This isn't the end. They won’t stop. As long as that child lives, the witches of New Orleans will never stop coming for it. Esther will never stop coming for it. It has been decreed. Your baby will be consecrated among her ancestors. She will not live.
Genevieve to Hayley in From a Cradle to a Grave

Genevieve was a major recurring character of The Originals during the first season. She was a witch who was brought back to life by Céleste Dubois (while she was possessing Sabine's body), using the energy from the latest Harvest ritual. She was presumably resurrected because of her unfinished business with Rebekah and Marcel. Along with Celeste and Bastianna Natale, she was a major antagonist of the first season of The Originals. She was an Elder and a Leader of the French Quarter Coven, and regained the title after her resurrection. She was killed by Hayley Marshall in punishment after she attempted to sacrifice Hayley and Klaus' daughter as an offering to their ancestors in From a Cradle to a Grave

Early History


In 1919, Genevieve was one of a large number of witches in the New Orleans coven who gathered to meet Papa Tunde, who had arrived in New Orleans to offer to help them vanquish the vampires and beasts from the city in exchange for joining their coven and becoming their leader. It appeared that she was a witch who followed his belief system, because, according to Marcel, Papa Tunde sacrificed anyone who would not follow him and defend his methods. 

Later, after Tunde was murdered by Klaus, Marcel revealed to Rebekah that he was the one who summoned Tunde to New Orleans, with the hope that he would drive Klaus out of town and he and Rebekah could finally be together without having to fear Klaus' reprisal. Rebekah scoffed at the idea, noting that there was only one person who Klaus ever feared, which gave her and Marcel the idea to summon Mikael to town to chase Klaus out of New Orleans. Rebekah knew of a way to contact him, and informed him that all they needed is a witch who could do the spell, which was when Rebekah noticed Genevieve.

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Genevieve worked as a nurse during the Influenza period, helping patients with herbal remedies and trying her best to delay the inevitable and to take away their pain. She quickly developed a friendship with Rebekah, despite the fact that she admitted that she had been brought up to dislike vampires. She also confessed to Rebekah one night that if there were any of the Mikaelson brothers she would like to be with, it would be Klaus, which indicated that she was at least acquainted with both Klaus and Elijah at the time. While Rebekah was planning on just using Genevieve to have her perform the spell to contact Mikael, it because clear that Rebekah was quite fond of Genevieve, and the feelings were mutual. Later, Rebekah and Marcel accompanied Genevieve to the cemetery, where she performed a spell to contact Mikael by sending him a New Orleans newspaper clipping that had Klaus' photo on the front page. Once this was completed, she and Rebekah continued their friendship for some time, until one fateful day while the two were on nurse duty. Genevieve was tending to a sick patient who had coughed blood into a handkerchief when Rebekah pulled her aside and asked for a word with her. They went to the morgue, where Rebekah admitted that she was regretting their choice to contact Mikael, and demanded that she undo the spell. Genevieve informed her that there was no way to undo the spell once he had received the message, so Rebekah reminded her that if Klaus found out she was involved, he would kill her.

Genevieve realized that Rebekah was using her, and that in the process, put her own life at risk, and insisted that they both had no choice but to tell Klaus what they did and hope their honesty would buy them some mercy. 


Rebekah became so enraged and fearful of Klaus finding out the truth that she tried to attack Genevieve, but Genevieve used the pain-infliction spell to give her a migraine. Rebekah grabbed the bloody, influenza-infected cloth from Genevieve's pocket and shoved it in Genevieve's face, infecting her with the virus. Rebekah apologized as she knowingly infected her with Influenza, and reminded her if Klaus found out their actions, Genevieve would be dead anyway. Clara (who was possessed by Céleste at the time) entered the room to see if Genevieve was okay, only to find Rebekah smothering her with the bloody rag. Fearing being ratted out to Klaus, Rebekah then infected Clara/Celeste with the rag as well, and compelled the orderlies at the hospital to keep the two in quarantine until they died so that they would be unable to tell Klaus the truth. A brief flashback showed Clara and Genevieve on their death bed, taking their last breaths on bloodied sheets.

Throughout The Originals Series

Season One

In Après Moi, Le Déluge, she is resurrected, along with Papa Tunde and Bastianna Natale after Celeste stole the power of the Harvest, which was supposed to be used to resurrect the Harvest girls. As Genevieve, Bastianna, and Papa Tunde left their graves, Celeste welcomed them back to life and introduced herself to them with a smile.

