Augustine Cells

[A pounding noise can be heard echoed in the basement where the Augustine cells are. We find out that is Damon in his cell, punching the rock wall in frustration. A big piece of rock falls from the wall and he grabs it.]

[There's a flashback to when Aaron confronted him and Elena.]

Damon: [voice-over] Slick hands, cowboy.

[Aaron tries to put the bullets in the gun and drops one.]

[Now, in the cell, Damon lies on the floor and puts his arm through the gate, reaching for the bullet. He moves it with the tip of his fingers and finally retrieves it. He then puts the bullet inside the keyhole of the cell's gate, grabs the rock and hits it, causing the bullet to explode. He tries to open the gate, but it didn't work.]

Damon: [pounds on the gate] Come on!

[He shakes the gate furiously, but it doesn't move. He starts kicking it in frustration and it pops open.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[It's morning. In Stefan's room Katherine opens her eyes and smiles. She looks to her side and Stefan is sees next to her sleeping. She goes to hug him but finds a lock of gray hair on the bed. She picks it up and looks at it in horror.]

Katherine: Oh, my God!

[Stefan wakes up and turns around to face her.]

Stefan: Hmm. Hey.

[Katherine doesn't want Stefan to see her, so she jumps off the bed and covers herself with the blanket.]

Katherine: Um, don't turn around.
Stefan: What are you doing?
Katherine: [picking her clothes from the floor] Um, just don't turn around.
Stefan: Where are you going?
Katherine: [leaving the room] Everything's fine. Go back to bed.

[In her attempt to leave the room not letting Stefan see her, Katherine bumps into the door on her way out.]

Katherine: Uhn! Agh!

[Stefan smirks and lays back down in bed. A bit later, Katherine is walking down the hall, all dressed, while she tucks her hair into a baseball hat. As she's heading outside, Damon walks in, all disheveled looking and dried blood down his neck.]

Katherine: What the hell happened to you?
Damon: Ditto. Elena's not here by any chance, is she?
Katherine: I haven't seen her, not that I've been looking.
Damon: [shouting] Stef, you awake?
Katherine: You know, he hasn't seen her either. I know because we were together all night.
Damon: [looking disgusted] Look. I've had a really crappy couple days, okay? If you're implying what I think you're implying--
Katherine: Why? What were you thinking? That our hot, naked bodies collided in one unforgettable night of passion?
Damon: I'm gonna barf.
Katherine: Great. Then my work here is done. Toodle. [She exits the mansion and closes the door behind her.]
Damon: [shudders] Ugh.

Augustine Underground Lab

[Elena lies on a test bed. She opens her eyes and looks around. There's an empty bag of blood on an IV stand, lamps...She looks very weak. She looks at one end of the room and see a staircase. She kind of sees a vision and hears children giggling. A ball drops down the stairs. She keeps hearing children giggle.]

Dr. Maxfield: Subject 83182 appears conscious. [Elena snaps out of it and looks at Wes who's looking at her.]
Elena: [weak] Where am I?
Dr. Maxfield: Why? Look familiar?
Elena: [she looks around and sees a big dialysis machine] What is that thing? [she tries to get lose] What are you doing to me?
Dr. Maxfield: 83182 resume prep for blood dialysis. [He puts a mask over Elena.] Count from 10. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...[Elena falls asleep.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[In his room, Stefan is putting some clothes away and Damon is leaning against the door frame.]

Stefan: Where the hell you been?
Damon: Aw, you know, being held against my will, shot in the head, now I can't find Elena. [walking into the room] How was your evening? Anything out of the ordinary happen?
Stefan: What a minute. What do you mean you can't find Elena?
Damon: I mean, she's not picking up her phone, she's not in her dorm, she's nowhere in this house, which leads me to believe that Dr. Creepy Ken-doll has her somewhere.
Stefan: Are you talking about the Whitmore bio teacher?
Damon: Yeah, the one that operated on vampires during business hours, yeah, that one. Put your hero hair on, Stefan. Let's go get Elena. [starts to walk away.]
Stefan: You just said you don't know where she is.
Damon: [turning around] I don't, which means we're gonna have to find us some leverage. So come on.

Whitmore College

[Aaron is sitting on a couch, headphones on, writing on a notebook. Damon sits next to him and pulls his left earphone off his ear. Aaron looks at him.]

Damon: Pop quiz. [Aaron looks around scared.] So your girlfriend's taken by a mad scientist. Now, do you: A, get a new girlfriend; B, call the police; or C, kill someone close to the mad scientist?

[Aaron stands up to run. Damon stays seated on the couch, smirking. Stefan meets Aaron right next to the couch.]

Stefan: Sit.

[Damon pats the couch next to him as a gesture for Aaron to sit there.]

Augustine Underground Lab

[He is touching a big bag of blood strapped to an IV.]

