Gone with The Wind Screening

The Gone With The Wind Screening is an event that was featured in As I Lay Dying, the Season Two finale.

It was organized by the town (probably as a fundraiser) and a lot of people from town attended it. It also featured a small picnic. Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline attended it. Before the movie had started, Stefan came and told Elena that Damon was been bitten by Tyler (who was a werewolf) and had a fatal bite.

Later, Damon has escaped and he hallucinated that Katherine is there. Jeremy found him and brought him to the Mystic Grill. Then Sheriff Forbes came in. She aimed at Damon, to shoot him, but he quickly ran away and the bullet hit Jeremy. He found Elena and he tried to drink her blood. He collapsed on the ground. Jeremy died, but was brought back to life by Bonnie, gaining the ability to talk to ghosts upon his return from the dead.



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