Johnathan Gilbert's Journal

The Gilbert Journals were written by Johnathan Gilbert back when he was alive in the 1800's. They contain information about his life story and the existence of vampires in Mystic Falls. Elena, Jeremy, Anna, and Alaric have read the journals. There is also a separate set of journals written by Johnathan Gilbert that were read by John Gilbert, but these aren't seen.


The journals were first mentioned to Jeremy by Jenna when he said that he had to do a history report. They were in a closet in his parent's old room. Jeremy later wrote a extra credit history report on the existence of vampires, with the nudging of Anna.

Alaric asked to borrow the journals wanting to find out more information on the vampires. Later on Anna wanted to barrow it to try to find out how to unlock the vampire's tomb and asked Jeremy if she could borrow the journals at the Fifties Decade Dance at the high school. When Noah threatened to kill Jeremy and messed around with Elena, Stefan and Damon asked him information about opening the tomb. He revealed that the journal has information on where Emily's Grimoire is located and afterwards they killed him. They started looking for it, but Alaric still had it. Alaric photocopied the book in the high school and afterwards Anna stole it. Stefan later stole the photocopy Alaric made.


January 1864

  • Very cold last night but the sun shines out now, warm and brightly today. Considerable ice running in the ... a very small school today. Some are sick and some are taking a new year holiday. I have never ... been so unsettled about the fortunate...

  • I met Barnette and Giuseppe this evening. I saw the scepticism in their eyes when I showed them the compass.

  • I saw her again today, the most beautiful woman in town with a name just as pretty - Pearl.

  • The Fell Family believed it should be I, not them, who protected the witch's spellbook. But I feared she would haunt me from the hereafter. They mocked my fear but it was Giuseppe Salvatore who removed my fear. He told me he would protect the secret of the spellbook. He said he would carry it to his grave.



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