentions that the guy that owned the house before it was a school also died, proving Ethan's point. Though, Landon made the ultimate hero move. MG explains that they'll assign him a permanent room after they talk to Dr. Saltzman. Ethan has noticed his lack of enthusiasm. He thought he would be happier about them being Super Friends, even though he doesn't know what his new powers are. He assures him, they'll figure it out. Finch barges into his room and tells him that Lizzie needs him. MG vamps away, leaving him alone with her.

Ethan remains behind at the school as Lizzie, Josie, and MG head to the hospital. He lifts weights, though he still doesn't know how to control his powers. The weights he's lifting nearly fall on him, but Finch grabs the bars, saving him. He's having the weirdest first day, but thanks her. He questions why she isn't at the hospital. Finch explains that the first thing about being in a relationship with a Saltzman, is that she's not a Saltzman and she hates hospitals. Finch tells him to take it easy, but he wants to know how she manages being with a Saltzman, theoretically. He knows he gave her a hard time for being with his sister, but circumstances have changed. He probably would have seen things differently, knowing what he now knows. She questions if he's talking about Lizzie, though only advises he needs some help. Ethan, on the other hand, doesn't even know if she has feelings for him. All he wants to do is to do something for her. They have the same problem and reconcile to work with him.

That night, he approaches MG siting outside of the hospital. Lizzie and Josie are staying with Alaric until visiting hours are over. He's stable, though his mind is gone. He tells MG about his and Finch's idea. MG believes that the school is already better off having him, but he also admits that he's the 'other guy'. Ethan already knows but MG explains there will come a day where he will tell Lizzie just how he feels. That is a bridge they'll cross when it comes, but he hopes they can remain friends until then and afterward.

As Lizzie and Josie leave the hospital, he and the rest of the school are there, holding a candlelight vigil, supporting them and Alaric. Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss as Jed plays his guitar. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before bringing them all together. Kaleb confronts Lizzie and appears to reconcile their differences.

In You're A Long Way From Home, Hope walks down a deserted street in New Orleans, but comes to a stop. Hope quickly notices Cleo, who claims to only want to talk. She, however, is merely a poor distraction while the others get into position, which doesn't go unnoticed. With their cover blown, Josie, MG, Kaleb, Jed, and Ethan step out and they all confront Hope. Hope questions if her warning was too subtle, though they're here to help. Calling Kaleb a traitor, MG tries to rally them, to not let her get into their heads. Cleo tries to reach out to her, but Hope makes the first move. Using her magic, she blasts them outward. Kaleb recovers first, but Hope uses her vampire speed to throw him back into a wooden table, staking him in the process. Taking the stake, she throws it at MG, killing him, too. Cleo, now back on her feet, tries to use her magic to subdue her, but Hope is quicker and immobilizes her first. Jed rushes Hope, trying to overpower her with physical attacks, though she's stronger and manages to rip his heart out. Ethan, still new to his powers, has no choice but to run. He disappears and runs away, but Hope can still hear him. Using a manhole cover, she decapitates him.

Cleo wakes up on the gym floor of the Salvatore Boarding School in a screaming panic. Their simulation in the Therapy Box has failed, again. The bell rings and they depart for class.

They sit in Ms. Featherwood's class as she calls roll. MG, Jed, Kaleb, and Wade sit in the back and continue to discuss their failed simulations. Jed prefers to die by decapitation as opposed to his heart being ripped out. Wade understands. In one of the simulations, Hope stabbed him in the eye, though it's a fake pain that stays with him. Ms. Featherwood scolds them for chit chatting during her class and continues to call roll, though they quickly return to talking, albeit a bit more hushed. MG wants to try another simulation; he just doesn't know why they keep failing. They're obviously missing something, though Kaleb has already figured that out. They're missing a leader because they were so used to relying on Hope, they never had a plan B. Their simulations are just a taste of what Hope will actually do to them if she returns and they're unprepared. Ethan asks if she'd actually kill them, though, startling them all. He's invisible, still having trouble controlling his powers. Kaleb, using Ethan as an example, believes they need to get back to training and enough with the simulations.

