The Founders' Day Kick-Off Party was a yearly event in Mystic Falls. The town council organizes it and is held in The Founders' Hall. John Gilbert returned to town that day. It is unknown if the Founders' Day party still continues due to the many supernatural events that greatly impacted Mystic Falls and its founders' descendants.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

Season One

At the party John Gilbert told Damon that he knows about the tomb and the vampires, so Damon killed him. A few minutes later John returned very much alive because he had a ring, the same as the one that Alaric has. John took his ring from his brother, back in the 1990s and gave his to Isobel, who gave it to Alaric before she left town.


John confronts Damon and is later killed.

While Stefan and Elena were dancing, they accidentally ran into Duke, who insulted Elena. Stefan made him apologize by compelling him. Later Duke provoked Stefan and Stefan almost killed him, but Elena came, so he ran away. Stefan also touched Kelly Donovan's blood and tasted it afterwards.

Also, Tyler and Kelly started making-out and Matt saw them. He and Tyler got into fist fight and Matt had lost horribly and had blood on his face.
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Mayor Lockwood told Tyler to never embarrass his family again. Matt stays mad at Tyler until Founders' Day near the end of the celebration.

After the event Matt told his mom that he wants her to leave the house because of what happened.

Mayor Lockwood invited John Gilbert to do the honors of ringing the official charter bell.


  • This event happened in the Season One episode Under Control.
  • This establishes that Mystic Falls was charted as a town in 1860 because the year is shown on a poster welcoming people to the 150th party.


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