[Lightning and thunder rumble overhead while Rebekah and Davina, who have set up an altar outside the lycée, prepare to unlink Eva's body from Davina and the other New Orleans witch children. As the two girls sit across from each other around the altar while Rebekah finishes lighting their candles, Vincent stands nearby for moral support]

REBEKAH: [nervously] All right, then. Just a little bit of witchy business. How difficult can it be?

[Davina smiles at her encouragingly, and Vincent walks toward them]

VINCENT: Now, remember the hard part was Eva-- [He crosses his index and middle fingers]-- linking herself to the kids. And now, it's your body, so you just gotta-- [He flicks his wrist for emphasis]-- do the unlinking yourself.

[He gestures to his spell, which is written on a piece of paper on the altar]

VINCENT: Read what I wrote, "Abracadabra," link severed.
REBEKAH: [nods] Lovely. I guess I'm hoping I don't turn us all into a horde of bull frogs.

[Davina reaches out and takes Rebekah's hands in her own so she can channel her]

[Meanwhile, on Bourbon Street, some sort of festivities are going on, because the streets are filled with people holding Hurricane cups and yelling drunkenly while jazz bands march and play their tunes. Overhead, thunder and lightning continue to rumble as a man and a woman happily walk arm in arm. The couple eventually makes their down the street, passing Dahlia, who is standing on a corner with a black umbrella and who watches them as they turn down an alley. The man sings along with the music as they walk]

MAN: Dah, dah, dah. Dah, dah, dah. [He laughs heartily] Dah, dah.

[Suddenly, they come upon Klaus, who looks pale and weakened]

MAN: Whoa!
Klaus: [weakly] Good evening. I wonder if you could help me? I'm feeling a bit famished.
MAN: [apologetically] I'm sorry, I don't have any change.
Klaus: [kindly] Well, that's no problem, mate! I'll just help myself.

[He lunges for the couple and starts violently feeding on them]

[At the cemetery, Rebekah and Davina are still linking hands while they chant the unlinking spell]

REBEKAH & DAVINA: Sai por ce kai sai ma nous couve gran. Sai por ce kai sai ma nous couve gran.
VINCENT: Okay, almost there. Keep going.

[Rebekah continues on by herself while Davina watches her work]

REBEKAH: Sai por ce kai sai ma nous couve gran. Sai por ce kai sai ma nous couve gran.

[Suddenly, Davina and Rebekah's hands are magically thrown apart, and the girls look at each other in confusion before looking over at Vincent]

REBEKAH: [worried] Is it finished?

[Vincents pulls out a switchblade and flicks it open before he hands it to her]

VINCENT: Only one way to find out!

[Rebekah reluctantly takes the blade and slices her fingertip open with it. Afterward, she looks up at Davina, who smirks and holds up her wound-free finger, clearly proud of Rebekah for successfully casting the spell. Both Rebekah and Vincent seem relieved by this outcome]

[On Bourbon Street, Klaus has just finished feeding on the couple in the alley when Dahlia joins him]

DAHLIA: You must be hungry, considering what you've endured.
Klaus: I've never been daggered. Never knew it was such an agonizing experience. It does help explain why my siblings loathe me.
DAHLIA: You'll need your strength for what's to come. I suggest you replenish yourself before the storm.

[She smirks before gesturing to the space next to her. When the camera pans over, it is revealed that she has used Kenning to lure another dozen humans to allow him to feed on them. Klaus, with blood smeared around his mouth, grins in satisfaction]


[Freya is in the sitting room off of the compound, where she is waving a sage smudge stick in the air as she continues casting her spell. Meanwhile, Elijah is leaning against the window, looking out at the now-raging storm]

FREYA: [chants] Miri benet midicen...

[Suddenly, Rebekah walks in and joins them, followed by Marcel]

REBEKAH: It's done! I'm de-linked from those children, the coven's almost grateful, and we even beat the rain!
Elijah: I trust that Davina will play her part?
MARCEL: Yeah, against my better judgment.
REBEKAH: [to Marcel] Stop being so overprotective. If Davina's made Regent to all nine covens, she'll be granted the power to resurrect Kol and the political clout to unite the witches to our cause!
MARCEL: Don't pop the champagne just yet. Dahlia said she'd come for the baby, and now a storm springs up out of nowhere? You really think that's coincidence?
Elijah: Well, regardless of her power, she needs to be dealt with.

[He turns to look at Freya, who is still working on the spell]

Elijah: Fortunately, we have a weapon.

[Freya looks at him, still not pleased about her role in the plan]

MARCEL: Look, no offense, but are we really going to put all our eggs in one still-kinda-mysterious basket?
FREYA: [unamused] I assure you, I am quite motivated to aid in Dahlia's defeat. Particularly now that Elijah has forced me to be the bait.
Elijah: And, if we should fail, Davina and the witches will take up the task, at the very least distracting Dahlia long enough for Hope and Hayley to disappear.

[Thunder and lighting crashes outside, and Rebekah walks across the room to close the windows to prevent more rain from coming in. However, when she pulls down the window pane, she finds that the top is covered in blood, suggesting it was opened specifically for someone to escape]

REBEKAH: [panicked] Elijah!

[Elijah comes to investigate, and when he sees the blood, Rebekah leads Marcel into the room where they were keeping Klaus' body in his coffin. When they get there, they find that the coffin is empty and Klaus has vanished]

REBEKAH: [horrified] No! [She turns to Marcel] Where the hell is he?

[Marcel looks at her speechlessly]

[Meanwhile, in the alley, human after human lays dead on the ground in front of Klaus' feet as the torrential rain soaks them all. Dahlia, who is standing at Klaus' side, looks down at his victims with a smile]

DAHLIA: Have you had your fill?
Klaus: Indeed. [He smirks] I'm beginning to feel like my old self again.

[Thunder crashes above him, and he looks up at the sky, allowing the rain to wash the blood off his face]



[The Crescent pack are circling a perimeter out in the pouring rain as they protect a shed where Hayley is doting on Hope. Hayley eventually comes outside and joins Mary, who is under an awning, making some bundles of herbs]

MARY: How's that little one?
HAYLEY: Sleeping right through the storm. [She sighs anxiously] Mary, I appreciate you coming, but you should know what you're going up against.
MARY: [gives her a look] An ancient witch wants to steal my granddaughter? [She shakes her head] Not on my watch.

[She holds up the bundle of herbs she's making]

MARY: I brought you something that might come in handy. In my youth, wolves and witches had a peace. [She holds a lighter in her free hand] A Voodoo queen I knew showed me how to use herbs to see if magic was afoot. Combine Solomon seal and snapdragon and burn 'em.

[She takes the lighter and lights the bundle of dried herbs and flowers on fire before setting the smoking bundle in a clay bowl]

MARY: If the smoke is white, all's clear. If it's black, there's a hex in the air. And, if it's red? Well, then you know you're in trouble.

