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I didn't take the news that she was leaving town too well, which is why I'm on suspension, giving tours and wiping chalkboards.
Finch explains her behavior in This is What It Takes

Finch Tarrayo is a guest character who first appeared in the fifth episode of the third season of Legacies.

Finch is originally introduced as Josie's fellow student at Mystic Falls High School, and the two eventually begin growing closer and romantic feelings develop between them. This is made complex upon Lizzie's discovery that Finch is a werewolf. Finch eventually transfers to the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted but this does not come without new complexities.

Finch is a member of the Tarrayo Family.

Early History

At a young age, Finch's grandfather became ill and was eventually hospitalized. On his deathbed, he confided in her that their family had a secret. While some believed it to be a curse, he promised it would make her strong. With her help, he took the remainder of his pills and overdosed, which led to his death and the activation of her werewolf gene. Following his death, she repressed the memory. Due to her family situation, she emancipated herself at the age of fourteen.

Throughout Legacies Series

In This is What It Takes, Finch talks with Josie over the intercom. Josie initially decides to leave, citing a family emergency, but Finch tells her that she'll be right out. As Josie stops and talks with Ethan, she appears at the door and greets Josie Saltzman at the entrance of Mystic Falls High School. She'll be Josie's tour guide.

As the tour comes to a close, Finch picks at her, claiming that Josie was staring at her the entire time. She admits that she was just listening very intently. Regardless, Finch asks her if she had any questions. Josie doesn't have anything in particular about the tour, but does have a personal question she'd like to ask. Josie asks her why Ethan gave her the stink eye before they started the tour. She explains that she and Maya, his sister, dated for a hot minute. When she found out that she was leaving Mystic Falls, she didn't take the news well. In fact, this is why she's on suspension, giving tours, and wiping chalkboards. Overall, it's a long story. Josie tells her that she can tell her more about it at lunch, that is if she's cool enough to sit at her table. Finch is perceptive, too. It's not going to happen because she heard that she's not going to go to Mystic Falls High. Like her, Josie admits that her sister didn't take her wanting to transfer schools too well, but she took the tour for herself. Josie really wants to go here, and wants to sit at her lunch table. Finch questions if that's a metaphor, or something. Josie asks what she thinks and Finch explains that she'll tell her at lunch, that is if she ever decides to come back. With the conclusion of the tour, Finch leaves her standing in the hall and returns to her duties.

In To Whom It May Concern, Finch decorates Josie's new locker at Mystic Falls High School. Meeting her, she welcomes Josie back for her first day.

As the day progresses, Finch enters Chemistry class and finds Josie. She can't seem to get away from her, not to her dismay. Josie asks if the seat is taken, but she tells Josie that it belongs to her lab partner, which the position is open and she's taking applications. She wonders if Josie is a strong candidate. Likewise, Josie inquires about what benefits she offers. The bell rings and Josie's having a great day so far. Everyone has been nice and she's been warmly welcomed. Pulling a note from her back, Josie's attitude changes. Finch is nosey and wants to know what it is. Josie explains it's a note from her sister, telling her not to worry about her. Josie believes she's been a bad sister because she hasn't thought about her all day. Josie apologizes to her and abruptly leaves her sitting alone.

Later in the day, Josie finds her sitting outside. She apologizes for acting so weird today. Finch, however, accepts that it's partly her fault. She came on too strong with the locker welcome and the flirting, and she can be a lot. Josie disagrees. She was great and she's honestly had one of the best days she's had in a really long time. That is what freaked her out, because she felt like she didn't deserve to have so much fun. Josie believes this probably makes zero sense to her. Finch tells her about her family and how they were pretty screwed up. When she turned fourteen, she emancipated herself and has been on her own for a couple years now. She explains that the hardest part was feeling guilty that she was the one who got out and believing she deserved to be happy. She believes Josie will get there, too. She tells her all she has to do is just take it one step at a time.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, Finch finishes her shift at Mystic Grill. She finds Josie standing beside her moped. Josie immediately apologies for missing their lunch study date. She ignores Josie's apology, and opts to ask if they've even met. She is rightfully mad and tells her that if she wasn't interested, she should have just told her upfront. Josie is interested, but she's also scared and got mixed up with weed. Finch asks her why she's here, now. Josie wants to get to know her better, but doesn't know how. She has baggage and doesn't want to mess what it is they have up. Even if it was a study date, standing her up was a weird way to show her feelings. Josie doesn't believe it was just a study date though, and asks if they can go on a real day, if Finch can give her another chance. They stand close, but she pulls back and tells Josie that she works doubles on weekends. Josie takes the cue to leave, but Finch tells her that they can find a time as she takes her home. She gives Josie a helmet and they get on her moped.

In Long Time, No See, Finch joins Josie at her locker. She mentions that some people go mini-golfing on their first official date. She hopes that Josie is not that person. Josie is lost in her own thoughts, but she snaps her out of it. Mockingly, she tells Finch that she was thinking about how her disdain for her favorite sport makes them incompatible. She jokes back, agreeing, that the only thing they can agree one is that they want to go on a date. She suggests a 'ditch-date'. She knows that it goes against her color-coordinated headband and all, she encourages Josie to take a walk on the wide side. Josie warns her that she can be pretty wild. Finch complements her, calling her cute. However, their conversation, and would-be date, is cut short with Hope's sudden appearance. She wants to cash in Josie's earlier offer to help.

