We'll have about 10 minutes before anyone can smell it. You clear out. Boom! Travelers gone, resurrection spell starts, loved ones return. Good? Good? Class dismissed.
Damon in Home

The Explosion at the Mystic Grill was an event caused by Elena and Damon which crash Damon's car into Mystic Grill, causing an explosion to kill dozens of Travelers. It was part of a ritual performed in order to resurrect their friends.

Season Five


Damon and Elena hold hands before dying.

Damon, Enzo & Bonnie form a plan to bring back people from The Other Side. They will have to kill many travelers in order to overwhelm the anchor (Bonnie) and then a witch will start a resurrecting spell. Enzo finds a witch while Liz gathers the travelers in Mystic grill. Jeremy and Matt then cause a leak in the gas line. Damon is right outside the city limits ready to cause the explosion.
Screenshot 48

The explosion.

He gets into the car to drive to the city, when Elena joins him and tells him that she will go with him. Damon tries to talk her out of it, but Elena made her choice and she asks him to respect it as she respected his. They take off and they manage to crash into the Grill while they are still vampires and the building explodes killing them along with dozens of travelers.



  • A similar kind of sacrifice was done by The Travelers to bring back their leader Markos from the other side in Rescue Me.
  • Elena joins Damon in his suicide mission so that he doesn't have to go through it alone.
  • Elena is the only one out of the two to have been brought back to life after the sacrifice.


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