Gilbert Residence

[There is a bright white light and the sounds of church bells ringing, sirens, and yard work going on can be heard. Suddenly, Elena gasps for air and wakes up. It's morning. Stefan is sitting on the end of her bed, watching her. She seems confused about what is going on around her.]

Elena: Stefan?
Stefan: Hey. I'm right here. You've been in and out for hours.
Elena: Wh-what happened?
Stefan: You were in an accident.
Elena: Oh my God. Matt is he...?

[Damon interrupts; he is sitting on the window seat next to Elena's bed.]

Damon: Alive? [Elena and Stefan both look at him.] Ask Stefan. The hero.

[Elena looks back at Stefan.]

Stefan: He's fine.
Elena: Thank you. I thought that I – how did you...?
Damon: Save you? He didn't.
Stefan: When Jeremy brought you to the hospital before all this happened, your injuries were worse than anyone knew. Meredith Fell made a choice, she used Damon's blood to heal you.
Damon: And when Rebekah ran Matt's truck off the road, you had vampire blood in your system, Elena.

[Elena starts to panic.]

Elena: Oh my God. Does - does that mean that I – am I dead?

[Stefan and Damon say nothing.]

Elena: No, no, no, no! That wasn't supposed to happen!
Stefan: Maybe it doesn't have to. I talked to Bonnie, she says she's stronger than ever, there might be something that she can do to help you.
Damon: No, the only thing that's going to help is for you to feed and complete the transition.
Stefan: We have all day before she has to feed, Damon. That's a day to exhaust every possible way out of this.
Damon: There is no way out of it. We all know the drill. You feed or you die. There is no door number three.
Elena: [crying] I was ready to die. I was supposed to die. I don't – I don't want to be – I can't be a vampire! If there's something that Bonnie can do we have to try.
Stefan: We will. We'll try everything.

[Damon scoffs and rolls his eyes.]

Damon: Your choice, Elena. As always.

[Damon gets up and leaves. Stefan looks at Elena who is still in tears. In the kitchen, Damon grabs a bottle of alcohol from a cupboard and pours himself a drink. Stefan enters the kitchen.]

Damon: Way to get her hopes up for something that's never happened in the history of vampirism.
Stefan: You know what, you weren't there the day Elena looked me in the eye and told me she absolutely never wanted this.

[Damon drinks the whole drink in a single gulp.]

Damon: Then you shouldn't have let her die.
Stefan: I never meant for her to die. She asked me to help Matt first and I did.
Damon: And now the world has one more quarterback. Bravo, brother.

[Damon pours himself another drink.]

Stefan: I made a choice that I will regret for the rest of my life. Now let me try to fix it.

[Stefan leaves. Damon finishes his second drink. Back in the bedroom, Elena is looking at herself in the mirror. She is breathing heavily and rubs her face. She touches her teeth to check if they have sprouted fangs yet. Her hearing has intensified and she hears the electricity running through a lightbulb and looks down at it. Suddenly, she sees Jeremy in the doorway and walks over to him.]

Elena: Jer!

[They embrace.]

Jeremy: Are you okay? I watched Vicki go through this, she was a mess. Her emotions were all over the place. All these old memories came flooding back.

[Elena glances over at the lightbulb again, but turns back to face Jeremy.]

Elena: I'm fine. I'm not Vicki.
Jeremy: No, you're not. You're you. You act like everything's okay so no one worries about you but you need help.

[Elena keeps glancing at the lightbulb.]

Elena: [snappy] I said I'm fine, okay? I – I'm sorry, I....Have you talked to Bonnie?
Jeremy: Yeah, she said when I was shot; she made some plea to the witch spirits to bring me back and they listened.
Elena: Yeah, but the consequences were horrible.
Jeremy: And what could be more horrible than you turning into a vampire? I need my sister, not another one of them.
Elena: We're gonna find a way out of this. Everything's gonna be okay.
Jeremy: I hope so.

[Jeremy leaves. Elena turns around and looks at the lightbulb in the lamp. She strides towards it, pulls off the lampshade and crushes the lightbulb in her hand.]

Lockwood Cellar

[Klaus' desiccated body is lying in a coffin. Bonnie is staring at it.]

Tyler/Klaus: It's beautiful, isn't it?

[Bonnie turns around and sees Klaus in Tyler's body entering the cellar.]

Bonnie: What is that doing here, Klaus? The deal we made with Tyler was that you'd leave his body and jump into someone else's the first chance you got.
Tyler/Klaus: Yes, when I assumed I'd be a pile of ash. But apparently, fate and oxygen intervened and there I am.

[Klaus walks towards the coffin.]

Tyler/Klaus: Put me back.
Bonnie: I can't right now.
Tyler/Klaus: Your history teacher outed Tyler and Caroline to the Council. They're on a war path and this body's vulnerable.
Bonnie: I have to help Elena before she has to feed.
Tyler/Klaus: Elena's dead and no longer my concern.
Bonnie: You're forgetting who just saved your life.