In All's Well That Ends Well, as she's walking to class she notices Josie fumble with her books and goes to help her pick them up. Josie thanks her and explains that the drama from her old school is over. She's focusing on the now and keeping herself open. Happy to hear, she invites Josie to meet her for lunch. Josie tells her that she'll be there and they part ways.

At lunch, Josie meets her and her friends. Josie confesses before all of them that she likes her and into her. She's happy but her attitude immediately changes after Josie asks to hang out together that night. She can't, as she has plans. Josie attempts to reschedule for the next night, but that, too, is a bad time for her. Disheartened at rejecting Josie, she abruptly leaves.

That night, as the moon rises, she breaks into Mystic Falls High School and heads into the basement with chains, groaning in pain. Someone is there with her, she can smell it. She turns around and grabs an invisible force by the throat. Lizzie releases the cloaking spell and appears before her, apologizing for not knowing she was a werewolf. She wants to know who she is, but all Lizzie can tell her is that it's complicated. With time running out, she offers to help her chain her up as she turns, but it's already too late. Finch tells her to run as she completes the shift. Now in wolf form, she stalks Lizzie throughout the school until MG arrives. Natural instinct compels her to hunt him instead. Hunting down MG, Ethan approaches her from behind and hits her in the back of the head with a pipe, knocking her unconscious. MG and Ethan bring her back to the barn of the house Ethan's staying at to recover.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, it's the morning after the full moon and she recovers and shifts back into her human form. MG and Lizzie discuss what to do as she's killed someone to activate her curse. Finch wakes to this news and immediately declares that she's not killed anyone, that's what she chains herself up every full moon. Unaware of what it means to be a werewolf, Lizzie explains that being one is genetic, meaning it was passed to her from a family member and the second, is that to activate it, she had to kill someone. She doesn't understand how she knows such information and questions how she became invisible the previous night. Siphoning from MG, Lizzie demonstrates a spell, telling her that she's a witch as well as Josie's sister. She's adamant that she's not a killer and Lizzie wants her to prove it.

To find out the truth, MG explains that he can do a head dive. He and Lizzie can be present inside of her memories as events unfold, like invisible witnesses. Finch allows the two to do just that. Unaware that she suppressed the memory of helping her Grandpa Tarrayo commit suicide by overdosing on his pills, she learns that she killed the only person that cared about her. Horrified at the memory and angry at Lizzie, she runs from the barn for solitude.

A while later, Lizzie approaches her while she sits on the swing. Lizzie tells her that everything's going to be okay and it must have been painful and probably why she blocked the memory. The only consolation is that they now know she didn't kill anyone on purpose. Regardless of Lizzie's comfort, they proved that she's a killer, something that she tells Lizzie she'll have to live with for the rest of her life. Lizzie offers a solution. She knows a spell that can put memory blocks in place; it can make her forget what happened with her grandpa and even all of today, if she wanted. She refuses her offer. She explains that she has to remember what her grandpa said. She can't trust anyone and needs to look out for herself, which is too bad because she really liked Josie. With her mind made up, she leaves Lizzie.

In I Was Made To Love You, it's a new day at Mystic Falls High School and her moped alarm is going off. She rushes outside to see what happened to it and finds Josie. She questions if she used her magical powers to set off her alarm. She didn't; she just shook it a lot. Josie admits that they need to talk and didn't think that chem lab was the appropriate place. Willing to listen, she tells Josie to talk. Josie apologizes for what happened with Lizzie, but in her defense, she was only looking out for her because she knew how much she likes her and still does. She regrets not saying it. She explains that her father built the school for people like them, and if she's willing, can give it a shot to help her. She's not convinced, considering it's the same school she left, though Josie tells her that she thinks that she can find the courage to come back if she comes with her. Finch asks if they're done talking. Josie mistakes it for forever and turns to leave, but she reaches out and grabs Josie's hand and turns her around, embracing her in a kiss. The lights overhead burst in sparks and shut off as Josie loses control of her magic. Finch questions if that's normal when she kisses a girl, but she admits that never happened before. She takes that as a compliment and they embrace in another kiss.

In One Day You Will Understand, Finch joins Josie at the Salvatore School for breakfast, though she's overwhelmed. There's a lot going on. Josie is right at home, but she's not. She's still not sure this place is the right fit for them. More specifically, it was built for her and her sister. Despite being a werewolf, she feels out of place. Josie offers to give her a tour, considering she once gave her a tour. She promises Josie to keep an open mind.

The tour eventually brings them to the gym where Jed and the other wolves are hanging out. Alaric needs Josie's assistance and she reluctantly leaves her in Jed's good-ish care.

Later, Finch is sparring with Jed, the alpha. He throws her to the ground, but she knocks his legs out from under him and holds him in a choke hold. He relents and she releases him. He congratulates her and the wolves leave her with Josie. Josie's surprised that she's made a few friends. Josie realizes that she's actually a spoiled princess and that this school and it's experience may not be for everyone and apologizes for pressuring her. However, Finch wants to attend the school, but on one condition. She wants to clarify their relationship, since earlier Josie didn't know who to introduce them to others. She officially wants to be girlfriends. Josie accepts.

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, she sits with Josie as Mr. Springthorpe announces the roles for the their play, Romeo and Juliet. Hope enters but is dealing with anger issues following her and Landon's breakup and witnesses her releasing her anger in a burst of magical energy.

