[Hayley is doting on Hope in the living room of the safe house. She picks up her daughter and carries her into the kitchen]

HAYLEY: [to Hope] Hi, honey! Mama's here. Ooh!

[Hayley and Hope enter the kitchen where Elijah is making breakfast. Hayley and Elijah look as though they're about to kiss, but instead Elijah just kisses Hope's head before getting back to his work]

[Klaus begins to speak in voiceover as he drives to the safe house with Cami. As he speaks about each of his family members, the camera cuts to each of them in turn. First is Elijah, who becomes overwhelmed by flashbacks of attacking Tatia, his red door, and the restaurant staff he killed. Second is Kol, in a flashback to The Map of Moments, when he kissed Davina in front of the Dowager Fauline's mansion. Third is Finn, who is tending to the wounds he sustained when Elijah attacked him, nods to Mikael, who is at the Lycée with him. Fourth is Rebekah, whose original body is still in her coffin at the compound after failing to stop the body-swap spell Esther cast. Finally, when Klaus brings up himself, it cuts to Esther, who is still locked in the crypt in Lafayette Cemetery after Klaus and Rebekah turned her into a vampire. She looks weak and sick and is desperately trying to resist the still-full blood bag on the ground in front of her]

Klaus: [voiceover] It has been said that all love begins and ends with she who gave us life. A thousand years ago, my mother turned us into monsters. Yet, still, she claimed to love her children, even as she vowed to destroy us. The noble Elijah, tormented by long-buried, shameful secrets. Kol, the wily troublemaker, out for no one but himself. Finn, the devoted acolyte, his love all too easily walked by our mother's sick hate. Fierce Rebekah, willing to risk everything on the chance that she may one day find happiness. And me, the bastard child. My mother's greatest shame. Now, finally, we have defeated her, giving her the choice she never thought to give us-- to live on as one of the monster's she created...

[Klaus and Cami arrive at the safe house, where Klaus finishes up his story just as they both depart from their vehicle]

Klaus: ...Or, suffer the slow, agonizing death she so deserves.
CAMI: [confused] Um, congratulations, I guess? But, right now, I'm a little more worried about Finn... considering I totally stabbed him in the back.
Klaus: He won't find you here. This is the safest place you could possibly be. Come on! There's someone I want you to meet.

[The two walk together toward the house while Klaus continues talking]

Klaus: I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family. The little troublemaker all the fuss has been about.

[The door opens, and Hayley comes out on the porch with Hope in her arms as Klaus walks up the steps and joins her on the porch]

Klaus: Camille, this is Hope.

[Cami is absolutely stunned, and looks at Klaus and Hayley in confusion before turning her focus back on Hope]

CAMI: [shocked] Oh my god! But-- You said-- I thought she was--?

[Klaus doesn't take his eyes off his daughter while he talks]

Klaus: The only way to truly protect her was to convince the world of her death.

[Hayley smiles kindly, but Klaus looks awkward as he turns back to Cami]

Klaus: I hope you understand, once it is safe for you to leave here, this secret cannot leave with you.

[Cami, clearly happy at this revelation, nods in understanding and smiles at her with tears in her eyes before she walks past him to see Hope for herself. Hope grabs her finger and coos at her, and Cami and Hayley both giggle]

CAMI: Oh, she's perfect!

[Inside the house, Klaus, Hayley, Cami, and Elijah are brainstorming their next move]

Klaus: Now that we've entombed our mother, I intend to finish making the city safe for Hope. Which, to start, means dealing with the lingering problem of Finn.
CAMI: [sighs] Oh, once he figures out what you've done to your mother, he's gonna go off the deep end.
Klaus: That's exactly why we need to keep you out of harm's way. Hayley and I will return home and take care of my wayward brother. Elijah will remain here with you.

[Klaus looks over at Elijah, who looks displeased as he peers out the window]

Klaus: [smirks] He's been experiencing some side effects since his ordeal as our mother's captive. Best he stay here and convalesce.

[Elijah gives Klaus an offended look, and he's clearly still feeling patronized by his siblings]

Elijah: A single violent outburst at a filthy road-side café, and one never hears the end of it.
Klaus: [laughs] Oh, Cami has a way with minds plagued by demons, brother. You two can bond!

[Cami looks over at Elijah awkwardly, while Elijah simply looks uncomfortable]

Klaus: Well, if you excuse me, I best be on my way! Rebekah should have already woken up in the body of Angelica Barker. Once she has cut the ties of Miss Barker's former life, she'll make her way directly here. [He smiles] You should expect her shortly.

[He leaves for New Orleans, leaving Elijah and Cami alone in the safe house with Hope]


[Rebekah, who is in her new vessel, has had her wrists and ankles bound to a bed in restraints while a male nurse tries to shove several pills into her mouth. Once he manages to get her to take them, Rebekah spits out the pills again and continues to struggle against her restraints]

REBEKAH: You have no bloody idea who you're dealing with!
NURSE: Let me guess-- the Easter bunny?

[He grabs another cup of pills and forces them into Rebekah's mouth. When she finally stops resisting and relaxes to the point of nearly being asleep, the nurse determines it's safe to remove her restraints and leaves the room. Once out in the hall, various patients are seen walking around with other nurses and orderlies]



[Finn is in the Lycée, where he's using a hammer to break what looks like a human skull into pieces so he can crush the bones into powder for a spell. As he works, he talks to Mikael, who is standing and watching nearby]

FINN: [bitterly] She tried to show them mercy. If they've harmed her--
MIKAEL: [interrupts them] --Esther's mistake was believing there was anything left in your siblings to save.

[Finn anxiously grinds his ingredients in a mortar as Mikael walks closer to him and affectionately squeezes his shoulder]

MIKAEL: Together, my son, we can finally destroy them.

[Finn, appreciating the affection, smiles weakly]

FINN: Yeah. I'm happy to hear you say this, Father. Such a powerful man... I could use your strength.

