REBEKAH: [voiceover] My brothers and I are the first vampires in history, the Originals. Three hundred years ago, we called New Orleans home. Now, we've returned, drawn by a witch who seeks to use my brother Klaus' unborn child as leverage in a brewing war. But his quest for power has turned brother against brother, leaving our family more divided than ever. Now that Elijah has returned, can our family unite to face this new threat?


[Klaus and Elijah sit opposite each other in the living room as each of them read their own book. Klaus is reading "A Poison Tree" by William Blake, and Elijah is reading one of his mother's grimoires. A dead girl lays on the coffee table, her neck bleeding from puncture wounds in her neck, while they listen to classical music. After a moment, Rebekah enters the room]

REBEKAH: So, this is what you do the first time we're back together as a family? Vampire book club?
Klaus: [continues reading] Reading edifies the mind, sister. Isn't that right, Elijah?
Elijah: Yes, that's quite right, Niklaus.
REBEKAH: And what's this business?

[She gestures to the dead girl on the table]

Elijah: This is a... [He gestures as though he's searching for a word] ...peace offering. 
Klaus: [sighs] I presumed, after so much time desiccating in a coffin, that my big brother might be a bit peckish.
Elijah: [annoyed] And I explained to my little brother that forgiveness cannot be bought. I'd simply prefer to see a change in behavior that indicates contrition and personal growth.

[Klaus rolls his eyes guiltily, and Elijah gestures to the girl on the table]

Elijah: Not this nonsense.
Klaus: [grins] Well, I couldn't very well let her go to waste, could I?
REBEKAH: [annoyed] Well, I suppose I'll go fetch the rubbish bin, because she's staining a two hundred-year-old carpet.

[Elijah looks up from his book to see the girl bleeding out onto the table, where the blood drips onto the floor]

Elijah: Ah, yes. 

[In voiceover, Klaus recites "A Poison Tree" by William Blake]

Klaus: [narration] I was angry with my friend: [Klaus looks at Elijah] I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: [In the French Quarter, Marcel walks into the Palace Royale Hotel, looking for Klaus] I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I watered it in fears, [Cami brings flowers to her brother's grave, only to find that someone spray-painted "MURDERER" in red paint across his gravestone] Night and morning with my tears; And I sunned it with smiles, [Father Kieran pulls wooden boards off of the windows of St. Anne's Catholic Church, and waves to a group of men standing outside the door to come in] And with soft deceitful wiles. And it grew both day and night, [Klaus looks over at Elijah, and then to Hayley as she walks through the room and into the kitchen, her hand resting on her pregnant belly] 'Til it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine. And he knew that it was mine. And into my garden stole [Klaus watches Elijah set down the grimoire and follow Hayley into the kitchen] When the night had veiled the pole; In the morning glad I see, My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

[In the kitchen, Elijah finds Hayley rooting through the fridge to make herself breakfast. Elijah leans in the doorway and smiles at her]

Elijah: Good morning.
HAYLEY: [smiles] Hey.

[Rebekah enters through the back door, dragging a trashcan behind her]

HAYLEY: Listen, I know I'm the only one in this house that actually drinks milk, but would it kill any of you to make sure it's on the grocery list?
REBEKAH: Speaking of, add bleach.

[She stomps through the kitchen and into the living room to clean up the mess the boys left. Elijah digs around in a cupboard while Hayley pulls ice cream out of the freezer]

Elijah: You know, I do hope my siblings were hospitable to you in my absence.
HAYLEY: In your absence, as you like to call it-- which is a way-too-polite way of saying that your brother put a dagger in your heart-- [She looks up to see Elijah bringing a bowl, a spoon, and a bag of cereal to the counter] I have been attacked by French Quarter vampires, I've had to live in a house with a secret dungeon full of coffins, and I was nearly murdered by witches who are convinced my baby is Lucifer.

[Elijah smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal, and then fills it with milk. When Hayley realizes that they had milk all along, she looks slightly guilty and embarrassed]

HAYLEY: Oh... milk. [beat] They've been fine. Your siblings are weirdly protective, I know I have you to thank for that.
Elijah: I'm just happy to see that you're in one piece. [He smiles at her and hands her the bowl of cereal] So, back to the murderous witches. I have some concerns.
HAYLEY: [worried] They're evil. And, my life is still magically linked to Sophie Deveraux, which is not comforting.
Elijah: Yes, I think it's time we took care of that little problem.

[Rebekah suddenly re-enters the kitchen, dragging the corpse of the girl Klaus killed across the floor behind her]

REBEKAH: I am all for it. As soon as they're unlinked, we get to leave this crap town. Who do we have to kill?
Elijah: [considers this for a moment] Probably no one.

[Hayley gives Elijah a significant look of disbelief. Elijah rolls his eyes and sighs]

Elijah: Alright, potentially everyone.

