[The scene begins in the south of France, where the five Mikaelson siblings (Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah) have fled following their transformation into vampires and their mother's death. On a road that cuts through a wooded area, a man drives a horse-drawn carriage with several other people in tow as Klaus narrates in voiceover]

KLAUS: [voiceover] In the beginning, we were so naive. Our mother had made us into beasts who fed on blood. But immortality was beyond our grasp, compulsion a trick we had yet to learn.

[The man driving the carriage stops his horse and hops down from the cart when he sees a wooden cart abandoned on the side of the road. He walks toward it to investigate what is going on]

KLAUS: [voiceover] All we knew was a fear of being hunted... That, and a terrible hunger.

[The man slowly approaches the cart and peeks inside. As he looks at the cart, he finds that the far corner is stained with quite a bit of blood]

KLAUS: [voiceover] So we ran, as a family. And when we needed to, as a family, we fed.

[Suddenly, the man is yanked away from the cart at vampire speed. Moments later, the scene cuts to a long-haired Elijah, who is in the middle of hiding the man's carriage with tree branches amidst the slurping sounds around him]

ELIJAH: [impatiently] Kol, are you quite done?

[Kol, who was feeding deeply on the man on the ground a few feet away, groans in exasperation and sits upright. Behind him, Rebekah, Klaus, and Finn have just finished feeding on the driver's companions and are dragging their bodies toward the cart]

KOL: Oh, bother, Elijah! Is all of this truly necessary?
ELIJAH: [frustrated] Brother, the road is a major thoroughfare-- if the bodies are found, word of our presence will spread to Mikael.
REBEKAH: [annoyed] We have run through autumn and winter, through sleet and snow... Are we cursed to forever live in fear of our father?
FINN: I should say yes, sadly.

[Elijah points at Finn in annoyance]

ELIJAH: Finn, please. Niklaus--

[Elijah looks over at Klaus, who is petting the carriage driver's horse, for backup in their argument. Rebekah continues to glare at Elijah]

REBEKAH: [unamused] Do we have any idea where we're running to next?

[Kol finally finishes feeding on the driver and drops his body on the ground before standing and walking toward his siblings]

KOL: [sighs] Why not just do what we've all thought of doing? Split up!

[Elijah, clearly not fond of this plan, grimaces as he continues to cover up their victims. Klaus finally speaks up and joins his siblings in their debate]

KLAUS: We swore a vow!
KOL: [loses his temper] Your vows haunt me more than Father himself! At least he can't chase us all. I say we take our chances.

[Klaus glares at Kol. Finn, looking torn between the two sides, hesitates before speaking]

FINN: Perhaps Kol is right--
KOL: [relieved] Thank you, Finn! Yeah, I've always said, "Oldest is the most intelligent--"
FINN: [cuts him off] --Stop talking--

[Finn turns to Elijah with a pleading expression before continuing on]

FINN: I take no joy in our assent, but I do wish to sleep in a bed. To bathe in a bath, to feed of proper food. If we divide--
ELIJAH: [interrupts him] No, brother-- Niklaus is right. We made a vow.

[He looks at Kol and Finn for a moment before moving so he's standing in the middle of his siblings]

ELIJAH: Family above all.

[Elijah turns so he can face Klaus, who looks exhausted]

ELIJAH: Always and forever.

[Klaus, touched by his support and loyalty, smiles weakly]


[In the present, Klaus is standing in the living room, where he's standing in front of the wall of painted portraits of each the Mikaelson siblings at some point in their history. He looks upset as he stares at the portrait of Elijah from what appears to be the Victorian Era, due to the fact that he's wearing a black top hat and a fine evening suit with a yellow vest]

KLAUS: [quietly] Always and forever, indeed.

[After a moment, Klaus turns and walks away]



[At the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, Freya is at the desk in the study, where she is writing a letter to Rebekah. She narrates in voiceover as the scene cuts to various locations while she catches her youngest sister up on what has been happening in New Orleans]

FREYA: [voiceover] My dear Rebekah, I hope this finds you well. I write to offer an update and ask for your advice.

[Downstairs in the dining room, Klaus and Elijah are sitting opposite of each other at the end of the table, staring at each other silently. Klaus looks amused and seems to be challenging Elijah to say something, but Elijah remains silent, his expression emotionless. After a moment, Elijah stands to his feet and leaves the room, glaring at Klaus the entire time. Just as Elijah is about to walk through the door, Klaus opens his mouth to speak, but decides not to say anything at the last moment]

FREYA: [voiceover] Our brothers remain at odds. Klaus will never apologize-- not for the blood he's shed, nor the suffering Hayley continues to endure-- and Elijah can never forgive him. Despite my efforts, we are a house divided. Which is not to say I have no good news...

[The scene cuts to ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, where what looks like a cage made of chain-link fence and reinforced steel has been placed in the middle of what used to be the main room. Inside the cage, Marcel is shirtless and fighting against an unknown man whose skills are not enough to defeat him]

FREYA: [voiceover] Niklaus kept his word-- Marcel controls the Quarter. There, he has founded a fight gym in the old St. Anne's Church where he tests the mettle of those who wish to join his vampire community.

[After Marcel defeats another potential vampire, he looks over at Elijah, who has just arrived at the gym in an uncharacteristic cutoff t-shirt and gym shorts and walks into the ring to join him]

FREYA: [voiceover] Elijah has begun joining him for sparring. I believe it helps him work through his anger... and he has much anger.

[The other vampires evacuate the ring and move to the sidelines to watch as Marcel and Elijah begin to fight each other]

[The scene cuts back to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Freya is sitting on the couch in the living room with a fussy and crying Hope. After a moment, Klaus comes into the room and picks up his crying daughter before rocking her on his hip to soothe her]

FREYA: [voiceover] While Hope continues to flourish, it is clear she misses her mother. Though Niklaus remains the doting father, he has been of no help in finding a cure for Hayley's curse.

[The scene cuts to THE BAYOU, where night has fallen and the full moon is bright in the sky. The cursed Crescent wolves transform into their human forms, allowing Hayley to meet up with Elijah, Freya, and Hope, the latter of whom Hayley immediately pulls into her arms and embraces tightly with a wide, though weary, smile]

FREYA: [voiceover] Despite my best efforts, I've yet to find the means to undo the spell placed on her and the Crescent wolves, and Hayley herself continues to struggle, unable to see her child except for one night a month during the full moon. And we're in no position to ask for outside help...

[The scene cuts to LAFAYETTE CEMETERY, where Marcel has just met up with a very tense Davina and are walking through the aisles of tombs together]

MARCEL: [pleadingly] Can you just hear me out?
DAVINA: [annoyed] No. Witches don't do favors for vampires, including daylight rings. Those are the rules.
MARCEL: An act of good faith will help keep the peace.

[Davina stops walking and turns back to him as she sighs in frustration]

DAVINA: The 9th Ward Coven thinks I'm a vampire sympathizer. I won't prove them right. You're on your own.
FREYA: [voiceover] Davina's rage at our family has only grown. And, as Regent of all covens, she is far too formidable to be swayed.

[Cut to the MIKAELSON COMPOUND, where Klaus is pacing around his study and ranting while Cami, who is seated in an armchair, takes diligent notes]

FREYA: [voiceover] Meanwhile, Niklaus has begun to see Camille for what he calls "their little chats." He claims a desire to amend his ways. In truth, he seems utterly free of remorse... which only drives Elijah further away.