In Dance Back from the Grave, Genevieve talked to Celeste while they walked through the cemetery. She noted that it hadn't changed at all. She and Clara Summerlin were seen in a flashback to 1919 as their coven welcomed Papa Tunde to New Orleans.

In Crescent City, she went to Rousseau's and gave Papa Tunde's blade to Cami, with a promise that if she made sure that it ended up in Niklaus Mikaelson's heart, the witches would free Kieran from his hex. She also made a deal with Oliver, to arrange to have the non-cursed bayou wolves attack Rebekah during the full moon.



In Long Way Back From Hell, she spent the day torturing Rebekah by using the hallucinations from her multiple werewolf bites to make her revisit her memories from 1919. She also linked Rebekah's mind to Klaus', so he would be able to see Rebekah's betrayal for himself. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Genevieve spent time as a nurse at the Fleur-de-Lis Sanitorium, using herbal witchcraft remedies to soothe the terminal patients during the Influenza epidemic of 1919. During that time Rebekah became friends with Genevieve with the intention of using her to perform a spell to summon Mikael to New Orleans. Then, when Genevieve learned of Rebekah's betrayal, Genevieve wanted to come clean to Klaus, but Rebekah, fearing her brother's wrath, killed her by infecting her with the influenza virus to keep her from telling Klaus the truth.

In, Le Grand Guignol, she and Bastianna attended a meeting arranged by Thierry. The meeting was shown to be a trap, planned by Rebekah and Marcel, in order to kill the witches so they could resurrect Davina and take her with them to run away from Klaus. Distracted by Thierry, Marcel was able to surprise and kill Bastianna. Rebekah attacked Genevieve, but Genevieve used her magic to give Rebekah a migraine. When Marcel tried to defend Rebekah, Genevieve used her magic to set his jacket sleeve on fire, and threatens to kill them both if they don't let her leave. They ultimately left her alone, and she was able to escape unharmed.

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Genevieve talking to Marcel.

In Farewell to Storyville, Genevieve informed Marcel that she had become an Elder of the coven. Genevieve met with Marcel at Jardin Gris when Marcel wanted to make a deal; he promised to stop all executions of witches in the Quarter in exchange for her lowering the boundary spell placed on the cemetery by Céleste to release Rebekah. Genevieve ultimately agreed, on one condition -- Marcel must return Davina Claire to the coven, so she can once again live with her people and be taught how to control her powers. Marcel reluctantly agreed to the deal, and she reversed the boundary spell to release Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah from the cemetery.

In Moon Over Bourbon Street, a month had passed since Rebekah had been exiled from New Orleans, and Genevieve and Klaus have become lovers. She showed a great deal of jealousy regarding Klaus' friendship with Cami, and uses a pair of enchanted dreamcatchers to spy on her. She was nominated by Elijah to be the Witch Faction representative, and attended a meeting of the factions with Elijah, Father Kieran, and Diego, who was representing the vampires. She left the meeting once Hayley showed up to argue that the werewolves deserved a seat in the Faction. After a raucous party for the supernatural and human communities, Genevieve ultimately signed her name in blood on the newest version of the New Orleans Treatise of Peace.



In The Big Uneasy, Genevieve awoke in Klaus' bed to find that Klaus had painted a portrait of her laying naked in his bed. She wanted to see the painting, but he hid it from her and reminded her that it was a gift to honor their pact. Genevieve was slightly hurt that he is just using her for her allegiance, and wanted to know what she had to gain if she worked with him. Klaus voiced his displeasure regarding the new peace treaty, and suggested that he could offer her the protection she needed from the vampires, the werewolves, and Elijah if she promised her allegiance to him. Later Genevieve asked Elijah for permission to celebrate the Feast of the Blessings, since the witches weren't allowed to celebrate feast days while Marcel was restricting the use of magic. Though Elijah was hesitant to allow her to get what she wanted, Genevieve insisted she had made her peace with Klaus and urged him to think about it. 

The Harvest girls were practicing some spells when Monique received a message from The Ancestors: Genevieve must die, so that the Harvest will finally be completed and the witches will have full access to their power. 