[He turns to leave]



[Sophie chops up vegetables while she talks to Sabine, who is sitting on one of the tables. When Sophie sees her sitting on the kitchen prep table, she gestures toward her and makes a face]

SOPHIE: I cook on that, you know!
SABINE: Don't get cranky with me! I'm the only witch who still likes you. 
SOPHIE: [stirs her gumbo before turning to Sabine] Yeah, it's not like I'm trying to save the witch heritage or anything.
SABINE: They'll come around. They're just old-school. And scared.
SOPHIE: [scoffs] Scared of what? Your prophecy about the hybrid baby? Agnes and her freak-show minions had a real field day with that one.
SABINE: [shakes her head] I can't help what I see, Soph.
SOPHIE: [smiles] Well, if you're psychic, I'm Martha Stewart! [She walks toward table to grab some celery] Scootch!

[Sophie returns to her table, and Sabine hops down to join her. She sees a shadow in her peripheral vision and gets suspicious. Suddenly, two people in black masks come out and lunge toward them]

SABINE: What the...?

[One of the masked people backhands Sabine across the face, and she as she falls, she hits her head on the table and falls unconscious. Sophie tries to fight the other two masked people off, but they blow some powder in her face that makes her pass out as well]


[Rebekah scrubs at the bloodstains in the carpet while Klaus continues to read "A Poison Tree."]

REBEKAH: Poetry about poisoned apples from dead trees. Looks like someone's worried about impending daddy-hood.
Klaus: [shakes head] Nonsense. Elijah's back. In his presence, all problems turn to pixie-dust and float away!

[Rebekah side-eyes him and grins, and Klaus grins back. Elijah hears them talking about him and joins them in the living room]

Elijah: Strange, I don't recall any pixie-dust from the darkness of the coffin I was recently forced to endure.

[Elijah opens Esther's grimoire and flips through it]

REBEKAH: What are you doing with Mother's spellbook?
Elijah: Well, in exchange for my freedom, I promised the witch Davina that I would share a few pages from Mother's grimoire. To help her learn to control her magic. I thought we'd begin with a little unlinking spell.

[Rebekah and Klaus look at each other in confusion]

REBEKAH: [stunned] Wait, you want to use her to unlink Hayley from Sophie Deveraux?
Elijah: Sophie brought us here under false pretenses. She doesn't just want us to take down Marcel and his minions, she wants to take Davina back. So, she yolked her own cause to ours with magic, threats, and half-truths. Well, no more. As of now, our deal with Sophie Deveraux is null and void.

[Klaus and Rebekah smile wryly at each other]

Elijah: Niklaus, I need you to come with me. I need five minutes alone with Davina. You need to make certain that I am not interrupted. [He points to Rebekah and thinks for a moment before giving his order] You stay here and watch Hayley.

[He turns and leaves the house]

REBEKAH: [annoyed] How did I get elected super-nanny?
Klaus: More importantly, who put him in charge?

[Klaus reluctantly follows Elijah out of the house]


[Marcel sits alone, drinking a bottle of scotch in the compound's bar room while various vampires around him feed on humans. Josh sees Marcel and approaches him]

JOSH: Hey. Is everything okay?

[Marcel gives him a look]

JOSH: Uh, can I get you something?
MARCEL: Look, I know you want a daylight ring, kid. Little heads up? I got guys eighty years ahead of you.
JOSH: [nods nervously] Noted. Sorry. 
MARCEL: [watches him walk away] Wait! You know Klaus Mikaelson. I asked you to give him a lift home a couple of times? To the Palace Royale Hotel, right? 
JOSH: [stammers] Uhhh, yeah... the Palace Royale.
MARCEL: See, I stopped by his hotel to say sorry about an argument we had. Turns out, he lied about living there. Lied! Do you ever hear the phrase, "Uneasy is the head that wears the crown?"
JOSH: Uhhh... Lord of the Rings?
MARCEL: No, Shakespeare. When I was a kid, Klaus taught me how to read with those plays. All about a king who gained the world but lost his soul. But now, I get it! You see, when it's all said and done, and you look around at the empire you built, the only thing that matters is who you can trust! 
JOSH: There's gotta be somebody, somewhere that you can trust? "To stick to you, through thick and thin, to the bitter end." Sam and Frodo, The Fellowship of the Ring. [He shrugs]
MARCEL: [nods slowly] Yeah, there is someone. We used to be best friends.

[He gets an idea and pats Josh on the arm as he leaves]


[Davina is sketching with charcoal on her easel in her bedroom in the attic when Elijah arrives and leans against the doorway as he knocks on the door. Davina smiles at him as he holds up several pages of Esther's grimoire wrapped in a cloth]

Elijah: I made you a promise.
DAVINA: [excited] Come in! 

[Downstairs in the church, Cami sits in the confession room, separated from Father Kieran with a screen]

CAMI: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been... Oh, a year, since I've had a good conversation with you.
KIERAN: Camille. 
CAMI: You've been avoiding me, Uncle K.
KIERAN: My favorite niece? Never!
CAMI: [rolls her eyes] Don't lie. This is a church! [She pauses for a moment] Besides, I came about professional advice... About Sean.