Kaleb, MG, Ethan, Wade, Jed, and Josie organize a training session to hone their abilities. MG and Josie take point and watch as the other boys get into position. Jed wants to follow MG's instructions, citing that Kaleb should create diversion against the fake Hope. Kaleb however, doesn't want to leave the take down to the B-team and moves in first, disregarding Jed. MG has Josie begin the trial and she casts a spell to create mini bursts of lightning. Wade is struck first and MG tells him he's dead and to walk it off. Jed wants Kaleb to vamp them past the lightning, but Kaleb ignores him, going on his own. Jed is struck next, and MG tells him he's dead too. Kaleb continues to fake Hope, dodges one trap only to be fake-staked with another trap. MG tells him he's dead, but Kaleb doesn't accept MG's ruling. While they argue, Jed encourages Ethan to teleport behind fake Hope. Still having trouble with his powers, Ethan barrels into Kaleb, knocking them both to the ground. Jed sticks up for Ethan, at least he's trying to use them. Jed continues to push Kaleb until his anger gets the best of him and he breathes out a fireball, narrowly missing Jed and Ethan. Kaleb runs off the field and Josie suggests they take five weeks. Cleo barges on the field and tells MG and Josie that they may have a Lizzie problem on their hands.

At the hospital, Jed and Ethan accompany MG and Josie. They are to stand watch as they'll check the ICU.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, at the Salvatore School, he, MG, and Finch sit together in the upstairs lounge. Things remain weird with Hope gone, Alaric in a coma, and Lizzie in the therapy box, though most students don't even notice the latter. Ethan wants to train after class and MG wonders how Josie is dealing with things. Finch believes that she's in full spiral mode since she wasn't there with her in the morning and bailed on breakfast, too. To their surprise, Josie approaches them. Josie's been up all night going through Alaric's old journals, learning that Caroline once turned her humanity off too. She believes within his journals there are clues that can help them get Hope's humanity back on. Specifically with Caroline, her mom had written her a letter before she had died. Caroline never got to read it, but Stefan showed her a memory of what she missed when she burned the letter and the emotion from that was enough to turn her humanity back on. Ethan questions if they need to write Hope a letter and burn it, but that's not the point Josie is making. They need to get to Hope emotionally and remind her of her family, friends, and her home. They need to find the right idea that's powerful enough to break through to her emotions. Finch reminds them that whatever it is, it needs to be good and fast. Each time they confront her in the simulation, they end up dead. They will only have one chance and it has to be the perfect idea. MG knows Josie's next thought; they need some inspiration from Cleo.

Later, he, MG, Finch and Josie gathers with Cleo. The key to bringing back Hope's humanity lies within their past and Cleo tasks them with focusing on their fondest memories they've shared. Ethan and Finch share worried looks with one another. Regardless, they're each inspired with potential ideas on how to reach Hope's humanity. Josie's idea will need a lot of preparation whereas Cleo's will require some digging, though she's uncertain it will work. He and Finch are rather new to their collective friendship and don't have many memories of Hope and come up short. MG wants them to leave it to those who know Hope best. Before they can continue, a magical alarm sounds, stemming from Alaric's weapon cabinet which Josie spelled after Cleo first tried to kill Hope. MG assembles the squad and vamps off with Josie and Cleo, leaving him and Finch behind.

Halfway through MG's Salvatore Idol, Cleo's attempt fails and Hope grows bored. He, Finch, MG, stand off stage and Hope decides to end the game, looking over to the three of them. Hope assumes that Ethan is going to use some hokey sports metaphor, finding identity in a team. She passes and a star goes up in flames. She subs Finch in Josie's spot. Josie taught her not to be a lone wolf, which is a cover for her codependency and another star is engulfed in fire. Lastly, for MG, if his game were to be televised, it would be canceled and rate it zero stars with the final star going up in flames. With the game over, Hope demands for her weapons.

In the gym, Finch and Ethan try to subdue Hope with Finch acting as a distraction. Hope thinks Finch is clever, but she can easily hear Ethan sneaking up behind her. She turns around and grabs him by the throat, lifting him up off the ground. He turns visible again and drops his syringe, gasping for air. She throws him to the ground and faces Finch again. She attempts to attack Hope, but easily overpowerd and knocked unconscious. Dark Josie enters the gym and demands for Ethan to do his blinky thing and take her girlfriend out of there, which he does.