Dr. Maxfield: 4.1 pints drained. [He moves to look at Elena and points his little flashlight on her closed eyes and she moves a little and opens her eyes.] 83182 still shows signs of consciousness. Note that 15 years ago subject 12144 faded into unconsciousness after losing 2.9 pints. [Elena tries to free herself, then looks at the dialysis machine.] Evolution or luck? Mystery for another day.
Elena: [tries to free herself] What are you doing to me? What are these tubes? Let me go!
Dr. Maxfield: [opening a curtain as he approaches a little table and writes some notes down.] Relax. I plan to once I'm through with you.
Elena: My friends are gonna find me.
Dr. Maxfield: [turning to face her] Your heroic vampire friends? [punching some buttons on the machine] Did you know Aaron Whitmore spent his entire life thinking his family was haunted by some death curse? Turns out that curse was your boyfriend systematically killing every member on his family tree. I'm curious. How does one justify that in their mind?
Elena: And this, holding people against their will, torturing them? How do you justify that?
Dr. Maxfield: Science. [He opens a journal and reads from it.] "June 25, 1999. Incredible findings today. After enduring three thousand volts of electricity, the subject continues to have a heartbeat. June 26. More success. Subject was exposed to four thousand volts today. Seizing continues after electrocution. Flesh remains hot to the touch."
Elena: You're a monster.
Dr. Maxfield: This isn't my journal, Elena. [He shows it to her.] These are the handwritten medical findings of Dr. Grayson Gilbert, your father.
Elena: What? [She looks at the journal and sees the handwriting which, in fact, is her dad's.]
Dr. Maxfield: Everything I'm doing to you I learned from him.

Whitmore College

Aaron: I have no idea where Wes took her.
Stefan: Well, they're not at his lab, so where else could he hide a vampire?
Aaron: [to Stefan] I'm sorry. Am I supposed to know who you are?
Damon: That's my brother Stefan, but I'd watch your tone with him because he's kind of in the midst of a psychotic break.
Stefan: I'm sorry. I'm what?
Damon: Oh, come on. You don't think I know about you and Katherine?
Stefan: Oh, I see. You're jealous.
Damon: More like disturbed. [to Aaron] See? He's off his rocker, he's losing his mind, teetering on the brink of insanity.
Aaron: How are you not dead? I shot you.
Damon: [He looks around as if he's making sure no one is listening.] Well, because you went for the head. You got to go for the heart. [He smacks the back of his head.] Go for the heart next time. Now, where's Elena?
Aaron: I have no idea. All that Wes told me was to go about my life as usual.
Damon: We're gonna call Wes, and you're gonna tell him that if he doesn't give us Elena the next experiment that he conducts it's gonna be sewing your arms back on.

Augustine Underground Lab

[Elena looks around.]

Elena: This is my dad's clinic. We're in the basement.
Dr. Maxfield: Was your dad's clinic. Then your town council burned a whole bunch of vampires down here. Now it's just a condemned building in Mystic Falls where no one will find us.

[Wes is interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He walks away while Elena keeps trying to free herself. At the front door, which reads "Dr. Grayson Gilbert, M.D." Wes exits the office and answers his phone. The scene is now between Wes by the office and Aaron with Stefan and Damon at College.]

Dr. Maxfield: Aaron, hey.
Aaron: Do you have Elena?
Dr. Maxfield: Aaron, what's wrong?
Aaron: Uh, Stefan and Damon Salvatore are gonna kill me unless you give them Elena.
Dr. Maxfield: Damon Salvatore is locked in an impenetrable and inescapable fortified cell.
Aaron: Or he's in front of me imagining what my kidney would taste like.
Dr. Maxfield: [clearly upset] Fine. Meet you in my classroom. Once I see you're safe, tell them I'll give them Elena.

[Aaron hangs up. Back at the office, Wes walks down to the basement. He enters a room where Enzo is, strapped to a gurney. He removes the IV from him.]

Dr. Maxfield: Enzo...Enzo, wake up. [He pulls out a syringe.] When was the last time you were out in civilization? [He injects Enzo.]
Enzo: [weak] What's that?
Dr. Maxfield: An insurance policy. Guarantees you'll come back to me. I'm giving you the day off. [He pulls out a few blood bags from a case and shows them to Enzo.] You and Damon have some catching up to do.

[Enzo smirks.]


[Katherine is standing on her hands while Matt holds her by one leg and checks a timer he's holding.]

Katherine: I don't hear you counting.
Matt: 3, 4, 5, 6.

[Katherine can't hold herself for more than 6 seconds and she falls on the ground. Matt helps her up.]

Matt: Good try.
Katherine: Good try? That was horrible, Matt. Come on. I'm paying you to make me hot again, whipe me into shape, and prolong this death thing as long as possible.

