People will forget the things you said, forget the things you did. But nobody ever forgets the way you made them feel.

Hayley Marshall made me feel like I was part of a family, and when the realities of this life became to much to bear, we shouldered them together. We laughed, we cried. When I failed, she lifted me up, and when I succeeded she danced by my side. And she did that for all of us. Nobody will ever be able to replace her or feel the pain we feel at her loss. But we can honor her with our actions and with our words. We can love each other the way she would have wanted us to love.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner's Funeral was held for Hayley Marshall-Kenner in God's Gonna Trouble the Water after she died to kill Greta Sienna in What, Will, I, Have, Left.

Throughout The Originals Series


Hope and Freya walk through the streets of New Orleans

In God's Gonna Trouble the Water, Hayley's casket is seen on a cart in downtown New Orleans. Freya, Hope and the people who knew Hayley gathered around her casket to celebrate her life. As the celebration continued, Emmett and his followers interrupted the funeral procession, by threatening Hope with gunfire. After Hope kills some of Emmett's followers, Josh takes Hope away and Emmett leaves. Hayley's casket is later taken to the Bayou.


Freya's speech at the Bayou

At the Bayou, the Crescent wolves have their own celebration for their fallen leader and friend. After Freya says a few sentimental words about Hayley, her body is seen on a canoe covered with a white sheet and flowers. Lisina throws a torch onto her body, lighting her on fire and pushed out into the water. Klaus shows up to comfort Hope as it begins to rain, forcing everyone inside. Klaus and Hope continue to talk and, as prophesied, the water begins to set on fire.


  • Hayley's had two funerals. A walk through the city to celebrate her life and a later werewolf funeral in which her body was burned.


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