[Mikael smirks, and the scene quickly cuts away]


[Hayley and Jackson have met up on the balcony outside her bedroom that looks out over the French Quarter to discuss their plans for the Unification Ceremony. Jackson has his journal of werewolf traditions that he learned from Ansel while he was alive]

HAYLEY: Hey! Thanks for meeting me here.
JACKSON: [smiles awkwardly] Heh, I ask you to marry me, you take off for three days! Good thing I'm a secure guy... sort of.
HAYLEY: [returns his awkward smile] So, you ready to do this thing? Get hitched? Take the plunge? Slap on the old ball-and-chain?
JACKSON: [laughs] Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's not that simple. It's a mystical Unification Ceremony. It's not like we can just go to Vegas!
HAYLEY: [in embarrassment] ...Right...

[She moves to sit in a chair on the balcony, and Jackson sits down in the chair opposite her]

JACKSON: Look... as long as the werewolves need those rings, they'll be under the witches' control.

[He holds up his journal to emphasize his point]

JACKSON: Now, if we wanna change that, we gotta do this by the book. Literally.

[He opens the journal to list off what they need to do in order to perform the ceremony]

JACKSON: We have to find a shaman who can perform the ceremony, trials to endure, devotion rituals...
HAYLEY: [overwhelmed] Devotion rituals?
JACKSON: [laughs nervously] Try not to sound too excited.
HAYLEY: I'm sorry. This just all sounds very, um...
JACKSON: ...Intimate? [Hayley chuckles] Yeah... that's a marriage. [She smiles at him] Look, I know we're kinda diving into this thing, but... I think it's cool. [He smiles at her] I'm looking forward to the "getting to know you" part. Because I want to know you.

[Hayley looks overwhelmed and slightly guilty as Jackson looks at her expectantly. When she hears a door open downstairs, she sighs]

HAYLEY: They're here!
JACKSON: [confused] Who?
HAYLEY: [raises her eyebrows and leads him downstairs] Come see!

[They head to the courtyard, where a large group of werewolves are congregating, including Aiden]

JACKSON: [still confused] What's Jerick doing here?
HAYLEY: Aiden rounded up the most influential wolves so they can talk.
JACKSON: ...About what?
HAYLEY: [gestures to the front door] About them.

[A group of vampires, including Gia and Josh, file into the courtyard, led by Marcel. Marcel looks up at Hayley and nods to her in greeting. Jackson looks tense as he watches the two groups approach each other. Marcel stops in front of Jerick and holds his arm out to stay his vampires]


[Rebekah opens her eyes in her bed and spits the pills the nurse force-fed her earlier into her hand before rolling her eyes]

REBEKAH: Amateurs.

[She hears footsteps approaching her and shoves the unswallowed pills under her pillow. It's Cassie, the Harvest girl, who stops in the doorway]

CASSIE: You're the sister. Rebekah.

[Rebekah looks surprised to be recognized and stands up so she can approach Cassie]

REBEKAH: I said as much the other night. Screamed it, in fact. No one believed me. But you do...

[She suddenly becomes suspicious of Cassie]

CASSIE: I know a little something about Mikaelsons jumping into other people's bodies. Mostly because your mother did it to me.

[Rebekah takes her hands and pulls her into the room so she can shut the door behind them before she turns back to Cassie]

REBEKAH: [smiles] So you must be that Harvest girl. Cassie, is it?

[Cassie nods silently in confirmation, and Rebekah sighs in relief]

REBEKAH: I'm in a bit of a bind here. So, tell me-- how exactly does one go about breaking out of this joint?
CASSIE: [sadly] You can't break out. Once you're in, there's no leaving this place.
REBEKAH: [scoffs] That's ridiculous! Surely someone's gotten out?
CASSIE: Sure. But not alive.

[Rebekah's smile falls, and she begins to look nervous]


[Kaleb/Kol is unpacking in his new room in the compound when he finds a photo of Rebekah from the 1910s on the dresser. He picks it up and chuckles as he looks at it. After a moment, Klaus approaches the doorway]

Klaus: Settling into your new accommodations?
KOL: Well, I would have preferred my old room... Seeing as it's filled with a dusty nursery and a hybrid, I thought it best not to complain.

[Klaus pulls a bottle of absinthe from behind his back and presents it to Kol]

Klaus: I brought you something in honor of your return to the fold. I believe it's your favorite, or, at least, it used to be. La Fée Verte!

[Kol smiles and takes the bottle from him so he can examine it]

KOL: Ding dong... the witch is dead! Or undead. [Klaus laughs] Whichever. Cheers!

[Suddenly, the bottle shatters in Kol's hand, and its contents spill all over the floor. Klaus and Kol, both alarmed, look over to find Vincent/Finn standing in the doorway, having used magic to destroy the bottle]

FINN: [furious] Where is she?
Klaus: [annoyed] Finn! Please, join us.

[Kol shakes the liquor off of his hands and stands next to Klaus, who feigns concern at Finn's strung-out appearance]

Klaus: My, my, you look peaky. [He turns to Kol] Doesn't he look peaky?
KOL: He does look peaky.
Klaus: You feeling alright?
FINN: [unamused] Don't make me ask again.
Klaus: Well, I assume you're referring to our mother. Fear not, she's tucked away somewhere perfectly safe. You'll never find her.
FINN: You think you've won. [He spreads his arms wide] Let's see how long that arrogance lasts, brother.

[Kol looks alarmed as Finn gives them one last glare and leaves. Klaus watches him go, looking slightly concerned]

[Meanwhile, down in the courtyard, the werewolves and the vampires are still in the process of trying to form an alliance]

HAYLEY: You wolves are here because you want freedom. And, I promise you, if you stay, you will be free. But...

[She looks backward at Marcel and the vampires, who seem interested]

HAYLEY: We need as much help as we can get.
MARCEL: My vamps and I are willing to stand with you against the witches. In return, all I want is a promise that there will be peace between our sides after the wedding.
JERICK: You're the one who spent the last one hundred years killing and cursing us!
MARCEL: Which means you might wanna listen to what I have to say.

[Suddenly, Finn joins them downstairs and interrupts their negotiations]

FINN: I see you're brokering a truce between mongrels and parasites!

[Hayley, Marcel, and the rest of their respective communities glare at him angrily]

FINN: And just how long do you think that's really going to last? A month? A week? A day? What you don't yet seem to understand is that the only thing that can exist between your two degenerate species is hatred, war, and death.

