La Fête des Bénédictions. Feast of the blessings. In the past, members of the community offered witches gifts in exchange for blessings. We'd like to use it as a forum for introducing our young Harvest girls to society.
Genevieve explain to Elijah the feast's meaning

Fête des Bénédictions is a celebration held by the witches of the French Quarter Coven, in New Orleans.

Throughout The Originals series

Season One

In The Big Uneasy, Genevieve asks Elijah for the witches to once again publicly celebrate their feast days. She proposes Feast of the Blessings when members of the community offered witches gifts in exchange for blessings. French Quarter Coven used this feast as a forum for introducing their young Harvest girls to society. Elijah agrees to it  after some consideration and Klaus anticipates Esther's Grimoires to be stole during this event so he kills the witch theft. Meanwhile Feast of Blessings parade begins. The witches march down the street, and the three currently-alive Harvest girls are hoisted above the crowd on thrones. The girls are each dressed for the element they represented in the Harvest-Monique in floral earth tones, for earth; Davina in bright red-orange, for fire; and Abigail in white, for air. Genevieve anxiously watches it all from the sidelines. They all demonstrate their powers which the crowd deem as cool special effects. At the private After-party Monique & Genevieve plan to excluded Davina nearly works until Klaus publicly gives her a Daylight Ring for Josh which makes the two happy.

A large group of drummers marches into the party. Confused, Hayley, Elijah and Klaus linger nearby and watch them.The crowd frowns, and everyone starts whispering to each other. All of the drummers take out straight razors and slice their wrists open, bleeding all over the floor. The vampires in the room start to get antsy and vamp-out at the smell of blood. The lights suddenly go out, and the vampires start feeding on the drummers, as well as other humans at the party. The crowd dissolves into chaos The chaos continues, and when the lights switch back on, there are dozens of dead/injured humans lying on the ground. On the walls, someone has written "THERE WILL BE NO PEACE" on the wall. The aftermath of the party results in Thierry Vanchure's death and Esther's decree to Monique that the coven must sacrifice Hope once she's born interrupting, but saving Genevieve's life at the same time since Monique wanted to  retaliate against the vampires with The Fourth Harvest Girl back in the picture alive.



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