[Back in the attic, Davina spreads one of the pages of Esther's grimoire on her table and reads it. Elijah holds an elaborately woven knot of rope in his hands]

DAVINA: It's a spell of unknotting?
Elijah: [holds up the knot] This is a sanguinum knot. The witches use it as representational magic. If you can unknot this using that spell, you will have taken a step towards learning control. This is one of my mother's later spells. It requires much more power than you realize. Now, if you can perform this, then I shall return with another page. [He walks toward the door, then turns back to her] A spell of your choosing, next time.

[Elijah smiles at Davina warmly before he leaves. Davina looks at the spell and the knot on her table]

[Downstairs, Cami and Kieran are still in the confessional]

CAMI: I guess since I'm a masochist, I went by Sean's grave today and--
KIERAN: [interrupts her] Damn it. I was hoping to get that cleaned up before you saw it. I hope it didn't upset you too much.
CAMI: It didn't bother me at all. That's the problem. That's why I'm here. I slept like a baby every night this week. Even though my brother hacked nine priests to death not two feet from this confessional. [beat] A guy I've been seeing, Marcel, has been blowing me off. Whatever. I've been on two dates with the guy, and I'm more upset about that than seeing "MURDERER" scrawled across my brother's grave. 
KIERAN: [hesitates] It's called healing, Cami. 
CAMI: For months after the massacre, I couldn't think of anything else. And then suddenly... nothing. I need to feel that pain! Without it, I feel... broken. Empty. Like there's someone to blame... and... I'm letting them get away with it.
KIERAN: Listen, if you have found a way to turn it off, don't question it! The only person that is responsible for Sean's behavior is... Sean. 
CAMI: Do you really believe that?
KIERAN: Yes. I do.

[Cami stares at her uncle through the screen for a moment, before she gets up and walks out of the church. Kieran sighs. Up in the balcony, Klaus watches Cami leave and frowns]


[Sophie has just awakened in one of the cemetery's many mausoleums and is struggling against the grip of the masked men who knocked her out. The men shackle Sophie's wrists to chains that hang from the ceiling]

SOPHIE: Let go of me!

[Agnes enters the crypt with a bag and sets it on a table]

AGNES: Leave her be.
SOPHIE: [appalled] Killing me to get to Klaus-- or his baby-- is not the answer!
AGNES: [roots through her bag] I'm not gonna kill you, Sophie. I was there the day you were born. I am the last remaining Elder of our coven. It is my duty to protect our power, and our power means nothing if that baby grows another day. [She turns to face Sophie] Sabine's omen was clear. That baby will bring death to us all. 
SOPHIE: [scared] What are you gonna do?

[Agnes holds up a large, old-looking metal syringe with a long needle. Sophie seems to recognize it because the sight terrifies her, and she desperately tries to back away despite being chained up]

SOPHIE: No, no, Agnes, no. No, no, don't!

[Agnes holds Sophie's head to the side and stabs the needle into her neck]


[In her bedroom, Hayley suddenly yelps in pain and instinctively grabs her neck. When she pulls her hand away, she notices blood on her fingers from a small puncture wound that is already starting to heal. Rebekah hears her shout and rushes in the room]

REBEKAH: [unnerved] What the hell was that?
HAYLEY: Hell if I know. It felt like I was being stabbed. 

[Hayley and Rebekah both get a dawning realization that something bad is happening]


[Elijah and Klaus have just rushed into the back room, where they find a just-now-awakening Sabine on the floor of the kitchen. Elijah helps her up]

Elijah: [gruffly] What happened?
SABINE: It was Agnes. [She rubs head and groans as she looks around] Her men took Sophie.
Klaus: [sighs] Day one with you in charge, brother, and already the witch linked to Hayley has been abducted by zealots.
Elijah: [to Sabine] Where is she?
SABINE: If I tell you where Agnes is, you'll just kill her.
Klaus: Isn't that obvious?
SABINE: Look, I know she's a little... coo-coo, but she's our last living Elder. That might not mean a lot to you, but it means plenty to us. The Elders are the only ones who can do important spells.
Elijah: Like completing the Harvest ritual?
SABINE: [confused] You know about that?
Elijah: Oh, you'd be astounded by the things I know.
Klaus: [to Sabine] Allow me to entertain you with today's list of priorities. One, unlink your friend Sophie so she no longer controls the fate of the woman carrying my child. Two, convince my brother to accept my heartfelt apologies for some recently dodgy behavior. Three...there is no three.
Elijah: I believe what my brother is attempting to communicate here is that neither the life of this Elder, nor the Harvest ritual, nor your coven's connection to magic are of any relevance to him whatsoever. [beat] Now talk.


[Marcel walks through the gate to the Garden, and approaches Thierry's "cell" amid the groans of pain of the other "inmates."]

MARCEL: Thierry.
THIERRY: [weak and groggy from starvation] Marcel. Come to punish me again?
MARCEL: Someone asked if there was anyone I ever trusted. I only came up with one name. You. So, Thierry, you and I are gonna have a little talk about Klaus Mikaelson.