[Finn slowly backs away as he talks, until he is technically outside of the compound. Then, he rubs his fingers together and blows on them as he casts a spell. When he slams his hand against the doorway of the entrance, the entire building shakes, startling its current occupants as the spell takes hold. He smiles at the alarmed looks on everyone's faces, which causes Gia to vamp-speed toward him to attack him. However, she slams into a barrier which burns her hands, as though she was outside in the sunlight without a daylight ring. Marcel lunges toward her to see what happened]

FINN: But, I imagine-- given a little time confined together-- you'll come to see things the way I do.

[Hayley sighs anxiously and glances around the room at the rest of the group, who are both furious and worried about what is to come as Finn leaves]

[Upstairs, Klaus is in his bedroom, where he tests the spell against the balcony. His hand burns as well, and after a moment, he yanks his hand away from the barrier. Kol joins him, looking frantic]

KOL: Did he really just trap us all in here?
Klaus: He certainly did. Which means we have a witch problem. You're a witch. Fix it.

[Klaus storms out of his room, but Kol stops him and gives him an incredulous look]

KOL: And what the bloody hell do you want me to do about it?
Klaus: Well, considering the crowd, I think you'll be more motivated to find a solution. After all, I can easily out-wait our brother's antics. You, on the other hand, might find yourself looking rather appetizing to some of our fellow prisoners.

[Kol, realizing he's now a human witch amongst a large group of trapped vampires, becomes panicked and reconsiders his initial response]

KOL: ...I'm gonna need some help.
Klaus: [smiles fakely] Mmm.

[Downstairs, Marcel and Gia have stepped into the dining room in order to talk privately]

MARCEL: Josh and Aiden are gonna check doors, windows, and any other entrance. Maybe he missed something.

[He starts unpacking one of several boxes that are stacked in a corner while Gia watches him with her hands on her hips]

GIA: Can you get them to manage this guy Jerick's attitude?
MARCEL: [gives her a look] Gia, I want you to do two things for me.
GIA: [crosses her arms] Yeah?
MARCEL: First, knock it off with the tough-girl routine.
GIA: [interrupts him] I'm--
MARCEL: [cuts her off] --I'm serious! Don't underestimate those wolves, alright? You're new, but they have a long list of reasons to hate us.
GIA: [sighs] Sorry. You're right. What's the second?
MARCEL: [smiles proudly] I want you to help watch our guys. Alright? Make sure nobody starts looking for trouble.

[Gia nods and turns to return to the courtyard. As she leaves, Hayley slips into the room to talk to Marcel while he continues to unpack the boxes]

HAYLEY: So, you got any brilliant ideas on how to keep this under control?
MARCEL: [smiles] What people in New Orleans have always done when trapped in close quarters with mortal enemies.

[Hayley looks at him, confused, and he pulls a bottle of bourbon out of the box]

MARCEL: Drink, and hopefully blow off a little steam.

[He throws the bottle toward Hayley, who easily catches it. She unscrews the cap and takes a large gulp straight from the bottle before holding up the bottle in Marcel's direction as though to toast to him before turning and leaving the room]


[Elijah is leaving Rebekah one of what appears to be many voicemails in the doorway between the kitchen and living room]

Elijah: [on the phone] Rebekah, it's me again. Please call.

[He hangs up the phone, looking worried. Cami is looking through the cabinets in the kitchen when she finds a bottle of bourbon and takes it off the shelf]

CAMI: [happily] Yahtzee! Ah-ha-ha! If there's one thing I've learned about you people, it's that there's always a bottle of booze around.

[She looks in another cabinet for glasses and looks back at Elijah]

CAMI: You want one?
Elijah: [smiles condescendingly] Sounds delightful. And after that, Camille, then what? We have another, and another, perhaps another after that, another after that... Before long, I find myself opening up to you, or-- [He makes air-quotes with his fingers]-- "baring my damaged soul," as it were.

[Cami, who has two tumblers and the bottle of bourbon, sits down on the couch in the living room and rolls her eyes]

Elijah: It's an old trick, Camille. Not a particularly clever one.
CAMI: Your mother really did a number on you boys, didn't she? Has it ever occurred to you that I'm less interested in fixing your problems and more interested in forgetting my own? I mean, I'm basically in a supernatural witness protection program because your psychotic brother-- who, by the way, I practically had to seduce-- wants me dead. So, yeah--

[Elijah sits down across from her in an armchair and watches as she pulls out Trivial Pursuit and sets it on the coffee table]

CAMI: --Booze and board games is pretty much where I'm at right now.

[Elijah rolls his eyes, clearly annoyed, as Cami pulls out one of the game cards and reads it aloud]

CAMI: Here's a question-- What was the name of Don Quixote's horse?
Elijah: [mutters] This is absurd.

[Cami sighs and sets down the trivia card before intentionally changing the subject]

CAMI: Fine. Dumb idea. How's Hayley? You two seemed close.

[She casually sips her drink, knowing she has him beat, and Elijah, realizing he only has two options, sighs in defeat]

Elijah: Rocinante.

[Cami gives him a puzzled look, and Elijah sighs again]

Elijah: The horse's name is Rocinante.

[He grabs the bottle of bourbon and pours himself a glass, causing Cami to smile]


[The vampires and werewolves are mingling in the courtyard, having drinks and trying to enjoy themselves despite the fact that they're trapped together in the compound. Gia wanders around the room with a bottle of bourbon, filling up people's glasses. Above them on the balcony, Hayley is watching everyone. After a moment, Klaus joins her. She smiles weakly at him before turning her attention back to the crowd, but Klaus, sensing something different about her, looks at her curiously]

Klaus: Worried about your wolves?

[Hayley just looks at him blankly]

Klaus: Or, perhaps the source of your anxiety is a little further from home? How is Elijah, by the way? I'm sure he found your visit most curative.
HAYLEY: [embarrassed] Ew! No.

[Klaus continues to look at her, a smirk on his face, and she eventually caves]

HAYLEY: That obvious, huh?

[She clears her throat awkwardly, and Klaus laughs]

Klaus: Well, you both had a certain glow about you all morning. Frankly, I'm glad the two of you dropped your pretenses and, uh, shall we say... let the spirit move you?

