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We Fells are notorious busy-bodies.

The Fell Family is one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls in The Vampire Diaries. Members of the Fell family have the tendency of being news reporters or doctors. The Fell family has been linked to the Salvatore Family, the Gilbert Family, the Forbes Family and the Lockwood Family since the mid-1800's.

Family Members[]

  • Thomas Keeping Fell: was listed on the First Founders' Party registry.
  • Honoria Fell: was also listed on the first Founder's Party registry. She lived in Mystic Falls in 1864, and was a human who was involved in investigating the vampire problem in the town. She went to Pearl's Apothecary with a case of vervain elixir, which she asked Pearl to sell to the townspeople at a reduced rate. She also wrote a journal. She was killed by Stefan Salvatore shortly after he turned into a vampire.
  • Franklin Fell: was a local news reporter during the mid 20th century. He reported the "animal attack" at the Salvatore Boarding House that killed Joseph Salvatore in 1953.
  • Tobias Fell: was the Head of the Historical Society. In Ghost World, he gave a speech about the history of Mystic Falls after the Battle of Willow Creek. He was killed by Frederick that same night, after being targeted for being a Founding Family member.
  • Thomas Vincent Fell III: better known as Tripp Cooke, was raised in Mystic Falls, and was a friend to the Gilbert Family. He was head of the Mystic Falls Community Protection Squad and became a mentor to Matt Donovan until Tripp was outed as a Vampire Hunter. He was turned into a vampire by Enzo and died after being pushed into the anti-magic border surrounding Mystic Falls.
  • Mr. Fell: nothing is known about him other than Violet is his niece. This indirectly confirms that he had a sibling, a brother or sister.
  • Logan Fell: was a news reporter at WPKW9 in Mystic Falls. He was Jenna Sommers' boyfriend in high school and early college until he cheated on her with a woman named Monica, prompting Jenna to break up with him and move out Mystic Falls. He was a member of the Founder's Council and stole the Gilbert Compass from the Gilbert House on their orders to help Sheriff Forbes and the Lockwood Family track down the vampire behind the recent attacks in town. He nearly killed Stefan Salvatore and Vicki Donovan when he used the compass to track them to the Woods, but was ultimately killed by Damon Salvatore to rescue them. Unbeknownst to any of them, Logan had been surreptitiously fed vampire blood by Anna and later awakened as a vampire in transition. He then began feeding on many locals due to his uncontrolled bloodlust, and briefly teamed up with Damon to open the Vampire's Tomb beneath Fell's Church to free the vampires who had been imprisoned there in 1864. However, before they could work together to open the tomb, Logan was killed by the vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman.
  • Meredith Fell: is a smart and beautiful young woman in her mid-late 20s. She returns to Mystic Falls after getting her medical degree at an Ivy League university. She made her first appearance in The New Deal for the first time. She described herself as being Lebanese on her mother's side and was generally known for being a smart and sexy doctor who hated to see her patients die. Because of this, she also gained a reputation for stealing blood from vampires and using it to heal her patients who would otherwise die without it. She was also in a relationship with Alaric Saltzman until his death. She has since married a pediatrician and moved to Alaska.
  • Blair Fell: was a student at Mystic Falls High School. She was Miss Mystic Falls in the 2008 Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, and was also in the Miss Mystic Falls Court under winner Caroline Forbes in 2009.
  • Tina Fell: was a student at Mystic Falls High School. She, along with her cousin Blair, entered the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant in 2009. Tina mentioned that she had done many hours of community service as part of her sentence after being arrested for a DUI .
  • Valerie Fell: was a member of the Miss Mystic Falls Court under winner April Young in 2010.
  • Violet Fell: was a student at Mystic Falls High School and entered the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant as a Miss Mystic 'Hopeful'. While attending, she was fed Stefan's blood and her neck broken. After she completed the transition into a vampire, she was staked by Stefan and sent to Arcadius. Mr. Fell was Violet's uncle.


Family Tree[]

The Fell family is not a main family in the series. Their family tree is quite complex, and only a small number of their members and their genealogy are known.

TVD215-Honoria Fell
TVD215-Thomas Fell
Thomas K. Fell
Franklin Fell
TVD307-Tobias Fell
Mr Fell-S8
Mr. Fell
Unknown Father
TVD119-Blair Fell
TVD119-Tina Fell
Valerie Fell


  • Jenna Sommers described the members of the Fell Family as "arrogant," while Meredith described her family as being "notorious busy-bodies".
  • The Fell Family paid to build the park in Kill or Be Killed.


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