[She starts doing jumping jacks.]

Matt: Yeah, that will happen.
Katherine: What did you say? [She stops exercising.] No. Seriously. I didn't hear you. Oh, God. I'm doing deaf. I'm doing deaf. My entire body is falling apart. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Wa-- water! Give me some water. Faster.

[Matt gives her the water and she starts gulping it down.]

Matt: Deep breaths. [He demonstrates by inhaling and exhaling deeply.] If you're so anxious not to be dead, why don't you just have a vampire turn you?
Katherine: Tried that. Every time I ingest vampire blood, my body rejects it. [She bends over to put the water bottle on the ground when a bone cracks.] Ohh!

[Someone is approaching them but Katherine's vision is very blurry and she can't tell who it is. She squints her eyes to try to see better.]

Katherine: Who is that? I can't see.
Matt: It's Nadia. I told her you where here.

[Katherine is clearly upset she makes a face and then pulls down her baseball cap to cover her face in anger. Nadia approaches them, she pulls out a letter and reads from it.]

Nadia: "Dear Nadia, sorry I had to kill your boyfriend, but it was the motherly thing to do. Suicide, however, not very motherly of me."
Katherine: Great. So, um, Stefan obviously gave you my suicide note. What's your point?

[Nadia stares at her and then slaps Katherine with all her strength.]

Matt: Damn!

[Katherine looks back at Nadia.]

Nadia: That's for trying to kill yourself without saying goodbye.

Whitmore College

[Stefan and Damon are walking beside each other behind Aaron on the campus outside.]

Stefan: You want to give me a little back story as to how you know one another?
Damon: Aaron is Aaron Whitmore, and he comes from a very long line of vampire-probing, blood-testing, organ-removing freaks called Augustine.
Stefan: Why do you know this?
Damon: Because I was their test subject in the '50s.
Stefan: What do you mean test subject?
Damon: Meaning I donated my body to science except I was alive and it was against my will.
Stefan: Wait. Hold on a minute. [They stop walking.] How do I not know about this?
Damon: Don't get all guilt-ridden, Stefan, on me. We were on the outs back then, and by the time it was over, you know, it was over.

[Damon starts to walk away.]

Aaron: Why don't you finish the rest of the story, Damon?
Stefan: [to Aaron] I don't recall saying that you could talk. [to Damon] Did I say that he could talk?
Damon: I don't remember anything.
Stefan: I didn't think so.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Nadia is standing by a big window when Katherine walks in. She turns around to face her.]

Nadia: I get it now. If I was living here, I'd want to kill myself, too.
Katherine: [holding a blender pitcher containing a green smoothie] It was a moment of weakness. I'm over it.
Nadia: In a moment of weakness, you eat chocolate or kiss the wrong boy. You don't jump off a clock tower.
Katherine: [showing her the blender pitcher and a glass she poured of the green mix] Do you see this? This is raw kale. In what universe would I put this inside of my body unless I actually wanted to live another day. [She drinks from her glass and makes a disgusted face.]
Nadia: Okay. Then, what changed your mind?
Katherine: It's not so much a matter of what as it is who. Can I ask you something, absentee mother to mildly abusive daughter? [She offers Nadia a glass of blended kale, which she takes.]
Nadia: I'm listening.
Katherine: Do you think after all the horrible things that I've done it would be possible to be forgiven?
Nadia: Of course I do. [standing up] That's actually why I'm here. I may have an idea that will keep you alive longer.
Katherine: I'm listening.

Augustine Underground Lab

[Elena, still strapped to the gurney, looks around herself. She stares again at the old staircase that leads to the basement. It then changes as if it was triggering a flashback. She sees the ball fall down the stairs again, but this time there's also a little girl coming down the stairs. The girl grabs the ball and in front of her there is a big shelf with a lot of medical files, just like at a doctor's office. She hears some electric crackling sounds and starts going up the stairs, but then she hears it again and she stops and looks back. She stares at a closed door in the basement, which is were the sound comes from, but she decides to leave.]

Elena: [weak] When did you meet my dad?
Dr. Maxfield: [looking at two vials of blood] He was working with the Augustine to turn vampire blood into magical cure-all to fight disease, cure cancer, save the world.
Elena: Do you know if he ever brought a vampire down here?

[Wes doesn't respond. He takes his notes and walks around the gurney and looks at the bags attached to the IV.]

Elena: I remember coming down here as a kid. [She looks at some test tubes on the table that contain different types of liquids.] There was something about this place that always creeped me out.

[Wes, still silent, preps a new empty big bag to the IV.]

Elena: Wes, I saw Enzo when I woke up. I know he's alive. Where is he?
Dr. Maxfield: [turning around to face her] He's on a little day trip. Apparently he had some unresolved business with your boyfriend.
Elena: [trying to sit up] What did you do? What did you do? What did you do?!