Later that night, Josie is punished for her confrontation against Hope and she traps Josie within the therapy box. MG lays Josie on her bed while Ethan sets the therapy box at her feet. He asks if Josie will be okay within the device, though MG explains they were rather lucky. Hope could have done an awful lot worse besides trapping her within the box. Until they override the settings, it's probably the safest place for her. Turning to Ethan, MG tells him that he almost got himself killed but Ethan had to do something more than just sit on the sidelines. MG explains that having powers doesn't mean always using them and until he can learn that lesson, it's too big of a risk. Ethan doesn't have to be QB1 and is willing to learn, but he needs someone to teach him what that is. Being the leader means making the tough decisions, like benching the star player or making sure they're ready for the big game. Extending his hand, he asks if he's willing to start training tomorrow.

In You Will Remember Me, Ethan and MG practice in the gym. Ethan has a practice dummy that he lifts over his shoulder and uses his powers at MG's direction. Ethan disappears and finds himself trapped in a locker. MG releases him and the dummy falls from the ceiling. Ethan's frustrated about his powers not working, believing they only work during high stress situations or when Malivore controlled him. This is why they're practicing, though this isn't what Ethan expected; specifically, he doesn't understand how this will help against their fight with Hope. MG reminds him that his greatest skill is getting people to safety. Lizzie interrupts them. She needs Ethan. Forgoing practice, he goes with her.

In the Garden, he and Lizzie spy on MG and Cleo's conversation, learning about the Red Oak and its capabilities to kill Hope. As the two walk away, Lizzie uncloaks them from her magic. They stand there and watch as the wood goes up in flames.

With the Red Oak tree burned to ash, Lizzie finds two remaining pieces. She needs to salvage whatever they can, though Ethan reiterates that it can kill Hope. He doesn't want to be an accessory to murder. They just heard them. No one at this school will hurt her. He just got here and should see that. He questions if the therapy box taught her that, but she explains that sometimes doing the right thing means people will call you the villain. Ethan doesn't know. Malivore already made him a villain, once, and he didn't like it. Lizzie, however, is asking him to be a hero. She's going after Hope alone, but she needs someone willing to protect the school and finish the job should she fail. Ethan questions what she'd do if he just phased back and warned MG and Cleo, but Lizzie tells him that would only put them in more risk. She can't have that and tosses him one of the two stakes. He asks if that is a threat, but the only threat they have is Hope. He has two choices, to lie to his best friend or she can do a spell to make him forget they had this conversation and insert a fake memory. For all he'll know they walked out to the Old Mill to talk.

Ethan returns to MG, who is punching a punching bag in the gym. He tells MG that he's sorry and shouldn't have been giving him a hard time. MG tells him he was right because he was keeping him on defense on purpose. He doesn't want to see him get hurt, but believes him to be the kind of leader that would be okay with leaving someone behind. Ethan wants that kind of leader looking out for him and they bump fists. MG asks about him and Lizzie, but Ethan explains that they took a walk out to the Old Mill just to talk. Bumping fists, they go back to training.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, MG calls a squad meeting, which is his first official meeting. However, only he and Cleo are in attendance. They have team members MIA. Lizzie took off last night without a word, and Jed and Kaleb have also been gone for a while. MG questions if Cleo knows anything, but hasn't. Ethan assumes they're dating, though Cleo turns the question back at them for not defining what either one has with Lizzie. Without a real emergency, they have nothing to do. Mr. Springthorpe, however, counters that idea. They should all be in class, which they're skipping. As long as Dr. Saltzman is indisposed, and he is their acting headmaster, he will enforce them going to class since there's no need for their squad with Malivore gone. Jed barges into the Great Hall carrying a man though by all appearances a walking corpse. Mr. Springthorpe faints at the sight while Jed explains that they still have a monster problem, and it's Kaleb.

He, Jed, Cleo, and MG bring the man into the gymnasium and Cleo bandages him. Jed explains that they don't know who he is and when he and Kaleb found him, he'd just been ripped apart by an Argus. Then he literally started putting himself back together. They were on their way back to the school to get answers from him when Kaleb blew up his car and burned the guy. Regardless, they won't be able to get any answers until his mouth heals. MG elects to go look for Kaleb and Cleo joins him. Jed will remain behind to watch over the man. Ethan decides to stay behind, too. If this guy is dangerous, then he'll help keep people safe.

A while later while Jed stands watch over the bandaged man, he attempts to relieve Jed of his duty. Jed could use a break, but he declines. Ethan, insisting, disappears and reappears behind Jed, knocking him in the back with a weight.