[Klaus grabs Bonnie by the throat.]

Tyler/Klaus: And you're forgetting that I could rip your tongue out. Now put me back.
Bonnie: If I can keep Elena human, you'll still have an endless blood supply to make your hybrids. Isn't that what you really want?

[Klaus releases Bonnie. Bonnie starts to leave, but Klaus super speeds in front of her and blocks her way out.]

Tyler/Klaus: Same rules apply. No one knows. No one. Do you understand me, Bonnie?

Mystic Falls Hospital

[Meredith is walking down the hallway and Pastor Young and some deputies approach her. She stops.]

Meredith: Pastor Young! To what do we owe the honor? And don't tell me it's your blood pressure again.
Pastor Young: Honestly, Dr. Fell, I wish it were.

[He turns to the deputies behind him.]

Pastor Young: Blood bank's in the basement. One of you sweep the rooms.
Meredith: What are you doing?
Pastor Young: Adding a few security measures. The blood in this place has a habit of flying off the shelves.
Meredith: Who gave you that authority?
Pastor Young: The Council. They've entrusted me to secure the town and unlike some of our founding families, I don't have conflicting interests.
Meredith: What is that supposed to mean?
Pastor Young: Alaric Saltzman told us everything, Meredith. Probably time to start looking for a new job.

[Pastor Young leaves a shocked Meredith standing there. Matt and Caroline are in a hospital room together. Matt has been discharged from the hospital and is getting ready to leave.]

Matt: Elena doesn't want to be a vampire.
Caroline: She doesn't want to be dead and now she's not. This isn't your fault, Matt.
Matt: It's all my fault. I was driving. I was saved. She's a vampire because of me!
Caroline: Shh! Cool it on the V word. I'm a fugitive, remember? I'm supposed to be halfway to Florida by now.
Matt: If the Council is after you, then why are you here?
Caroline: Because I don't know where to go. [She starts to cry.] Tyler's dead and everything's different now and I...

[Matt embraces her. Suddenly, Caroline pulls away. They hear an officer coming towards the room. Caroline leaves. The officer opens the door and sees Matt standing alone.]

Matt: Can I help you?
Officer: Sorry.

[The officer gets on his dispatch.]

Officer: All good here.

[He exits the room and closes the door. Matt breathes a sigh of relief.]

Lockwood Mansion

[An officer is handcuffing Carol Lockwood. Pastor Young is standing nearby.]

Carol: What's going on?

[The officer starts to lead Carol out of her house.]

Pastor Young: We just need to ask you a few questions about your son.
Carol: You can't arrest me! I'm the Mayor of this town!
Pastor Young: Not anymore, you're not.

Mystic Falls Town Square

[Sheriff Forbes has just gotten out of her patrol car and is walking to the police station. Pastor Young stops her.]

Pastor Young: Sorry, Liz, you're not going to work today.
Sheriff Forbes: What are you talking about?

[The deputies surround the two of them.]

Sheriff Forbes: What's going on?
Pastor Young: They're taking your badge. You're not fit to protect us anymore.
Sheriff Forbes: You have no idea what you're up against.
Pastor Young: On the contrary, Liz, I've already taken your deputies. We've got the entire town's supply of vervain, including the stash found in the Salvatore house. We're making our move.

Forbes Residence

[Caroline is about to leave the house. Her phone is ringing. She answers it.]

Caroline: Mom, hey!
Sheriff Forbes: Caroline, where are you? And tell me it's far away.
Caroline: Where am I? Uh...Good question. Uh...there's just a whole lot of boring highways. Why, is everything okay?

[Caroline leaves the house. She goes to lock the front door when an officer comes up from behind her and stabs a shot of vervain into her neck. She drops her phone and Sheriff Forbes hears the commotion.]

Sheriff Forbes: Caroline, what's going?!

Gilbert Residence

[Elena and Stefan are in the kitchen. Elena takes a bite of a sandwich and chews.]

Stefan: It's disgusting.
Elena: [with her mouth full] No it's, um...
Stefan: It's disgusting.
Elena: Yeah, I'm gonna puke.

[Elena spits out the sandwich into a napkin.]

Elena: I never thought I'd be saying this, but I can't stop thinking about blood.
Stefan: I should have saved you first. You shouldn't be going through this right now.
Elena: No, if you had saved me, then Matt would be dead. What do you think I'd be going through then?

[Stefan pours himself a drink and takes a sip. Elena gets up and walks over to him.]

Elena: Stefan, listen to me. You did the right thing. You did what you always do; you respected my choice.
Stefan: And what am I supposed to do if Bonnie can't figure out a way to help you, huh? Because then you have another choice to make. Either let yourself die or be a vampire.
Elena: Well then, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

[Elena pauses and laughs.]

