Isabel stayed at two different foreclosed houses while she was in Mystic Falls.

Heretics also inhabited a house for a short time.

Isobel's first house

The first Foreclosed House is a place where Isobel, Frank, and Cherie lived while she was in Mystic Falls.

It is most expensive bank owned foreclosed house in the neighborhood. Damon taught Isobel to use a house like this because it's unlikely people will visit and vampires can go in and out freely.

The house was first seen when John Gilbert came here in Isobel. When he came he saw Frank and Cherie dancing and Isobel watching. She was furious that John still didn't have the invention and said that he failed and that she will take it from her.

Then later Damon came and played a card game with Cherie inside the house, when Isobel came. He found her by searching neighborhoods for the most expensive loan. She told Cherie to walk (Dégage) and Damon that they are on the same side: Katherine's.

Then they started kissing, but Damon knocked her on the floor and told her to stay away from Elena and told Isobel that Katherine has to come and get the invention herself.

Later one of Isobel's minions kidnapped Jeremy, John's nephew, and brought him here. John asked Isobel to let him go, she agreed but told Frank and Cherie in French ("Faites-le souffrir" which means "Make him suffer") to beat John and she took his ring. John told Jeremy that the town must be clean of vampires. At the end of the episode Isobel left the house and town.


Isobel's second house

The second Foreclosed House is a place where Isobel and Frank lived while she was in Mystic Falls. They were also visited by Katerina Petrova and later by John Gilbert.


The Heretics' House

The Heretics' House is a place the Heretics lived in after returning from the 1903 Prison World.

Lily, Nora, Mary Louise, Valerie, Beau, Malcolm and Oscar moved sometime between I'm Thinking Of You All The While and Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take. The house had been for foreclosure for two years before The Heretics have moved in several days after Alaric and Jo's wedding. Lily left for New York, while Oscar was on an errand for her. Caroline visited the Heretics in Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take to give them flowers as a housewarming gift while Matt entered the house to plant a bomb. After the explosion, the Heretics have moved in Salvatore Boarding House.



  • In real life the address of the second house is 2146 Conyers St SE. Known as the Lee-Porter Mansion.

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