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The Forbes House is the place where Caroline Forbes and her mother Elizabeth Forbes formerly resided. It is shown that Sheriff Forbes is rarely at home, particularly at night due to her professional responsibilities. Mostly, Caroline's bedroom has been shown. Caroline and Damon have sex for the first time in her bedroom and she was bitten by him the next morning. During Stefan's birthday party at the Mystic Grill, both Bonnie and Damon lashed out at Caroline and she got too drunk to cope. Caroline's mother asked Matt to take Caroline home while she tried to capture Lexi. When they get to Caroline's house Matt puts Caroline in her bed, she asks him to stay since she does not want to be alone. After spending that night spooning in bed together, Matt escaped the next morning through her bedroom window. Matt later came back and spent the night with Caroline, starting their romantic relationship.

After Caroline becomes a vampire, she spends her time between sunrise and sunset in her house. She even avoids her boyfriend Matt when he comes knocking at her front door. Eventually Stefan persuades Bonnie to come over to Caroline's bedroom and cast a spell on a ring allowing Caroline not to be burned by sunlight.

In My Brother's Keeper, Stefan moves out of the boarding house because Elena moved in. He is staying for the time being at Caroline's house. In Pictures of You, he lives back at the Salvatore Boarding House.

In Woke Up With a Monster, Elizabeth was released from the hospital. She later drank some of her daughter's blood to heal.

In Prayer For the Dying, Colin broke into the house in the middle of the night. It was also revealed that Liz signed the house over to Caroline a couple of weeks ago.

In Stay, Damon brought Elizabeth home.

In Let Her Go, Caroline turned off her emotions. After the funeral, Caroline threw away most of the stuff from the house. Stefan visited Caroline in I'm Thinking Of You All The While.

In Hello, Brother, Caroline had moved back into the house with her two daughters, Lizzie and Josie. However, at the end of Hello, Brother Caroline moved into the Salvatore Boarding House with Stefan. Alaric moved into the Forbes House to live with his two daughters, since he was staying in an apartment 30 minutes out of town. Alaric hired a nanny too look after the twins while he's working at The Armory.

In Coming Home Was a Mistake, after nanny's death, Seline offered to look after the kids and took them to the carnival and later abducted them.

Only a few Vampires had been invited in like Caroline, Stefan, Damon, Elena, Tyler, Katherine Pierce and Klaus.


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  • In real life, this house and the Gilbert House are next to each other.
    • The real address is 2118 Floyd Street, NE, Covington, Georgia, USA.
  • In Prayer For the Dying it's revealed that Liz Forbes two weeks prior had signed over the deed to the house to her daughter Caroline.


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