Elena: Oh my God, did - did I just say "cross that bridge"?

[Elena starts to laugh.]

Stefan: You're laughing. I'm pretty sure you don't actually think that's funny.
Elena: [still laughing] I – I can't stop though.
Stefan: Your emotions are a bit heightened today. A lot heightened.

[Elena continues to laugh but then she starts to cry. Stefan embraces her.]

Stefan: Hey. Shh, shh. It's okay. It's okay.
Elena: I'm sorry. I...

[Stefan pulls away and caresses her face.]

Stefan: Listen to me. No matter what happens, I'm here for you. I can help you.

[Elena looks out the window and squints her eyes due to the brightness of the sunlight.]

Stefan: Why don't you go back upstairs where it's dark? I'll clean up.

[Elena starts to walk away and shields her eyes from the sun. She walks up the stairs and towards her room. She sees Damon sitting on the window seat.]

Elena: I thought you left?
Damon: Cute PJs!

[Elena looks down at her clothes, and then hears herself speaking from the bathroom. She looks over at herself.]

Elena: I'm tired, Damon.

[Damon gets up and walks over to the memory version of Elena and holds up her old necklace.]

Damon: I brought you this.
Elena: I thought that was gone. Thank you.

[Elena continues to watch the memory unfold. The memory version of herself attempts to take the necklace from Damon but he pulls it back. Suddenly, Damon and memory Elena disappear. Elena gasps and looks around the room, confused. She turns her head and the memory continues on.]

Damon: I just have to say something.
Elena: Why do you have to say it with my necklace?
Damon: Because what I'm about to say is probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my life.
Elena: Damon, don't go there.
Damon: No, I just have to say it once. You just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you. Why you can't know this? I don't deserve you, but my brother does.

[Damon kisses Elena on the forehead.]

Damon: God, I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do.

[Damon compels Elena to forget. The memory ends and the present day Elena touches her neck and looks down.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Rebekah is looking at the pictures Klaus had drawn. She picks one up and begins to choke up. She throws the picture down and knocks the rest of them off the table in a fit of rage. Damon enters the room behind her.]

Rebekah: You should know better than to sneak up on a lady.
Damon: Good advice. Have you seen one?

[Rebekah turns to face him.]

Rebekah: Tragic about Elena. Not to make a grey cloud greyer, but does Matt even have automobile insurance?

[Rebekah turns back around. Damon rushes at her with the indestructible white oak stake. She grabs his wrist and prevents him from killing her. She pushes him against a dresser and he drops the stake. Suddenly, someone starts firing wooden bullets through the window. Damon manages to escape but Rebekah is shot in the heart with an arrow and temporarily dies.]

Gilbert Residence

[Elena picks up a photo of her with parents and looks at it for a bit. Suddenly, she hears a commotion downstairs. She walks down the stairs.]

Elena: Stefan?
Stefan: Elena, don't move.

[Elena stops on the staircase. Stefan is surrounding by officers and the Pastor. The officers all have their guns pointed towards him. Elena looks at the Pastor and back at Stefan.]

Lockwood Cellar

[Tyler/Klaus is sitting on the coffin containing his body. His phone starts to ring. Tyler/Klaus looks at it and sees it is Carol calling.]

Tyler/Klaus: Ah, you incessant woman!

[He answers the phone.]

Tyler/Klaus: Hey, mom. What's up?
Carol: Tyler, thank God. Are – are you okay?
Tyler/Klaus: Fine. Why? What's going on?
Carol: [pouring herself a drink] Pastor Young had me arrested this morning. The Council grilled me on your whereabouts. Tyler, don't tell me where you are, the less I know the better.
Tyler/Klaus: Mom, I'm okay. Relax.
Carol: You didn't answer your phone, honey. I was so scared that you were with Caroline.
Tyler/Klaus: Why? What happened to Caroline?
Carol: The Council took her.
Tyler/Klaus: What do you mean they took her?


[A black van is being escorted by two police cars; one in front and one in back. Inside the van, Rebekah wakes up; Caroline is sitting beside her and watching her. Rebekah struggles to get out of the ropes tying her down.]

Caroline: Vervain ropes. Looks like Alaric outed us all to the Council.
Rebekah: The Council? What exactly do they think they can do to me?

[Suddenly, the wheels of the van start to screech. The van flips over. Caroline and Rebekah go flying. The van lands on its side. The two girls are fine, but in shock.]

Rebekah: What the hell happened?

[Outside of the van, one of the police cars has been completely destroyed and another silver SUV is seen with its front end smashed in. The other police car that was escorting the van; which is further up the road; whips around and starts to drive back towards the van. Meanwhile, Klaus breaks off the back door of the van and goes in to rescue Caroline.]

Caroline: [in shock] Tyler?
Tyler/Klaus: I'm harder to kill than you think.

[He rips off the vervain ropes tying her down.]

Caroline: [crying] You're alive? How are you alive?