In Fate's A Bitch, Isn't It?, Finch greets Lizzie and Josie, who's just returned to the school. She's been worried since Josie never showed up for Magical Agronomy. Josie's had a day and is visibly upset, but doesn't want to discuss it. Instead, she asks Finch for her help. She agrees and follows Josie inside, who explains that Lizzie is taking Ethan on a tour of the school. Their job is to hide anything magical before he sees something he shouldn't. She doesn't understand the importance of what's going on, and suggests that if he does see something they could just have a vampire wipe his mind. Josie tells her that they have before and she feels guilty enough, but doesn't elaborate further. She, however, wants to know more about what she's done to Ethan. Josie asks her again to help her without an explanation, but Lizzie and Ethan are near so she casts a cloaking spell over them to hide. Finch, however, doesn't care for the secrets and leaves Josie behind.

Later, after Ethan leaves, Josie finds her reading by the fire. Josie tells her that she's been looking everywhere for her and believes her to be mad. She explains that she figured she'd make herself scarce to avoid another close encounter of the non-supernatural kind. She also tells her that she's not mad at her and that she can't get rid of her that easily. However, as a werewolf whose family never told her she was one, she makes it clear to Josie to not make it a habit of keeping secrets. She asks for the truth about what happened with Ethan. Josie explains that last year, she did black magic during a football game, and she completely ruined Ethan's football career. This year, MG had to compel Ethan to forget the supernatural world, and it cost him their friendship. Collectively, she believes they've Ethan in so many ways he doesn't even know and doesn't want to see him hurt again. Not by her or her sister. She admits that Lizzie is a lot, however, it was her meddling in their relationship that ended with her being here at the school with her. Finch suggests why don't they both look on the bright side instead of always dwelling on the past and assuming the worst. Just maybe, things will be different this time.

In You Have to Pick One This Time, Finch finds Josie in the library, collecting a book on the Mystical Anatomy of the Human Mind. Josie explains it's for a group project, but doesn't elaborate further. She wonders if this is her thing, because it happens a lot. Josie tells her it won't be forever but there's a lot going on and promises to make it up to her. She wants Josie to start with their bowling date tonight, but Lizzie barges in questioning if Josie has canceled her date. Lizzie is unaware of her, making her appearance awkward. Josie reminds her that their date isn't canceled, just rescheduled. Finch accepts and the two leave for their project.

Later, Finch brings Josie some tea and walks in on Lizzie's comment about her and Josie not being serious. Josie's excited to see her and questions what she's doing. She explains that since she couldn't come to the date, she'd bring the date to her. They could also do a compatibility quiz so all three of them could get better familiar with one another.

Lizzie asks a few questions and she and Josie are in sync with one another. They're compatible, and Lizzie gives them a look, reminding them that they've only known each other for three weeks. Lizzie moves on with another question, making one up this time. She asks if she's ever been in a relationship that ended in heartbreak. Despite Josie's disapproval, she answers. She tells Josie that she has and that people constantly grow and change and that is something you can't control. You just have to hope that you're growing in the same direction. Josie agrees with her answer and decides to ask some questions from the magazine. She wonders where they see themselves on their 25th birthday, however, the mood grows dark and awkward. She wonders if she's done something wrong, but Lizzie notices that Malivore has awakened from the head dive. Their plan is ruined as he's taken notice of MG and Hope on their secret mission.

Despite Lizzie's attempts, she can't release them from the head dive. Finch offers to help in any way she can, but Lizzie informs her that she can't help, this is strictly witch territory. Josie, searching several grimoires, has located a spell to sever any mental connection. However, it's a chain spell, meaning they need to siphon from a person and not the school. Looking over to MG and Hope, Finch offers to let them siphon from her. As much as they need to.

As Lizzie prepares the spell, Josie wonders if she is sure she wants to go through with this. Siphoning can be painful. She reassures Josie that she does and, since she's dating a Gemini witch, it was bound to happen. Josie is taken aback, as she hasn't told her that, but Finch comes clean. She's been researching her and asking around. She would have asked her, but she was always running around on super secret missions. She explains she's found a book on her coven, but there were pages missing. Before they can continue the conversation, Lizzie interrupts them, indicating that the spell is ready. They begin siphoning from her and cast the spell. Eventually, Kaleb, Alaric, MG and Hope are released from Malivore's hold on their minds.

Later that night, Finch rests, curled up in the library. She's still woozy from the siphoning effects and Josie approaches her with apology soup. She doesn't need an apology, just that she wants to know why. She feels like everytime she learns something about her, she pushes her away. Josie explains that is how it is and she'd like to change it, but it's hard. She poses a question to Josie: would she rather have a relationship that's fun, easy and stays the same, or one that's honest, hard, and grows. Josie wants both, but she tells her to pick one. Josie doesn't want to scare her off since there are certain obstacles with being a Gemini witch. Obstacles that make people you love leave. She tells Josie that she doesn't scare easily; her resolve, strong. Josie comes clean and begins to tell her about the missing pages, something called the Merge.

In There's No I In Team, or Whatever, while the others prepare the transfusion spell, Finch brings Josie an entire bucket of salt. Josie asks her to come to Italy with her. They could visit her mom in Europe over the break, if she wanted, but Finch doesn't give her an answer, opting to grab other supplies instead.

Going forward with the ritual, she offers to let Josie siphon from her again. Nearing the end of the ritual, she grabs Josie's hand, letting her siphon more to complete the spell. Ryan wakes, though he's still himself and so is Malivore, but he reveals something has happened. Malivore whips the transfusion braid, knocking over the black candle and Ryan begins to lose control of his faculties. As he runs away, he throws Jed into the adjacent wall, knocking him unconscious.