[They both look down at the smoldering herbs, which are releasing a black smoke]

MARY: Just what I thought-- this storm ain't natural.
HAYLEY: [sighs] It's Dahlia. She's trying to pin us down.

[Jackson and another werewolf join the women, each of whom have a bow in one hand and a quiver of arrows on their back]

JACKSON: The road to the highway is flooded. The quickest way out of here is on foot, through back roads.

[Hayley sighs, overwhelmed by everything that is happening]

JACKSON: What's wrong?
HAYLEY: Elijah called. Klaus is gone. We don't know where he went.
JACKSON: [sighs] That settles it-- we gotta get out of here.
HAYLEY: What about the others?

[Jackson clenches his jaw anxiously. The scene cuts to Crescent wolves, who have all gathered around to listen to Hayley and Jackson update them on what is going on]

JACKSON: [shouts] Alright, everybody. Listen up!

[He looks to Hayley, who takes a deep breath before addressing her pack]

HAYLEY: I want to thank you all for staying with us. Protecting us. For the past few weeks, each one of you has shown me more kindness than I have ever known. Despite hardships and tragedy, you've all become the family I always wanted. You're my pack.

[The wolves all nod and mutter in agreement, and Hayley hesitates for a moment before continuing]

HAYLEY: But, I can't let you risk your lives any more than you already have. The witch is coming. She's powerful, and she's not gonna stop. [She looks at Jackson for encouragement] Jack and I will be better off taking Hope and getting as far away as we can. [Hayley looks as though she's about to cry] Alone.

[The wolves all look confused and hurt]

HAYLEY: I want you to know how grateful I am for everything that you have offered me. Us. But, I can't be your queen anymore.

[All of the Crescent wolves kneel before Hayley, and Hayley looks devastated as she looks at all of them and realizes they're about to split up. Jackson takes her hand in his and kisses it]

JACKSON: You will always be their queen.


[Rebekah is pacing around the upper hallways of the compound while she takes on the phone to Cami, who is at work behind the bar at Rousseau's]

CAMI: [stunned] What do you mean, he's gone?
REBEKAH: Exactly that. The coffin's empty, and he is nowhere to be found. If I had to guess, I'd say he's planning a long list of cruel and unusual punishments for his treacherous siblings. [She sighs dramatically] Given that we have an ancient witch to kill, I was hoping you might try and reason with him. Ideally, before he goes ballistic.
CAMI: I'm flattered, I guess, but what exactly am I supposed to say to him?
REBEKAH: Look, anything is better than nothing, as long as it comes from you. You're the only person he'll listen to.
CAMI: [anxiously] Your brother is an unstable, paranoid narcissist with chronic mood issues and zero impulse control! Right now, he's furious because the people he loves most literally stabbed him in the heart. That is his worst fear come true. What makes you think he'll listen to anyone, least of all me?
REBEKAH: [exasperatedly] Please, Cami-- isn't it clear by now? He fancies you.

[Cami is completely stunned speechless by this revelation]

REBEKAH: Will you help us, or not?

[Cami steels herself by taking a deep breath]

CAMI: [determinedly] Yeah. I'll try.

[She hangs up the phone, just as another crash of thunder and lightning rumbles overhead]


[Klaus is looking out the window of the bell tower at the pounding rain, while Dahlia paces impatiently behind him. His phone rings, but when he sees it's Cami, he ignores the call]

DAHLIA: My deadline has come and gone, and yet you bring me here.
Klaus: I find it fitting. This is where Freya plotted her own treachery.
DAHLIA: When I granted you the strength to overcome that dagger's curse, I assumed you would thank me by taking swift and merciless action.
Klaus: Am I allowed to traipse around in this monsoon you created?

[Dahlia rubs her hands together and blows on them, which seems to cause Klaus a momentary degree of pain]

DAHLIA: This storm is to stop you family from running with the child! So, I wonder... are you having second thoughts about standing against them? They are the family, after all, who left you here to rot.

[Klaus turns to face her and scowls at Dahlia]

Klaus: [growls] I assure you, there are no second thoughts.
DAHLIA: We struck a bargain for the benefit of your child, so that she would be delivered to me safely and be content by the presence of her father. Make no mistake-- I will take her-- with or without you.
Klaus: [smirks] Let me be clear about one thing, witch.

[Dahlia rolls her eyes dramatically]

Klaus: You need me. I know my siblings better than anyone. Their strengths, their weaknesses. They are a powerful and determined lot! Perhaps capable of evading you for the short year you have until your slumber begins anew!

[Dahlia sighs in frustration, knowing that he's right]

Klaus: You may well lose everything. But, I know how to vanquish those who stand against us, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

[Dahlia sighs again and curls her hand into a fist, which reverses the spell that caused the storm. When Klaus notices the wind has died down, he smiles]

DAHLIA: The storm has served its purpose. Now, enough delays. I will take what is owed to me, and if the mother resists, or attempts to run, I will kill her myself.
Klaus: I wouldn't worry about that. [He turns to leave] What I have planned for Hayley is far worse than death.

[He leaves the room]


[It's morning the following day, and Elijah is at the compound, where he is explaining the plan to Rebekah in the courtyard]

Elijah: Until Niklaus is found, Marcel and I will scour the city.
REBEKAH: Assuming Nik doesn't slaughter them. You know as well as I do he'll be on the warpath. Which again raises the question-- how in the hell is he even awake?

[They pass Klaus' three paintings, which contain Norwegian soil and Mikael's ashes and are hung in the courtyard. They're about to walk up the stairs when the sound of Freya's voice stops them]

FREYA: It was Dahlia. This was all part of her plan. No doubt, she killed Aiden, hoping that the blame would fall on Klaus, the family would divide, and she could win Klaus to her cause.
REBEKAH: That is absurd! Nik would never align with Dahlia.
FREYA: [patronizingly] You continue to defend him.
REBEKAH: He'd kill anyone who'd try to take his daughter.
FREYA: Isn't it Hayley who's trying to take his daughter?
Elijah: [gruffly] Their daughter. Let's not forget that Dahlia is the true enemy here!
FREYA: [smiles fakely] How good, then, that I finished my spell.

[Freya walks over to one of the three paintings, which is hung on an easel]

FREYA: The paint of his artwork, combined with my blood, will render Dahlia vulnerable. The moment she passes between these paintings-- [She gestures to the two other paintings, which are hung on the opposite walls]-- she will be mortal.

[She pulls the small blade that Elijah gave her for Mikael's memorial out of her pocket and hands it to Elijah]

FREYA: You can kill her... using this.
Elijah: [surprised] Father's knife?
FREYA: I thought it appropriate.

[Rebekah gives Freya a small smile, but Elijah freezes in place when he senses something nearby]

Elijah: [quietly] We have a visitor.