[He finishes ripping off the ropes and helps her up.]

Tyler/Klaus: No time. Come on, we've got to go.
Rebekah: Wait, what about me?

[Tyler/Klaus looks down at her.]

Tyler/Klaus: Keep 'em busy, little sister!

[Tyler/Klaus gets up and leaves. Rebekah is shocked by this revelation.]

Rebekah: No. That's not possible!

[Rebekah struggles to free herself but gives up.]

Gilbert Residence

[Damon is picking up stuff that was knocked over in the commotion. Sheriff Forbes enters the house.]

Damon: They're gone. Whoever nailed Rebekah, took them too. Please tell me you have something. Anything.

[Meredith walks out of the kitchen and into the living room.]

Sheriff Forbes: I can't. The Council locked Carol and me out of our offices. Files, computers, everything.
Damon: So, the Mayor and the Sheriff never contemplated a backup plan, Liz?
Meredith: Damon, relax. When Caroline called to say she got away; did she know where they were planning to take her?
Sheriff Forbes: No. Just that she was in some van in the middle of nowhere and she managed to escape.
Damon: Perfect. We've narrowed it down to nowhere.

[Someone knocks on the front door. Matt enters the house.]

Matt: Hey, is Elena here?

[Damon turns around and rushes towards Matt. He grabs him by the throat and pins him up against a wall, choking him.]

Damon: In what world are you the one that gets to live?!

[Meredith tries to pull Damon off of him.]

Meredith: Damon, stop! It wasn't his fault!
Sheriff Forbes: Let him go, Damon! Now!

[Matt tries to pry Damon's arms off his throat. Damon releases him. Matt breathes heavily.]

Pastor's Ranch

[Elena is in the small house. She is chewing on her fingernails. The Pastor turns the fire on the stove on.]

Pastor Young: You still want to be a writer? I remember how you'd read your short stories to my daughter when you'd babysit. She still loves writing because of you.
Elena: Why did you bring me here?
Pastor Young: My deputies can watch out for us here. No vampires have been invited in. Look, Elena, I know it sounds crazy, but years ago it was your parents who were advocating having an emergency plan like this. I never thought we'd actually have to use it.

[Elena can hear the ticking noise of a clock and panics slightly.]

Pastor Young: Elena? Elena, you okay?

[Elena collects herself.]

Elena: Where's Stefan?
Pastor Young: Where he can't hurt you.
Elena: He would never hurt me. You have no idea what you're talking about.
Pastor Young: Well, I know that wherever you go, Salvatore vampires seem to follow. You hungry?
Elena: No.

[Pastor Young pulls out a tray from the fridge.]

Pastor Young: So, we'll hold Stefan until Damon comes searching for you two. We'll use Rebekah to lure her siblings back into town. You'll give us the white oak stake and then we will exterminate the entire vampire race for good.

[Pastor Young places a giant steak in front of Elena. Elena looks at it and starts to breathe heavily.]

Pastor Young: Is something wrong? Elena, are you okay?

[Elena looks at Pastor Young's neck.]

Elena: Yeah.

[All of the sounds around her intensify and she starts to panic.]

Elena: No, I've got to get out of here.

[She gets up and runs out of the house. She runs across the yard, shielding her eyes from the sunlight. Pastor Young follows her outside; he stays on the front porch.]

Pastor Young: Get her!

[Elena continues to run but is blinded by the sunlight. A man hits her in the face with a wooden object and she blacks out.]


[Caroline super speeds Tyler/Klaus to a tree and they begin to make out.]

Caroline: I never thought I'd see you again! I don't get it. How are you alive?
Tyler/Klaus: This is going to sound incredible, but I....

[Caroline silences him with a kiss.]

Tyler/Klaus: But...

[Tyler/Klaus stops trying to talk and super speeds Caroline into a tree. They continue to kiss. Caroline helps Tyler/Klaus take off his jacket and shirt. Tyler/Klaus pulls away.]

Tyler/Klaus: Easy, love. Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong equipment.
Caroline: But you're miraculously alive. We're fugitives on the run. All signs point to hot hybrid vampire sex.

[Caroline removes her jacket and continues to kiss him. She super speeds him into another tree. She pulls away for a minute to take her shirt off. She starts kissing him again, but suddenly stops.]

Caroline: Did you just call me "love"?
Tyler/Klaus: I don't know, love. Did I?
Caroline: What the hell did you do to Tyler?!

[Caroline removes her hands from Tyler/Klaus neck and pushes them against his chest in anger.]

Tyler/Klaus: That's what I enjoy about you. So much more than a pretty face.
Caroline: Oh my God, you're Klaus. You're disgusting!

[Caroline takes her hands off him completely and backs away.]

Tyler/Klaus: And you're a glorious kisser.

[Caroline slaps him.]

Tyler/Klaus: Listen, I didn't have to risk exposure to come save you.