[He grabs a sledgehammer and starts to break down the wall of bricks surrounding Thierry]


[Rebekah enters Hayley's bedroom, where Hayley is sitting in an armchair]

REBEKAH: Time for the demon spawn to snack!
HAYLEY: [laughs] I really wish you wouldn't call her that.
REBEKAH: Oh, sorry, have you picked another name yet? [She holds out a basket of apples] Take one, the plantation's lousy with them.

[Hayley chooses an apple and holds it for a moment]

HAYLEY: I feel fine... which is weird. I'm sure it's Sophie-related. 
REBEKAH: Then, do me a favor, and don't die on my watch. I'll never hear the end of it.
HAYLEY: You know, when I first met you, I thought you were a real bitch. 
REBEKAH: [smiles] What changed your mind?
HAYLEY: [laughs] Oh, I still think you're a bitch! I've just grown to like that about you.
REBEKAH: [chuckles] Aw, well, that's sweet of you to say. [Her face becomes more serious] Remember it when I'm gone.
HAYLEY: [confused] Gone? Where are you going?
REBEKAH: I only came to town to make sure everything was okay with Elijah. He's fine, and he hasn't punished Klaus for daggering him, so... as usual, they'll be thick as thieves, and I'll be left to clean up the mess. It's time for me to fly the coop.

[Feeling awkward, she goes to bite the apple in her hand, but she suddenly starts to feel woozy before she gets the chance to eat it]

REBEKAH: [frowns] What's wrong?
HAYLEY: [shakes head] I dunno, probably morning sickness...
REBEKAH: [places hand on Hayley's forehead] Oh, you're burning up, actually.


[Klaus and Elijah have found Sophie in the mausoleum, and they immediately break her free from her chains]

SOPHIE: [groans] Agnes stuck me with a needle. Cursed objects were created a long time ago. We use them so we don't get busted by Marcel for doing magic. The one she used is called the Needle of Sorrows. It was cursed in 1860 when...
Klaus: [cuts her off] Jump ahead a few decades and tell us what it does, love?
SOPHIE: It has only one purpose: to kill a child in utero by raising her blood temperature.

[Klaus and Elijah are both stunned and furious]

Elijah: It's for a miscarriage. [Sophie nods] So, how much time do we have to fix this?
SOPHIE: It will do what it's meant to by tonight's high tide. And believe me, it will work. I saw her use a similar object on a kid who went mad and killed a bunch of priests. 
Klaus: I'd like to have a chat with this Agnes. Where can I find her?
SOPHIE: You won't. There are a thousand places she could hole up to wait it out.
Elijah: That's precisely why we need to unlink you from Hayley. No more danger toward her or the child.
SOPHIE: [shakes head in confusion] No, what? If I am not linked to Hayley, I lose my leverage on you. We had a deal! 
Elijah: We are not on the same side, Sophie Deveraux. Our deal no longer stands! 

[Sophie scoffs in outrage]


[Marcel hands Thierry, who is sitting on a step, a canteen of blood and sits down beside him]

THIERRY: Does this mean you're pardoning me?
MARCEL: Aw, you know I can't do that. You broke my number one rule-- you killed a vampire, T. I let that go, it'll make me look weak.
THIERRY: [chugs blood before he speaks] I warned you about Klaus.
MARCEL: Yeah, I should've listened. This guy's been in my town for months, but hiding where he lays his head at night. What else is he hiding, is what I want to know! I didn't listen to you before, but I sure as hell am now. Tell me what happened the night that got you put in here, and you might find yourself out by Mardi Gras.
THIERRY: The night of the Masquerade Party, you sent us rousting in the Cauldron to mess with the witches. So, when Max came in rousting, he went straight for Katie's throat. Now, you said to roust, you didn't say to kill. Now, he's a nightwalker. I'm a daywalker. I told him to stop, and he wouldn't. So I stopped him. That night's on endless loop in my head. I think Max was compelled.
MARCEL: [shakes his head] No. All my guys are on vervain.
THIERRY: Not if Klaus drained him! Max went missing for a couple days before the rousting, right? 
MARCEL: T, they found stuff you and your girl stole from me in her shop. 
THIERRY: Have you ever been in the Jardin Gris? You can't find your own hand in front of your face in there! And yet somehow, someone went in there, and after a couple minutes, found some stolen goods?

[Marcel wipes at his face anxiously, but he is obviously worried Thierry could be right]

THIERRY: Go there! See for yourself! But I'm telling you, besides Max, somebody else in the crew had to be compelled. Watch your back.

[He takes another swig from the canteen and watches as Marcel worriedly considers this information]


[Father Kieran has put up a "Substance Abuse Anonymous" sign in order to meet with some city officials]

MAYOR: So, a few tourists go missing. Okay. We can spin it, no problem. But do you know how hard it is to sell a gas leak story to the city council when a bunch of church windows magically explode?
KIERAN: Mr. Mayor, what is this, an electoral debate? Marcel overstepped. I will handle it.

[Klaus enters through front doors]

Klaus: Easier said than done. Marcel is quite the little warrior.