Whitmore College

[Aaron, Stefan, and Damon enter a building.]

Damon: Which one is it?
Aaron: It's right here.

[They approach Wes' classroom and Aaron opens the door and enters, followed by Stefan and Damon. The classroom is empty except for someone sitting in the back, with their feet up against the backrest of the chair on front.]

Enzo: 21051.
Damon: [in disbelief] Enzo?

[Enzo stands up, his eyes still locked on Damon.]

Damon: It's been a while, mate.

[Enzo starts walking towards the front of the room. Damon looks concerned.]

Stefan: Who the hell are you?
Enzo: Lorenzo, but my friends call me Enzo. Ah. Kidding. I don't have any friends.

[Enzo offers his hand to Stefan but he doesn't shake it. Enzo scoffs.]

Damon: [to Stefan and Aaron] Enzo's another Augustine vampire. Our cells were next to each other. [to Enzo] So we're here to meet somebody -- Wes Maxfield. You know him?
Enzo: That's your first question for me? Not "How are you? How'd you survive in that fire I left you to die in?"
Aaron: Uh, does somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on here?
Enzo: I'd love to. Have a seat. Been waiting seventy years to tell my story. [He points them to sit on the classroom chairs while he sits on the teacher's desk.]

Augustine Underground Lab

[Wes stops the dialysis machine. He turns to Elena to remove the IV attached to the machine.]

Elena: Enzo is the Augustine vampire. He killed my roommate Megan, didn't he?
Dr. Maxfield: Conserve your energy. I've drained enough blood to start phase two.
Elena: Let me guess. You're not gonna tell me what phase two is, are you?
Dr. Maxfield: If it works, you'll be the first one to know. [He goes to another table and opens a small box.]
Elena: Why did Megan have a picture of my dad on her cell phone?
Dr. Maxfield: Maybe because her parents helped fund your father's projects.
Elena: They knew about Augustine, too?
Dr. Maxfield: [bringing the box to another table closer to Elena, which is smoking as if it had dry ice in it] Well, no. All they knew was that your dad had an unregulated compound that could cure most injuries.
Elena: Vampire blood.
Dr. Maxfield: [putting some drops of the contents of the box on the dialysis machine] But, as Megan grew up, she got suspicious, enrolled at Whitmore, roomed with Dr. Gilbert's daughter, and she went to a party at Whitmore House and put her nose where it didn't belong.
Elena: She found Enzo in his cell.
Dr. Maxfield: And being clueless to what a starving vampire will do around fresh human blood, I'm guessing she got too close. [His phone rings and he answers it.] Aaron.
Stefan: Where's Elena?
Dr. Maxfield: Who's this?
Stefan: We have Aaron, and we're trying to decide how to kill him.
Dr. Maxfield: Funny. I have Elena, and I'm wondering how she'll function without her cerebral cortex. Touch him, and you'll never see her again.
Stefan: That threat works both ways.

Whitmore College

[Enzo begins telling his story.]

Enzo: Damon and I had been locked in those cells for years, tortured, beaten, humiliated, but we weren't gonna let them break us, no. We decided if were going to escape, we needed to work together. [puts emphasis on the word "together," implying sarcasm to Damon] We needed each other.

[Stefan enters the classroom.]

Stefan: [to Damon] He's not sending her.
Enzo: Tragic. Can I continue my story now, please?
Damon: [ignoring what Enzo said, began talking to Stefan] Doesn't he know we have Aaron?
Stefan: He doesn't care. He's willing to risk it.
Aaron: [to Damon and Stefan] What? Let me to talk to him! He'll listen to me.

[Enzo jumps off the desk.]

Damon: What part of "he doesn't care" are you not registering?

[Enzo got pissed off of being ignored, makes a scene to get attention by ripping a classroom chair from the floor and throwing it out the window.]

Enzo: Where were we? Uh, ah, right. I was telling my story, and you were all politely listening. Huh? [walking back to the front of the room] So I'd given Damon all of my blood ration so he'd have the strength to escape and save me in the process. Our plan began perfectly, didn't it?

[Flashback of Damon and Enzo when they were trying to escape. They let Damon out of the cage.]

Enzo: I was waiting in the cage for him to release me, waiting for my friend, my cellmate, the only soul with whom I'd connected with in all those years of captivity.

[Flashback of the candelabra falling and starting the fire at the New Years Eve party. Enzo looks terrified inside the cage.]

Enzo: Then a fire starts, burns out of control, but Damon just can't get the damn cage open.

[Flashback of Damon and Enzo trying to open the cage, but the bars are laced with vervain and they can't open it.]