[Back in the study, Freya finishes up her letter to Rebekah]

FREYA: [voiceover] I wonder if you would write me with any advice you have on how to heal their fractured bond. Until then, I remain your loving sister Freya.

[Freya picks up the letter and examines it for a moment before crumpling it up and gripping it tightly in her hands. She mutters an unintelligible spell under her breath for a moment until the letter disappears, having been magically sent to Rebekah wherever she is, before she smiles]


[Cami has walked into the bar, which has been temporarily converted into an art gallery and is now full of artwork on display. She looks around for a moment until Klaus appears and walks over to greet her]

KLAUS: [smiles] Camille! Thanks for coming.
CAMI: [confused] ...Why did you ask me to meet you here?
KLAUS: Well, I'd hoped we'd have one of our little chats, and I thought you might appreciate the change of venue.

[He spreads his arms wide and gestures around the room at all of the paintings and smiles nervously]

KLAUS: So, I'm allowing you a private tour... of my exhibition.

[Cami's eyes widen in realization]

CAMI: These are yours?

[Klaus chuckles and smiles as Cami looks around at his art]

KLAUS: I spent the better part of a millennia trying not to draw my father's attention. And now he's dead, and all those who stood against me have been vanquished... I see no reason the fruits of my labor should go unappreciated.

[Cami hesitates a moment before sighing and turning to face him]

CAMI: I didn't come here to appreciate art. If you want to talk about your progress as a person striving for empathy, fine. If not? I'll go.

[Klaus walks toward her as he looks at Cami with a mixture of amusement and confusion]

KLAUS: Have I offended you?
CAMI: [frustrated] I agreed to see you professionally.

[Klaus smiles widely at her, but Cami ignores him and continues]

CAMI: But I was very clear when I set our boundaries, and they don't include private art shows.
KLAUS: [smiles] Oh. Well, then, perhaps you prefer to escort me to tomorrow's opening?
CAMI: [sighs in exasperation] Call me if you want to talk.

[Cami walks away and is almost out the door when she realizes why Klaus really invited her there and stops suddenly]

CAMI: Wait-- you're worried no one else will come. Rebekah's gone, Marcel's angry, Elijah won't even look at you... You'll be alone.

[She walks toward Klaus and looks at him sympathetically]

CAMI: You're scared because the people you love are angry with you. Maybe you need to think about that.

[Klaus doesn't seem at all pleased by Cami's assessment of his feelings, but before he can say anything, Cami's phone buzzes, and she pulls it out of her purse to check it. Whatever she sees on the screen makes her frown in concern]

CAMI: [guiltily] I have to go.

[Cami turns and once again walks away, this time actually leaving the building]


[Cami has just met up with Vincent, and the two head down the street together to where several police cruisers are parked with their red and blue lights flashing. While they walk, Vincent catches her up on the details of the crime scene they're approaching]

VINCENT: [quietly] Okay, the thing you gotta understand is me and all the P.D. have a relationship that goes back to that nastiness with my ex-wife. I'm their expert in anything that even seems occult. And every so often, they come across the aftermath of some black magic and they call me in.

[Just then, the two walk into the nearby alley and are greeted by a male detective in a black leather jacket, who immediately addresses Vincent]

DETECTIVE: Is this your friend the shrink?

[Cami looks overwhelmed, but Vincent just smiles weakly and nods in confirmation]

DETECTIVE: Fantastic.

[The detective extends his hand to introduce himself, and Cami shakes it]

KINNEY: Will Kinney. Detective-- homicide.
CAMI: Cami O'Connell-- bartender, part-time shrink...

[Cami looks around the crime scene with a confused smile]

CAMI: ...Why am I here?
KINNEY: [frowns worriedly] Vince, show her the body. See if she can do what you said she can do.

[Will walks away, and once he's gone, Cami gives Vincent a look that says, "Are you kidding me?" Vincent rolls his eyes and leads her to the body as he explains more about why he called her here]

VINCENT: So, cops want a psychological profile, and, given what we've found, I'd say this is your area of expertise.

[The two walk past a dumpster, and when Cami sees the body, she immediately stops in her tracks and gapes at the horror in front of her. The victim is an adult man in a suit whose wrists and elbows have been suspended by ropes as though he is some macabre puppet whose arms are now spread wide. The victim's mouth has been slashed open nearly ear-to-ear, and blood has dripped down his face and onto the front of his shirt. Vincent looks over at Cami, who is still absolutely horrified and cannot take her eyes away]


[Freya is in one of the upstairs sitting rooms with Hope, and the two are sitting on a spread out blanket on the floor as they play with the various toys that surround them. Elijah is standing nearby in his usual suit as he watches them]

FREYA: [about Hope] She's getting bigger by the second.

[Elijah paces back and forth beside where Freya and Hope are playing]

ELIJAH: Thank you for all of your care.
FREYA: Tomorrow's the full moon. I can help you bring Hope to Hayley, if you'd like.
ELIJAH: That won't be necessary. You deserve a night off.

[Elijah smiles and kneels on the floor to play with Hope just as Klaus walks into the room to join them and jumps into their conversation unbidden. At the sound of his brother's voice, Elijah instantly scowls in anger]

KLAUS: I'd offer to accompany you myself, but I fear my fragile ego could not endure the litany of insults Hayley has no doubt prepared.
ELIJAH: [annoyed] Yes, I doubt that your presence is particularly welcome anywhere.
KLAUS: [feigns offense] My own brother, greeting me with such disdain!

[He turns to Freya to discuss Elijah as though he isn't even there]

KLAUS: What do you think, Freya? Is he still angry for my part in Hayley's curse? Need I remind him it was my ploy that kept her alive?

[Elijah spins on his heel to face Klaus and continues to glare at him, and Freya stands in preparation to mediate if necessary]

ELIJAH: [sarcastically] Of course, forgive me. So, you would call this an act of heroism even as you bask in her torment?
KLAUS: [unamused] Or perhaps I'd be more sympathetic if Hayley apologized. After all, it was her that tried to run off with my daughter.
FREYA: [frustrated] Oh, if you two must poke at one another, may I suggest doing it elsewhere?

[Elijah takes one last look at Hope before he walks out of the room without another word, leaving Klaus and an exasperated Freya behind. Freya goes to follow him out, but stops to make one last statement to her brother before she leaves]

FREYA: Nicely done. At this rate, you'll drive the entire family away.


[In flashback, Klaus, who has blood dripping from his mouth, looks down sadly at the man he's just fed on and killed, still gently holding his wrist in his hand. After a moment, Kol comes up behind him and smacks him playfully on the shoulder]

KOL: [smiles] Who's ready for the next course?

[Behind them, Finn looks at them and shakes his head exasperatedly]

FINN: You are all filthy gluttons!
KOL: And you remain ever the dullard.

[The camera pans back, revealing that the Mikaelson siblings have just fed on and killed another five people, though these victims appear to be wealthy and of high status, opposed to the commoners they fed on earlier. Rebekah is crouched over her victim, a woman wearing a blue velvet dress, which she strokes longingly before speaking]

REBEKAH: Such pretty clothes. What a shame they'll go to waste.

[Elijah rolls his eyes in frustration]

ELIJAH: [sighs] Rebekah, we have discussed this--
REBEKAH: You discussed this! None of us had any say in the matter! This lot were traveling somewhere-- their cart is full of silks and finery. Five of them, five of us. Wherever they were off to, why could we not simply go in their stead?
ELIJAH: Masquerade as nobles from a land we do not know and whose customs we cannot begin to understand? Ridiculous!
REBEKAH: [scoffs] You saw the castle down the road! It was practically a gala! If this bunch were headed there--

[She gestures at the bodies strewn across the ground around the five of them]

REBEKAH: Look at them! They're not any better than we are. We could live as they do! At least for a time.