[He starts laughing even harder, and Hayley cuts him off, shoving him playfully before starting to laugh with him]

HAYLEY: Okay! Okay, okay, okay, stop! Enough! This family is weird enough already.

[Klaus notices her face suddenly grow serious as she watches Jackson down below, who has grabbed his own bottle of whiskey and has settled himself into a chair next to some fellow werewolves]

Klaus: [speaks quietly] You're feeling guilty, aren't you? Wondering if you should tell your betrothed things he doesn't need to know. From all the poems written on the subject of unrequited love, there are so few on the pain of being the object of that affection. The truth is, Hayley, it's not love on which the strongest foundations are built. It's the decency of merciful lies.


[Cassie and Rebekah are wandering around the asylum, as Cassie explains the existence of this place to her. Around them are other patients and prisoners, all of whom look disheveled and wearing clothes in varying stages of wear and tear. Some are playing games, while others watch an old television]

CASSIE: They say this place is haunted.
REBEKAH: [sarcastically] How could you possibly tell?
CASSIE: There's lots of versions of the story, but they all start the same way-- with Astrid Malchance and Mary-Alice Claire.

[She gestures to a nearby wall, where two portraits of each of the women are hung]

CASSIE: Imprisoned here over a century ago... by your brother. Then, the coven started to put others here, too-- ones broken by magic. Witches like me.
REBEKAH: So, that's it, then? They just lock you lot up and throw away the key?

[Suddenly, a nearby witch begins to shriek as one of the nurses wraps his arms around her from behind and drags her to her room]

SHRIEKING WITCH: Ahh! No! Please! I didn't do it! No! Stop! Stop!

[Another witch, an older woman with blonde hair and two parallel scars on her cheek stares at Rebekah and Cassie from across the room]

REBEKAH: Who are the creeps there with the scars?
CASSIE: [whispers] They call themselves the Kindred.

[She and Rebekah start walking through the house again]

CASSIE: Years ago, they got obsessed with dark magic-- necromancy, immortality spells. So, their coven locked them up here. Since then, they kind of put themselves in charge.
REBEKAH: Well, what about our magic, then? We're still witches, right?

[She looks over at two women, who are playing a game that involves small tiles with letters printed on them, and smiles]

REBEKAH: All we need to do is send a little distress signal.


[Davina has just arrived to the compound, and she stops short of the entrance to the courtyard, knowing that she'll be trapped if she goes any farther. When she reaches out to touch the barrier, Kol rushes out and stops her before she can get burned]

KOL: Careful, careful! It's nasty.

[He looks at Davina and smiles]

KOL: Pretty girl to the rescue, eh? [Davina grins at him] You ready?

[Davina nods, and the two hold out their hands so that they're nearly touching, with only the magical barrier separating them. Once they're settled, they start to murmur an incantation under their breath. As they chant, Marcel pushes his way through the crowd to watch them work]

DAVINA & KOL: [chant simultaneously] Singuinata venet a superem. Singuinata venet a superem.

[After a moment, Kol and Davina are both forcefully thrown backwards away from the barrier]

DAVINA: [startled] Ahhh!

[Kol glances at his hands and gives Davina a look]

DAVINA: What just happened?

[Klaus, having heard the commotion, suddenly appears to investigate]

Klaus: [impatiently] I assume that means we're all free to go?
KOL: [sighs anxiously] No. The spell's locking us out.
DAVINA: Vincent must be channeling something. A dark object, maybe.

[Klaus, Davina, and Kol look at each other, frustrated and concerned]


[Still at the Lycée, Finn appears to be talking to himself while he prepares his next spell in the greenhouse. He holds an athame in his hands as he works]

FINN: You should have seen them! They were so... confident in our defeat.

[He sets down the athame and moves across the room to kneel down on the floor, revealing he was actually talking to Mikael, who is unconscious, desiccated, and laying spread-eagled in the middle of a circle drawn in chalk and surrounded by candles. Inside the circle are more magical sigils and runes drawn in chalk, and Mikael's skin is gray and mottled as a result of the symbol carved into his forehead, which is similar to that used by Papa Tunde to channel Rebekah and the other dead vampires' power in Dance Back From the Grave]

FINN: But, I assure you, Father, they have no idea what they're up against now.

[He touches his fingers against the symbol on Mikael's forehead, allowing him to channel all of Mikael's supernatural power to boost his own magical strength]


[Cami and Elijah are still playing Trivial Pursuit, and Cami is quickly reading off card after card, frustrated that Elijah knows the correct answer to every question she asks]

CAMI: What three European countries begin with the letter "A?"
Elijah: [bored] Albania, Austria, Andorra.

[Cami makes a frustrated noise and throws the card aside while Elijah makes himself another drink]

CAMI: Agh! Okay, hey! Who was the only U.S. president to earn a Ph.D?
Elijah: The rather tedious Woodrow Wilson.

[Cami groans again and searches for another question in the stack of cards]

CAMI: Who rode Secretary to the Triple Crown in 1973--
Elijah: [cuts her off] Ron Turket.

[Cami, frustrated beyond relief, throws up her hands in exasperation]

CAMI: No! I refuse to believe that you just happened to know that!

[In her excitement and drunkenness, she accidentally spills Elijah's drink onto the table, splattering bourbon onto his shirt sleeve. When she sees the mess she made, she immediately starts to apologize]

CAMI: [laughs] I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Elijah. Here.

[She hands him a hand towel to clean himself up, which he takes to blot the alcohol from his shirt while she starts looking through the game cards]

CAMI: Ohhh... Okay, who was...

[The longer he tries to dry off his shirt, the more furiously he begins scrubbing at his sleeve, until Cami finally notices and becomes concerned]

CAMI: [worried] Elijah? Are you okay? Hey, Elijah--

[She reaches out to touch his hand, but Elijah quickly grabs her by the wrist to stop her. Her eyes widen in alarm, but he gently sets her arm down]

Elijah: I'm not as fragile as my brother suggests.

[They look at each other for a moment until Elijah's phone rings. He answers it, thinking it's Rebekah]

Elijah: [on the phone] Rebekah, where on Earth are you?

[He pauses and listens to the voice on the other end]

Elijah: I see. No, I must have been dialing the wrong number. Forgive me.

