This article is about Giuseppe Conte di Salvatore, a character from the novel series. You may be looking for Giuseppe Salvatore, a character from the television series.

Giuseppe Salvatore was a character who appeared in the The Vampire Diaries novel series. He was Damon and Stefan Salvatore's father.


Giuseppe was harsh to his children and blamed Stefan for the death of his wife, as she didn't fully recovered from Stefan's birth. He had no qualms in beating his children, but he did show some care for them as he tried to stop the brothers from fighting.

He did, however, showed he favored Stefan over Damon as the latter lacked direction and reasoning.

Early History

In the book The Return: Midnight, it is revealed that Giuseppe constantly tried to blame Stefan for the death of his wife (it is explained that the brothers' mother never really recovered from Stefan's birth). However, Damon would "deliberately say something obnoxious" to his father so Damon would end up taking the beating for Stefan. In the first two books in the series, the impression is given that Giuseppe favored Stefan over Damon, as Damon lacked studying and was failing his classes at the unnamed university. Giuseppe believed Damon lacked any sense of direction and reason, another reason it seemed he favored Stefan. However, Giuseppe did try to stop Stefan and Damon from the fight that would end up costing both of their lives, showing he might have cared a little.

The Vampire Diaries

James Remar as Giuseppe Salvatore.

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In the television adaption, Giuseppe is portrayed by James Remar. Giuseppe Salvatore is one of the founders of Mystic Falls, as well as one of the smartest strategists in the confrontation against the vampires.

Unlike in the books, Mr. Salvatore is more friendly and closer to his sons. He tries to protect his family and people of any threats. Giuseppe was one of the instigators who caused hunting vampires in the town, after learning of the mysterious attacks that began with the arrival of Katherine Pierce.


  • Giuseppe is the Italian form of Joseph. It means "He will add".
  • Salvatore is Italian and means "savior".

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