[The sheriff tries to stop him from entering, but Klaus breaks his fingers]

MAYOR: Who the hell are you?
Klaus: My name is Klaus. And you lot are the Faction. Pillars of the community who maintain the city's supernatural balance. Well, I should know. I created this group. Only, in my day, it was a bunch of pirates and corrupt politicians. [He looks around at all the men and smirks] Looks like nothing's changed.
KIERAN: [unimpressed] One thing has: it's exclusively human now. No vampires allowed, especially no Originals. 
Klaus: [laughs] I haven't come to join! I've come to ask this group to utilize its considerable resources to find a witch Elder called Agnes. All I need is an address. 
KIERAN: And, uh, why would we want to help you?
Klaus: What if I told you that Agnes was the answer to a question you've been asking since you ran screaming from this town? That she is the witch who hexed your nephew, Sean?
KIERAN: We'd need some time to discuss--
Klaus: [impatient] I DON'T. HAVE. TIME. [Kieran chuckles loudly] Nor do I like being asked to wait.
KIERAN: You may have all the vampires in this town cowering in fear, but right now, you are dealing with the humans. And unless you plan on killing all of us, I politely suggest you do as I say, and give us time to discuss it.

[Kieran gestures widely to the other men in the room. Klaus leans toward Kieran and lowers his voice]

Klaus: You know what I like about you, Father? Is you're aware of our reputation, and yet still, you stand tall against me. [beat] Admirable! You have one hour.

[He turns and leaves the church. Once he's gone, Kieran turns and addresses the Faction]

KIERAN: I want that witch. Cell phone records, our guys in the 9th...
MAYOR: For the vampire?
KIERAN: [sighs] No. For me.

[Upstairs in the attic, Davina continues to work on the unlinking spell Elijah gave her. She holds her hands over the knot and reads the incantation from the page. She's clearly unfamiliar with Latin and mispronounces the words]

DAVINA: Phesmatos omnio legares coldate sangorium.

[Davina stares at the knot, which doesn't move or change. She exhales in frustration and runs her hand through her hair before angrily hitting her easel]


[Hayley lays in bed as Rebekah blots sweat from her forehead and chest with a washcloth]

REBEKAH: Stop fussing, will you? Elijah will be here any minute.
HAYLEY: [groans] I feel like I've been microwaved.
REBEKAH: Hey! Just because you're carrying a baby doesn't mean you get to act like one! I'm sure my little niece is healing you up as we speak.

[Elijah runs in with Sophie. Rebekah stands to greet them, but is appalled when she sees who Elijah has brought with him]

REBEKAH: What the hell is she doing here?
SOPHIE: [sighs] I'm trying to help. 
REBEKAH: Help? You're the reason we're in this bloody mess! Why aren't we unlinked with this witch already, Elijah?
Elijah: Rebekah, let her do what she can.
SOPHIE: I may know a way to slow the fever down. But, I'm gonna need some special herbs. [She turns and looks at Rebekah] I'll text you a list. 

[Elijah nods at her in encouragement, and though Rebekah does not look pleased to be being ordered around again, she eventually relents and smiles at them patronizingly]

REBEKAH: Fine. Happy to play the fetch girl.

[Rebekah stomps out of the room, and shoves the washcloth she was using into Elijah's chest as she leaves]


[Rebekah frantically rifles through bottles and jars, looking for the herbs she needs to help Hayley, when Marcel walks in]

MARCEL: Isn't this Katie's shop?

[Rebekah stops, rolls her eyes, and sighs as she goes back to looking for the herbs]

MARCEL: She leave you the keys in her will, or maybe it's just Help-Yourself Tuesday? [beat] What are you doing here?
REBEKAH: You know, I read if you mix mugwort with sage, you've got quite a vampire-repellent? Wards off even the most resilient pest. Why are you here?
MARCEL: Just keeping my city safe from thieves and vandals. But, every time I turn around, I catch an Original with their hand in the cookie jar!
REBEKAH: Well, luckily for you, your "cookies" are the last thing on my mind.
MARCEL: Oh, I can see that! [He walks toward her] Though, I can think of a time when things were different.
REBEKAH: Maybe once. Not anymore. [She finally stops searching when she finds the herbs she needs] Camphor, found it!

[She quickly exits the shop, leaving a confused and suspicious Marcel behind]


[Father Kieran receives a text message from Chief Sullivan that reads, "3631 CHARBONNET ST. LOWER 9TH WARD." He puts his phone in his pocket and goes to leave, but he's stopped by Klaus]

Klaus: Going somewhere?
KIERAN: [nervously] You're early.
Klaus: Well, it's a good thing I am. You seem hell-bent on enacting vengeance all on your lonesome. The trouble is, I need something from Agnes before you send her off to meet her maker. So, I propose we strike a deal! [He sits down in a pew] Bring her here! In exchange, I'll even ensure your niece, Cami, remains safe. Oh, I'd so hate for her to get caught up in all of this.

[Later, the police officers in the Faction return to the church with Agnes, who is handcuffed and brought to the front of the room]

AGNES: [appalled] This is outrageous! What is the charge?