Monique informed the coven of her vision, and Genevieve assured her that she would be happy to die for the witches, but informed them that before she did, she first wanted to steal Esther's Grimoire, which she believed would make the witches even more powerful. Monique and the other witches were satisfied by this plan, and agreed to allow her to live until she fulfilled that task. Genevieve was very anxious and didn't want to die yet, so she desperately tried to buy herself some time.

Klaus asked Genevieve to help Father Kieran, who's condition was worsening as a result of his hex. Genevieve was not eager to help Cami, and insisted that there was no way to undo the hex. Klaus argued that there is always a loophole in spells, so Genevieve tried to use that as an excuse to look at Esther's grimoire to see if there is a spell she could use to help Father Kieran in it.

Klaus saw right through Genevieve's facade and refused to allow her access to his mother's grimoire, because he felt her having access to Esther's magical power was more than enough. Genevieve suggested that she wouldn't be able to help Kieran without the grimoire, and Klaus, enraged, grabbed her by her throat and growled that he won't be manipulated. Genevieve used her magic to give him a migraine and told him not to call her again. 

Later, at the feast, Genevieve sent a member of her coven to sneak into the compound and steal Esther's grimoire, since everyone will be gone and the house will be empty. Monique voices her reservations about Davina being a Harvest girl, and whined that Davina hadn't sacrificed enough for their coven, like she had. Genevieve assured her that all Davina needed was a lesson, and reminded her that she's very good at putting people in their place. Genevieve then held a toast, where she told everyone their that everyone could give an offering, and that no blessing would be denied. Cami went to find Genevieve and ask her for help, and gives her an offering--a vintage turquoise hair-comb from the 1910s. Genevieve, touched by Cami's kindness, said she might be able to help her.

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Genevieve talking to Klaus.

At the end of the feast, Klaus gave Genevieve his offering; inside the box were the severed hands of the witch who tried to steal Esther's grimoire. Genevieve was shocked and disgusted, and replied that a century ago, she dreamed of what it would have been like to be with him, but now, she's glad she didn't. She added that he should fear her, and not the other way around, and pointed out that even though she gave Cami hope that Kieran could be saved, she won't save him. Klaus warned her that if Kieran died, she would die right after him, but Genevieve retorted that Klaus would be stupid to kill off a powerful witch ally just to save a "useless" human.

Monique and the coven convened to inform Genevieve that it was time for her to die, so that the witches would have the power to retaliate against the vampires after their bloody attack at the feast. As Monique prepared to slit Genevieve's throat, she received another messages from the ancestors: Genevieve is allowed to live, but in exchange, they want another offering -- Klaus and Hayley's daughter.

In An Unblinking Death, Klaus visited Genevieve at the Cauldron after leaving Cami and Kieran, and demanded that she tell him what she knows about the explosion in the bayou. She is shocked that Klaus would accuse her and reflected on how ugly she must seem to him next to the pure Camille. She gave her condolences about Kieran, and Klaus took pleasure informing her that Kieran was in transition and was released from the hex. Genevieve, happy to have one over on him, replied that the hex on Kieran was so powerful that it return, even for a vampire, and then added that since Kieran died, the boundary spell trapping him in the attic had broken.

In A Closer Walk With Thee, Genevieve became annoyed by Monique, who was impatiently nagging her about how they need to kill the baby for the ancestors. Her behavior suggested that she was not happy to have to sacrifice an innocent baby to stay alive. Later, when it was revealed that Niklaus and Elijah were having dreams of their dead father Mikael, she was accused by the brothers of behind behind them. She offered to find out what was causing their dreams, and eventually learned that the Other Side was disintegrating, which was allowing ghosts on the Other Side to physically and psychically interact in the living world. When Hayley fell ill and temporarily died after Monique hexed her to kill the baby, Genevieve worked hard to undo the hex and save both Hayley and the baby's lives, which earned her favor from the Mikaelson brothers. She ran into Monique at home and yelled at her for what she did to Hayley, and informed her that since the baby was part-witch, she needed to be born before she could die, so she could be consecrated and fuel their power. She later revealed that she didn't have the heart to kill the baby when she tried to plead with the Ancestors to not make her kill her. The Ancestors made their feelings well known by telekinetically throwing Genevieve around the cemetery until she promised to fulfill her obligation.