[He hangs up the phone, looking distressed]


[After the break, Elijah calls Klaus, who is anxiously wandering around the compound, to inform him of this newest development]

Klaus: [on the phone] What do you mean, she's gone?
Elijah: I just received a call from Angelica Barker, who is still very much herself.

[Klaus stops at the end of the hall, where Kol is eavesdropping on his phone call from the nearby doorway]

Klaus: [to Elijah] Stay where you are. I'll handle it.

[Klaus hangs up the phone, looking angry, but when Kol approaches him, he puts on his best poker face]

KOL: Everything all right?
Klaus: It will be, provided you've found a solution to this little quandary of ours?
KOL: Well, I might have. I'm not sure you're gonna like it, though.
Klaus: I'm not sure we have a choice.
KOL: There are things that we need from the Lycée, which means we need it clear of Finn. And, knowing him, there's only one thing that will distract him for long enough.
Klaus: [scowls] And what's that?
KOL: If you tell him where to find our mother.

[Elsewhere, Hayley has led Jackson into her bedroom where they can talk privately]

JACKSON: Hey, what's going on?
HAYLEY: We need to talk.
JACKSON: Are you okay?
HAYLEY: Uh, no. I mean, I was just thinking that if we're going through with this marriage, I wanna do it right, and I wanna be honest with you.

[Jackson looks at her nervously as Hayley takes a deep breath]

HAYLEY: The last couple of days, when I was gone? The truth is... I was with Elijah.
JACKSON: [confused] Okay?
HAYLEY: [looks guilty] No, I mean... I was with Elijah.

[Jackson seems shocked, and turns away from her to pace around and rub his face with his hands as he processes this revelation. Hayley, looking even more guilty, waits in silence for him to say something, and Jackson takes a deep breath before he speaks]

JACKSON: Are you in love with him?

[Hayley gulps nervously, but remains silent, unable to truthfully answer the question, which gives Jackson his answer anyway. Jackson looks hurt]

JACKSON: Right. Guess I already knew that, didn't I?
HAYLEY: It doesn't matter how I feel, Jack. This isn't about me, or you, it's--
JACKSON: [finishes her sentence] A sacrifice?
HAYLEY: [flustered] That's not what I said...
JACKSON: No. Hayley, you didn't have to.

[Jackson, overwhelmed, walks away without saying another word, leaving Hayley alone in her room]

[Meanwhile, Josh is leading Aiden up a staircase near the courtyard, which leads them to an empty wing of the compound]

AIDEN: You really think there's a way out up here?
JOSH: Uh, nope! Not a chance. One of the vamps even tried climbing out over the roof-- no dice.

[Josh looks around to make sure nobody is nearby before gently shoving Aiden against a wall]

JOSH: But, I figure, as long as we're trapped here in the Witch-Bubble-Of-Doom, might as well make the most of it!
AIDEN: [smiles] Ah!

[Josh kisses him, but Aiden pulls away after a moment]

AIDEN: Aw, come on. Someone might come up.
JOSH: [confused] So? I don't really care if somebody sees me making out with my boyfriend.

[Aiden looks a little stunned and chuckles]

JOSH: And, I totally just called you my boyfriend.
JOSH: Soooo, that happened.
AIDEN: [sighs] Look, the wolves don't know about us yet.
JOSH: [surprised] Okay, Aiden, please tell me that I did not get murdered and come back from the dead just to get shoved back into the closet.
AIDEN: No! No, no, no, it's not that. It's just... you're a vampire. And, you know, it's great that your friends are cool with this, but it's different for the wolves. I mean, you don't know how Marcel and his vampires made us suffer.
JOSH: No, you're right. I don't. Because I had nothing to do with what happened back then.
AIDEN: Yeah, well, trust me. You were the bad guys.

[Suddenly, Josh is hit by a spell of some kind and doubles over in pain. He starts panting to try to breathe through it, but his vision starts to blur]

AIDEN: [concerned] Josh?

[Josh continues to sputter and groan, as he becomes overcome with bloodlust. He notices Aiden's carotid artery pulsing under his skin and uses all the willpower he has to keep himself from feeding on him. Josh looks so weak and overwhelmed that Aiden becomes even more worried]

AIDEN: ...Josh?

[Suddenly, the scene cuts to Finn, who is casting a spell on Josh at the Lycée. At the compound, Josh frantically shakes his head to try to snap out of it]

JOSH: [overwhelmed] Something's wrong.
AIDEN: [steps toward him] Are you okay--

[Josh frantically shoves Aiden away from him to prevent him from coming any closer]

JOSH: No! I-- I can't be up here with you right now.

[Josh stumbles down the stairs away from Aiden and finds Marcel and Gia, who are hanging out in the dining room. They both look worried as Josh continues to double over in pain]

MARCEL: Whoa, hey! Slow down!
JOSH: All I can think about is blood! It's like when I first turned, only a hundred times worse!

[The scene cuts to Finn, who is slaughtering some kind of animal as part of a sacrificial magic spell. As he removes the entrails and uses them in the spell, Gia suddenly doubles over at the compound]

GIA: [groans] Whoa!

[Finn continues the spell and causes Marcel to double over as well, overcome by hunger. Suddenly, Klaus storms into the room]

Klaus: [annoyed] Your vampires seem to think it's lunch-time!

[Klaus notices all of them struggling to stay calm and becomes worried]

Klaus: What is it?
MARCEL: They're not the only ones who are hungry. It's all of us.
JOSH: Yeah, like super-size hungry. And there's an all-you-can-eat werewolf buffet right through those doors.

[They all look into the courtyard, where more vampires are rolling around in pain while the werewolves sit and socialize, oblivious to what's happening. Gia's vampire-face starts to emerge as she stares at the wolves, and Klaus suddenly realizes that Finn is responsible for what is happening]


[Finn has just received a call from Klaus at the Lycée, and he answers it as he walks up into the greenhouse]

FINN: Klaus! Willing to concede so soon?
Klaus: I merely seek to negotiate. You want our mother, I want out of this bloody compound. The economics of what comes next should be easy to grasp, even for you.
FINN: What I want, brother, is to exterminate the plague that is your kind. What I want is to watch the flames flicker over your smoldering corpse.