[Elijah rolls his eyes and sighs in exasperation, but Rebekah is insistent]

REBEKAH: Think of it! Elijah, we can hide in plain sight. We could live ordinary lives--

[Suddenly, Elijah senses something and interrupts her]

ELIJAH: Silence.

[Elijah focuses his hearing and realizes there is someone nearby whose heart is still beating. He gestures toward their victims' cart, and the others follow him as he goes to examine it. He lifts up a blanket and flings it away, revealing a young, dark-haired man (Lucien) who is terrified to see them. He jumps out of the cart and attempts to flee, but Kol and Rebekah vamp-speed in front of him and block his way]

REBEKAH: [smiles] Well, aren't you a handsome one?
KOL: Looks like dessert to me...

[Kol stalks toward the man, who immediately raises his hands in a non-threatening manner and attempts to stop him]

LUCIEN: [terrified] Wait, wait, wait! I can help you!

[Rebekah looks at him curiously, and the man nervously continues]

LUCIEN: Now, I am- I am the personal servant to the Count de Martel, and the barriers that you just mentioned...? I was sent to escort these guests to his home for a lengthy stay. I know their customs, as well as the Count's habits. If you mean to pose as the family you've slaughtered here, then you'll need my help to carry out your ruse.

[Lucien looks at Elijah, whose face is emotionless, but Rebekah looks hopefully at her older brother]

REBEKAH: Please, can we keep him?
ELIJAH: Rebekah, no! What is our most important rule?
REBEKAH: [rolls her eyes] "Never leave alive anyone--"

[The others chime in and join her]

FINN, ELIJAH, KLAUS, & KOL: "--Who has seen what we are."
ELIJAH: Thank you very much. A practice that has served us very well indeed.

[Finn grabs Elijah by the shoulder and holds him back before he can kill the man]

FINN: She has a point! He may be of use.
KOL: Ah, a proper family squabble!

[Klaus raises his hand to silence him and walks over to join them]

KLAUS: Perhaps we should put it to a vote. All those in favor of letting him live?

[Rebekah and Finn raise their hands]

KOL: Those inclined to gut him?

[Kol and Elijah raise their hands. Klaus looks torn]

KOL: Oh, Nik. What shall it be?

[Klaus sighs and pauses for a moment before walking toward Lucien, who still looks terrified]


[A blonde female realtor is showing a very fancy apartment to a potential renter, and she walks around the main room as she describes it to him]

REALTOR: It's a no-brainer, really-- this penthouse is equipped with all the luxuries money can buy, and-- while the asking price may seem daunting-- rest assured that your view of New Orleans will be second-to-none!

[The renter turns around and smiles, revealing himself to be Lucien, the same servant who the Mikaelsons found hiding in the previous flashback]

LUCIEN: I do like it. And, as for the price...

[He walks closer to the realtor and brushes her long hair off her right shoulder to expose her neck]

LUCIEN: Now, nothing of worth comes without sacrifice, wouldn't you agree?

[The realtor is clearly overwhelmed and slightly uncomfortable by the intimacy of his touch and laughs nervously]

REALTOR: Mr. Castle...
LUCIEN: [smiles] Please, call me Lucien.

[Suddenly, Lucien snarls at her, revealing his fangs and vampire eyes, and the realtor is so frightened that she screams before he bites into her neck and begins to feed]


[Cami and Vincent are still in the alley off of the main street, where they're examining the body staged to look like a puppet. After a moment, Cami steps away to tell Vincent what she thinks]

CAMI: Well, I'm no forensic psychologist, but whoever did this took their time. He bled-- a lot-- which means he was alive... but it was like he just stood here.

[She gestures to the loose restraints on the victim's wrists and elbows]

CAMI: These ropes are just for display. He wasn't bound-- there are no marks on his wrists, no signs of struggling or clawing...

[Vincent looks at her with a weary expression]

VINCENT: He was compelled, Camille. Maybe Rich-Boy pissed off the wrong vampire.

[Cami does not seem happy with this possibility, but before they can discuss it further, Detective Kinney returns to get an update]

KINNEY: How are you guys doing over here? Tell me you got something.

[Cami, knowing she can't tell him the full truth, quickly begin to list some non-supernatural details]

CAMI: It seems methodical. Precise. The wounds might have a special meaning to the killer. Not a formal ritual, but intentional. And, the things we do on purpose, we tend to repeat.

[Kinney does not seem overly pleased with this information either as the three of them continue to study the body]


[Davina is standing on the front steps of the Lycée, where she is addressing a gathering of several dozen witch Elders from the nine covens]

DAVINA: Thank you for coming. I spent the night consulting our ancestors. They say we must remain strong and to defend our homes. But, for now, no covens are to expand into Gentily.

[The Elders do not seem to be at all pleased by this decision and begin to chatter amongst themselves, some of them shooting angry glares and scoffing at Davina, who continues her announcements]

DAVINA: This decision is to keep us from a violent turf-war with the vampires. And it's final.

[Some of the Elders roll their eyes, and one of them, a dark-haired woman named Kara Nguyen, scoffs loudly and pulls the hood of her sweater up before she turns to walk away, a move that immediately offends Davina]

DAVINA: Excuse me, Kara-- I did not dismiss you. Do not walk away from me!

[Kara mutters an incantation under her breath as she continues to walk away from them]

KARA: [chants] Est se que fracta doigt, est se que totum toi! .

[Suddenly, Davina's right wrist breaks, and she screams in pain as she clutches it with her uninjured hand. The crowd of Elders starts to murmur even louder to each other as Kara gestures with her hand as she leaves, causing a ring of fire to form around a clearly scared and overwhelmed Davina. After a moment, Davina begins to close her eyes and chant a spell that dispels the fire, but it's clear she's feeling embarrassed and angry]

DAVINA: [chants] Detere se deforum, detere se deforum.

[Once the fire is gone, tears fill Davina's eyes as the Elders all stare at her in shock]


[It's the next day, and Cami and Vincent have come to Marcel's new fight gym, where dozens of vampires are working out and sparring with each other. On the sidelines, Marcel is swiping through photos of the victim on Vincent's phone while he and Cami watch]

MARCEL: [sighs] Gnarly stuff.
VINCENT: Yeah. The guy was torn apart. I mean, there are no obvious puncture wounds, but whoever did that had to be a vampire.
CAMI: And nobody heard any screams, so he had to have been compelled to just stand there and suffer.
MARCEL: You think this was us? My guys know better than to leave a body in the streets.

[Vincent gestures around the room]

VINCENT: How well do you know your guys?
MARCEL: Dead bodies lead to headlines, which means tourism drops. We don't like to mess with the food supply.
CAMI: Marcel, maybe someone new lost control?
MARCEL: Maybe you guys should consider that my guys aren't the only vampires in town.
CAMI: [skeptically] You don't think this was Klaus.
MARCEL: Elijah says Klaus has been on his best behavior. I've known the guy over two hundred years-- best behavior ain't exactly his thing.

[Cami gulps nervously, but Vincent nods in agreement]

MARCEL: Sooner or later, he'll cut loose. Or maybe, he already did.

