Ghosts are the souls or essences of mortals or supernatural creatures that has died and manifested in order to resolve unfinished business.


Ghosts, or spirits, have existed in history for as long as beings themselves have. No one knows the exact origins of ghosts, but any being that has ever lived, even though not born, can become a ghost. Generally, when mortals or supernatural creatures die and do not accept their deaths because of unfinished business, they become ghosts until that which manifests them is resolved.

Physical and Psychological Traits

Since ghosts are non-corporeal, they usually cannot physically interact with the environment, only being able to communicate with the living, either through dreams or through possession. Now, ghosts that do in fact have a strong enough identity may interact with their environment in a variety of ways. Continually, ghosts that appear to the living retain the same physical consequences, or injuries, they sustained upon their deaths. The personalities of ghosts are parallel to that of when they were alive, and as such, can cycle through different stages of sadness, anger, pain, distress, etc., depending on the manner in which they manifest.

Becoming a Ghost

In order to become a ghost, individuals must die and not accept their deaths because of unfinished business. Now, depending on their desire to continue living and their level of manifestation, some may become visible and have the ability to interact in the physical world.

Powers and Abilities

  • Illusion - It can cause deterioration of reality, as well as the alteration of it in a being. It is possible to cause positive or negative effects.
  • Shape-shifting - The supernatural ability to alter or change the form of one's self.
  • Invocation - Ghosts can call to each other in a wide range of manners.
  • Fusion - They can join into a single identity while attacking or defending living beings.

Known Ghosts

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