[He vamp-speeds to the entrance, where he finds Gia standing there, waiting for him]

Elijah: [sternly] You shouldn't be here.
GIA: [angrily] Marcel told me about Josephine. I wanna know who we need to kill.
Elijah: We don't need to kill anyone. [He walks toward the door to show her out] Leave here now, please.

[Gia makes an angry face and groans before turning to face Elijah, jerking out of his grip when he tries to pull her toward the door]

GIA: You know what, I am done taking orders from you. Who do you think you are?
Elijah: [frustrated] Now is not the time for this--
GIA: [cuts him off] --It never is!--
Elijah: --Nor is it the place. Now, believe me when I tell you, you can't be here.

[He once again tries to pull her toward the door, but Gia once again breaks out of his grip and stays planted right where she's standing]

GIA: Look, is this-- [She laughs bitterly]-- Is this your way of looking out for me?

[Elijah sighs, clearly conflicted, and Gia looks frustrated]

GIA: Whatever. Too bad I don't play guessing games.

[She tries to shove past Elijah, but he stops her and kisses her passionately for a moment before finally pulling away]

Elijah: You don't have to. [Gia looks at him in surprise] Go.

[Seemingly satisfied for now, Gia walks toward the door. She turns back one last time to look at him, and Elijah looks desperate to keep her safe]

Elijah: Please.

[He nods at her reassuringly, so Gia sighs and leaves the compound without another word]


[Marcel is walking down the stairs in his loft while he talks on the phone with Elijah, who is still at the compound]

MARCEL: If you find him, keep your distance. Call me, I'll handle it.

[He hangs up the phone, not noticing until it's too late that Klaus is waiting for him in the living room and has overheard his conversation]

Klaus: [quietly] Sound advice.

[Marcel shakes his head and chuckles bitterly at this bad luck]

Klaus: Although, I do wonder--

[Klaus stands to his feet, and Marcel holds up his hands in a non-threatening gesture]

MARCEL: [interrupts] --Hey!--
Klaus: --How exactly would you handle me?
MARCEL: [pleadingly] Now, before you get angry--

[Marcel is cut off when Klaus vamp-speeds toward him and pins him against the wall in a choke-hold]

MARCEL: [groans] Ahh!
Klaus: I'm well past angry, Marcellus-- I'm mad with rage. But, today is your lucky day, because I'm not gonna kill you. Now, I need something from you, so instead, I'm gonna take solace in the anticipation of ripping it out of you.

[Klaus puts his other hand around Marcel's neck and snaps it so forcefully that Marcel rolls onto the floor. While Klaus looks down at Marcel's unconscious body, Dahlia appears in the doorway and crosses her arms as she looks at him curiously]


[Elijah, Rebekah, and Freya are in the ballroom, where Freya is sprinkling herbs over the clay golem from Kol's playhouse]

Elijah: Now, you're certain this will work?
REBEKAH: Let's not toss around words like "certain."
FREYA: [continues sprinkling herbs on the doll] Nonsense! You grow more adept with magic each day, and this spell is flawless. Though, I might have preferred Elijah ask my permission before volunteering me as the bait.
Elijah: [amused] Yes, I'm not in the habit of asking permission.
FREYA: [smiles] No matter. We have all that we need. Rebekah will perform the spell, using my heartbeat and the golem to craft the illusion of Hope's presence. [She turns to Elijah] Once Dahlia is lured into the killing ground, you will do what is necessary.
REBEKAH: You're rather calm, which is odd, because there are a million ways this plan can fall to pieces.

[Freya sighs and begins pacing around the room, examining each of the painted portraits of Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah that are hanging on the walls of the ballroom]

FREYA: I admit... First, I was upset when Elijah ignored my plan in favor of his own. You are all so determined to protect Hope at all cost. Perhaps I'm envious-- no one ever fought so hard to protect me.

[She stops looking at the portrait of Klaus and turns to Elijah]

FREYA: Then, I recalled what I saw when I looked inside your mind. The day you all swore an oath to stand by one another-- always and forever. There's strength in such vows.
Elijah: I can assure you, it has not been free of consequence.
REBEKAH: That is an understatement. Ask me, that vow has been more trouble than it's worth.

[Freya walks over to Rebekah]

FREYA: And yet, here you are-- proving my point. Family defines you, even if it demands sacrifice.

[She takes Rebekah's hands and squeezes them encouragingly]

FREYA: My entire life, I have longed for what you have. It is better to at least glimpse it, facing death, than run forever and know nothing of family.

[Rebekah smiles at her affectionately, and after a moment, Freya turns to look at Elijah, who seems touched and impressed by Freya's words]


[When Marcel heals his snapped neck and awakens, he finds himself completely bound with ropes and hanging from the ceiling. Behind him, one of his vampires lays unconscious, her body propped up against the wall, where her blood is splattered all over it]

Klaus: [to Marcel] Wakey, wakey.

[Marcel realizes that he's been hung upside down with his abdomen exposed so that Klaus can torture him]

Klaus: I was getting bored, but then some of your associates popped by to keep me entertained.

[Dahlia sighs impatiently and plops down on one of Marcel's bar stools while Klaus holds up a bloody knife for emphasis. Marcel's arms have long cuts down the sides, revealing that Klaus has already begun harming him]

MARCEL: [struggles angrily] Keep them out of it!
Klaus: [mockingly] Easy, easy! You've suffered a substantial amount of blood loss! I had to excise the vervain from your system-- I can't have you impervious to my compulsion, now, can I?

[He turns and stabs Marcel in the side with the knife, and Marcel groans in agony]


[Marcel continues to struggle to get out of his restraints, just as Klaus turns and finds Gia laying unconscious on the couch, having also been bled of vervain. He suddenly gets an idea]

Klaus: Hello, pretty! I think you're gonna come in rather useful later on.
DAHLIA: [impatiently] You've got what you came for. Just kill them and be done with it!
Klaus: With respect, dear Aunt Dahlia, this is all part of my plan! My family, powerful though they may be, are bound by love. Vows of friendship and-- [He rolls his eyes dramatically]-- nauseating romantic entanglements. All of which I intend to use against them.

[Dahlia, understanding where he's going with this, smiles at him]

Klaus: Marcellus will help turn the tide, mark my words! [He turns and walks back to Marcel] At days end, they will be laid low, and my daughter will be safe-- with us.

