I didn't take the news that she was leaving town too well, which is why I'm on suspension, giving tours and wiping chalkboards.
Finch explains her behavior in This is What It Takes

Finch Tarrayo is a guest character who first appeared in the fifth episode of the third season of Legacies.

Finch is a member of the Tarrayo Family.

Early History

At a young age, Finch's grandfather became ill and was eventually hospitalized. On his deathbed, he confided in her that their family had a secret. While some believed it to be a curse, he promised it would make her strong. With her help, he took the remainder of his pills and overdosed, which led to his death and the activation of her werewolf gene. Following his death, she repressed the memory. Due to her family situation, she emancipated herself at the age of fourteen.

Throughout Legacies Series

Season Three

In This is What It Takes, Finch talks with Josie over the intercom. Josie initially decides to leave, citing a family emergency, but Finch tells her that she'll be right out. As Josie stops and talks with Ethan, she appears at the door and greets Josie Saltzman at the entrance of Mystic Falls High School. She'll be Josie's tour guide.

As the tour comes to a close, Finch picks at her, claiming that Josie was staring at her the entire time. She admits that she was just listening very intently. Regardless, Finch asks her if she had any questions. Josie doesn't have anything in particular about the tour, but does have a personal question she'd like to ask. Josie asks her why Ethan gave her the stink eye before they started the tour. She explains that she and Maya, his sister, dated for a hot minute. When she found out that she was leaving Mystic Falls, she didn't take the news well. In fact, this is why she's on suspension, giving tours, and wiping chalkboards. Overall, it's a long story. Josie tells her that she can tell her more about it at lunch, that is if she's cool enough to sit at her table. Finch is perceptive, too. It's not going to happen because she heard that she's not going to go to Mystic Falls High. Like her, Josie admits that her sister didn't take her wanting to transfer schools too well, but she took the tour for herself. Josie really wants to go here, and wants to sit at her lunch table. Finch questions if that's a metaphor, or something. Josie asks what she thinks and Finch explains that she'll tell her at lunch, that is if she ever decides to come back. With the conclusion of the tour, Finch leaves her standing in the hall and returns to her duties.

In To Whom It May Concern, Finch decorates Josie's new locker at Mystic Falls High School. Meeting her, she welcomes Josie back for her first day.

As the day progresses, Finch enters Chemistry class and finds Josie. She can't seem to get away from her, not to her dismay. Josie asks if the seat is taken, but she tells Josie that it belongs to her lab partner, which the position is open and she's taking applications. She wonders if Josie is a strong candidate. Likewise, Josie inquires about what benefits she offers. The bell rings and Josie's having a great day so far. Everyone has been nice and she's been warmly welcomed. Pulling a note from her back, Josie's attitude changes. Finch is nosey and wants to know what it is. Josie explains it's a note from her sister, telling her not to worry about her. Josie believes she's been a bad sister because she hasn't thought about her all day. Josie apologizes to her and abruptly leaves her sitting alone.

Later in the day, Josie finds her sitting outside. She apologizes for acting so weird today. Finch, however, accepts that it's partly her fault. She came on too strong with the locker welcome and the flirting, and she can be a lot. Josie disagrees. She was great and she's honestly had one of the best days she's had in a really long time. That is what freaked her out, because she felt like she didn't deserve to have so much fun. Josie believes this probably makes zero sense to her. Finch tells her about her family and how they were pretty screwed up. When she turned fourteen, she emancipated herself and has been on her own for a couple years now. She explains that the hardest part was feeling guilty that she was the one who got out and believing she deserved to be happy. She believes Josie will get there, too. She tells her all she has to do is just take it one step at a time.

In Yup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right, Finch finishes her shift at Mystic Grill. She finds Josie standing beside her moped. Josie immediately apologies for missing their lunch study date. She ignores Josie's apology, and opts to ask if they've even met. She is rightfully mad and tells her that if she wasn't interested, she should have just told her upfront. Josie is interested, but she's also scared and got mixed up with weed. Finch asks her why she's here, now. Josie wants to get to know her better, but doesn't know how. She has baggage and doesn't want to mess what it is they have up. Even if it was a study date, standing her up was a weird way to show her feelings. Josie doesn't believe it was just a study date though, and asks if they can go on a real day, if Finch can give her another chance. They stand close, but she pulls back and tells Josie that she works doubles on weekends. Josie takes the cue to leave, but Finch tells her that they can find a time as she takes her home. She gives Josie a helmet and they get on her moped.

In Long Time, No See, Finch joins Josie at her locker. She mentions that some people go mini-golfing on their first official date. She hopes that Josie is not that person. Josie is lost in her own thoughts, but she snaps her out of it. Mockingly, she tells Finch that she was thinking about how her disdain for her favorite sport makes them incompatible. She jokes back, agreeing, that the only thing they can agree one is that they want to go on a date. She suggests a 'ditch-date'. She knows that it goes against her color-coordinated headband and all, she encourages Josie to take a walk on the wide side. Josie warns her that she can be pretty wild. Finch complements her, calling her cute. However, their conversation, and would-be date, is cut short with Hope's sudden appearance. She wants to cash in Josie's earlier offer to help.

In All's Well That Ends Well, as she's walking to class she notices Josie fumble with her books and goes to help her pick them up. Josie thanks her and explains that the drama from her old school is over. She's focusing on the now and keeping herself open. Happy to hear, she invites Josie to meet her for lunch. Josie tells her that she'll be there and they part ways.

