Founders' Day Fundraiser and Bachelor Raffle was an event held at the beginning of the celebration the 150th anniversary of foundation of Mystic Falls.

Girls from Mystic Falls competed to win a date with bachelors. Before the event Sheriff Forbes asked Damon to join because she was short on a bachelor.

He said yes and asked her to find information on Alaric. During the event she showed him the research she had done. Alaric had a few speeding tickets and a tragic story because his wife Isobel went missing a few years ago and was presumed deceased.

After that Damon provoked Alaric by saying that his wife, Isobel, was delicious. Elena also told Damon that her mother was Isobel during this event. After the event Alaric tried to kill Damon for murdering Isobel, but Damon killed him revealing that he turned Isobel. However, within a few minutes, Alaric returned with the help of his ring that Isobel had given him. Also the Mystery Man came to warn Elena to stop searching for Isobel and before stepping in the middle of the road and getting killed by oncoming vehicle.

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