[Marcel struggles as hard as he can to free himself of the ropes binding his wrists, arms, and ankles, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't break them]


[Davina is working on her spell to resurrect Kol in his playhouse while she and Vincent discuss Davina's potential new title]

VINCENT: Listen, Davina. The Rite of Supplication is just a formality! You meet the Elders, and you show a little bit of respect. Why don't you think--
DAVINA: [interrupts him] What happened to just telling them I'm gonna be Regent?
VINCENT: They only listened to me when they thought I was accepting the job, and if it's gonna be you, we've gotta grease some wheels.
DAVINA: The covens aren't just gonna choose me. And, I mean, for that matter, why'd they want you?
VINCENT: [sighs] Because they think I'm a selfless saint who betrayed his wife to save a bunch of kids. [Davina gives him a look] Hmm. And, if I've got no one to answer to, I'm less inclined to play favorites. Basically, I'm an outsider. Just like you.
DAVINA: You know, I was put to death by people like this. They sacrificed me and my friends for nothing.
VINCENT: Yeah. And there's reason you'd have the power to make sure nothing like that ever happened again.
DAVINA: [sighs] I'm only doing this because you said it will give me the power I need to bring back Kol.

[She stares at Vincent expectantly, waiting for him to confirm that he was being truthful. Vincent waits for a moment before nodding in confirmation]


[Now that the storm spell has been broken, the sun is shining in the Bayou. Hayley (who is holding Hope), Jackson, Mary, and the other Crescents have just made it to the Mississippi River, where they stop to determine the best route to take to continue on their journey. Mary has a small tin lantern in her hand, in which she's placed several bundles of burning Solomon seal and snapdragon to monitor the magic in the area]

JACKSON: [to Hayley] This is it.
HAYLEY: Good. Tell the others they can go. We'll be fine from here.

[Mary and the rest of the wolves continue to follow behind them]

JACKSON: Well, they said they're not leaving us 'til we get where we're going.

[He shrugs at her, and Hayley turns back toward her Mary, who is holding up the lantern of burning herbs. The herbs are producing white smoke, indicating that their is no magic around them]

MARY: So far, so good! [She gestures toward Hayley and Hope] Here, let me hold that little girl while you figure out where to cross.

[Hayley walks over and hands Hope to Mary. Hope begins to whimper in exhaustion, and Mary immediately rocks her to soothe her]

MARY: [to Hope] Aw, it's okay.

[Hayley returns to where Jackson and several other wolves are standing]

HAYLEY: What do you think?
JACKSON: Get across, head for the highway, steal a car, and just go.

[He smiles hopefully at Hayley, and when he sees she's frowning worriedly, be becomes concerned]

JACKSON: You okay?
HAYLEY: It was a nice idea-- marrying you to make our people strong, raise my baby girl surrounded by the pack.
JACKSON: [worried] Hayley--
HAYLEY: [ignores him] This morning, when I told them they could go... I never let you off the hook.
JACKSON: Don't--

[Hayley looks over at Mary, who is standing with another wolf as the two dote on baby Hope]

HAYLEY: I'm sick of other people making sacrifices for me. Fighting my battles.
JACKSON: Hey! That's what family is. They're the people you are born to-- and the people you choose-- to stand beside you when things are hard. And there's no place I'd rather be than right beside you. Okay?

[Hayley looks touched, but overwhelmed, by everything that is happening]


[The bells of St. Louis Cathedral start to ring in the same tune as Dahlia's song, the sound of which echoes through the Quarter and into the compound. In the compound's courtyard, Freya is staring at Hope's car seat, which has the golem inside of it. Directly upstairs, Rebekah is lighting a white candle on a table, where Freya has written out the notes for the spell she will perform to create the illusion that Hope and her magic are located in the compound with them. Elijah stands nearby, nervously hitting his hand against the handle of Mikael's knife as he watches Rebekah raise her arms and begin to recite the incantation]

REBEKAH: [chanting] Sinete exa vana vintante com. Sinete exa vana vintante com.

[Downstairs, Freya picks up the golem and stares at it. Suddenly, the spell kicks in, and the golem suddenly appears to be Hope. Freya clutches the imitation of her niece in her arms and waits anxiously for the plan to begin. Rebekah continues the spell]

REBEKAH: [chanting] ...Vana vintante com.

[Footsteps are heard approaching the compound, and the camera pans up from a pair of black high-heeled feet to reveal that Dahlia is on her way to the compound. Elijah slinks slowly into the hallway so he can watch Dahlia enter the home, where she finds a scared Freya clutching "Hope" in the courtyard. Freya is purposely standing right in between all three of Klaus' paintings in an effort to lure Dahlia into the killing ground, but Dahlia stops right in the doorway into the room]

DAHLIA: I come all this way to collect what is owed to me, and whom should I find?

[Elijah is still hiding out of sight while still able to eavesdrop on their conversation and see most of what is happening]

FREYA: [terrified] Auntie, please listen. I betrayed my siblings so I could procure this child.

[Dahlia starts to walk into the courtyard, but once again stops just short of the killing ground. Upstairs, Rebekah is continuing the spell to maintain the illusion of Hope's presence]

REBEKAH: [chanting] Sineste exa vana vintante com. Sineste exa vana vintante com.

[Freya is still pleading with Dahlia downstairs]

FREYA: I offer her to you now, and in exchange, I only ask that you release me from my obligation to you.

[Dahlia tilts her head to the side and takes notice of one of Klaus' paintings on the wall behind Freya while she considers this offer. After a moment, she starts walking closer to Freya, but still doesn't cross into the killing ground. In the shadows, Elijah braces himself for a fight and grips Mikael's blade tightly in his hand]

DAHLIA: [amused] How curious, that you should bargain with me for that which is already mine. But, by all means, make your case for why you should be freed. And then I will decide whether to release you or kill you, once and for all.


[The Crescent wolves are all in the middle of crossing the Mississippi River where the water is shallow and not very wide]

CRESCENT WOLF 1: [to the others] It's getting slippery over here! Be careful!

[Jackson keeps a close eye on Hayley, who is once again holding Hope, but calls out to another wolf to step him for him while he helps the others]

JACKSON: Wanna help her?
CRESCENT WOLF 2: Yeah, I got her.

[The second wolf keeps a supportive hand on Hope's back until Hayley and Hope make it to the other side of the river. Jackson catches up with them quickly, and after a moment, they hear the sound of a honking horn. The wolves all walk up onto the road, where they find another one of the wolves has procured a white truck for them to drive]

CRESCENT WOLF 3: Look what I got!

[Jackson and Hayley seem relieved that they have transportation]

HAYLEY: Okay. [She turns to the others] Let's go!

[The wolves begin to load up the truck]


[The Elders of the nine New Orleans covens have arrived to the cemetery, where they are all chattering with each other while Vincent attempts to pitch his plan to have Davina become Regent. Davina is leaning boredly against the nearby tomb, and rolls her eyes at the witches as they argue amongst themselves]

VINCENT: [impatiently] Okay. Okay. Listen- Listen to me, people-- Listen to me, please, now!

[The Elders reluctantly quiet down, but they all give him looks that indicate they are not at all pleased by what he's about to say]

VINCENT: [gestures to Davina] Now, this lady serves as an opportunity for all of us.

[A middle-aged, female Elder interrupts him]

ELDER 1: Davina Claire is a remnant of the failed Harvest ritual! Let's not forget, she aligned with the vampires! How many witches died because of her?