Jed recovers, asking Ethan what's his problem. Ethan doesn't know, but it's the guy in the cell and, all of a sudden he just wants to smash his face in. Jed stands in between him and the bandaged man. Ethan insists and they fight, though ends up breaking Jed's arm. Ethan teleports into the cell, making his way towards the man, but MG grabs him by the hoodie and pulls him back, covering his mouth with the herbs Josie gave him. Ethan falls to the floor unconscious.

That night, Ethan awakens in his dorm room with MG watching over him. He asks about Jed, but MG tells him that Josie's taking care of him and he'll be okay. He's still not sure what came over him, though if it wasn't for MG, he might have killed Jed. He believes after what he did, he doesn't deserve to stay at the school. MG tries to stop him, but Ethan isn't finished. He admits that he lied to him the other day when Lizzie came to get him. They didn't just go on a walk. They were spying on him and Cleo and saw them burning the Red Oak tree. He explains that Lizzie saved enough of it to make a stake and she asked him to keep it a secret. He did, believing that he was protecting the school and making hard decisions. Or maybe, he did it because when she looked at him, he would have done anything she asked. He wants her to pick him. Fearful, MG questions if Lizzie went after Hope with the stake, but Ethan doesn't know. Reiterating Ethan's earlier comment, MG tells him that he doesn't deserve to be here and yells for him to get out.

In Follow the Sound of My Voice, Ethan has returned home in Savannah, living with his mom and sister, though invisible. Believing some sort of paranormal activity, MG and Kaleb come at Sheriff Machado's request. MG, magically disquised as Alaric, and Kaleb set up a séance in order to talk to him without outing him and his new powers to his sister. MG and Kaleb tells him that he can return where he belongs and he shakes their joined hands to let them know he was there. Kaleb pretends to get something and tells Ethan things are okay with Ben and Jed. The curse affecting them has been lifted. Maya has had enough with the charades and holds them at taser gun point. Her gut's feeling is telling her that they are not who they're pretending to be. Ethan, still invisible, grabs the taser from Maya's hands while Kaleb vamps to her. Kaleb compels her that it was all a dream and to go to sleep. Ethan appears before the two of them, telling them they shouldn't have come. He wants them to compel her to forget and leave.

With his sister asleep, MG questions his plan. He wants to stay with his family without them knowing. Ethan admits to MG that he was heading home to tell them about his powers, but the closer he got towards home, the more invisible he became. He didn't even realize it at first and thought it was a subconscious reaction. He believes he didn't even want them to see him or to know why he was coming home. MG can empathize with him, though. He hid from his family for a long time, but, eventually, he told them that he was a vampire. Though his results were bad, Ethan can come back to the school. Ethan doesn't believe he deserves it, but MG shares with him the time he killed Landon. He was in a terrible place, but Landon revived and everyone just kind of moved one. MG's reminded of what his father used to say about grace. Wherever there's love, there is grace. Everyone at school loves him and he should give them a chance. If they don't, then MG will be his family until they do.

Ethan decides to tell Maya about his supernatural powers and accepts him. He is her brother, after all. Ethan also decides to return to the Salvatore school with MG and Kaleb.

In The Only Way Out is Through, Wade and Rupert encode and everyone's powers for the Manticulum. Next on the roster is Ethan; he has the teleportation and intangibility of a Pukwudgie, though believes the invisibility comes from another monster. Professor Vardemus asks for a demonstration, though Ethan still cannot control his powers and cannot teleport across the room.

Professor Vardemus summons a battlefield for their practice session. Alaric and the others proceed with their simulation. Alaric believes that if they could talk to Lizzie, they can flip her back to their side. He believes their first move is getting her to safety. Her humanity tells her that she should listen, and though she believes they would be wasting their first strike, she goes with it. MG vamps to Lizzie though the manticulum calculates that Aurora would attack and kill him. His death turns Lizzie back to their side and she attacks and kills Aurora in a rage. Ben explains that Ken would attack Lizzie and she'd die. With her death, their probability of success drops to zero percent and they lose. Rupert finds this situation fascinating. As soon as Lizzie died, there was simply no move they could make that would lead to victory. He presumes there's a reason she is invaluable to winning. Hope now believes they have to save Lizzie first and wants to run the simulation again.

