You can't miss Friends-giving. I mean, Matt and Jeremy are already cleaning up the whole Tripp mess, and Caroline's mom has to work. We're already low on friends as it is.

The only Friendsgiving that has been shown so far on the series took place in Fade Into You in 2012, according to the series' timeline.

Season Six

In Fade Into You, Seeing Elena and Caroline couldn't go back to Mystic Falls to celebrate Thanksgiving instead they hosted Friendsgiving to celebrate with their Whitmore friends and Jo where it is revealed that Jo is Luke and Liv's oldest sister who hasn't seen them in over 18 years and tells the story of her 'tragically dysfunctional' family on May 9, 1994. Simultaneously in Portland, Oregon her father would realize Kai would escape the 1994 prison world he casted a death spell on Jo to prevent The Merge from happening. Elena saves Jo's life and in the process Liam learned Elena was a vampire, but was compelled to forget all about it.


  • The Parker Family tragically dysfunctional history is fully revealed as it was alluded to in the previous episode by Jo and Black Hole Sun by Kai to Bonnie & Damon in the prison world when they discovered his secret.


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