[Davina looks offended, and is about to make a retort when Vincent cuts her off and tries to smooth things over]

VINCENT: She was manipulated! I mean, the Ancestors forgave her-- they brought her back to life! Now, that's surely a sign--
ELDER 1: [interrupts him again] She is no Regent. That role was meant for you.
VINCENT: [frustrated] And I already told you, I ain't gonna do it.
ELDER 1: [unimpressed] You recuse yourself and instead offer an inferior candidate?

[Davina, appalled by their arguments, finally loses her temper]

DAVINA: [offended] Hey!

[Vincent tries to cut her off in hopes of salvaging his plan, but Davina pushes past him to approach the outspoken Elder]

VINCENT: Davina--
DAVINA: No, I've stood here long enough. My whole life, the witches of this city have lived in fear. Vampires run wild, children are sacrificed-- nobody took charge.

[The outspoken Elder looks appalled by what she perceives as disrespect, but Davina pays her no attention]

DAVINA: Now, be honest-- have any of you ever stood up to the vampires? The Mikaelsons?

[The Elders look at each other in embarrassment, but say nothing]

DAVINA: No? Well, I have, and I have won. Now, I might be young, but the truth is, I know better than anyone here what we're really up against. And, I can help build a peace, or I can burn our enemies to the ground.

[Vincent looks at her and smiles, clearly impressed by her confidence, before giving the outspoken Elder a significant look]

DAVINA: The question isn't whether or not I should be made Regent. The question is-- what the hell would you do without me?

[She stares intensely at the crowd, and her lips twitch into a tiny smirk]


[Upstairs in the study, Rebekah is still casting the illusion spell while Freya, the Hope decoy, and Dahlia are still talking downstairs in the courtyard]

REBEKAH: [chanting] Sineste exa vana vintante com. Sineste exa vana vintante com.

[Elijah is still lying in wait in the shadows outside of the courtyard, and he listens carefully while Dahlia steps closer to Freya and "Hope," though she still has not made it into the killing ground]

DAHLIA: You surprise me. Betraying the family you meant to coax to your side? How very ruthless of you.
FREYA: [anxiously] I had hoped that they would welcome me as a sister. [Dahlia nods in understanding] I was wrong.
DAHLIA: [feigns sympathy] Of course you were, you poor little fool! To think that Esther's wicked little progeny could ever care for you? They are known the world over for obscene acts of violence, and yet, you sought them out instead of staying where you belong. With me.

[Freya gulps nervously as Dahlia continues to slowly walk toward her, and tries her best to remain still to lure her into the killing ground]

DAHLIA: I offered to protect you for all time, and you left me. And now, it is you who is alone! But then--

[Upstairs, Rebekah is continuing to perform the spell to create Hope's illusion]

REBEKAH: [chants] Sineste exa vana vintante com. Sineste exa vana...

[A dark figure swoops across the doorway, but because Rebekah's eyes are closed, she doesn't notice it. Meanwhile, Elijah is too absorbed in waiting for Dahlia to reach the killing ground to realize that they're not alone]

DAHLIA: -- Who could love a deceitful little wretch?

[Dahlia steps just outside of the killing ground and stops where she is, not crossing into past the front edge of the painting. Upstairs, Rebekah is continuing to perform the spell]

REBEKAH: [chants] Sineste exa--

[She stops chanting when she senses someone in the room with her, but before she can react further, she spots a panting and exhausted-looking Marcel, who is holding the cursed shackles. He's clearly compelled by Klaus, though he tries his best to resist]

REBEKAH: [confused] Marcel?
MARCEL: [gasps] I'm sorry.

[He vamp-speeds toward Rebekah and tackles her, forcing her to stop the spell. Downstairs, the enchanted golem crumbles into dust in Freya's arms, revealing to Dahlia that it was just a trap. Dahlia's face becomes enraged, and Freya, who is terrified beyond all measure, gasps and looks at Dahlia with wide, fearful eyes]

DAHLIA: [appalled] What have you done?

[Freya, at a loss for options, grabs Dahlia and pulls her into the killing field]

FREYA: [belows] Elijah, NOW!

[Elijah vamp-speeds into the courtyard, with Mikael's knife in hand, but before he can reach Dahlia, Klaus tackles him and forces him to drop the blade]

Klaus: [furiously] And so the wheel of betrayal circles 'round once more.

[Klaus pulls Elijah up to his feet and throws him up against the wall, causing Elijah to crack the wall before he falls down on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Dahlia and Freya rise to their feet, and Dahlia looks at her niece contemptuously]

DAHLIA: [sneers] You treacherous little shrew!

[She uses her telekinesis to forcefully shove Freya backwards into the entrance hall. Klaus, who has jumped up onto the balcony as well, picks up Elijah in a choke-hold and pins him against he wall before spinning him around and pushing him so that he's half hanging over the balcony]

Elijah: [raspily] She's controlling you. [Klaus squeezes his throat tighter] You have to fight her.
Klaus: [furiously] The only thing she did is pull out the dagger you stuck in my heart!

[Elijah breaks free of Klaus' grip and elbows him in the face, following it up with another right-cross to the jaw. Elijah, taking advantage of Klaus' distraction, kicks him in the stomach so hard that he slams up against a wall. Klaus lunges for Elijah, but Elijah knees him several times in the stomach, slamming him against another wall and shattering the concrete that covers the bricks in the process. Klaus loses his temper and throws Elijah backwards]

[Downstairs, Dahlia has just caught back up with Freya, who is still sprawled out on the floor where Dahlia threw her, and desperately crawling backward as Dahlia approaches her]

DAHLIA: After all I've given you, this is how you repay me? A death trap? Rendered by those elements that compose my sole weakness? And even in this, you fail.

[Freya looks at Dahlia fearfully, but Dahlia simply stands above her]

DAHLIA: What do I sense? Sacred soil? Viking ash? The blood of a witch I loved?

[Freya once again tries to crawl away, but stops when Dahlia crouches in front of her to look her in the eyes]

DAHLIA: Not the witch I loved most, though. [She sighs and feigns sympathy as she props her chin on her hand] Oh, Freya. Did you think that your blood was the key to my demise?

[Freya's eyes fill with tears]

FREYA: I only wanted to be free.
DAHLIA: [near tears] You pathetic girl.

[Dahlia rises to her feet, and Freya, still crying, starts to whimper in fear in anticipation for what Dahlia will do to her]

DAHLIA: How shall I punish you? Oh, I know-- I'll send you to bed early.

[Dahlia waves her hand toward Freya, who immediately is knocked unconscious and falls backward]

[Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah are still viciously fighting each other on the courtyard's balcony, where Klaus pins Elijah against the wall in another choke-hold, though Elijah manages to stretch out his arm and choke Klaus as well]

Elijah: [gasps] She will take-- [Klaus chokes Elijah tighter]-- everything from us.
Klaus: [angrily] You took everything when you broke our vow! Perhaps I'll take something from you.

