Excalibur, the enchanted blade of kings...

Excalibur, the enchanted blade of kings, is under the protection of Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. It holds an unknown power though Nimue described that its last owner's, The Green Knight, was once noble but whose body and soul was corrupted and decayed as a result of the power. He became unworthy to wield the sword and she was duty bound to find a new champion. The location and status of the original sword remains unknown, however, Alaric Saltzman retrieved the 2018 prison world copy of the sword from the Armory in Kai Parker Screwed Us.


Excalibur is a large silver sword with an intricate, silver hilt that can be held by one or both hands. The blade extends further than arm's length and is inscribed with the words "Take Me Up" towards the hilt.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Two

In Kai Parker Screwed Us, after Alaric Saltzman escaped Jade from her murderous game of hide and seek, he used the underground tunnels to make his way to the Armory's vault. There, he specifically choose Excalibur to defend himself from Jade, Wendy, Diego.

In You Can't Save Them All, Alaric used the sword to defend himself from Diego. Ignoring his plea to say down, Alaric was forced to stab Diego, killing him, albeit temporarily. After Jade attacked him, he attempted to defend himself using the sword, but Jade was able to stop the blade from striking her with both of her hands. With her vampiric strength, Alaric could not move the sword. Josie, however, incapacitated her with her magic.

As they prepare to leave the 2018 prison world, Alaric gives Lizzie the copy sword as he agrees to stay behind to anchor Josie's spell. Sebastian, however, takes his place and Alaric is freed with Wendy, Jade and Josie.

Learning that Malachai was held in the Salvatore school's warehouse, Alaric, brandishing sword used it to decapitate him, finally getting his revenge for Josette.

In Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing, Alaric brought Excalibur with him upon meeting with Rafael, learning that he had stabbed Landon with the Golden Arrow. Rafael wanted Alaric to put him down, but he refused too. The sword, however, was just a precaution.

Season Three

In We're Not Worthy, Wade "borrows" the sword and takes it with him to the first ever Salvatore School Field Day to LARP. Unfortunately for him and the other students, the newly released Malivore monster was the Green Knight. In search of the sword ahead of him was Nimue, the Lady of the Lake who was the sword's protector prior to being consumed by Malivore. She is bound by duty to find the sword and a worthy champion to wield Excalibur and defeat the Green Knight. When the Green Knight last wielded the sword, Camelot fell and ushered in the Dark Ages and his thirst for power made him a scourge upon mankind. Shortly after Nimue's arrival to the field, the Green Knight appeared and it was too late to take the sword and run. Excalibur issued a challenge and flung itself into a stone boulder; there to remain in place until it was pulled out by a worthy champion. As the Green Knight approached, slowly as he was cursed by Nimue, Josie and Lizzie, Jed, Kaleb, MG, and Wade all attempted to pull the sword from the stone, but was deemed unworthy. With Rafael's arrival, however, and his royal ancestry, he unknowingly pulls the sword from the stone and defeats the Green Knight, stabbing him through the chest. Rafael attempts to return the sword to Nimue, but she explains that the sword was rightfully his, as he is a descendant of Arthur. She asked him to do better with the sword than his ancestors have previously done and she would never need to return. After she bid farewell, she turned into water and vanished.

In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Rafael Waithe was banished to the 2028 prison world to prevent him from dying after the Necromancer severed his ties with the former acolyte. His parent, Walt and Lucia, also was banished along with him to keep him company. As Landon said his goodbyes, he wanted to give him Excalibur, saluting him "until we meet again, my once and future king".



  • The sirens, Sybil and Seline, collected various treasures both tools and weapons, and hid them behind a door in the tunnels that would eventually become the Armory. It remains unknown when or how they obtained Excalibur.


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