[Caroline turns around and starts to put her shirt back on.]

Caroline: Oh, you do one semi-decent thing and now you're my hero? Oh, I need to go sanitize my mouth!
Tyler/Klaus: Your mouth was all over me. I was an innocent victim.

[Caroline faces him.]

Caroline: Put Tyler back!
Tyler/Klaus: Gladly. Then maybe I'll take you up on your offer of hot hybrid sex.

[Tyler/Klaus looks at her, smirks and walks away.]

Old Witch House

[Bonnie is reciting a spell. Jeremy is pacing back and forth in front of her. She stops chanting.]

Bonnie: The spirits aren't listening.
Jeremy: Was that it? Is that all we can do?
Bonnie: There's something else I could try.
Jeremy: What? Do it.

[Bonnie gets up with the spellbook.]

Bonnie: If the witches won't help me save Elena, then maybe I can go to the Other Side and bring her back myself.
Jeremy: The Other Side? The Other Side is for dead people.
Bonnie: She's still in transition. Not fully dead, not fully alive. What if her spirit still exists on both sides?
Jeremy: Even if it does, how can you get there? You're not dead.

[Bonnie says nothing. Jeremy realizes what she is going to do and walks towards her.]

Jeremy: No! No, Bonnie!
Bonnie: I was able to stop your heart to stop Klaus'; I'll do the same thing to myself. Witches have free reign on the Other Side. I will find Elena and I will bring her back with me.
Jeremy: Assuming you wake up!
Bonnie: I'm stronger now. I found a new source of power.
Jeremy: A new source of power?! What kind of power is going to let you kill yourself and bring someone back with you from the dead?
Bonnie: Do you want Elena back or not?

Gilbert Residence

Sheriff Forbes: With your vervain and Alaric's weapons; they could be anywhere.
Damon: Come on, guys, think. It takes a lot to hold a vampire. Reinforced steel, iron doors.
Matt: The Pastor has a cattle ranch. [They all look at Matt.] Those pens could easily be modified.
Meredith: It's remote, it's secluded.
Damon: [To Matt] Well, guess what? Looks like you get a chance to prove how sorry you really are. Let's go.

[Damon and Matt leave the house.]

Pastor's Ranch

[In a barn, Elena wakes up on the floor. She looks around her. Vampires are coughing due to the vervain being ventilated through their cages. Elena sits up while holding her head. Rebekah is in the cage across from her, looking at Elena.]

Rebekah: I thought I killed you.
Elena: Where am I?
Rebekah: They thought you were a vampire, so they stuck you in here with us.
Elena: Where's Stefan?

[Stefan speaks from the cage adjacent to Elena. They can hear each other but cannot see each other.]

Stefan: Elena, I'm right here. Are you okay?
Elena: Stefan.

[Elena tries to pull herself up but is too weak to do so.]

Elena: I didn't feed.

[Stefan looks worried.]

Rebekah: Ahh, I see what's going on here. You died with vampire blood in your system and you didn't feed and now you're locked up in here without a drop of human blood in sight. That is a problem.
Stefan: Just ignore her.
Rebekah: Has anyone done the math or shall I? I'd say you've got less than three hours to feed before I get to watch you die all over again.

[Elena tries to break through the bars.]

Rebekah: My day just got a whole lot better.

[Elena stops. She's beginning to get paler.]

Old Witch House

[Bonnie and Jeremy are sitting on the floor. Bonnie has his hands in hers. She is reciting a spell. The spirits are whispering to them. Jeremy opens his eyes and sees that Bonnie's nose is bleeding profusely.]

Jeremy: Oh my God.

[Bonnie continues to chant the spell as the spirits get louder. Jeremy looks worried.]

Jeremy: Bonnie. Bonnie, open your eyes. Bonnie, I can't let you do this! Bonnie, you're dying!

[Bonnie begins to chant louder. Black veins start to creep up her arms.]

Jeremy: What the hell is that?!

[Bonnie starts to hyperventilate, then she dies. Jeremy rushes towards her.]

Jeremy: Bonnie, no! Bonnie! Bonnie, wake up! Bonnie! Wake up!


[Bonnie is in the cage and sees Elena, sitting on the floor with her eyes closed. She walks over towards her.]

Bonnie: Elena.

[She kneels down next to Elena and takes her arms in her hands.]

Bonnie: Come back. Come back.

[Elena opens her eyes. Bonnie pulls her up. Elena can't see Bonnie and is unsure of what is happening.]

Elena: Stefan. Stefan, something's happening.

[Stefan looks at the wall dividing him and Elena.]

Bonnie: We're going home.

[Suddenly, Grams appears behind the bars of Elena's cage.]

Grams: No!

[Bonnie drops Elena's arms. Elena falls back down on the floor, too weak to stand on her own.]

Bonnie: Grams? What are you doing?
Grams: You can't be in here. You stay away from this sort of darkness.
Bonnie: Elena needs me.