[On the other end of the line, Klaus is rolling his eyes mockingly as Finn rants]

FINN: What I want is to hear the silence once you finally stop screaming.

[Klaus smirks and makes a static-y noise with his mouth into the phone]

Klaus: HCHHHHHHHHH! I'm sorry, we must have a bad connection. [Finn laughs sarcastically] Could you repeat everything you said after "What I want?"
FINN: Oh, I'm so happy to hear that hunger hasn't yet sapped your humor. But, I should warn you, brother-- if those vampires even attempt to feed, they'll find themselves ravenous. Unable to stop.

[Klaus suddenly becomes visibly nervous]

FINN: So, every moment that you waste with me will only lead you to the inevitable carnage.

[Klaus remains silent for a long moment before he finally speaks]

Klaus: Esther for our freedom. Do we have a deal?
FINN: Well, I think I know better than to trust your honesty. But, yes, if I find our mother unharmed, then I might consider granting your reprieve.
Klaus: [growls] Saint Roch No 1. The Delphine tomb.

[Klaus angrily hangs up and heads back downstairs to plan their next move]


[Rebekah and Cassie are in a room, sitting on the floor, where Rebekah has spelled out "SOS RMIKAELSON WTCHASYLM" in lettered tiles]

REBEKAH: All we have to do is just pop this message off to my brothers.

[Rebekah holds out her arms toward Cassie impatiently]

REBEKAH: Give me your hands and lead the way, I don't know what I'm doing.
CASSIE: [nervously] I can't. The pills they give us are lobilia flower. It makes it impossible to concentrate. No one can do much magic here.
REBEKAH: [frustrated] You're a Harvest girl, for God's sake! Now, pull yourself together!

[Cassie reluctantly clasps Rebekah's hands and starts to slowly speak the incantation so Rebekah can follow her lead]

CASSIE: [chants] Vain ce message ça a le main sur la vain.
REBEKAH: [joins Cassie in chanting] *Vain ce message ça a le main sur la vain.

[The two continue to chant the spell, as wind starts to blow through their room. Suddenly, the door opens, and the blonde, scarred member of the Kindred from earlier walks into the room and stares at them. She stares at them suspiciously for a moment before she speaks]


[Cassie and Rebekah get up off the floor and join the rest of the house for dinner. Once they've left, the message they spelled out is magically scattered across the floor]


[Most of the werewolves and vampires are still congregated in the courtyard, where the vampires are huddled in a group on one side of the room. The werewolves watch the vampires curiously on the other side, noticing that they're visibly anxious and restless. Suddenly, one of the vampires accidentally runs into Jerick, and the two glare at each other forehead-to-forehead]

JERICK: Watch it!
GIA: [shouts] Hey!

[She lunges toward them and pulls the vampire away, while Jackson pulls Jerick in the opposite direction]

GIA: Watch it!
JACKSON: Break it up!

[Marcel watches from the dining room and turns toward Klaus and Kol]

MARCEL: Things are getting testy out there. Come on, we better move this along.
KOL: Uh, Vincent's boundary is too strong. But, what Davina and I can do is cast a destruction spell. It would temporarily neutralize all magical objects in the compound, including the compound itself. If it works? Well, then it will give us sixty seconds to escape whilst the boundary is shut down.
MARCEL: Alright, alright, that sounds good to me.
Klaus: If the spell works, it will suppress all magical objects in the vicinity. That means your rings.
MARCEL: [groans in frustration] And if we go outside in the sun without our rings, we're dead.
Klaus: Unless you wait for nightfall.

[He looks out toward the courtyard where the vampires are hanging out and only becomes more concerned at the sight of them pacing around hungrily]

MARCEL: They're also new. They're not going to be able to fight the hunger. We can't wait until nightfall. We're going to have a bloodbath on our hands before we even get close.

[Marcel, Klaus, and Kol look at each other, at a loss for options]


[Elijah is looking out the window of the living room, where he's in the midst of having more flashbacks about chasing Hayley/Tatia down the hallway in his dream, where he is covered in blood. He starts to hyperventilate and gasp for breath. After a moment, Cami quietly comes into the room to talk to him]

CAMI: Elijah?

[She walks closer to him and takes a deep breath]

CAMI: Elijah, are you okay? Hey, I know you're worried about Rebekah...

[She reaches her hand out to gently touch his shoulder, but he turns and swats her away, his vampire-face coming out as he looks at her. Cami becomes frightened and starts to back away from him while Elijah tries to control himself]

CAMI: Elijah? Elijah, please. Calm down.

[She backs up until she hits the wall and is cornered by him]

CAMI: Elijah, please calm down!

[She closes her eyes in fear and ducks, sure that he's going to attack her, but when nothing happens, she opens her eyes to find that Elijah is gone. She relaxes and tries to catch her breath, relieved that she didn't get hurt]


[Rebekah is in her bedroom, desperately trying to open the windows so she can get out of there, but they're locked. She groans in frustration]


[She hears the sound of wind behind her, and looks down at the floor to see that the lettered tiles have moved to spell "WHO ARE YOU"]

REBEKAH: [to the floor] Rebekah bloody Mikaelson. Who the hell are you?

[Rebekah waits for a response, but it never comes. When she turns around, she sees a spirit of some kind with blonde hair and a black lace dress who is clutching a silver and blue necklace in her hands. She screams, and the blonde Kindred witch and the male nurse come into her room and look at her suspiciously]

REBEKAH: She was just here!

[The nurse slowly approaches her, looking at her suspiciously]

REBEKAH: [desperately] No, you don't understand, there was somebody in my room! There's-- Just listen to me, okay? There's a girl! A girl in black!

[Rebekah backs up and accidentally knocks her pillow on the floor, which reveals the pills she had pretended to take she had hidden underneath]

NURSE: She hasn't been taking her pills!

[The nurse reaches over to restrain her, but Rebekah, temporarily forgetting that she's no longer a vampire, goes into auto-pilot and shoves the nurse on the bed before biting into his neck. When the blonde witch rushes toward her, she throws her into a nearby dresser, where she hits her head and falls unconscious. Rebekah catches her breath and makes a face when she realizes the nurse's blood is in her mouth]

REBEKAH: Ugh, that's disgusting.

