First Founders' Party is an event that was held in the original Lockwood Mansion at September 24, 1864. The next founders' party that was seen in 2009.


104-List of Guests

List of guests in Family Ties

Katherine and Stefan were dancing. Damon introduced George Lockwood because he was mayor's son and he just returned from the USA army.

Henry told Katherine that an unknown supernatural creature killed someone, but he was sure that vampires didn't have any part in it. He wanted to tell other vampires in town to leave it, but Katherine calmed him.

Then Katherine told George that she's a vampire and that she knows that he's a werewolf. Later, Stefan confessed his love and kissed Katherine even though he wasn't compelled. She refused Damon after that and was happy about the kiss.

Known attendees

Note: As seen on these documents.

  • Sheriff William Forbes
  • Charles Johnson
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Victoria Johnson
  • Patricia Harris
  • James Michael Harris
  • Donna Skinner
  • Thomas Michael Skinner
  • John Paul Jones
  • Lucille Ann Martin
  • Peter Martin
  • Charles Miller
  • Deborah Miller
  • Earl Miller
  • Margaret Miller

  • Lucille Moore
  • Patrick Moore
  • Deborah Newton
  • David Newton
  • Carol Robinson
  • Philip Robinson
  • Richard Robinson
  • Elizabeth Ann Taylor
  • Joseph Taylor
  • Alexander Thomas
  • Deborah Thomas
  • Michael Robert White
  • Nancy White



  • This event happened in Season Two episode Memory Lane (in a flashback).
  • Some of the attendees are named after famous people such as Elizabeth Taylor (Oscar winning actress) and Lucille Moore (One of the first woman science fiction and fantasy writers).
  • The last name Martin appears on the attendee list, whether there is a connection to the Martin witches of Season Two and these unseen attendees is unknown, unlikely but possible.
  • There are at least two other families listed, but is hard to make out, with one starting with either a T or an F being related to the Stevenson family, and the other with the last name of Carty.

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