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The relationship between the witch Freya Mikaelson and the enhanced werewolf Jackson Kenner. They have not interacted a whole lot, but when they have, their interactions are not negatively fueled. They are family being Freya is Hope's aunt and Jackson is Hope's step-father. They currently are allies working against those who try to fulfill the Mikaelson Prophecy, even though Jackson wants nothing to do with the Mikaelsons. Jackson is currently deceased. It is assumed that Freya grieved his loss.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season Two

In When the Levee Breaks, they work together to stop Dahlia from taking Hope.

Season Three

In You Hung The Moon, Freya breaks his leg to keep him from saving Hayley from Klaus. Jackson yelled at her that Klaus would kill her and then she retorted that Klaus would kill Jackson, silencing the werewolf.

In Savior, Jackson saves Freya from The Strix members trying to kill her and carries her back to the Mikaelson Compound to have Hayley heal her. When Freya was bleeding/dying while trying to break the curse on Rebekah, he and Elijah tried to think of ways to help, they were worried about her and tried to help her but could not. When Camille and Klaus arrive with the antidote to the poison injected by the Strix, he was the one to give it to her by plunging it into her heart.

In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Freya receives a package from a compelled tourist along with a letter from the Strix. Freya learns that the package contains Jackson's extracted heart and she is gravely shocked. When Elijah and Vincent arrive, they find Freya teary-eyed. She couldn't even look at the package when her brother opened it and she sat down, distraught from the turn of events.


Jackson (to Freya about Hayley): "No! No. No. You have to find her."
Jackson (to Freya about Hayley): "Freya, please! Please do the spell again! I can't go a month withou-- AHH!"
Jackson (to Freya and Klaus about turning): "It stopped..."
Freya (to Jackson): "Can I get you some water, or... something?"
Jackson (to Freya): "Let me out! It's dawn, I haven't turned back yet. It doesn't make any sense. I need to find Hayley."
Freya: (to Jackson) "I can still feel the curse in your blood. Something's restraining it, but you could transition at any moment."
Jackson: (To Freya about Klaus and Hayley) "Let me go! He'll kill her!"
Freya: (to Jackson about Klaus) "He'll kill you!"
-You Hung The Moon


  • In You Hung The Moon, Freya chained Jackson up both because she didn't want him to hurt himself and others, and so that her brother wouldn't kill him.
  • In Savior, Jackson saves Freya from the member of the Strix who attacked her.


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