Genevieve-Hayley and Elijah- Francesca 1x21

In The Battle of New Orleans, Genevieve was is the Abattoir with the Mikaelsons so she could perform the moonlight ring spell on the black kyanite stones. She tried to console Hayley as she worried over Jackson's safety. Afterwards, she completed her preparations by drawing blood from Klaus, though he had no idea that by donating his blood, he was giving the stones his strength as a power source. As the compound was overrun with Marcel's vampires, she successfully performed the spell under the watchful eyes of Hayley and Francesca Correa, who brought the back-up stones after their first batch was destroyed by Marcel. She also brought along reinforcements for the Mikaelsons. However, despite the deals she made with Elijah and Klaus, it was revealed that she already made a deal with Francesca, a dormant Guerrera werewolf. She gave Francesca the stones instead of Hayley and the Crescents, and knocked Hayley out, making it easier to abduct her. She appeared to Klaus in the bar and berated him for his greed, and reminded him that he was to blame for everything that was happening to him. She was then seen at St. Anne's Church, where she brought Hayley after Hayley fought back against her captors and accidentally caused her to have a placental abruption and launched her into labor early. Monique was angry that they weren't sticking to their plan, but Genevieve said that since the baby was coming right then, their plans needed to adapt.

Genevieve-Elijah-Hayley 1x22..

Genevieve's last moment

In From a Cradle to a Grave, Genevieve and the witches were preparing to deliver Hayley's baby, but Klaus interrupted and killed one of their own. The combined efforts of Monique and Abigail kept Klaus from hurting them. She allowed Hayley to hold her baby for a brief moment before Monique slit the werewolf's throat. She then left with the baby and her fellow witches. She, along with the other witches, cast a spell of illusion over the cemetery where they were to sacrifice the child to keep the Mikaelsons from interfering. After preparing briefly, she enacted the ritual with Monique and Abigail. Before she could sacrifice the baby, Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah arrived. The older Mikaelson threw an urn at Genevieve, forcing her drop the ceremonial dagger. As the other two witches called upon the collective power of the ancestors to hold their opponents off, Genevieve had to deal with Hayley. The transitioning hybrid knocked her down but Genevieve incapacitated Hayley with a pain-infliction spell. However, she witnessed the deaths of Monique and Abigail and was subsequently captured. Genevieve explained herself to Elijah and Hayley and revealed who was behind all of this - Esther. She apologized for what she has done but Hayley didn't hesitate and fatally stabbed her with the ceremonial dagger, killing her.


Through flashbacks to 1919 while working as a nurse during the influenza period, Genevieve was seen as a very caring and sacrificial woman. She helped patients through their sickness despite the risk to her own health and Rebekah once described her as a "sweet girl" to Marcel. She said she was initially wary of Rebekah due to her being an Original Vampire, meaning she was somewhat judgmental about vampires, although changed her mind once Rebekah showed her kindness and friendship. Genevieve was fiercely protective and helped her friends, although this can be seen as naive and too trustworthy, through her own admission, and gullible, as she was unable to see Rebekah's true intentions until she had completed a task for her. She can be seen as a truthful person, once Rebekah's true intentions were revealed, she was fearful and enraged at the consequences she and her family may face and attacked Rebekah, wishing to reveal the truth to spare them. When she was resurrected a century later, she harbored a deep desire for vengeance against Rebekah.

Genevieve was also a capable leader who had managed to bring together the New Orleans witches, including a reluctant Davina. She tried her best to help her people's rise to power, but was still not without morals, as Genevieve truly did not wish to harm Klaus and Hayley's child and was only doing so for fear of her own safety and life and favor from the Ancestors. Despite her intentions behind getting close to the Mikaelsons, she did whatever she could to help Hayley in her moment of need and succeeded, showing that the compassionate nurse inside of her was still there.

Physical Appearance

Genevieve was a beautiful witch with pale, fair skin, blue eyes, and wavy red hair. She had an attractive face and is tall, standing at approximately 5'10". She mostly wore black clothing in modern time. She used to wear a nurse uniform in 1919 while working at an Influenza hospital.

Powers and Abilities

TO 1x14 Genevieve Uses Teleportation to cast Message Spell

Genevieve was a very powerful witch capable of considerable feats of magic. In her first life, she used her prowess in herbalism to help her patients, secretly administering effective herbal remedies to them.

