The Founding Families founded Mystic Falls back in 1860. The first members of these families were founders of Mystic Falls.

Most of the members of the Founding Families were also members of Town Council.

List of Founding Families

Fell Family

Forbes Family

Gilbert Family

Extended Family Members

Lockwood Family

Salvatore Family

Extended Family Members

  • Silas (Ancestor of the Salvatore Family)
  • Tom Avery (Descendant and Stefan's Doppelgänger)


  • The Gilbert, Salvatore, Forbes, Fell, Bennett and Maxwell families are in both the book and TV series, though the Bennetts are African-American. The Maxwells had lived in Mystic Falls before the town was officially "founded", but they are also not credited of being a Founding Family too. In the books, the Maxwells are not native to Fell's Church.
  • The Smallwood family are only in the books.
  • The Lockwood family are only in the series.


  1. In Family Ties, Elena reads off the Founder's registry and says the name "Benjamin Lockwood", when in fact the registry states "Jacob Lockwood". The name "Benjamin" seems to be an error.

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