[Marcel turns and walks away, leaving a confused Cami behind to consider his words. She looks over at Vincent, who seems to agree with his argument]


[Klaus' art exhibition is underway, and though there are no familiar faces, he seems to have drawn a large crowd. One middle-aged man looks at the painting of Genevieve laying naked in his bed, which Klaus made in The Big Uneasy, and discusses the artwork with his two female companions]

ART CRITIC: It's a derivative fiasco-- little atmosphere, less technique. It's nothing more than a self-congratulatory ego trip.

[Nearby, Klaus is eavesdropping on the man's criticisms and watches him walk away. After a moment, Lucien appears out of nowhere and alerts Klaus his presence by speaking to him]

LUCIEN: I wouldn't expect you to host an art show without compelling the critics to speak your praise.
KLAUS: And I wouldn't expect an uncultured savage to crash such a formal affair.

[He smirks at Lucien, not unhappy to see him, and Lucien chuckles]

LUCIEN: Yeah, not my usual scene.

[He looks over at the art critic from earlier, who has moved on to another painting]

LUCIEN: Though, that mouthy blood bag does have a point. Your work is derivative--
KLAUS: [amused] Oh?
LUCIEN: Of Degas, I'd say. Although, I happen to know that you compelled Degas to mentor you. I always thought his work improved after your influence.

[Klaus gestures toward him and smiles]

KLAUS: Finally! Someone with an eye for art!
LUCIEN: Well, live long enough and you develop a taste for it... among other things.

[He lowers his voice and leans toward Klaus]

LUCIEN: Speaking of which, can we please have a drink? I am quite parched.

[Klaus laughs joyfully and throws his arm around Lucien's shoulders before leading him to the bar]


[It is still daylight out near Jackson's RV in the Bayou, where Hope is sitting in her stroller next to a picnic table. On the table, Elijah has set up quite a large feast for the Crescents in preparation for the full moon, which includes a meat and cheese platter, bread, sides, desserts and at least a dozen bottles of champagne. Hope coos at her uncle as he continues laying the table, but he immediately becomes tense when he hears the sound of someone approaching. When a truck pulls up, Elijah walks toward Hope protectively and shushes her as he watches a man with an assault rifle strapped to his chest step out of the vehicle and walk toward them]

HUNTER 1: Hell of a spot for a picnic.
ELIJAH: Yes, if you can tolerate the mosquitoes, it's actually rather serene.

[Elijah politely holds up a platter in offering, though it's clear he doesn't trust the men and is not at all happy to be dealing with them]

ELIJAH: Finger sandwich?
HUNTER 1: Trouble is, you're trespassing. This whole area is now property of Kingmaker Land Development. In two years, it's gonna be golf courses and condos.

[Two other similarly armed men join the first across from Elijah, who is not the least amused by this news]

ELIJAH: I take it you're not on the Board of Directors.
HUNTER 1: Uh, my team and I are in... animal control. There's been an influx of wild predators. My boss pays, uh, top dollar to wipe them out.
ELIJAH: [narrows his eyes] Wild predators?
HUNTER 1: Wolves, if you could believe it. Killed a half dozen last night.

[Elijah casually turns Hope's stroller around so it's facing away from the men and their guns, not wanting her to see what's to follow. The hunter holds his assault rifle into the air for emphasis]

HUNTER 1: And this baby can take a head clean off.

[Elijah smiles fakely at the man, and once he's sure Hope can't see the carnage that is about to ensue, he steps toward the hunters]

HUNTER 1: Anyway, I'm gonna have to ask you to clear out ASAP.

[The man makes the mistake of clapping Elijah on the shoulder, which leads to Elijah grabbing him by the arm and spinning him around, twisting his arm so hard behind his back that the bones snap loudly. The other two hunters immediately raise their guns so they're aimed at Elijah, but he easily vamp-speeds toward them, disarms them, and shoves them so hard they fall flat on their backs on the ground. Hunter 1, whose broken arm is cradled against his chest, uses his rifle as a crutch so he can stand to his feet, just as Elijah walks back over to him, snatches his gun, throws it aside, and grabs him in a choke-hold. Elijah then stares him directly in the eyes]

ELIJAH: [compels him] Call off your men. You leave this place. You find another line of work. No more dead wolves.
HUNTER 1: I'm just an independent contractor. There are other teams out there. I don't have the authority to--

[Displeased, Elijah snaps the man's neck before he can say anything more and drops him onto the ground, looking furious about this development. Meanwhile, Hope happily plays with a small stuffed toy and stares into the woods]


[The Mikaelsons, led by Lucien, have arrived at the castle in the fine clothes of their earlier victims, where some sort of celebration is underway. All of the newcomers look nervous as they take in the grand interior of the castle, and Lucien fills them in on the details they need to know to blend in effectively as he gestures toward the Count, who is sitting on his throne at the far side of the room]

LUCIEN: There. See the Count de Martel? You address him as "Your Grace." All the other nobles as "my lord." And, when you speak to the Count, you should speak of hunting. He loves his horse and his hounds.

[He respectfully looks sideways at Rebekah, who is so anxious she looks as though she may throw up]

LUCIEN: And, bow deep, Lady Rebekah. The Count relishes a... healthy cleavage.

[Rebekah nods, gulping nervously and when Lucien sees Finn, Kol, and Klaus looking above them at the ceiling, he becomes even more worried]

LUCIEN: And, for God's sake, stop looking up!

[Lucien quickly pushes away a stray hair that has fallen from Kol's ponytail and anxiously leads them toward the Count's throne. Behind him, Kol leans forward to smile and whisper in Lucien's ear]

KOL: Touch me again, and I'll tear your arm straight off.
FINN: [annoyed] Behave, Kol, or I'll bury you in the ground to rot.
REBEKAH: [looking pale] This isn't going to work, is it?
LUCIEN: Just speak as we practiced... And know that you look lovely, my lady.

[Rebekah smiles at him in appreciation as Klaus turns to whisper to Elijah]

KLAUS: Are you worried, brother?
ELIJAH: We're placing our lives in the hands of a stranger, Niklaus.

[The group finally makes it to the throne of Count de Martel, and Lucien bows dramatically in front of him before making introductions]

COUNT DE MARTEL: Lucien, you were sent to fetch the Count de Guise!
LUCIEN: Indisposed, my Grace. [He pauses awkwardly] Gout.

[Lucien gestures to the Mikaelson siblings behind him before stepping aside so they can come forward]

LUCIEN: May I present his children? The Lords Finn, Niklaus, Elijah, and Kol.

[He points to each of the men in turn, who bow their heads respectfully to him, before Lucien turns to introduce Rebekah]

LUCIEN: Also, the lovely Lady Rebekah.

[The Count looks at the Mikaelsons suspiciously and stands to his feet as he approaches them]

COUNT DE MARTEL: Your father never mentioned you to me in all our dealings.

[The siblings look nervously at each other for a moment before Elijah finally gets his bearings and steps forward to address him]

ELIJAH: Yes, Your Grace, do forgive us. Father was forever distant with his travels, and, uh, we were largely raised by servants. However, I do know that Father would consider it a glorious honor that we should be introduced to society by your noble hand, Your Grace.

[Elijah bows to him, and Klaus, feeling more confident, walks toward the Count as well]

KLAUS: Your Grace, I look forward to hearing tales of your hunting escapades!

[He turns back and gestures to Rebekah]

KLAUS: May I present our sister?

[Rebekah gulps anxiously and steps forward, smiling as widely as her nerves will allow]

REBEKAH: Rebekah de Guise de Rockfort Francais.

[Knowing what Lucien told her earlier, Rebekah bows so deeply that the Count gets a very good look at her bosom (and Esther's Talisman), which satisfies him quite a bit]

REBEKAH: Charmed.