[Rebekah runs out of the room and into the common area, looking around frantically for the girl she just saw. Suddenly, the spirit appears in the doorway before walking up the stairs, and Rebekah quickly decides to follow her]

REBEKAH: Here's hoping you're a friendly ghost.

[She gets ready and runs as fast as she can up the stairs]


[Finn breaks through the brick wall that Klaus built to entomb Esther, and finds her sitting weakly on the floor when he makes it inside. He smiles happily]

FINN: Mother? I thought for sure I'd find you dead! I've come to save you!
ESTHER: [sighs in relief] I knew you would, my sweet child.

[She goes to caress his face with her hand, but her vampire face pops out, revealing that she ultimately decided to drink the blood bag instead of dying. Finn sees the empty blood bag next to her before he backs away, looking absolutely horrified. Esther looks miserable and disgusted with herself]



[Davina and Kol are setting up for their destruction spell at the entrance of the compound, passing the ingredients through the barrier as they create a circle with sand and salt place reddish-pink flower petals in the middle. Across the room, tensions are still running high between the two species, especially when Jerick picks a fight with a nearby vampire]

JERICK: What are you looking at?

[He shoves the vampire, who lunges toward him. Josh, who is at the bar, looks backward at them in concern. Gia, too, has noticed the fight and rushes over to intervene]

VAMPIRE 1: You want a piece of me?

[Jerick picks up a nearby table and smashes it into pieces, before he and another werewolf quickly pick up two wooden legs to use as stakes. When Jerick swipes it at one of them, Aiden rises to his feet to break it up]


[When Aiden grabs Jerick's shoulder to pull him away, he spins around and swipes at Aiden, which cuts a long, bloody gash into his forearm. The smell of his blood stirs up the vampires even more, and they all hungrily start to circle around him. Vampire 1 jumps on Aiden and pushes him on his back while Vampire 2 holds him down, but before either of them can feed on him, Josh rushes over and snaps one of the vampires' neck to save him before pulling the other away, who is held back by Jackson and Marcel. Aiden looks over at Josh gratefully, but then he, too, is overcome by hunger and stares at his bloody arm in a daze. His vampire face comes out, and he looks as though he's about to pounce when Klaus appears out of nowhere]

Klaus: Joshua! You get away from him right now.

[This intervention seems to snap Josh out of it, as Jackson manages to incapacitate the other vampire who tried to attack Aiden. Marcel struggles to keep Jerick from attacking the others]

MARCEL: Davina! Start the spell!

[Kol and Davina quickly continue setting up, crushing up herbs with their fingers and lighting candles]


[Rebekah continues to follow the spirit up the stairs, to an attic of some sort. The spirit passes through the locked door, but when Rebekah tries to open it, she finds that there is no doorknob, just a keyhole. She pounds on the door, but it still won't open, so she desperately begins throwing herself against it]

REBEKAH: Stupid-- human-- body!

[She starts to walk away, visibly disappointed, until she suddenly hears a creaking noise behind her. When she turns back, she sees the door is ajar, and quickly walks through it. Inside, the room is extremely dusty, as though no one has been in there in a long time. In the middle of the room is a wooden coffin with a clear lid, though it has become foggy with age and dust. Inside the coffin is the same girl who led her up there, who is clutching the same necklace from earlier. Suddenly, Rebekah hears footsteps coming up the stairs, and when she walks outside the room to investigate, the door magically slams shut behind her. A male witch with long blond hair and two parallel scars on his right cheek glares at her silently]

REBEKAH: I'm sorry. I'll go willingly.

[The witch grabs her by the arm and pulls her downstairs, as Rebekah looks back at the mysterious room]


[Finn is still in the Delphine tomb with his mother, where he is distraught over Esther's transformation]

ESTHER: Finn, please! I fought it for as long as I could.

[Finn is turned away from her, and Esther rises to her feet, nearly in tears]

ESTHER: Look at me! I am still your mother!

[Finn finally looks at her, but it's clear in his face he feels betrayed]

ESTHER: I'm sorry! I was just so hungry.
FINN: You're a hypocrite. You speak of purification, of cleansing the souls of our family, and yet you caved to temptation instead up standing with your principles!

[Esther closes her eyes in shame, and Finn continues to glare at her in disgust]

FINN: It was your morality, Mother. Your conviction, that hardened me! That's why I stood by you.

[He stands above her and raises his voice to a shout]

FINN: That's why I fought for you! I would have done anything for you. My mother. She who gave me life.

[Esther, thinking this means he's forgiven her, walks toward him with hope in her eyes]

ESTHER: Yes...
FINN: But I know she would want me to finish what we started.

[He grabs Esther by the throat and pins her to the wall, as he pulls out an athame and carves the sacrificial magic symbol onto her forehead to take her power as she screams]


[Davina and Kol are finally ready to cast the destruction spell, and have raised their hands parallel to each other to start the incantation, though they mutter it too quietly to be understood. Suddenly, a huge gust of wind comes through and blows out all of the candles around them, and Davina gasps. Davina looks at the threshold of the house and holds out her hand to check for the boundary. Kol looks alarmed when he sees her reaching out toward the barrier and lunges to stop her]

KOL: Davina!

[She keeps going, though, and her hand touches Kol's without burning, revealing that the spell worked. Davina smiles, proud that they did it]

HAYLEY: [steps forward] Okay, Jack, now!
JACKSON: Come on, go!

[He rushes the werewolves out of the house, along with Hayley, while the vampires, who can't leave in the daylight, hide out in the shadows until it's safe again. Aiden looks over at Josh, who gives him a rueful look before he leaves. Kol turns back to the crowd and shouts at them]

KOL: Remember, sixty seconds!

[Before the time's up, Klaus grabs the fleeing Kol and throws him back into the compound, where he falls and hits the stone floor, cutting his forehead. Klaus stays outside the boundary with Davina while still blocking Kol from leaving]

Klaus: Slight change of plans, brother. I no longer have to treat you as anything but the treacherous liar that you truly are.
KOL: What the bloody hell?
Klaus: Where is she?