Enzo: He looks me in the eye as if he doesn't even recognize me, turns around, saves himself, leaving me to die.
Stefan: Well, you didn't die, obviously.
Enzo: No. Unfortunately I lived. I was spared by one of the scientists so I could spend another fifty years on a table being opened and closed. Now that we've all been acquainted, I'm gonna find something to wet my whistle. [He leaves the classroom.]
Stefan: [to Damon] You didn't tell me about him.
Damon: It was the 1950s. I'm supposed to remember every moment of my life? [changing the subject] Do you want to kill Aaron, or should I?
Stefan: This guy was your cellmate for five years, you left him to die, he comes back, and you're completely unfazed?
Damon: [still talking about Aaron] Fine. I will. [walks towards Aaron.]
Aaron: [standing up scared] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Wes gave me a bunch of files on my family history. They're in my dorm, okay? Maybe there's something in there you need, a name, I mean, another lab.
Damon: That's a timely revelation.
Aaron: Yeah. Well, you know, he's not gonna help me, why should I help him?
Damon: [walking slowly towards Aaron as he walks backwards] I don't like you, I don't like your family, I don't like you messing up my relationship. If you're lying, I'm gonna take my thumbs, and I'm gonna gouge out your sad little eyes out of your sad little head!

[Enzo walks in with two bottles of booze.]

Enzo: Ah. It's frightening what you can find on campus these days.
Stefan: Knock yourself out. We're going with plan B.
Enzo: [pouring himself a drink] Damon's not. Damon's staying right here. He knows all my secrets, so he knows how ornery I can get when I don't get my way.
Damon: [to Stefan] Call me if you find anything, kill him if you don't.
Stefan: [to Aaron] Let's go.

Salvatore Boarding House

[Katherine is pouring a drink.]

Katherine: You didn't just propose spirit possession with a straight face.
Nadia: You said my grandfather was a Traveler, which means your father was a Traveler. Therefore, you are a Traveler. We just need to find one who can teach you how to do the Passenger Spell.
Katherine: Hang on. I'm hardly a Traveler, okay? My father banned us from doing Traveler magic. [She sits on a chair in front of Nadia.] He said it was the devil's work or something dramatic that terrified us, and then I became a vampire and never thought about it again.
Nadia: But it's in your blood, which means you have the ability to keep living inside someone else's body. Gregor was a Traveler. He put his spirit inside Matt so that even after his body died he lived on.
Katherine: Yes! He lived a busboy. Good idea, Nadia. Let's put my essence in some nobody. Thing is, Stefan actually likes this body.
Nadia: [confused] What are you talking about?
Katherine: [smiling] Stefan and I may have rekindled an old flame last night.
Nadia: [understanding] I see. So when you asked me about forgiveness, you were asking about him, not me?
Katherine: Look. Maybe I don't want to die a sad, lonely 538-year-old. If I have to bow out, knowing that Stefan still cares might not be the worst way to go.
Nadia: [slightly upset] No. You had it right the first time. Go kill yourself, see if anyone misses you.

[Nadia leaves the room.]

Doctor Maxfield's Classroom

[Enzo stands by the window and takes a shot of liquor.]

Enzo: What about cricket? That ever become a thing here?
Damon: No.
Enzo: Oh, shame. Fun sport. Not that I can play. Took up drawing for a while. Of course I had no pencil, [getting another drink] so I'd just prick my finger and paint the cell wall with my blood.
Damon: What do you want? You want me to feel guilty? I couldn't save you. Now, where's Elena?

[Enzo starts grunting and choking. He bends over a little and leans on the table.]

Damon: What's wrong with you?
Enzo: Wes injected me with poison that will stop my heart. I'll desiccate if I don't return for the antidote.
Damon: [standing up] All the more reason to tell me where he is. Look. You get the antidote, I'll save my girlfriend, we'll kill Wes together.
Enzo: Did you even think about it after you left, the experiments, the cell, [walking towards Damon] or did you just go out and live your merry life to its fullest?
Damon: Look at me. If you go back, we go back together. We finish this for good. Come on.

[Damon offers his hand for Enzo to shake. Enzo takes it, but pulls Damon closer to him.]

Enzo: You're not gonna see your girl again, Damon, [crushing Damon's hand] because I want the antidote, and Wes told me not to come back until you were dead.

[Enzo pulls Damon from the neck, still holding his hand, and throws him out the window. Outside, Damon landed on a car's hood. Enzo walks towards him.]

Enzo: I imagine you just broke your clavicle. Probably a few lumbar and thoracic vertebrae. It's funny what you learn about your body when it's taken apart like a bloody automobile right before your eyes!
Damon: [having get up from the car, fully recovered] I'm not gonna fight you, Enzo.

[Enzo punches Damon in the face.]

Enzo: What are you gonna do then, run? You're good at that.

[Enzo tries to punch Damon again but Damon grabs his fist and crushes his bones with his hand.]

