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Graduation is the twenty-third and final episode of the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries and the eighty-ninth episode of the series overall.


WHO WILL TAKE THE CURE? — On Graduation Day, Mystic Falls is overrun with ghosts intent on settling old scores and fulfilling their supernatural destinies. Damon’s life is in danger after a ghostly encounter, while Matt and Rebekah join forces to battle a ghost determined to find The Cure. As everyone gathers for the graduation ceremony and the ghosts converge, help comes from an unlikely hero. Caroline receives a touching and unexpected graduation present, and Bonnie’s plan leads to the closing of the veil. Elena makes a decision about the Salvatore brothers and faces an epic confrontation with Katherine. Finally, Stefan discovers a terrifying clue to the mystery surrounding Silas.



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Behind the Scenes

  • Filming of Season Four ended on the 25th of April, 2013.[1]
  • This episode had about 2.24 million viewers in the USA, which was 0.04 million less than the previous episode.
  • Hashtag during the airing is #GRRRduation

Cultural References

  • Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, where students become graduates.The graduation itself is also called commencement, convocation or invocation.
  • Graduation is also the name of the 21st episode of the third season of TV series Clueless.
  • The scene where Silas locks and throws Stefan into the quarry is reminiscent of the last scene of the episode Tomorrow, the season finale of the third season of the show Angel. In that scene Angel is waylaid by a vengeful Connor and Justine, who seal him in a metal coffin and throw it off a boat to sink down to the ocean floor.
  • The invasion/attack against the town, the appearance of ghosts, and the "undead army" are inspired by the events in the books: The Fury, Dark Reunion and The Hunters: Destiny Rising, respectively.
  • In The Fury, Elena and Katherine have their first and last fight. Both are killed by exposure to sunlight. Months later, in Dark Reunion, Elena comes back to life as human/Guardian after defeating Klaus with the help of the ghosts.
  • In Dark Reunion, Elena's spirit manages to communicate with Bonnie through dreams. In the TV series, Bonnie dies, but can communicate with Jeremy, as he is a medium.
  • In The Return Series, L. J. Smith had planned that Elena stays with Damon at the end. However, this was ruled out by the publishers, so Damon ultimately died in the Dark Dimension and Elena ends up staying with Stefan.
  • Connor mentioned families of students as grandparents Jones, Auntie Sue, and Uncle Mark.
    • In the books, there is a character named Sue Carson, but she is a student and friend of Elena, Bonnie, Meredith and Caroline.


Rebekah: "What do you want from us?"
Alexander: "To fulfill my destiny."
Connor: "We want Silas, and we want the cure."
Elena: "They're willing to kill every person in Mystic Falls until they get it."
Galen Vaughn: "Where's Silas?" (Yelling and pointing a gun to someone's head)
Kol: (Yells in rage)
Damon: How is it even when you're dead you're still the bane of my existence?

Kol: "Welcome back. It was our deaths that allowed this day to come to pass. The slaughter of innocents by the so-called hero protectors of Mystic Falls. Twelve witches, twelve hybrids, massacres performed in the name of resurrecting the immortal Silas. They risked unleashing hell on earth for their own selfish gain. And today, that's exactly what they're going to get."
Connor: "Hello Elena."
Rebekah: "What do you want from us?"
Alexander: "To fulfill my destiny."
Connor: "We want Silas and we want the cure."
Elena: "They are willing to kill every person in Mystic Falls until they get it."
Damon: "I don't care about anyone else."
Vaughn: "Where's Silas?!"
Vaughn: "There's a thousand years' worth of hunters. Qetsiyah will just send more."
Damon: "How is it even when you're dead you're the bane of my existence?"

Bonnie: "I hit kind of a snag."
Caroline: "A snag? A snag is a bad yearbook picture. You hit a tsunami. Where are you?"
Bonnie: "Trying to fix it, but I'm running into some trouble. I need to wait until the full moon tonight until I have enough power to put the veil back up."
Caroline: "Are you telling me that we might graduate right smack in the middle of a ghost-filled Expression Triangle?"
Bonnie: "Maybe we should just cancel."
Caroline: "No, we are not going to cancel. Graduation is the most important event of our lives, the last ceremony of our youth. It is our rite of freaking passage! Hell will freeze over before I let anyone cancel graduation."
Bonnie: "Can you not make jokes about hell freezing over? We're not that far off from that already."
Caroline: "Just promise me that today is a friend day."
Bonnie: "Okay, I promise. I love you."
Caroline: "I love you, too."

Katherine: "I don't think red is really your color, Bon-Bon."
Bonnie: "And here I was hoping the ghost of anyone would have killed you already."
Katherine: "Funny you should mention death, because I'm here to collect that immortality you promised me."
Bonnie: "How do you think you're still gonna get it? I told you Qetsiyah is the only witch who knows the immortality spell. She was a no-show. You're out of luck."
Katherine: "See, here is the thing, Bonnie. I can't disagree with you, because I have been feeling out of luck lately. But you know who has been getting all of my luck? My beloved doppelgänger Elena. My shadow-self is living a better life than I am. So, if I don't get that immortality, I may just have to get rid of her altogether."
Bonnie: "Did you just threaten my best friend? I can crush your skull without even flinching."
Katherine: "Go ahead. Make your move."

Damon: (to Lexi) "So if you and Ric and little Gilbert are all flesh-like and real-seeming, that means something went horribly wrong when Bonnie tried to put that veil up; and here you two are having Dance Party USA."
Stefan: "You're right. How selfish of me to be indulging in these precious moments with my formerly-dead best friend. I should be sacrificing my own happiness for the good of others, right? I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair."
Damon: "Are you drunk?"
Stefan: "I don't know, Mom. Am I?"
Lexi: (laughs) "Okay."
Damon: "Well, I guess that's one way to celebrate our supernatural apocalypse. Now, care to hazard any guesses on what the hell went wrong?"

Kol: "Welcome back. It was our deaths that allowed this day to come to pass. Massacres performed in the name of resurrecting the immortal Silas. Twelve hybrids, twelve witches, the slaughter of innocents by the so-called hero protectors of Mystic Falls. They risked unleashing hell on earth for their own selfish gains. And today, that's exactly what they're going to get."

Damon: "I wanted to apologize..."
Elena: "Good."
Damon: "Let me finish. I said I wanted to. And then I realized, I'm not sorry."
Elena: "You would rather die than be human, and you expect me to be okay with that?"
Damon: " I didn't say you were supposed to be okay with it, I just said I'm not sorry. But you know what I really am? Selfish, because I make bad choices that hurt you. Yes, I would rather have died than be human. I'd rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you, only to lose you when I'm too old and sick and miserable and you're still you. I'd rather die right now than spend my last final years remembering how good I had it and how happy I was, because that's who I am, Elena, and I'm not gonna change. And there's no apology in the world that encompasses all the reasons that I'm wrong for you."
Elena: "Fine, then I'm not sorry either. I'm not sorry that I met you. I'm not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you're the one that made me feel most alive. You've been a terrible person, you've made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I've made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I'm in love with you. I love you, Damon. I love y–"



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Last.fm_play.png "Gone" – Olivia Broadfield

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