[Grams is suddenly standing right in front of Bonnie instead of behind the bars of the cage.]

Grams: She is not your problem to solve. Now, go! Before they try to keep you here.
Bonnie: Grams, please.
Grams: This magic is dark, Bonnie. It is not nature's plan. Touch it again and the spirits will unleash their anger in ways that will make you suffer. Stay away. Go!

Old Witch House

Jeremy: Bonnie, wake up! Wake up! Come on. Open your eyes.

[Bonnie opens her eyes.]

Jeremy: You're awake!

[Jeremy pulls her up into a sitting position and holds her.]

Jeremy: You're alive.
Bonnie: I couldn't do it. It didn't work.


[It's dark outside the barn.]

Elena: Stefan.
Stefan: What happened?
Elena: I'm out of time. I need blood. I'm dying.

[Stefan is worried. Elena is breathing heavily. Stefan pulls himself up off the ground and shouts.]

Stefan: Hey! Anyone, hey!
Rebekah: Will you shut up?!
Stefan: You think we're afraid of you?

[An officer opens the barn door and walks up to Stefan's cage.]

Officer: You want more vervain? Keep it down.
Stefan: Listen to me. Elena's gonna die if you don't let her out of here.

[The officer glances at Elena who is in bad shape. He looks back at Stefan.]

Officer: Sorry, not my problem.
Stefan: She's innocent. Let her out.

[The officer begins to walk away. Stefan rushes towards the other side of the cage.]

Stefan: [shouting] Let her out!

[The officer shoots Stefan in the stomach and he falls to the ground.]

Elena: Stop!

[Stefan gets back up and rushes back to the bars.]

Stefan: I said, let her out!

[The officer shoots him again, this time in the leg. He leaves the barn. Stefan falls to the ground again. Rebekah watches him.]

Old Witch House

[Tyler/Klaus and Caroline have come to the house to see Bonnie about getting Klaus out of Tyler's body.]

Jeremy: She said she's not strong enough.
Tyler/Klaus: You were strong enough to put me in here. Surely, you're strong enough to get me out.
Bonnie: I upset the spirits trying to save Elena. I can't use that kind of magic again. It's too dangerous.
Tyler/Klaus: Bonnie, do the bloody spell!
Caroline: She said she can't okay?

[Tyler/Klaus turns around and looks at Caroline.]

Caroline: We'll just wait a few days until you're strong enough to do it with traditional magic, right Bonnie?

[Tyler/Klaus rips open his shirt, takes a deep breath, and extends his claws on his right hand. He punctures his chest with his claws and grabs Tyler's heart and begins to rip it out.]

Caroline: What are you doing?
Tyler/Klaus: Ripping Tyler's heart out. I'll jump into someone else. [He turns to Jeremy.] Maybe you.

[He continues to tear out Tyler's heart.]

Bonnie: Oh my God!
Caroline: You're hurting him! Stop! Stop!
Jeremy: He's bluffing. He needs a witch to do that.
Tyler/Klaus: What makes you think I don't have one? Or ten? Pick, Bonnie! You or Tyler!

[He has almost successfully torn open his chest.]

Caroline: Stop, please! You're killing him!
Bonnie: Fine, I'll do it! Just stop.

[Tyler/Klaus takes his hand out from his chest.]

Tyler/Klaus: Good. Let's begin.


[Stefan drags himself over to the wall dividing him from Elena. He pulls the wooden bullet out of his leg.]

Stefan: Elena? You still with me?

[Elena is sitting on the other side of the wall. She has grown even paler and is breathing heavily.]

Elena: Yeah. Yeah, I'm here. I'm okay.
Stefan: No, you're not. I can hear you breathing. Damon was right, you should have fed this morning. I'm so sorry.
Elena: Don't be. You had hope. That's all I ever wanted you to have and you had it.
Stefan: I love you so much.
Elena: Do you know why I was even on that bridge? I was coming back for you, Stefan. I had to choose and I picked you.

[Stefan starts to cry silent tears.]

Elena: Because I love you. No matter what happens, it's the best choice I ever made.

[Elena places her hand against the wall dividing them.]

Elena: God. It sucks that I can't see you right now.
Stefan: I'm smiling.

[Elena is weeping too.]

Elena: Me too.

[Rebekah looks saddened by the fact that Stefan may lose Elena. Elena takes her hand away from the wall and closes her eyes.]

Pastor's Ranch

[Damon and Matt get out of Damon's car and walk towards the house.]

Matt: So, what, we just storm the place with zero weapons?
Damon: Nah, we don't need weapons. Just bait.

[Damon rushes towards Matt and bites his neck. Matt falls to the ground, groaning in pain.]

Damon: Yoo-hoo! Anybody home? Big, bad vampire out here.

[Pastor Young opens the front door and sees Matt on the ground, bleeding.]