Damon: I want to find my girlfriend.

[He throws Enzo away from him and he rolls on the grass, then he stands up.]

Enzo: While you were out running wild, I had one single thought, that I'd have the pleasure of killing you.

[Enzo super-speeds towards Damon and grabs him by the neck, but then he stars to desiccate. Damon takes his hand off his neck and tries to hold Enzo, who his desiccating.]

Damon: Enzo, look at me.
Enzo: Bloody poison!
Damon: Where is he? Where's Elena? Tell me where she is!
Enzo: Or what?! You never see her again? It might be good for you to know what it's like to miss someone for the next sixty years. [He collapses still desiccating. Damon holds him.]
Damon: Enzo, look at me. Hey! Enzo! Where is she? Where is she?

[Enzo desiccates on Damon's arms before being able to respond.]

Aaron's Dorm Room

[Aaron and Stefan enter his room.]

Aaron: All the files of my family history are in here.

[He looks under the bed.]

Stefan: Hurry up.

[Aaron pulls a gun from under the bed, but when he stands up to point it at Stefan, he has super-sped behind Aaron. Stefan then super-speeds pushing Aaron against the wall and making him drop the gun. He grabs him by the neck.]

Stefan: Was this all a lie, huh? If you want me to kill you, I will kill you. Do not test me.
Aaron: [struggling to speak] Do it. I'm dead already. Damon's been planning my death since before I was born.
Stefan: What are you talking about?
Aaron: Damon left out the best part of the Augustine story, the part after he escaped.

[After two more seconds of holding him by the neck, Stefan decides to let go of Aaron so he can explain himself. Aaron starts to cough.]

Stefan: Talk.
Aaron: It wasn't enough for Damon to kill the doctors who tortured him. He had to torture their families and their future families. He spent the last sixty years killing every one of my relatives except he's a psychopath. He leaves one alive so that they can continue the family line so that he can destroy future generations of innocent people. So go ahead and do it, kill me because I don't want to give Damon the satisfaction, so do it. [He closes his eyes.] Do it!
Stefan: You know, not all of us are like my brother.

[He starts to walk towards the door to leave, Aaron open his eyes.]

Aaron: Stefan?

[Stefan turns around and walks back in. Aaron pulls files and papers from under his bed.]

Aaron: This is everything Wes gave me on Augustine. I saw Elena's last name on a few pages. Maybe it will help.

[Stefan grabs the files from Aaron's hands and opens the first one and looks inside, then looks at Aaron.]

Augustine Underground Lab

[Elena is still strapped to the gurney, she looks at the stares and has another flashback.]

Augustine Underground Lab (Past)

[Little Elena walks down the stairs to the basement. She hears screaming and rattling through a closed door in the basement. She looks at it and walks towards it slowly. Then a hand touches her on her shoulder and she turns around scared.]

Grayson: Hey. You're not supposed to be down here. Basement's a kid-free zone, remember?
Little Elena: I heard someone screaming.
Grayson: Oh, it's okay. Everything's fine. In fact, today's a good day, Elena.
Little Elena: Why?
Grayson: Daddy's gonna save a little girl's life. She's just about the same age as you. Pretty cool, huh? [She nods smiling.] All right. Get out of here. Doctor's orders.
Little Elena: Okay, dad.

Augustine Underground Lab

Dr. Maxfield: Good news. The sample cells mutated. My compound worked.
Elena: [weak] I don't follow. You kicked me out of bio, remember?
Dr. Maxfield: You've heard of Pavlov? Conditioned his dog to salivate at the sound of a bell. This compound is like that bell except instead of a ding, your body will salivate at the smell of vampire blood.
Elena: Oh, my God. That's what you did to Jesse. You turned him into some rabid vampire who only wanted to feed on other vampires.
Dr. Maxfield: Jesse was a fantastic case study, but he took too long to condition, and considering the size of the vampire population, a single-dose injection is much more efficient.
Elena: Yeah, but he couldn't stop feeding. He tried to kill Damon.
Dr. Maxfield: Exactly. Vampires are now one shot away from craving their own kind, [filling up a syringe]...and you're about to be patient zero.
Elena: What? No. No, you can't do that to me. [swallows hard] You'll turn me into a ripper.
Dr. Maxfield: I know.

[A little later...]

Dr. Maxfield: [into his recorder] Subject 83182 prepped for compound injection. [squeezes the air out of the syringe.]
Elena: No. Please. You can't do this to me.
Dr. Maxfield: You'll be doing the world a favor, Elena. [She struggles to free herself.] I might not be able to kill vampires...
Elena: No! Let me go!
Dr. Maxfield: ...but you will.
Elena: No. [Wes stabs her on her chest with the syringe.] Aah!
Stefan: Elena!