[The officers sit her in a pew and leave]

KIERAN: Please, Agnes. You know that Marcel runs the vampires in this town. [He is handed a folded cloth by the officer, which is revealed to contain the Needle of Sorrows] Who do you think runs everything else? [He holds the needle up and calls out to Klaus, who vamp-speeds to his side] I believe this is what you were looking for?
Klaus: Hello, Agnes.
AGNES: [shocked] You made a deal with him?
KIERAN: [furious] After what you did to Sean, I'd deal with the devil himself just to make you suffer!
AGNES: [stands up and gets in Kieran's face] You can't hurt me. The entire witch community will turn against you!
Klaus: [impatient] ENOUGH! Please, enough! I don't care about witch politics. I don't care about your ridiculous little Harvest ritual. What I care about is this trinket. [He holds up the Needle of Sorrows] Undo its curse, or I'll show you things worse than death!
AGNES: [smirks] Dark objects don't come with an off-switch! The curse took root in Sophie, she's linked to your devil child. It's just a matter of time!


[Hayley is wrapped in a towel, sitting outside beside the swimming pool. Rebekah stands behind her, checking her temperature, while Elijah assists Sophie in helping with the herbs. He shrugs off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves]

Elijah: She's burning up! We need to do this now.
SOPHIE: Get her in the water!

[Elijah jumps into the pool and helps Hayley in. Sophie mixes herbs in a cup and follows them into the water as well]

REBEKAH: [frustrated] I don't see how a midnight swim is supposed to help.
SOPHIE: Her temperature is sky-high. The water, with the help of the herbs, should cool us down. [She hands Hayley the herbal concoction] Drink this! [She turns to Elijah] You're going to have to get her heart rate down.
Elijah: How do you suggest I do that?
SOPHIE: Hold her. It's a natural human remedy to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.
REBEKAH: [worried] This is never gonna work.

[Elijah picks Hayley up and holds her bridal-style in the pool]

Elijah: Davina will break the link, we just need time.

[Hayley clings to Elijah and groans as she gasps for breath]


[Davina is sitting on her bed in her room, studying the spell intently. She stares at the sanguinum knot on her vanity, and after a moment, she stands up and walks over to it. She picks up the knot with both hands and takes a breath before she begins the spell. This time, she recites it properly]

DAVINA: [whispers] Phesmatos omnio legares cordate...

[In the swimming pool at the Mikaelson Mansion, Hayley begins hyperventilating]

HAYLEY: I can't breathe! 
Elijah: Okay, long deep breaths, Hayley! Look at me. Long deep breaths, just focus on the sound of my voice. [He lowers his voice to a whisper] You'll be okay. You'll be okay.

In Davina's room, she continues the spell]

DAVINA: Phesmatos omnio legares cordate sangorium. 

[The clock on her table chimes as it hits 09:00PM]

[Hayley screams in pain and thrashes in Elijah's hold]


[The knot in Davina's hands floats in the air and begins to unknot itself]

[Sophie starts to gasp as the linking spell begins to lift. Hayley continues to groan in pain]

[The knot completely unravels itself in midair, and Davina smiles and giggles in happiness]

[In the pool, Sophie looks up at the sky, looking almost disappointed]

SOPHIE: I just felt it lift. 

[Rebekah sighs in relief. Hayley starts to calm down, and Elijah looks stunned. Hayley stands up on her own, but still leans against Elijah, still weak from the spell. Sophie removes one of her earrings and pokes her palm with it. Hayley looks at her palm, and she and Elijah both look relieved when she's not injured. Elijah holds her hand and he and Hayley stare at each other for a long moment. Rebekah notices their shared glances, so Elijah quickly lets go and leads Hayley out of the pool]

Elijah: Come on, let's go.
SOPHIE: Elijah... as soon as your brother finds out that the link is broken, he'll kill Agnes. I know you don't owe me anything, but please, don't let him kill her.

[Elijah zooms out of the pool and pulls his phone out of his jacket on the table]

SOPHIE: Elijah! She's our only access to the power we need to survive. Promise me that you'll stop him!

[Elijah ignores her and dials a number into his phone before raising it to his ear. It's Klaus, though only Elijah's side of the call is heard]

Elijah: It's me, where are you? [beat] Don't hurt her. I'll be there shortly. [He hangs up and turns to Sophie] I'll make you one last promise. I won't let my brother kill Agnes.

[Sophie nods at him gratefully, and Elijah picks up his jacket and shoes and walks away. Sophie and Hayley turn to get out of the pool, but Hayley stops Sophie at the steps]

HAYLEY: I know you were just using me to save your people, but try it again, and I'll kill you.

[Hayley leaves, and Sophie sighs in defeat]


[Rebekah walks into Elijah's bedroom while he's finishing getting dressed in dry clothes and stands in the doorway]

REBEKAH: [smiles] The unlinking worked! Maybe now we can make plans--
Elijah: Not now, Rebekah. Can we discuss this when I return?

