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You do. You're terrible.
Grayson to Jenna in The Departed

Dr. Grayson Gilbert was a human who first appeared in the twenty-second episode of the third season of The Vampire Diaries. He's the husband of Miranda Sommers-Gilbert and Jeremy's father. He is also Elena's uncle and adoptive father. On May 23, 2009, Grayson and Miranda drowned after their car ran off of Wickery Bridge and into the lake. He died in place of Elena. Grayson was also a vampire hunter and led the Founder's Council through difficult times—such as Mikael's arrival—and having plans if the council were ever to be compromised. While at Whitmore College, he was a member the Augustine Society and experimented on the vampires.

Grayson was a member of the Gilbert Family, he was also a member of the Founder's Council and Augustine Society.

Early History[]

Grayson learned at an early age about the existence of vampires, possibly from his father, and he told his younger brother John all about it. They both grew up firmly believing all vampires are evil and must be destroyed. Grayson and John had read every journal written by Johnathan Gilbert, their ancestor from 1864. From the journals they gleaned much of the town's secret history, and eventually Grayson and John both wore the Gilbert rings. As an adult he became a doctor and had a clinic on a property that he and his wife Miranda owned. Late one night, Grayson's brother John brought Isobel, his pregnant lover, to Grayson's office. Grayson agreed to deliver the baby, and together with his wife adopted her and named her Elena. Grayson protected Elena all his life from the world of vampires until he died. He also worked as a doctor at the local hospital and helped deliver Sarah Nelson in 1994.

Elena later learned that her parents had knowledge of the existence of vampires, and even possessed weapons to hunt and kill vampires, hidden behind a false wall in a closet at their lake house.

He was also an Augustine member who experimented on vampires. At some point he helped a little girl with a heart disease, curing it with vampire blood; this was ultimately his inspiration for experimenting on vampires.

The night Grayson and Miranda died, Elena had ditched family night and gone to a bonfire party with her friends. On their way home from picking her up, their car went over the Wickery Bridge, trapping the three of them underwater. Miranda quickly lost consciousness, but although Grayson and Elena were still alive, they were unable to open the car doors to escape. Grayson ultimately drowned after refusing help from Stefan Salvatore until he had rescued Elena. When Stefan came back for them, they were both dead. Elena has felt some responsibility for their death, as the reason they were out driving that night was to pick her up.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]

Season Eight[]

In I Was Feeling Epic, Grayson, Miranda, John, and Jenna welcomed Elena into the afterlife.


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  • Grayson is of Old English origin, and the meaning is "son of the gray-haired man".[1]
  • Gilbert comes from English (Norman origin), French and North German: from Giselbert, which compromises of gisil meaning "pledge", "hostage", "noble youth" and berht, meaning "bright", "famous".[2]



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