[Elena and Wes look at the door.]

Elena: Stefan! [She notices that Wes hasn't pumped the contents of the syringe into her and she head-butts him before he can do it. He falls on the ground.]

[Stefan super-speeds down the stairs.]

Elena: I'm right here. I'm here.
Stefan: Oh, God. Ohh.
Elena: I'm here.

[Stefan walks slowly towards Elena and sees Wes on the floor, along with the full syringe. He then rips off the braces that hold Elena to the gurney, freeing her.]

Stefan: Come here. [He grabs Elena as she is too weak to even get up.] Oh. You're okay. I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you.
Elena: Get me out of here.
Stefan: Come on. Come on.
Elena: Wait, wait, wait.

[She looks back at the table and grabs her dad's journal. Then, they leave, Stefan still helping Elena walk.]

Mystic Grill

[It's night-time. Nadia is sitting on the patio at a table outside the Grill when Matt comes outside to clean up.]

Matt: Look. We're closing, so...
Nadia: We met on a little patio like this, remember? The twinkling lights, music. That was a fun night.
Matt: Yeah. I'd kind of rather just put us, um, behind us.
Nadia: Fine. Will do, but I need you to hold on to this for me. [She shows him the Traveler's knife by placing it on the table.]
Matt: The Travelers' knife? No way. I just got rid of that thing.
Nadia: It's not about you. I'm leaving Mystic Falls, and I need to know it's safe.
Matt: Why, and why do people want it?
Nadia: I thought I could convince Katherine to live a little longer. I was wrong, but if she changes her mind, she will need this. That's all you need to know.
Matt: [getting closer to her] Well, she won't because Katherine cares about Katherine and only Katherine. If she doesn't want to do something, then she won't.
Nadia: [getting teary] I spent 500 years searching for her. I finally find her only to lose her all over again. I don't know if I should hate her for giving up or be at her side when she dies.
Matt: [sitting at the table with Nadia] Listen. I get the whole crappy parenting thing. My mom kind of sucked. She was selfish, and she drank too much and never really thought about how it would affect me.
Nadia: Then you know what's like to hold on to the hope that maybe just once she'll do what you want.
Matt: [reconsidering, he puts his hand on Nadia's] If she changes her mind, the knife will be with me.

[They both smile.]

Doctor Maxfield's Lab

[Enzo wakes up and sits up and looks around. Damon notices.]

Damon: Oh. Never mind.
Enzo: What did you do now?
Damon: Well, I injected you with a bunch of these that say "antidote" and apparently, one of them worked.
Enzo: [walking towards Damon] If this is some attempt to make amends, it's a bit pathetic, mate.
Damon: I don't care about amends, mate. My girlfriend's safe, so technically, I'm not suffering, and it'd really suck if you desiccated in vain...

[Enzo super-speeds towards Damon, but Damon grabs him by the heart.]

Damon: ...and I'm gonna tell you my side of the story. You asked me if I thought about you after I escaped, and answer is no, and I sure as hell don't feel guilty about leaving you because in order for me to save myself and leave you, I had to shut off my humanity, damn it, so I flipped the switch, and then I felt nothing, no remorse, no regret, no pain.
Enzo: And now what do you feel, remorse, regret, pain? Even if I forgave you, Damon, would that make you less of a horrible person? [Damon grabs harder onto his heart.] Damn it!
Damon: We're even, Enzo. [He lets go of Enzo and pushes him away. He looks at his bloody hand in remorse.]
Enzo: You were the most important person in my life, and you ruined me, but that's just who you are, that's who you'll always be...A monster.

[Enzo leaves while Damon stays there, Enzo's words sinking in.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena sits by the fireplace, reading her dad's journal. Damon walks in. He looks thoughtful.]

Elena: It's weird. Even as a kid, there was something about that basement that creeped me out.
Damon: Sure you want to give yourself nightmares reading that thing? [He sits in front of her and hands her a cup of tea.]
Elena: And I remember my dad talking about this little girl. I think he was talking about my roommate Megan. Look. "January 1999. Saw Megan King today. Megan is seven years old. She suffers from a congenital heart defect with a life expectancy of two months. A single injection of vampire blood appears to be an effective life-saving solution." That's why Megan had a picture of my dad on her phone -- because he saved her life.
Damon: A hundred pages of horrific torture, and you find the one happy passage.
Elena: My dad used his research to save people, Damon, children, families.
Damon: Yeah. And dissected vampires along the way. News flash, Elena. You are a vampire. I mean, do you honestly think that he would sit here and see you as anything more?
Elena: I don't know. He was my dad. I can't not defend him. [Damon stands up.]
Damon: [He starts walking away from her, not facing her.] No. I know you can't because you do it for me all the time.
Elena: I'm not defending you. I'm not defending your decision to kill Aaron's entire family, to go out of town and kill the aunt while we were still together.
Damon: [He turns around to face her.] So why are you still here? I'm bad, Elena, I am bad for you, so why wouldn't you have run away from me as far as humanly possible?
Elena: [standing up and getting close to him] Because I love you, Damon, because I chose you, and because I stand by my choice.