Rupert and the others run through several more simulations, each time they fail against the gods. Hope's humanity tells her she's going about it all wrong because they've already lost before they made the first move. Analyzing their enemies, Hope realizes the problem is that they're going first. They're facing them all at once and they should be forcing the gods to fight them. Hope declines the first move and Ben sends in Aurora to attack Hope first. Hope creates a barrier that throws Aurora off her feet. Hope sends in Kaleb, using his dragon fire. Aurora is killed and Hope has MG vamp to Lizzie. Ben has Ken attack MG, but Wade reads from the manticulum that he's just fast enough to save Lizzie.

Taking a break, Hope pours herself a drink but hears Ethan, invisible, behind her. He explains that they've had a breakthrough. Hope questions how many they've lost, but surprisingly, they've lost none. Dr. Saltzman realized why none of their attacks were working. Instead of using their powers, they need to take theirs away. He believes if they can buy Lizzie enough time to turn her back to their side, she can siphon a god, hence why she needs to be saved. She siphoned Jen and it weakened her enough that he could teleport her off the board and out of the fight. Should Ethan pull off the jump, Ken is the last remaining piece on the board. Now, they need her help to make the next move.

Running through another simulation, Hope has everyone attack Ken. Wade reads off the probability; they all die, but they do real damage against him. She moves in to attack next, though Rupert tells her that she's still not enough and he defeats her. Hope's humanity questions if she needs her help and she barks back, telling her to shut up. The others look at her, questioning the outburst. Hope wants more cannon fodder, questioning how many students there's at the school. Kaleb, however, is finished with the simulations. She's been running them into the buzz saw all day like they're expendable, citing that she only cares about herself. Kaleb declares this version of her isn't worth dying for. Ethan and the others walk out of the Great Hall.

As Hope runs through another simulation, he, MG, Kaleb, Jed, and Cleo come to her side, taking the next hits for her. Wade tells them that they score another hit on Ken, but he's confused about what's changed. Rupert believes that Hope is giving them all courage, a belief they can win. Ben believes his father will retreat and ultimately they win, attacking as one. Her humanity tells her that they can win, all she has to do is just turn it back on. She wants her to let her out before she loses control. Hope closes off her humanity once again. All of this isn't real, it's just a stupid game. They're all pathetic and just little boys role-playing war. She calls them all disposable and that they mean nothing to her. She addresses her humanity, calling her a liar and a martyr. The others look on, confused about who she's talking to. Her powers continue to grow unstable, enough that she tells them that they need to do something because she's about to kill them all. She pleads with someone to take her out and Alaric breaks her neck.

MG meets with Ethan, who praises the simulated jump. Ethan explains that it felt good to finally be in control for once. However, he realized that if he doesn't get better at his powers, then people might die. MG explains that it might happen either way, as Wade told him that during the final moments of the battle, at least two of them would have died. As far as the manticulum is concerned, there's no version of them winning without losing someone. He wants to make a promise with Ethan. No matter what, it won't be Lizzie. Ethan accepts MG's promise and they bump fists.

In I Wouldn't Be Standing Here If It Weren't For You, Ethan is in attendance with Cleo, Kaleb, and Jed when Alaric requests for Jen to join them. Alaric hands Jen Cleo's drawing, inquiring if this looks like her father's handiwork. Lightning, fire, death, and destruction. She confirms that it is, though questions where they got the drawing. Cleo explains that she got a vision and Jen assumes that her half-brother, Ben, had awoken her father. Jed defends Ben, as they don't truly know if he's involved. Alaric points out that they do know this is the second piece of evidence pointing to Ken's arrival. They have to assume the worst and come up with a plan to save the school. Jen is sure they can't. Cleo is obviously an oracle and they see things that will happen. Even though she can see the future, she questions if she can't change it. Jen denies that she can. Regardless of what's to come, they have to try. Alaric instructs Jed to take Finch and clear out the school. Jed questions about saving Ben, but Alaric defers him, citing they need to focus on one crisis at a time. He wants Ethan to find MG and evacuate the town and Kaleb offers his assistance, too, and the leave for town.

After a final sweep of the town, Ethan meets up with MG in the Town Square asking about Kaleb. Ben tosses Kaleb to their feet, declaring that he's not going to stop and they'll need all of their friends to face him. MG instructs Ethan to get Kaleb out of there and he'll handle Ben. MG rushes Ben, but is easily thrown away. Jed approaches Ben and Ethan and has Ethan get both MG and Kaleb to safety; he'll handle Ben. Ethan grabs Kaleb and runs him over to MG and teleports them away.