Later that night, Finch meets Josie at the Square. Things got intense and Finch took an extra shift. She's still coming to terms with the Merge and lets it slip that there is nothing peaceful about counting the days until she loses someone she loves. She doesn't know if she can do this with Josie. Finch tells her she's sorry and leaves Josie sitting on the bench alone.

In We All Knew This Day Was Coming, Finch meets with Jed as they're about to head out grid searching the woods. Jed explains that they'll have to split the pack and she can lead half to the the Falls. Jed runs off as Josie approaches. Josie attempts a peace offering, but she declines. Finch is still not in the mood for stories, as she's still coming to terms with the Merge, whereas Josie has had a year. Josie tells her to take her time and whatever she needs. Finch needs to know if she's actually going to try and win. She realizes how terrible it sounds, but she can't still if she's already decided she's not fighting. MG interrupts them; he and Josie have squad business to handle.

Later that night at the Old Mill, Finch and Josie reunite. Josie admits that she won't say she would try to win because that would mean murdering her sister. Finch already knew that though. Josie realized she needed an excuse to run, she spent her life running and it's easier if it's the other persons' fault. Finch tells her that it's never easier but doesn't know of an alternative. Josie explains that she should stay anyway. Hope is doing the unthinkable but she is surrounded by people willing to walk through it together. Some day, the unthinkable may happen to her. She doesn't know what she'll choose in that moment but she needs someone that will love her no matter what she chooses because she wants to be surrounded by people to look death in the face with her. She wants someone to love her enough to stay and fight, even if it's a lost cause because she's worth it. Josie walks off leaving her to consider her words.

In See You On The Other Side, Finch comes to Josie's aid at her request. She knows she owes Josie a conversation, but that's not why Josie has called her here. Jed enters with the banshee candle and Wade has a bucket of salt, too. Josie needs all of them to be her last line of defense. She asks Jed and Wade to clear out the school and not to let anyone come in or out of her room. No matter what. They accept and clear out. Finch questions her motives, and Josie explains that she's going to use black magic; an extremely advanced summoning spell from The Necromancer's Grimoire. She's going to try and pull Landon and Cleo out of Malivore. Finch doesn't think she belongs there, considering it's witch stuff, but Josie needs her support. Josie goes on to explain that Cleo spelled the candle with a muting spell. If something goes wrong, Finch needs to light the spell to stop her from being able to speak. Finch agrees and stays.

Finch watches over Josie sitting in a salt circle casting the spell. She's nervous and paces the room. Eventually, Josie begins to lose control of the spell, her nose bleeding black and the wind picking up. Finch doesn't have time to get Jed and Wade and opts to light the candle, but dives under the bed to block the wind. When she crawls out, "Dark" Josie is lying on the bed and she snuffs out the candle with her fingers.

Josie questions Finch's look. She did warn her that her situation was complicated. Finch brushes her off and believes it to be ridiculous. She doesn't know why the others call her "Dark" Josie. Finch tells her that she's into Josie just the way she is. First off, she hasn't done anything scary yet, and this is her. Finch doesn't buy it. She's not the only one with a dark side, but Josie takes offense that she's trying to compare her black magic dark side to her werewolf dark side. Finch ignores her, and admits she used to try and hide her other side, but Josie taught her that there's a place for all of her. Finch tries to reason with her. She can't be Josie is one side of her is trying to overtake the other. She doesn't need to fight it. If Josie can't love her other side, then she'll love it for her. Finch embraces her in a kiss and Josie comes back to her senses, pulling her out of the darkness.

Josie decides to try the spell again with items brought by Jed and Wade representing Cleo and Landon. Josie doesn't believe she has the power to do so without going to the darkside. Finch suggests that she can siphon from them. Wade and Jed agree and they all step inside the circle. Josie begins to siphon and casts the spell again. Finch believes in her.

Josie completes the spell and with Jed, Wade and Finch surprised around her. She questions if it worked and Wade motions to her side. Cleo has been pulled from Malivore. They're all happy to see her and Josie is surprised she did it. They all embrace in a hug until Wade asks about Landon. Cleo gives them all a disappointed look.

Later that night, Finch stays in Josie's room, asking if she should stay and help clean up, but Josie believes that to be a problem for tomorrow. She asks if she wants her to just stay, period. Josie asks her about her feelings towards the Merge and she admits that it scares her. Josie confesses they should talk about it, but at a later point in time. Siphoning from her, Josie telekinetically closes and locks the door. Removing her shirt and leading her to her bed, they take their relationship to the next level. Finch's eyes glow as she kisses Josie and Josie causes the salt to explode in tiny fireworks.

In I Thought You'd Be Happier To See Me, Finch wakes up next to Josie, though the latter initially feared she had left because she was hidden under the covers. Finch quips that she had given her a whole speech about how she deserved better. Josie asks her what she wants to do for the day. Since Cleo is back because of her, she believes they should celebrate. Lizzie screams for Josie, gaining both of their attention.

Learning about Alaric, Finch barges into his room and tells him that Lizzie needs him. MG vamps away, leaving her alone with Ethan.

