Grove Hill Cemetery is located in Grove Hill, Virginia.


In Know Thy Enemy, Isobel Flemming was compelled to kidnap Elena Gilbert by Klaus. Isobel brought her to this cemetery to show her the gravestone her parents bought, once Isobel had been "missing" for so long that her family assumed she was dead. Isobel explained to her daughter that even though she obviously wasn't buried there, her parents still came to visit often with flowers. Isobel suggested that maybe the human part of her died there when she became a vampire. Their conversation was interrupted when Maddox, one of Klaus' witches, called her to inform her that she had fulfilled her part of their deal. After she hung up the phone, Isobel apologized to Elena for being such a disappointment as a mother. Then, she suddenly ripped off her daylight amulet necklace, presumably because she was compelled to do so by Klaus in order to tie up his loose ends. Elena stood and watched in horror as Isobel burned to death in the sunlight, right in front of her eyes. 


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