[Realizing that they have successfully made their way into the castle, Klaus smiles and looks over at Lucien, who looks relieved]

[Later, at the party, Lucien is standing at the side of the room when Klaus approaches him to talk to him]

KLAUS: You've proven to be an immense help.
LUCIEN: [bashfully] Oh. Of course, my lord.
KLAUS: Though, I must say, you don't seem at all disturbed about leading us into your master's home.

[Lucien sighs nervously and looks over at Count de Martel, who is across the room talking to Elijah]

LUCIEN: My master is a cruel drunkard who torments his minions for sport. Beggars who seek supper. Vassals who cannot pay a debt... like my own father.
KLAUS: [nods in understanding] Ah.

[Lucien suddenly becomes angry]

LUCIEN: All these gentile folk, behind their silks and their jewels, are slavers. Killers. Whatever evil you are, you walk among greater evil still.

[Klaus, impressed by his passion, looks at Lucien curiously, but Lucien just looks at the Count bitterly]

LUCIEN: What do I care if you kill the lot of them?

[Suddenly, the attendants of the party begin to whisper amongst themselves as a man and a woman enter the room. Klaus turns to see what everyone is talking about and is immediately taken by the beauty of the woman before turning back to Lucien]

KLAUS: [curiously] Who are they?

[The two watch as the man and woman walk across the room to greet the Count]

LUCIEN: Oh, the Count's children-- the Lord Tristan and the Lady Aurora.
KLAUS: She is exquisite.

[Aurora catches Klaus' eye, which doesn't escape Lucien's notice. He seems surprised at this for a moment before recovering. Both Klaus and Lucien continue to stare intently at her as she greets various nobles throughout the room with Tristan]

LUCIEN: Ah, yes. Um, as her brother is wicked, might I suggest that you avoid them completely?
KLAUS: But would she really be a threat, even to one like me?
LUCIEN: The Lady Aurora doesn't need teeth to tear a man's soul out-- one only need stare in her eyes to be lost.
KLAUS: [chuckles] Ah.

[Lucien looks at her with such longing that it's obvious he has feelings for her, but Klaus is too absorbed in his own thoughts of her to take notice]


[Lucien and Klaus are at the bar in the club, where they are reminiscing about their past as they drink copious amounts of liquor]

LUCIEN: Oh, Kol! Kol was a bloody loon! I loved it!

[Klaus laughs hysterically]

LUCIEN: But Finn! Oh, Finn-- Finn was fine... as long as you didn't actually have to speak to him.
KLAUS: Have you spoken to her?
LUCIEN: [confused] Who?

[Klaus raises his eyebrows suggestively, and Lucien suddenly realizes who he's talking about]

LUCIEN: Oh, you mean her.

[Lucien seems to be momentarily choked up at the memory]

LUCIEN: As you well know, Aurora and I parted ways centuries ago.

[Klaus looks as though he's about to say something, but before he can, he sees Cami walk into the club. A server offers her a glass of champagne]

SERVER: Champagne?
CAMI: [waves a hand] No, thanks.

[Klaus claps Lucien on the shoulder and starts to walk toward her]

KLAUS: Please, excuse me, there's someone I need to speak to.
LUCIEN: [intrigued] Hmm!

[He turns to see where Klaus is going]

LUCIEN: Anyone tasty?
KLAUS: [smirks] Stay here. Behave yourself!
LUCIEN: Always!

[Klaus walks over to where Cami is standing and greets her]

KLAUS: I suppose later is better than never, but you are late, indeed.
CAMI: I'm not here for the show. I have a problem, and you weren't answering your phone.

[She notices Lucien drinking a glass of wine at the bar, and when he sees her looking at him, he stares back at her curiously. Cami then turns back to Klaus, looking unamused]

CAMI: Who's the dirtbag eyeing me like I'm a rack of lamb? Old friend?
KLAUS: [hesitates] Old acquaintance. Nothing more.

[Feigning offense, Lucien calls out to them from the bar room]

LUCIEN: "Old acquaintance?" You wound me!
CAMI: [quietly] He can hear us? Is he a--
LUCIEN: [interrupts her] --Hard-of-hearing? Quite the opposite, actually. Side effect I inherited from Nik.
KLAUS: [mildly annoyed] We can discuss my discourteous friend Lucien at our next little chat. For now, let's preserve your precious boundaries, shall we?

[As they talk, Lucien continues to eavesdrop on them from the other room]

CAMI: [frustrated] Someone tortured and killed a local. Left the body right out in the open. I think it was a vampire.
KLAUS: [snidely] Yes, well, vampire business is now Marcel's purview. Or Elijah's, when he's not busy loathing me. By all means, check with them.

[Cami looks a little hurt and stares at him intently]


[At the MAISON BOURBON CLUB, night has fallen, and the bar is packed with patrons who are drinking heavily and dancing to the loud music playing from the stereo. On the bar is Freya, along with several other women, who are dancing and laughing and having a good time. Freya quickly drinks a shot of alcohol, and only stops dancing when her phone rings. It's Elijah, calling from THE BAYOU as he waits with Hope. She answers the phone, plugging her free ear with her hand so she can hear him over the music]

FREYA: Hello?
ELIJAH: [bemused] Did I misinterpret the kind of exhibition you're attending?
FREYA: I switched venues! Aren't you the one who said I deserved the night off?
ELIJAH: Forgive me. Someone needs to watch Hope. I have an errand to run.

[Freya smiles and starts bopping to the music as she talks to Elijah]

FREYA: How ominous! What errand?
ELIJAH: [sighs] A necessary evil.

[Elijah looks down at Hope and smooths her hair]

ELIJAH: I would rather my niece not bear witness.
FREYA: Fair enough. Give me a minute, I have an idea.

[Freya hangs up and gets ready to leave ROUSSEAU's. Meanwhile, at THE BAYOU, Elijah looks around to make sure no one bad is in the area]


[The art show is over and the club is empty, save for Klaus, who is sullenly drinking a glass of wine as he stares at the painting he made in Moon Over Bourbon Street. After a moment, Lucien approaches him]

LUCIEN: Your pretty friend seems to have fouled your mood.

[Klaus continues to chug his wine]

LUCIEN: Why don't we go out? Paint the town... red, et cetera, et cetera.

[Klaus finally finishes off his wine before turning to Lucien, looking aggravated and slightly overwhelmed, which seems to frighten him a bit]

KLAUS: Lucien-- what are you really doing in my city?

[Lucien looks momentarily embarrassed to be called out by Klaus, and he hesitates before speaking]

LUCIEN: News has spread, old friend. Every vampire in the world knows you've been attacked. A number of times, nearly killed.

[Klaus, clearly unhappy to hear someone say this, rolls his eyes and snarks back sarcastically]

KLAUS: Oh, well, I can assure you that all those who stood against me ended up either desiccated, dust, or dinner.

[Lucien laughs nervously and paces around]

LUCIEN: Yes, but... what if it had gone the other way, hmm? When Finn was killed, we all learned the truth-- the life of every vampire is linked back to the Original who begat the line. Kol's death confirmed it. Two entire lines of vampires wiped out! As you can imagine, the threat level doesn't sit well with those of us who remain.
KLAUS: [unamused] Anyone fearing death as a result of my demise should come see me! I'll be happy to reassure them.
LUCIEN: [nervously] Of course. You and your siblings are mighty, indeed. Though, the attacks on you show that you are not completely invulnerable. While you've wallowed in your family affairs, your progeny have grown somewhat... restless. The world is a finite place, territory limited. And even ancient vampires are not above vicious turf-wars. What if I told you there's a growing conflict between the remaining three sirelines?