While Lizzie and Josie are at the hospital, Finch stays back at the school. Ethan also stays behind and lifts weights, though he still doesn't know how to control his powers. The weights he's lifting nearly fall on him, but Finch grabs the bars, saving him. He's having the weirdest first day, but thanks her. He questions why she isn't at the hospital. Finch explains that the first thing about being in a relationship with a Saltzman, is that she's not a Saltzman and she hates hospitals. Finch tells him to take it easy, but he wants to know how she manages being with a Saltzman, theoretically. He knows he gave her a hard time for being with his sister, but circumstances have changed. He probably would have seen things differently, knowing what he now knows. She questions if he's talking about Lizzie, though only advises he needs some help. Ethan, on the other hand, doesn't even know if she has feelings for him. All he wants to do is to do something for her. They have the same problem and reconcile to work with him.

That night as Lizzie and Josie leave the hospital, she and Ethan has organized the school to hold a candlelight vigil, supporting them and Alaric. Finch embraces Josie in a hug and kiss as Jed plays his guitar. Kaleb and Cleo arrive in time for Wade to light them a candle. Lizzie embraces Ethan in a hug, then MG before bringing them all together. Kaleb confronts Lizzie and appears to reconcile their differences.

In You're A Long Way From Home, in the library, Cleo combs through a dendrology text, researching trees. Finch is there, too, watching maps spelled to track Hope. Finch doesn't really know why she's there when it's obvious that Hope doesn't want to be found. Cleo explains that they all have people who they will go to extraordinary lengths for. Flipping through her text and landing on a page of Red Oak leaves, Finch says she's seen that tree before. In fact, it's in the garden next to the cherry blossoms. Their bright red leaves are hard to miss. Cleo thanks her, but Finch quips that she can repay her with a spell for nausea. She believes that Hope is just going around in a big circle. Rearranging the maps, they make a smiley face. To their dismay, they haven't been tracking Hope.

Getting off the phone with Freya, Josie explains to Finch that Hope made it very clear that she didn't want to have any contact with her family. Josie elects to think like her dad in this situation. Finch tries to calm Josie, but she snaps at her. The last time she relaxed, Alaric was in a coma. Josie apologizes for biting her head off, Finch brushes her off, electing to get out of her way.

Finch reunites with Josie who's struggling with being alone. She attempts to apologize for what she said earlier, but she gets it. She thought Josie was going to join Lizzie in the box, but Lizzie didn't want her to. Finch believes that Lizzie was right, some problems other people can't fix. Josie is still concerned and admits to her that there was a moment where she thought Lizzie went through with the spell and Alaric was back and she wouldn't have to figure this out alone. However, Lizzie's gone now too and she doesn't know what to do. When Lizzie is around, Finch believes there's no room for her to be messed up. She takes Josie into her arms and cuddles her. She tells her that she's not the Therapy Box, but she can hold her and she can be whatever she needs her to be. The world won't fall apart if Josie breaks down. Finch holds her tight as Josie begins to cry.

In Someplace Far Away From All This Violence, at the Salvatore School, Ethan, MG, and Finch sit together in the upstairs lounge. Things remain weird with Hope gone, Alaric in a coma, and Lizzie in the therapy box, though most students don't even notice the latter. Ethan wants to train after class and MG wonders how Josie is dealing with things. Finch believes that she's in full spiral mode since she wasn't there with her in the morning and bailed on breakfast, too. To their surprise, Josie approaches them. Josie's been up all night going through Alaric's old journals, learning that Caroline once turned her humanity off too. She believes within his journals there are clues that can help them get Hope's humanity back on. Specifically with Caroline, her mom had written her a letter before she had died. Caroline never got to read it, but Stefan showed her a memory of what she missed when she burned the letter and the emotion from that was enough to turn her humanity back on. Ethan questions if they need to write Hope a letter and burn it, but that's not the point Josie is making. They need to get to Hope emotionally and remind her of her family, friends, and her home. They need to find the right idea that's powerful enough to break through to her emotions. Finch reminds them that whatever it is, it needs to be good and fast. Each time they confront her in the simulation, they end up dead. They will only have one chance and it has to be the perfect idea. MG knows Josie's next though; they need some inspiration from Cleo.

She gathers with MG, Josie, Ethan, and Cleo. The key to bringing back Hope's humanity lies within their past and Cleo tasks them with focusing on their fondest memories they've shared. She and Ethan share worried looks with one another. Regardless, they're each inspired with potential ideas on how to reach Hope's humanity. Josie's idea will need a lot of preparation whereas Cleo's will require some digging, though she's uncertain it will work. Since she and Ethan are rather new to their collective friendship and don't have many memories of Hope and they come up short. MG wants them to leave it to those who know Hope best. Before they can continue, a magical alarm sounds stemming from Alaric's weapon cabinet which Josie spelled after Cleo first tried to kill Hope. MG assembles the squad and vamps off with Josie and Cleo, leaving her and Ethan behind.

LAter, Finch finds Josie in the garden collecting certain herbs for her idea. Josie knows it's not going well. Finch explains it's going more like a roast than a game show and missing on the not-remotely-fun they're all having. However, her turn is quickly approaching. Josie isn't prepared yet, wanting to go last. Finch however reinforces that it's almost her turn and things aren't going well for them. Speaking of her idea, it clearly involves black magic as being with her, she's learned of the scary herbs hidden in the back of the garden. Josie believes that bringing out her dark side might help turn Hope's humanity back on. Finch believes that to be a bad idea, but Josie reminds her that she's the one to help her see that she can control her darker impulses, at least for a little bit. If MG's plan is going as bad as she's making it out to be, this may be their only remaining option. Finch has another idea, though. While the others have been preparing their ideas, she and Ethan have been researching the humanity switch. It's easier to reach a vampire's emotions if they're weakened physically first, meaning they can drain her of her blood. That, however, is not an option. The slightest act of violence can break the covenant spell and if they do that, Hope can go full medieval on them. Josie's plan has to work. Finch is still concerned that it won't work and they can't just let her walk out of there, knowing what she's capable of. Josie employs her to trust her, all she needs is a bit more time.