Later, at the school, a crack of thunder and a crash of lightning rings out over the grounds alerting them to Ken's arrival. With a booming voice, he demands for them to hand over his traitorous daughter. If they refuse to hand her over, they'll all die. Alaric, Ethan, and MG discuss their options. Alaric refuses to hand her over and sends Jen away to the werewolf bunker until they come up with a plan. Ethan tells him that they're not in fighting shape–Jed is holding off Ben, Kaleb's still healing, and the last jump he did really took a lot out of him. They need Hope. Their timing is perfect with the arrival of Hope and Lizzie. Hope knows what she must do and knocks out everyone in the school with a sleep spell.

That night, when MG checks in on him, he collapses out of the shower with the curtain around him. He's bleeding from the mouth and begins flashing in and out of a phased form. He doesn't understand what's happening to him as MG tries to cradle his head.

In Into the Woods, MG checks in on him, finding him getting ready to train. Considering what happened the previous night, MG doesn't want him using his powers until they figure out what's happening. Ethan finds him to be over reacting, but when he turns to walk away, he phases through his sneakers. Ethan doesn't let this deter him. The last time he was benched for an injury, he lost his future, not to mention his friends. MG reminds him that it was football and these stakes are much higher. He needs Ethan at 100%.

Lizzie appears at the door, asking about their plan, noting that vampire hearing is awesome. MG dismisses her, saying that he's got things covered and that they both should be resting, like Hope. Vampire healing is just as awesome and she's back in the game. Changing to a more serious tone, she apologizes for all of the stupid things she did, including going after a god without him. She assumes he's pretty mad at her, but MG denies it. Lizzie doesn't believe him, but it doesn't matter because her dad told her that the best way to make amends is to listen to what people need. That's why she's here, because they need help fixing Ethan's powers. Ethan uncontrollably phases again and his shirt falls off. MG appreciates the offer, but he's going to hit the books alone. Lizzie tells him not to bother because all those books will tell him he needs magic, something she'll be able to help him with. Ethan pipes up, asking if she can really fix him. Lizzie believes she can truly help and looks for MG's approval.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Ethan trains in the gym by boxing when MG finds him, questioning why he's not in his room. Ethan explains that he woke up feeling a lot better and wanted to train. Ethan already assumes that he's got the test results back and figured it was bad when he heard there was a battle strategy session that no one invited him to. He wants to know just how bad. MG comes clean and tells him that he can't use his powers anymore, otherwise it will kill him. MG wonders if he wants to talk about it, but he doesn't. He needs to find another way to be useful in the fight without his powers because he refuses to be benched.

Ethan and MG walk from Mystic Falls High School and he wants MG to come clean. They stopped training because he needed a milkshake all of a sudden. They walked all the way into town to get one instead of just going to the school kitchen, and now they're taking the long way back. He knows he's stalling. MG tells him the truth. He doesn't think he should be part of the battle. It's too dangerous. Ethan is sure he's in control of his jumps and that he can just not use his powers. MG can't ask him to sit on the sidelines again. However, MG isn't asking him that. He wants him to leave town, for his own good, and just go home. In the distance, a distracted girl on her cell phone walks out into the road as a car races towards her. Ethan jumps to her, grabs her and vanishes before the car comes to a screeching stop. MG looks at him disappointed as the words, "SISTO" appear on the wall behind him, saying it aloud. Ethan realizes this isn't real and they're expelled from the Therapy Box. MG apologizes to him, but he couldn't find another way to convince him. If he sees someone in trouble, he won't be able to stop himself. He's too much of a hero and that's why he can't be part of the fight.

Later that night, Ethan decides to leave Mystic Falls at MG's request and the two wait at the bus stop. MG tells him that he's making the right decision. Ethan thinks just when he finally figured out how to use his powers, they would have made a good team. However, MG tells him that they already have made a good team. Ethan gives him some parting advice. He knows he's been holding himself back and tells him that Lizzie deserves to know how he feels. MG admits that he's already told her, but just gives him a bemused look in return. He laughs it off commenting on how confusing Lizzie is. As he turns to get on the bus, he tells MG that he's one of the best people he's ever known and she'd be an idiot if she didn't figure that out for herself. They embrace in a hug and Ethan departs on the bus out of Mystic Falls.