[Elijah walks toward the door in a hurry]

REBEKAH: [sighs in frustration] I won't be here when you return.
Elijah: [stops walking and turns to Rebekah] That sounds like a goodbye.
REBEKAH: ...I guess it is. I only came to New Orleans to make sure you were safe. You are. I thought that I might be able to convince you to come with me, but here you are, rushing into whatever Klaus and Marcel and the witches have cooked up. And I finally get it. [She starts to tear up] You'll never leave this city. You'll never leave Klaus.

[Elijah looks at her sadly and walks toward her]

Elijah: Then you should stay. 
REBEKAH: [shakes her head] This thing that you and Klaus and Marcel have, I want no part of it. [Tears fall down her cheeks as she cries] I just want to be free.
Elijah: [sadly] Well, then, go. [He kisses her on the cheek] You are free! 

[Elijah leaves, and Rebekah tries to compose herself]


[Marcel finishes his drink as Rebekah walks into his bedroom]

MARCEL: Rebekah. Twice in one night. To what do I owe the pleasure?
REBEKAH: Call me old-fashioned, but I believe farewells are best in person.
MARCEL: [inhales sharply] You got Elijah back, and now you two are gonna tuck-tail and run? Smart girl. [beat] Have a nice life.
REBEKAH: He's staying. And I'm not running, I'm disembarking a sinking ship. 
MARCEL: People have been saying this city's been sinking since I was a boy. It ain't going anywhere. But hey! [He grabs a bottle of scotch] How 'bout one for the road?

[He starts pouring scotch into a glass]

REBEKAH: Why? So you can liquor me up and convince me to stay?
MARCEL: [stands up and gets in her face] Why else did you come here?
REBEKAH: I came to say goodbye.
MARCEL: [whispers in her ear] Then say it.

[The stare into each other's eyes for a long moment]

REBEKAH: Forget it. 

[She turns to leave, but Marcel grabs her wrist and pulls himself toward her, kissing her passionately. She pushes him away and glares at him for a moment, but then runs up to him and starts kissing him. He pushes her away and they start to undress as they make out. Rebekah shoves him onto a chair and sits on his lap as they start to have sex]


[Klaus, Agnes, and Father Kieran are still arguing in the church]

Klaus: You're a piece of work, Agnes. But, guess what? I'm quite a piece of work myself. You know, I contemplated leaving bits of you artfully arranged outside your family's tomb? I thought it would leave a fitting message. [He zooms over to Agnes and pulls her up into a choke-hold] Don't. Touch. My. Family.

[Elijah enters and approaches them at the front of the room]

Elijah: Leave her.

[Klaus pulls Agnes into a headlock and stands back as he watches Elijah walk down the aisle toward them]

Elijah: I gave my word.

[Father Kieran stands up to greet Elijah]

Klaus: You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother. We've been doing things your way all day. Come on! Just one little snap and it's "Toodle-loo, Agnes." She deserves it! 
Elijah: Niklaus, don't make another move. You have asked for my forgiveness. I will grant you that forgiveness, but do not make me break my word.  

[Klaus glares at his brother as he considers it. After a moment, he lets Agnes go]

Klaus: [opens arms wide] My noble brother, how was that for personal growth, eh? Still, it is just like you to spoil all of my fun.
Elijah: [stares Agnes in the eyes] Oh, not necessarily. 

[Elijah zooms over to one of the men who helped Agnes and rips his heart out, throws a second man up into the air, and does the same to a third as he rips out the man's heart. He turns to Klaus with a bloody heart in each hand, and drops them to the floor. He pulls out his pocket square to wipe his hands as Agnes stares in horror, and Klaus grins proudly behind her]

Elijah: Now, I swore you would not die by my brother's hand. I said nothing of my own. [He grabs Agnes in a choke-hold and pushes her backwards] Nobody hurts my family and lives. [He quickly snaps her neck, and turns to leave] No one. 


[Rebekah, who is wearing Marcel's button-up shirt over her underwear, leans on the balcony's railing and looks at the people on the street below. Marcel comes up behind her and nuzzles at her neck]

REBEKAH: Mmm. I've been away from this home almost a hundred years, and you haven't changed a thing in my bedroom. 
MARCEL: [smiles] I guess I was holding out hope that you'd come back to it. Though, I imagine it's not quite as comfortable as those beds at the Palace Royale Hotel.
REBEKAH: [smiles awkwardly] It's plenty comfortable! [She pauses and turns toward her bag] I'm famished! 

[She pulls out one of the apples from the plantation and offers it to him]

MARCEL: Nah, apples aren't my thing.
REBEKAH: They were your favorite, one upon a time.
MARCEL: Ah, they were! I'd get my ass beat if I ever ate them working on that plantation. Even the spoiled ones. Now, they just remind me of a time when I couldn't have things. 
REBEKAH: [leans against Marcel and grabs his arms] Well, now you can have whatever you want. [She pauses a moment] Come with me. 
MARCEL: And go where, Rebekah?
REBEKAH: Wherever we want to! We can build a home together, we can leave behind Klaus, this city, and those Orphan-Annie vampires...
MARCEL: Whoa, whoa, those "Orphan-Annie vampires" are my family, and this city is my home.
REBEKAH: It was my home, too, once. I left.
MARCEL: You ran. I stayed! This empire thrives because of me, and you want me to run? A man does not run from his home!
REBEKAH: [coldly] I've lived a lot longer than you have, Marcellus. I have seen kings rise, and fall, but there is one thing I know to be true. It is that no matter how matter how big your empire becomes, it is nothing if you have no one to share it with. [She glares at him] You want New Orleans? Have it. I won't be here to stop you.