[Klaus looks scared but tries to hide it, and when he opens his mouth to speak, Lucien cuts him off]

LUCIEN: Suppose one of them wanted to annihilate the other? By killing Elijah? Rebekah? You?
KLAUS: [skeptically] So, you came all this way to deliver a warning?
LUCIEN: Think about it! Kill an Original, wipe out an entire line of competition! A tempting goal, made more so by the fact that your family is divided and thus weaker than you have ever been!

[Klaus, not willing to hear any more aspersions against the strength of himself and his family, gets in Lucien's face and hisses at him]

KLAUS: My family is hardly weak! In fact, we are unkillable-- the last of the white oak is gone.

[Lucien narrows his eyes at Klaus skeptically]

LUCIEN: Are you so certain it's all gone? Every last splinter of it? Vanished for good?

[Klaus smirks at him before grabbing him by the back of the neck and squeezing it threateningly]

KLAUS: Lucien, if you had even the slightest inkling any fragment of white oak still existed, of course you would tell me.
LUCIEN: Easy, Nik.

[He takes Klaus' hand and pulls it off his neck]

LUCIEN: You are my sire. My fate is linked to yours. If you want to know what I do about the dangers you now face, trust me enough to come with me. There is something that you must see.


[At Marcel's new fight gym, he's standing outside the cage while two vampires (or potential vampires) spar with each other in the ring. A moment later, he sees a small person in a black cloak with the hood over their face walking past the other side of the cage and up the stairs to the attic. Suspicious, Marcel follows them upstairs and walks into Davina's old attic room]

MARCEL: I'd ask if everything was okay, but you wouldn't be here if it were.

[The person flips back their hood, revealing that it is Davina herself, who turns to face Marcel]

DAVINA: You know, I was bored out of my mind when I lived up here? I don't miss it, but things were a lot simpler.

[She picks up a paintbrush by the nearby table and turns it nervously in her hands]

DAVINA: And at least I felt safe.
MARCEL: [displeased] What happened?
DAVINA: I was attacked. One of my own people tried to use a spell to ruin my hands. What's next, my eyes? My heart? They hate me-- I knew that. But, I didn't think they would just revolt.
MARCEL: Witches in New Orleans have a habit of getting homicidal, alright? Why do you think I was so hard on them?
DAVINA: But I'm Regent. They should respect me! I didn't sign up for this.
MARCEL: Sure you did! You chose to be their leader. The target on your back? It comes with the job.
DAVINA: So, what do I do?
MARCEL: Say the word, alright? Me and my guys--
DAVINA: [cuts him off] You'll what? They see me siding with you against my own kind, I'll just be proving them right.
MARCEL: [frustrated] D, someone came at you! It might be one today, but if you sit back and do nothing, by tomorrow, there'll be more. You gotta respond with a show of force. If not me, find another way, but it's got to be done.

[Davina considers Marcel's words for a moment and seems to be getting an idea]


[Elijah and Hope are sitting on the porch of Hayley's old shack when Freya magically appears in front of him, as though she had teleported there. The two nod curtly at each other in understanding before Elijah vamp-speeds away to run his errand. Freya walks toward Hope and kneels in front of her]

FREYA: Hello, sweetie. You'll have to excuse your Auntie Freya, I've had a few big-girl drinks tonight.

[Hope stretches her arms above her head in her stroller as her eyes begin to flutter, and after a moment, she falls fast asleep]

[Meanwhile, Elijah finally stops speeding when he gets into the woods and immediately begins looking around for any danger. A few feet in front of him, he finds a steel-jawed animal trap that was presumably set up by one of the other hunting parties. Annoyed, Elijah breaks the trap apart with his hands in hopes the noise will draw them to him. Sure enough, a moment later, another one of the same group of hunters from earlier appears behind him, also holding an assault rifle strapped to his chest like his peers]

HUNTER 2: What the hell are you doing?

[Elijah turns to face him, feigning surprise at his arrival]

ELIJAH: Oh my goodness, where are my manners? Permit me to explain--

[Elijah vamp-speeds toward the hunter and disarms him of his gun before throwing him to the ground. When another hunter rushes after him, Elijah takes Hunter 2's gun and throws it at him like a javelin, causing the barrel of the gun to impale him in the chest, killing him. Hunter 2 starts to crawl away, but Elijah easily catches up with him and pulls him up by the back of his shirt]

ELIJAH: Lesson one of the hunt--

[Elijah grabs the man in a choke-hold and holds him high above his head]

ELIJAH: --Lay the bait.

[Elijah brings Hunter 2's body down onto the ground, slamming his foot into another one of their steel-jawed traps so it clamps down on his ankle]

HUNTER 2: [yells] AHHHHH!

[Elijah adjusts the cuffs of his dress shirt before he notices that three laser sights are pointed right at his chest. He looks up to find three more hunters approaching him and chuckles in amusement]

ELIJAH: How precious! Just in time for lesson two.

[He takes one last look into the horizon before he vamp-speeds toward the oncoming hunters]


[Klaus and Lucien arrive at his new apartment complex, where they approach a pair of ornately carved and decorated front doors. Lucien turns back to Klaus before opening the doors to allow him entry into the home he essentially stole from the realtor he killed earlier]

LUCIEN: [smirks] Please excuse the mess! I've been entertaining.

[The two walk into Lucien's apartment, which is full of loud music and fancily-dressed people partying together. Some of them are vampires who are feeding on their human companions]

KLAUS: [amused] Well, you never were one for subtlety.

[Lucien leads Klaus into the master bedroom, where someone has set up a nearby table with what looks like spell materials, including lit white candles, various animal bones, and bowls full of herbs. Klaus looks at Lucien skeptically]

KLAUS: You brought me here to have a seánce?

[Lucien closes the door behind them]

LUCIEN: Something like that.

[A woman walks slowly into the room, and Lucien gestures toward her]

LUCIEN: I present my personal forecaster, the lovely Alexis.
KLAUS: [to Alexis] Don't tell me you're here to scry some future portents of my doom?
LUCIEN: [rolls his eyes] Alexis is no back-alley palm-reader. She's an expert cipher-- patterns, trends, cycles... She does exceptionally well on the stock market, and never fails to guess the winner of The Bachelorette.

[Alexis walks over to Klaus and strokes his chest seductively as Lucien watches them. After a moment, she spreads her palm over his chest and focuses on it]

KLAUS: [smirks] Touch forward, isn't she?
ALEXIS: I've heard so much about you. The famous hybrid. Your ancient heart beats strong indeed for someone in such danger.
KLAUS: [smiles fakely] If you have a warning to deliver, love, best get on with it.

[Alexis shrugs, and Lucien helps her take off her shawl, revealing the black cocktail dress underneath]

ALEXIS: By all means! But, if you want the most from the experience, I suggest you feed on me. As you do, I'll allow you into my mind.

[She brushes her hair off of her neck, baring her throat to him]

ALEXIS: You can see for yourself.

[Klaus laughs, and Lucien lifts Alexis' wrist to his mouth]

LUCIEN: Come on, how long has it been since we shared a real drink?

[Lucien bites into her wrist and starts to feed, and Klaus, not to be outdone, bites into her neck. Though Alexis winces at first as they feed on her blood, she soon smiles as she begins speaking her prophecy in a low voice while they see the visions in her mind for themselves. She continues speaking the prophecy in voiceover as they get flashes of her visions]

ALEXIS: [voiceover] Drink deep, but beware-- what you broke is past repair.