In This Can Only End in Blood, Ethan has returned to Savannah but watches a weatherman on a small TV. He speaks of a massive electrical storm developing out of nowhere over Mystic Falls. Maya shuts the TV off, asking if he wants to go to the park. They can throw a football around and she'll let him teach her how to throw a spiral. Unable to eat his breakfast, he confesses that there's no way that this is just a storm. He knows the gods are coming. Maya tells him that whatever it is, it's no longer his problem. Ethan fights her on that point. If his friends are in trouble, he can't just sit here and do nothing. She knows his feelings, but knows that if he uses his powers again, it could kill him and he can't help them if he's dead.

Determined to save his friends, Ethan returns to Mystic Falls just in time as Lizzie's about to detonate the explosion. Ethan calls out for Lizzie to wait and appears beside her. She explains that she can't hold the god magic for much longer and the meadow is going to explode and he needs to leave. Ethan tells her he's not going anywhere because he's "Rescue Guy". On the count of three, Lizzie denotes the explosion as Ethan teleports them to safety beside Alaric and Ben. However, the finality of his powers are reached and he dies, turning to ash.

In Limbo, he finds his way into Zied's bar. Seeing Landon, he realizes he's dead.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, in Limbo, Ethan joins Landon at the Zied's bar. Landon asks if he can get him something else, but Ethan quips that it depends on what he has to offer and further asks what this place is. Landon explains that it's a sort of filling station for lost souls for which he's in charge of now. Ethan clarifies, meaning he was more general. Landon elaborates that he's in Limbo and recently died. However, he tells him not to worry because of the sacrifice he made for their friends, he should have him on the boat to Peace in no time. Landon is sure he'll see it for himself when they figure out what's holding him back. Ethan already knows. He doesn't want to go to Peace and wants to go back to life. He was just getting good at living. Landon breaks the news that it's not an option. Ethan is confused considering he brought the other back, but Landon explains that there was a price. Though the details are fuzzy, he does know that Nature won't let him do it again. Ethan doesn't understand what he's supposed to do now, but he's the only one that knows for sure. Landon assures him that he'll be by his side, here to help him figure it out. Before he can continue, Landon disappears in a quick flash of light.

After Landon returns to Limbo, Ethan explains that when he disappeared, he decided to hop behind the bar and take over. He listened to what the lost souls had to say, the same way that Landon listened to him. Most seemed to have solid breakthroughs and explained that they'll be back to talk about what those are with him. Ethan hopes he didn't overstep, but Landon tells him he did great. Bringing their past conversation up, Landon reminds him that he deserves Peace. Ethan isn't sure he wants to go. His life taught him that there's no shame in being the sidekick and he prefers "Rescue Guy." For Landon, that's perfect timing because he needs help tracking someone down.

Ethan returns to the bar informing Landon that word on the street, that the guy they're looking for has already left. Landon is disappointed. Ethan thought this was a good thing, but Landon was hoping that he could help a friend with something they really needed since the only way to contact Peace is to actually be at Peace. That isn't an option for him. That gives Landon another idea, though. Again, he asks Ethan how he wants to spend his eternity.

To help Landon, Ethan cross over into Peace. Thanks to his effort on the mortal plane, Ethan is eventually able to appear on screen to greet him and Hope from Peace. He tells Landon that he believes this is what he wanted and hopes this works. He also thanks him because he was right–Peace is incredible. After he disappears, he helps get a message from Klaus to Hope.


Ethan is described as a "competitive athlete and good-hearted new student at Mystic Falls High School."[2]

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When Malivore turned Ethan into his thrall, he subsequently turned him into a monster, specifically, a pukwudgie.


As part monster, specifically a pukwudgie, the full extent of his weaknesses are unknown.


  • Ethan, Maya, and Sheriff Machado (Family/Sister and Mother, respectively)
  • Ethan and Josie (Classmates/Friends)
  • Ethan and MG (Classmates/Best Friends)
  • Ethan and Lizzie (Friends/Crush/Classmates)
  • Ethan and Hope (Former Classmates/Friends/Crush)


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  • Ethan is Hebrew, meaning "strong", "safe" and "firm".[3]
  • Machado is of Portuguese and Spanish origin, derived from the word, "machado" meaning "axe" or "hatchet."[4][5]



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