She, Ethan, and MG stand off stage as Cleo's idea falls flate and another star burns away. Hope is bored now and looks over at the three of them. Hope assumes that Ethan is going to use some hokey sports metaphor, finding identity in a team. She passes and a star goes up in flames. She subs Finch in Josie's spot. Josie taught her not to be a lone wolf, which is a cover for her codependency and another star is engulfed in fire. Lastly, for MG, if his game were to be televised, it would be canceled and rate it zero stars with the final star going up in flames. With the game over, Hope demands for her weapons.

Finch approaches Hope in the gym while she's almost finished packing. Hope tells her that she's too late for speeches, but Finch isn't here for that. Finch doesn't know her all that well and believes to be seeing things a bit more clear than the others and holds up a scalpel blade. Hope mocks her attempt, but Finch is planning to do something that Josie wouldn't. Hope thinks she's clever, acting as a distraction, but she can easily hear her partner sneaking up behind her. She turns around and grabs Ethan by the throat, lifting him up off the ground. He turns visible again and drops his syringe, gasping for air. She throws him to the ground and faces Finch again. She attempts to attack Hope, Hope she quickly knocks her unconscious to the floor. Dark Josie enters the gym, answering for the pair. Hope should pick on someone her own size. She demands for Ethan to do his blinky thing and take her girlfriend out of there.

Cleo watches over Finch, but awakens to her speak to someone. She asks who she was talking to, but Cleo dismisses her question, telling her to lie down. She is lucky to have survived her encounter with Hope. Finch questions about Josie, who's been trapped within the therapy box.

In You Will Remember Me, Finch watches over Josie, who remains on her bed, trapped in the therapy box. She questions MG and Cleo whether or not they can just pull her out. MG explains that Professor Vardemus advises against that and it's risky and she should finish it out on her own. Finch is more concern with Hope tampering with the therapy box and that she could be enduring torture or repeatedly dying. Lizzie bursts into the room, claiming she's fine. At first, it's probably a bit scary, but if her experience is anything like her own, it will be revelatory. Ultimately, as the others depart, Finch remains by Josie's bedside in case she wakes up.

Later that night, Josie eventually frees herself from the therapy box and awakens. Finch is beside her, holding her hand. She brings Josie to her forhead and embraces her in a hug, telling her to never leave her like that again. Josie, however, is overcome with tears.

In I Can't Be the One to Stop You, Finch knocks on Josie's door. Letting her in, Finch notices the weird face she's making, but Josie brushes it off. She's here to tell her about the new monster emergency down stairs. They need a healing potion and she offers to help.

Finch and Josie are in the garden gathering herbs for the healing potion. Finch apologizes for slowing her down since she has a thing to do later tonight, but Josie brushes it off. Lacking in passive-aggressive conversations, she asks Josie to talk to her. She wants to tell Finch, but wants to do it later. While searching in her grimoire, her bus tickets fall out to Finch's shock. Josie attempts to tell her that it's not what it looked like.

Finch confronts Josie about her bus tickets. Josie wants to tell her, but Finch interrupts her, questioning if that was right after the bus leaves. She attempts to explain. And asks if she remembers what she said after their Merge talk. While Josie meant every word of that, she explains the therapy box helped her to realize that she can't stay. Josie also pulls out a second ticket, asking if she'll come with her.

Josie explains to Finch why she needs to leave, not the least of which is about Hope. Josie still believes that there's still good in her and she can't reach it while at the school. She needs to go someplace where she doesn't feel the pressure of having to save everyone's life all the time. That's not the hard part of Josie's explanation though. She tells Finch that she deserves to be happy and asks her to look at everything that she's gained while at the school. She's flourishing. Josie thinks she's being selfish asking her to leave it all behind, but Finch admits that she wouldn't have any of it if not for her. Josie is the person she wants to be with and she can't say no. MG interrupts them, needing something that can knock someone out.

Brutus and the other Salvatore werewolves come to comfort Jed. He's recovering with Josie and Finch. Josie gives him a healing potion. Brutus is worried about the pack, telling her they need an Alpha to lead them. Finch doesn't say anything, but notices all their worried looks.

Finch sits with Josie at the bus stop. Josie is antsy and something feels off. Finch thinks it's just anxiety about leaving, but doesn't know. She thought Lizzie would have been back in time for her to say goodbye. Finch doesn't believe in therapy, but thinks what it told her was right. Josie believes Hope can still be reached and that she's capable of doing that. If she stays, there's always going to be another monster or emergency, another reason to stay. Josie already knows where this is going and this is the part where she tells her that she's not coming. Finch hands her back her bus ticket. She wants to come with her and Josie knows that, but the pack needs help and she's it. This is a new feeling for her, being needed somewhere. Josie explains that the therapy box told her she needed to do this alone, and the first thing she did was buy a second ticket. Old habits take time. Finch believes in her and that she's got this. Josie is so happy that she's found a home and when she returns, they can see where they are. They embrace in a final kiss and hug as the bus approaches.

