The Halloween Party was an event at Mystic Falls High School on October 31, 2009.

It took place in the Season 1 episode Haunted.

Jeremy went to the party after Vicki sent him a message. He didn't know that she was a vampire yet.

Bonnie and Caroline were both dressed as witches. Tyler was dressed as a Sparta warrior. Matt went as a doctor and Elena went as a nurse, which they both wore as costumes for the 2008 Halloween party. Jeremy simply wore his normal clothes: jeans, a t-shirt and a black hoodie. Damon met Carol Lockwood at the Mystic Grill before the party, and told her that his uncle Zach went out of town for a while (although he was actually dead, murdered by Damon earlier) and that he will bring her vervain for the Town Council. Damon tried to get the amber crystal from Bonnie by ripping it of her neck, but it burned his hand, allowing Bonnie to make a getaway.

Later that night, Vicki finally found Jeremy at the party. They went outside the school and started making out against a bus. While they were kissing, Vicki accidentally bit his lip. She started sucking the blood out of it, and he yelled at her to stop. Elena came and tried to stop her, but Vicki was too strong and threw her against the school. Stefan came to help, but Vicki hid under the buses. He told Elena and Jeremy to leave, but Vicki caught them at the door. She bit Elena's neck and drank her blood, but was staked by Stefan before she could do any more major damage. Jeremy didn't understand what was wrong with Vicki, but he was devastated that he loses everyone that he cares about. Elena was so worried about Jeremy that she convinced Damon to compel him to forget his memories after the party. Damon complied, and took away his pain.


  • It is the first event showing the destruction of a vampire with a stake.
  • In the novels, October 31 was when Klaus was defeated by Elena Gilbert.
  • This event happened in the Season One episode Haunted.


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