Pastor Young: Let him go. The boy's innocent.
Damon: Well, that's the point. Give me Stefan and Elena, he's all yours.

[Damon grabs Matt by the scruff of his shirt and picks him up.]

Damon: Come on, Pastor. You know I'll kill him. I want to kill him.
Pastor Young: Go away! You are not invited in and I'm not coming out!

[Damon is suddenly shot in the chest and falls to the ground.]

Old Witch House

[Bonnie is performing the spell to get Klaus out of Tyler's body and back into his. She has her hands on the side of Tyler's head. Caroline and Jeremy look worried.]

Bonnie:Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Raverus En Phasmatos Ex Sonos. Resistamus Et Veram Vatus. Raverus Phasmatos Ex Sonos.
Jeremy: This is black magic. She shouldn't be doing this.

[Tyler opens his eyes and looks up.]

Caroline: Tyler?
Tyler: [smiling] Caroline. Hey.

[Tyler tries to get up, but falls down to the ground.]

Caroline: Tyler?

[Caroline rushes to his side. Bonnie is still chanting.]

Jeremy: Bonnie, what are you doing?

[Bonnie stops chanting. Her Grams appears in front of her.]

Grams: I warned you, child. I warned you to stay away.
Jeremy: Bonnie, it worked. Stop.

[Grams and Bonnie are holding hands.]

Bonnie: What's happening? Let me go!
Grams: I can't.
Bonnie: Let me go!
Caroline: Bonnie, what's happening?

[Dark veins start creeping down Bonnie's arm towards her Grams' and suddenly appear on her arms as well.]

Bonnie: Okay, let her go!
Grams: You made your choice. Now they're taking it out on me!

[The veins creep up Grams' face and she begins to scream in pain.]

Bonnie: I'm sorry, Grams! They can't do this to you! Please, don't do this to her!
Caroline: Bonnie, stop!
Bonnie: No! No! Oh my God!

[Grams disappears and Bonnie falls down on her knees, crying. Jeremy gets down next to her and tries to comfort her.]

Bonnie: What have I done?! What did I do?! What did I do? What did I do?


[The officers come back in carrying more vervain with them. Stefan and Rebekah look at each other and Rebekah nods her head.]

Officer: I got this. Bring the other one in.

[The other officer leaves the barn.]

Rebekah: Excuse me? Hello, sir?

[Rebekah starts pretending to cough. The officer loads his gun and walks over to her cage.]

Officer: I thought I told you to shut up.
Rebekah: Here's the thing, my family we – we have money, castles, apartments, jewelry; just name your price and let me out.

[The officer gets closer to the cage.]

Officer: I'd much rather watch you die.

[Rebekah gets up and rushes towards the bars. The officer is startled and pulls out his gun but he falls back towards the bars of Stefan's cage. Stefan grabs him and slams the officer's head repeatedly against the bars until he starts to bleed. He drops the now dead officer on the floor towards Elena's cage. Elena is still sitting on the ground. She sees the dead officer lying close to her cage.]

Stefan: Elena. Elena!

[Elena sees the blood slowly spreading across the floor. She reaches her hand out and reaches for the blood that is pouring from the wound. She reaches as far as she can, but still cannot get close enough to get any blood. The blood is still running towards her and finally, she is able to place her fingertips in it. She puts her hand to her mouth and licks the blood off her fingers. She starts to regain the color in her face.]

Pastor's Ranch

[Damon is lying in the grass outside the house, next to Matt who is also lying on the ground. Two officers come around the corner with their guns out. They approach Damon's body. One of the officers gently nudges Damon with his foot. Damon doesn't move. Suddenly, Damon gets up and grabs the guns out of the officers hands. He kills both of them by snapping the neck of one of them and stabbing the other one with his own gun. Damon walks over to Matt who is slowly crawling and coughing and kicks him hard.]

Matt: Go ahead and kill me. You can't possibly hate me more than I hate myself.
Damon: Oh, yes I can.

[Damon places his foot on Matt's throat and begins to push down.]

Damon: It should have been you.

[Out of nowhere, someone rushes towards Damon and knocks him off of Matt. It's Elena and she is vamped out.]

Elena: Leave him alone!


[Matt stumbles into the barn and falls to the floor. Stefan runs over to him and feeds him his blood. Matt pushes his arm away and sits up.]

Matt: Just stop! Stop saving me.
Stefan: What the hell is your problem?
Matt: What do you want me to say? Thank you? Cause honestly, I wish you'd have just let me drown.
Stefan: What, you think you were my first choice?
Matt: Elena's a vampire...because of me. I have to live with that every day for the rest of my life.
Stefan: No, no, no, you don't have to live with that; you get to live with that. Because Elena put your life before her own. So every morning you get out of bed, you sure as hell better earn it.

[Stefan leaves.]

Pastor's Ranch

[Elena and Damon are walking from the house towards his car.]