[She shoves the apple into his chest and leaves. Marcel angrily stares out at the street and thinks about what just happened. When he looks at the apple, he realizes something and picks it up so he can smell it]


[Josh has stopped by to find Klaus. Hayley answers the door]

JOSH: Where is he? I've been trying to find him all day. Marcel knows that Klaus lied to him about where he lives. 
HAYLEY: [sighs] I'm not his damn keeper, Josh.
JOSH: Fine! Just... tell him to call me, please.

[Hayley shuts the door, and Josh walks away from the house, not knowing that Marcel is standing behind the tree and has heard their entire conversation. Marcel sees a bunch of apples that have fallen from the apple tree and onto the ground. When he picks one up, he flashes back to when he was just a young boy, right before Klaus adopted him, when he was being whipped by the plantation's slave-master. Young Marcel picks up an apple and lobs it at the man in anger. In the present, Marcel looks at the apple in his hand, and then looks over at the front door to the plantation house]

[A short while later, someone knocks on the door again. Hayley goes to answer, thinking it's Josh again, but it's Marcel]

HAYLEY: Ugh, what the hell, Josh?

[She opens the door to find that Marcel is on the porch, and he startles her]

MARCEL: [smiles] Hi there, I'm Marcel. I don't think we've met!

[Hayley looks scared and angry]


[Cami is cleaning up at the bar when Klaus comes in to see her]

CAMI: What are you doing here?
Klaus: Do you remember the promise I made you?
CAMI: Promise? No. [She looks at Klaus, and his compulsion kicks in] Yes. You promised you'd find out what happened to Sean. 
Klaus: And I kept my word. Your twin brother's behavior was not born of natural causes. A witch hexed him to commit those murders, and kill himself. 
CAMI: I knew it. I knew he wasn't crazy. Who is this witch?
Klaus: Well, you needn't trouble yourself over her. She's already paid for her actions in blood.
CAMI: Wait, what? You killed somebody?
Klaus: Ah, well, I had a hand in the matter, yeah...

[Cami slaps him in the face]

Klaus: [frustrated] Forgive me if I'm a little surprised by your reaction--
CAMI: How the hell am I supposed to react? You just made me culpable in a revenge murder I never asked for!
Klaus: I've been alive for a thousand years, and I can assure you, many people have died for far less! Besides, now you can find comfort in the truth!

[He awkwardly pats her arm, but she angrily shrugs away from him]

CAMI: The truth? You compel me! You make me at peace with something that should be tearing me up inside! I don't know how, but I will undo whatever the hell it is you've done to me! And when I do, you're gonna wish you'd never laid eyes on me!

[Klaus stares at her sadly for a moment, and the zooms away. A few seconds pass, and Cami suddenly forgets everything that just happened, due to Klaus' compulsion, and looks confused as to why she's so angry]


[Outside, Klaus angrily stomps away from the bar, but Marcel catches up with him]

MARCEL: Hey, where you been?

[Klaus stops walking and rolls his eyes in annoyance before turning to Marcel]

MARCEL: Not still mad about our tiff the other night, are you? 
Klaus: [smiles fakely] Water under the bridge.
MARCCEL: Cami's all yours if you're interested. I'm feeling like right now's not the right time to pursue a relationship. Life's all about timing, you know? Speaking of, I swung by your house earlier to commiserate over a drink, but I must have just missed you. 
Klaus: Oh, the Palace Royale didn't suit me, I moved on weeks ago. 
MARCEL: [smiles and shakes his head knowingly] Nooo, I mean your other place. 


[Elijah comes home to find the house empty]

Elijah: [looks around] Hayley?


[Klaus and Marcel are still talking in the street]

MARCEL: Interesting location to put down your roots, the same plantation where I was a slave. I guess that's why you never invited me over. 
Klaus: [smiles] Well, how rude of me. I'll speak to Elijah. I'm sure he'll be pleased to host you and Davina for the evening! Especially after you were so hospitable to him.
MARCEL: [smiles and chuckles] Good! I look forward to it. 

[He and Klaus continue to shake hands, but as soon as Marcel leaves, Klaus' smile disappears and begins to look worried]


[Elijah calls Rebekah from the house, and she answers from the road while she is on her way out of town in her car]

REBEKAH: [on speaker-phone] Goodbye means goodbye, Elijah.
Elijah: [worried] Is she with you?
REBEKAH: What the hell are you talking about?
Elijah: Hayley's gone. Where is she? 

[Klaus anxiously walks into Hayley's room and joins Elijah]

Klaus: Marcel was here.

[Elijah looks stunned, and absentmindedly drops the phone from his ear]


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