At lunch, Josie meets her and her friends. Josie confesses before all of them that she likes her and into her. She's happy but her attitude immediately changes after Josie asks to hang out together that night. She can't, as she has plans. Josie attempts to reschedule for the next night, but that, too, is a bad time for her. Disheartened at rejecting Josie, she abruptly leaves.

That night, as the moon rises, she breaks into Mystic Falls High School and heads into the basement with chains, groaning in pain. Someone is there with her, she can smell it. She turns around and grabs an invisible force by the throat. Lizzie releases the cloaking spell and appears before her, apologizing for not knowing she was a werewolf. She wants to know who she is, but all Lizzie can tell her is that it's complicated. With time running out, she offers to help her chain her up as she turns, but it's already too late. Finch tells her to run as she completes the shift. Now in wolf form, she stalks Lizzie throughout the school until MG arrives. Natural instinct compels her to hunt him instead. Hunting down MG, Ethan approaches her from behind and hits her in the back of the head with a pipe, knocking her unconscious. MG and Ethan bring her back to the barn of the house Ethan's staying at to recover.

In You Can't Run From Who You Are, it's the morning after the full moon and she recovers and shifts back into her human form. MG and Lizzie discuss what to do as she's killed someone to activate her curse. Finch wakes to this news and immediately declares that she's not killed anyone, that's what she chains herself up every full moon. Unaware of what it means to be a werewolf, Lizzie explains that being one is genetic, meaning it was passed to her from a family member and the second, is that to activate it, she had to kill someone. She doesn't understand how she knows such information and questions how she became invisible the previous night. Siphoning from MG, Lizzie demonstrates a spell, telling her that she's a witch as well as Josie's sister. She's adamant that she's not a killer and Lizzie wants her to prove it.

To find out the truth, MG explains that he can do a head dive. He and Lizzie can be present inside of her memories as events unfold, like invisible witnesses. Finch allows the two to do just that. Unaware that she suppressed the memory of helping her Grandpa Tarrayo commit suicide by overdosing on his pills, she learns that she killed the only person that cared about her. Horrified at the memory and angry at Lizzie, she runs from the barn for solitude.

A while later, Lizzie approaches her while she sits on the swing. Lizzie tells her that everything's going to be okay and it must have been painful and probably why she blocked the memory. The only consolation is that they now know she didn't kill anyone on purpose. Regardless of Lizzie's comfort, they proved that she's a killer, something that she tells Lizzie she'll have to live with for the rest of her life. Lizzie offers a solution. She knows a spell that can put memory blocks in place; it can make her forget what happened with her grandpa and even all of today, if she wanted. She refuses her offer. She explains that she has to remember what her grandpa said. She can't trust anyone and needs to look out for herself, which is too bad because she really liked Josie. With her mind made up, she leaves Lizzie.

In I Was Made To Love You, it's a new day at Mystic Falls High School and her moped alarm is going off. She rushes outside to see what happened to it and finds Josie. She questions if she used her magical powers to set off her alarm. She didn't; she just shook it a lot. Josie admits that they need to talk and didn't think that chem lab was the appropriate place. Willing to listen, she tells Josie to talk. Josie apologizes for what happened with Lizzie, but in her defense, she was only looking out for her because she knew how much she likes her and still does. She regrets not saying it. She explains that her father built the school for people like them, and if she's willing, can give it a shot to help her. She's not convinced, considering it's the same school she left, though Josie tells her that she thinks that she can find the courage to come back if she comes with her. Finch asks if they're done talking. Josie mistakes it for forever and turns to leave, but she reaches out and grabs Josie's hand and turns her around, embracing her in a kiss. The lights overhead burst in sparks and shut off as Josie loses control of her magic. Finch questions if that's normal when she kisses a girl, but she admits that never happened before. She takes that as a compliment and they embrace in another kiss.

In One Day You Will Understand, Finch joins Josie at the Salvatore School for breakfast, though she's overwhelmed. There's a lot going on. Josie is right at home, but she's not. She's still not sure this place is the right fit for them. More specifically, it was built for her and her sister. Despite being a werewolf, she feels out of place. Josie offers to give her a tour, considering she once gave her a tour. She promises Josie to keep an open mind.

The tour eventually brings them to the gym where Jed and the other wolves are hanging out. Alaric needs Josie's assistance and she reluctantly leaves her in Jed's good-ish care.

Later, Finch is sparring with Jed, the alpha. He throws her to the ground, but she knocks his legs out from under him and holds him in a choke hold. He relents and she releases him. He congratulates her and the wolves leave her with Josie. Josie's surprised that she's made a few friends. Josie realizes that she's actually a spoiled princess and that this school and it's experience may not be for everyone and apologizes for pressuring her. However, Finch wants to attend the school, but on one condition. She wants to clarify their relationship, since earlier Josie didn't know who to introduce them to others. She officially wants to be girlfriends. Josie accepts.

In This Feels A Little Cult-y, she sits with Josie as Mr. Springthorpe announces the roles for the their play, Romeo and Juliet. Hope enters but is dealing with anger issues following her and Landon's breakup and witnesses her releasing her anger in a burst of magical energy.


Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

Finch possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf.


Finch has the typical weaknesses of a non-Evolved werewolf.


  • Finch and Maya (Dated/Former Girlfriends)
  • Finch and Josie (Dating/Girlfriends)


Season Three


  • Finch is of English origin that means "to swindle".[2]
  • Tarrayo


  • Finch is "a student at Mystic Falls High School who is no stranger to getting into trouble. While a loner by nature, that all changes when she meets a transfer student who understands her in a way that no one ever has."[3]



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