Your mom made a mark on this city. Everyone is here to honor her.
Freya to Hope about Hayley

God's Gonna Trouble the Water is the seventh episode of the fifth season of The Originals and the eighty-sixth episode of the series overall.


THE RETURN TO NEW ORLEANSIvy reveals some startling news to Klaus about the dark magic that's been keeping him away from his family. Elijah turns to some unexpected allies to save Antoinette's life. Hope, Marcel, Freya, and Josh also appear.[2]




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Marcel: "Greta's vampires are bragging that they've got an Original on their team."
Klaus: "Let them come. I'm in the mood for a fight."
Emmett: "Weapons up!"

Josh: "This is my fault. I'm the one who let Greta get away."
Vincent: "You can't beat yourself up over this Josh. Greta's plan was already in motion. You didn't start the fire you just got burnt by the flame, like everyone else."
Josh: "Well still, I can't believe that this was our people that did this to Hayley."
Marcel: "It was not our people, alright they our a cancer that needs to be wiped out."
Vincent: "That can wait until tomorrow. Today is about grieving. I set up a truce between all four of the factions. This afternoon, we have the second line and then this evening we have our werewolf funeral."
Josh: "And Klaus? Don't mean to be the doomsday prophet, but if he's in the city with Hope, he brings all that chaos back with him."
Marcel: "No, no. He'll do the right thing for New Orleans, and his daughter."
Josh: "Well for all our sakes, I certainly hope so."
Vincent: "To Hayley."
Marcel: "May she sleep with the angels, and I'm sure she'll teach them a thing or two."

Caroline: "Dear Klaus, You and I are no strangers to heartbreak, and yet each loss hits more deeply then the one before. I've had to return to my daughters, as I'm sure you can understand. Please know, I am a phone call away if you need a friend. With all my sorrow, and with love for you and your family. Caroline."

Hope: "Mom!"
Freya: "Hope."
Hope: "Mom?"
Freya: "I'm here."
Hope: "What happened? Where is she?"
Freya: "Breathe, you're safe now."
Hope: "Where is my mom?"
Hayley: "Elijah."
Hope: "My mom is dead. She's dead and it's my fault! And I need more than some half version of you!"
Klaus: "I should have never agreed to this. I should be there beside her, holding her hand."
Freya: "I know, but the consequences of you two being together have been escalating. We can't bring that kind of danger into the city."
Antoinette: "My mother is dead."
Marcel: "Yeah, but her minions live on."
Emmett: "It's not just a movement. It is an army."
Klaus: "I don't know what to do."



Last.fm_play.png "Something Evil (feat. Marc Scibilia)" – The Hot Damns
Last.fm_play.png "From the Night" – Richard Boulger
Last.fm_play.png "Look After You" – Aron Wright
Last.fm_play.png "Too Close" – Arctic Lake




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