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This article is about Fell's Church. You may be looking for Fell's Church, the town.

Fell's Church was a church in Mystic Falls that was presumably built and/or owned by the Fell family, possibly Honoria Fell.


Fell's Church originally belonged to the Fell Family in Mystic Falls. In 1864, the church was used to imprison and destroy 27 vampires in the town. A witch named Emily Bennett used her magic to protect them, but this was unknown to the village. The Church burned down, but the vampires remained in the tomb below it.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

Season One[]

In 2009, Emily possessed her descendant Bonnie Bennett and tried to stop Damon Salvatore from opening the tomb and releasing the vampires. Over time, Bonnie and her grandmother Sheila Bennett agreed to open the tomb so Damon could rescue his beloved Katherine Pierce, but when they removed the spell, it was revealed that Katherine wasn't there. Sheila and Bonnie tried to activate the spell again but failed, and all the vampires escaped.

Season Two[]

Katherine Pierce became trapped in the church's tomb after Lucy had tricked her by giving her the moonstone. Katherine tried to bargain the moonstone with the Salvatore brothers in exchange for her freedom, but it ended with Stefan Salvatore becoming imprisoned with her. Elena then made a deal with Elijah that for her to help with killing Klaus, he would have to use his witches Jonas and Luka Martin to reverse the tomb spell and let Stefan out. Elijah then compelled Katherine to stay in the tomb after he had let Stefan out. Then John Gilbert told Damon Salvatore a way of killing Elijah which would reverse his compulsion on Katherine and let her out, but Damon didn't know this at the time.

In The Last Day, Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood were kept safe there for them to be used later in the sacrifice ritual but were later rescued by Damon.


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