[Klaus chokes Elijah even tighter, and then twists Elijah's arm backwards, breaking many of his bones]

Elijah: [in agony] AHHH!

[Klaus spins Elijah around and pins his face to the balcony railing so he's forced to watch as Gia walks into the courtyard and stares up at him fearfully, clearly compelled to be there by Klaus. Elijah becomes frantic at the sight of her]

GIA: [terrified] Elijah?
Klaus: [politely] Gia, be a sweetheart and take off your daylight ring?
Elijah: [struggles against Klaus' grip] NOOOOO!!! NOO!
GIA: [fearfully] I can't stop myself...

[She starts to pull off her ring]

Elijah: [bellows] No! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!

[Gia takes off the ring and drops it onto the floor. After a moment, her body goes up in flames]

Elijah: [frantically] NO! NOO! AHHHHH!
GIA: [in agony] AHHHHHHHHH!
Elijah: [in anguish] AHHHH! NOO! NOOO! NOOO!

[Gia falls to her knees before keeling over and dying. Elijah watches in devastation as the flames go out, leaving only Gia's burnt corpse. Klaus smirks, looking pleased by this outcome]


[Elijah eventually stops screaming, and Klaus looks at him emotionlessly]

Klaus: You seem vexed, brother. Wait until you see what I've got in store for Hayley.

[Klaus smirks gleefully, and Elijah, who is too enraged for words, elbows him forcefully and begins fighting him again, only this time even more viciously than before. Elijah tackles Klaus, and the two of them tumble down the stairs into the courtyard, where Klaus quickly hops to his feet. Elijah gets in a defensive position and vamps-out, hissing and baring his fangs at his brother]

Klaus: Is that a hint of the fabled beast behind the red door? [Elijah continues to glare at him] Come on, brother-- let him out to play.

[Elijah leaps toward him and punches him forcefully in the head, but Klaus easily spins and wraps an arm around him, quickly stabbing him in the heart with Papa Tunde's blade before Elijah can react]

Klaus: You should know better than to fight me in anger, for my anger is unending.

[Elijah tries his best to break out of Klaus' grip, but he's quickly overwhelmed by the excruciating pain of the cursed blade and screams in agony as the blade magically embeds itself in his chest]


[Suddenly, Cami enters the courtyard, and is both stunned and horrified to see Klaus neutralizing his brother with the blade. Klaus looks momentarily ashamed at the sight of her before pushing it down and regaining his appearance of evilness]

CAMI: Klaus!

[Klaus gives her an annoyed look and drops Elijah's body on the ground]

Klaus: You shouldn't have come here, Camille.
CAMI: [determinedly] I came here because you need me.

[She walks toward him despite the violent behavior she just witnessed]

CAMI: You need me to tell you that this? This is not you. And I know you are hurt, but please listen to me.

[Dahlia, having neutralizing Freya for the time being, joins Klaus and Cami in the courtyard]

CAMI: You are better than this.
DAHLIA: [rolls her eyes] Is there a problem?
Klaus: Not at all. Just another victim.

[Klaus starts to walk toward Cami, but she stands her ground]

CAMI: No, Klaus. I know you won't hurt me. I've known that from the second we met.

[Klaus finally stops walking when they standing are face-to-face]

CAMI: [sighs] I trust you.

[Klaus caresses her cheek with his hand before speaking]

Klaus: Then you're already lost.

[Klaus lunges forward and sinks his fangs into her neck while Dahlia watches]


[After a long moment, Klaus stops feeding and releases Cami, who is now unconscious, before dropping her onto the floor]


[After the break, Klaus stands with Dahlia in the middle of the courtyard, where Cami and Elijah both lay unconscious. Nearby is Gia still-smoldering corpse]

DAHLIA: Quite a sinister plot they had planned. Would have failed in the end, though. Just as well you came to your senses and sided with me.

[Suddenly, Marcel bursts into the compound, holding a struggling Rebekah, who has been restrained with the cursed shackles, into the room with him. Rebekah looks at Klaus, clearly feeling betrayed and furious]

REBEKAH: Have you lost your mind?
Klaus: My mind is quite clear. I just decided to purge it of treacherous barnacles.
REBEKAH: You bastard!

[Marcel obviously hates that he's forced to do Klaus' bidding, but is powerless against his compulsion as he holds Rebekah back]

REBEKAH: How could you?
Klaus: Actually, it was rather simple-- I just recalled what Elijah did to me and reciprocated ten-fold. Be careful, or I'll apply the same equation to you.

[Marcel continues to hold Rebekah back, and Dahlia seems amused by the strife to which she bears witness]

Klaus: Marcellus, keep Rebekah here. If she tries to leave? Well... [He looks at Rebekah] You do like life as a mortal. [He turns back to Marcel] You can punish her by taking that life away.

[Klaus starts to walk away, but Marcel stops him]

MARCEL: [furiously] Go to hell!

[Klaus turns around to face him]

Klaus: If by Hell, you mean somewhere you are betrayed by those you hold most dear, then it's from Hell I've just come! I didn't much care for it. [He stares Marcel in the eyes and compels him again] Do as you're told. There's a good lad.

[Dahlia steps over Elijah's body on her way to join Klaus]

DAHLIA: The child's magic is still cloaked. I shall need your blood to track her.
REBEKAH: [struggling] No! Nik, don't!

[Dahlia holds out her hand, and Klaus smirks at Rebekah for a moment before he bites into his hand and lets his blood drip into it. Rebekah looks absolutely appalled by Klaus' behavior as Marcel drags her upstairs and away from her brother]


[Hayley, Hope, Jackson, and the other wolves have just arrived to junkyard outside of the Bayou, where they're setting up shop until they determine their destination. Jackson is giving some final orders before he heads inside]

JACKSON: [to one of the wolves] Keep your eyes peeled.

[He enters the hideout, where he finds Hayley looking at some maps by the light of a lantern on a table]

JACKSON: So, the guys set up a perimeter. We'll keep first watch. You should get some rest.
HAYLEY: No. Hope's finally sleeping. Mary's watching her, which means we have five minutes to think.
JACKSON: [laughs in exhaustion] Okay, what's on your mind?
HAYLEY: I wanna decide where we're going. [She pauses for a moment] I don't want to spend our life like this-- always on the run, looking over our shoulders everywhere we go...
JACKSON: If that's what we got to do...
HAYLEY: I know, and I'm not afraid. I just... I want something better for her. For us. [Jackson smiles weakly and nods] So, what do you think? Montana? North Dakota? Washington?
JACKSON: [smiles] We can go wherever you want.

[Hayley sighs with a smile and looks at Jackson with affection before walking toward him]

HAYLEY: Jack... Look, I know that I don't have to say this, and I know that we're in a junkyard in the middle of nowhere, which is the least romantic place to say this for the first time, but...