[The vision cuts to the Mikaelson compound's dining room, which has lit candles on the table and is set for a meal, but otherwise, the room is empty. Suddenly, Klaus appears and stands up at the end of the table to address Elijah, who is frowning and standing at the other end. Lucien sits on the left side and watches silently. Then, the table is shown to be completely trashed, and the room is darkened]

ALEXIS: [voiceover] All your oaths you betrayed, your sacred vows you've severed. And now you see that nothing last for always and forever.

[The vision cuts over to the Mikaelson compound's living room, to where the wall of painted portraits of the Mikaelson siblings hang. The painting of Elijah from earlier is suddenly splashed by a fount of blood, which runs down the length of the painting, obscuring his face]

ALEXIS: [voiceover] Three yet remain, two already crossed-- yet, in one year's time, you'll all be lost.

[The vision cuts to a scene from The Brothers That Care Forgot, where Elijah got so upset at comments about Rebekah made by Finn (who was still possessing Vincent) that he threw him on the table and fed on him]

ALEXIS: [voiceover] As your family is undone, you will seed the beast that is to come.

[The vision flashes to what looks like a witch's grimoire, which is open to a page full of magical symbols and instructions, before cutting over to what looks like a very muscular man, who opens his mouth to growl, revealing extremely long and sharp fangs unlike any vampire seen thus far]

[Once Alexis' prophecy has been spoken, Klaus immediately stops feeding from her and grabs her in a choke-hold, causing Lucien to stop feeding as well and wipe the blood from his face]

KLAUS: [angrily] You think you can fool me with bad poetry and parlor tricks?
ALEXIS: [unamused] My visions are conjured from you. The threat you face will be more clear the longer I am in your presence. Kill me, and you'll never see what's coming.

[Klaus looks at Lucien, who seems worried, and after a moment, Klaus reluctantly lets go of her, though he continues to scowl angrily at her]


[One of the hunters is stumbling quickly through the woods in an attempt to run for his life, but he trips and falls onto the ground. When he looks around, he sees that many of his fellow hunters have been slaughtered and gets so scared he immediately starts to run again. Unfortunately for him, he runs straight into Elijah, who looks furious]

ELIJAH: You will provide me with the precise location of every last one of those vulgar traps, as well as the routes used by any of your other men.
HUNTER 3: [stutters nervously] I-I don't know--

[Before Elijah can react, a very naked, thin, brown-haired woman appears and lunges for Hunter 3, tackling him and clawing him viciously until she either knocks him out or kills him. Elijah looks stunned to see her]

ELIJAH: [murmurs] Hayley...

[The girl turns toward Elijah, revealing that she is not, in fact, Hayley, but another one of the female Crescent wolves who has returned to their human form for the full moon. She stares at Elijah blankly, and he considerately maintains eye contact with her, looking slightly embarrassed]

ELIJAH: Forgive me, I thought--
CRESCENT WOLF: I know who you thought I was.
ELIJAH: [worriedly] Do you know where she is?
CRESCENT WOLF: Judging by what these hunters did... The traps they set, and the blood I saw? If she's not with her daughter, she's probably dead.

[Elijah looks horrified by the thought and gulps nervously]


[Cami and Vincent are in Cami's living room, where he's looking at the crime scene photos of their murder victim]

VINCENT: You seem pretty convinced Klaus had nothing to do with it. Now, that only leaves--

[Cami walks in and hands him a beer before sitting across from him and opening her own]

VINCENT: --Thank you-- A couple hundred vampires in the Quarter.
CAMI: [sighs] That's the thing-- even if we figure out who killed this guy, then what? It's a vampire. What are the police gonna do?

[Vincent sighs and rubs his temple in frustration, knowing that she's right]

CAMI: We'd be sending the arresting officers to get slaughtered, and if we warned them, we get locked up for being insane.
VINCENT: [nods] That's New Orleans. Our city, our streets? Not our fault, but it is our problem.

[The two sit in silence for a moment until Cami's phone buzzes. She checks the caller ID and frowns in confusion before answering it. It's Detective Will Kinney, calling from another alley in the FRENCH QUARTER, surrounded by police cruisers with their lights flashing]

CAMI: Hello?
KINNEY: Hey, it's Kinney. Wanted to let you know you were right.

[Cami gives Vincent a significant look]

KINNEY: It happened again. So, if you're not busy, I could use your brain.

[Kinney looks behind him at the newest victim, who is another dark-haired man in a fancy suit whose mouth has been slit-open from ear to ear and whose body has been staged like a marionette puppet, just like the first victim from earlier]

CAMI: [gulps nervously] Yeah, of course.


[Lucien, Klaus, and Alexis are still in his master bedroom. Lucien kisses the palm of Alexis' left hand, just above where he had fed from her wrist earlier, and smiles at her affectionately before walking toward Klaus. Alexis silently walks away and leaves them to talk]

LUCIEN: I told you-- something is coming. You'll need me.

[Klaus immediately becomes enraged by this statement and groans angrily before throwing him against the nearby wall]

KLAUS: [shouts] I AM KLAUS MIKAELSON! I don't need anyone, nor will I be warned by lesser men!

[Lucien narrows his eyes at Klaus in annoyance as Klaus leans forward until his face is only inches from Lucien's]

KLAUS: [whispers] I am the thing lesser men fear!
LUCIEN: [smirks] Then act like it!

[Lucien chuckles and walks past Klaus, who seems both hurt and angry at this reaction]

LUCIEN: Instead of doting on your pretty human girls and pouting about your family's disapproval! Yes, you are Klaus Mikaelson! You are the most ruthless, wicked beast to ever live!

[Lucien points at Klaus and pokes him in the chest hard with his index finger]

LUCIEN: I came here to remind you of that. Because, quite frankly, I've been worried that you've lost a step.
KLAUS: [growls] I need no reminding of who I am. That truth has been clear to me for a thousand years.
LUCIEN: And, in those years, you've acquired countless enemies. And, with the sirelines at war, you now have mine as well.

[Lucien walks over to the window and looks out at the city as he leans against the wall]

LUCIEN: Anyone who would kill me can now come after you. And, since I have so many rivals, and because I do not want to die, I beg you-- let me help you! From now on, I'm the only one you can trust!

[Klaus considers this for a moment and hesitates before finally speaking]

KLAUS: [quietly] I don't trust anyone.


[Elijah is walking through the woods, stepping over the bodies of the killed hunters as he does so, until he finally comes upon their truck. He walks around to the truck bed, which has been covered by a tarp. Looking very worried, he hesitates for a moment before finally throwing back the tarp, revealing at least a half-dozen dead werewolves who had been killed before they could return to their human form at the peak of the full moon. The sight of them horrifies Elijah so deeply that he begins to hyperventilate as he tries to catch his breath, worried that Hayley could be one of them]


[Marcel is shirtless and in track pants inside the cage, where he is sparring with Vincent, clad in a tank-top and jeans. Marcel easily hits him so hard that Vincent was thrown backward onto the floor, and he coughs hard several times as he struggles to get back on his feet]

VINCENT: I thought you said no vamp-speed, Marcel?
MARCEL: Come on, Vincent! If I move any slower, I'll be going in reverse!

[Vincent lunges toward Marcel to hit him, but though Marcel blocks the first attempt, Vincent is able to punch him in the face before he grabs him by the arm and spins him until he is flung toward the wall of the cage]

MARCEL: [impressed] Oooh, fighting angry! 'Cause they found that second dead body?

