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I used to have so many good memories of this house, and after just one bad one, I burned it down. I just couldn't bear to look at it again. I just can't believe it's gone.
Elena to Damon in I Alone

The Gilbert House was a house in Mystic Falls. It was an important location until it was burned down by Elena, after the death of Jeremy, during Season Four.


Grayson Gilbert and Miranda Sommers-Gilbert were the original owners until their death. Miranda's sister Jenna Sommers moved in to take care of Elena and Jeremy, only to later die herself. Alaric Saltzman moved in to be the two's guardian since they had no other family. Unfortunately, he later became a vampire, then has to be killed putting everyone in danger, leaving Elena and Jeremy alone without a guardian. The next day, Jeremy and Elena repaint his room.

In Season Four, Elena briefly moved out the house when Jeremy became a vampire hunter; she had been turned, making it unsafe to stay. Eventually, Jeremy managed to control himself and she moved back in. When Jeremy died, Elena became so distraught she decided to burn down the house with his body in it as a cover and did so after she turned off her humanity.


Ground Floor[]

Below is a very rough plan of the ground floor. It is not accurate in dimensions, merely a general overview of the layout. The gaps in the outer frame indicate windows/doors.

Gilber House plan

Gilbert House ground floor

The main corridor runs from the entrance and through the house to the kitchen, ending in garden doors leading outside in the kitchen. There are two living rooms, connected by sliding doors that are usually open. The kitchen is confusing because it has three entrances.

The ??? room is a room that was never used for any scene. There are only glimpses shown of it, there appears to be a table inside, so presumably it's a dining room.

Below is a gallery showing a tour of the ground floor, with captions explicating where each scene is located within the house.

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  • The house's address is 2104 Maple Street, as revealed in The Devil Inside by Matt.
  • The Gilbert House has been the place where a lot of incidents occurred such as when Katherine is introduced in the present, and when Jeremy sees Anna and Vicki after his resurrection.
  • In real life, this house and Forbes House are next to each other.
    • The real address is 2104 Floyd Street NE, Covington, Georgia, USA.
  • The Gilbert House in Pilot was a different house because it was the only episode filmed in Vancouver.
  • Elijah was the first Original vampire to set foot inside the Gilbert house, following by Kol and Klaus.
  • In Stand By Me, Elena Gilbert burns the Gilbert House down in order to be used as a cover story for Jeremy's death. Previously, Klaus threatened to burn down the house.
    • In real life, a few months earlier, the house was put up for sale.
    • Apparently, Elena was going to ask Bonnie Bennett to use her powers to burn down the house; she inquired where Bonnie was when she came downstairs, and, upon finding she had already left, stated, "I guess I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way."
  • Elena mentioned burning it down with Jeremy's dead body inside to Elijah in American Gothic.
  • The Gilbert House didn't make any appearances in Season Five.
  • The Gilbert House made an appearance in Season Six's second episode, Yellow Ledbetter
  • The house reappears in I Alone, where Damon tells Elena that he and Bonnie used to come to the house everyday as the only way to connect to her. In this episode, Elena says she misses the house too.
  • The Gilbert House made an appearance in Season Seven's twenty-first episode, Requiem for a Dream.
    • Bonnie finds the house and sees Elena.
  • Finn and Rebekah are the only Original vampires to never set foot inside the Gilbert House.
  • "She became a doctor, Damon rebuilt her house, the Gilbert house, for her," Williamson reveals to Bustle.[1]



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