Elena: You were gonna kill him.
Damon: Yep. Guy just won't die.
Elena: It was my choice to save him. Why aren't you seeing that?
Damon: It's a little hard to keep track of all your choices lately, Elena.

[Damon starts to walk away.]

Elena: I remember everything.

[Damon stops.]

Elena: One of the highlights of my transition: remembering everything that you compelled me to forget.

[Damon walks back over to her.]

Elena: Like how you and I met first. You were a stranger that told me you wanted me to get everything I wanted from life. Damon, why didn't you tell me?
Damon: Would it have made a difference?

[Elena says nothing.]

Damon: I didn't think so.
Elena: You asked me to make a choice, Damon. So I did. If you're gonna be mad, then take it out on me. Not on Stefan or Matt or anyone else. Me.
Damon: Are we done here?
Elena: If it had been you at the bridge last night and not Stefan and I begged you to save Matt....?
Damon: I would have saved you! In a heartbeat, no question.
Elena: That's what I thought. And then Matt would be dead, because you couldn't let go. Matt would be dead!
Damon: But you wouldn't be! And you would have gotten to grow up and had the life that you wanted; the life that you deserved. And I know that I didn't use to get that but I do now and I wanted that for you, Elena, and I would have gladly have given it to you and let Matt die; because I am that selfish. But you knew that already. The first night we met is not all that you remember.

[He walks away.]

Klaus' Family Mansion

[Klaus is putting the last three bags of Elena's blood in an ice box. Rebekah walks briskly into the room in tears.]

Rebekah: How dare you save Caroline over me!
Klaus: "Hello brother. Thought you were dead. So pleased you're not!"
Rebekah: You left me!
Klaus: I only had time to save one of you and you can't be killed. Rest assured, I had a worse day than you. I think it's time for us to move on; find some more werewolves.
Rebekah: So you can create your hybrid family? You don't know anything about family!
Klaus: Well, I know how easily they can be silenced with a dagger.

[Rebekah grabs one of the blood bags and throws it against the wall, bursting it.]

Klaus: [Shouting.] No!

[Klaus turns to face Rebekah. She has the last two blood bags in her hands.]

Klaus: Drop them.
Rebekah: I mourned you! My heart broke thinking I'd never see you again!
Klaus: Put the blood down, Rebekah. There's a good girl.
Rebekah: It's always been me! Not Finn, not Elijah, not Kol, me! I loved you through everything and you don't even care!
Klaus: [Shouting.] Drop it!!
Rebekah: You want your family?

[Rebekah squeezes and bursts the blood bags, leaving no more blood for Klaus to make hybrids.]

Rebekah: Here's your family!

[Klaus rushes towards Rebekah and grabs her by the throat.]

Klaus: You know something, Rebekah, you're right. I don't care. From this moment on; you're not my family, you're not my sister, you are nothing.

[Klaus snaps Rebekah's neck and walks out of the room.]

Salvatore Boarding House

[Elena and Stefan are sitting on the roof of the house together.]

Elena: The whole Council knows who we are now. Everything's about to change.
Stefan: Yeah, I'm sure Damon has a revenge plan cooked up. [He places his hand on Elena's back.] We'll figure out a way to deal with that.
Elena: You don't have to convince me that everything is gonna be okay.
Stefan: I know. Wish I could though. Wish I could just tell you that you'll never feel pain, that you'll never crave blood. But you will. It'll be the worst thing that you've ever lived through.
Elena: But I'll get to live. [She puts her arm on Stefan's shoulder.] I'll be a sister and a friend and I'll be with you. Forever, if I want.

[They kiss.]

Elena: I'm gonna get through this. Just like we get through everything: one day at a time. We should get inside before sunrise.
Stefan: Bonnie made this for you yesterday.

[Stefan pulls out a daylight ring and shows it to Elena.]

Stefan: Just in case.
Elena: Daylight ring?

[Stefan puts the ring on her finger.]

Stefan: One day at a time, right?

[He smiles. Elena nods and smiles too. Elena kisses him and places her forehead against his. She rests her head on his shoulder and they watch the sun begin to rise.]

Pastor's Ranch

[It's morning. Pastor Young releases the gas hose from the back of his stove. The Council is gathered in the house with him.]

Pastor Young: Folks, by now, you know that the vampires have escaped.

[There is vervain lying on the table. The Council members are passing it around to each other.]

Pastor Young: And it won't be long before they retaliate against us. But fear not; [He locks the front door.] For I have been chosen to lead us in a movement.
Council member: What are you talking about?
Pastor Young: Hear me, loved ones. Soon you'll be free to pass through the gates. [He pulls a lighter out of his pocket.] And we'll all reunite in eternity.
Council member: Seriously, Pastor, what's going on here?
Pastor Young: Friends. We are the beginning.

[He lights the lighter. The Council members scream with fear. The gas explodes.]

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