[Vincent stops for a moment and sighs, his back turned to Marcel, who gets in fighting position and walks toward him]

MARCEL: Still think it was my guys? Huh?

[Marcel playfully and gently taps Vincent in the back with his fist, and Vincent finally turns to face him, quickly throwing a punch that Marcel dodges without effort before tripping Vincent and causing him to fall on the ground. Vincent groans in pain as he pulls himself back on his feet]

VINCENT: Ughhhh. Doesn't matter what I think, Marcel-- news breaks there's a killer loose in the Quarter, tourism is gonna drop. And who are your vampires gonna feed on then? Locals? No!

[He taps Marcel lightly on the chest with his knuckles to emphasize his point]

VINCENT: Not unless they want a war with the covens!

[Vincent catches Marcel off-guard and punches him hard in the face, but Marcel recovers quickly and pushes him into the chain-link fence wall behind him. Marcel then points at Vincent and smiles fakely as he walks toward him, his fists up in preparation to continue their fight]

MARCEL: Speaking of covens-- you remember Davina? Girl you were supposed to mentor?

[Vincent dodges Marcel's punch, but is unable to avoid Marcel's leg as it swings forward and kicks him hard in the thigh, causing him to double over and massage his muscle to relieve the pain]

VINCENT: [groans] AHHH!

[He catches his breath before continuing]

VINCENT: I offered her my advice months ago-- I told her to make peace at all costs. She refused me, alright? That girl's got a bigger chip on her shoulder than you do!

[He swings another punch at Marcel, but Marcel dodges it, punching him in the stomach and shoving him against the wall once again before pointing at him aggressively]

MARCEL: You dragged her into this! You should be helping her out. These witches keep messing with her, she's gonna get angry. You think that's gonna end well for anyone?

[Marcel stares at Vincent, who seems to see his point as he tries to recover from their sparring session. Before Marcel walks away, he punches Vincent hard in the shoulder one last time, leaving Vincent to consider what he's just learned]


[In the tomb where Esther once held Elijah captive last season, Hayley awakens in her naked human form on the floor to find that she's trapped in a magical circle made of salt and is surrounded by lit white candles. She looks both confused and worried as she looks around to figure out where she is, and she yelps when she hears footsteps approaching her]


[Davina appears beside her, looking unamused as she holds a bundle in her hands]

HAYLEY: [angrily] What the hell am I doing here? Why am I trapped?

[Davina rolls her eyes and throws the bundle at her, which is revealed to be a blanket for Hayley to use to cover herself up]

DAVINA: I used magic to draw you here and to keep you a captive audience.

[Hayley uses the blanket to cover her front and stands to her feet, looking even more furious than before]

HAYLEY: Davina, I need to see my daughter.
DAVINA: [calmly] I'm sorry, but there's something I need you to do for me first.

[Hayley, not at all impressed, glares at Davina angrily]


[Cami returns to her apartment through the front door after examining the crime scene and is startled to see that the back door, which is in her bedroom, is ajar. When she senses someone nearby, she becomes more concerned]

CAMI: [anxiously] Who's there?

[Klaus appears behind her, smiling in amusement as he holds a small painting in his hands]

KLAUS: You're on edge.

[Cami yelps and turns to face him, not at all happy to see him in her apartment]

CAMI: Ahh!

[She catches her breath, looking flustered]

CAMI: And you're... trespassing! You can't just come-- I mean, Klaus, seriously!
KLAUS: I didn't come here to quarrel, I came here to offer a gift.

[He places the small painting onto the nearby desk, propping it up against a lamp as Cami rolls her eyes in exasperation]

KLAUS: Maybe it exchange for one of our little chats, which I'm in particular need, given as my brother doesn't bother to answer his calls, and now my old mate Lucien swanned into town with all manner of troubling news--
CAMI: [interrupts him] Fine. If you want to talk it through, come back tomorrow.

[Klaus sits down on her couch, his back to her, and sighs nervously]

KLAUS: I'm afraid I need to talk about it now.
CAMI: [frustrated] No. No! You don't get to just come into my house uninvited!

[Klaus stands to his feet and walks toward her, trying to cover up his hurt feelings with jokes]

KLAUS: Well, you already invited me in once, love, so technically--
CAMI: [cuts him off] Don't do that! Don't be so flippant and self-absorbed!

[Klaus seems surprised and hurt by her hostility]

CAMI: Right now, people like me are out there getting killed by people like you-- conveniently timed with the arrival of your "old acquaintance!" And you just barge in here and start mouthing off orders? I get it, you're a vampire, it's a tortured existence, I'm sorry, but do you really have to be such an insensitive disappointment?

[Klaus is stunned by this insult, and as soon as Cami realizes what she's just said, she immediately regrets her words and tries to backpedal. Klaus, clearly upset, silently walks past her and goes to leave, but Cami, feeling guilty, tries to stop him]

CAMI: Wait! That wasn't fair.

[Klaus stops in his tracks, and after a moment, he turns to face her, smiling weakly at her]

KLAUS: Keep the gift. I painted it for you.

[She looks over at the painting, which is inspired by the scene from Always and Forever in which Cami and Klaus watched a man painting on a street corner of the French Quarter. However, in this painting, it is just Cami standing on the brick street by Rousseau's]

CAMI: Klaus...

[She turns back around to speak to him, only to find he has vamp-sped away, leaving her back door. Cami looks even more guilty as before and thinks about what has just happened]


[The art critic who spoke poorly of Klaus' art work at the exhibition walks down the street, not knowing that Klaus is hiding in the alley as he waits for him. When the man passes him, Klaus comes out of the shadows to greet him]

KLAUS: [smiles] Good evening! I wonder if we might discuss your analysis of my work?

[The man looks at Klaus in confusion, but before he can react, Klaus pulls him into the alley and throws him onto the ground. Only their shadows can be seen, but it appears that Klaus has pinned the man onto the ground with his foot, and the man screams as Klaus literally begins ripping him limb-from-limb, first pulling off one arm, and then the other before pulling him up by the front of the shirt and feeding on him viciously]


[Lucien's apartment is empty of people now, and he finishes his drink before setting the glass on the table and heading for the nearby desk. He picks up a blank page of stationary from the desk, which is headed with the name Kingmaker Land Development Inc., the company that bought the land in the Bayou in which the Crescent Wolf Clan's encampments are located and who hired the werewolf hunters to kill them. Under the stationary is a straight razor, which Lucien picks up and flicks open. He looks into the mirror above the desk, and it looks as though he's about to shave his face with the razor, but instead, he uses it to slice his mouth open ear to ear, just like the murder victims whose deaths Will, Cami, and Vincent are investigating. Lucien looks at his mutilated face in the mirror and smiles creepily as the wounds healed themselves before his eyes]


[A Buddhist monk comes into a large room with a folded piece of paper in his hands. He holds out the note to a woman seated cross-legged on the floor with her hood covering part of her face, and lowers her hood, revealing that it is Aurora de Martel, the Count's daughter who had caught Klaus and Lucien's eye in 1002 AD. She snatches the note out of his hand before unfolding it and reading it. Whatever it says does not please her one bit, and she screams in anger before throwing out her hand and slitting the monk's throat with her fingernails. He falls to the ground and bleeds out onto the floor as Aurora begins to hyperventilate in worry. She pulls out a pendant necklace from under her robes and holds the pendant in her hand before speaking quietly to it as she catches her breath]

AURORA: It won't be long now.


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