In Follow the Sound of My Voice, Finch sits in the libray as Cleo meets up with her. Cleo explains that MG is gathering the missing members of their squad, Emma has sent them a new headmistress, who will arrive today, and she has inspired Mr. Springthorpe to give a speech coming clean about the monster problem. Finch, lacking some of the details of yesterday's events, needs clarification. Cleo elaborates that the impromptu field trip that she had her lead led was because a pukwudgie. Cleo also tells her that the creature has been pacified and is now being kept out in the stables. She also explains that she was able to neutralize the curse that made Kaleb and Ethan attack Ben. Confused, Cleo questions herself whether or not she told her and apologizes.

Mr. Springthorpe's voice over the P.A. system interupts their converstation. His announcement concludes with his belief that if they stay, they will all die because of the the monsters. Students begin panicking in hushed tones and she and Cleo resolve to figure out Mr. Sprinthorpe's candor.

While investigating Mr. Springthorpe's tea, Cleo finds blue calamus. Though Cleo believes it to be a prank, she looks to her for what they should do next. Cleo is, afterall, a muse. Truthfully, Cleo would rather for everyone to forget. It's exhausting having everybody constantly expect her to solve their problems. Likewise, Finch tells her that the squad is too clique-y and if they didn't keep so many secrets from the rest of them, they wouldn't have to do it alone. Given their candor to one another, they learn that they too have been exposed to blue calamus, believing it must be in the water. Jed bursts into the office, telling them they have a problem. Everyone's going crazy and even though he's supposed to be the alpha, he's terrified that if he tries to stop it, no one will listen, and that'll really undermine his authority.

With tensions elevated, the witches and the vampires nearly culminate into a faction fight. Cleo and Finch try to break it up, but a woman appears and slams the front doors. With a commanding presence, she disperses the crowd, demanding they all return to class. She is Miss "Eve Bloom," their new headmistress.

Despite their outburst from eariler, Finch finds Cleo in the Art Room, telling her they have a new problem. Cleo wants nothing to do with it, opting for her to take the problem to the new headmistress, but Finch explains that she's the problem. She's just come from her one-on-one meeting, thinking it was going to be about the blue calamus prank, but all she wanted to know about was the red oak tree. She thought she should tell an actual squad member.

Sometime later, Finch finds Jed hiding in the library. She followed his body spray. She explains that she went to the gym to work out and ran into Ben who told her what happened between them. She didn't want to believe it, but here is the proof. She doesn't understand Jed's actions. Ben goes through life never feeling like he belongs anywhere, and he wanted to leave, but he was the one who convinced him to stay. Now, he's just going to ditch him. Jed doesn't deny his actions. Finch wants to know why he's avoiding Ben, believing it's because he's a monster magnet, but Jed tells her that's not it. She continues to push, but tells her he doesn't know. Finch believes him to be lying, but they're still under the effects of the blue calamus. Everything is all jumbled and he feels pressure that he's going to say the wrong thing. Before they can continue, Cleo stumbles in, asking for help and collapses.

With Ben in danger, she and Jed go searhing and find Ben's corpse in the cemetery. Aurora has driven a knife into his chest with a note–"Got what I needed. - A P.S. I quit."

Later that night, Finch finds Jed playing pool with the blue calamus having worn off. They test it. Jed claims to be really good at pool while she claims to want to become alpha. It's official, they can lie again. She apologizes to him for sticking her nose into his business from earlier. She's having to adjust without Josie, and she's always been the one to keep her in the loop. Jed admits that she was right. He shouldn't have left Ben alone and when they thought he was in danger, things began to make sense. Admitting to himself and to Finch, he tells her that he thinks he likes Ben. Finch does too, though quickly realizes the context of his statement. Everything is messy and confusing and he doesn't know who to talk to about it. Finch offers to listen. They can talk as long as he wants to.

In By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be, Finch and Jed approach Ben who is helping guide the other wolves as they collect the phosphorus and sulfur to spread out. He instructs them to make sure they don't touch. While Finch was open to talk about what's going on, Jed wants to take the duffel bags from him and continue without him. Ben refuses to release the bag, believing they still need his help. Jed attempts to pull the bag from his hand, believing they can handle his little chemistry project on their own. Finch intervenes, reminding the two to not play tug-of-war with explosives. Jed has every right to be angry with him, but what they're facing is bigger than the two of them. Finch attempts to leave and let them have their moment, but Jed tells her to say since it involves all the wolves. Not only did Ben betray the school, he attempted to have his father remove his curse and that being a wolf is something he needs to change about himself. Jed doesn't want Ben anywhere around his pack. Jed walks off and Ben turns the opposite direction, leaving Finch standing there, alone.

Jed and the other wolves continue to spread out the chemicals in the meadow. Two wolves accidentally mix the two chemicals and the ground is immediately engulfed in flames. Jed runs over, yelling for someone to grab water, but Finch gets there first with a bucket of another liquid. She explains that water would just make the chain reaction bigger and that you have to make a chemical solution to stop it. She asked the expert, the same one he didn't allow to come help. Ben gave her the whole plan. Jed doesn't want to use it because he's only doing it because he feels guilty. Jed doesn't accept it and doesn't want to pretend to forgive him. Finch tells him that he's not doing it just for him. This is bigger than the two of them and he's letting his personal feelings put them all at risk. She asked Alaric why he trusted Ben and he explained how Ben offered to sacrifice his life to protect the school. At the very least, she thinks he could sacrifice his pride. Jed takes her words to heart and asks what they should do next.