[She takes a deep breath and stares him in the eyes, and Jackson smiles sweetly as she ruffles his hair]

HAYLEY: I just want you to know that I love you.

[Jackson smiles wider and takes her hand, kissing it gently]


[Rebekah and Marcel are upstairs in the study, where Rebekah is trying to look for a loophole they can exploit]

REBEKAH: [sighs] Think it through. If I try to go, you kill me. [She holds up her shackled wrists] If I remove these...
MARCEL: [frustrated] That is the same as trying to go.
REBEKAH: [stressed] Can't you fight the compulsion?
MARCEL: He bled the vervain out of my body!

[Rebekah thinks about their situation for a moment]

REBEKAH: Maybe this is all part of Nik's twisted revenge. He doesn't mean for me to die. He wants you to kill this body so I wake up in the original, robbing me of my one chance to have everything I want-- children, my promise to Kol.
MARCEL: Then we don't give him what he wants, alright? [He looks at her pleadingly] Don't run, and I won't hurt you.
REBEKAH: [determinedly] I won't let that witch get her hands on my niece, which means we're gonna have to do this the hard way.

[Marcel, not wanting to hurt Rebekah, looks alarmed and anxious]


[Jackson is still inside the main building, where he's checking the string on his bow. After a moment, Hayley comes to check on him]

HAYLEY: What about Alaska?

[Jackson thinks for a moment, and then smiles and shrugs]

JACKSON: I could live in Alaska!

[Suddenly, they're cut off by the sound of one of the wolves screaming in agony outside, which startles them so much that they both jump. Hayley, Jackson, and some others wolves run to see what has happened, only to find Klaus, who rips the wolves' throat out with his own fingernails. Hayley is horrified, which only makes Klaus more satisfied]

Klaus: Good evening, Crescents. It will come as no surprise to learn that things will not be ending well for you.

[Jackson, looking anxious, steps in front of Hayley before calling back to her, though he doesn't take his eyes off of Klaus]

JACKSON: [whispers] Go back inside. Get Hope and Mary out of here.
HAYLEY: I can help you!
JACKSON: [sternly] I'll be right behind you.
HAYLEY: [frowns] Jack...
JACKSON: Just get hope, and run.

[Hayley looks reluctant to leave him behind, but after a moment, she vamp-speeds away. Jackson gulps nervously before addressing the other wolves, who have no surrounded Klaus]

JACKSON: Let's take him!

[After the break, Klaus and the wolves are in a vicious fight. Klaus grabs one of the wolves and shoves his head through a glass window, which shatters upon impact with his skull. He shoves another into the tree, but is quickly grabbed by a third, who holds onto Klaus so that Jackson can hit him with an arrow, which lodges into his chest. Klaus angrily swings around and shoves the werewolf into a nearby bus before pulling the arrow out and giving Jackson a pitying look]

Klaus: [incredulously] You think you can defeat me with your toys?
JACKSON: We're just getting warmed up.
Klaus: [chuckles] So, Hayley runs, and you hold the line. How valiant. Not too bright, though. You do remember our last, somewhat-one-sided altercation?
JACKSON: This ain't gonna be like last time.

[Jackson flashes his yellow eyes at Klaus]

[Inside the building, Hayley has just met up with Mary and Hope and explained their current situation]

MARY: What about Jack?
HAYLEY: He and the others will meet us up the road.

[Hayley is suddenly distracted by the sight of Mary's lantern full of Solomon seal and snapdragon, which is currently producing red smoke]

HAYLEY: [gasps] Oh! It's her. Dahlia.
MARY: All the more reason to go.

[Hayley, completely overwhelmed, starts to cry]

HAYLEY: No. I'm not gonna teach my daughter that it's okay to leave the ones you love to die. [She hands Hope to Mary and looks at her daughter sadly] Take her, and get her as far away from here as you can.

[Hayley bends over to look at Hope one last time]

HAYLEY: [to Hope] It's okay. It's okay, baby. Mama's gonna catch up with you real quick, okay?
MARY: [concerned] What about you?
HAYLEY: I'm gonna rip that bitch apart.


[Marcel and Rebekah are still arguing about Rebekah's plan]

MARCEL: [furiously] That's not happening! End of discussion!
REBEKAH: Think about it-- why did Mother want to destroy my true body? Answer-- to ensure I could never go back, meaning if something happens to this one, my spirit's default is to jump back to the original.
MARCEL: [worried] Yeah, but do you really want to bet your life on that?
REBEKAH: Of course I don't want to! That's part of Nik's maniacal plan. He's not leaving me a choice.
MARCEL: [frustrated] Oh? What if he just wants you dead?
REBEKAH: [shakes her head] No. However angry he is, I know my brother. Endless torment? Fine. But he will never let me die.

[Marcel sighs in frustration and starts to pace around, hating Rebekah's idea]

REBEKAH: So, all we have to do is just play this out. I try to go, you kill me...

[Marcel glares at her and points at her threateningly, but Rebekah presses on]

REBEKAH: And then... I wake up in my true body.

[Rebekah lunges for the door, but Marcel pushes her back, looking frantic and desperate]

MARCEL: Don't make me do this, alright? I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't back down, I won't be able to stop myself.

[Marcel is near tears, and looking at her with so much concern that Rebekah can't help but smile at him]

REBEKAH: Marcel Gerard! You really do care for me.

[She pauses for a moment and sighs when she sees how anxious and scared Marcel looks]

REBEKAH: Well, the least I can to is save you from the awful act itself.

[Before Marcel can react, Rebekah grabs a letter opener from the desk and stabs herself in the neck with it]


[He rushes over to her and catches her before she falls to the ground, but he's too late. Rebekah/Eva's body gasps and dies in his arms]


[Klaus is yelling at the top of his lungs as he continues to fight against Jackson and the werewolves]

Klaus: AHH!

[Various wolves lunge at him and attempt to tackle him, but Klaus just punches and kicks until they fall to the ground. Jackson rushes up behind him and punches him several times in the stomach and face until Klaus backhands him so hard that he flies backwards]

Klaus: [amused] Ah, you have gotten stronger! I reckon you've gone from a field mouse to a lapdog.
JACKSON: [glares at him] Come on, then.

[Jackson braces himself for a fight, but before either of them can make a move, Hayley vamp-speeds toward them and punches Klaus so hard he's spun in a circle. Klaus and Hayley start fighting each other, and when Jackson joins in to help her, they get the upper hand on him and knock him flat on his back on the ground. When they start kicking him, Klaus throws them so hard that they're both thrown several yards away. Before they can return to fighting, Dahlia arrives and breaks them up before standing at Klaus' side]

DAHLIA: Enough!

