I know I haven't been around these parts lately. It's a testament to Father Kieran that we could come together and share a drink, and a story or two. Kieran rolled into town on a rusty old cruiser after his daddy died twenty-five years ago. And damnit, that guy could party! That was, of course, before he took his vows. But, even then, he was committed to the Quarter. He knew that this town needed him. And, we still do. To Father K!

Father Kieran's Funeral was held in A Closer Walk With Thee after his tragic death in An Unblinking Death.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

The funeral took place in few segments.

Father Kieran's Wake

At Rousseau's, the French Quarter throws an Irish-style wake in Father Kieran's honor, complete with Irish music, lots of alcohol, and tons of people who gathered to share stories of Father Kieran and celebrate his life. Marcel comes to the ceremony and toasts to the entire party.

Francesca attends the ceremony and introduces herself to Cami as the Faction representative which was Kieran's position before he was hexed. She actually came to the event in a view to take hold on Kieran's secret key. But Cami doesn't tell her anything as she herself was unaware of the whereabout of the key.

Funeral Procession

The next day hundreds of community members gather in the streets of the French Quarter after the funeral, as Father Kieran's casket was placed in a horse carriage to begin the parade in his honor. The funeral procession walks down the street to the sounds of the jazz music being played, behind the priests act as pallbearers for Father Kieran.

Before going joining the procession Cami lights candle for her uncle at St. Anne's Church. Marcel joins her and tells her reading was beautiful. Cami asks him about the key at which Marcel informs her that the key leads to something that can be used against the supernaturals if they get too far out of line. When Cami asks Marcel why he was there Marcel tells her that he came to attend his friends funeral and to accompany Cami.

In the procession Hayley greets Cami and gives her condolence. She also asks her about Francesca and her motivation as she doesn't trust her. In the middle of the procession Hayley begins to cough up blood and then collapses on the sidewalk.

Kieran's Burial

Kieran is put in the family crypt as his final resting place.


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