[He thinks for a moment.]

Damon: Well, now I'm choosing, and I'm choosing to let you go.
Elena: What? No, Damon--
Damon: I am choosing to not have to think about how you must feel every time some ghost from my past comes into our life. I'm choosing to relieve you of having to defend me for every awful thing I've ever done.
Elena: Stop acting like I'm perfect. Damon, I've done horrible things, too. You think I'm gonna stand here and judge you after I find out that you've been tortured for five years?
Damon: (Shouting.) Stop defending me! (Composed.) I won't change who I am. I can't...But I refuse to change you.

[Elena looks around, in pain. Damon walks out of the room. Elena tries to shake the pain away, but she starts sobbing and sits on the couch to cry.]

[In Stefan's room, Katherine is looking at herself in the mirror. She sees that she's now getting wrinkles around her eyes and she pulls back the skin around them. Stefan opens the door.]

Stefan: Can I come in, or are you gonna freak out and run away again?
Katherine: I'm getting wrinkles.
Stefan: Heh. Katherine Pierce's chickens come home to roost in the form of wrinkles. It's kind of brilliant.
Katherine: [She turns around to face him.] What's the opposite of funny? Oh, right. Not funny.
Stefan: Hmm. So what are you, uh, doing in my room?
Katherine: I want to talk about last night.
Stefan: Okay.
Katherine: So talk.
Stefan: [He smiles] Well, um, it was a long day, we had a moment, and we got swept up in it.
Katherine: Did you memorize that from a textbook or something?
Stefan: Katherine, what do you expect? You want me just forget everything that you've put me through for the last 147 years?
Katherine: I'm dying, Stefan.
Stefan: I know you are, and I'm sure that you will figure a way out of it.
Katherine: No. I'm in this for real, this time. [She gets close to him and removes her hat, revealing a lot of gray hair mixed in with her brown locks.] Look at me. I'm dying. What does someone have to go through to get a little redemption around here?
Stefan: 147 years is a long time to forgive in one night.
Katherine: [She puts her hand around his neck.] One night...An eternity...You'd never look at me the way you look at Elena, would you?

[Stefan doesn't respond and just looks down. Katherine nods her head, looking hurt.]

Katherine: Good night, Stefan.

[She starts to walk away to leave the room, but Stefan grabs her by her arm. She's still facing the door, he's facing the opposite direction, standing side by side.]

Stefan: Hey. [He slides his hand down until he meets Katherine's hand and interlace their fingers.] I'm sorry that you're dying.
Katherine: [with tears in her eyes] Trust me. I am, too. [She lets go of Stefan's hand and walks away.]

Augustine Underground Lab

[Aaron walks into the basement. He sees Wes on the floor and tries to wake him up.]

Aaron: Wes? Wes?

[Aaron looks around and sees all the equipment in the basement.]

Dr. Maxfield: Aaron?
Aaron: [He pulls Wes from the floor and slams him against a table.] What the hell is this place, huh?
Dr. Maxfield: It's one of Augustine's research labs.
Aaron: Do you really think that you're helping people with this vampire crap? You sold me out! You used my life as a bargaining chip.

[Aaron throws Wes on the floor.]

Dr. Maxfield: Agh. [Aaron sees the syringe on the floor and he grabs it without Wes noticing.] Aaron, I'm sorry.
Aaron: I never want to see you again. Get the hell out of my life.

[Aaron leaves.]

Dr. Maxfield: [still on the floor] Aaron. Aaron!

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena is still in the room with the fireplace. She's looking at her dad's journal. She hugs it. Then she shakes her head and throws it on the fire.]

[Katherine is on the phone coming down the stairs.]

Katherine: So, do we have a deal? You'll find me a traveler that will teach me how to do do the spell?
Nadia: [driving her car, talking on the phone] I guess this means you want to live.
Katherine: I'm a survivor. Staying alive is my specialty.
Nadia: Mm-hmm. Assuming of course it's on your terms. Clearly Stefan inspired some profound thinking.
Katherine: I think Stefan believes that a part of me that can still be redeemed.
Nadia: And what do you think? Is he right?

[Katherine's left arm goes numb and she drops her bag.]

Katherine: Unh! [Her arm now starts to feel more numb and she drops her phone, grabbing left arm with her right.]
Nadia: Hello?
Katherine: Ohh! [She touches her chest as if something is really wrong. She can't talk or breathe well and falls down the stairs.]
Nadia: [on the phone] Katherine? Katherine?


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