She was responsible for casting a message spell that eventually brought Mikael to New Orleans. Her pain infliction spells are powerful enough to keep even an ancient and powerful vampire like Rebekah Mikaelson at bay. When she was brought back to life, after Céleste Dubois hijacked the power from the Harvest ritual, she set out to exact her revenge against Rebekah, creating a potion that included an assortment of herbs, Rebekah's werewolf-venom laced blood and her own blood that allowed her to reveal to Klaus Rebekah and Marcel's betrayal.

TO 1x14 Genevieve Uses Pain Infliction on Rebekah

She was able to hold off Rebekah and Marcel on her own and reverse the boundary spell that Céleste cast on the cemetery. She used enchanted dreamcatchers to spy on Camille and Marcel while they were having sex. She, with Klaus' help, saved Hayley from being killed by Monique's curse. She even cast a spell that allowed her to speak with the Ancestors, begging them to spare Hayley's baby.

Genevive was competent enough to combine spells from Esther's Grimoires in order to create enhanced Moonlight Rings under the order of Klaus. She combined the spell that Esther used to enhance her children's speed and strength. During the night of the full moon Genevive used Klaus' blood to bind his strength to the black Kyanite stones that would be used, consequently creating twelve Moonlight Rings that drain Klaus' strength.


Genevieve had the typical weaknesses of a human/witch.


  • Klaus and Genevieve (Former Allies/Ex-Lovers/Enemies)
  • Rebekah and Genevieve (Former Friends/Enemies)
  • Celeste and Genevieve (Friends/Former Allies)
  • Genevieve and Elijah (Enemies/Former Frenemies)
  • Clara and Genevieve (Friends)
  • Genevieve and Hayley (Former Allies/Enemies)
  • Davina and Genevieve (Former Allies)
  • Monique and Genevieve (Former Allies)


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

The Originals: The Awakening


  • Geneviève is of uncertain origin, however it’s generally thought to be Celtic, meaning "of the race of women," "women of the people," or "mother of the race," derived from the French Geneviève "white wave", which in turn comes from the Late Latin Genovefa. It began to be used in Britain in the 19th century.


  • Genevieve was identified as "the redhead" in the episode Après Moi, Le Déluge‎.
  • She was resurrected in the present day, along with Bastianna and Papa Tunde, by Céleste Dubois.
  • She survived the longest out all of them in the present day (2012).
  • Genevieve is the second non-main character to appear in over 10 consecutive episodes during a single season, 12 in this case. The first was Rebekah, who appeared in 15 consecutive episodes during Season Four of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Genevieve, Papa Tunde and Bastianna Natale are three of the worst witches in the history of New Orleans, according to the producers' promo for Dance Back from the Grave.
  • In Dance Back from the Grave, it is revealed that Genevieve is the witch whom Rebekah suggested to Marcel would be strong enough to help them find Mikael.
  • In Long Way Back From Hell, it is revealed that Genevieve, along with Rebekah, worked as nurses at Fleur-de-Lis Sanatorium in 1919.
  • In flashback in Long Way Back From Hell, Genevieve had her naïve and innocent nature taken advantage of by Rebekah to summon Mikael to New Orleans.
  • Genevieve is the first person outside of the Original family to call Klaus, "Nik."
  • Genevieve was the last of the four witches resurrected by the hijacked Harvest magic to be killed.
  • In Farewell to Storyville, Genevieve had become an Elder and cast a spell to release Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah from the cemetery.
  • In flashback in Long Way Back From Hell, it was revealed that Rebekah used bloody rags infected with influenza to sicken Genevieve and Clara (possessed by Céleste) and prevent them from revealing that Rebekah and Marcel were behind summoning Mikael.
  • In The Big Uneasy, Monique received a message from the ancestors, which told her that Genevieve was allowed to live, in exchange for Genevieve sacrificing Klaus and Hayley's daughter in her place.
  • Hope was delivered by Genevieve in St. Anne's Church.
  • In From a Cradle to a Grave, she was about to be killed by the ancestors when instead she was fatally stabbed in the stomach by Hayley.
  • Since she is a New Orleans witch, she has rejoined the Ancestors once again.
  • Genevieve has killed no one supernatural or human, but was killed for assisting Abigail and Monique in their attempt to sacrifice Hope in the name of their coven.