[Kol looks backward at the vampires, who are looking at him hungrily, but fortunately for him, he's standing in the sunlight, so they cannot lunge for him while their daylight rings are still neutralized. Davina, realizing what is happening, turns to Klaus pleadingly]

DAVINA: Please! They'll kill him!
Klaus: Well, he should have thought about that before he betrayed our sister! Rebekah never made it to her new body, did she? And, seeing as you cast the spell-- and, well, you're you-- I'd hardly call it an uncrackable case!
KOL: Rebekah's fine, Nik!

[He angrily starts to walk toward Klaus]

KOL: It was a prank, nothing more than anything you lot have done to me, but I bet it's different when it's one of--

[He's cut off when he crosses the boundary, which has been put back up, and which burns his hand upon contact with the barrier]

Klaus: [smirks] Oooh. Barrier's back up.

[The vampires, realizing they can go back out in the sunlight, start to swarm around Kol]

Klaus: And those vampires look oh-so hungry. Now, I was willing to welcome you back in my home, but you had to return to your petty, selfish jealousies! Well, let's see how well they help you survive when you're stuck in there!

[Klaus storms away, leaving Davina, who is scared for Kol, to watch helplessly as the vampires swarm him. Kol backs up and accidentally bumps into Marcel, who is starving and looking at him with rage in his eyes. Kol, now terrified, raises his hands in a non-threatening manner]

KOL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
DAVINA: [whispers] Marcel...

[Marcel looks back at Davina for a moment, and after seeing her face, he reluctantly turns to Kol and shoves him backwards toward the stairs]

MARCEL: If I were you, I would make myself scarce. Go!

[Marcel blocks the staircase so the vampires can't follow him, and Davina gives him one last look before she leaves]


[Hayley is outside of Jackson's trailer in the Bayou, sitting at a picnic table, when he returns with beers for both of them]

JACKSON: I should have known this whole thing would go to hell the moment Klaus offered me those damn moonlight rings.
HAYLEY: God, moonlight rings, daylight rings... if I never hear the word "ring" again, it will be all too soon.

[She takes a sip of her beer as Jackson turns toward the campfire. He pulls out a small box with an engagement ring inside and takes a deep breath before he turns back toward her]

JACKSON: Maybe just one more.

[He holds the ring out to Hayley, who is shocked and speechless]

JACKSON: I had no right to act the way I did earlier. Okay? You were just being honest with me. And that is something I should have done with you from the very beginning.

[He takes another deep breath before continuing]

JACKSON: I love you, Hayley. I think I always have.
HAYLEY: [overwhelmed] Jack...
JACKSON: No, let me say this. I... I know we're only doing this to fix all the stuff that we broke when we sold our souls for those damn rings. Okay? But, I loved you before I knew you. And every moment that I spend with you, every single thing that I learn about you just makes me love you even more. But, I promise that we will turn this around for our pack. We'll save our friends from whatever hell we've dragged them into, and that is the only thing I can ask from you.

[He takes the ring out of the box and holds it in his fingers]

JACKSON: Because I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, Hayley Marshall, and forcing you to love me isn't gonna be one of them. But I want to marry you.

[Hayley smiles, and tears fill her eyes]

JACKSON: And I knowing everything that I know, I hope to hell that you'll marry me.

[Hayley starts to cry and caresses his face with her hand as she nods in agreement. Jackson starts to laugh with joy, and he puts the engagement ring on her left ring finger]


[Klaus is on the phone with Elijah, who is standing on the porch of the safe house, while he stands in the crypt where Esther once kept him locked up]

Klaus: I need you to trust me. I can handle finding Rebekah.
Elijah: Brother, you are asking me to do nothing.
Klaus: Elijah, right now, the most important thing is that you are there, protecting Hope.
Elijah: [sighs] So be it.

[Cami tries to sneak onto the porch without Elijah noticing]

Elijah: I shall remain here with the... hopelessly courageous Camille. She certainly has charisma, though she does lack stealth.

[He smiles and turns around to see Cami standing there, listening to them speak]

Elijah: Let me call you back.

[Elijah hangs up on Klaus and approaches Cami, who is visibly nervous]

CAMI: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I just thought you left.
Elijah: I owe you an apology. My sister's missing, my family's in jeopardy, I am... uh, utterly powerless to help them. This is not a state of affairs I'm accustomed to.

[Cami stares at him, still slightly scared, as he steps closer to her, smiling uncomfortably]

Elijah: Perhaps I'm not weathering this ordeal as well as one would hope.

[He stops talking, not sure what to say next, and hesitates for a moment]

Elijah: Forgive me.

[Cami considers his apology a moment before smiling at him]

CAMI: If you ever want to talk about it... It's kind of what I do.

[They smile at each other, finally at ease, and Cami leads them both back into the house]


[At the cemetery, Klaus has come to the crypt where he had entombed Esther, only to find the wall broken through and Esther gone. He sees the empty blood bag on the floor and sighs]

[At the Oliver tomb, Finn lays down Esther's body next to Mikael in the same spelled circle on the floor as the one in the lycée. Both of them have their foreheads carved with the sacrificial magic symbol. He stands to his feet and looks down at his dead/neutralized parents]

FINN: We were a family once. I can remember the love between you, how happy you were that I was your son. And I remember the day that we lost our Freya, and how we never got that happiness back. I remember it all. You should have stopped there. Instead, you had them, the monsters you call children. And for that, you will all pay.

[At the compound, Marcel, Gia, Josh and the other vampires are pacing around the house, still suffering from extreme hunger. Kol walks out onto the balcony to check on things, but when he sees the hungry vampires, he heads back to his room. Once there, he blocks the door with several pieces of furniture. As he paces around, he accidentally knocks over the photo of Rebekah from 1914 onto the floor, and stares at it guiltily]


[The two blonde Kindred witches carry a half-asleep Rebekah back into her room and lay her down onto her bed. The man nods at the woman, who gives Rebekah one last suspicious look before they both leave. While she sleeps, the lettered tiles on the floor shuffle themselves up. The scene cuts upstairs to the glass-topped coffin in the locked room before returning to Rebekah's room. Suddenly, the tiles on her floor go from spelling "WHO ARE YOU" to "FREYA"]


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