[Hayley looks at Klaus and Dahlia together before she realizes what is going on]

HAYLEY: Why is she with you, Klaus?
DAHLIA: Unlike some, he's doing what is best for his daughter.
HAYLEY: [enraged] I'm gonna skin you alive!

[Hayley lunges for Dahlia, but when Dahlia raises her arms and closes her eyes, Hayley's bones start to snap, and she's forced to fall onto the ground. After a moment, Jackson is affected by the spell as well, along with all of the other werewolves]

HAYLEY: [horrified] What are you doing to us?
Klaus: Oh, this? This was my idea-- stealing from Marcel the Crescent curse he once used on your pack. Dahlia was all too happy to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your hybrid nature. [He crouches down in front of Hayley, whose bones are snapping, and whose fangs are coming out involuntarily, just like all of her fellow wolves] Now, you will be trapped in wolf form, save for the full moon, leaving you very little time to cause any further mischief.

[Hayley and Jackson continue transforming painfully on the floor]

Klaus: And, because of the Unification ritual linking you to your pack, now they will share your fate, Queen.

[Hayley and Jackson scream in pain as their bones snap painfully. Meanwhile, on the road, Mary and Hope are in the car, driving away from the junkyard, when Mary begins to painfully transform into her wolf form as well. She's forced to pull over before she jumps out of the car and falls to the ground, leaving Hope alone in her car seat]

MARY: Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh, God!

[Back at the junkyard, Hayley is trying to plead with Klaus despite her agonizing pain]

HAYLEY: Please. Please don't do this, Klaus. She's gonna steal our baby.
Klaus: [angrily] It was you who tried to steal my child. And, for that, you will suffer.

[Hayley and Jackson are overwhelmed by their transformations and finally begin to shift into their wolf forms, growing fur and claws and the rest of their fangs]


[All of the witches of the nine covens are gathered in front of the lycée with lantern for Davina's ascension to Regent. Davina is dressed in a long, regal, teal cotton dress with a length of black ribbon tied around her neck, and she walks down the aisle toward the altar. Once she reaches the end of the aisle, Vincent hands her a large torch, which she carries with her to the front of the crowd to address them]

DAVINA: Fellow witches of New Orleans, the Ancestors call us here today to bear witness as I accept the role of Regent to our people. Should any among you have cause to argue my acceptance of this role, now is your final chance to speak.

[She pauses and waits for any opposition. Though the outspoken Elder from earlier still does not seem totally happy about this, she has no argument to make. After a moment, Davina smiles]

DAVINA: Then it's settled.

[Vincent smiles proudly at her as she takes the torch and uses it to light the oil that fills a stone basin at the front of the altar. Vincent steps forward and takes the torch from her, handing her a small blade to replace it]

DAVINA: Not too long ago, I was sacrificed by my own coven. Feeling betrayed, I sided with vampires against the very witches who lied to me. But tonight, I say, let the past be the past. From now on, we stand together against anyone who dare hold us down-- even Klaus Mikaelson himself. Here and now-- [She unsheaths her blade]-- begins the time of the witches.

[Davina cuts her palm with the blade and drips her blood into the fire, flinging the rest in so hard that it causes the fire to flare up. Davina then takes her place in the front of the aisle and looks out upon her covens]



[Klaus has finally tracked Mary's truck, which has been abandoned on the road with the door open after she was forced into her wolf form. When Klaus looks inside the backseat of the truck, he finds Hope sitting calmly and smiles]

Klaus: [smiles] Hey. Daddy's here! It's all gonna be okay, I promise.

[Suddenly, Dahlia appears behind him]

DAHLIA: And there she is.

[Klaus freezes for a moment before turning to face Dahlia, standing protectively in front of Hope. Dahlia realizes she may have come on too strong and tries to backpedal]

DAHLIA: Such a beautiful child.


[Cami awakens on the floor of the compound's courtyard, and is so dazed that it takes her a moment to realize what has happened. After a moment, she rolls over onto her side, her neck still bleeding from when he fed on her, and is transported into a flashback]


[Cami stands in front of Klaus, who caresses her cheek before lunging toward her and sinking his fangs in her neck]


[Suddenly, Klaus' voice echoes in Cami's head as he uses his vampire telepathy to communicate with her silently]

Klaus: Camille, do exactly as I say.


[Cami looks around for a moment until she finds Mikael's knife laying on the floor and picks it up. She rises to her feet and stumbles toward where Elijah is laying, still incapacitated by the pain of Papa Tunde's blade]


[In the present day, Dahlia is still talking to Klaus]

DAHLIA: I want to thank you for your hand in procuring her for me. It must not have been easy, betraying your family.
Klaus: I will not see my daughter handed over like the spoils of some war. [Dahlia looks confused] To that end, I remind you of your promise-- you will protect and mentor Hope, drawing from her only what power you require to keep her safe.


[Cami kneels down next to where Elijah is writhing on the floor, and grimaces for a moment before taking her knife and stabbing it forcefully into Elijah's chest. She uses it to slice Elijah's chest open as much as she can until she's finally able to remove Papa Tunde's blade from his chest. After a moment, Elijah recovers enough to jerk into a seated position, and Cami props him up with her arms]


[Dahlia and Klaus are still in a standoff]

DAHLIA: I will bond her to me first. Once I can channel Hope's power, I will be able to keep her safe from all harm-- always under my protection.
Klaus: [sneers] I think not.

[Dahlia looks at him, clearly alarmed by this reaction]


[Cami tries to explain to Elijah what happened]

CAMI: Elijah? [Elijah gasps in shock and pain] Elijah, you have to listen to me. He got in my head, he spoke to me.


Klaus: You offered an alliance that would benefit my daughter, and now you wish to link to her, even though you yourself still suffer from that sleep spell? I will not lose my daughter to that affliction.

[Dahlia sighs and struggles to remain patient in order to get Hope with the least amount of resistance]

DAHLIA: I will use her power to free myself, as I said!
Klaus: And if you fail? Or if Hope is not strong enough? [He looks back at Hope, who is still watching them calmly] She is, after all, but a child. I will not condemn her to your fate, not when there is so obvious an alternative.


CAMI: [breathless] This, all of this, it's a trick!

[Elijah, who is still recovering from his injuries, is panting frantically, overwhelmed by all of this information]

Elijah: You've lost your mind. He's lost his mind.
CAMI: He needs her to trust him, so he can do what he needs to do!


Klaus: If you require power to be immortal without the need to sleep for centuries, then why not channel one who already has eternal life?

[Dahlia seems conflicted by this offer, but Klaus smiles and continues on]

Klaus: Bond yourself to me, the immortal hybrid. Once your sleep spell is broken, then, and only then, may you link yourself to Hope.


[Cami is still attempting to explain this new development to Elijah, who is still not sure what to believe]

CAMI: He had to make it look convincing.
Elijah: [baffled] What? To... to... to what possible end?
CAMI: [takes a deep breath] He told me her secret. I know how we can kill Dahlia.

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