After their preparations are complete, they celebrate with a pre-victory party. Alaric's figured they could use a little pick-me-up and spend some time making memories with the people they love. Hope stands before her and the others and prepares a speech. Though this is hard for her, she just wanted to take a moment to say how much they all mean to her. She's a better person because of their friendship, love, and their belief in her. It's been the honor of her life to fight by their side. Hope wants everyone to raise a glass, to make a toast to the families that they've made.To the people that their families help them become. She's sure they're going to win.

In This Can Only End in Blood, in the surrounding woods, Finch follows Jed, pointing out that the battlefield is in the opposite direction. Jed knows, but that's not the direction Ben is in, and he asks if she knows where he is. Finch reminds him that Ben is an ancient warrior who can't die and that he should be more worried about those of them who can. Jed knows she's right. His first thought in a situation like this has always been the pack–it should be the pack. However, when Ken comes for him, he doesn't know what he's going to do. Finch knows; he needs to stick to the plan. He can't leave the pack without a leader. The pack won't have a leader because they'll have her if things go sideways. Finch tells him she will, that is, until he returns.

As the battle begins, she and the other wolves are forced to transform despite no full moon. As she struggles with the turn, her bones cracking, she tries to fight the pain. Ben finds her mid-transformation and assumes this is his father's work because he can control curses. He must have triggered all of theirs to sabotage them. He needs to know where Jed is, but she doesn't know. She tells him that he needs to leave, before they completely turn.

In Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?, Finch knocks and enters Hope's dorm room. She has a package for her that Wade signed for from New Orleans. Opening up the box, it's the urn that holds her father's ashes. Finch is taken aback by the box's contents, wondering if it's what she thinks it is. Hope confirms it's her father's ashes and elaborates on how he funded the school so that she'd always have a place to call him. She plans to honor that by scattering the ashes on the school's grounds. Finch comments on how nice that is and glad that she gets to do that. Hope wonders if she's doing okay or if she's heard anything from Josie. She hasn't and she thought she would have found her way back to the school by now. Finch also tells Hope that Josie told her not to wait for her, she doesn't really know her role at the school without her. Looking to help, Hope asks her what she should do with Ken's spear–it's the only weapon on Earth that can kill her. Hope reasons that it cannot be destroyed and if she leaves it out in the open then people are going to come for it. If she hides it, then she's the only person who knows where it is. Finch believes that to be a good thing, but Hope believes that it's not if she was to ever lose her way again. Hope believes that no one should have that power, especially a Mikaelson.

Over the PA system, Alaric calls the students to report to the Grand Hall for assembly. She as well as Pedro, Wade, Hope, Cleo, Kaleb, Lizzie, and MG with all of the other students gathered, Alaric thanks them for being there. He begins with how he made Ethan's mother a promise, just like all of their parents when they enrolled, that he'd care for them as his own. However, they're here memorializing yet another student and that is not what the school was meant to be. The school was founded with a single mission: To create a safe space for young supernaturals. He comes to the conclusion that, in reality, it's anything but safe and achieving his mission statement has proven impossible. He declares that he can no longer keep his promise and informs the students that the Salvatore School must close. Murmurs rattle throughout the students and Hope stands in protest, however, it does nothing to sway Alaric. He has nothing more to say, except that he's sorry, and leaves the Grand Hall, leaving Hope, as well as all the others in attendance, shocked.

Later, Finch cleans up in the gymnasium, though Jed tells her she no longer has to do that anymore. Finch knows this, but she's only resistant when someone's trying to make her do it. He wants to know how the pack is taking the news. Finch shrugs it off, they're wolves and not as emo as vamps and witches. They held a little workout session to get their minds off the fact that the sweet gym and all-you-can-eat breakfasts aren't going to be available to them anymore with the impending closure of the school. Even if the school closes, Jed reminds her that it doesn't change anything else for them. The pack sticks together. Finch is unsure and it's only true if that's what the alpha says, but Jed tells her that's why he asked. He wants her to be the new alpha–she's already been acting as one since he's been so wrapped up in god stuff. Jed informs her that Ben's asked him to leave with him and he's said yes, provided that she says yes to him. Finch admits that she's never wanted this, but for Jed, this is why she should be the one to do it. If things with the school go wrong, she'll be able to keep them together. She acknowledges how much the school has come to mean to her and asks if she has to challenge him. Jed laughs and tells her sure, but he's not as strong as he used to be. Removing his flannel, he wonders what it will be–wrestling, boxing, Tae Bo. However, Finch grips him in a tight hug and tells him that the first one to let go loses.

At the start of a new semester, the Salvatore School opens their doors for the next class of supernatural beings to teach them how to be heroes. Wade plays red hands with Pedro. Caroline addresses the students, including her, Lizzie, MG, Cleo, and Kaleb, that first impressions last a lifetime. With the gentle reminder that many of them are immortal, she asks if Hope would do the honors. Hope turns and opens the doors, ushering in and welcoming the students home.


Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Finch possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf.


Finch has the typical weaknesses of a non-Evolved werewolf.


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  • Finch and Josie (Dating/Girlfriends/Separated)


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  • Finch is of English origin that means "to swindle".[2]
  • Tarrayo is a surname of Spanish origin with an unknown meaning.[3]


  • Finch is "a student at Mystic Falls High School who is no stranger to getting into trouble. While a loner by nature, that all changes when she meets a transfer student who understands her in a way that no one ever has."[4]



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